Say What? - Episode 4 "So I Really Do Make Your Fake Cock Hard, Huh?"

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"MMMMMMMM Alex, oh my...WOW" I moaned and looked up through slanted eyes as Alex repeatedly did the most wonderful thing I had ever felt in my life. She was slowly stroking her 'fake cock' into me and grinded the shaft on a certain very sensitive part of my body and doing it so good I wanted to scream. My stomach heaved up and down, my thighs quivered, my feet dug softly into Alex's lower back and a light sheen of sweat formed on my body as the pleasure grew. I closed my eyes and rolled my head back into the soft pillows on my bed and began to gently jerk and finally squeezed my thighs around her lower back and moaned just as I was ready to experience the first real pleasure of my life. I mean it was so close I could feel it building and that's exactly when it happened, the phone rang...and I woke up. I snapped awake and got the shock of my life, Annie was watching me with a wide eyed 'deer in the headlights' expression on her face. "UMMMM Hi?"

"Morning" She said with a sheepish grin crossing her face.

"I hate my life" I said as I covered my face and blushed as red as I had ever had. The answering machine clicking on after the phone had rang a time or two more.

"Elizabeth pick up this damn phone I know you're home" Mom said into the phone as I finally uncovered my face and glared at the phone. "Pick it up or I'll call back."

"Woman if you wanna a fight you'll get one this morning" I said as the frustration of my non-orgasm set in as she hung up, thankfully. Me looking back to Annie who still had that smug smile on her face as she grinned at me. "Shut up."

"I didn't say a word" She said.

"But you're thinking it" I said. "And what the hell are you doing in bed with me?"

"I always crawl in with you after a bad dream..." She said as my anger melted instantly. "I know you never get anytime to yourself, so I shouldn't have even been here."

"Forget it, just embarrassing" I said as I put my hand over hers. "And frustrating."

"I didn't even know you did that" Annie said in an almost whisper.

"Like you don't"

"I don't" She said seriously. "In my family you better not be caught doing that. Or risk being killed."

"And now you have you're own bedroom in your own apartment" I pointed out as she half-smiled. "Not one person in this world can figure out what you did in the privacy of your bedroom."

"Unless they're annoying roommates crawl into bed with them and know" She said as I absentmindedly cleared a few strands of hair out of her eyes.

"Bad dream?"

"Scary" She said as she did the usual and turned her back to me and laid back so her head now rested on my thigh. "I dreamt that Mom hit my little sister so much...she hurt her."

"You been having a lot of these dreams lately" I said softly, "Maybe you should go and see a therapist."

"They come and go, I'm fine" Annie said softly as she looked up at me. A long moment passing as I circled her cheek with a single finger for no reason in particular as her eyes looked into mine. I dunno what it was in that moment but I realized how pretty and maybe even beautiful my best friend was as she looked at me with those eyes. She has amazing eyes too (another thing that dawned on me). "I like it when it's quiet like this and just me and you."

"Me too" I said softly as I moved my fingers to under her chin and tickled her as she giggled.

"Stop" She giggled as she squirmed. "You're mean to me."

"What did you say?" I asked as I got a determined look on my face and lowered down to come eye to eye with her as she grinned and tensed up, ready for a tickle attack. My hair falling around her face as she gave me a challenging smile. "Wanna repeat that?"

"You're holla cute Liz" Annie said as I blushed and smiled. "You smell good too."

"And you Annie Parks are my best friend" I said as I kissed her cheek and hugged her impulsively. "I do love you."

"MMMMMMM baby show me some love" She giggled as I groaned and pushed her off my thighs. "One of these days I'm gonna do just that and you won't know what to do."

"So? You think I would resist?" She asked as she now lay on the bed and looked up at me.

"I thought you were straight and this whole me and being girlfriends was just an act" I said. "Do you really like girls?"

"I like you, I mean being with you" Annie said. "I'm not gay, like that Kevin guy that's with Douglas all the time?"


"He's cute and he asked me out" She said. "And I like him so I know I'm not gay."

"When did he asked you out?" I asked and felt myself getting a little jealous.

"Last night when you and Alex went walking in the park" Annie said with a smile. "I was nervous and wanted to say no but then I remembered what you been trying to beat into my head about opening up and not being so shy and scared all the time. Sooo, I said yes and we're going to the movies tonight and probably like Mickey D's after that. It should be a lot of fun...what?"

"I don't like him" I blurted out.

"What? Why?" Annie asked as she bounced up to her knees and gave me a seriously surprised look.

"He's weird and...and...I just don't like him" I said as Annie grew quiet and thought for a long moment. "He gives me the weirdest feeling."

"And you couldn't tell me this anytime in the past say...month?" She asked pointedly.

"I didn't know he was gonna ask you out" I said.

"So all of this is about him asking me out?" Annie asked. "What you think I'm some troll doll that no one will ever wanna date? News flash Liz, Kevin likes me and I kissed him."

"Say What?" I asked in shock.

"I kissed him last night" She said. "He's not a creep."

