Say What? - Episode 7 "God Was Just Showing Off When He Made Me!"

Written by: TVM (



"Is Alex coming over?" Annie asked as she came out of the bathroom in a t-shirt that read "God was Just Showing Off When He Made Me!"

"Why would she come all the way over here just to walk with us to work when it's right downstairs?" I asked as Annie giggled at her own goofiness. She shrugged and turned to go back in the bathroom when I spotted something I'd never seen her wear before. A thong. "Since when do you like wearing thongs? And when did you buy it?"

"First time I've wore it and I bought it on impulse at Markus' on the corner," she said as she fixed her hair in the mirror and I got a seriously nice view of her butt. It is gorgeous. A knocking at the door dreaw my attention away reluctantly as I went to answer it and found Alex on the other side. She grinned as I waved her in and closed the door behind me. I wasn't thinking at the moment about what Annie was or wasn't wearing but after I had detoured for a juice from the fridge and came back into the living room I noticed. Alex was standing at the bathroom door and staring at Annie's cute little butt. "Who was at the door?"

"Me," Alex said as Annie looked back and squealed as Alex laughed and she watched Annie snatch a towel off the rack and wrap her herself in it.

"Rude person," Annie said to Alex.

"You're walking around in a thong and you don't expect people to drool when they see you showcasing the goodies?" Alex asked my best friend.

"Leave her alone," I said to Alex.

"I don't have goodies anyway," Annie said as she walked by.

"Girl with a drool worthy booty say what?" Alex asked.

"Shut up," Annie giggled, not realizing that her towel was still open in the back enough to see her thong again.

"Yes you do to girl," Alex said as Annie stopped and looked back at her for a moment and half-smiled before she disappeared into her room. "Goodies galore."

"I thought you liked me?" I asked as I moved into her field of vision.

"I do," Alex said. "And if you ever took me seriously we could be something."

"Like what?"

"Lovers?" Alex asked as I blushed. "Girlfriends?"

"All of the above please," I said and blushed as she laughed. "But you have to stop gawking at my best friend."

"Why? She had them laid out there for the world to see," Alex said. "Not my fault I think it's beautiful."

"Think what is beautiful?" Annie asked as she came out of her bedroom now fully dressed.

"Your butt," Alex said as Annie paused for a moment and then simply asked, "Are you serious?"

"Very," Alex said. "You don't have to be shy around me. I'm harmless."

"Yeah so was Kevin," Annie said as the smile left Alex's face.

"Hey, I am not Kevin," Alex said as she moved in front of Annie. "My compliment was honest. No motive behind it."

"You like girls butts," Annie accused. "Liz told me."

"I sure do," Alex said as she playfully walked her fingers up Annie's arm. "I like really really like them."

"Do you know everything about them?" Annie asked as she watched Alex's fingers climb slightly higher all the time.

"Huh?" Alex asked as I giggled behind my hand.

"Forget it," Annie sighed. I decided to take the bull by the horns and tell Alex what had Annie had developed a sudden interest in. The thing she had worked into several conversations in the past few days also. The thing that she first saw in the porn movie she rented, and I later watched, and she was now seemingly mesmerized by. The thing that I believe she secretly was dying to ask Alex about.

"She wants to know all about what you've been trying to talk me into doing," I said as I turned to point at my butt. Which drew a grin from Alex as she looked at it and a crimson blush from Annie as she looked at me in utter disbelief.

"What do you wanna know?" Alex asked Annie.

"Nothing and we've got work," Annie said as she turned and Alex ran to get in front of her.

"Hold on, you've got questions and I can answer them," Alex said. "I won't try and talk you into anything."

"You won't?" I asked Alex as she laughed.

"I don't have any interest in it," Annie lied.

"She's lying!"


"It feels incredibly good," Alex whispered into Annie's ear. "You'll feel it in every pore of your body."

"Every?" Annie asked before swallowing hard.

"Feels so good..." Alex said as she touched her forehead to Annie's and gently touched her hands to Annie's cheeks. "'ll be moaning my name after thirty seconds and then squealing for me after 45 and then as I do it harder and harder you'll be doing both one right after the other. Feeling this incredible pleasure all over your body and wanting to cum so bad but not wanting it to end just yet. Breathing ragged, gently shaking, sweating all over and then BOOM!"


"Yeah OH WOW," Alex cooed. "Best orgasm you'll ever have."


"And maybe if we're really lucky Liz will 69 with you and you can cum right in her mouth," Alex finished with.

"OH WOW!" Annie said as Alex grinned victoriously. "So hot now."

"I'm gonna be in a 69 with her?" I asked Alex.

"It was just a thought," Alex said. "Friends can be fuck buddies."

"God I want that now," Annie growled as she looked at Alex.

"You do?" Alex asked with a comically innocent grin.

"Because of you," Annie said as she pushed Alex playfully. "Or were you just lying?"

"Not one bit," Alex said. "But it's better in a threesome."


"Think about it," Alex said. "In a 69 you're getting both holes worked on instead of one."

"I'm convinced," Annie said. "But I don't know if I could ever actually do that."

