A Fallen Angel part 1


A Fallen Angel
part 1

Disclaimer: I was inspired to write this story and finish it from a fellow author and friend. This story is based on my life and events that happened. Yes the names have been replace by other names but none-the-less they still reflect the people who influenced me and and i myself.
Truly without the courage I gained from a friend I wouldn't have had the courage to post this. So thank you Jodie, without you I could never have done this. Some of the events in this story are fictional but based on truth. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY STORY!!!

If you'd like to contact me my e-mail is : love4manga2006@hotmail.com
     It was a late summer night waves crashing against the stone ledge of the pier. All the summer nights had seemed the same....hot and sticky. Just the way everyone seemed to hate them, though it was natural for Texas. A young girl around the age of 7 sat on the ledge of the pier. She'd always been fascinated with the water, but really never knew how to express her love for it. Lately, she'd been having sensational feelings that the water was calling to her....willing her to drown herself in it's dark depths. Again and again the waves splashed against the ledge of the pier a few droplets spluttering up and landing on the tips of her toes. She stared at the water, never before had the waves been this strong, and as always she saw no reflection in it. The water was a deep blue, murky with salt. The wind was blowing strong, and it was almost too strong it seemed. Another wave hit against the pier and as it hit, a gust of wind blew against the ledge. The next thing she knew the young girl was falling toward the water, feeling as though this was finally the end, now all her pain woul be dispersed and never again would she suffer. A small splash echoed as the girl broke the surface of the water, and decended into its dark depths. The only thing left of her memory, a small bracelet left behind on a rock in the water where her arm hit.


                              15 years later

     "Yo! what're you staring at the water for? We need to hurry up cuz I wanna get home already!" Kina said as she was yawning. It was late and she was tired, it had been a long day for her and these late night walks were something that she did often to please her friend Suki.

     "But I love looking at the waves hitting against the pier I mean don't you just love it?! It never fails to amaze me how beautiful they look in the moonlight, especially tonight since it's a full moon!" Suki said with building excitement. She looked over to Kina with a pleading puppy face and pulled Kina over to sit with her near the barred off ledge. "Hey Kina do you know why they put these bars up? I can remember coming here when I was little, and there weren't bars here then." Suki stated in a matter-of-faculty voice.

     "Really I don't know and really I could care less Suki!!! NOW CAN WE GO HOME PLEASE?!?!" Kina said, making sure to emphasize the part about wanting to leave. Ever since she was little when the bars were just being put up Kina could remember stories of a girl being thrown from the cliff, or was it that she threw herself off the cliff? Kina couldn't remember, and either way didn't want to remember. That was the reason she got creeped out of coming to this place now, because of why these bars were now here.

     "Oh fine then you crybaby lets go home so you can be happy finally." Suki turned and was almost ready to leave when a bright glint from near the ocean caught her eye. What's that? She thought to herself. She looked down more closely and saw what looked like a small pearl bracelet. "OH MY GOD KINA LOOK!!!!!" Kina jumped a bit hearing the screaming coming from her friend and dashed towards her to see if she needed any aid of any sort.

     "WHAT THE HELL!!!!" Kina looked at her friend seeing her not hurt in any shape way or form. "What was all that goddamn screaming for Suki?! Can't you be a bit more quiet? I mean you know there are some sensible people trying to sleep right now unilke someone who's keeping someone else called her best friend out here right now to look at some crummy water. You know why don't you just pour yourself a glass of water at home and stare at that for a while? Hmmmmmm???" Kina asked truly glad that her friend really wasn't hurt.

     "I'm sorry Kina, but if I looked in a glass of water I don't think I would've managed to see this." Suki said as she pointed to the pearl bracelet clinging onto the sharp rock.

     "What the hell is that?" Kina looked, and knew well what she saw. A bracelet. Not just any bracelet either, a bracelet that maybe a young girl would wear or one that would fit a young girl. "Lets go Suki, I wanna get outta here now." Kina grabbed Suki's wrist and dragged her from the spot immediately, making sure her friend had no time to look at the bracelet any longer.

