Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing erotic scenes between two consenting young women and is not appropriate for persons under the age of 17. Any similarity to actual events or persons is unintended.

Band Camp Part One

“Discovering Cindy”

My first experience with a girl was in junior high, like girls tend to do, practicing kissing each other during a sleep over. I remember quite enjoying it. Until the next day when my so called friend treated me like I had the plague.

After that mess I decided to put what had happened, the feelings I felt all in the back of my mind. >From time to time I would see a girl who appealed to me more than the rest but I would chalk it up to admiration and move on.

My sophomore year in high school is when I met the one I couldn’t ignore. I decided to join marching band that year. I had played saxophone since the fifth grade but had abandoned it a couple of years before. I loved going to the football games my freshman year and watching the half time show so I decided to start practicing my scales and join up the following year.

I got to know a few people at school that were in the band and they had me looking very much forward to it. Band camp was supposed to be the best and I couldn’t wait. My friends said all the marching and exercise they did was a great way to stay in shape, you were out in the sun so much, you ended the week with a killer tan, and then there was the sneaking out of the dorm rooms at night and playing pranks on the lower classmen.

Unfortunately, since it was my first year in band, even though I was in the 10th grade, I was treated like a freshman, at least I would be that week. It was Hell Week for the freshmen. Their week to be initiated into band. Secretly all week the seniors would put the freshmen through various trails out of the eyes of the chaperones ending the week with the actual initiation which usually included shaving cream, tons of toilet paper, and water balloons.

The week started off rough. It was non stop work as we ran through our show piece by piece and memorized our music. It was up at dawn, toting our heavy instruments down to the practice field and sweating our butts off in our cut offs and sports bras. That first night after practice the other three girls in my dorm decided they were to exhausted to get back up off their beds they had collapsed onto to get a shower. I had to agree so we set the alarm and headed to bed, deciding to shower in the morning.

The dorms were hot and the fan I had brought from home wasn’t doing much to keep me cool. I had tossed and turned, waking up in a sheen of sweat at around four in the morning. I tried to get back to sleep, but the heat was too much. I pulled my sticky sheets off of me and decided a cool shower might help. Maybe then I could get at least an hour or two of sleep before it was really time to get up.

I grabbed my tote and quietly opened the door, stepping into the hall way. When I reached the bathroom for our floor, I set my things on the floor and sighed, turning on the faucet at the sink and splashing some cold water onto my face as I used my other hand to hold my shoulder length dark hair back from my pale face.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

I shot up from the sink, my heart racing. I hadn’t expected anyone else to be there and the voice, even as soft as it was, gave me a start.

“Oh!” I gasped, wiping the water from my eyes as I tried to focus on who was now standing beside of me. “Cindy. I thought I was alone in here.”

Cindy. She was a junior and one of the prettiest girls I’d ever seen. She was my height, but compared to my stick figure, she had the athletic curves her three years in band and cross country had allowed her. Her skin was always a little dark complected, her hair a beautiful dark brown with light highlights, and her eyes a chocolate you could get lost in. She was so pretty and popular that I had never even bothered speaking to her. Why would she want to be friends with me?

We sometimes ran in similar circles though. I had started dating a guy in her grade that she was friendly with, so we knew of each other. But that was it.

“I couldn’t sleep either.” She said, turning to her things which were also in the floor.

As she bent down I couldn’t help my eyes from roaming over her body. The defined muscles in her back, the curve of her bottom, and the taunt stretch of her legs as she rummaged through her bag.

“I figured a cold shower might help.” She said, straightening back up.

I averted my gaze, hoping in my semi-sleepy state, she hadn’t caught me looking at her. “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.”

“Well...” She said, lifting her tank top over her head and tossing it onto the floor. “Shall we?”

Suddenly all the feelings I’d had towards girls in the past wouldn’t be denied any longer. I couldn’t chalk this up to admiration... I wanted her. Seeing her bare chested before me was causing a heat to build within me, a wetness soaking the flannel material of my boxer shorts I’d worn to bed that night, and my pale skin to flush a bright pink.

If she noticed my openly gawking at her, she didn’t let on. Instead she slipped of her shorts and turned to the shower stalls across from us. I shook my head to clear it and pick up my soap and shampoo heading for the stall next to hers.

I was breathing deeply, trying to forget the pounding between my thighs as the cool water rushed across my skin. My nipples tightened, both from the water, and from the feel of my hands against my flesh as I soaped up. Imagine my surprise and my embarrassment when she popped her head into my stall.

“Hey, Jen?”

“Yes?” I asked, a little breathless as I clutched my washcloth to my chest.

“I forgot my soap. Do you mind if I use yours?” She asked, biting her lip.

I shook my head and swallowed as I extended my arm towards her.

“Oh, were you not finished?” She asked, noting my soapy cloth.


She smiled and nodded towards the soap.

