Say What? - Episode 17 "You Think the Pregnant Girl is Hot for Me?"

Written by: TVM (



"Can we go home now?" Annie begged as I arrived back at the counter and leaned against it as I rested, having just let the last customer out and locked the door behind them. "I tired."

"You sound like Jilly," I noted as she grinned.

"Whatever gets me out of this place and into a hot bath," Annie said as I laughed. "Can we?"

"Seeing that Douglas and Arty are gone for the day and Kristina and Alex are still gone shopping..."

"I saw them flirting with each other," Annie interrupted me.

"I was gonna say we can go home before you interrupted me," I finished as she smiled. "And when did this flirting happen?"

"Earlier when you went to get some sodas for us," Annie said. "Alex even touched her belly."

"Half the people who have come in here have done that," I noted. "Including you."

"Oh yeah, true," Annie said with a smile before uncorking another of her famous questions, "You think the pregnant girl is hot for me?"

"You're completely and irreversibly nuts," I said as she giggled and I leaned across the counter and kissed her. "And the only person hot for you, is me."

"Don't forget Alex," Annie said with a horny grin.

"She only likes you cause your ass is cute," I said as I walked around the counter and joined her.

"She also like my abs," Annie said with a tongue poking suggestively at the side of her mouth, then posed like a body builder and showed her arm muscles off, "And she likes the guns."

"Bang, bang," I said and quickly followed it with two pokes under Annie's arms as she squealed and jumped away.

"Stop that," Annie said with a mean looking finger point. I simply grinned and formed my hands into claws to continue the tickle torture. "Here comes Douglas."

"Seriously?" I asked as I looked out the window and saw no one. Though I did hear Annie giggling as she ran away from me. "OK you win."

"No more tickling?" she asked from across the room by the computers.

"No more tickling," I agreed as I watched Annie turn off the computers one by one and doing it with a slight away as she walked. I hadn't realized that I been practically staring at her ass for like 5 minutes.

"What are you staring at?" Annie asked and shook me back to reality. "My butt that nice?"

"It's so huge I can't take my eyes off it," I said in reply. "Almost as big as my enormous ears."

"Since you put it that way," she giggled as she turned and wiggled it at me. Which prompted me to begin singing, "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

"...and you like it when you get between my thighs..." Annie sang in reply.

" can't blame me cause it tastes like honey and I can't get enough," I sang back to her as she came back up to join me and meet my gaze.

"...then stop talking and come over here and lick my muff," Annie said as she kissed me and we shared a horny giggle and another kiss. "Ready to go home now?"

"About five more minutes?" I asked.

"Still hoping Duncan shows up?" Annie asked. I simply nodded and realized that she knew me better than I knew myself.

"Holding out very little hope," I noted. "And I'm not waiting on him much longer."

"I wonder why he never tried to contact you before now?" Annie asked.

"Mom said she never told him about me," I said. "And he... I don't even know."

"I wonder if he's the one who sent you the 500 bucks," Annie wondered.

"Would make sense," I said as I stood and stretched and was ready to go home and relax when Annie's eyes grew wide with surprise and she pointed out the window and across the street to a car that had just pulled into a parking spot. A black Cadillac. And don't you just know that the person who got out would be the very guy that we had just been talking about. "Speak of the devil."

I opened the door and waited for him as he crossed the street after paying the toll. He smiled as he saw me but the smile left his face when he heard my greeting, "Hi... Dad!"

"Excuse me?" he asked as he stopped a few feet away and looked at me in shock.

"I called you Dad," I repeated as I turned to walk off back into the store and waited for him to follow me. He did and closed the door behind him but remained silent for the longest time. "You got nothing to say?"


"How what?"

"How did you find out?" he asked and for the first time it was confirmed and I looked eye to eye with the man responsible for me being here.

"My looney tunes Mom finally told me after I basically forced her into it," I said. "Why the hell didn't you tell me?"

