Say What? - Episode 18 "Why're the Buildings at the Airport Called Terminal?"

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"Decisions, decisions, decisions," Annie said as she came back into the bedroom eating a bowl of ice cream. "When will Liz ever make up her mind."

"What are you babbling about?" I asked as she sat down on the end of the bed giggling.

"You and your decision making process," Annie said. "Here we are 10 days away from school starting and you've not even decided what to do yet."

"So I've had other things on my mind," I said. Pathetic excuse.

"Registration closes tomorrow," Annie said. "And because of you we probably won't get any of the classes we wanted."

"Fine then go without me," I said as she frowned. "You're going to?"

"What I'm gonna do is dump this bowl of ice cream down your shorts," Annie said with a finger point. She set the now empty bowl down on the night stand.

"OK, OK," I said finally. "I just don't know what to do."

"Take Duncan's offer and go to college so we both can," Annie said and then stood and moved over to the door and announced a bombshell. "Besides we don't have much of a choice now. I already registered us for classes."

"SAY WHAT?" I screamed in shock. Annie jumped back and kept her distance as I came out of the bedroom. "Why? How? When?"

"Because if I left it up to you it would never happen," Annie said. "And it wasn't very hard to forge your signature and I did it when I went to visit my Mom that day I brought Jilly home."

"But just a few days ago you were saying how you were gonna work and let me go instead," I said. "What about that?"

"I just figured you'd find a way to work it out," Annie said as my anger was zapped instantly. "You always find a way to take care of me."

"I can't believe you actually did that on your own," I said as I came over to join her by the TV. I noticed she was still a bit nervous as I touched her hand and laced my fingers with hers. "What classes do I have?"

"Advanced butt fucking 101," Annie giggled.

"Taught by professor Alex Patterson," I said as we both laughed. "You seriously did that?"

"Yes I did," she said as she pulled me along to her bedroom and pulled out a bunch of papers from under her mattress and handed them to me. "I got you all the classes you wanted."

"You did," I said in surprise as I looked at the list of classes. "And you?"

"Mostly what you took but I decided to take a couple different ones," she said as she showed me hers.

"You're gonna take classes without me?" I asked as she smiled proudly.

"I'm impressed," I said as she leaned in and kissed me. "MMMMMM very impressed."

"And we got housing on campus," Annie said as she showed me the paper. "But that means you have to take Duncan up on his offer."

"OK, I'm calling," I said as Annie smiled and kissed me again. "I should be mad at you but I'm not."

"I knew you wouldn't be," Annie said as she got up and accidentally dumped a bunch of papers sitting beside her in the floor. The one that landed on top just happened to be, one I thought she'd thrown away, from the Colonial Donor Foundation. "I thought I threw that out."

"I'm gonna open it and find out what they want," I said as I picked it up.

"Don't bother," Annie said as she collected the rest of the papers. "They want some of my body parts."

"I want some of your body parts too," I said as she grinned and leaned in and kissed me. I turned my attention back to the envelope as Annie asked a good question, "I wonder whatever happened to Alex?"

"I don't know," I said after tearing the envelope open and holding it in my hand for a moment. "She said she had plans to take us on a trip yesterday but she never did call."

"No one else has called either," Annie noted. "So what's in the envelope you just had to open?"

"Oh yeah," I said as I pulled out the contents and glanced at the cover sheet that said something to the effect of "Congrats on your grant..."

"On what?" Annie asked as I skipped to the second page of the papers and nearly fainted when i saw it wasn't a paper but rather a check... for $18,000. "Liz? You're white. Are you OK?"

"You're going to college and so am I and neither of us will gonna have to pay a cent for our first year because you just got a grant for EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!" I screamed as Annie snatched it from my hands and looked at it in absolute shock. We both squealed in excitement as she tackled me to the bed and then sent us crashing to the floor with a loud thump as we celebrated. "How could we not open this before now?"

"Because we're both stupid," Annie said as I started laughing out loud. "OHMIGOD this is so cool."

"I know," I said as I kissed her. "So we gotta go cash that and then come back and start packing."

"We're really going to college?" Annie asked and jumped, along with me, when a door rattling knock came at the door. "Who the hell is that?"

"Must be something important," Annie said as she followed me to the door. We found Alex on the other side. "Hey."

"Don't you people ever answer the damn phone anymore?" Alex asked.

"If it rings we do," I said as she came in and I closed the door behind her. "When did you call?"

"About 50 times since we closed the shop on Saturday," Alex said. "But no one answered."

"We were just about to head for work," Annie noted. "Where have you been for the last two days? I thought we were supposed to take some trip?"

"Kristina went into labor about 20 minutes after I left here," Alex said as both Annie and I looked at her in shock. "She gave birth to a baby boy last night."

"She was in labor all that time?" I asked.

"Almost 28 hours," Alex said. "And I called you guys from the hospital about 10 times."

