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The realtor had knocked before beginning to post the For Sale sign in the front yard. I was glad he did because, I would have been shocked to leave for work not knowing it had been done. The landlord had only decided less than a week before to place the property on the for sale market. "Moving to FL to retire," he said, "don't want anything to have to worry about while I'm taking care of this wonderful wife of mine."

The Jackson's had been married for 56 years. This had been the house they moved into after their honeymoon. It was a modest home with 3 small bedrooms, one bathroom and all the formals. But, it had served our purposes well following my divorce and the girls and I was going to miss it. They had made friends in the neighborhood and had hoped to finish out their school at Woodson High. My focus for a new home would have to keep that in mind.

"Mom, you going to drive me to school today," screamed Kelly.

"No, you need to get a ride from Ryan or take the bus. I have to be at work early." I hurried to gather my things and rushed out the door to the aging 79 Honda which nestled snuggly inside the carport. I had wanted a newer car but the divorce had left us counting every penny. One day, I'd have a new car and our financial worries would be over.

"Don't forget to pick up your lottery ticket on your way to work Mom. $40 million tonight," Kelly added as I whisked my way out the door.

Lottery tickets had become more of a hobby than a mission in my mind. I had never known anyone who had won anymore than a few dollars at a time. Oh, that's not counting Charlie from the Bingo hall. He won $10,000 but I wouldn't really call him a friend. It was the million dollar winners that I never got to know. Everyone always bought tickets but, no one I knew every seemed to win.

Statistics said to always buy a ticket when the stakes were high enough to make it worthwhile. A jackpot of $40 million certainly fit that bill. Picking my own numbers had become a habit and I always chose 8-10-11-22-28 and 31. Mostly birthdays and these six numbers had always been the luckiest for me on the roulette wheel in Las Vegas. Some spins of the wheel had paid off high with these six beauties and I knew that someday they would come through for me again.

Traffic was steady but manageable and I was relieved. I hadn't slept well the past few nights worrying about our move and the less I had to worry about mundane day to day irritants like traffic, they happier I would be.

My office was nestled between the break room and the copy room and although there was a lot of traffic into those two areas during the day, no one ever seemed to come knocking at my door. That was a relief to me. As bookkeeper, I needed all the piece and quiet I could muster to make my daily entries. Wednesday's were even worse since payroll had to be completed by close of business in order to print the check for the Friday morning distribution.

"Did you get your ticket today," asked Shelly as she poked her head into my door while holding a steaming cup of coffee.

"Sure did," I replied. "Almost forgot but Kelly reminded as I was going out the door."

"I'm feeling lucky today kiddo," Shelly added. "I think I'm gonna do it this time, I can just feel it."

I smiled that 'sure you will' smile back at her and continued on with my work.

It seemed as if lunchtime had come around quickly today and I was glad it was time. I had made arrangements to pick up some literature on local apartments from a friend of mine at one of the realty offices around the corner. Sally had started as a realtor less than a year ago. She was fairly new and hadn't sold many houses on her own but, she was a friend and I had hoped she could find something reasonable in the area we wanted so the girls and I could make an easy transition once our current house was sold.

"I'm going out for lunch today Shelly."

Shelly didn't hear me exactly. She was talking on the phone to one of the customers and merely nodded her acknowledgement to my wave goodbye. That was sufficient. She would take my calls if any came in over the lunch period.

It had turned in a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was unseasonably warm for Feb. with the temperatures in the low 60's. The sun flashed through the driver's side window as I passed the tree lined parkway entrance ramp and catching the edge of the dash in such a way as to project a rainbow across the passenger's side window. I thought there hadn't been many rainbows in my life lately and I was due for one.

Branch Realtors had an established reputation and prided themselves on quality customer service. Sally Felding had gone to school with me and had experienced a painful divorce of her own now 18 months ago. She and I had been friends for over 22 years and we had shared many good times and bad, many ups and downs and many triumphs and tribulations as the years had gone by. She had been my maid of honor and I hers and we had both accepted responsibility as Godmother for the oldest child in each of our families. We had developed a bond over the years that could never be taken away.

"Sally Felding please," I remarked to the receptionist. "I have a 12:15 appointment."

The receptionist dutifully rang Sally's phone and I perused the Apartment Guide for February as I waited on the couch.

"Hey babe," said Sally as she peeked from behind the reception area. "Come on back."

