Say What? - Episode 3 "Can I Look Down Your Shirt Again?"

Written by: TVM (



"Do these jeans make my butt look big?" Annie asked from the front of the store, standing with her back to the front door and looking at her reflection over her shoulder in the glass.

"No Annie for the fifth time your butt does not look big in those jeans" I said as she looked again. "Now will you get back here and get this computer online before Douglass gets here?"

"Well these jeans are new and I'm just worried that they make me look fat" Annie said as she joined me.

"If I were truly gay, you in those jeans would..." I said and choosing my words carefully. " look hot OK?"

"Do you really like girls or do you like guys too?" Annie asked. Typical of her, changing the subject as quick as something new floats into her mind. She used to do this constantly until I explained how annoying it can be.

"Huh?" I asked. "How do you do that?"

"Do what?"

"Go from talking about your butt being big to how I feel about guys" I said as she blushed. She looks so adorable when she does that.

"I dunno you answered my question" She said. "So guys or girls?"

"Well I met a girl my last day working at Video Plus..." I said as Annie rolled her eyes and said, "...yadda yadda Liz, she's never gonna see you again unless you go down and stand in front of the door to the video store."

"Good idea, you go and do that" I said with a glare as she grinned. "Go on, I'm serious."

"No way that creepy old Mr. Simpkins will try and grope me or something" She said.

"You just better be glad I need your help here" I said as she stuck out her tongue and prompting me to rush her. Both of us falling to the couch beside the computer table giggling as a tickle fight ensued. Speaking of computers, 'The Coffee Table' sure does look different after two weeks of seemingly endless nights and early mornings by Annie and Me. So many things have changed, the 800 pound whatnot shelf has been moved to the back of the store, really opened up the place. The computers Annie said she could get from Mr. Preston have worked perfectly so far and we almost had them set up. The computer program that I 'borrowed' from Video Plus was ideal for the organization of the store's inventory on computer. "Not get over there and fix that."

"Gotcha boss lady" Annie said with a military style salute as I rolled my eyes and walked towards the front of the store as she went to work on the computer. Me stopping at the front door and looking out to see if I saw Douglas or Kevin, or secretly hoping I'd spot that Alex girl I had somewhat of a date with. Not that it would do any good to have one cause Annie and I have been working every minute we're awake on the store and I felt a real obligation to get the internet café up and running as soon as possible. Along with organizing the store's inventory on computer, which made my fingers hurt I've had to type so much. Not that Annie has not been doing her share, she has, but I'm the faster typist and it's easier if I handle that part of the work. The store itself was still a mess which is why I'm glad Douglas made the decision to close up for a couple of weeks and let us get everything done. "Done, we're online."

"Huh?" I asked as I turned and saw Annie grinning as she pointed to the computer.

"I got us online" Annie said proudly as my heart raced and I ran back to her and we hugged like giggling school girls. "I do good?"

"So smart inside that big ole head" I said as she glared at me and tried not to smile. "Douglas is gonna be so happy."

"Yeh I guess I earned my keep" Annie said with a beaming smile.

"Not like I'd fire you anyway" I said. "Someones gotta do all the work."

"HEY!" She said as I laughed and walked off. Breaking into a run when Annie gave chase and ran me out the front door and onto the sidewalk. Annie had just crashed into me when I spotted her. Alex, the girl from the video store? Yeh that's her. Anyway she was just coming down the street and turned to go into Video Plus but found it locked. Throwing her hands up she pressed her face to the glass to look inside but only saw darkness as the store was closed I'm assuming. Giving up, she dumped the videos in the after hours bin and turned to walk off in the opposite direction. Annie asking, "That's Alex right?"

"Yeh" I said nervously and wanting to scream and stop her but feeling my intense shyness take over and felt like I didn't know what I wanted.

"You not gonna say hi?" Annie asked in confusion. "I thought she was nice."

"She was, I just suck at this" I said and putting my hands over my face and felt like crying in frustration.

"ALEX!" Annie screamed, my eyes bolting open and my head snapping around to meet her as she giggled and ran back inside the store before I could do anything in reply. Alex stopped and looked back just as she was about to turn the corner. Fortunately she saw me and smiled, me waving like a complete dork and grimaced when she came back my way. Annie appearing at the door to the store with a devious 'gotcha good' grin on her face. "Get her attention?"

"I'm gonna..." I said as I pointed at her and she smiled, but coming up with nothing as far as threats goes. " just better watch it."

"I'm really scared" Annie said before sticking her tongue out at me and ducking back inside the store.

"Hey you" Alex said with a bright smile as I turned and saw her standing in front of me now.

"Hi" I said and as usual a long silence developed that made me wish I had never decided to be 'not so shy'. But that thought made me mad as I have really made a serious effort to not be so closed off. After all the hard work this is the pay off I realized, a nice girl who wants to talk to me is standing right in front of me and no doubt feeling unwelcomed. So as much as I wanted too, I simply could not come up with anything to say in reply. My brain was drawing a blank and I could feel my panic button beginning to press itself down and I was about to just give her some lame excuse and duck back inside the store and prepare for a life as a lonely old cat woman. Fortunately for me, she didn't want me to be a lonely old cat woman as she said, "UMMMMMMMM what's the deal with the video store?"