"Annie wait" I said as she bolted from the bed and stormed out of the room in a march after I had sat there in silence for heaven knows how long. She no doubt took that as a sign that I agreed with every accusation she leveled at me. Truth is that's one of my biggest fears, having Annie meet someone, fall in love and leave me alone. Which considering my current situation (taking both of us to pay the rent), would mean I'd have virtually no choice but to move back in with my psychotic mother. I'd almost rather go live under the bridge to be honest. Anyway...I should probably fill you in on the events that lead to this little confrontation.

See it's been almost two weeks since the whole 'Alex kissing me' episode in front of the book store. And since then things have been insanely crazy to say the very least. It all began with the internet café and the constant stream of customers that draws in. I've never seen so many people in my life and the end result is me and Annie are working our asses off from opening to close. This new booming (for now) business also has several other positive side effects, like Alex being hired on as a full time employee now that Douglas is beginning to turn a profit. Another less positive is the constant presence of Douglas' ex-boyfriend/personal assistant, Kevin, who has somehow wormed his way into the trust of my still naive best friend. Which is sickening to me, something about him just makes my skin crawl and I've been looking for a reason to ask Douglas to run him off but nothing the weasel does is really crossing the line, just annoying.

My saving grace at the store for the last two weeks had been Alex and our constant flirting back and forth. Which was a nice and very welcomed distraction from the grind of running the store and the annoyance of Kevin. Day by day she was growing more and more on me to the point of seeing her was the high point of every day. But like everything in my life something seems to pop up just when things seemed to be going good and this time it was a beyond revealing conversation I had with Alex just last night on that aforementioned 'walk'. It went something like this...

"The night is so beautiful" Alex said as we walked along in the park across from 'The Coffee Table'. Her holding my hand and me thinking things could not be anymore perfect. That's when my bladder came calling and I had to go bad and stopped at a port-a-potty to do my business. Alex giggled and walked just around the big bush in front of us and sat down on the bench on the other side.  

That's when 'SHE' drifted by and grinned as she saw Alex and came over. I decided the bathroom break could wait cause 'SHE' was freaking gorgeous. Even in the dim light of the night and me peeping through the other side of the bush you could see big bouncy firm young titties, great legs, a tan that made me wet, strawberry blond hair and a flat stomach that she made sure was on full display with her navel bearing t-shirt. And oh yeah one more thing, a thong, a damn thong was sticking out the top of her cut off jeans. Good lord. "Brittney, hey."

"Hey playerette" Brittney said as she stopped and sat down by Alex, who looked uncomfortable suddenly and had to be wondering where I was. "You coming over tonight?"

"Brittney I'm on a date with someone and she'll be back any minute" Alex said as she looked around nervously. "Can you please just get lost?"

"Excuse me?" Brittney asked. "You just think I'm your whore whenever you're horny for ass?"

"Noooo" Alex hissed. "But you and Ashley are together and I don't have anyone in case you were wondering and this new girl is really nice and maybe she's what I been looking for."

"Ohhhhh so you sliding her the fake cock huh?" Brittney asked, confusing me for a long moment.

"No I'm not" Alex said. "I'm working with her at the book store around the corner and it's just something new and I wanna see where it goes."

"Hello? Do you think I'm stupid?" Brittney asked. "You tellin me you don't fantasize about getting all sweaty over me and Ash?"

"Stop! I mean it" Alex said as she stood. "Look if this doesn't workout I'll call you, K?"

"You're loss baby, you just better hope we don't find another girl before you come to your senses" Brittney said as she turned and walked off in the same direction she had came. Alex taking a deep breath as she sat back down. I practically ran to the port-a-potty and did my business while my mind reeled at the revelations I had just over heard. Alex was a playerette? And what was that about ass and a fake cock? God I'm such a loser cause I seriously don't have a clue what all of that meant. I stayed in there for as long as I thought I could, battling my emotions as to what to do with this information. A light tapping coming at the outside of the door. Alex asking, "Did you flush yourself?"

"No I didn't" I said coldly as I pushed the door open and did the only thing my mind could come up with, walk away. Alex following after me and having to jog to catch up.

"Wait up, what happened?" She asked as she finally got me to stop. "We were having a nice time and now you're mad at me?"

"No I'm not" I said as I tried to push past her but she blocked my exit. "Let me go."

"What did I do? I'm sorry" She pleaded.

"Brittney...girl with the big titties" I spat finally. Well more like my mouth and my anger formed into a unit and forced my mind against it's will to say that.

"You saw that?"

"Yeh I saw that, she's kinda hard to miss" I said as Alex smiled.

"She does have great tits" Alex said as I glared at her with what I hoped was a really mean look. "But I bet yours are better."

"I doubt it that girl is gorgeous" I said and not realizing it at the moment but Alex had successfully side tracked my train of thought.

"So are you" Alex said as I half smiled and watched her step closer.

"You just wanna get me into bed" I said.

"What makes you think that?"

"You screwed that Brittney girl?" I asked as Alex nodded. "And her girlfriend?"