     "Hey stop it! Kina you're hurting me! Stop it!" Suki struggled to get Kina to loosen her grip on her wrist. Once Kina did loosen her grip they were standing at the front door to their shared apartment. Kina scrounged in her purse for the keys to the door, making sure to keep a close eye on Suki as to keep her from moving away for any reason. She inserted the key into the door, and led Suki into the house first then shut the door behind her and locked it.

     "Sorry Suki, but I don't like the feeling that seeing that bracelet gave me. Do you want to know why they put bars on the pier? Well I'll tell you why, about 15 years ago a young girl fell from that pier into the water and drowned. It was said that the only thing that she left behind was a small pearl bracelet. I really got creeped out of that story when I was younger and this just proves my hunch of me being scared. I know that yes, that really did happen and it frieghtens me to death. I mean come on now, bars were put there for a reason. It was rumored that after she drowned people looked at that bracelet and were drawn by it to the same watery death as she was." At this point Kina was crying and had tears running down her cheeks and dripping from her chin. Suki came up next to her friend at this point and wrapped her arms around her trying to comfort her in the only way she knew how at the moment.

     "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's ok Kina, it's ok babygirl," Babygirl? Where did that come from? Damn we've been living together too long. Kina gave Suki a small smile then a confused look when she heard the babygirl. Suki was deep in thought so she really didn't notice the look that Kina was giving her til Kina shifted in her arms.

     "Babygirl?" Kina looked at Suki with another confused glance. Suki looked down at Kina, and just stared at her for a few moments trying to think of a way to respond. Why had she said that? Did she really mean to call her babygirl? What was going on. She'd promised herself she'd never ever let these feelings for Kina show. Of course, the way her and Kina met was unusual too.


     Since they were in highschool Suki had, had a deep love for Kina. They had met in Kina's Junoir year. Suki was a newcoming freshmen, and she really didn't know who anyone was or how the building here was set up. Life was harsh, as Suki struggled to get by the first week or so. Her father had been trasferred her since he was offered a better job as the corporete executive of the company that he worked for. Suki's mother had died when she was a little. She lived in a different district of the town, and had previously been going to a private school of all girls. That's where she had been coverted to a lesbian she really thought. Having been around girls over half the day was something that Suki knew was different. Especially when she stared having urges to get with those girls in a sexual manner. Really she didn't mind them too much, or at least that's what she thought, until she met Kina. Kina was a junior in the school who had a reputation for being the athletic star of Juban High. Suki was planning to try to major in art as she went through highschool here, since that was her main course that she had taken since she was little in her old private school. Suki had been trying to get her locker open for the past few minutes in the hallway, she'd entered her combination at least over 20 times and it hadn't worked yet. Suki was just about to give up when a tall Brunette walked up beside her, and kicked the locker near the botttom. The next thing she knew her locker was open, and all she could do was sit there like a fool and look up at her savior. This girl had a nice build, she looked very athletic and had maybe a B-cup sized chest. She was skinny all around but not the disgusting type of skinny, but a very nice type of skinny, one that would make almost any girl look unbearably sexy if she was in laungiere. As for her legs, they matched her whole body, toned and long. For a moment Suki wasn't sure if she was even a student here, but looked like maybe a model who had come to give a speech about how easy it is to become one, well easy for someone who looked like her at least. That was when Suki saw her school id though. Kina Sataki, grade 11, age 17, ID number 2107848.

     "Hey kid you ok? I mean I thought you were just having trouble with your locker and thought you might need some help with that, but if you need anything else feel free to call me or come find me and I'll help you out anytime!!! Ja ne!" This girl, Kina, said all this and then walked away to her next class, but not before handing me her cell number and her class schedule. I watch as she walked away. DAMN she has a really nice ass, I wish I could see it bare someday.