Say What? - Episode 15 "Did You Say Your Little Sister Got Her Rocks Off?"

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My psycho mother called again this morning and woke me from a peaceful sleep snuggled up to Annie. Only this time, and this is a flip in the script, she was crying and apologizing for being a horrible mother. She certainly didn't get much of an argument from me on that one. I think she must have inhaled some of the fumes when she had the house fumigated a few days ago to be in this kind of psychological condition. I politely told her I could care less what she thought and hung up on her before I had to start screaming at her. No doubt waking up Annie in the process.

"Might as well stay up," I mumbled to myself as I sat on the couch and, by chance, found mine and Annie's check books laying on the coffee table. Picking it up I noticed that both of our bank accounts had grown considerably in the weeks since we had moved into this apartment. Even with the bills we pay every month we were still considerably ahead of where I hoped we would be on the day we moved in. But one thing soon became apparent, there wasn't enough of it. "I guess mine and Annie's dreams of college won't happen."

There simply wasn't enough money in my account (or hers) to pay for everything we needed. Tuition, dorm room, books and clothes. All were required too. Though for a moment I considered what the impact of me working full-time at 'The Coffee Table' would do, but that simply didn't help much. Most of that goes to rent and groceries and various other bills. So despite that we'd never be able to go to college. Another thought occurred to me a few minutes later and that was what if we moved on campus and gave up our apartment. That made the picture a little brighter but it also had a glaring hole in it, like where would we stay during the summer months between semesters. So that was out.

"You coming back to bed?" A groggy Annie asked as she appeared at the bedroom door. Wearing a sports bra and thong. Those gorgeous abs on full display as she stretched and yawned deeply.

"Probably not," I said simply. She shrugged and turned to put on a pair of shorts and looked back to see me grinning as I stared directly at her butt. She simply gave me a horny smile and came to join me on the couch a few moments later.

"Is something wrong?" she asked. "I've been laying in there for 20 minutes hoping you'd come back to bed."

"I'm sorry," I said as I kissed her lips and she smiled. "Just some stuff on my mind."

"And that is?" Annie asked as she hugged my arm protectively and laid her head on my shoulder.

"I've been looking over the finances and no matter how I do it there's just not enough money for you and me to go to college," I said and expecting her to go into panic mode.

"I could have told you that," Annie said as I looked at her. "I could."

"So it doesn't bother you at all?"

"Of course it does," Annie said. "I want you to go to college as much as you do."

"And I want you to go too," I said. "You don't want to?"

"I do," she confirmed. "But if I can't pay for it then it's fine with me. Not gonna cry about it."

"I will," I said as she giggled. "I can't go to college without you."

"You can't do anything without me," Annie said as I gave her a certain look that made her laugh.

"True," I confirmed. "But I was really hoping that we could do this together."

"Well, we can't," Annie said. "So I've been thinking..."

"About?" I asked as I watched Annie put all of the papers in one pile and then turn back to me, as she was now on her knees in front of me as I sat down on the couch.

"I want you to take the money and go to college," Annie announced. "With my money and yours too you can afford it."

"Yeah that will happen," I said.

"I'm serious," Annie said and covered my lips with a single finger as she went on. "I'll keep working with Douglas and you go to school full time and work with me on the weekends. That way we can still pay the bills and keep the apartment and you get to go to college."

"And what about you?"

"We both know I don't need higher education I'm as smart as I'm ever gonna get," Annie giggled.

"Be serious," I said.

"I am," Annie said. "You go to college."

"I can't take your money..." I said as she kissed me to shut me up.

"I love you Liz," Annie said as she touched her forehead to mine. "You're my heart. I'll do anything to make you happy."

"WOW!" I said as Annie smiled and let me kiss her. That moment clarified something that by now was really no longer in doubt. I was in love with my best friend. "In love?"

"Yeah," Annie said as we kissed again.

"Me too," I admitted as she smiled. "I can't get by without you."

"And this is proof," Annie said as I started laughing. She grinned victoriously.

"You can keep your damn money," I said in reply.

"Go!" Annie said softly. "I want you to go to college."

"You would work and let me go to college?" I asked in amazement.

