Say What? - Episode 6 "A Threesome w/You and Alex"

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"MMMMMMM" I softly moaned as Alex and I parted one more time after a lengthy make-out session, now on the bed in my own bedroom. And that would make it the first time I've ever done this. "A few more hours of this and I might be ready to go a little farther."

"If you think you're gonna turn me down after we went all the way to my place and got my strap-on you're badly mistaken" She said with a firm kiss that left me wanting so much more.

"No means no" I said with a determined finger point as she grinned and shrugged as if it were no big deal. "But maybe you can convince me."

"I shouldn't have to convince you" Alex said as she sat up and smiled. "If you don't really want too..."

"I'm incredibly confused" I said. "I think I do."

"MMMMMMM take a look at this" She said and following it with a long soft kiss before she did something truly revealing, she took off her t-shirt and showed me her...ta-ta's? WOW what a moment. She tossed her shirt directly at me and laid back on the bed and grinned knowingly as I snatched the shirt away from my eyes and got a second and closer look at her tits. "Now what do you say? Gay or not?"

"I don't know but you got great tits" My Mouth said without the consent of brain. She laughed as I covered my face and blushed.

"Let me see yours then" She said as she lunged back up and tackled me to the bed as I giggled and fought with her playfully. Her trying to pull my shirt up and me trying to stop her. My hand slipped a moment later out of hers and caressed the side of one of her tits.

"Ohmigod I'm soo sorry" I said as I jerked my hand away.

"Why? I don't mind, here" She said as she guided my hand back to the same area and in a moment of mind reeling reality, I caressed it softly. So soft and firm and just erotic to touch. She leaned down and kissed me softly as I absentmindedly let my other hand do the same as the first. Now that really got my hormones going as we kissed soft and slow and she showed no signs of not liking what I was doing. OHMIGOD I love this. Does this make me a lesbian?

"LIZ?" Annie hollered just as the cracking of the front door signaled her arrival home.

"UGH" Alex and I said at the same time. She rolled off and reached for her shirt as I covered my face and tried to get my hormones under control.

"I'm sorry" I said to Alex as I rolled off the bed.

"It's OK, we got plenty of time I'm not going anywhere" She said as I smiled and watched till she put her shirt on and grinned back at me. Girl is holla! fine. All thoughts of sex and Alex being washed away with the next words from Annie's mouth.

"LIZ, please tell me you're home" Annie said as I emerged from the bedroom and she smiled, through tears streaming down her face, and ran to me and hugged me in what I knew was a panic. "He touched me, he fuckin touched me."

"He did what?" I asked as Alex arrived at the door and watched on concerned. Annie looked at me with her forehead now touching mine. "Who touched you?"

"Kevin, he's a dirty pervert" Annie said as I touched her face and felt her calm with my touch. Alex's cell phone ringing and a long moment of silence forming as she talked on the phone and I simply hugged Annie and realized what I had felt about that bastard Kevin was true.

"This sucks, but Jackie was on the phone and she said Mom needs me home" Alex said as I looked over. "You be OK?"

"Yeh she's fine" I said as Alex came over and kissed me as Annie watched and moments later she left without another word.

"You guys in love?" Annie asked.

"I like her, I'm not sure" I said as I wiped away Annie's tears. "You OK?"

"I never wanna see him again, he such a...a..." Annie said and trailing off as the tears came again.

"It's OK, you don't have to see him ever again" I said as she smiled and hugged me.

"He said I should do it with him cause I liked him" Annie said.

"I never liked him" I commented.

"Me either" Annie said as we laughed and she hugged me.

"He hurt you?"

"No, just gotta groped me a little" She said. "And like said I should just do it with him and get it over with."

"He's a creepy little boy" I said.

"Yeh I guess you owe me an I told you so" Annie said.

"Nah" I said as I took her hand and lead her over to the couch and sat down, her joining me. "When I have I ever treated you like that?"

"Never" Annie said as she turned and laid back so her head was on my thighs. "Why I love you so much."

"Ohhhh my little Annie is in love with me" I said as I tickled her under her chin and she giggled and squirmed. "Huh?"

"I do not, I don't even like you like that" She said with a challenging smile. "But after tonight I'm not so sure about guys either."

"Kevin is not all guys" I said. "I'm sure there are sweet guys out there who would wanna be with you even if you didn't wanna do that stuff right away."

" wanna know a secret though?"


"I love this, me and you, it's so quiet and we can just talk and no one bugs us" She said. "And I don't wanna lose this."

"Who says we got to?"

