Perfectly Pampered
by Carla <>

Thank God this week had ended. Between work and the stress of my routine at home, I felt exhausted from head to toe. Totally drained, I was relieved when I realized it was my monthly appointment for a massage and pedicure. Gathering my gym bag, waterproof Sony Walkman and terry cloth robe, I was out the door and into the car in a flash. Relief from the tension and stress was within reach and I couldn't wait to get on the table to sink into a gently, peaceful state of mind.

Perfectly Pampered was a welcomed addition to our tiny rural community. Most of the residents had little idea what a pedicure was let alone ever envision themselves receiving a full body massage. The town's male population jumped right on the bandwagon at the thought of massages administered by the artful hands of a bosomy female. The women generated fantasies of hugely endowed pectoral zealots gently yet forcefully kneading away their cares and woes. Fantasies ran rampant at Perfectly Pampered and that exactly the product they had intended to provide.

Traffic was light down Main Street and parking would be easier since many had already left work this Friday afternoon. As luck would have it, there was a space waiting for me only 50 feet from the front door. Dropping sufficient change in the meter to cover my 2 hour visit, I gathered my belongings and headed towards the door.

"Welcome Mrs. Danzig," said Sheila, the perky, blonde receptionist who strategically positioned herself directly across from the entranceway.

Sheila had learned early in her customer service career that eye contact made all the difference when it came to clients being satisfied with their service. It provided an air of caring and friendliness that such close body contact and stimulation would seem to dictate. Making the customer feel comfortable in this unusually physical setting was her job and she most certainly did her job well.

"Hi, Sheila. Sorry if I'm a few minutes late. Is Daphne ready for me yet?"

"No, she's got about 15 minutes left on her last appointment if you'd like to change a spend a few minutes in the sauna, I'll call you when shes ready."

"That would be great. I could use the steam right about now. I'm a bundle of nerves today."

Moving back towards the changing area, I looked for a locker to stow my gear. Stripping down to nothing but a pale lavender terry cloth sarong, I grabbed my Walkman and headed for the sauna. Sheila had said I had 15 minutes to soak up the steam but, realizing the time it took to change, the dial was set for 10 minutes in the hopes I could squeeze each and every last minute out of the timer before my time had come.

The sauna had been an additional benefit to the clientele. The management made it available as a means of keeping the waiting room area cleared as much as possible. It also served to soften the skin around the toenails for the pedicures as well as provide some relaxation prior to a massage. Almost everyone tried to arrive a few minutes early just to partake of a few minutes of warm, body engulfing steam. Realizing I was running late, I had feared my sauna time would be lost. Luckily I was wrong.

Not wishing to be make idle chit chat with another today, I was relieved to find the sauna empty. Nestling myself in the far corner, I placed the headphones on and pressed play. On more stressful days, I would find a little Yanni just the perfect touch. Today, that seemed made to order. I leaned back against the bench seat backrest and closed my eyes. I could feel the steam settling quietly over every inch of my exposed skin and I could feel the warmth of it's touch as I inhaled deeply. Such a feeling of security and solitude. Almost like a thick, soft mink blanket caressing my body into peaceful blissful slumber.

"Are you ready Mrs. Danzig?" Said Sheila. "Daphne is just about ready."

"I'll be right there," I said calmly. Not nearly ready I thought to myself but, there was little choice for now. Maybe a few more minutes after the massage.

The hallway between the sauna and the massage area was narrow to maximize the space for as many massage rooms as possible. Daphne was part owner of the business so she was fortunate to have one of the larger areas at her disposal. She had decorated the room with subdued pastel colors and adorned the walls with poster prints depicting relaxing fields of windswept grass and aerial views of statuesque wonders such as the Grand Tetons and Glacier National Park. All relaxing and all soothing.

"How are you today Mrs. Danzig," Daphne asked in a quiet reassuring tone yet, almost as if she already knew the answer.

Daphne fully realized that most of her customers were stressed, exhausted or forever frustrated with their jobs. That's why they were here. They were here to be pampered and put at rest. They wanted tender loving care and wanted to leave with a peaceful mind and a well ministered to body which was also at peace.