Sally hadn't earned an office of her own as yet, too new to the company. Besides, the offices were reserved for the true moneymakers of the firm. In a few years, there was no doubt in my mind that Sally would be one of them. She had a way with people and was an excellent advocate for the buyer as well as the seller. She would go far and I was proud of her.

"Let's take a ride," Sally said as she reached for her coat on the rack beside the back door.

"Why don't we take my car," I added.

"No, I'll drive," she said smiling. "I want you to ride in my new car."

"New car," I shouted. "When did you get a new car?"

"I found this great deal on a Mustang convertible. Red leather interior and just like the one I had in college. I couldn't resist it," she said and bolted out the door into the employee parking lot in the rear of the building.

I knew in an instant which car was hers. White as an angel's robe with red interior which was purely regal. She turned on the key and lifted the latch on the convertible roof.

"Don't you think it's a little cool for the top to be down," I asked with a devious little smile on my face.

"Not a bit," Sally replied. "Come on, let's live dangerously."

We backed out of the space and as Sally shifted into first, I remembered the first day we had met and how much I had admired this lanky little freshman that was to be my roommate of 4 years at Dickinson College. Sally had excelled at everything she ever did. Her only failure was probably her marriage and that was beyond her control. I guess you could say it was in the control of the bimbo who had seduced and finally gained the space in their king size bed.

Coming home for lunch one day unannounced had been all there was to put an end to their 18-year marriage. A client had come by to discuss her divorce and Sally's husband was "powerless" as he said to resist her charms. Bullshit was my response. There was a problem at that point in their marriage and he took advantage of his opportunity, plain and simple. But, better that Sally found out early that had the affair gone on and developed in more and more lies.

"Isn't this great," Sally shouted to be heard over the roar of the breeze as it rustled through their hair. "Gosh I love this car."

It was nice and I was envious. But, Sally had found that a car that was flashy would also help to entice her customers to notice and remember her. When she needed to entertain clients, she made a point of showing them which car was hers and then borrowed one of the other agents Lincoln so they could be shown the homes in style. Sally had all the bases covered and as I said, she would go far.

Brookfield, PA was a relatively large suburban area with a variety of developments and apartment complexes from which to choose. I had given up hopes of finding a house in the area or price range of the one we were losing only because I never anticipated I could ever be that lucky again. Sally assured me that there were more available than I ever expected.

Criterion Boulevard ran North and South along the Netson Creek and the homes were moderately priced. Probably so because when the creek would swell, they usually experienced moderate flooding conditions. This always lowered the price or value of the homes. Certainly not the same effect as the more luxurious waterfront property across town.

"I have three homes I'd like you to see today," Sally said as she pulled into one of the older more moderately priced developments. The homes were built in the early 60's and had brick construction and good sized property divisions.

"I can't afford to live here," I noted immediately.

"Just wait kiddo," she replied. "I have one property here that is being sold as part of an estate and they just want to get rid of it to be done and complete the division of assets to the beneficiaries. We can get this one for a song."

The house was nice. It had a small screened in porch overlooking a beautiful rock garden. The formals were small and the kitchen would need some remodeling but she was right. It did have promise.

"Why are they selling it for so little money," I asked.

"Well, they want to close out the estate and none of the family members want the house since their Mom died in the living room."

"Gees, " I said immediately. "You don't actually think I could live here knowing someone had died in the living room do you?"

"Well, it wasn't anyone you knew," Sally said immediately.

"Forget it. Let's go," I said and walked out the door proceeding right to the car.

Neither of us said very much on the say to the second property. Finally, after about 15 min of silence, we both looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"Can you see me sitting in the living room one night, having a glass of wine, and imagining there was a ghost sitting next to me watching Johnny Carson. I'd never make it."

We both got a good laugh out of it and went on searching for suitable properties.

The second house was a bit larger and had four bedrooms. This would be ideal as I could finally have a study or office of my own in the house. With both girls, there was never a spare room to call my own. This would be great. But, it was just a bit more than I could afford to spend.

"Look," Sally said as we walked back to the Mustang, "I have one more property for you to see. I think you will really like it."

The road veered off to the left just beside the lower river basin and I saw the entrance to Tanglewood Springs.

"I can't afford to live in here," I said before we ever turned fully into the development.

"Just relax," she said. I wouldn't have brought you if I didn't think you could afford to live here."

