Say What? - Episode 5 "Uhn Huh, We Go Back Like A Recliner"

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I woke up early this morning and found that my usual snuggle buddy was nowhere to be found, not just missing from the bed but the entire apartment. I was just beginning to get worried when I found a note taped to the back of the front door, it read: "Douglas called, went to work early, love you/miss you."

"Love you too" I said with a smile as I pulled the note off the door and laid it on the table by the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later I was dressed and walking down the sidewalk headed to work myself. Reaching the front door and saw a couple of vaguely familiar faces coming down from the other direction. Clinton and Danny, who smiled and stopped as did I.

"Hey Beautiful" Clinton said and making me blush a deep crimson color.

"Hi" I said as he held the door for me. All three of us walking inside.

"Hey pretend girlfriend" Annie said as she bounced over to me (and I do mean bounced). Clinton looking her over like always and liking what he saw as he smiled confidently at her. "UMMMMMM hi Clinton."

"Hey cutie, you gonna finally marry me?" Clinton asked as Danny laughed.

"Lame dude" Danny said. Annie not saying much in reply as her shyness kicked back in.

"Ring them up?" I asked Annie, referring to the guys paying for their internet access. Annie happily did just that as I moved behind the counter and sat down in the seat behind her as she rung up the charges.

"You guys are best friends right?" Clinton asked in an obvious attempt to get Annie to talk him. But got me to reply instead.

"Yes we are" I said.

"You go back a long way?" Danny asked as he and Clinton took their receipts.

"Uhn huh, we go back like a recliner" Annie giggled as she purposely sat down in my lap. Clinton and Danny rolling their eyes and laughing. Annie giving me that gorgeous smile, god she's beautiful...I know.

"We go back like a recliner?" I asked as she laughed and nodded. "That is goofy."

"I know I heard it last night on Family Matters, Urkel is so funny" She said as my hands slipped undetected up to her waist on either side.

"You are to when you get tickled" I said with an innocent smile. She gave me a weird look and caught on as she looked down and tried to get away just as I sunk my fingers into her tickle spots. She began to squeal in laughter as we both tumbled to the floor and she tried desperately to get away.

"OHHHHHH god please stop?" She asked in a fit of giggles and lacing her fingers as if she where praying and begged me too. I let up just as the bell on the door signaled the arrival of another customer coming in or so I thought. Instead it was Kevin, who stopped at the counter and gave me the weirdest look. Annie not seeing the borderline dirty look as she spotted him and smiled broadly as she said, "Hey Kevy."

"Hey" He said as she got up quickly and grabbed my hands and pulled me up to before she ran around the counter and met him. Excited for a reason unknown to me to see him. "I thought you two were only friends."

"We are, best friends, but only friends" Annie said as she wrapped an arm around his waist.

"I'm not so sure" He said. "You two sure like act like you've been sniffing each others poontang a lot."

"You're so funny" Annie giggled as she looked up at him with an adoring smile. One which he returned as I scratched my nose with my middle finger (use your imagination to figure out what that looked like). He was grinning at Annie like a dork and I don't believe saw me before they walked off giggling. He is seriously one creepy little boy and I am sooo not sure if I can handle him being Annie's boyfriend.

"What does she see in this loser?" I asked under my breath as I glared at the back of his head for a second before forcing myself to look away. Right as the UPX truck pulled up in front of the building. I knew the drill by now, the guys name was Robin and he was not only uber cute but really sweet and the best thing is, last time he flirted with me...big time. No sooner did the door close behind me than he popped out with that ever present smile. For once my mind sorta blanked out as he smiled at me and out popped the best non-shy greeting I could come up with, "Hey!".

"Hey yourself beautiful" He said as I followed him to the back of the truck. "Got a bunch for you today."

"More books...yay!" I said with a slightly less than enthusiastic fist pump.

"I doubt it unless Dell Corporation started printing books" Robin said as he pointed to a box.

"I have no idea who ordered that" I said, "Are you sure it's for us?"

"Indeed it is sweety" He said after double checking it with his electronic zapper (no clue what that thing is really called). "Maybe you just forget?"

"No maybe I did not forget" I snapped, "I'm the manager here and I know what was and wasn't ordered."

"OK, OK, deep breath, someones having a rough day I see" He said. "Boy trouble?"

"Yeh" I said as he loaded three of the computer boxes on the dolly and rolled them down the ramps to the concrete. "But not the kind you might think."

"He likes you, and you don't feel the same?"

"More like my sweet lovable naive best friend is all goo goo over some loser" I said.

"So you what have a thing for your best friend?" He asked with a challenging smile.

"She is my best friend and nothing more" I said in a loud voice.

"If you say so" He commented. "Hold the door for me?"

"Sure" I said. Holding it open and telling him where to put the boxes at. I just wanted a few moments of peace and I finally got it. I signed Robin's UPX thinga-ma-bob and he was gone. I saw down on the bench out front and just hoped this whole thing with that slimy Kevin would work it's way out so Annie doesn't get hurt or even worse he comes between us. I'll hurt the bastard the first time he tries that and I am deadly serious about that. So lost in my thoughts of anger towards Kevin was I that I didn't even hear her say hi.