"It's been a long week," I said. "I can really use this massage today. Can you also work my lower back as much as possible, I'm having some pain and may need to see a doctor next week if it doesn't subside."

"Certainly," Daphne responded. "Just let me know if I press too hard."

Daphne knew what she was doing. Her degree had been in Physical Therapy from University of Virginia yet, during her final internship, she decided to branch out into massage therapy. Many of the patients she saw during her last 6 weeks of school were going to need short term massage and there were limited trained personnel at the disposal of many of the Physical Therapy clinics. There was a market to be tapped and Daphne received her degree and opened a small clinic of her own. Seven years later, she had doubled the size of the clinic and added 2 additional technicians to help with the growing work load.

"Would you prefer scented or unscented oil today?" asked Daphne.

"Unscented I think. I have a date later this evening and I won't have time to shower in between. "

"Just relax Mrs. Danzig. Do you want your headphones while I work?"

"Please," I said.

Daphne reached below to the lower shelf of the treatment table where I had set my belongings. Extracting the headphones from the towel was a chore in itself but, she managed to free them and I placed them on my head, fiddling for a relaxing FM station. I preferred light classical for a massage and found KKEZ at 105.6 was well suited the duration of my appointment.

Daphne looked at her appointment  schedule, then glancing my way, she noted "they have you scheduled for a back massage but since you're my last customer for the day, any interest in a full body massage?"

Thinking I had an appointment later in the evening, I had to be careful about my time but, it had been a dreadful week and the thought of a full body massage was quite appealing just about now.

"If you've got the time," I said, "let's do the full body massage since I know I could use the rest."

Nudging the tray with her oils and lotions off to the side out of the way, Daphne began to work her magic. Cradling my head carefully in her left hand, she began to gently massage the areas around my temples and firmly pressed downward to force the tension lower and lower on my neck and shoulder area. Over and over she rubbed and as she moved to my forehead area, I could feel the relaxation begin to surge within my mind. Gently rubbing in continuous circular motions eased the tension flow and I could feel her long slender yet forceful fingers pressing gently on the upper reaches of my neck just below the hairline.

"Why don't you get real comfortable on your front right now and I'll work these areas first."

Daphne reached for the tray of oils and lotions, squeezing a generous amount of unscented oil to the reservoir created on her awaiting hand. The oil was slightly warm as she began to spread it along the lines of my shoulders and collar bone area. After 6 months of weekly visits, Daphne had gotten to known which areas were sensitive to touch. The areas which exuded a giggle or a twitch, as well as the areas which would lead to that chill or slightly erect nipple. As I laid there, eyes closed, fixating on the touch of each finger, I felt safe. Her hands gently yet firmly continued to press the tension from the back and sides of my neck ever lower over the shoulder and down into the areas of my shoulder blades. I could feel the knots growing as she lowered her hands and began to press harder with each continuing motion.

As her hands ebbed their way along the edges of my armpits, I was relieved I had shaved earlier this morning before work. Daphne had commented that it was difficult to do an appropriate massage with too much hair. It began to pull and was more uncomfortable for the client. I wanted pleasure and no pain and as such, made certain I had removed as much of my body hair as was possible before each visit.

Lower and lower her hands went along the edges of my spine. Additional oil had to be added to make her contact more pronounced and my skin more supple to her touch. I could almost envision the direction of her strokes as she worked her magic fingers across the reaches of my body. The pain was in fact pleasurable and the pressure reassuring. As she approached the area of my waist, I could feel each of her ten fingers pressing strongly on the outer edges of my hips. Circling and pressing, pushing the stress downward toward the tips of my toes. The pressure on my butt was delightful. As she circled each cheek, I could feel her gently separating them and exposing my anal area. Along my rectal crevice went her entire hand as if to press away the tension. To move it lower and lower down. Draining it from my upper body to it's demise.

As her hands passed along the underside of my buttocks, I could feel the additional pressure along the inner most reaches of my thighs. I was glad she had avoided my genital area, I had become wet from her touch and I was embarrassed at my lack of control. She must have been used to that though because she never mentioned my wetness nor commented on it's excitement.

"You've had a difficult week, I can tell," replied Daphne.

