Say What? - Episode 19 "Is It Just Me or Does It Stink More Over Here?"

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"So this is it?" Annie asked as we arrived at the dorm room that had been assigned to us on the Brookins State campus.

"Unfortunately," I said as I came through the door next and saw the mess that had been assigned to us: peeling wallpaper, ripped and smelly 70's era shag carpet, a curtain partially still attached to the large central window and three beds that looked like the sheets had been changed the last time the carpet had. "I guess this is what hell looks like."

"Can we just go back to our apartment?" Annie asked as she dropped her bags by mine.

"It's not that bad," I said as I knelt down and peeled back the carpet and found that the wood floor beneath it looked really nice. "We could lose this carpet and improve the looks..."

"and smell..."

"... of the place by 100 percent," I finished as we both giggled.

"But the beds are nasty," Annie said as she peeled back one of the sheets and screamed when she saw a snake skin under the covers. "Oh good lord that is fuckin nasty."

"It's a snake skin," I said as I plucked it up with a clothes pin and dumped it in the trash. We saw then that there appeared to be a clean spot under the covers on the bed. Shedding them revealed a practically new mattress underneath. "That looks better. This is my bed."

"You wish," I said as I pushed her away and down onto the bed behind her. She squealed and jumped back as I laughed. "Comfy?"

"Gross," she squealed as I rolled my eyes and stripped the cover off the second bed and found it to be, apparently, new also. "AWWW not so gross."

"Looks like that one's your bed," I said as I pointed to the other one across the room. "Maybe you'll get another snake skin."

"I've decided I don't love you anymore," Annie said as I laughed and sat down on my bed as she ripped the sheets off the third bed and found that for some reason all three beds had been covered by a nasty looking cover but were perfectly fine once you took off the covers. "Is it just me or does it stink more over here?"

"Good grief it does," I said as I crossed over to her bed and found it stank like a dead possum was under it. Though the bed was clear underneath. "That's making me sick."

"Me too," Annie said as she took her bags from the door over to the closet to begin putting her stuff away and wrinkled her nose up as the smell intensified. The opening of the closet door would reveal the source of the foul odor. A dead possum. "EWWWWW!"

"Good lord no wonder it fucking stinks," I said as I pushed the door back together and opened the window to hopefully let some of the stench out.

"I wanna go home now," Annie declared as she started to pick her bags up.

"No," I said as I made her set it back down. "I saw a shovel outside in the hall and once we get rid of the visitor the stink will go away."

"That's the grossest thing I've ever seen," Annie said as a loud wrapping came at the door and scared both of us almost out of our skins. A large white guy with a janitor uniform stood on the other side. His name tag read Alfred.

"Have you girls got... WOW this is it," he said as he covered his nose and made his way to the closet. "Everybody was saying something really stank."

"If that's not it then I'm gonna hate finding out what it is," Annie commented as Alfred scooped up the stiffened and decomposing corpse. He dumped it into a bag and thankfully taking it with him as he made his exit. 10 minutes later, and after a Clorox mopping, the stink was gone. "OK, then maybe we can stay."

"Hey room 214 residents," came a female voice as she appeared at the door with a rattling knock. Both Annie and I were hanging up our clothes at the moment and looked back to see a cute redhead with some great tits standing at the door. "Hi, I'm Casey Patrick and you two are?"

"Annie Parks."

"Elizabeth Waycross," I said. "Friends call me Liz."

"OK," she said as she wrote our names down on her clipboard. "The third roommate not arrived yet?"

"I thought we had a two person suite?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm sure we can accommodate everyone in the free world," Casey said sarcastically "You've got a third roommate and you're gonna have to deal with it. I've already had to solve more piss fights today than in the last five years combined."

"For what?" Annie asked.

"For instance, earlier I had two girls from India that wouldn't room with a girl from Idaho because she was Christian and they were Muslim," Casey said. "I told the bitches either deal with it and respect each or get the fuck out of my dorm."

"And that worked out?" I asked.

"They agreed to respect each others religion and just let it drop," Casey said. "It won't last."

"Just so you know, we're involved," I said as I hugged Annie proudly from behind.