"Because I thought if I could get to know you a little first that you might not hate me as much when you eventually found out," Duncan admitted.

"Did you send her this laptop?" Annie asked after a small silence. Pointing to the laptop that was now sitting on the counter. "Arty said it was a white guy about your age and driving a car like yours."

"Yes it was me," Duncan admitted. "Who's Arty?"

"Arty is the guy who delivered it to me..."

"...and he's really nice and he works here now," Annie finished.

"Why would you hire a homeless person?" Duncan asked.

"Because he's a hard worker and needed a job," I said.

"And he's done a really good job too," Annie added.

"Well as a co-owner I have a right to review all staff hires," Duncan said.

"Fire him or even suggest it and find out how fast your newly found daughter stops talking to you," I said. "I've managed this place for two months and turned it into a profitable business and that was before you even got here."

"I paid for 49% of this business and I have a right to have my say," Duncan said firmly. Technically he was right.

"You're not firing Arty or anyone else and that's final," I said with a hand in the air. "Now I wanna know why the hell you didn't come and see me long ago?"

"I was living abroad for the last 15 years and didn't know anything about you," Duncan admitted. And thankfully dropped the questioning of my managerial skills. "And by chance I saw your picture in a literary magazine and knew instantly that you looked like me."

"That was when you won that award for having the best poem," Annie noted and then asked Duncan. "How did you get a copy of our school magazine?"

"I was at the airport and picked it up for some light reading during a flight delay," Duncan explained. "Then I read your name in the caption and knew that you just had to be Beth's girl."

"So you did a little investigation?"

"I hired a Private Investigator and he confirmed that you were indeed the daughter of Beth Waycross," Duncan admitted.

"But how can you be so sure that I'm your daughter?" I asked.

"I had the P.I. send you a letter that I knew you'd respond to," Duncan admitted. "I took the DNA on the envelope and had a test run."

"James Bond like," Annie giggled. Both of us looked at her strangely. "What? It was."

"I take it this is your best friend?" Duncan asked as he smiled at Annie.

"I don't even know her," I said as Annie's lip dropped in shock before she wadded up a piece of paper and fired it at me in protest.

"Take that back," she demanded as I laughed and ducked the flying object.

"Yes she's my best friend," I said. "She's the one that's always there for me.

"You better tell him that," Annie said as I laughed. "See how lonely you'll be in college if you keep that mess up."

"So, anyway, was it you that sent me that 500 dollars?" I asked Duncan.

"Yes that was me too," Duncan admitted. "Just a small gift."

"Are you rich?" Annie asked Duncan pointedly.

"Depends on what you mean by rich," Duncan said.

"Do you have money coming out your wazoo?" Annie asked as I started laughing. So did Duncan.

"I'm very comfortable," Duncan finally said. "Is she always this inquisitive?"

"No, she just started talking to people last week and now we can't shut her up," I said as Annie glared at me as Duncan again laughed.

"You're mean to me," Annie said pointedly as I grinned at her. "Better be glad I love you."

"Douglas commented that he thought you two may be more than friends," Duncan said as both of us looked to him. "He honestly did."

"We are," I confirmed as I circled the counter and hugged Annie from behind proudly. "She's my girl. My rock. My everything."

"Don't get by without her, huh?" Duncan asked with what I detected was an approving smile.

"No she does not and neither do I," Annie said. "We've always got each other's back."

"Open up!" came the voice from outside the store and I looked to see that Alex and Kristina were finally back from the store with two arms full of stuff. Duncan opened the door and took the bags in Kristina's arms, like a gentleman, as she chirped a "Thank you."

"Duncan, hey, when you did you get back in town?" Alex asked as she came in behind Kristina.

"About an hour ago," Duncan said as he set the bags in his arms on the counter as did Alex. "Alex Patterson, right?"

"That'd be me," Alex confirmed. "You in town for long?"

"As long as my new daughters let me stay," Duncan said as both Alex and Kristina gave him perplexed looks.

"New daughters?" I asked.