"You know when we one of us meets someone else it's all gonna change" Annie said with a worried look in her eyes. "I can't face it Liz."

"Never will I leave you like that" I said as she half-smiled. "I mean that. Even if I meet a nice Romeo and have ten kids you can move in with us and live in the attic as my crazy old cat lady best friend."

"Hey!" She said as I laughed. "I resent that."

"You also resemble that" I said as she laughed.

"You're mean to me" She demanded. "Remind me again why I love you?"

"Cause I'm good to you" I said as she smiled. "And you're good to me."

"Uhn huh" She said with a sweet smile. A long moment passing as Annie's mind went to work and I wondered what she was thinking about. "Whatcha thinking about?"

"What would happen if we really were lesbians?"

"Say What?"

"Like if you and me fell in love and it was just us" She asked. "You think it'd be weird. Oh shit...Alex."

"What about Alex?"

"You love her so you couldn't love me like that" Annie said.

"I don't love Alex" I said. "Not sure she wants that. She's got a lot of experience."

"What kind of experience?"

"She's been with a few girls, two at the same time even" I said as Annie's eyes lit up and showed her interest or what I thought was interest.

"Hot!" Annie said.

"What do you mean hot?"

"Three girls" She said. "I think it's hot."

"And since when do you even have dirty thoughts?"

"Since I caught you doing that certain thing in bed a few weeks ago?" She asked. "And you told me that I could do it and no one would know. You're right."

"WOW!" I said as she blushed and no doubt realized what she had just admitted. "So you like the idea of three girls together?"

"Noooo!" Annie said.

"You do huh?" I asked as I tickled her chin again and she squirmed and laughed.

"I rented a porn...STOP!" Annie giggled as both of us froze and all action stopped. Her looking at me with the 'deer in the headlights' look.

"Porno? You?"


"What was it about?"

"Girls?" She asked as I laughed.

"Narrows it down" I said. "Lesbian?"

"Yeh" She said softly. "I was curious after we talked and for once in my life I wanted to do something on my own. So you remember the morning that I left early and you found my note on the door?"

"Uhn huh"

"I stopped at the video store a few blocks over and rented one, I got lucky cause it sure was good" She said and half-smiling.

"WOW! Annie you're growing up" I said as she grinned. "You take it back yet?"

"I made a copy of it" She said as we both laughed. "Well, it was good and I didn't wanna pay five bucks to see it again."

"So it was called what?"

"Sheriff has a strap-on" Annie said. "Kind of a dumb plot but the girls are uber hot."

"I never thought you really liked girls...well like that" I said. "So now you do?"

"The girls in the movie are soooo beautiful" Annie said. "First time I ever really let myself feel it and I liked it."

"Alex took her shirt off tonight and I felt her up for the first time" I admitted. "I kinda know how you feel."

"I'm so jealous" Annie said as I grinned. "Were you kissing her when you did it?"

"Oh yeah" I said as we exchanged horny grins. "Amazing."

"Wouldn't mind trying that" Annie said in a low voice. "But not like I'll ever meet a girl as hot as Alex that likes me as much as she likes you."

"I'll bet Alex would love that" I said and thinking in that moment about the numerous tidbits I now knew about Alex and her sexual history. She would love doing with Annie what she did with me and she would love it even more if I was there to watch and or...ohmigod...join in! Holy shit!

"She would?"

"Alex likes threesomes" My Mouth explained without the consent of my brain (I've got an appointment next week to have that checked out).

"Alex Patterson?"

"Uhn huh"

"Are you serious?"

"Completely" I said and then going into the details of what I knew about Alex, Brittney and Ashley. Even explaining about the part where Alex confirmed her interest in ass. Expecting Annie to be repulsed but being thrown for a loop at the twist this would bring to the conversation. "She even confirmed it."

"Butt sex?" Annie asked.

"Yeh and she's already tried talking me into it" I said.

"You gonna do it?"

"Nooooooo" I said as Annie gave me a weird look. "What?"

"You don't wanna do it?"

"Nooo I don't wanna do it"

"I didn't either until I watched that movie I rented" Annie said. "They made it look good and this one girl, Cara Wynn, I think that was her name, really loved it."

"They did that in the movie?" I asked. My interest level raising.

"A few times" Annie said with a horny smile. "But if you don't like it that's ok."

"I don't really know what I like" I admitted. "But apparently you do."

"It just looked good in the movie" Annie said. "I don't know what I would like to be honest."

"Same" I commented. "Tonight was the first time that I even touched another person."

"Me too" Annie said and for some reason the whole 'Kevin' thing was now funny as we both began to laugh.