"Congratulations and you think I care?" Casey asked as we laughed. "But best stay away from the ones on the far end of the floor."


"Mormons," Casey said with a charming smile as we laughed. "Probably try and convert your dead relatives to their cult."

"So you're anti-religion?" I asked as Casey kicked at the partially peeled back carpet.

"I'm pro-peace," Casey said. "I will not tolerate any of the following: arguing over politics or religion that I can hear. Loud music of any kind, if you can't wear headphones you don't need to listen to it. TV's are to be kept at a reasonable level, if I can hear it in the hallway it goes down. No drugs, naturally, no booze, naturally, and nothing illegal or stupid. I will report your mentally retarded asses when you bring something into my dorm that you know is illegal. That includes all narcotics, including weed, and anything else you can come up with. And I don't give a fuck what your excuse is you will still, I repeat, still be booted for it. Now are we on the same page?"

"Does that apply to people who aren't mentally retarded?" I asked as Casey grinned and laughed.

"OK, I like you," she said with a point of her pencil. "Seriously though."

"Not a problem," I said. "We pretty much stay to ourselves anyway."

"Well don't do that cause we do like to have group activities like board game night," Casey said. "And DVD night. We all pitch in and order a shit load of pizza's from Aramingo's."

"We could do that," I said as Annie agreed. "Who picks the movie?"

"We basically draw for it at random," Casey said. "Baseball cap and a few pieces of paper and no one can argue."

"When is it?"

"Saturday nights usually," Casey said as she handed me a schedule and list of rules.

"Can we do something about this nasty shag carpet?" Annie asked.

"Yeah I'm sorry about that," Casey said as she leaned down and ripped a chunk of it off the floor rather easily. "The money the college gives us for repairs and the like gets less every year and we just didn't have enough for all the rooms. But I'll pitch in and help you do what I can. Get rid of the carpet..."

"And this orange 70's era wallpaper?" I asked.

"Tear it down and paint the walls," Casey said. "Got loads of leftover paint so you can pick the color."

"What's this no-sex rule?" Annie asked as she now read the COMPLETE list of rules.

"Each dorm has three mates and everyone deserves their sleep," Casey started. "So in your case, since you two are admittedly dating, you're gonna have a third roomie that might not wanna hear your moans of salvation all night. So if they have a problem with it you don't do it."

"That's harsh," I said.

"Not really," Casey said. "How would feel if your third roomie had a boyfriend over and you had a big test the next morning? You're not gonna get much sleep that night."

"True," I admitted. "But what about if all three roomies are hot for each other and decide to have a threesome. Then what happens?"

"You invite me to watch," Casey said as Annie giggled and I smiled knowingly at her. "But otherwise I don't see anyway around it."

"So any idea on who our third roomie will be?" I asked as Casey opened the door to leave.

"The powers that be barely tell me anything so I'm afraid not," Casey said. "Cross your fingers and hope for the best."

"We will," Annie said. "Thanks anyway."

That was our intro to Brookins State and a good one it was. She prepared us pretty well for the upcoming days as we tried to settle in and make friends. Though that wasn't possible with everyone as the Mormons on the other end of the hall made it a point to tell us as long as we made no public displays of homosexual attraction that they wouldn't report us. In response we'd start making out if we saw them coming. And Casey laughed at the losers when they demanded she make us stop. Such a funny moment seeing a bunch of bigots explode.

"The room sure does look different," Annie commented from her bed at the conclusion of the third day on campus. With the walls now freshly painted and the ugly shag carpet sent to the dumpster out back it certainly did feel a bit more homey. "But I still wonder who our third roommate is gonna be."

"Apparently no one," I said as I dried my hair after a hot shower. "Casey said if the person never showed that we could have the room to ourselves."

"Darn it," Annie griped.

"What's the matter?"

"I was hoping for a hot roommate so we could share her and let Casey watch," Annie said with a horny as all hell smile on her face.

"Missing Alex's cock already?" I asked as I crawled onto her bed, which was now beside mine, and laid down beside her.

"And your tongue," Annie said as she kissed me. "The combination of the two are lethal."

