A Fallen Angel part 2


A Fallen Angel
part 2

Disclaimer: I was inspired to write this story and finish it from a fellow author and friend. This story is based on my life and events that happened. Yes the names have been replace by other names but none-the-less they still reflect the people who influenced me and and i myself.
Truly without the courage I gained from a friend I wouldn't have had the courage to post this. So thank you Jodie, without you I could never have done this. Some of the events in this story are fictional but based on truth. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY STORY!!!

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     "YO SUKI!!!! EARTH TO SUKI COME IN SUKI COME IN SUKI I THINK THE EARTH IS EXPLODING!!!!!" Kina almost screamed into Suki's ear. Suki had appearently been spaced out for at least about 10 minutes now. Usually it was a task to get her to stay quiet for 5 minutes, so her staying quiet for 10 minutes by herself, that was just unnatural.

     "OMG I HEAR YOU ALREADY SO STOP SHOUTING IN MY EAR FAG!!!!!!!!" Suki instantly regretted letting that fag slip out of her mouth when she saw Kina's face. She looked like she'd just found out her mother died, shocked and sad not really wanting to believe it's true. As she sat there and tried to apologize she just looked at Kina's face, still the same as it was.

     "So you just call me babygirl and make me think that you have special feelings for me, then you call me a fag...ya know....that really does hurt Suki." Kina just sort let those words come out of her mouth without even thinking about them. She didn't care anymore what she told her best friend. She'd lived long enough and been hurt by enough girls to be hurt by this straight girl too.
     Kina and Suki had never come out with their feelings for each other. Sure a few subtle hints were thrown into the wind since their highschool days but really no definate motions or feelings were ever shown. Yeah, they both thought that if the other knew that they'd hate the other. Japanese girls were supposed to be raised properly and supposedly straight. When they moved in together their parents had definately objected expecting even what they didn't, but secretly hoped for. Finally it was all coming together though. Suki saying babygirl really told Kina something, but then again maybe she'd just been wrapped up in the moment since she had just called her a fag....well...shouted that she was a fag in her face really. Life is so hard and so unpredictable at times that all you can do is think about the moments that you're in right now.

     Kina had, had her eyes shut for the past few seconds while she was thinking. What she hadn't been expecting to see as she opened them was Suki only centimeters from her lips and closing in the distance pretty quickly. Kina blushed as everything started to move in slow motion to her. Suki's lips moved in against hers, lightly caressesing her lips, and lightly pulling at the bottom one, sucking on it. Kina just stayed still for a moment then slowly started kissing back, finding that it was exceedingly pleasureable to be kissing a girl, even if this girl was her best friend. They pulled away after a few moments of this intoxicating kissing, simply looking into each other eyes, searching for and unknown answer. Something that couldn't be found by just using an equation or looking through books.

     It really is the strangest thing how love works. The first minute you think that a life with a certain someone by your side would never be possible, and then the next minute their lips are pressed against yours with you responding to every action they make. At least that's how it was for Kina and Suki. It seemed that they'd been waiting for this moment for years now, and finally having it in their grasp, they took it and headed foward with it. Love is also something very complicated though. It's not just some walk in the park for everyone. Sure, it seems like that at first, but it deffinately isn't like that at all.

     "Suki, what did that just mean to you? Was that even real? Suki.....am I alive right now, if so please pinch me!!!" Kina half whispered to her friend. still out of breath from all the emotions running through her at this moment. In the next second she felt long nails peircing her skin. "OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!" Kina howled in pain.

     "I'm so sorry Kina, but you realy did ask me to pinch you!!!!" Apologized Ski almost sad that she had really pinched her now. I mean wasn't something like that supposed to be taked as a phrase, a figure of speech? Yes that was it, it was a figure of speech and she's just mistaken it for the real thing. Oh dear, poor Kina! Sure Suki knew her nails were long, but she didn't think that they were really THAT long. It seems so though, now that she'd just hur the one she'd just kissed, AGAIN. Suki looked at Kina, her cute little hurt expression she wore could be ssen through easily. Behind that little hurt face was a smile, deffenately a smile. Sure Kina was one to smile every now and then, but she'd always needed such a good reason to smile. Sure, Suki was always able to make Kina smile, that was easy, but really the difficult thing was really getting her to smile like she meant it, smile like she really had no care at that moment except expressing her happiness through a small curve of the lips.