"Maybe something is wrong with the phone," Annie said as she went to check. She picked it up to find it was dead but a moment later discovering that I had not plugged it back up the night we got home and Mom called with some more of her delusional rants. "Here's what's wrong. Someone never plugged the phone back up when her looney mother wouldn't stop calling."

"Jamie Lee is crazy," I said as Annie glared at me and Alex laughed.

"She's normal compared to your mother," Annie said in reply.

"I'm not gonna argue that," I said.

"Show her what I got in the mail," Annie said as I picked up the check that Annie had received and showed it to Alex.

"Holy shit!" Alex said as she looked at it in shock. "Is that for real?"

"It says it is," I said. "Means that we can both go to college now without having to pay for anything."

"At least for the first year," Annie added as she plugged the phone back up.

"Wait this is from the Colonial College Fund?" Alex asked as she looked at the check.

"Colonial Donor Foundation," I said as I showed her the envelope. "Why?"

"Same group," Alex noted. "I applied for a grant from them too and never heard anything."

"Probably saw your grades and laughed," Annie said as both Alex and I looked at her in surprise as she doesn't usually go for the put downs. Though that one had both me and Alex laughing pretty hard.

"I did pretty good in high school I'll have you know," Alex said. "Guess they can only give out so much money."

"I didn't even know you wanted to go to college," I said to Alex.

"I want to but without the money I didn't wanna get my hopes up so I didn't talk about it," Alex said. "I guess I'll just keep working at the store and save my money for next year."

"Wouldn't it have been cool if we could have all three been in the same dorm room?" Annie asked.

"I'd be too tired to study," Alex said as she eye-balled me and then Annie.

"We'd probably have you worn out inside of a month," I said as Alex slipped her arms around me and then Annie and grinned. "Huh?"

"I'm willing to go as long as I can," Alex confirmed. "And having two girls is a such a turn on that you two might be getting more than you can handle."

"Too bad you didn't get in," Annie said as Alex's hand slid down to her ass and she smacked it away. "Not anymore."

"Fine then," Alex said as Annie walked off giggling. "I haven't really got time anyway."

"Why not?"

"Kristina is still in the hospital and I promised I'd bring you guys back with me," Alex said.

"We've got to work," I said.

"Not today," Alex said as she kicked my shoes across the room to me. "Duncan, Jackie and Arty are running the place today."

"Duncan?" I asked as I laughed.

"He was organizing when I left down there," Alex said. "Well what some would consider organizing."

"So how are we gonna get to the hospital?" I asked as Annie and I got dressed a few minutes later.

"Douglas is doing paperwork in the office and said as soon as we're ready he'd give us a ride over," Alex said. "You two ready?"

"Yep," Annie and I said in unison and started laughing as we made our way to the door with Alex trailing. The short walk to the store just a few hundred feet down the sidewalk from our apartment building's front door followed. Arty was standing just outside the door of 'The Coffee Table', as we walked up, sipping on a bottled water. "Is Douglas still here?"

"He's in the office," Arty said. "But he might be a few minutes he's on the phone with some big book distributor trying to get them to hold a book signing here at the store."

"That would be huge," I said. "Anybody we've heard of? Like Sarah Palin?"

"Maybe they should bring in someone who can spell their name," Arty said as I laughed.

"You're just jealous because she's a powerful woman," Annie said.

"So powerful that she quit as the Governor of Alaska?" Arty asked.

"So? Someone else took over," Annie said. "It's not like she left them without one."

"That was funny," Arty said as we walked inside. "I was there that night when she brought her daughter to the hockey game and they introduced her. She got nearly booed out of the building."

"Rude to boo a little girl," Annie said.

"She shouldn't have been bringing her child with her to a game like that knowing what was likely to happen," Arty said. "Besides she said she brought her along, in a Flyers jersey, to hopefully get more people to cheer her."

"A lot of them did," Annie pointed out as I noticed that Douglas' door was closed.

"But a whole lot more of them booed her," Arty said.

"Why would any politician think they're gonna get cheered in this city?" I asked as I sat down on the couch. "These people booed Santa Clause a few years ago."

"You young people are just scared of a strong conservative women," Duncan added in.

"Show me one with some brains and I will," I said as Duncan gave me a dirty look and I waved at him victoriously.

"I'd fuck her daughters," Jackie chimed in from the counter. "Bristol and that other one are hot. Great titties."

"AHEM!" Duncan said. "Take the adult language outside."

The rest of us laughed as Jackie grinned at us and then wiped it off her face when Duncan gave her a stern look. A really funny moment with Alex's equally horny (little) sister. Douglas came out of the office a few minutes later and announced just what Arty had already clued us in on. He had signed an author to have his book signing at the store in a few months. No one I'd ever heard of but once I found out that they'd be having a signing here I did go to the library and check out their debut novel.

We said our goodbyes a few minutes later and headed off for the hospital to see Kristina. Alex directed us to the right room, once we'd reached the hospital, while Douglas found a parking place.