"Yes I would," Annie said. "And after you graduate I can go, right?"

"I promise you can," I said as she smiled and I stood and guided Annie to her feet and kissed her on the lips. A long slow, tantalizingly hot beginning to the morning. My hands slid up Annie's bare back and around to her rippling abs as her tongue slid against mine softly. A light moaning came from both of us as we kissed more deeply for the longest time. Annie grinned as we parted and she took my hand and lead the way towards the bedroom and what I knew was gonna be our first real love making. We stopped for another moment as we kissed again and this time as when we parted I lifted Annie's sports bra up and over her head so her little titties could bounce free. I smiled as she posed for me with hands over head. "Now off with the thong..."

"FUCK!" Annie screamed as a knocking came at the door. "Why is it we always get interrupted when we're about to do something fun?"

"I'll get rid of them and you stay like that," I said with a suggestive eyebrow raise and watched Annie blush. She then disappeared into the bedroom as I opened the front door to find... no one. "Hello?"

"Hello," came the little voice as I looked down and saw to my shock that Annie's little sister, Jilly, was standing there. By herself.

"Hi my baby," I said as I picked her up and looked around to find that no one had apparently been with her. She kissed my lips as she hugged me. "MMMMM Jilly sugar."

"I missed you," she said as I smiled.

"I missed you too but how did you get here?"

"I rode da bus," Jilly announced.

"You're 5," I reminded her.

"5 and a half," she reminded me.

"OK, 5 and half," I said. "Who would let a 5 and a half year old ride the bus all the way across town?"

"Jilly?" came Annie's voice (she was now dressed in a t-shirt) as she came out of the bedroom and saw her little sister in my arms. "How did you get here?"

"I rode da bus," Jilly announced again.

"Sure you did," Annie said with hands on hips.

"I DID!" Jilly screamed.

"And no one was with you?" I asked Jilly.

"No mommy wit me," Jilly said as she pointed down the hall. I laughed as I heard a groan and saw Jamie Lee appear from around the corner with a sheepish grin. "See!"

"Mom?" Annie asked as Jamie Lee joined us. "Nice! Teaching your five year old to lie."

"It was a joke," Jamie Lee said. "You wanted me to loosen up and be more fun so I am."

"Mommy fun now," Jilly said.

"What are you doing here?" Annie asked as Jilly and I made faces at each other.

"Do I need a reason to come see my daughter?" Jamie Lee asked.

"Considering this is only the third time you've been here, yes," Annie said. "So why are you here?"

"Why are you being so snippety?" Jamie Lee asked her daughter. "You act like someone just kept you from getting laid."

"Annie's Mama say what?" I asked in shock, amazed at how close she actually came to what Annie and I were about to do.

"Why do you always say dat?" Jilly asked me as I laughed and hugged her.

"Just tell me what you wanted," Annie said with a more patient attitude.

"Two things," Jamie Lee said as she pulled an envelope out of her bag and handed it to Annie. "This came for you at the house."

"Colonial Donor Foundation?" Annie asked in confusion. "You came halfway across town to bring me some junk mail?"

"Donor?" I asked. "Don't you think it might be something to do with that grant you applied for?"

"That was like 8 months ago and I never heard anything about my application," Annie said as she stuffed it in her back pocket without even opening it.

"And second?" I asked.

"Can you watch my little monster for the day while I go on a job interview?" Jamie Lee asked.

"You're getting a job?" Annie asked her Mom.

"Mommy gonna be a stripper," Jilly announced as Annie and I laughed.

"I'm interviewing for a security guard job at the local strip mall," Jamie Lee corrected. "Not being a stripper."

"The men all thank you," Annie said to her Mom as I laughed.

"Smart ass," Jamie Lee said to her daughter. "You take care of my little monster?"

"Yes we will," I said as Jilly grinned at me. "Annie has to work but I have the day off."

"I go see coffee table?" Jilly asked. Referring to Douglas' place downstairs.