The houses weren't all that large; mostly three bedroom Cape Cod style homes. But, a quaint area with lots of charm. It was in the right school district so the girls could continue at Woodson High and it was within walking distance of our church and there was a mini-mall with a Winn Dixie just down the street. It was adorable and it would be great if we could afford to live here.

The Model Home was just inside the entranceway and the sign said Open 12-5 PM daily. As we walked up the path, I turned around and looked around the surrounding homes. Some were newly built as speculative houses by the builders. Others were still under construction and there were just a few lots remaining for the choosing by those who wanted a custom plan in mind.

"Hi ladies, I'm Nancy Drayton, the Dalton Homes representative here in Tanglewood."

Nancy was quite a figure of a woman. I was impressed with her stature and her professional air. She exuded such a sense of professionalism yet, an air of femininity which could draw you right in. I noticed her long slender fingers, maybe because of the bright red nailpolish, which accented her red knit suit. Her long black hair draped lazily upon her shoulders and as she smiled, her cheeks puffed up just enough to give her a hint of devilishness, which made her captivating.

"Do you have a particular property in mind today Sally?"

Sally turned and responded, "no, my friend would like to see what you have and consider some of the spec. Homes for herself and her two girls."

"Just the three of you," Nancy asked in a soft yet interested voice.

"Yes, just finished a messy divorce and we have to move out of our current house because the property is being sold by the owner."

"Sorry to hear that, I know that has to be difficult, especially with young children."

"They're not so young," I added. "One is 16 and the other is 18. They're old enough to do much for themselves. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else."

Nancy gathered her keys and the floorplans for the various models and off we went.

As we walked out the door, Sally's pager started beeping.

"Damn, it's the office," she added impatiently. "Nancy, can I use your phone?"

"Sure, just close the door when you're done and meet us at 1211."

"Ok," Sally said and she proceeded back inside the model to call in.

"The homes in this subdivision are moderately priced and very affordable. We have added a lot of amenities to the properties which would not normally be available in houses of this price range."

Nancy was quite a salesperson. As we looked at each of the properties, she explained the differences in amenities by each of the individual builders and then compared each home according to price and what was included by the builder. I would have taken anyone of them but still felt they were way too far out of my price range and never really took any of her comments seriously. Just wanted to be courteous and look. Never hurt to look. Someday I'd be able to afford it and then I could be more serious in my search.

Sally arrived momentarily and said, "We have to get going."

I looked at my watch and realized I was way over my lunch hour. Eventhough I had some leeway with my schedule since most days I didn't bother to take lunch away from my desk, a two-hour lunch break was more than overkill. I needed to get back.

"Thanks for the tour Nancy. This is a wonderful neighborhood."

"Keep us in mind," she added, "we'd love to have you here as a neighbor."

We made good time getting back to Sally's office and I left her in the parking lot with a hug and a wave goodbye.

"Thanks babe," I shouted as I opened the door of my car. "I'll give you a call tomorrow."

Sally waved goodbye and headed into the office in a flurry. One of her clients must have called regarding a purchase or sale for her to scurry along so quickly. I hoped it would work out for her.

The end of the day came quickly and by 5:30 PM, I straightened my desk and locked the door to the office. I could go home and relax for the rest of the weekend. My mind was racing as I headed home along Lakeland Street. Just three blocks over was Tanglewood. They certainly were nice homes. Too bad just a tad out of my price range right now. Well, not to worry, I knew Sally would find something for us that was where we wanted and for what we could afford.

"Hey Mom," Kelly shouted from the bathroom. "Did you get your tickets today?"

Kelly encouraged my lottery habit in the hopes that one day we would hit the big one.

"Yes, I got one with my numbers and one quick pick."

"Great," she said. "I'll be right out, it's almost time for the drawing."

I fixed myself a glass of rose' and picked up the evening paper. The couch felt extra comfortable tonight. I sure needed a rest this weekend. All the stress of moving kept me up most nights and I really hated to have to pack up and move all over again. During 11 years of our marriage, Drew had been in the Marines. We had been shipped from Twenty-Nine Palms in California to Camp LeJeune in North Carolina and overseas for two tours in Okinawa. The girls had been young during these moves and were somewhat unaffected. For me, they were grueling. It was difficult to explain to a "civilian" how hard it was to pack up and move every two to three years and re-establish a family and a household all over again. The friends kept changing, the houses kept changing and the jobs kept changing. Very little chance to ever set down roots.