"Finally," Kristina said as the three of us came through the door to her room. She clicked off the TV. "Taking your sweet time?"

"I tried to hurry them along," Alex lied.

"Why don't you stop lying so much?" I asked Alex as she sat down on the bed beside Kristina as I sat down on the end. Annie took a seat in the chair on the other side, proclaiming as she sat down, "Hey look a building on books."

"Don't you mean a book on buildings?" Kristina asked as Annie blushed and showed us an art book featuring photos of skyscrapers from around the world.

"Yeah that too," Annie giggled as she started flipping through the book.

"So what are your plans when you get out of here?" I asked Kristina.

"Douglas offered me his apartment for the time being and Arty is gonna stay with me," Kristina said. "And Alex is gonna stay some nights with me too."

"And where's the baby?"

"He was here a few minutes ago but they took him to the nursery to change him," Kristina said.

"Any word on your family coming to see you?" Alex asked.

"Nope," Kristina said. "Mom's terrified to but she really wants to see the baby. Dad I suspect could care less."

"Why are they called buildings when they're already built?" Annie asked out of nowhere. Everyone laughed as she looked up and gave us a look as if we were strange. "What?"

"The queen of the dumb questions folks," I said as Annie stuck out her tongue in protest.

"That is not a dumb question," Kristina added. "It's interesting."

"Please don't encourage her," I said as Alex laughed.

"You hush," Kristina said as she turned to Annie and said, "Here's one I've always wondered about. Why're the buildings at the airport called Terminal?"

"Oh Mylanta!" I exclaimed as Annie giggled.

"That's good one," Annie noted. "Makes me not wanna fly."

"Here's another one," Kristina said, "Why are they called apartments when they're all stuck together."

"Haha," Annie giggled. "A part ments."

"You two are stupid," Alex said as I laughed out loud. Kristina and Annie continued their conversation as if nothing had been said.

I sat and listened to Kristina and Annie trade dumb questions back and forth for the next hour. I laughed to the point of my sides hurting. That finally ended when the nurse brought the baby back in so we could see him and he could flirt with us. Another funny moment. By the way she named him Sonny.

On the ride home, with Annie asleep on my shoulder, and Alex seemingly with stuff on her mind I suddenly had time to think about how much my life had changed over the course of the last two months of summer. Most notable was the changing nature of mine and Annie's relationship and how it went from being just a close friendship to a burgeoning love affair that I could not get enough of. I was in love with her. That much I knew for sure. Another thing that I knew stood out was how far Annie had come from the gun-shy little girl scared of her own shadow to a much more confident type of girl that actually registered me and her for college classes by herself. Talk about growth.

I looked over at Alex, as Douglas drove towards our apartment, wondering what her future held as she wasn't gonna be able to go to college unless some things change majorly for her. Though she did have a good job at 'The Coffee Table' and being friends with Douglas meant that he would always do whatever he could to help her. He would. My feelings for her also crept into my mind and I wondered if I did have more feelings for her than I had originally thought. The troubling part about that was I would be leaving for college in just a few days and we wouldn't be seeing each other as much. I hoped, in those moments, that we could stay good friends... and lovers.

I also thought, as Annie hugged my waist on the way up to the apartment and I helped her to bed, about the other people who had come into my life and made an impression of some kind. Douglas being the first one that came to mind. This gayer-than-gay man who was sweet and caring and deserved to be loved by someone who was NOT a moron like Kevin (remember his dumb ass?). I hoped Arty would be that person for Douglas but for some reason I didn't really think that he would be. Maybe it was his dedication to Kristina and her new baby or his work ethic that would keep them apart. I just didn't feel like he was the guy for Douglas.

Among the other people who had come into my life was Jackie, Alex's horny little sister, now she was a trip. Every bit as horny as her older sister and, in case you were wondering, she did get to butt fuck Ashley and Brittney (over and over again) the day they left with Alex's DVD. That was the one thing I could say for sure that would continue as Jackie absolutely loved how it felt on her 'cock' (FeelDoe). And Brittney and Ashley would no do doubt encourage that behavior as those two loved being butt fucked more than anyone I'd ever met. Gonna have to think about inviting them over one night after Annie and I settle in at Brookins State.

I had just crawled into bed with Annie (naturally) when the success of 'The Coffee Table' came to mind. It was THE success story of the summer on our block as it had drawn a whole new wave of customers to the street and for Douglas had become a financial boom. The other business' had also benefited as well from the new customers including my old employer, Video Plus. And I suddenly had a good idea of what I wanted to major in at Brookins State, business and management. Before I drifted off to sleep Annie snuggled to me under the covers and I wrapped her in my arms.

I thought, in those moments before I fell asleep, that this summer had cleared up a lot of questions in my mind. And now I was ready to head off to college and experience that side of life. I just hoped that I (and Annie too of course) could handle it.

Stay tuned... cause this story is not quite over yet. There's one more twist in the road that you won't believe.