"Yes," Duncan said. "Liz and Annie. If I take one I have to take the other."

"I like him already," Annie giggled as I rolled my eyes.

"So what are the groceries for?"

"We are expanding our food menu and these are the needed supplies," Kristina said. "It's also nice to meet you. I'm Kristina Jorgenson, your new caterer."

"Douglas hired her and she also helps out with the net café," I pointed out and laughed when Duncan put his hands up as if to say, "Whatever you want."

"And where do you plan to store all of this?" Annie asked as she pulled a carrot out of one of the bags and started munching on it.

"Your fridge and here in the small one behind the counter," Alex said.

"Even with the bottles of water in there?" I asked.

"Damn it!" Alex said in frustration. "I knew we were making a huge mistake."

"Now not necessarily," Duncan said as he took a carrot when Annie offered it to him and started munching on it as well. "How much did you spend on the food?"

"Everything that Douglas gave us," Alex said.

"$149.26," Kristina said as she handed Duncan the bill.

"Wait, quick question," Alex interrupted as Duncan inspected the bill. "Did you guys figure out this whole father-daughter thing?"

"Yes he's my Dad," I confirmed. "And I'll explain it all later."

"Exactly because we have more pressing needs at the moment," Duncan said. "What do we do with all of this food?"

"Too bad we can't just go down to the rent-a-center place on the next block and rent one for a month," Annie offered as I took a bite of her carrot and she giggled.

"Why can't we?" Duncan asked. "We can figure out our next move in a few days. They should still be open. Let's go."

"Get a pretty color," Kristina advised as we rushed out of the place in a hurry and to Duncan's Cadillac. We made the short drive in about 5 minutes. I thought it would have been just as easy to walk. Duncan dropped us off and went to find a parting place and joined us later.

"Nice selection," Annie noted as we stood in front of the fridges a few minutes later.

"I don't think we need one with an ice maker and TV in the door," I said as Annie giggled.

"It's his money and if he wants it who am I to say no?" Annie asked.

"Don't start making everything about money?" I asked. "It's his money and not mine."

"Sure," Annie said before kissing me and grinning. Duncan came in shortly afterwards and made his way over with the sales girl in tow.

"Have we decided which one we're getting?" Duncan asked.

"It's up to us?" I asked in surprise.

"I like this one," Annie said as she pointed to the one with an ice maker and indoor TV. "Pretty huh?"

"We need one that's resourceful more than pretty," I said as I pulled Annie along by the hand. We stopped in front of a standard model that looked to be... not exactly new. "This is really all we need."

"And it's as ugly as homemade sin," Duncan said. "I agree with Annie on that one with the TV. If it's OK with you that's the one I think we'll take."

"My new rich daddy say what?" I asked as Annie laughed.

"Is that not the one you two wanted?" Duncan asked. "I think it's a wise investment."

"I agree," Shelby (the sales lady) chimed in.

"I'll bet you do," Duncan said as he smiled at her. "Can we have that delivered immediately?"

"Our driver has gone home for the night..." Shelby started to say when Duncan handed her a $20 dollar bill. "... but he may still be in the back."

"Tell him there's a $50 dollar tip in it if he does it now," Duncan said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"It's the one you wanted, right?"

"It sure is," Annie announced after covering my mouth. Duncan laughed at her as he followed Shelby off to pay for the fridge.

"You are not funny," I said to Annie as I turned to her. "You just got your way."

"I did not," Annie retorted. "I simply pointed it out to Duncan and he picked it out."

"Over the one I picked which is much less expensive," I said.

"And ugly as fuck," Annie pointed out. "They stopped making fridges that color in 1977."

"You weren't even born in 1977!"

"See it was so ugly they didn't want me to see it," Annie said as I started laughing.

"Are you two done fighting?" Duncan asked as he came back over and being trailed by a large, large black guy with a dolly.

"Yes we are daddy," Annie said to Duncan as I laughed harder.