"Well maybe we can invite Alex over if our third roomie doesn't show up," I suggested as Annie grinned. "Casey said the walls are pretty thick and a towel under the door muffles almost all sounds."

"I'm beginning to think right now is the time we should try out that plan," Annie suggested as I laughed. "You don't think so?"

"Bring it on baby," I said as she crawled over me and leaned down to kiss my lips softly. And don't you know that would be the moment that our third roomie would finally pick to show up. A loud rapping came as both Annie and I groaned and rolled out of bed to greet the person. But boy were we shocked when we saw who was on the other side... Jilly. LOL. It was actually Alex. Yes Alex Patterson. "Alex? OHMIGOD what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to go college," she announced as I practically jumped into her arms. "I think I'm your new roomie."

"YESSS!" Annie squealed from inside the room as she celebrated our unbelievable stroke of luck. I pulled Alex inside and away from the prying eyes of the hallway and closed the door behind us. "How did you pay for it?"

"My scholarship from the Colonial Donor Foundation finally came," Alex said. "I nearly screamed my lungs out when I called and asked for your dorm room and the lady told me the girl who was originally gonna be your roomie backed out. So I asked for it and she gave it to me."

"WOW," I said as I hugged her once more and felt something weird as she pulled me close. Alex was sporting wood. Hard wood. I pulled back and looked down as she gave me a horny smile. "You grew a real one now?"

"Unzip my pants and find out," Alex said as I laughed and Annie joined me as she looked at it too. "No takers?"

"You just knew that we wouldn't be able to control ourselves with you here, huh?" Annie asked.

"I know I can talk you two into it," Alex said confidently. "And I figured why not try out my new toy on you."

"New toy?" I asked.

"Yes new," Alex repeated. "Along with the money for tuition and books came a little extra and I ordered a new FeelDoe. The one with the anal beads?"

"You're wearing it now?" I asked in shock.

"I'm in so much pleasure that it's insane," she said as she took my hand and pulled me close and slipped an arm around me while guiding Annie into the other. A soft kiss followed before I could make a decision to stop it and just like that I was back under Alex's spell. She parted with me and kissed Annie softly as the hormones began flowing and I began to crave Alex's 'cock'. She kissed me once more and looked down as a signal for what she wanted and as she kissed Annie again I dropped to my knees. I unzipped her jeans a moment later to find a bulge in her panties that begged to be let free. Both of them came down as it flopped into view, 8 full inches of (FeelDoe) pleasure, and Annie and Alex watched from above as I smiled and licked at its head. Alex moaned as I helped her pull down her pants and panties and she stepped out of them. Annie helped her off with her t-shirt and just like that Alex was naked for us. Alex then guided her cock into my mouth as she moaned and went about the task of undressing Annie. Her t-shirt was first as my head began bobbing up down on Alex's cock. "Fuck Liz, you're an eager little cock sucker huh baby?"

"I sure am," I cooed as I helped Alex pulled down Annie's shorts and step out of them. Annie now naked as I got back to my feet and kissed Alex once more and the two of them helped me get naked over the next few moments. "Now what are you gonna do with that 8 inch monster Alex?"

"I'm gonna butt fuck you two till I'm tired," Alex said with a kiss on my lips as her hands now squeezed my and Annie's ass cheeks in unison.

"Big butt fucking cock," Annie said as she sat down on the bed and started to stroke it for Alex. I kissed our mutual lover as she moaned into my mouth. Annie then laid back on the bed lengthwise and guided me to get on top of me of her. I did and moaned as Annie went to work on my pussy and made me quiver in delight as my pussy started to spasm immediately. Alex joined us as she got in behind me and lined her cock up with my asshole and sunk it inside to my absolute joy. Annie worked over my clit now as my asshole began to get completely filled with Alex's first strokes. The pleasure was unending as Alex began to slap her thighs at my ass cheeks and moaned to me, "Get down there, Liz, get down there and lick her pussy while I'm butt fucking you."

