Best Lover Friends Forever

By: Cassie White

My name is Cassie and i'm currently 32 years old. I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs. I have brown hair and green eyes. I have 36 c-cup breasts. I am curvy in the right places. I have an "apple bottom" and thick thighs. I have two friends. One's named Britney and the other's name is Sasha. We have been best friends and exclusive lovers since we were all little.

I grew up in an unordinary household. My mom is a lesbian. My two older sisters are lesbians. I grew up finding women attractive. It wasn't something that my mom or sisters programmed. At least, I don't think that's what happened. I just never found boys attractive.

I was still kinda young. My sisters were 18 and 19. They shared a room. They both had girlfriends and the both had sex with their girlfriends in the same room. They would even do it at the same time. Now, my family wasn't an incestuous one. Well, we were slightly but not really. Karen and Katrina never had sex with each other. They would have sex with their girlfriends in the same bedroom at the same time.

Now, I say that we grew up incestuous but not really. Allow me to explain. We were raised to not be afraid of our bodies. Too many people hide their naked bodies. Like taking a shower. Too many people will go to the shower fully clothed with extra clothes in hand so that nobody in the house ever saw them naked. Well, in our house we nix all that nonsense. We go to the shower naked and we come out of the bathroom naked. Now, we don't parade around the house nude. We are just not afraid of seeing each other naked.

Now, growing up in a house full of girls, we are affectionate. We hug and we kiss...alot. We kiss each other hello and we kiss each other goodbye. I've always been brought up to kiss with tongue. Mom said that it's good practice (when we were still new to dating) and we sorta just keep doing it. It's not really making out. It's extended french kissing. We do it in public as well as at home. I will admit that it gives me a huge thrill do to it in public now. I can't count how many times a simple goodbye kiss would be a several minutes long make out session with my sister Kat.

I grew up with my best friends Sasha and Britney. They would all spend the night with me every weekend. We agreed that they shouldn't tell their parents or family about how affectionate my family is because people would talk. It did spark Britney and Sasha's interest though. So, I suggested that the three of us did it too. We would do it just at my house because school kids in junior high are extremely cruel.

Well, We started this up at about age 11. It took all of a few weeks before we were just flat out making out. We did it all the time. We would even sneak kisses during school. We would go to the bathroom and do it instead of having to go. We would sneak pecks in the lips on the school bus.

About halfway through 6th grade at age 12 we noticed, the making out was getting us horny. So that's when we started adding masturbating together with the making out. We didn't touch each other. We would lay on my bed. We would make out laying side by side and we would play with our own pussies. Then one day Sasha reached over to Britney's pussy. Britney let out a moan and Sasha plunged a couple fingers into her pussy. Britney returned the favor and we were now fingering each other while we made out.

Mom walked in and finally caught us after we had been doing it for about a month. We all freaked out. Mom walked in with just a long tshirt on. It was her standard sleeping apparel. She would wear a long tshirt that didn't quite cover her ass. She didn't wear panties and obviously didn't wear a bra.

She said, "So what were you girls doing?"

I said, "Mom, I can explain."

She said, "What is there to explain. You girls were helping each other get off right?"

Nobody said anything.

Mom then said, "Am I right?"

All three of us reluctantly said, "Yes, ma'am."

Mom said, "You know, It's ok if you were."

Britney said, "It is?"

"Of course it is. Your momma does it too." she said referring to herself.

Sasha and I both said, "You do?"

Mom said, "Oh yes dear. You know my friend Amy?"

I said, "Yeah."

Mom said, "She's been my girlfriend for about 6 years now. I've been a lesbian for a long time, darlin."

I said, "So what about daddy?"

Mom said, "We both thought we could make it work but we were both just kidding ourselves and each other. Your dad knew I was a lesbian before I did."

Britney said, "So, what about Kat and Karen?"

Mom said, "They are both lesbians. Let me ask you this. Do you like doing what you were just doing?"

We all giggled and said, "Oh yes."

Mom said, "I'll tell you what I told your sisters. Don't be ashamed of who you are attracted too. You have my permission to do whatever you want in this bedroom anytime you want. I'd rather know about it and you do it in my house than you guys sneak around."

Mom paused to wait for a response and then said, "Well, if you will excuse me I have a naked girlfriend waiting in bed for me. You girls have fun and don't stay up too late."

So, here we were. Three 13 year olds given the green light by my mom to fuck each other silly.

So I sat up and said, "So, what do you guys think?"

Britney said, "I think we should go for it."

Sasha said, "What about us being friends."