"Yes you can go see Coffee Table," I said before Jamie Lee thanked us and made her exit. Annie and I gave up on our idea of love making for that morning with Jilly now in tow and whipped up a quick breakfast. We then headed downstairs to find 'The Coffee Table' abuzz with activity. It's like, for the first time, the place was working without us having to nurse it along. Jackie was working the counter, Alex was doing her usual and Kristina was doing my job by helping out at the net café. I set Jilly down as she went running over to the couch and scampered onto it and found her favorite book, the one with the pictures of horses.

"Hey," Jackie said. "You finally decide to show up?"

"Yes I did," Annie said as her and Jackie made faces at each other. "What is Douglas doing?"

"Trying to impress his new employee," Jackie said as she pointed to the back and we saw Douglas in a wife beater and jeans carrying an arm full of crap by the door, soon followed by Arty. "So gay."

"That's not nice," I said.

"No I don't mean it like that," Jackie said. "Arty is gay."

"Are you serious?" I asked in shock.

"She sure is," Kristina added in as she came up to the counter.

"Arty is gay?" Annie asked. Kristina nodded to confirm the fact. "That sure does explain why he's not with you."

"Douglas is working on getting laid," Jackie giggled.

"Leave the potty humor at home JackieLynn," Alex said as she came up the counter and surprised me when she didn't offer to kiss me or Annie either.

"Bite me Alexandra," Jackie fired back.

"Look just because you got your rocks off a few nights ago does not mean you can just run your mouth," Alex said to her sister. "Now pipe down and do what I say or go home."

"Fine," Jackie said as she returned to the counter and waited on a customer who came up with her selection.

"Back to work," Kristina said as one of the net café customers asked for her assistance. Annie went to see what Douglas and Arty were up to.

"You wanna go get some breakfast with me?" Alex asked with a hopeful smile.

"Of course," I said as Alex smiled. We told Annie where we were going before we left. Jilly went to meet her sister in the back alley as Alex and I left down the sidewalk. "So what's up?"

"I've been thinking," Alex said cryptically.

"About?" I asked.

"You're gonna be going to college full time?" she asked.

"Planning to and as of a few minutes ago, and thanks to Annie, it looks like I have the money to do it," I said. "Why?"

"What about Annie? Is she going too?" Alex asked.

"No," I said. "She's letting me have her money and she's gonna work while I go."

"WOW!" Alex exclaimed. "She really is in love with you."

"She is," I said as we stopped and she looked at me with a look that I couldn't exactly read.

"You too?" she asked simply.

"Me too," I said as Alex nodded. "You know I didn't mean for this to happen?"

"I know," Alex said simply as she stuffed her hands in her pockets. "Annie's just one of those girls that you can't resist."

"She just became the most important part of my life," I said. "But I honestly did like you. Still do."

"Oh really?" Alex asked in a deep male voice as she slid over and bumped into me as she wrapped me in her arms. For once I didn't look around to see if anyone was watching.

"Yes really," I said with a smile. "Annie likes you too."

"Yeah," Alex said as she turned suddenly and waited for me as we walked off. "I was hoping we could be more."

"Me too," I simply added as we reached the food cart that sat only a couple of blocks away from the store. "A muffin and juice."

"Make it two," Alex said to the man. A couple of minutes later we sat on a bench across from the AT&T store eating in an uncomfortable silence. "You gonna talk or just sit there?"

"I thought I hurt your feelings and you were mad at me?"

"No," Alex said. "I knew after seeing you and Annie together that I would never mean as much to you as she does."

"Then what was all that stuff a couple mornings ago with me and Annie?" I asked. "The whole morning wood thing?"

"That was me trying to get laid," Alex said as I laughed and pushed her in protest. "What? You two are hot together and that was the best sex I've ever had."

"For real?" I asked as she slid over next to me and nodded her head.

"Felt so good cumming," She moaned into my ear as I smiled. "Was I good?"

"Amazing," I said as she grinned. "Can we get a repeat performance? Really soon? Despite what's happened."

"You can bet money on that," Alex said. "We three do make wonderful moaning sounds."

"We sure do," I said as Alex snuck a kiss and giggled. "You knock that off."

"OK, OK, don't want Annie getting mad at me," Alex said. "Or she won't let me have any more."