When we returned to the states for the last tour in NC, Drew decided he was going to resign his commission. I was glad because it was then we could find a job, a home and a lifestyle we had been deprived of for so many years. We could finally settle down and enjoy a home and a life style for more than a particular tour of duty.

Drew had other plans though. He had met another officer in Okinawa who also worked in his command and she was also retiring to the East Coast. My plans and Drew's plans were no where near the same. Not even in the same ballpark.. Once we touched down on American soil and had located an area to settle, he told me he wanted a divorce. Wow, what a surprise. Never had a clue. I guess I must have just fallen off the turnip truck when I think of the amazed look on my face when he broke the news.

One year later we filed for divorce following the requisite separation and it was done. The girls and I had found the Jackson's rental property and were quite happy and secure up until now. Oh well, we'd done alright for ourselves and I had no doubt our lifestyle would continue without any difficulty.

"Have they called the numbers yet Mom?" Kelly asked as she plopped herself down on the sofa right next to me.

"No, just about time honey." I pulled the lottery slips from my pocketbook and rested them on the tray table in front of me.

As the numbers appeared on the screen, I was initially disappointed. The first number was 42. Then 10.

"Great, we have one," Kelly shouted.

The next was 22, then 31, then 11 and finally 8.

"Cripes," I yelled and jumped from the sofa. We have 5 of the six numbers up there."

Kelly just looked at me and smiled. She had no idea what to say. All at once we both just burst into tears and began jumping around the room dancing to our hearts content.

"What's going on," asked Ryan, my oldest, as she came in through the back door. "Are you guys going nuts in here?"

"No, Mom just got 5 of the 6 lottery numbers on her ticket. We won. We won."

"What have we won," Ryan asked.

Both Kelly and I stopped dead in our tracks. We didn't actually know what we had won. It was something but we didn't know how much. Mom grabbed for the ticket and turned it over to the back. After looking over it carefully she began to smile.

"Well, how much," Kelly asked holding her hands over her mouth in anticipation.

"We just won $250,000," I said and sat down immediately on the floor with my ticket held tightly between my fingertips.

"Shit Mom, that's great," Ryan said with the biggest smile on her face.

"Ryan, don't say that," I immediately replied.

"Sorry Mom but, this is fantastic."

I couldn't believe what was happening. We finally had won. We finally could sit back and relax and not worry about anything. We had finally turned the tables on our luck and we were coming out winners for the first time in years.

"What are you going to do first," Kelly beamed with delight.

"I'm going to call the Lottery office Monday morning and find out how I collect our money. That's first. Then I'm going to find us a house and I know just where I'm going to look first."

I had really liked the homes in Tanglewood and the neighborhood felt perfect for the girls and I. I'd call Sally and we'd go back there first thing Monday. I felt a sick day coming on and knew I had lots to do.

Sally couldn't believe her ears when I told her about the money.

"You can get a bigger and better house now babe," she shouted through the phone with glee.

"No, I need to put that money away for college and I may stop working for a year or so and just relax. It's been a difficult year with the divorce and all and I could use a rest."

Sally understood and continued to congratulate me on my good fortune. I'd be so happy to share my winnings with her through her commission. She deserved it.

Monday morning I called Sally and hoped we could make an early appt. out at Tanglewood with Nancy. I wanted to look at the homes again and see what we could arrange in the way of a sale.

Sally called back about 9:00 am, and apologized.

"I can't take you to Tanglewood today kiddo," she said with an immediate sneeze. "I feel awful. Must be the flu which is running rampant through the office." She sneezed again and I knew she was feeling poorly, "How about if I call Nancy and tell you are coming around lunch again?"

I thought about it for a moment and said okay. I had met Nancy and felt comfortable with her and knew I wasn't signing anything today. So, what problems could I have?

Tanglewood was easy to find. Not more than a mile from where we were living. As I entered the subdivision I knew this was a perfect choice for the girls and I. We'd have no problems being comfortable here for a very long time.

As I walked up the path, Nancy must have seen me coming because she was right at the door when my hand reached the doorknob.