"I...quit" I stammered. "Long story."

"Oh so you're working somewhere else now?" She asked and trying desperately to breath life into this conversation.

"Yeh, my friend Annie got me a job here" I said as I pointed stiffly at the door to 'The Coffee Table'. "Gonna re-open in a few days."

" need any help? Moving things or organizing?" She asked.

"We can't really pay anybody" I said, "The owner is struggling to even keep the place open."

"Didn't say you had to pay me" She said. "My Mom seriously wants me out of the house since I graduated from high school seem like someone I'd like to hang out with."

"You just like me cause I let you look down my shirt" My Mouth said. Immediately followed by my lip dropping in shock at my own boldness, my hand going over my mouth instantly as Alex grinned knowingly and stepped closer. I grew nervous as she smiled at me and we came eye to eye. "UMMMMMMMM....UMMMMM."

"Maybe" She offered as I smiled shyly. "But I'm betting there's a lot of other reasons to like you too, right?"

"I don't know, never had anyone that showed this much interest" I said softly.

"I can do a lot better than this" She said with a cute as all hell grin.


"Yeh, flowers and candy? Followed by a nice dinner and walk on the beach?" She asked as my head spun at how romantic that sounded.

"Yeh I or love that" I stammered.

"Or we could just make out for a few hours and go back to your place" She said as she touched my chin. I thought she was serious as I backed away nervously till I reached the front door of 'The Coffee Table' and wanted to seriously run inside. "What?"

"No way, I thought you were nice not a pervert" I said as she laughed. "What's so funny?"

"I was kidding" She said in reply. "The first one about dinner and a walk on the beach? Sounds a lot better."


"Oh come on, we were just kidding a second ago about me looking down your shirt" She said, "I thought that was OK. I'm sorry I made you think something that's not true."

"OK, maybe I over reacted" I said softly as she sensed an opening and did something that made me laugh every time I thought about it for the next week. She literally jumped from the spot where she was to the spot directly in front of me. "What was that?"

"You make me jump for joy" She said as I laughed and blushed 4 different colors of red. She grinned victoriously.

"Pretty girl with the curly hair say what?" I asked as she smiled and leaned in and tried to kiss me. But for some reason it didn't freak me out I just giggled and pushed her away. A wrestling match would have ensued if a loud squeaky voice hadn't broken our giggling up and made Alex look back as someone bellowed her name. I sighed in frustration as she turned to see her little sister bouncing down the sidewalk. I know I shouldn't notice this but it did catch my attention, her newly formed little titties bouncing as she ran.

"What?" Alex asked in a very angry voice as I listened.

"Mom just left" Jackie panted after stopping in front of her sister and me.

"So? I got my key...go home" Alex demanded as Jackie seemingly searched for a reason to stay. "Now, gooo."

"Nooo, I don't like being at home" She said, "Why can't I hang out with you?"

"Because I'm 18 and I can't do anything with you around" Alex demanded. "Go home Jackielyn."

"Please?" Jackie begged. I knew then something really made her not want to go home. "There's nothing to do, the cable's out again."

"We got a TV here" I said as Jackie looked at me with interest.

"I won't be any trouble if you let me hang out" Jackie said in a pleading voice. "You're that girl from the video store that was flirting with Alex right? Cause she talked about you all day after that and even came down here a couple of times looking for you."

"You got a big mouth" Alex said as I grinned and stepped in front of her sister. "I'm gonna hurt you."

"Not you're not" I said as Alex gave me a disbelieving look. "I like her."

"Wait till we get home" Alex said to her giggling sister.

"Knock it off" I said to Alex, "Why don't you both hang out it's just me and Annie. You already volunteered."

"Make her go home please?" She asked. "She's annoying."

"So are you " Jackie said as I tried not to laugh. Alex grunted as she jumped at her sister. Jackie screaming as she ran away and to my surprise ran into the store.

"I'm gonna kill her" Alex said as she glared at the door. "You don't know her."

"I don't really know you either" I said.

"I know, I just..." She said in frustration. "She always embarrasses me, I just wanted to come down here and hang out so we"

"We still can" I said and opening the door to the store. "You coming?"

She again stepped directly in front of me and leaned in and this time put her lips to my ear as she whispered, "Making my thighs quiver."

"Oh mylanta" I said in shock as she gave me another victorious grin. Me then realizing exactly what she meant by that and closing the door to the shop back and blushing as she giggled. "I did not mean it that way."

"Well you already told me you don't need help coming" She said with a suggestive poking of her tongue at her cheek.

"Shut...up" I said as I pushed her away and she laughed. "You are fired."

"Did I embarrass you?" She asked as I saw Douglas and Kevin pulling up across the street.

