Say What? - Episode 8 "Does Chocolate Milk Come from African-American Cows?"

Written by: TVM (



I came in late from work tonight with Alex tagging along (not that I minded) and dropped her off at a friend's place in the building. I arrived home to find my and Annie's apartment pitch black and silent. I thought for a second that Annie hadn't made it home yet or, even more worrisome, something had happened to her. But nope, that got revealed when I turned on the light, and found her snoozing on the couch with one of my stuffed animals in her arms. Sometimes I think she still acts like a 10 year old.

"Hey, wake up," I said as I turned on the light and went to get a juice from the fridge and found it was nearly empty. Annie grumbled as she awoke from her slumber. "You up?"

"Yes and why did you wake me up?" she asked in a grouchy mood.

"We need to go to the grocery store," I said from the kitchen. "Have you seen the fridge?"

"Yeah it's across from the stove," Annie said as I started laughing and she looked at me in confusion.

"I meant have you seen the inside of it?" I asked amidst my giggles.

"Yeah it's pretty bare," Annie said as she rose and stretched and I took a long moment to watch her. Her breasts stuck out as she arched her back and butt clenched as she tensed for a long moment. Her flat tummy peaked out the bottom of her shirt as I shook my head and forced myself to look away as the thought of me lusting after my best friend was a rather strange thought to me. Problem is my brain was still digesting those fabulous visuals and said this, "Exactly and the only thing I like bare is you."

"Since when have you seen me bare?" Annie asked with a pointed look.

"I haven't," I admitted sheepishly. "But you are my girlfriend..."

"And you want to," Annie giggled as I blushed. "Right?"

"Nope, I'm straight," I said as she laughed and I tossed her coat to her. "No interest."

"Not me," Annie said as she put on her coat and hugged me from behind and rested her chin on my shoulder and then made an admission that really stunned me. "I wouldn't mind seeing you bare."

"Have I got a little lesbian on my hands?" I asked we stepped into the hallway and I locked the door.

"Nope you got a horny best friend," she said as I smiled and followed after her as she went bouncing down the hallway. She crashed into Alex in the process when the girls both came around the same corner. Alex happily wrapped her arms around Annie to steady her. "Hi there."

"And hi to you," Alex said with a horny smile.

"Wanna come to the store with us?" Annie asked as she wrapped her arms loosely around Alex's neck.

"I'd go anywhere with you and Liz," Alex said as I smiled and made a small show out of kissing her over Annie's shoulder. "MMMMM especially to get more of that."

"Never saw you guys kiss up close like that before," Annie said. "That was uber hot."

"Then you can kiss her too," I said as Alex smiled and Annie blushed and backed away. Alex made a show out of it when she pooched out her lips and made Annie squeal as she chased her down the hall. I just started laughing as I watched them. It kinda did make me wonder in that moment, as we walked to the store a few blocks away, of who Alex liked more in that time, me or Annie. That's also when it hit me that maybe she was trying a new angle to get me in bed: by adding Annie to the equation. Now there's a sobering thought considering what I already know about the girl's history. It's also an odd coincidence that Annie and I had discussed just that scenario a couple of weeks ago.

"Will you two stop," I said as we reached the front doors of the Lions Food and collected a buggy. Alex running off with Annie to the magazines while I, as always, did the real shopping. I next saw Annie as she came to find me with her favorite gossip magazine in hand. "Finally decide to come help get the food to fill your belly?"

"No," she said. "Why is my belly getting big?"

She stopped to check out herself in the mirror that hung on the back of the meat department's double doors leading to the back. She sucked in her already flat stomach as I watched.

"No you're belly is not big," I said as I pulled her along. "Actually very sexy."

"Did you just call me sexy?" she asked with a grin.

"Yeah so?"

"Is all of me sexy?" she asked as she leaned on the bars of the buggy. "Huh, Liz?"

"Ask me about this in private?" I asked as she frowned.

"You don't think so, it's OK," she said.

"I actually do think so," I said as she smiled. "I'm noticing it more and more lately."