Britney said, "It's not like we're fighting over a guy. We want each other. If anything I think it will make our friendship stronger."

I said, "So?"

Everyone sat there and waited. We were all waiting for someone else to say it. Every one of us had butterflies in our bellies. We were excited and nervous. We wanted so much to scream out our attraction for each other but were afraid.

Then I said, "Ok, I'll say it. I don't care if you both hate me forever. I want to be a lesbian."

Both Sasha and Britney said at the same time, "I do too."

I said, "We make a pact. Right here and right now. We swear to be best friends and lovers forever."

Sasha said, "Best friends and lesbian lovers forever."

Britney said, "I love you both. Best friends and lovers forever."

We all leaned in and did a three way french kiss.

From then on, we didn't bother to hide it. We all were girlfriends. People started to whisper to each other about it.

A girl in our science class walked up to us and said, "So, what's up with you three?"

Britney said, "This is my girlfriend Cassie and my other girlfriend Sasha."

I leaned over and kissed Sasha and then turned the other direction and kissed Britney. The girl just gave us a wide-eyed look and then walked back to her seat.

Well, time passed. Britney, Sasha and I had grown more and more in love with each other. It was well known that we were lesbians. Guys tried to break us up. Girls would come up to us expressing their secret desire to sleep with another girl. We remained faithful.

It was october of our senior year. Britney and I were both 17 and Sasha would be turning 17 in February. We were on the bus riding home. Usually we just all took my car to and from school but mom had to borrow mine since hers was in the shop.

Out of the blue, Jennifer Grey turns around and says to us, "So, what are you girls doing this weekend?"

I said, "I dunno, why?"

Jennifer said, "What do you all think about a sleepover? My parents are out of town all weekend."

Sasha said, "What did you have planned?"

Jennifer said, "Well, anything really. Whatever happens, happens."

I said, "Let us talk it over. I'll call you in a little while, k?"

Jennifer said, "Ok, just let me know."

Britney, Sasha and I got off the bus at my house. We went inside. My mind was racing with thoughts of what Jennifer wanted to do. I know my girls were thinking the same thing.

We walk inside and go up to my room. I said, "Ok so, seriously, what do you guys think about going over to jennifer's house?"

Britney said, "I dunno." She said it kinda cryptically.

Sasha said, "Yeah, I dunno either."

I said, "Ok, we've been together for long enough to know when we are lying. Just tell the truth. Nothing you guys say will get me upset."

There was a long pause. It was like everyone was waiting for someone else to say something first. Then Britney coyly says, "We being 100% completely honest here?"

Sasha then blurts out, "I wanna eat her pussy."

I said, "Sasha!!"

Sasha said, "I'm sorry. We're being honest here. I love you both with all my heart. If we all don't agree I have no problem not going but I wanna get her naked and make her cum in my mouth."

Britney said, "Thank god someone else thought so too. I felt like a slut thinking about it. I think we should get long tom (what we called our double ended dildo) and a couple bradley's (what we called the strap ons) and go fuck the shit out of each other."

I said, "Ok, well that makes three then. Lets do it. Oh, but one thing. We can't expect for any of this to go down. She may not be into that sorta thing."

I picked up the phone and dialed Jennifer's number. She answered and we told her that we would be over.

I asked her, "So, can we bring anything over?"

She said, "Anything you want. I said that anything goes."

I said, "Ok then. We'll be over there in 20 minutes."

We didn't bother packing pajamas. For one thing, we hadn't worn any in years. Another thing, we already decided that we would start things if it already hadn't.

So we drove over to Jennifer's house. She greeted us with a kiss. Wasn't entirely sexual. It was the right amount of friendly mixed with advertisement. She really did a good job making it appear that it was just in all friendliness. She kissed each of us on the lips. A short peck on the lips.

She said, "So, nobody brought clothes?"

I said, "Nope."

She said, "Cool, whatever. So what do you guys wanna do?"

Britney said, "Up to you."

She said, "Well, we could watch a movie, play some cards, some video games...go for a dip in the pool."

Sasha said, "A dip sounds good, but we don't have our bikini's."

I said, "So, lets just go naked. Come on, show us the way Jen."

We all walked through her house. We walked through the french double doors and onto the deck in her back yard. I started undressing immediately. Sasha followed and then Britney. Jen sorta seemed reluctant. It was like she wasn't sure if she should go for it or not. Maybe she was afraid of what we would say about her body. Or maybe it was that she was curious about lesbian sex but not completely sure if she should start this way. After all, once you go for it, there's no going back.