"MMMMMMM OHMIGOD!" I moaned as I followed her request and started to lick at Annie's sweet pussy over and over, each time hitting her clit as she jerked and squirmed in delight. Alex pounded harder at my backdoor as she held me by the shoulder. Her own pleasure grew to epic proportions as the vibrating knob of the FeelDoe inside her pussy and the anal beads in her asshole made this the most wonderful feeling she had ever had. She simply soaked in the pleasure and gave it to my asshole harder and slapped her thighs at my ass cheeks louder. Annie's tongue now found my clit, as I began to suck hers, and she did me the same way. The two of us worked each other into a frenzy of pleasure as our orgasms came on quickly. Alex's butt fucking finally made me squeal in pure pleasure as mine was the first to begin and quickly followed by Annie's as she began to shake under me in pleasure. I squirted my cum into Annie's waiting mouth below me as Alex moaned in mid-orgasm, "MMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion."

What a wonderful way to cum.

A moment's rest followed before Alex laid back on the bed and let Annie get on top of her reverse cowgirl style (her back to Alex). Alex slid her hands to Annie's waist and encouraged her to take it in her ass, which Annie did a moment later as she lowered down and the head slipped inside her asshole. Alex's ass clenched around her anal beads as her cock slid inside Annie's asshole and the girl began to bounce on the cock gently and moan out loud. Alex moaned as Annie placed her hands down in front of her on Alex's thighs for balance and started to bounce higher and harder as she took more of the cock in her ass with every bounce. Alex's fingers sank into Annie's waist as she guided the girl up and down on her cock. A few more gentle bounces and Annie had Alex's cock all the way inside her asshole as her ass cheeks mashed into Alex's thighs and she came to rest on top of Alex. Annie moaned to Alex, "I'm so deep in your little asshole Annie. You like that baby girl?"

"I love it. I'm gonna do it hard now," Annie warned and made Alex moan as she leaned back. Annie put a hand down on either side of Alex's shoulders to support herself above her. Alex stroked her hands up and down Annie's smooth skin and up to her titties as she squeezed them softly time after time and both moaned out loud when Annie raised up till Alex's cock caught on her asshole ring and then dropped back down, plunging it back inside. Annie's ass cheeks smacked off of Alex's thighs and shook Alex's body. Both moaned as Annie did it again and again in a moan filled rhythm as Alex squeezed her fingers around Annie's titties over and over. Alex's naked body tensed a bit each time Annie bounced off of her now, even with that Alex's body shook as her pussy began to spasm lightly from the shots she was taking from above. Alex looked down as she watched her cock disappear into Annie's ass each time. Annie's pussy was already spasming hard as she moaned, "MMMMMMMMMMMMM god, so good, is it good for you butt fucking this way Alex?"

"It's so hard on my cock butt fucking back to back but I love it so much," Alex moaned as Annie bounced a little harder and squealed in pleasure and slapped her ass cheeks harder off of Alex's thighs. Alex was still massaging Annie's titties in her fingers as Annie moaned louder and her pussy spasmed harder and harder with each bounce on Alex's cock as it pistoned in and out of her ass faster and faster. Alex's body tensed still with each bounce from Annie down on to her thighs as her pussy, too, spasmed harder and harder. Annie and Alex both started to grunt a moment later as they soaked in the pleasure and felt it blossom into two awe-inspiring orgasms. Alex moaned in mid-orgasm, "MMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion."

"OH god, oh god that was so fuckin wonderful."

"It sure was," Annie moaned as she lifted up and off of Alex's cock and immediately laid down on her side and took it into her mouth as Alex began moaning again. I simply cleared Annie's hair from her eyes as she sucked Alex's cock harder and kissed our mutual lover softly on the lips. I said to Alex, "You're in so much trouble you just don't know."

"Say what?" Alex asked as I grinned and she kissed me back.

"I said you're gonna be butt fucking so much you're gonna stay worn out," I said as she grinned and tensed up as Annie sucked the fuck out of her cock.

"I can handle it," Alex said confidently. "I just hope you two can."

"MMMMMMMM," Annie moaned as she pulled off Alex's cock and held it for me to take. I crawled down and started to suck Alex's cock then with a bobbing of my head.