"AWWWW," Annie said in surprise and seemed genuinely shocked by my admission. "You really like me?"

"I can barely tolerate you my best friend in the world," I said as she laughed and the subject sorta of dropped as we carried on our shopping. Though it presented an interesting question as to how I did feel about her. All of that was pushed out of my mind when Annie took me on another of her little adventures with those famous questions as I came up on her and Alex in the soap and toiletries isle. She was holding a bar of soap by "Lever 2000".

"Since when did you start using that brand?" I asked as she looked up.

"OH I'm not really," she said. "It's just a weird name is all. Wonder where it comes from?"

"I read online that the Lever part is named after the brothers who invented it," Alex said as she was squatted down looking through some 60% off leftovers. Me glancing down the back of her jeans and spying a thong was clearly evident. She caught me looking and grinned knowingly at me as I blushed.

"Then where does the 2000 part come in?" Annie wondered as she read the package for any clues.

"The 2000 body parts," I said. "Remember the ads during the late movies?"

"Oh yeah," Annie said as she put it back and then uncorked a good one, "I wonder if they've got a list of all 2000 body parts?"

"Only girl in the world who would think to ask that say what?" I asked as I began laughing as Alex did as well. Annie grinned proudly. I honestly am beginning to think that she sits around and thinks these weird questions up just to amuse me.

"Hey do we need milk?" Annie asked as we passed by the first set freezers.

"We need almost everything," I said as she picked up a gallon of milk and chocolate milk and sat them in the buggy. "WOW Miss muscles."

"I got some guns," Annie said as she flexed her muscles and I rolled my eyes. A bit of definition could easily be detected. Alex whistling. "Sexy huh Liz?"

"This is better," I said as I poked Annie's stomach as she gave me a curious look. "But yeah that's nice."

"You do like all of me," Annie said with a smug smile. I blushed.

"Chocolate milk huh?" Alex asked as she came back to the buggy. "I used to drink that in school all the time."

"I always wondered if chocolate milk came from African-American cows," Annie said as I laughed out loud. "What?"

"African-American cows?" I asked as she blushed and replied, "They might not like being called black. A lot of humans don't."

"Well I'm black I know that," An older black gentleman offered as he now stood directly behind me. "Don't mean to interrupt but I hear that conversation often."

"So you don't like being called African-American?" Alex asked as Annie moved close to me and didn't offer any other comments, her intense shyness returning.

"I've been on this earth for 70 years and always been black," he said. "God made me black and I'll die black. Never been to Africa or known anyone from there. So call me what you like but I'm black."

"I've got a girlfriend who insists on being called African-American," Alex offered.

"To each their own," the guy said. "Have a nice night ladies."

"You too," Alex and I said in unison. The older gentleman passed by a pair of girls at the far end of the isle as we returned to our shopping. A giggling whistle drew my attention as I looked up and recognized one of the girls coming down the isle as Brittney, Alex's horny fucking slut/buddy. She had a girl with her who looked to be a slightly more out going version of my own best friend. That would turn out to be her girlfriend, Ashley. "Brit? What are you doing here? And you got Ashley out of the house?"

"Took some doing," Brittney said with a smile towards Alex. "And what would we be doing here?"

"Robbing the place?" I asked as Brittney and Ashley, who was now pretending to look at some of the soaps, laughed.

"By the way, Liz..." Brittney said and stopped long enough to pull Ashley over to beside her, "...this is my girlfriend, Ashley Brooks."

"Hi," Ashley squeaked. Her wire rim glasses and over-sized clothes certainly reminded me of... well, me. Back when I was officially a socially inept wall fly.

"How did you get her out of the house?" Alex asked as she tickled a squealing Ashley and brought the girl to life.

"Knock it off lesbo," Ashley said as she smacked Alex's hand away. Annie laughed as she watched the two fight in the middle of the isle.

"I turned her computer off and refused to let her get back online until she came to the store with me," Brittney answered.

"Totally unfair," Ashley complained. "I was in the middle of a chat with my friends."