"Be doing it by tonight I bet," I said as Alex laughed and Annie fumed. "Right Annie?"

"I wouldn't do it with either of you right now," Annie said as she stomped off and down the hall as she headed to work.

"She's so cute when she gets mad," Alex said. "Makes me hot."

"What doesn't make you hot?" I asked as I walked by and squealed when she wrapped her arms around me and whispered in my ear, "A woman sucking a horse's cock."

"OH mylanta, that's gross," I giggled as Alex laughed. "I agree."

"So no horse porn for you?" Alex asked as I locked up the apartment a few moments later. I laughed as we made our way down the steps to the sidewalk. 'The Coffee Table' was already a beehive of activity as there had apparently been a line outside when Annie arrived. She was already behind the counter and waiting on the customers as they waited patiently. Alex went to work organizing the new books and I found myself needed as well by one of our regular net cafe customers. What a hectic day. It seemed the register rang so much that it never once stopped. Though on the bright side we sure did bring in the money for the business. Which made Douglas happy when he arrived about 3 o'clock. Alex and I met him at the front counter. "Things are going great huh Douglas?"

"They sure are," Douglas said with a proud smile. "I bet we make a profit on this day."

"We made that by ten this morning," Annie said as Douglas looked back at her. "By the way... did you talk to..."

"Did you hear what Kevin did to Annie?" I asked in place of Annie's stammering.

"Unfortunately I did," Douglas said. "I asked Kevin to move out this morning in response. His actions with you were highly offensive to me and the standards by which I live and not to mention inappropriate. He won't be frequenting the shop anymore."

"Best news I've heard all day," Annie said.

"I never liked him anyway," I admitted.

"I kind of got that idea," Douglas commented as Alex laughed.

"Change of subject," I said with hands in the air. "How are we doing with the business? Are things looking up?"

"A few more weeks of this type of profit margin and we will be out of the hole," Douglas said. "Though I suppose I do need to pay you girls for the numerous sandwiches you've made that has contributed to the turn around."

"No, we won't take your money," Annie giggled.

"You hush," I said to her as she laughed and zipped her lip. "Yes we will Douglas."

"And how about hiring the help?" Alex asked with hands on hips.

"Good point," I said as I pointed to the newly constructed book shelves on the right side wall that now extended all the way to the back of the store. Mostly Alex's work. "She did most of that herself. I think she should be hired."

"Well you know the books as well I do and you're in charge of hiring staff," Douglas said.

"Oh yeah that's right," I said as Alex laughed.

"Sorry Alex we don't have the money right now," I said in response to her laughing.

"You're gonna get it," Alex said as she started after me and was stopped by an amused Douglas when he said, "We'll put you on payroll beginning Monday."

"Seriously?" Alex asked.

"Yes seriously," Douglas said as Alex started jumping around and pumping her fist in the air. She then ran over and swept me into her arms and kissed me on the lips. "Well someone certainly took that news well."

"I don't know," Annie said. "I'm not sure how she took it."

"You're adorable but annoying," I said to my best friend as she giggled. The door bell clanged as another customer came in and sent everyone back to work. Douglas headed for the office to do some paper work, Alex organizing the new boxes of books, me helping the net users and Annie ringing up the customers at the front desk. It's the perfect set-up I thought as I caught Alex sneaking peaks at me as my t-shirt kept riding up. She'd grin and look away as if nothing had happened and I'd of course blush and pretend the same thing. I let it slip my mind as the day wore on the place cleared out little by little. That's when I noticed it, Alex checking out Annie.

"Where do I go from here?" Clinton (one of our regulars) asked as I snapped my head away from the action in front of the store with Alex working on organizing the shelves to the right of the register and sneaking peaks at my best friend. "Liz?"

"Oh sorry," I said as I pointed to the problem he was having. "Just type in that list of figures and hit the generate button and you'll be just fine."

"You're pretty smart for a girl who never went to college," Clinton said.

"And what does that mean?"

"It means my college professor, Ms. Clark, can't even explain it as easy as you can," he complimented me. "She's been teaching for 700 years and you just graduated high school."

"700 years?" I giggled as he smiled. A charming smile. "She might be related to my mother cause that woman is a dragon lady."

"Does she breath fire?" Clinton asked.

"No just toxic commentary," I said honestly. A loud giggling came from the front counter as Alex and Annie traded pokes back and forth.

"Looks like Alex is taking away your other girlfriend," Clinton commented as Alex went back to work in the front.


"You heard me," Clinton said. "You getting jealous?"

"You're time is up smart ass," I said as he laughed. "I'm serious, now go."

"OK, I'll stop picking on you," he said. "Help me finish this before my time is really up?"

"Sure," I said as I sat down in the chair beside him and read the list of figures off as he entered them and still managed to keep an eye on what was going on up front. Was I really getting jealous of Alex and Annie? It was rather obvious after the conversation of a few days ago that Annie liked Alex to a certain extent. And after this morning and the illuminating conversation the two had I wasn't surprised by the flirting. "And we're done."