"Come right on in," she said with that smile which seemed to light up her entire face. Her hand whisked away a flurry of hair, which blew softly across her forehead from the breeze. As I walked in I noticed her fluffing her lock with both of her hands and I thought what a beautiful woman she was. Today she was wearing a red knit top and khaki trousers with tapered legs. It made her look quite slim and I thought quite attractive in the light.

"I have the perfect house to show you today," she said turning quickly towards her desk for a floor plan.

"Which one was it?" I asked, hoping it was the brick ranch we had seen last week.

"Oh, you didn't see this one when you were here Friday," she said quickly. "I knew you were on a fixed budget so to speak. This is actually the top of the line for this development. I heard about your good fortune from Sally and she suggested I show you this one."

"That's fine," I said somewhat disappointed that Sally had let out my secret so soon. I had hoped to keep my good fortune secret until I had more plans in place and wouldn't necessarily be hounded by all the thrill seekers trying to get their hands on my winnings.

"Let's take my car," Nancy said. "This particular house is on the far side of the subdivision where there are very few completed properties. I'd like to show you some of the lots we have available and maybe you'd like to build as opposed to buying the one we currently have available."

"That's fine with me." I said with a smile and we proceeded out the garage door to her car.

The lots at the back of the subdivision were somewhat larger and the area where they were located was more heavily wooded. I had always like hardwood trees and these lots were filled with them. The spec. home she wanted me to see sat directly at the middle of the cul-de-sac, driveway circling the front yard and ending just to the left side of the house and the double garage. The house was pale blue with white trim and dark steel blue shutters. There was a wrap around porch on three sides of the house and a deck off the kitchen area behind the garage. The deck opened to a large backyard, which faced a small creek area and heavily wooded acreage.

"This is wonderful," I said as I turned and faced Nancy. "Will they be building behind me anytime soon?"

"No," Nancy replied. "That area is an easement for the utility company and there are covenants for the development which prevent any building within 150 yards of the property line.

"That's great," I said and I turned to look at the front of the house again.

The front porch had room for at least 4 rockers and I could already imagine hanging plants from the eaves. There was a brass doorknocker and kick plate on the slate blue front door and as we entered, I could smell the aroma of sawdust and newly painted walls. I loved the smell of a new house.

"How come this one isn't sold." I asked suspiciously.

"Well, the owners had signed the papers and were ready to go to closing when the wife's Mother became very ill. The family nullified the sale and decided to move closer to her Mother so they could help."

"Let me show you around," Nancy said beaming. "You're gonna love it."

The entranceway was spacious with the stairs directly in front of the entrance. There were four short steps to a landing and then the stairway split into two directions. One rose from the left of the landing and one from the right. Both met in the upstairs hall, which ran the full length of the foyer.

At the top of the right stairwell was the largest bedroom with it's own adjoining bath. In the middle of the hall was a small study with an alcove about the size of a file cabinet. Then to the left of that room was the extra bathroom and finally the last two bedrooms. All the rooms were spacious and well lighted. A lot of times, the rooms seem dark when the lot is heavily wooded. Not this time.

The downstairs floor plan was quite nice. To the left of the entranceway was a hallway leading to the dining room. On the other side of the dining room was the kitchen and just shy of the kitchen was a small mudroom and laundry, which led out into the double car garage. Off the kitchen to the right were a large pantry and the double French doors, which led to the back deck. The kitchen and family room were divided by a breakfast bar and as you looked towards the fireplace, you could just barely see the doorway leading to the living room.

I was amazed at the spacious floor plan.

"Where is the master bedroom," I asked with some obvious confusion.

"Do you see that doorway to the right of the fireplace?" Nancy said with a smile. "Open it."

I walked towards the door and opened it just enough to peek in. What a beautiful room..There were sliding glass doors to the left, which opened to a small patio area. To the right was a huge walk in closet and the master bath.

"Take a look at the bathroom," Nancy said with a smile.

As I opened the door, I was greeted with pale mint colored pastel ceramic tile. There was a huge double sink vanity to the left a large hot tub in the center with a shower to the right and a small doorway leading to the private master toilet. Over the hot tub was a greenhouse type window ledge neatly decorated with hanging plants.

"This is fantastic," I said.

I took a deep breath and crossed my arms over my chest. I could really enjoy living here.

"What are you thinking?" Nancy asked with a very devilish smile on her face.

"Nothing really, I guess," I said and felt a little embarrassed by my awe of the house.

"Want to try out the hot tub?" Nancy asked and moved closer to the tiled square at the center of the wall.