"Who you talk to you 16 to 18 hours a day," Brittney said. "I swear if I didn't get her between my thighs every night I'd never see her."

"Shut up," Ashley commanded with a serious looking finger point.

"Meet any more hot chicks online that you're gonna seduce?" Alex asked as Ashley laughed in shock.

"No!" Ashley said.

"That's how we originally met Alex," Brittney said as my lip dropped open in surprise. "Who's your friend?"

"Introduce yourself mime," I said as I pushed Annie out from behind me and made her say hi.

"Hi, I'm Annie!"

"And I'm god's most perfect creature, Brittney!"

"In the running at least," Alex said as her and Ashley giggled. Alex then whispered something into Ashley's ear that apparently surprised the girl as her eyes popped open and she gave Alex a shocked look. "What do you think?"

"You are not doing that? Are you?" Ashley asked Alex.

"I'm working on it," Alex said with a trademark horny smile. "Wanna help me?"

"How?" Ashley asked and laughed in shock when Alex again whispered in her ear and made the girl blush this time. Ashley though this time seem to be peaking at Annie as she listened intently to Alex's words. "I can't do that. You know I can't."

"If do you that for me I'll..." Alex said and then whispered once more in Ashley's ear and made the girl squirm in place in delight. "... and you know you love that."

"Of course I love that," Ashley said with a smile. "But I suck at making friends."

"Annie this is Ashley," Alex said as she purposely pushed her friend up to Annie. "She thinks your hot and wants to be your friend."

"Oh mylanta," Annie and I said in unison.

"I'm Ashley can you show me where the soda is?" Ashley asked Annie in a rush.

"It's on the other side of the store..." Annie said as she pointed.

"Go show her," Alex said as she pushed the two along to get them started. She turned, as they disappeared around the corner, with a smile of achievement. "Now tell me honestly. Who here would love, love, love to see those two make love to each other?"

"Me!" Brittney said as she grinned brightly. "I knew you were working an angle with that all that whispering."

"That's not all I was telling her," Alex said cryptically as the three of us began walking along the isle and I picked out a few more items to fill my cart. I wondered what exactly Alex had meant by that. "And no I'm not telling yet."

"Like I need for you to tell me," Brittney said as a laugh that sounded suspiciously like Annie's could be heard as we rounded the end of the isle and found the two new friends coming back our way giggling and chatting. "Touchdown!"

"You two have fun?" I asked Annie as she smiled at me.

"It was funny," Annie said. "I had to explain to her what Crush soda was and how it had several different flavors."

"I didn't know the boxes all came in colors that matched their flavors," Ashley said as everyone laughed.

"I love you but you're not too bright," Brittney said to her girlfriend.

"Bite me," Ashley to her girlfriend. "I'm gonna go find my favorite cereal and I might not tell you when I'm on my way home."

"I was kidding," Brittney said as Ashley walked off.

"We need cereal too?" Annie asked as I simply nodded and she ran off after Ashley. "Someone has the hots for your girlfriend it looks like."

"I hope so," Alex said as she watched both girls round the end of the isle and again disappear.

"You better watch this one," Brittney said to me and pointed to Alex as I smiled. "She's bad."

"I'm starting to really like bad," I said as Alex smiled brightly at me.

"Yeah it's hard to resist her when she puts on the full court press," Brittney said. "Just don't let her talk you into anything you're not comfortable with."

"I won't," I said.

"Gotta go get a few things before the place closes," Brittney said. "Tell Ashley I'll meet her at the front of the store."

"Will do," I said as Brittney walked off, then looked to a still smiling Alex and said, "What was that with Ashley?"


"You're working some kind of angle with Ashley involving Annie," I said. "Now tell me and I don't want one of your cryptic answers."

"I was thinking that after the Kevin experience that Annie might be interested in a girl," Alex said.

"But Ashley has a girlfriend," I said.

"Kind of, kinda not," Alex said. "They have an open relationship."

