As I enter the room I hear water running but I can not see who is they because of the mist that has gathered in the room. It is hot a moist in there and I find it harder to breath with ever step I take going deeper in to the stream filled room, not know what lies in wait for me, step, step, getting closer to the noises I am hearing. I think I can hear a humming but the running water, so powerful that little can be heard over it has dulled it out. As I get closer to the centre of the room I can pick up the scent of rose petals and the aroma of a burning candle so sweet. The fragrance grows stronger with each step I plays with me, making myself go deeper in to the mist not know where it will take me.

On I go but in the distance I see a body and it is surrounded by candles flickering at me, I walk closer and I see her a goddess, her golden locks flow down her neck and towards her ample and firm breasts. She stands there so confidant in herself, looking right back at me, I carry on walking, she becomes clearly to me with ever step I take, her eyes look deep into my soul and I look back at her wanting to know who she is. My eyes fight the mist to get a good look at the face and body but she turns round and walks forward. All I can see is a path of candles that stop in the distance; I start to run to catch her up. I am see the back of her body, her hair ebbs down her neck to her back, her skin looks smooth and glistens as the light hits her. Moving down her back towards her arse so perked and formed by Aphrodite herself. She stops, turns and looks at me, moving forward I come to her and look into her eyes, they are the shaded of emerald. Gazing into them as she takes my hands and holds it to her heart I can feel it beating, as our eyes are transfixed on each other. I can feel her looking deeper inside of me, searching my soul and heart of my dreams and fantasies.

We walk forward, her leading the way we passes her hands over my eyes closing them with the gentiles of touches. She takes me forward as I step into water, it is warm and I can feel it engulf in me inch by inch, it plays with my legs as I am taking deeper by her. Feeling the water lapping at my waist and her by my side I feel safe. As I open my eyes we are in a pool of water, lush tress encircle it with the petals falling on to the surface of the water. As I look toward her, two petals cover her nipples as she dives down under the water coming back with force and power to the surface her hair is slicked back to show her hole face. Her skin is gentled tanned and a strand of hair passes across her face over one of her eyes. Looking at her she slowly moves towards her lips shine as the fresh pool water pass over them, so red and pouting. Moving ever closer to her she places her hand on my shoulder her body moves ever closer to mine, looking in those green eyes I am over coming and she knows this.

My eyes close and so do hers as we kiss; our tongues play with each other they dance with each other, with ever second the passion grows our hands at first and interlocked with each other grip harder and harder as the kiss goes in heat and sexual tension. Then she pulls away form me and cups her hand and places them on the top of the water, filling them then she lifts them above her neck and lets the water fall down her neck and it peels off the petals covering her nipples. Looking at them her tits as beautiful, not even the great sculptures could do the justice. Moving back to her and kiss her neck as out hands run over each others bodies, exploring them finding every part with the sense of touch along. I kiss the base of her neck and my lips play over the top of her body moving slowly down to her breasts slowly moving towards them as I hold her arse, her skin is soft to the touch. I hear her moan in pleasure as I kiss the top of the breasts my tongue follows the line of them moving down the centre. Kissing them slowly and with each kiss I hold her closer to me as I get to the bottom of them I move back up her right breast and kiss it then the nipple I pass my tongue over it gradually. My hand move over her arse and down her legs as my body slips downs her running my fingers over the back of her thigh. Kissing my flat stomach not a dump on it, my hands explore her legs so soft and supple. I grad her round her wait and hold her body a push it to my face kissing her and moving back up as I want to kiss her tits. Holding her I moved slowly moving towards them, closing my eyes, my tongue licks them feeling the softness of her skin, I can taste the rose petals from the water as I kiss her nipples first the left then right, ever time a longer kiss making them harder each time.

Doing this I lift one of my hands to her mouth and she starts to suck on my fingers as my other slips in between her legs and I start to run my hands over her shaven pussy. Kissing and feeling her I can feel her becoming wet as I carry on doing the same then I take my hand out of her mouth and push her tits tougher so big and firm to can kiss both at the same time. My fingers are playing with her clit running over it slowly, perfect in shape I want to slide my fingers into her but I don't as I want to make it last. Sucking on her nipples and then kissing them and biting on them. My hands then gets quicker over her clit up and down again and again, making her moan in pleasure. Then I give into her and place 3 fingers inside of her wet pussy. Kissing her neck and moving back to her lips, long and passionate kisses between us. 3 fingers playing inside of her wet and hot pussy, moving around inside of her, up and down side to side not stopping for anything, getting her more and more excited. In and out getting faster and faster she start to scream and to stop her I kiss her as I don't want to stop now, she breathes deeper and deeper and her tits rub against my body with every breath. I hold her close and tight to my body her arms wrap around my waist pushing my finger deep inside of her. Then I start to make my move downwards. Slowly kissing her neck with each kiss moving down her body, passing between her tits loving ever touch of my lips on her body as the beds of sweat roll down our bodies passing over my lips as I go down with her. On to her stomach as I play with the pricing in her belly button. Pulling it with my teeth and kissing around it. Then my head goes under the water, tasting the rose petals in the water as I kiss her skin and around her puss. The mixture of roses and her wet pussy drives me crazy as I pull out my fingers I lift them to her mouth as she sucks on them as I kiss around her clit licking it and kissing her throbbing clit as she pulls and sucks on my fingers her tongue. Feeling her shaved pussy in my mouth I pull my fingers out of her mouth and lift her up out of the water and take her to the side and lie her down on the grass. I lift myself out and open up her legs, placing my head between the base of her legs and I start to work up her legs kissing them and rubbing her inner thigh, moving closer to her wet pussy.

I drive my head in to her pussy kissing it hard as she moans with pleasure, moving into her with each drive I push deeper into her pussy, she tries to sit up to se me but her body will not let her as my hands move up to hold and play with her tits. My tongue plays around inside of her, with ever moment I can feel her heat beating quicker and quicker as I hold her nipples. Playing with them and I pull out of her pussy to kiss around it. I get a rose petal out of the pool and place it over her stomach and run it down to her pussy and place it under it. As my tongue moves round the edge of her clit I taste the rose petals and kiss her so she can as well, then I get a strap on dildo and put it on as spread my legs across her stomach and moved the in to her pussy easy as first then pushing deeper with each drive in and out speeding up ever time. My hands play over her tits and rub on them as I push the dildo in to her wetting pussy, then I lean done and kiss them and suck on her nipples, my hands run down her front and play with her belly button ring then further down. My fingers play on her clit as the dildo goes in to her wet red pussy, I pull out the dildo and I push my fingers in to her pussy and she scream out then I turn my body over and she starts to suck on the dildo and I kiss her pussy and then start to I lick her again.

Our bodies get hotter and hotter as out tits move up and done of each other bodies and then I drive my self back in to her pussy and with a scream of unadulterated indulgence and her body crapped ups as she comes I pull my mouth out of her pussy. I let her cum flow down out of her and to the rose petal and I pick it up and take it to her mouth and place it on her lips and in her mouth and then we kiss each other and the taste is amazing the sweetness of the rose and her cum makes me start to finger her again and she kisses me and cums all over her hand.

Then we hold each other tight with in each other's arms and sleep for the rest of the night under the trees, our naked bodies pressed closed tougher, my hand placed over her pussy and sleep not moving.