"Yeh, before I met you" Alex said. "Which by the way shouldn't effect our relationship."

"You fucked them since you met me?"

"Nope" She said simply. "Why is this a big deal? Not like I'm trying to get you into bed."

"Why don't you wanna get me into bed, I thought you said I was hot?" I asked.

"What?" She asked in confusion, "First you're mad cause I fucked Brittney and now you're mad cause I haven't tried to lay you yet?"

"I'm not mad, I just find it weird" I said as Alex stepped closer so we came eye to eye. "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing, jesus nothing is wrong with you" She said as she touched my cheek gently. "If that's what you want we can do that."

"I just need some time to think about all of this" I said as she smiled and kissed me. "Stop that."

"No" She said and kissed me again. "I'm working on laying you."

"No you're not" I said with a determined finger point and a smile on my face.

"Come on baby let me pop that cherry" Alex said as my mouth dropped open at the boldness of her suggestion. "I got a strap-on that you will love."

"Strap-on...fake cock" I said as I finally got it. Something else then dawning on me too as Brittney's comment about ass came back to me.


"You're horny for ass?" I asked as Alex blushed a crimson red and looked down. "Brittney said that. Ass?"

"Yeh" She said as she turned and patted her butt. "Back here."

"You did something to her back there?" I asked.

"Her and Ashley both" She said as it began to sink in what she was talking about. "Strap-on, fake cock."

"I don't even know what to call that" I said as Alex tried not to laugh as she moved closer and cupping her hands around my ear and whispered, "Butt fucking."

"Ohhhhhhhh" I said, "And EWWWWWWWWW."

"Don't EWWWWWW me, you've never tried it" She pointed out.

"You're a slut" I said in an accusing tone.

"True, but I'm good at it" Alex said as she kissed me and I at first wanted to push her away but after a moment or two my hormones really began to take over and I slipped my tongue into her mouth and my arms around her neck and we literally made out like that for nearly 10 minutes. I was totally lost in her spell for a long moment as we parted and she smiled at me. "Just so you know, if I'm with you I'm only with you."

"Yeh?" I asked as she smiled and nodded simply before kissing me. "So I really do make your fake cock hard huh?"

We both had a good laugh at my joke, yes I made a joke and it was both intentional and funny. But after that I was still left with an uneasy feeling about the whole night. Alex was great and hurt me sexy but she wasn't exactly what I thought she was, I mean the girl is really experienced, probably more than I even know. That though could be a good thing. I mean think about that dream I just had about Alex, this girl could take my virginity and make it feel so good I'd never regret it. Which is appealing to me more and more as I think about it. Mostly because being a virgin is not something I've ever cared much about. I'm not 'saving it' per say, just never had the chance to lose it.

"Pick up this damn phone right now" Mom said from the other end of the phone and into the answering machine which had been ringing while I was completely lost in my thoughts. "Pick it up Elizabeth and I mean it."

I was just about to roll out of bed and answer it when a very upset looking Annie came back into the room and without so much as a glance towards me snatched the phone up and barked, "What?"

"Oh boy" I said to myself as I scrambled out of bed and headed for the phone. Knowing what kind of effect one of my lovely mothers well placed low blows would do to Annie's still fragile ego. But this time it was my mother who was on the receiving end of a low blow.

"Look you bitch, Liz doesn't wanna talk to you cause all you do is run her down and I don't wanna talk to you either" Annie said as I listened in surprise. "No one likes you cause you're a mean hateful old harpy who no one loves and yes I did just say that. My name is Annie, not Amelia, you would know that if you ever cleaned the earwax out of your big ole ears."

"Just hang up" I said gently as I hugged her from behind. She slammed the phone down violently before my mother could even say anything in reply and began to cry. "SHHHHHHHH it's OK, she's mean to everyone."

"I should call back and apologize" Annie said softly as she reached for the phone. Me moving beside her and covering her hand. "What?"

"Please don't" I said as she relaxed. "She's only calling to hurt someones feelings."

"UMMMMMMM...I won't go out with Kevin" Annie announced in a sudden turn in the conversation.

"Huh? Why?"

"Because you don't like him and I can't..." Annie said as tears started to fall, rolling down her cheeks and she sobbed.

"Annie, noooo I'm sorry" I said as I hugged her.

"I can't make it without you I'm not that strong" She said in a rush as she sobbed. "I'll do whatever you think is best."

"And you think I can make it without you?" I asked. "No."

"Yeh right"

"It's true" I said as I placed my hands gently on her tear stained cheeks and got her to look me directly in the eye. "I love you and if you see something in Kevin then I must be over looking it, I want you to do what makes you happy."

"Well if you insist" She said with a bright grin. Typical Annie, from heartbroken to happy in 3 nano seconds. "You sure?"

"Uh huh" I said simply. "Who knows, maybe this will be good."

"It will be" Annie said with her best smile. "You'll see."

"MMM HMMMM" I said and remaining unsure. A feeling of unease coming over me as Annie took my hand we headed for the kitchen and breakfast.

Stay tuned....