“Oh, um, almost... but you can use it.”

“Here...” She said, coming completely into my stall as she talked. “I’ll soap your back, then you can do mine.”

She reached for the soap but I didn’t move.

“You okay, Jen? I can just wait if I’m making you uncomfortable.”

The look of concern on her face as she watched me was very touching. If she could put nakedness aside, then maybe I could too. Of course, she probably wasn’t lusting over me as I was her.

“I’m okay. Just a little tired still.” I said, giving her a small smile as I lowered my wash cloth and handed her my bar of soap.

She smiled, water droplets falling from her full lips as she reached for my shoulders, turning me around in the small stall, facing me to the wall. She ran the soap across my shoulders in circular motions, moving slowly down my back. She set the soap in the holder on the wall and used both of her hands to work her way back up. Her hands skimmed the sides of my breasts as she moved and I had to bite my cheek to keep quite. I wondered in she could hear the change in my breathing over the spray of the shower.

I was so nervous. Here I was, completely naked, in the shower with a gorgeous girl at camp. I was worried she’d be able to tell how I felt, I was worried that someone would walk in, and I think I was even a little worried that she would feel the same way I did and would maybe even act on it. Then would I be able to ignore this part of me that I have hid for so long?

Her hands on my shoulders and neck felt so good that I hadn’t realized I was relaxing ever so slightly into Cindy until she spoke up. She giggled, her husky voice and hot breath against my ear. “Don’t fall asleep on me now.” She teased.

“Sorry.” I whispered, straightening up once I realized her pert nipples were pressing ever so slightly against my back. “Felt good.”

“My turn.” She said, shifting us under the spray of the showerhead.

If I’d thought the view of her ass had been good in her shorts, it was nothing compared to seeing it bared before me, water rolling down it, disappearing in between her thighs. I reached for the soap and timidly reached out for her. My hand was a bit shaky as I tried to mimic her movements from earlier.

I must have been doing well because as I reached her lower back she leaned forward, moaning a bit as she rested her forearms on the tiled walls. I set the soap down again and let both of my hands go to her lower back, rubbing and massaging, my hands slipping against her skin. I pressed harder as I worked my way up, each touch of my hands eliciting a sound from her that was music to my ears.

Closing my eyes, I continued touching her, listening to her, drawing in a breath as she pressed her rear into me the slightest bit. I gasped, eyes flying open to see her leaning into me, arms holding her up. I as massaged her shoulders, the pressure from my hands would cause her to press into me with each stroke and I found myself more and more turned on.

I had to stop. I couldn’t take much more. I didn’t want her seeing how turned on she was making me. I dropped my hands. “There you go.”

She groaned. “Done already?”

I laughed, looking away from her as she turned to face me once again. She stood, staring at me as I avoided her searching gaze.

“Thank you.” She said softly.

“Oh... well, thank you.” I said just as softly as she push away from the wall and moved towards me.

She moved forward, the water cascading over her head, running down her body as she moved mere inches from my face, backing me into the wall. “It was my pleasure...”

She’s hitting on me, right? This can’t just be playful banter. I’d done this kind of things a hundred times over when flirting with boys at school. Except we were never naked. My breath quickened as I waited... for what, I wasn’t sure. For her to leave... for her to... kiss me?

Creak.... slam!!!

I nearly died. Someone had come in the bathroom. I drew in a sharp breath and was starting to panic. If it were a chaperone, it could mean being sent home and kicked out of band, if it were just another of their band mates, it could be very embarrassing.

Cindy reached for me, covering my mouth with her hand and guiding me to the very back of our single stall. She mouthed to me, “calm down.” I nodded my head and she let go of me, moving to stick her head out of the curtain.

“Oh, hey Audra. I thought I heard someone else come in.”

“Yeah, I hate the first night. It’s always hell trying to sleep. Is someone else in here?” She asked.

Crap! I’d left my tote on the floor by the sink.

“Well, there was. That new sophomore. I think she forgot something. Started the shower...” Cindy said, nodding towards the stall she’d abandoned before continuing, “ then said she’d be right back. That’s been a few minutes ago. Poor thing probably fell back asleep.”

Audra laughed. “Yeah, the first year is always the hardest. You never expect there to be so much work involved. Well, shit. Speaking of forgetting... I’ll be right back.”

As soon as the door shut, Cindy reached for my hand and led me into her shower stall.

“There.” She said. “You can emerge from here in a few minutes and she’ll just think you came in after she left.”

Suddenly I felt bad as Cindy talked, a slight disappointment to her voice. I didn’t want her thinking I was embarrassed to be seen with her... these feelings were just... new to me.

I grabbed her wrist as she started to pull the curtain shut. “Cindy...”

“Yeah?” She asked me, once again searching my eyes.

I sighed, unable to put to words what was going through my mind. “... thank you.”