Turns out we were late for dinner when Audra and Seth came looking for us. Cindy and I smiled as we followed the two to the dinning hall. Under the table I could feel her knee pressing against mine. Nervously, I glanced up from my plate at her. She was listening intently to someone across the table from her, or so it seemed to everyone else.

I smirked, slipping my hand into my lap, gliding it over to her shorts clad leg. She never once flinched as my hand caressed her thigh, my fingers slipping under the hem of her shorts, teasing her. A small smile played across her lips and she continued with her conversation.

“Well, aren’t we becoming brazen?” She whispered, coming up beside me on the walk back to the dorms.

“I couldn’t help myself.” I answered. “Besides, you touched my leg first.”

She smiled, putting her arm around me. “You’re lucky that’s all I did. You looked so cute sitting there. Just can’t keep my hands off you.”

I tensed up slightly, looking around as she spoke, wondering if anyone could tell by looking at me that I wanted this girl with her arm around me so badly. That I wanted to lay her out, right there, and have my way with her.

“Listen...” She said, removing her arm and lowering her voice even more. “What do you say we go back up to my room when we get back?”

My heart began to race, my blood pounding in my ears and pooling in my belly. “What about your roommates?”

She shrugged. “They usually hang out in front of the television until closer to lights out. We should be able to be alone...”

Her last word rang in my ears. Alone... I liked the sound of that. I nodded. “Sure. Just let me blow off Seth.”

After faking a headache, I headed up the stairs to the girls dorms. I wasn’t exactly sure which one was Cindy’s so I just waited in the hallway. She had seen me get up to excuse myself so I knew she wouldn’t be far behind me. I stood there in the hallway, the only sound that of my heart beating wildly in my chest. I leaned against the wall next to the bathrooms and closed my eyes, willing my breathing to slow.

No chance in that. Not when she had snuck up behind me, planting a tender kiss on my collarbone. I drew in a sharp breath, electricity shooting straight between my legs. I could have collapsed into her right then and there.

“Come on...” She said, hotly into my ear. Taking my hand, she led me down the hallway, four doors down the hall and across from my own room. She opened the door, letting me in. I stood looking at the two sets of bunk beds wondering which was hers... what would come next.

“Mine’s the bottom bunk.” She said softly, indicating the one by the window.

I smiled nervously as she turned me so I was facing her.

“You okay?” She asked, drawing circles on the small of my back.

I nodded, though I was shaking like a leaf. Here I was, with the most beautiful girl, alone, knowing she wanted me, know that things I had only dreamed about were bound to become a reality.

Slowly she moved in, drawing me nearer. I thought I would faint as I waited for her lips to meet mine. As they did, I knew I’d found myself, there in her arms. Never before had something felt so right. My lips parted, allowing her entrance and I moaned as her tongue slid over mine.

She backed me up towards her bunk and helped me lay down so I wouldn’t bump my head. Cindy climbed on top of me, settling in between my legs. I thought I would melt. Actually I was melting... so to speak. My panties were soaking quickly as I had never been so turned on in all my life.

Making quick work of pushing my shirt above my head, she started smothering me with kisses as she moved her hips, grinding me into her mattress. I swear I saw stars as she gently pushed my bra cup to the side, running her tongue along the curve of my breast, nearing my nipple. My nails dug into her back as she finally made contact, sucking my aching pebble into her mouth.

“Oh, God... Cindy...” I breathed, clinging to her for dear life.

I couldn’t take it. I felt as if I were going to implode. Savagely I summoned what little bit of strength I had left and flipped our bodies so that I was resting on top of her now. Her eyes sparkled, clearly pleased with the reaction she had brought out in me.

I kissed her once again, moving downward over her thin white T-shirt. I could make out her hardened nipples beneath the material and couldn’t help myself from biting lightly on them, shirt and all.

She gasped, wrapping her legs around me, pulling me closer to her. Smiling I bit down harder for a split second before lifting up enough to help her off with her shirt as well. We drew closer, our breasts pressing into each other as I stared into her eyes.

I leaned in to kiss her again when she gasped.