"For very different reasons though" I commented.

"Yeh...wanna watch the movie?" Annie asked excitedly and obviously wanting to change the topic away from the current one.

"Why? So you can get me horny and seduce me?"

"No my names not Alex" Annie said. "Maybe you should just call her."


"She likes threesomes and me and you plus her equals three" Annie said with a barely contained giggle. My mouth dropped open and I think she expected me to be shocked by her words. And in a way it was but in a another sense it was an inspired idea and one that as the moments passed made me horny. Annie looked at me and waited for a moment for a reaction which wasn't forth coming. Suddenly images of three naked girls came rushing into my mind and refused to leave. "Hello?"

"I'm a virgin" I said. Stunned by my own reaction. "I can't lose my virginity that way."

"What way?" Annie asked.

"In A Threesome w/You and Alex" I said as Annie laughed out loud and made me blush as I pushed her off the couch and like a lump she crashed to the floor and laughed harder. "SHUT UP."

"Where did that come from?" Annie asked. "I was kidding."

"I dunno I'm just in a weird mood tonight, hormones? I'm not thinking clearly"

"Yeh, kinda fun isn't it?"

"UMMMMMM maybe"

"It is" Annie said as she sat back up and smiled up at me. "I'm never felt like this before and I like it."

"Yeh ok it is" I said. "Tonight with Alex was a really fun time. She is really sexy."

"I wouldn't mind doing that with Alex" Annie commented. Me giving her a disbelieving look. "What? I'm not saying I want your girl I'm just saying she's hot and if I was gonna do it with one...she'd be one of the top choices."

"She number one?"

"No you are" Annie said confidently.


"Uhn huh, I trust you with my life and if I wanted to do something like that I couldn't even imagine you not being there" She said.

"Well there's only two ways that can happen, me and you one on one or a threesome" I said as she grinned.

"You already said me you and Alex should do it" Annie said with a knowing smile. Me flipping her off as she laughed. She knew she had me just where she wanted me, meaning she could pick on me for a change. "Come on Liz you two can share me."

"Shut up" I said with a determined finger point as Annie laughed. Me getting up to leave the room and not wanting to but seeing the images of Annie and Alex doing what I had pictured me and Alex doing in my dreams a few weeks before that. That thought was mind numbing and what made it so exciting that I could barely keep my hands from shaking with hormones swamping my body was the fact that it could easily happen. Alex would freaking love that and I knew this for a fact.

"He he he he" Annie giggled as she now sat on the couch and looked at me with a knowing smile. "I got you good."

"Ok so you did" I said as she smiled. "No more talk about sex tonight?"

"Party pooper...oh yeah!" Annie said, her eyes going wide with excitement as she bolted to her feet and ran into her bedroom and came back out with a small package. My name on it. "This came for you this morning."

"What is it? I didn't order anything" I said as I tore the box open and pulled out a simple looking wallet. I peeled off the plastic wrap and looked at it and realized the thing was kind of tacky and ok...ugly. "What the hell is this?"

"Beats me" Annie said. "See if there's anything inside."

"Holy SHIT!" I said as I opened the wallet and we both began squealing as we found several bills inside. Not 1 dollar bills either but 100 dollar bills. "Five hundred dollars."

"Not such a bad gift now huh?" Annie asked as she grinned at me. "Who would send you five hundred dollars?"

"My long lost daddy?" I asked as we both laughed. "I don't know."

"Weird" Annie commented. "First the computers that no one bought are delivered at the cafe and now this."

"Douglas didn't order those computers at the store?" I asked in shock and thinking back to earlier in the day when Robin the UPX driver had indeed delivered several brand new computers.

"Nope" Annie said. "He said he didn't know anything about them. They where bought and paid for is all he knows."

"Someone should call UPX and find out who sent them"

"I asked Robin, the UPX driver, and he said all the information they knew was on the packaging slips" Annie said. "Not very much help, but the computers are first rate."

"Well whoever our secret santa is I like him" I said as Annie agreed.

"Me too" Annie said. "Soooo what are you gonna do with all of that money?"

"Buy my best friend anything she wants" I said as Annie beamed a smile and bumped my shoulder. "That sound ok?"

"I love you Liz" She said excitedly. Me smiling as wide as her.

"I know" I said as I smiled back at her. "So what do you want?"

"A Threesome w/You and Alex" She said and following it with a mock shocked expression and a finger point signaling she got me good. I groaned as she laughed and got up to run as I gave chase and followed her into my bedroom. Somethings I hope never change.

Stay Tuned...