A chance of love


This story is a work of fiction inspired by true events. The names have been change to protect the identity of the people involved. Any comments can be send to nutties07@live.com

Saturday morning I woke up with mind not able to stop thinking about you, I took a shower trying to clear my mind, but ever since I saw you I knew I had to take a chance. I climbed out of the shower and got dressed.

As I drove up the road all I could think about was you and the shiner on your eye. When I stopped at your workplace, I hoped that I could get another look at you before I make my move. You were no where in sight. After 5 minutes of wandering around I got the courage to spoke to one of your co-workers to find out about you. She secretly laughed and asked if I was interested in you, I had to lie, but my face gave it all away. I wanted to know whether or not you're single and if she might have your phone number. She told me that she will see what she can do for me, and that I will have to come back. My heart pounded just thinking that I might get your phone number. Before I left, I leant back on the counter and asked her what her name was. With a big smile, she replied that her name was Eve. I asked her your name as well, and she replied that your name is (Christy).I couldn't wait too long, but I knew I had to try my luck one more time.

At work I couldn't concentrate on my work, but just the idea that I might get your phone number kept me going. The day was too long for me and a lot of problems came up. I wished the day ended before it really started, and the fact that I was on standby made it worse.

The day eventually passed, on Monday I went to see if Eve could get me your number. I stopped at your workplace hoping that you were there, yet again luck was not on my side as you already left. I wanted to meet you face to face, but yet I missed you again. I waited for Eve to finish with the customer and asked if you left me you number. As she gave me the number a huge smile spread across my face. Not sure what to do next I left. I thought about what I should do next, to call you, or rather sms you. I decided that a sms would be the start point for me.

I sent her a sms asking the three questions that would definitely be a starting point for something. After a while I received her reply, and with that we started talking on mxit the same day, just getting to know each other. The next day she surprised me by showing up at my work, trying to see how I looked. After talking a while she said that she had to go to work, but we can meet afterwards. The rest of the day I kept wondering if she liked what she saw in me and whether she would be interested in me. As my shift ended I saw that she was already outside waiting for me. I asked her to follow me to the restaurant nearby for coffee, as I drove I thought, isn't she beautiful, and then I wondered if she maybe wasn't a bit too young for me. As soon as that thought came up, I pushed it away because I know love doesn't have an age restriction. After we finished our coffee at the restaurant, we said our goodbyes and she rushed off.

Once again I was alone, heading to my empty apartment with just my thoughts as company. This very tall Blond, Brunette with the most beautiful eyes and the unmissable blue shiner on her left eye. We spoke on mxit for a while, seeing each other a few times, and then decided to start a relationship. As the days passed a lot of things happened at once. Not only did I have to deal with a lot of issues at work, but also the fact that the pastor of my congregation questioned my sexuality and my fashion sense. I started having second thought about my relationship with Christy and wondered if I really wanted to be in a relationship with a woman. Things got worse due to the fact that two other women also appeared on the scene. Making things worse for me due to the fact that I didn't know what to do now. My heart wanted one thing, but my mind said something entirely different. Before anything more could happen between Christy and me, I ended the relationship, asking to be friends and get to know one another more first.

Finally two weeks passed and I thought that the time was right to make my move, hoping that she wouldn't shut me down. As it was the day before Valentines Day, I drove up to her work during my lunch time knowing that she will still be there. I entered the shop, and it didn't seem as if she saw me. As I passed through to the cashiers, she saw me and had this huge grin on her face. I hid the presents behind my back, and greeted her with a hug, we talked a while, and I decided to give her the presents. After giving them to her I gave her another hug, and what I didn't expect, she pulled back and gave me a kiss, right in front of everyone there. Our first kiss and it was in public. I felt myself turning completely red, and just lowered my head, the cashiers started making noises and it only added to my embarrassment of being kissed in public. As my lunchtime was nearing an end. Chris and I said our goodbyes, and I left, still red in the face with a smile across my lips.

On the Friday she invited me over to her house to watch some movies. I arrived round about 7pm, as I pulled in, I saw that there was no other vehicles and was kind of glad that her parents wasn't there as I didn't meet them yet. The moment we got inside Christy pulled me into her arms and gave me one of the most memorable kissed yet, it felt so good kissing her, and all the tension I felt from the day left me. As we pulled apart, we were both out of breath. We walked to the couch hand in hand, sat down as she started a romantic comedy. We watched two movies, while lying on the coach just holding each other. As it was getting late, after the second movie, we said our goodbyes with another kiss with promises of doing it again soon. I started falling in love with her, and knew that I was in this for the long run.

I wondered if her parents knew that she was gay. A few days later she invited me home to meet her parents. I was pretty nervous, not knowing what to expect or how to react. The only thing Christy kept doing was apologizing for the house being a mess as they just moved into a new house. As we enter the house we saw that her dad was busy putting up curtains and her stepmom was listening to music on the computer. I felt like a complete stranger, she then introduced me to her parents after whom her dad told me to make myself at home and to sit down. Christy left to pour us some drinks, and upon her return, she started helping her father with the curtains. A while later she took me on a tour through the house. We stopped in her room as she showed me some music on her computer. We listened for a while to the music, just relaxing. As Christy started preparing supper along with her stepmom they invited me to stay. Christy's dad left to fetch her little brothers, as her mom asked me numerous times from where she knew me. This made me a bit uncomfortable, and Chris noticed. We ate supper in silence, cleaned the kitchen afterwards and I left.

Now I wondered even more whether her parents knew that she was a lesbian. I confronted Christy about this question, with my mind so full of many things, I couldn't exactly remember what her answer was, but it came down to it that her stepmom knew, but her father didn't yet. I loved this woman and I didn't want to lose her, but reality stuck me once again in the face. Not knowing whether or not it is worth fighting for her or letting her go. All of the sudden I noticed a change in our relationship. I knew Christy was a silent person, but now the silence became unbearable, I could feel the tension when she was with me, but I had no idea what was going on behind the mask she showed me. For some reason I couldn't let go of this woman, and decided to start breaking down the walls she built around her. She eventually started opening up, learning to trust me more and more, her parents were giving her a hard time when they found out that we were in a serious relationship. We wondered if we should back down a bit, but decided against it, as we both knew what we felt for each other was true love.

Her parents lit up a bit against her after realizing that we were truly in love, that's when I decided to come out to my parents as well, although they suspected it, I think it was still a shock to them when I told them that I was gay, and that I was in a serious relationship with a woman, they were against it, but respected my wishes. Soon after my out coming my brother also came out of the closet, which was another shock to them. Things between Christy and me got more serious, to the point where we decided to get married; only problem was that we now needed to tell our parents that as well...

My parents stuck to their decision and supported me; Christy on the other hand was a whole different story. The night we went to tell her parents, her dad first kicked me out of the house, accusing me of turning her gay, then told Christy that if she walked out of the house tonight, that she wont be allowed to ever come back, and not to contact them again. This hit Christy hard, as she had the two little Brothers whom she loved dearly... We packed her stuff and put it in the car, as we left, she broke down in tears.

She moved in to my house that night and we have been living together since then, we continued with our wedding plans, and Christy received some more trouble from her older siblings, but stood her ground. Three months after that day we got married in front of our family members and friends who supported us through it all...

It is now nearing two years since we first got together, and we are still as happy as the day we first met, a few things did change along the way though. Christy and her family made peace.. so in true fashion THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.