“Wait...” She whispered, pulling me to her as she strained her ear for the door.

“Shit.” She pushed me gently off of her, throwing me my shirt as she struggled with her own, ignoring her bra. “Someone’s coming.”

I gasped, fumbling with my shirt as a voice paused outside the door, talking with someone else. I had just pulled my shirt on and managed to smooth out my hair when the knob turned.

“Oh, I didn’t know we had company.” It was one of Cindy’s roommates, Beth. She was looking at us with an odd sort of smile as she shut the door behind her.

“And who do we have here?” She asked, eyeing me.

“This is Jen. She plays alto.” Cindy told her, leaning over to turn on her fan. We’d both worked up a bit of a sweat in the dead summer air.

“Well, nice to meet you, Jen.” She said, finally looking away and going to the dresser. She grabbed a bag. Every two rooms shared a half bath with a toilet and a sink, which apparently is where Beth was headed. “I’m gonna go fix my make-up. Mr. Daniels is going to let us run down to the campus bookstore before lights out. Never know, there might be some cute college guys.”

Cindy chuckled as Beth headed for the door.

“Anyone need in here before I take over?”

We both shook our heads no. After the door shut and locked behind her, Cindy stood up, pulling me with her. Quietly she moved me into the small closet and shut the door. I had to laugh.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as she went for my shorts.

“I have to have you.”

“But Beth...”

“... will take a few minutes to perfect her look. Believe me. You don’t really want to complain, do you?” She asked, slipping her hand into my now open fly, her fingers sliding into my soaked panties.

“No...” I gasped, bracing myself against the wall.


Her fingers slipped in my wetness, sliding between my folds, fondling me gently. I bit my lip, trying not to moan out loud. It never felt this good when I touched myself, or even when Seth touched me.

Deeper her hand slid until she was circling my clit. I gripped her shoulders, pressing my forehead into her shoulder as she relentlessly moved her hand against me.

“God, you’re so wet.” She breathed. “Do I do this to you?”

“Yes...” I gasped, kissing her neck.

With that she pushed, sliding a finger into me. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips and quickly she covered my mouth with her own, swallowing the sound. In and out, over and over, before adding a second. I spread my legs as far apart as my pants would allow, wanting her to feel all of me.

The palm of her hand was sliding against my hardened clit as her fingers moved rapidly in and out of me. My ears were ringing and blackness was starting to form at the corners of my vision. I was panting as she held me to her, touching me, attacking my neck with her mouth, teeth, and tongue.

My walls were clenching her fingers, wanting to keep them there forever, but I was so sensitive, so close to the edge that it was all I could do to prolong the sensations she was bringing out in me. Finally, I couldn’t hold on any longer. I drew in a long breath as my body clenched one final time around her before releasing all over us both.

I was too aroused to care about being embarrassed. Never before had I been so wet, and usually I would be freaked out that she would think me gross for it. But when she withdrew her hand from my pants, bringing it up to her lips, I thought I would die.

Slowly she took two fingers into her mouth, shaking with desire as she sucked my juices off of them. My jaw dropped and when her eyes finally opened and her fingers where withdrawn, she smiled at me, moving her hand to my lips.

I could smell myself on her and my knees went weak once more. I knew what she wanted, but I shook my head no. Her smile grew as she traced my lip with her finger anyway. I couldn’t help it, as much as I was nervous about tasting myself, I wanted her. My tongue darted out, catching her finger before it left my lip. She sighed as I lightly licked her slender finger before drawing it completely into my mouth. I knew that this kind of thing was a huge turn on for Seth, but never would I have imagined Cindy being turned on by it as well.

When I finished, she opened the door, stepping out while keeping her eyes on me. About that time the door to the room swung open again. Cindy nodded to my pants and I turned facing the back of the closet, righting myself.

“... but I bet the blue one would look good on you.” Cindy said, as if finishing a sentence as the rest of her roomies walked in.

They glanced in the closet at me. Cindy stood there, a crooked smile on her face as she waited for my reaction.

“Yeah, maybe. But black is my favorite color.” I mananged.