"Yes you did and listen..." I said as I walked over to her and whispered. "No more sex jokes, that's the boss."

"I be cool" Alex said with a sweet smile. "I just want ya to like me."

"I already do" I said and felt a rush of weird feelings and a huge surge of self confidence at my being able to say that so easily.

"Afternoon ladies" Douglas said with a tip of the cap as he came onto the sidewalk. "Are we taking a break?"

"Yeh...Annie got your internet to work" I said excitedly.

"No surprise, she's a whole lot smarter than anyone gives her credit for" Kevin said.

"Very true" Douglas agreed.

"Ahem" Alex said and nudging me for an introduction.

"My friend Alex" I said as she smiled. "She's gonna help us some if it's OK with you."

"I can't pay anyone right now..."

"Don't have too" Alex inserted. "If you like my work and things take off...maybe you think about hiring me later?"

"I doubt it, we don't really need anyone" Kevin said firmly as the smile left Alex's face.

"He didn't ask you" My mouth said before my brain could block it. Douglas half-smiled as Kevin gave me a sour look. "I'm the manager."

"You only want here cause you're hot for her body" Kevin said bitterly.

"And vice versa" Alex said as I blushed and couldn't for the life of me wipe the smile of my face at that moment. She basically just said I was hot. "But she won't be the one paying me, right?"

"I will" Douglas said and pointing to Kevin and saying, "Shut up."

"We got so many little things to do and she could really help" I said. "Give it a day or two?"

"I like the way you go to bat for the people you believe in" Douglas said with a charming smile.

"Thank you" I said.

"Yeh, sorry" Kevin said in a barely audible voice. "The last person we hired before Annie stoled Douglas blind. I'm just..."

"Fair enough" I said.

"I don't steal, ever" Alex said. "I live right down the block on Hall street, three four two C. The name is Alex Patterson, sir."

"Douglas Stone" He said as they shook hands. "So Manager of mine, what do you have in mind for your new employee?"

"Moving boxes?" I asked and looked to Alex as she nodded simply.

"Not a problem" She said as we smiled at each other. Me touching Alex's arm and getting her to move aside as a bunch of what looked to be college students came by and stopped in front of the store as the tall blond one with the cute dimples asked, "You guys got an internet café now?"

"No not yet, but we will soon" Alex said as she took the lead. "Charge by the hour."

"I'm Clinton and these are my friends" He said, "If you guys seriously open one I can guarantee we'd be regulars."

"You attend College young man?" Douglas asked.

"Uh huh, Brookins State Bullfrogs" Clinton said proudly. "This would be really cool if you could do that. Such a short walk to campus that it'd be so easy to run down here if we needed to between classes."

"I'd say you are right" Douglas said with a satisfied grin. "Do you think many of your friends would find this helpful?"

"I'd say so" The Other Guy said.

"Yeh Danny and me are always needing to do papers and research and the computers at the library are forever filled" Clinton said.

"True dat" Danny agreed. "I'd rather pay for it than have to wait for an hour while someone gets done chatting with their air head girlfriend."

"Like you are gonna ever have to worry about that" Clinton said as we all laughed.

"The café will be up and running on Monday, right girls?" Douglas asked me.

"Monday at 7 a.m." I said.

"Great, we'll see you guys Monday then" Clinton said as he and Danny and the rest of the guys left down the sidewalk.

"Not even working here and I just got you two new customers" Alex said proudly.

"I'm impressed" Douglas said. Annie appearing at the door with Jackie behind her, apparently already having become fast friends. Something at that moment I thought was a huge step forward for my best friend.

"Hey, you guys coming in?" Annie asked. "We're talking about playing a game of Monopoly."

"That sounds like something I'd like" Douglas commented. "How about I order a pizza and we all get to know each other?"

"Sounds like fun" Alex commented as Annie, Jackie, Douglas, and Kevin filed inside. I was about to follow when Alex grabbed onto my belt buckle and pulled me back and down the sidewalk till we were out of view of the store. I fought with her to get lose as I laughed and we finally crashed into the building next door giggling and struggling against the other. Alex let me pin her against the building and with my hands now on her arms I think she actually had me exactly where she wanted me because our lips were just a few inches apart. The giggling sort of died when she smiled at me, I froze when I saw her tilt her head a bit. My grip on her arms loosened considerably as the unthinkable happened, my first kiss, with another girl that wasn't Annie. So sweet and soft. I barely got a chance to move my lips against hers before she pulled away and smiled at me. "WOW."

"Uh huh" I said with a deep crimson blush. "That was nice."

"Yeh it was, really nice" She said as I backed away a step. "We should get back."

"Wait, one more question" She said as she stopped with a gentle touch of my arm. "You remember earlier when we were kidding about...s-e-x?"

"Yes" I said impatiently.

"Can I look down your shirt again?" Alex asked with a 'gotcha' smile. She laughed as I groaned and walked off as I said, "Nooooooo..."

Stay tuned...