You should have seen the look on Alex and Kristina's faces when we came back with a space age fridge like the one we did. It was priceless.

"This thing is badass," Alex said as we stood in front of the fridge (now with the groceries inside) an hour or so later. It now sat just to the right of the sandwich/coffee table. "When can we have the TV hooked up?"

"We can't," I said as Kristina giggled from beside of her.

"I think Douglas may raise some questions about that expense," Kristina noted.

"Me too," Duncan said as everyone laughed. "I think we can do without that."

"But can you do without Liz and Annie when they go off to college in a few weeks?" Alex asked Duncan.

"Big mouth," I said to Alex. "Don't bother coming in tomorrow cause you're fired."

"You're going to college?" Duncan asked as he now sat by Kristina and munched on a bowl of Chex-mix with her.

"Yes I was planning to," I said. "But with the money situation it's gonna be tight cause I won't be working full-time."

"I already told her I'd work and support her while she goes to college," Annie said as she sat on the floor by the table and surfed the net on my laptop.

"You'd give up your college to let her go?" Duncan asked.

"I already did," Annie said. "I'm gonna keep working here."

"Unless you fire her," Alex said as she poked Annie in her tickle spots as she sat down by her.

"I'm his daughter so he can't fire me," Annie said as everyone laughed.

"So who is planning to take over the day to day operations when you leave?" Duncan asked me.

"I don't guess we've discussed that," I admitted as I sat down behind the counter. "Besides I'm not even sure I can go."


"College is expensive and Mom is not helping me at all," I said. "And Douglas is good to us but he can't pay us all that much."

"If you wanna go to college then I'll make sure you go to college," Duncan said as a shock rippled through the room. "Least I can do."

"Are you trying to buy my love?" I asked in complete shock.

"It's just an offer to make your life a little easier," Duncan said. "You don't have to take me up on it."

"I just need to let this sink in for a while," I said as Annie came over to the counter and leaned across and kissed my lips as I grinned. "MMMMMM perfect timing on that one."

"I'll say," Alex said as she gave us a knowing smile that made us both blush and gave her the chance to giggle knowingly.

"Can I let you know tomorrow?" I asked Duncan a few minutes later as we closed the shop up for the night. He simply nodded his head and touched my hand as he headed for his Caddy. "Bye."

"What's up with that?" Annie asked as we stood by the main door to our apartment building and watched Kristina and Alex giggling back in front of the store. "I told you they were flirting."

"Maybe Alex is gonna be her Baby Mama," I said as Annie started laughing. Duncan's horn tooted and signaled he was ready to go. Kristina quickly said goodbye and walked off to get in the car.

"What was that?" I asked Alex as she came down to join us, while Duncan and Kristina left in the car right then.

"You gonna be her new baby daddy?" Annie asked as I laughed.

"She's just really cool," Alex said. "And she needs someone to go with her to the doctor's appointments and I said I would go with her."

"So you are gonna be her new baby daddy," I giggled.

"Honestly, this could be serious," Alex said. "She's different than any girl I've ever met."


"She's pretty experienced when it comes to life," Alex noted. "Being homeless, pregnant and having a psychotic family will do that for you."


"She's done plenty and so have I," Alex said. "So when she finds out about my past it's not gonna be such a big deal."

"So you gonna get a little more experience before you two hook up?" I asked as Annie giggled.

"Yes I am," Alex said as she slid in between us and discreetly slipped a hand down to each of our asses and smiled. "But I have plans for you two."

"And they are?" Annie asked as she leaned in and kissed Alex softly on the lips. "Huh?"

"We're gonna take a trip tomorrow because the three of us have a day off," Alex said. "And you two are gonna decide about this porno we've been asked to do."

"I kinda want to," Annie admitted.

"But we don't need to," I said to Annie. "Duncan will pay for me to go to college and you can take the money I was gonna use."

"Still be a lot of fun," Annie said.

"Yes it would," Alex said as she kissed me and then Annie. "We will talk about this tomorrow."