She knew I couldn't hear her with my headphones on. All I could decipher was a muffled sound of her gently soothing voice. It continued to relax me as I laid in complete control of her touch.

Down my thighs she went. Round and round. Pressing, pushing, kneading and all the while disseminating the tension and knots which had manifested themselves in my every muscle. More oil, more pressure, more pleasure. Down along my calves she maneuvered. Every finger plunging it's way to the center of the tension. Every circle a ending of tension yet the beginning of pleasure. I began to doze as I concentrated solely on her touch.

"Time to turn over Mrs. Danzig," spoke Daphne in a more demonstrative tone. She knew I was fading into restful slumber and it was time to finish the remainder of my massage.

"Sorry," I said, "I was falling asleep. Your fingers are so relaxing."

"No problem, it happens all the time," she said.

I watched her reach behind to the table of oils and she continued to moisten her hands with a generous serving of unscented oil. Closing my eyes I began to envision the preparations she was making to touch these more sensitive areas of my body. I could feel the heat of her breathing as she leaned over my breasts. Grasping each shoulder around my collar bond she began to gently knead her thumbs into the muscles again forcing any remaining tension from their control. Down along my sides she pressed and in long seductive rubs she motioned the tension below. I could feel her hands gently cup my left breast and as she continued to press, I felt that same chill. Her right thumb and forefinger rolled my nipple tightly between her fingers. I could feel it swell at her touch and I could feel the other nipple on my right breast following in stride. Round and round she pressed. All of a sudden in a start, I felt the warm, moist touch of her tongue encircling my nipple . Awakening in a start, I slightly raised my head and looked directly into her awaiting eyes.

"Do you mind?" Queried Daphne. "I've always wanted to have you."

"No, I don't think I do mind." I whispered.

Daphne kissed my lips gently and then dutifully returned to her task at hand.

I could feel her tongue pressing along the out reaches of my areola. The glands swelling with every sweep of her tongue. A chilling thrill as she breathed on each pass and an excitement I had never felt with a man. Her mouth began to engulf my breast. Down she went pushing as much as was humanly possible into the reaches of her mouth. She had begun to suck -- began to suck hard. I could feel her pulling my nipples farther and farther erect with each sucking motion. It was incredible. Her right hand released it's grasp from my left breast and it worked it's way slowly over to my other awaiting breast. Gently cupping it's body while continuing to suck, I could sense the table lowering underneath me. Realizing I was surprised at the motion Daphne halted her movements and looked over at me.

"Don't worry, I'm just lowering the table so I can climb on."

Daphne mounted the table and me sitting astride my waist. With the angle of my glance, I could see the curly brown hairs of her own mound pressing down gently on my own. They were warm and moist and they felt wonderful. Raising my arms to her own breasts, Daphne showed me where she wanted me to press and she continued my massage.

"Just caress them," she said. "Press the nipples between your fingers and feel their strength."

I did what she had asked. No hesitation, no fear, no embarrassment. It seemed so natural. I felt I knew exactly what she wanted. She most definitely knew what I wanted. Her hands pressed tightly on my sides, moving upward. I felt her hands cup as they rose up towards my awaiting breasts. Her fingers were the scouts and the heels of her palms were the warriors, pushing back the tension and the uncertainly. Lowering herself down upon me she pressed her mouth squarely upon mine and kissed me long and hard. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and as she pressed hard I could feel her thrusting upon my waist.

"Are you ready for me to touch you there?" she said in a gently whisper.

"Let me touch you too," I said.

"Not yet," she said "this is what you are paying for. I'll get mine later. Okay?"

"Okay," I said.

I could feel her body raising as she shifted herself lower on the massive table. As she moved, I could feel the moistness of her tongue as it traced a path to my dark, curly haired soaking wet pussy below. Gently pressing the lower lips of my clit aside she continued her full body massage, this time with her tongue. Up and down, side to side, in and out of my hole. The same motion, the same pressure the same sensual tension reducing motions she had used on every other inch of my soul. All of a sudden I could feel the full blanket of her tongue on my lower lips. She had begun to suck. To suck on my magic button of pleasure. Gently arching to reach her lips more I felt her pull away. As I began to raise my head to see what was wrong, back went her tongue with that same blanket of pleasure and the same suction of delight. How close she was bringing me to an incredibly intense orgasm. Did she realize what she was doing. I think yes.