Britney said, "Ok slowpoke, if we're naked, then you're gonna be naked."

Britney walked up to Jen and started taking off her clothes. She first went for her shirt. Jen was wearing a short sleeved white semi-seethrough button down top. Britney took it off and tossed it onto a deck chair. Then she went for Jen's khaki shorts. They were button fly shorts. She took them off and tossed them as well. Then Sasha pressed her naked body to Jen's. She was acting like she had to to get to her bra. Sasha unhooked it with one hand and let it fall off her shoulders and onto the floor below. She stepped back and I got on my knees. I grasped both sides of her panties. I pressed my nose to her pussy through her panties. I stuck my tongue out and ran it up and down her pussy through the panties. I then pulled them down to her feet. She kicked them off.

Jen pulled me up to my feet. She wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my naked ass with both hands. She pressed her own hairy pussy to my own. She then tilted her head sideways and we started making out. Britney and Sasha stood close by. They were both arm in arm holding each other. Britney was necking Sasha who was watching Jen and I intently.

Jen broke off the kiss and said with a breathy voice, "Oh god, I'm so wet. I've wanted you so bad."

Britney pushed the two of us apart and said, "There's entirely too much sex going on this early. First we play, then we fuck."

Britney and Sasha pushed both Jen and I into the pool. We had so much fun in that pool. Jen had masks that we could wear so that we only had to hold our breath and not worry about getting water in our noses. I noticed both Britney and Sasha swimming between Jen's legs to lick her pussy. They were both pretty sneaky about it. You would think that the three of us had never had sex with a girl before. We were all lusting after Jennifer as if it was our first time.

After a couples hours the horseplay in the pool calmed down. Britney and Sasha were getting really into each other. They were off in the corner of the pool making out and playing with each other.

Jennifer said, "So, everyone ok with pizza?"

I said, "Sounds good to me."

Britney and Sasha were too busy to kiss to respond. They both mumbled something from the liplock that resembled a yes.

Jennifer said to me in a seductive tone, "You wanna come inside with me and help me order it?"

I looked dreamily into her eyes and said, "I'd love to."

We both walked in hand in hand. I felt a guilty pleasure in doing it. I even looked back at my girls but they were too into each other to even see us holding hands. We walked in and grabbed the phone. Jen dialed the number and started to place the order. I decided to kiss and suck on her neck while she ordered. My hands wandered all over her beautiful body.

Once she was done she sloppily hung the phone up. She held my head in her hand and we started making out. Our hands were groping each other. We walked our way very slowly from the kitchen into the living room. We were making out the whole way.

We got to the couch and Jen layed down onto the couch and I on top of her. We were writhing against one another as we kissed. Between kisses Jen said, "I've wanted you for the longest time."

I said, "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

She said, "Because of your girlfriends out there. You are so in love with them."

I said, "Well, baby, you can have all of me if you want."

Her eyes lit up and she said, "You saying what I think you are saying?"

I said, "I'm yours honey."

Just as I had started to go down on her the doorbell rang. I heard Britney and Sasha shout, "Pizza's here!"

They both came running into the living room. I only got one good lick and then we all got up to answer the door. None of us had even bothered to realize we were naked. The pizza guy got an eye full. We handed him the money and he didn't take it. He was too busy staring at all the tits and pussy.

That night was not one I was expecting. After the pizza, Jen took me to bed with her. She didn't say anything to anyone. She took my hand and we went upstairs. That night we had the most amazing sex of my life. I got lost in her. She made me cum in ways I didn't know were possible. We eventually fell asleep together. We both woke up at around 10am holding each other. We lightly kissed as we woke up.

I then realized that we had both completely ignored Sasha and Britney. I started searching the house for them but couldn't find either. I then picked up my cell and called Britney.

I said, "Where did you girls go?"

Britney said, "Sasha and I went back to my place. It was way too obvious that I wanted Sasha to myself and You wanted Jen."

I said, "You guys coming back over?"

She said, "Well, we kinda just got started again. You enjoy Jen this weekend. I know I'll enjoy Sasha."

I said, "Are you sure?"

She said, "Absolutely positive."

I said, "Ok then. I love you."

She said, "Love you too, baby."

We hung up. I felt kinda guilty. I felt like they left because of Jen and I. I went back to the bedroom and Jen was in bed lightly playing with her pussy. It was like every doubt in my head evaporated. I immediately switched back to my new found love.

I kissed Jen on the neck and said, "Is it wrong that I want you all for myself?"

Jen hummed into my ear in a breathy voice, "I'm all yours baby.