"Hello!" She said. Me looking up and seeing a face that was vaguely familiar (again). It was Alex's friend/fuck slut Brittney. "Do you work here?"

"Yeh I do, you need the internet?"

"No, I'm being retarded" She said. "And if Alex catches me here she's gonna be mad."

"I saw you talking to her the night we went walking in the park" I informed her. "So what you wanna tell me to back off?"

"Gosh no, I really just wanted to meet you" She said as she sat down, uninvited, and crossed her legs. Letting her skirt rise dangerously high up on her thigh. "You and Alex are involved?"

"Yes and no, she works here and she likes me, so she says" I replied. "Time will tell."

"You're a virgin aren't you?" She asked with a sly poking of her tongue into the corner of her mouth.

"Excuse me? That is so none..."

"...of my business, I know" She said. "Confirmed."

"Will you please just leave?" I asked.

"I'm only asking cause Alex has always wanted one" Brittney said with a serious 'gotcha smile'. "Betcha didn't know that."

"Good to know" I said in reply. Quickly figuring out that this whore was trying her best to drive a wedge between me and Alex with this whole 'Alex wants me for my virginity' crap. What she didn't know was that this was not working and if this was her best plan she might need to stop while she's losing. "Let me tell you something slut, Alex is nice and sweet and if she wanted to do something like that with me I'd be flattered. So you're stupid plan just flopped."

"OK, OK, a little touchy are we?" She asked.

"I heard everything you said to her that night in the park" I fired back. "And she also told me all about you and your girlfriend."

"Let me guess we're sleazy whores and she's never gonna do it again?" Brittney asked.

"Sleazy whore? No? Doing it again...I dunno" I said as the nerves came rushing in.

"I won't pressure her while she's dating you" Brittney said. "I won't, I promise."

"We're not really dating, working together and all" I said. "I can't really explain it."

"You know, and this is not really my business to say but..." She said before lowering her voice. "...if you wanna lose it with her, you should."

"And why?"

"MMMMMM you'll see" Brittney said in a light moan that made me squirm it was so sexy in it's tone. "Magic wand?"

"Magic wand?" I asked in confusion. She leaned close to my ear and whispered, "The girl can work a strap-on better than any guy can work the real thing."

"WOW!" I said as we exchanged a horny smile and laughed.

"What does it feel like?" I heard my mouth say before my brain could stop it (have y'all noticed I do that a lot?).

"Well the cherry pop can hurt" She said. Worrying me. "But if all goes well, you'll be moaning her name just a few seconds later."

"Moaning her name?" I asked in a seriously virgin absence of knowledge.

"Yeh like...ohmigod Alex baby you're so good" She said in a moan that so got me going. "She loves that."

"Ohmigod I just realized that I've never had a conversation like this before" I said as Brittney laughed. "It's not funny, I'm a loser."

"Wanna know what else she likes?" Brittney asked and I could tell from just the way she asked me that she wanted to tell everything she knew about my new friend and I for one was not gonna turn down the opportunity to find out.

"I know, this?" I asked as I pointed to my butt.

"Oh yeah, more than that anything else" Brittney said as she scooted closer.

"But why?" I asked. "That's kinda weird."

"Not once you have it done the right way" Brittney said. "You'll be thinking why did I ever think this was weird."

"I doubt that" I commented.

"Being close minded is not gonna get you laid" Brittney said firmly. "I mean at least be open to new experiences."

"That does kinda make sense" I said as Brittney nodded and smiled. "I just...this whole thing makes me nervous."

"Then do it and get it over with" Brittney said as she checked her watch and realized she was apparently late for an appointment of some kind. "Or don't and tell everyone you did."

"Yeh my ass"

"That's what Alex wants" Brittney said as my lip dropped open in shock and she giggled. "Gotta run lover, tell Alex I said hey baby."

"See ya" I said as she walked off and down the street from the other direction came Alex.

"What was she doing here?" Alex asked as I met her by the front door.

"Trying to talk me into laying you" I said and then closing my eyes and blushing, not believing I had just said that. Alexa laughed and leaned close and whispered in my ear, "Cute butt."

"Brittney told me about that" I said as Alex raised her eye brows suggestively. "Nooo."

"You are no fun" Alex said as the smile left her face.

"Because I won't do one thing you don't like me?" I asked pointedly.

"No, if you'd actually consider it I wouldn't even care" Alex said and honestly she made a good point I thought. "You listen to what everyone else tells you or you read on the net. It's not like that."

"What is it like?" I asked as we both began to walk down the street slowly. Annie appearing at the door and saying, "Don't worry about your job I'll cover FOR YOU."

"GOOD!" I screamed back without looking as she laughed. Alex didn't answer right away as she took my hand and lead me across the street to the park we'd been too a few nights before. We ended up just a few feet from the lake not too far from the entrance in a secluded little place that would have been perfect for 'doing the deed' if you liked that whole outdoor thing...HMMMMMM :). Alex sat down on the grass and leaned back against one of the tall oak trees that lined the banks of the lake. Not having said a word for almost ten minutes now and I think she knew that my curiosity was growing more and more with every passing second and she was probably doing this to make sure I would consider what she wanted too. Hell I just wanted to know why she liked it so much and maybe she could talk me into it, I'm suddenly no longer so dead set against it. She guided me down in front of her, my back to her and had me lean back against her chest. "OK, I'm curious, now can you stop playing games and just tell me."