"So you wanna watch them do it?" I whispered as Alex nodded her head and despite the slightly creepy aspect I found my hormones thinking for me and loving the thought of that.

"Might be a whole lot of fun," I admitted as Alex grinned and kissed me as I blushed from head to toe. I found Annie a few moments later looking at the magazines as I finished our shopping and realized then that we might just have too much to carry home even with Alex helping. But we did make it as it turned out, dumping the groceries in the hallway and being practically exhausted from the walk back. "We need a fuckin car."

"Or least a scooter with a pull along," Alex said as I unlocked the apartment door. Alex insisted on putting away virtually all of the groceries herself as I rested and Annie went to shower. "Well your groceries are all put away. Thank you Alex for all the help?"

"Come here," I said as she came over and sat down beside me. I kissed her on the lips softly. "Thank you."

"That's all I get?" Alex asked as she took my arm and guided me across her thighs and this time kissed me with a passion that I felt all the way down to my toes. "MMMMM I'd love to get more of that."

"Well Annie's in the shower so we can't do very much," I said.

"You're using that as an excuse," she said to me. "You wanna do it with me I know you do."

"True," I confirmed. "I do want to. I'm so tired of being a virgin."

"And I can make it feel so good you'll be moaning my name," Alex said as she kissed me and made me giggle when she spun me around and laid me down on the couch and got over me. "You will so love me when I'm done with you."

"Is that all you want from me?" I asked with a poke to her titties.

"Nope," she said with a soft kiss. "I want a lot more than that."

"Like what?" I asked as she kissed my chin and down my neck as I moaned.

"I want you to experience new things," Alex said. "I understand how it is to be shy and cut yourself off from the world."

"And after I experience you one on one what do you have in mind next?" I asked as she grinned and motioned with her eyes from me to the bathroom and back. I was honestly at first confused, until I realized who was now naked in the shower: Annie. That lead me to the thought that instantly made my pussy spasm as I realized that Alex was suggesting a threesome with me, her, and Annie. "Are you thinking about a threesome?"

"Don't panic," she said soothingly as she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me so good it made my toes curl inside my shoes. "I'm just thinking that it might be a fun idea for the future."

"Annie and I already talked about that," my mouth said without consent of my brain (I had an appointment to have that checked out and they didn't find anything). Alex grinned widely as she kissed me again. "OH mylanta, I have such a huge mouth."

"You sure do," Alex cooed to me as I blushed. "And what wonderful things do I get to do?"

"Nothing," I said as I covered my face in embarrassment.

"I'm really hoping you let me butt fuck you," Alex whispered in my ear as my hands snapped away from my face and I looked to see her giving me a victorious grin.

"I'm not so sure about it but Annie sure does like the idea," I admitted as the shower cut off.

"Will you help me with her?" Alex asked as she kissed my neck again. "And I don't mean talk her into it."

"Then what?"

"Lick her sweet pussy for me while I'm doing the butt fucking?" she whispered in my ear and instantly made me jerk in delight as my pussy spasmed. I simply wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately as my answer. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and found my tongue as I rolled my hips and found her thigh was now in perfect alignment with my pussy. I nearly screamed when my pussy found her thigh and her pussy found mine and we started grinding into the other as we moaned into each other mouth and kissed deeply as the pleasure filtered out into my body. Alex pulled away as she whispered to me in a light moan, "You do that for me, Liz?"

"Her pussy tastes good?" I asked in a barely audible moan as we ground harder and my burning desire for my orgasm started to grow to epic proportions.

"It'll taste like honey," Alex moaned back to me as we picked up the pace and I knew my orgasm was on its way and I wanted it so desperately as we kissed again and I aggressively humped her leg and she did mine the same way. My breath came in short ragged pants as the pleasure became stronger and them BOOM! What an orgasm.

"Where you guys really doing it?" I heard and snapped my head to the right and saw a shocked Annie standing there in a towel.

"We were," Alex said in place of me as I was unable to talk at that moment. "You wanna join in?"

"Sure," Annie said as her and Alex began laughing. An idea though had been planted.