"You've got to be kidding," I asked and knew I was blushing at least a scarlet shade of red. I could feel my cheeks flush and my brow had a light tinge of perspiration.

"No, I'm not kidding." Nancy turned and sat daintily on the edge of the tub. She turned the knobs and the water began running into the tub. Her right hand reached down under the faucet and I could see the rush of water flowing across her long slender fingertips. Her left hand rested calmly in her lap and I could notice her nipples becoming erect beneath her red knit top.

"Here, feel the water. It's warm." Nancy looked up at me and I was mesmerized at her eyes.

"I don't think so," I said hesitantly. "I should go."

"Come on, give it a chance. You might like it." Nancy leaned over into the tub slightly and ran her hand up and down through the rising water. I watched her body leaning forward and noticed her nipples were still hard and pressing gently against the front of her top.

"I can't let this go to waste," she said and she walked beside me and closed and locked the door.

"Won't someone come by while you're in there?" I asked in utter amazement.

"No, I'm the only one with a key to the properties out here and I've locked the front door. No one can bother us, I promise."

I stood motionless while she leaned over and removed her place pumps and knee high hose. She looked up at me and said nothing. She just stared at me with a quiet little smile. All the time, testing the water to make certain it was the correct temperature.

As the tub was finally filled, she rose and walked over to me and gently leaned towards me, placing a kiss full upon my lips. I didn't move. I thought if I moved she would take it as an acceptance of her advances. But, I didn't want to stop. She smelled wonderful. A hint of Odyssey by Avon I think. She reached up and placed her hands squarely behind my waist and pulled me close towards her. Her lips pressed harder on mine and I felt the need to hold her tight. My hands instinctively wrapped themselves around her waist and I too felt like pulling her ever so close.

She eased her head back, cocked it slightly to the left and said, "take off your clothes and come on in with me."

We both removed our garments and Nancy was the first to enter the tub. She sat to the back left and I could see her breast gently floating atop the swirling water. Both her arms rested atop the ledge of the tub and she looked so peaceful. Her had leaned back slightly making her breasts rise up even more. I eased my way towards the tub and climbed in beside her. She didn't open her eyes as I sat next to her. I could hear her breathing and I could feel my heart ready to beat so hard I thought it was going to jump from my chest.

I took a deep breath and lowered my hands and arms into the warm wonderful waves of water. The tub felt great. I splashed some water up on my chest and eased my back against the seat of the tub. I stretched out my legs and closed my eyes also.

"Feels wonderful doesn't it," Nancy said in a sultry voice.

I didn't answer at first. Finally I opened my eyes and saw her face slowly approaching mine. I wanted to kiss her again. I had never felt this way about a woman before. It was kinda frightening at first yet, extremely sensual and sexy. It felt normal and so right. I could feel strange tingling in between my legs and as the water bubbled atop my breasts, I felt my nipples rising to meet the water as it lapped all over ever inch of my body.

Nancy eased her way right in front of me and kissed me long and hard. I felt her tongue inside my mouth and I responded with some tongue of my own. I placed my hands on her shoulder and worked my way down to her breasts. 38 C or D I would have guessed from the feel. They were so soft and firm. I was impressed for her age, what appeared to be in the late 40's, that she was so shapely. She had taken great care in maintaining her figure and I was impressed.

Nancy lowered her hand to my waist and began running her fingertips up and down the reaches of my thighs. Up and down she stroked until finally she eased my legs apart and rested her fingers along the edges of my clit. I could feel her fingers parting my lips and between my excitement and the heat of the water I was beginning to feel faint. She must have noticed my sensations were overcoming me and she took her hand and gently wiped my brow.

As she straightened up, I noticed her repositioning some of the jets on the tub. She angled them directly towards the front of the tub.

"Come over here and kneel down with me."

Nancy took my hand and helped me lower myself into the water. My breasts were under water now and I could feel the rushing water bombarding my flesh. What a wonderful feeling.

"Come closer to the side of the tub."

Nancy eased me closer and she too positioned herself in front of a rushing stream of water from the tub. Side by side we kneeled, hands positioned atop the back rim.

"Can you feel it rushing against your clit?" she asked.

Her head leaned back slightly and her eyes were closed. I could most certainly feel it and it was so sensitive I almost wanted to ease my way back. But, I knew she wouldn't want me to do that. I didn't really want to do it anyway. It felt so good. Actually I wanted to get even closer, have it batter my clit over and over until I would cum...