"I am most appreciative," Clinton said with a smile.

"Appreciative?" I asked.

"Using bigger words to impress the girls," he said as I rolled my eyes.

"Stop or I will hit you with this," Annie warned a lurking Alex with a book in her hand. A thick paperback book. Graphic novel to be exact. I giggled as I arrived back at the front door and let Clinton out as I closed the shop up for the day.

"You gonna hurt her with a paperback?" I asked Annie. "Even if it is Superman the worse she'd get is a paper cut."

"Paper cut?" Alex asked in a mock horror voice. "I'll be good just don't give me that. Please?"

"You've been warned," Annie giggled, and apparently just then looked at the book she'd threatened Alex with as she smiled and asked, "Superman: Legion of Super Heroes? When did we get this?"

"Two weeks ago," I said as she frowned at me. "You ordered it."

"Oh yeah," Annie said as she remembered it and giggled as she flipped through it. "I love Superman."

"Me too," Alex said as she now watched over Annie's shoulder. "The doomsday graphic novel they put out was awesome."

"I used to read one of his comics almost every week," Annie said.

"Me too," Alex said as they grinned at each other.

"You're both 18 and you still like comics?" I asked as they looked at me.

"Yes we do," Alex said. "Right Annie?"

"Yes, so ha," Annie said as she stuck her tongue out at me.

"Children," I giggled as I pulled over the notebook that listed today's internet users and started adding up the preliminary profit from the day. My attention got drawn back to the two giggling friends of mine as they continued to flip through the book. "What's so funny?"

"This idiot was trying to kill Superman with a gun," Alex said as I laughed. What came next was such a typical Annie question when she asked, "Why is it that bullets ricochet off of Superman's chest, but he ducks when the gun is thrown at him?"

"Good lord," I laughed as Annie looked to me and back to Alex for the answer. "I have no idea."

"Me either," Alex said as she laughed. "Only you would think to ask that."

"I got another one too..." Annie said as we looked to her, "...if Superman is so smart why does he wear his underpants over his trousers?"

"Shut up," I managed to say as I laid my head down on the counter and shook with laughter.

"Those are both good questions," Annie declared.

"It's an unsolved mystery," Alex said as Annie shrugged. "Both of them."

"Confusing if you ask me," Annie said as she handed the Superman novel to Alex and picked up the book that had been knocked in the floor earlier in the day and no one had apparently noticed in the chaos. "What's this?"

"A book from the adult section," I said as I took it from Annie. "You're not mature enough to see this."

"Give me that," Annie said as she snatched it from my hands and looked at it. "Oh mylanta."

"What?" I asked as she showed it to me. "The FeelDoe Users Guide?"

"What's a FeelDoe?" Alex asked as she joined us. Annie shrugged as she flipped open the book and found it was VERY graphic. "A strapless cock?"

"That vibrates," I said as I pointed to the knob of the odd looking sex toy. "And that goes inside your..."

"Pussy," Alex whispered in my ear as I grinned and nodded my head yes.

"So it's a strap-on without the strap?" Annie asked. "They didn't use it in that movie I rented."

"Oh really?" Alex asked. "You rented a movie?"

"Yes," Annie said. "And yes it was good."

"But what does this have to do with that?"

"You can use this to do what they did in the movie," Annie said.

"I've never seen one before," Alex admitted as she took the book and started looking through it. "And I thought I was the expert."

"Probably just a virgin," Annie teased as Alex looked over the top of the book at her.

"I'll show you virgin," Alex warned.

"She's probably just all talk," I continued the teasing.

"You two virgins give me an hour and I'll show you how good I really am," Alex said confidently. "But I can't do it unless you two want to."

"She just shut us up," Annie commented as Alex smiled smugly.

"I might take my first pay check from Douglas and order one of these bad boys," Alex said a few moments later. "It says it vibrates."


"A regular strap-on usually doesn't provide that kind of stimulation," Alex whispered to me and Annie. "It's a whole lot different."

"And I bet this would?" I said as we flipped through the book and looked at the photos of different girls exploring each other in creative ways. One girl laying on the bed while she got rode. Another was over her friend in the missionary position and seemed to be pounding away. But the next section was the real eye opener as it contained photos of three girls at a time exploring each other. One girl on her back with two girls on top of her (one riding and one on her face). "You ever try that?"

"Nope," Alex said as she looked back and forth between us like a hungry wolf. "But this counter here would hold us all."

"Right here in the shop?" Annie asked with a hand over her mouth in shock.

"Oh yeah," Alex said as she wrapped her arms around Annie. "Be so exciting."

"I'd be terrified of getting caught," Annie said.

"Not once you get in the mood," Alex said. "Then it's the most exciting time of your life."

"You're gonna have to do a lot more convincing," Annie said. Alex simply shrugged and walked off as Douglas came out of the office. I got a feeling then that Alex was willing to work this angle with me and Annie to get what she wanted. And, to be honest, I could feel like she only wanted me for sex OR I could feel the way I actually did: this was making me hot as fuck. I wanted her horny ass now more than ever.