"What do you wanna know?" She asked as I thought about it for a minute and finally admitted a lot with a few words.

"Everything" I said softly. "I have no experience what so ever."

"MMMMMMMMM" Alex said as she moved my hair aside and gently kissed the nape of my neck. Ohmigod that sent pleasure shivers down my back and made me squirm and on instinct say, "Stop..."

"OK" She said simply.

"What did you stop for?" I asked as she laughed. "See I'mma dork."

"I wasn't planning on doing your butt the first time we did anything, if we ever do" She said as I looked back at her.

"Yeh cause you want my cherry first" I said.

"So what if I do?" She asked before she kissed me. "At least I'm being honest about what turns me on."

"Very true" I said as I wrapped her arms around me. "I love that. And to be honest..."


"I'm not saving it for anything" I said. "Just hoping to like the person enough to be hot for them."

"So you think that might be me?" She asked as she kissed the skin just behind my ear. "Because you're so hot it's killing me."

"MMMMMMMMM keep talking like that and you...ohmigod Alex" I moaned under my breath as she kissed me softly down the back of my neck and to the top of my shoulders. "I like that sooo much."

"You taste good" She said softly as I finally pulled away and turned around and slid back across her thighs and this time, for the first time, I kissed her without regard to my shyness. A long slow kiss that I was not quite ready for, meaning she was a much better kisser than me and even when I tried to imitate her it didn't happen. French kissing is what I mean. Every time I tried to feed her my tongue it seemed to produce more slobber than anything, it's really gross. "Fuck!"

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not doing it right am I?" I asked in frustration.

"No" She said as she kissed me again. Before explaining one or two simple things about french kissing. Then to my amazement she patiently showed me how to do it and didn't laugh at me when I made a mistake. It took a few minutes but I finally got the hang of it. Before long I was feeding her my tongue and she was doing me the same way and each of us moaning into the others mouth. I finally pulled away with a huge smile on my face. "Liz McCoy you have one talented tongue girl."

"Shut up" I said as my shyness kicked in and I blushed. "Do I?"

"Yesss" She said, her arms now around me. "I would love to teach you how to do something else with that tongue."

"What?" I asked in a complete state of blissful retardiness. "Is it something weird?"

"Licking pussy" She whispered with a huge grin as I blushed and covered my face.

"I am so retarded" I commented in my embarrassment of not already knowing what she was talking about.

"Saying you don't wanna do it?" She asked as I moved my hands away and looked at her again.

"I dunno" I said as she grinned again and kissed my cheek. Then my habit of my mouth speaking out of turn checked in again and said this, "I did have a dream about you doing something to my...down there."

"Ohmigod you did?"

"I need to have that checked" I said as she laughed. "my mouth says stuff without my brains consent."

"So what was I doing?"

"Using your strap" I forced myself to say. "And you were doing it really good."

"Then let me do it for real" She said and kissing me softly. "No one stopping you, not even the Republicans."

"Well..." I said and pausing for a long moment and thinking about what I wanted to say. So here it was, a sweet girl was offering to give me pleasure and what reason did I have to turn it down? The whole virginity argument was seriously out the window and I couldn't think of another reason that even made sense. " promise you won't hurt me?"

"It's gonna hurt when you lose your cherry" She said honestly. "It will, it might even hurt bad."

"Why are you trying to scare me?"

"Honesty Liz" She said as I smiled. "But once the pain stops, it just feels like...WOW!"

"I think I might like WOW!" I said as we both giggled.

"MMMMMMMM oh you will. God you're sexy" She said and kissing me again. The word sexy sticking in my mind and serving to shoot my hormones to a new level of crazy. "Cause I'm really good at WOW!"

"Brittney says you got a magic wand" I commented as Alex nodded and lowered her head and kissed the skin just above my tits and grinned as she saw the top of them.

"MMMMMMMMM you'll think Magic Wand by the time I'm done with you" She said as she sat up and slowly lowered me down on to my back as I now lay on the grass and she got over me in the missionary position. She pushed herself up so she was above like a man and woman do and did something that I will remember for the rest of my life, she thrust her hips into me. Driving her pussy into mine, albeit with clothing in between. The smallest twinge of pleasure flowed into my body as she did it a few more times and got me to moan.

"You like that?" She asked as she lowered back down and kissed me softly.

"MMMMMMMMMMM" I cooed as she smiled. "I am the mood."

"Go back to your place?" She asked softly.

"UMMMMMMMM...if we start and I get scared..."

"We can stop" She said as she sat up and then stood and helped me up. Cupping her hands around the back of my neck and kissing me so perfectly. "We can stop anytime you want."

"MMMMMMM" I moaned as I kissed her this time. Touching my forehead to hers and saying simply, "Don't make me regret this?"

"I promise" She said as I smiled and in that moment I, for whatever reason, felt so at ease with my decision.

Stay Tuned...