“Trying to decide on your end of week outfits already?” One of the other girls asked, continuing on into the room.

At the end of band camp, on the very last night before they would head home, a big party would be thrown in honor of the upperclassmen. Everyone looked forward to the oportunity to dress up a little after the workout wear of the week.

“Why not. It’s only a few days away.” Another girl added. “Are you going to the bookstore with us, Cindy?”

“Sure. You want to come, Jen?” She asked, as I finally came out, shutting the closet door behind me.

I looked at Cindy, her face still flushed, a bit of myself still glistening on her lips and I blushed. “Um... I’d better not. I promised my friends I’d hang out with them some tonight.”

Cindy frowned, walking to the door with me. “Hang on guys, I’ll be right back.”

She walked outside, shutting the door behind her. “Is everything okay?”

I smiled, reaching out to wipe her lip with my thumb. Her head turned into my touch. “Of course it is.”

“Then why don’t you come with us?” She asked, pouting as she ran a finger along my arm.

I shivered at her touch, my eyes half closing, head tilting back. “That’s why... I don’t trust myself around you right now.”

She smiled wide now, her dark eyes sparkling. “Alright. I’ll let you go this time. Rain check?”

I nodded, looking around the hall to make sure it was clear before I leaned in, quickly kissing her before taking off for my own dorm room.

“Sweet dreams, Jen...” She called from behind me.

She jinxed me, damn her. Sweet dreams indeed. A little too sweet. Cindy, laid out naked before me as I licked and kissed every inch of her body. I moaned into her skin, feeling my wetness glide against her. She moved out from under me, behind me, her hands running over my back as I leaned there on all fours. Then she was below me, her mouth covering my moistened pussy. I moaned and panted at her soft touch. Her giggling filling my ears... wait, how can she do those wonderful things to me and still manage to giggle?

Slowly, I came to, my eyes opening to my darkened room and my giggling dormmates.

“Oh, baby!” Kelly cried out, causing them all to errupt in a fit of laughter. “There, yes, there!”

“Oh, my God.” I groaned, turning into my pillow.

“Yeah, I think you said that too.” Rebecca said.

“Just who are you orgasming over, Jen?” Sara asked, leaning over the top bunk to look at me.

I sighed, my breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Well, you can’t exactly blame her.” Kelley said, jumping off the top of the opposite bed to curl up on the end of my bunk, nudging my leg. “These chaperones are so strict, she probably hasn’t gotten any alone time with Seth since the bus ride here.”

“I don’t care about him anymore.” I groaned, pulling my sheets up over my head.

“See, I knew it was someone else!” Sara declared, as if she’d won a prize.

“Who is it, Jen?” Rebecca asked, leaning in.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Now leave me alone, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Oh, come on!” The girls groaned in unison.

“No!” I shouted, muffled by my pillow. Slowly they settled back into their beds, still whispering to themselves.

“Jen...” Kelley said, leaning in a bit closer so the others couldn’t hear. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Her voice was softer than it had been earlier with the teasing and I couldn’t help but smile, rolling over to look at her. Kelly had been my best friend since we’d started school and was instrumental in getting me to join band. I suppose I owed it to her that I’d even met Cindy like this.

“Not right now, Kelley. But thank you.”

“Okay. But I’m here if you need me.” She patted my back before hopping up and into her own bunk.

My smile faded as I turned back to face the wall. Could I really talk to Kelley about what was happening to me? Would she be disgusted and not want to be my friend anymore? I couldn’t see Kelley reacting like that, but had heard her making fun of a girl at school whom was known to be gay. Of course this girl had openly stalked one of the senior cheerleaders too. Everyone had found it rather amusing that the girl couldn’t take a hint. I didn’t think I could stand it if Kelley made fun of me. We’d always been so close.

There was no way I intended on giving up Cindy though. I’d finally found someone who made me happy. Who made me feel so intensely. I couldn’t wait to explore more with her, share more with her. A sleepy smile spread across my face as part of my erotic dream flashed before my eyes. Cindy’s head, thrown back in pleasure, a moan escaping her lips, a moan brought about by me... I couldn’t wait to make her moan...