"Can you handle it Annie?" Alex asked in a moan.

"Yes I can," Annie growled. "Gonna be a wonderful year, ya think?"

"So wonderful you wouldn't believe," Alex commented as I pulled off her cock and Annie and I got on either side of her as she slid her hands down to our ass cheeks and squeezed them. "But I'm not done butt fucking just yet."

"Can it be my turn again?" I asked as she grinned and nodded her head yes as I slid down the bed and crossed my legs over her thighs the way Annie had done and got above her cock and let it sink into my asshole a second time. I moaned, as did Alex as I started riding it up and down slowly until the entire 8 inches was in my asshole and my ass cheeks rested against her thighs. I quickly leaned back so my hands were by her shoulders and supported my body above hers and started fucking her cock good. I bounced up and down faster and faster with every sway. Alex grunted a bit and moaning with me as she clutched onto my waist and guided me up and down as my ass cheeks smacked at her thighs. "MMMMM butt fuck me."

"I am butt fucking you baby, for the second time," Alex moaned as she took control and bounced me more aggressively and caused my pussy to spasm so wonderfully. Sweat dripped off of my and Alex's body as I pounded at her cock now and shook her body as she tensed up over and over. Annie rubbed my arm up and down and watching in delight as she asked Alex, "You like butt fucking girls for the second time like this?"

"I've never gotten to do this before," Alex moaned as her pussy spasmed insanely hard and so did mine as I moaned in grunts with her. She pounded her cock harder as I could see her feet gently bouncing below her as the pleasure surged through both of our bodies. "I never got to give a third butt fucking in a row."

"Make that four once you're done with her," Annie announced as Alex smiled and tensed up as the pleasure grew stronger for both of us and exploded into a wonderful orgasm that surged for a few long seconds and Alex moaned as usual, "MMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion."

I lifted off Alex's cock as Annie took it back in her mouth and sucked it as both Alex and I rested and kissed. But that only served to get her back in butt fucking mode. Alex pulled Annie off after another minute and got on her knees behind her as they kissed over Annie's shoulder. I got in the middle of the bed and laid back at Annie's thighs and let her slide forward so I could lick her slick bald pussy. I guided her forward into a 69 as she eagerly started to lick my pussy as well. I looked up and watched Alex sink her cock into Annie's asshole and moan out loud as she started to slap her thighs at the girl's ass cheeks. Alex quickly leaned forward over Annie's back and sandwiched her between us before she started pounding her cock home.

"Will you butt fuck me this way a lot? I love cumming in Liz's mouth like this soooo much," Annie moaned to Alex.

"I'm gonna do it every time you want me to," Alex moaned as she slapped her thighs at Annie's ass cheeks and clenched her ass as her anal probe felt so wonderful for her. Annie started sucking my clit a moment later as I did the same way and held her in place so Alex could pound at her asshole harder. My and Annie's pussy spasmed insanely hard at this moment as we both built towards another orgasm. Alex had to have been getting tired as she was laboring with louder moans and event a grunt or two with the non-stop pounding butt fucking she was delivering. "OH god I've never done this much butt fucking in one night before."

"MMMMMMM who feels better to butt fuck me or Liz?" Annie moaned as I fed my tongue into her pussy and started to fuck it as her inner walls spasmed around my probing tongue. Alex's thighs smacked louder at Annie's ass cheeks as Annie's thighs quivered non-stop around my face. Alex's sweat stained body was now dripping onto Annie's back as she too got close to orgasm. But you could see how expertly she was butt fucking Annie as she pulled out till the cock head caught on Annie's asshole ring and then plunged the entire 8 inches back inside every time. Alex moaned to Annie, "Right now baby you feel so good to butt fuck. You take it so good."

"Taking it soo good, MMMMMMMMMM, take it so good I'm gonna cum," Annie moaned intensely as she began to shake from head to toe as all three of us blasted off within moments of each other. "MMMM feels so wonderful, what do you love baby?"

"MMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion," Alex moaned in mid-orgasm. She did too. And so did we.

And that's how it ends. Or rather how it began again.

The End (Series Finale)