Nancy reached over the kissed my left breast and slowly sucked the nipple into her mouth. I felt a rush go through my body as she did it and I tightened my grasp on the tub so as not to lose my balance. I could feel the climax rising in me and I know Nancy could sense how close I was. She suddenly reached for both my shoulders and turned me towards her.

"Sit up here on the edge of the tub babe," she said and helped ease my body out of the water.

Nancy rose up slightly out of the water and gently eased her tongue into my swelling clit.

I instinctively opened my legs for her, I wanted her to lick me, to suck me, to dig her tongue deep inside me. I felt like such a woman and knew she had every ideas as to what would make me excited. I' raised one leg atop the tub and she buried her face deep in my clit.

I had to lean back on my arms to stay upright. Her tongue was incredible. Up and down it went lapping my lower lips like a hungry playful puppy. He finger insinuated itself inside me and I could feel her rotating it as she licked me. All of a sudden she latched on to my nub with her lips and I felt the most incredible rush go through me when she didn't let go. I must have gasped slightly because her free hand rested gently on my leg in the water as if to comfort me.

Over and over she licked me and then sucked me hard. Closer and closer she brought me to a climax. I could feel myself getting faint and all of a sudden there were two fingers deep within me and fighting to keep my level of excitement high. I was in heaven. I reached down and brought her body towards mine and she gratefully eased herself out of the tub. We lowered ourselves to the rug beside the tub and I began teasing her soaking pussy with my hand. Having never done this to another woman before it felt awkward at first but that didn't last very long. My lips were fixating on her nipples and I could feel her chest rising and falling with each nibble of my teeth. My right index finger eased its way into her cunt and I pressed it hard and deep within her. She writhed with delight. Lowering my head to her clit I began licking her as she had done me and she moaned slightly, her head rolling to one side.

"Harder," she said. "I want you to lick me harder."

I gladly obliged. I wanted to feel my tongue pressed tightly against her clit. I could smell every ounce of her excitement. She was so wet and it wasn't the wetness from the water. She was truly aroused, as was I.

As she came closer to a climax I felt her body begin to stir and she pressed me back and climbed atop me in a 69 position. Now we could both be pleasured at the same time. I had lost very little of my own level of excitement and I knew we were both close to cumming very hard.

Nancy immediately took the initiative and buried her lips deep within mine. Her tongue furiously lapped at my pussy and I had to concentrate long and hard to continue with her pleasuring. I placed my arms below her legs and buttocks and pulled her pussy tight against my mouth. I could feel her hips rising slightly to meet my warm frantic tongue. As she started to move I thought she was trying to get free but I wasn't ready to let her go. I held on tight and buried my tongue even more. I slid one finger gently into her ass and I could feel her hands simultaneously part my cheeks pressing tightly on my own ass as well.

"Oh, Nancy. I'm cumming."

"I know babe, me too," she said in that same sultry voice.

We both continued our mission until we both burst open like ripe tomatoes all over each other. I could feel myself come at least twice that I knew of. I can't say for Nancy because at one point I lost all concentration on what I was doing with her and felt my back arch so as to pull my face slightly away from her pussy of delight.

In minutes we were both motionless on the floor, her atop my body just resting her head against my thigh. In a moment she moved aside and eased her body directly beside mine.

"Want to get back in the tub?" She asked with a devilish look of delight on her face.

"I think I need to," I said.

We both got up slowly and eased our way back into the bubbling water. For about 15 minutes, we both sat silent just thinking about what had happened. After awhile we both got up and Nancy reached for a towel from the linen closet.

"What are these for," I asked very puzzled at their appearance.

"The maids left them here when they cleaned and I took them home, washed them and put them back just in case someone needed them." She smiled when she said it and I knew it was a lie. She had brought them for just this occasion.

We locked up the property and walked to her car. As she turned the key, I looked back at the house and sighed.

"So, do you like the house?" Nancy asked quietly.

"How could I not like this house after all that," I said with a grin. "Let's go call Sally and get the paperwork started."

Sally never knew what had happened. She never had any idea that Nancy was a lesbian or that she was enticing clients into an appealing hot tub experience. I'm not sure how she would have felt. Maybe someday she'd get to have the same experience. At least, I hoped so.