"True..." I noted and with that bit of 'laid' commentary concluded, I flashed back to a few moments earlier when Alex had warned Jackie about being so mouthy with a term like 'get your rocks off'. Even I know that's a guys term for cumming. So that should explain why I asked the next question. "Did you say your little sister got her rocks off?"

"I did and you do know what that means, right?" Alex asked as I gave her a dirty look.

"Yes I do," I said as she laughed and made me blush. "Did she?"

"She got her brains fucked out by Britney and Ashley," Alex announced as I sat there stunned. "She came home with a smile on her face so wide I thought it was permanent."

"I guess all that flirting at the shop that night wasn't just innocent," I noted.

"Jackie told me she flashed Brittney," Alex laughed. "She is gonna be another me."

"Nothing wrong with that from where I sit," I said as Alex smiled back at me. "But Jackie getting laid? Now that's crazy."

"I thought so too," Alex said. "But after I thought about it I realized it wasn't even a big deal."

"True," I said and as my curiosity about it grew I wanted details. "Did she do anal on them?"

"Sure did, said she butt fucked them two times each," Alex said. "They also taught her to lick pussy properly."

"Too bad they don't tape theirs like we did," I said as Alex grinned. "You do still have that?"

"Burned a DVD of it," Alex said as she walked back towards the store. "I brought you a copy too."

"Aren't you just the perfect friend to have around," I said as I slid in beside her and purposely put her hand on my ass and let her squeeze it. She grinned and switched from one ass cheek to the other a few times as she leaned in and kissed me. A giggling brought an end to the foreplay (so-to-speak) as Alex and I looked to see Brittney, Ashley and Jackie watching us as they had stopped directly in front of us. "What do you three want?"

"To borrow your FeelDoe," Brittney said as she slipped in beside Alex and kissed her on the lips. "Huh baby?"

"Excuse you Miss Thang," I said with hands on hips and was almost knocked over when Brittney kissed me too. "Never mind."

"Don't wear her out?" Alex asked Brittney in reference to Jackie.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that," Brittney said. "FeelDoe? Can we?"

"Sure," Alex said as Brittney smiled. "It's in my room at home."

"All we needed to know," Brittney said.

"We gonna make that stop first?" Ashley asked her girlfriend.

"What stop?" Alex asked.

"Just an important stop we need to make," Brittney said mysteriously. "I'll be sure to let you know how it goes."

"Sure Britt you do that," Alex said as the threesome made their way off. I just then noticed Alex's bag across Jackie's shoulder. Annie appeared in the doorway to 'The Coffee Table' as Alex and I crossed the street to join her.

"Hey you bring me anything?" Annie asked as she met us by the car a hundred feet or so down the sidewalk from the store.

"Yeah her," I said as I pointed to Alex.

"I like, I like," Annie said as she purposely wrapped herself in Alex's arms. "You wanna come up tonight stud?"

"I wish I could but I promised my mother I'd help her paint," Alex said in frustration. Annie and I both frowned at that announcement. "How about I come see you in the morning?"

"MMMMM," Annie cooed. "Maybe you'll have some morning wood for me and Liz?"

"I can guarantee it," Alex said as I grinned knowingly and slipped into Alex's arms also as her hands slid down to my ass and squeezed the cheeks as she did Annie the same exact way. "And I can also guarantee that by then I'll be dying to do some butt fucking. That sound fun?"

"MMMMMMMM yes it does," Annie and I said unison.

"Can I get my staff back to work?" Douglas asked as he appeared at the door to the store.

"What in the hell are you wearing?" I asked Douglas as he gave me a 'knock it off' look.

"Don't start with me," he warned. "Get back to work?"

"Yes bossman," I giggled as I followed Annie and Alex back inside. Alex immediately realized that her shoulder bag was missing.

"Where is my bag?" Alex asked.

"Jackie took it with her," Arty noted as he sat taking a break and drinking an ice cold water.

"That little sneak thief," Alex said in frustration.

"Why is it a big deal?" I asked as Annie took her place behind the counter with Jilly now sitting atop it looking at a book.

"That bag had the DVD I made for you in it," Alex said. I asked her with my eyes if it was the DVD she'd mentioned earlier. The one with her butt fucking me and Annie. "Yes that DVD."

"OH Mylanta!"