As gently as she had positioned her mouth, I could feel the release of her lips and the insertion of her middle finger. I think if was her middle finger. It was hard to tell though. Reaching inside as far as it could I could feel pressure. Pressure on my G-spot. Most men don't know about the G-spot and if they do, the majority of them are not as interested in pressuring it. But, Daphne knew how much it would increase the intensity of my orgasm and she searched carefully for it's location. Down came her flicking tongue. Down along the folds of the clit, now riddled with wetness. Completely engulfed with the moistness of my own excitement and the saliva from her own gyrations. Flicking up and down continuously I felt myself heave up into her awaiting tongue. With each rise of my hips I could feel more pronounced pressure on my G-spot and more precision of each flick.

"Not now," I said "Not now."Tearing the headphones from my ears I must have seemed panicked.

"You're okay," said Daphne in her quiet controlling tone. "I won't let you come until we're both ready. I want you to want me to make you come. I want you to need for me to make you come. I want the decision to be in your mind and totally out of your own control."

With that her index finger joined her middle finger inside of me and her remaining hand positioned itself upon my left breast, stroking, tweaking my nipple and gathering it's own pleasure from my excitement. All three areas of pleasure captured the entire reaches of my mind. My breast, my clit and my g-spot all receiving pleasure at once. How incredible this sexual experience was. How much I had been missing from my male friends. What she had given to my life had seemed unattainable until now.

"I want you," I screamed as she touched me.

"You'll have me in time." Daphne commented quietly as she continued her mission.

All of a sudden I felt her fingers release they grip on my vagina. I could feel her thumb being inserted fully into my insides and her middle finger press lightly on the edges of my anus. Gently removing her left hand from my breast I glanced up and saw her locate the tube of KY Jelly from her table. I could feel a small amount being squeezed from the tube atop my anus and gently she positioned her finger inside of my anus. Her middle finger slowly insinuating it's way inside of me, thumb pressing lightly along the lower rim of my vagina, tongue returned to it's flicking and left hand atop my breast -- she was a master. All of a sudden I felt slightly dizzy. I felt her increasing the motions of her tongue up and down, pausing briefly to such my clit hard and then flicking up and down, up and down. Her middle finger had increased the intensity of it's pumping and I was motionless beneath her glorious touch. Longing to come and come hard. I could feel my body rising up and I was unable to control the pleasure.

"It's now," Daphne said. "You can't stop and if you could I wouldn't let you. You're coming and you'll come hard I promise."

Daphne was right. I came long and I came hard. In fact, she had me come at least three times I was conscious of. In what seemed to be miniscule moments in time I had experienced the greatest sexual pleasure of my life. I had been pleasured by the artful hands of another woman and I loved it. Opening my eyes, I searched to meet hers.

Raising herself up, she looked longingly into my eyes and I felt a tear streak it's way down the side of my face. I had been the receiver and not the giver of any of this pleasure. Daphne raised her right hand to my cheek, gently wiping away my tears. She lowered her pleasureful lips to mine and kissed me gently as she had done at first.

"I'd like you to come home with me tonight," she said. "I'd like us to be naked together and make love to each other. Would you like that too?"

Daphne didn't have to wait long for my answer. "I would love that," I said.

Gathering my belongings I reached for my towel and exited to the dressing room to gather my thoughts. Before I left, I poked my head into Daphne's office and asked "where do you live and what time?"

"Go home and relax, I'll call you in an hour." Daphne smiled wickedly and before I was able to leave she remarked "Do you still want the pedicure today?"

Laughing to myself I threw up my hands and said "Maybe next time."

Reaching my car just in time for the meter to run out, I sat briefly behind the steering wheel and sighed. I had no stress whatsoever remaining in my body. I was calm and relaxed and felt truly happy for the very first time in my 45 years. Even before my divorce, I had never felt this relaxed following sex. Grabbing my phone from it's cradle on the dashboard I hit the #4 speed dial button.

"Randy," I asked as the voice on the other end answered. "Can we make it another night, I have a headache."