     "It's ok Suki! Just don't worry about it ok? I mean I'm the one who told you to pinch me in the first place right? That's what I though!!!" Kina said as she smiled at Suki. Kina finally had a reason to smile. She'd just kissed the love of her life!!! What was supposed to be better than that? Nothing right? Kina was so confused right now! She was deleighted that Suki had just kissed her, and she'd just found out that her feelings she'd always had, had never really been a one-way thing. Then again though, Kina was really sad, why, she didn't know, but maybe she'd felt like she was now losing a best friend. She'd always heard about these relationships from friends. They get with their friend of so many years and they'd go out for a while, but when they found out that they knew each other too well to date, things had already happened that had destroyed the friendship forever, such as a kiss. How could this happen now? Suki had always been there for Kina and now iswhen Kina needed her more than ever! With finals approaching around the corner, the two girls really needed to buckle down and start working for the grades they needed to pass and graduate.

     Seeing Kina's worried expression and thinking it was all over the kiss Suki finally broke emotionally into a mess. "I'm so sorry Kina, I didn't know what I was thinking. I took an action that I shouldn't have taken, and you can act as if it never happened if that's waht you really want, but please say that this won't affect our friendship. I'm sorry, but I've had feelings for you since we first met in my freshman year. I truly love you with all of my heart Kina, but if you can't reciprocate the feelings then it's ok. I've faced reject before, sure it hurts, but it'd feel nothing like what I'd feel if I lost you as a friend or even a possible lover." All of this was said almost with as much emotion as Suki could muster righ tnow. She was on the verge of tears, already thinking she'd lost the best friend she'd ever had i nher whole life. Sure life would go on if she did lose Kina, but it'd never be the same.

     She really wasn't quite expecting it to happen at that moment, but Kina's lips were pressed against hers passionately, and seeking a mutal reaction from hers. Within moment the two had gotten tangled up into each others arms, gently caressing each other, Kina's arms behingd Suki's bakc and neck, while Suki's fingers were against the small of her back. That was the joy of clothes though, they were only made to be put on then taken off later. As the kiss soon deepened, tongues seeking the other out, and hands roaming more than they had before, Kina leaned Suki down onto the couch. Suki laid back on the couch and rested her head against the arm of the couch laying back against the soft fabric of the cusions. Life had been good to them both in the financial area, so things like good funiture could be easily taken care. Things like love had to be found. As Kina felt her body come into contact with Suki's fragile frame she leaned down and kissed her lips again lightly, this time moving down along her chin, then up her jaw to her ear. Suki's breath caught in her throat as she felt the hot breath at her ear, then the warm wet lips sucking along her ear lobe.

     Kina's little foreplay had just been getting started. She stopped her sucking for a moment, just long enough to whisper, "I lvoe you Suki." into Suki's ear, and hear her respond with a gasp. After that Kina decided it was enough fooling areound. She lightly pulled at the hem of Suki's shirt, letting Suki know that she wanted the shirt off. She'd waited too long for this moment to come and now she was craving it like someone must crave icecream or chocolate when they're on a diet she guessed. How would she know? SHe was a toothpick in the weight department. She looked to Suki who was now tugging her shirt over her head and resting it over the back of the couch. What a nice sight did she see next. Suki laid there, a hint of blush rising on her cheeks from embarassment and passion from being pretty much only half clothed in front of someone she knew was her almost best friend in the world and secret love of her life. Kina moved down spending time on the girls neck, licking and gently sucking at the flesh there. Nipping at places she thought would maybe ellict a moan from Suki. Most of the time it did, and as she moved down further trailing her tongue over Suki's collarbone, feeling the girl slightly tremble under her touch. Hre fingers graced over the milky white skin that she'd been kissing moments ago, then new territory for her, Suki's two twin mounds. Her 36 B cup bombshells, as she'd like to call them. This was really something a girl like Kina had always admired, her herself only being a 36 A really didn't know what it was like to have anything like a 36 B cup, all she knew was that they fit perfectly on this angel. By sheer will power Kina hadn't ripped the bra from Suki's flesh yet, much to Suki's liking she'd just been lightly cupping and squeezing them. Now Kina had reached her lips to the edge of each cup, she reached behind Suki and gently unfastened the bra from there, letting the garment fall lose and limp. Kina rose the bra up and took each strap away from each arm, leaving behind only the bare breats she'd been dying to see for ages. She then moved down, took a small nipple into her mouth and lightly scraped her teeth over it then rolled her tongue over it. The other was taken care of with her fingers, being rolled between them and lightly pinched every now and then. After a few minutes she switched to the other one giving the other the same treatment as before.

     Kina glanced up at Suki, and seeing her breathing increasing, decided to finally give in and move down, leaving gentle kisses down her pathway. Suki was now vividly moving around while moaning out in pleasure, so much that is that Kina had to move away for a little while as she unbottoned Suki's pants. She moved down, running her tongue beside the zipper as she pushed it down then removed the pants from Suki's body, taking them off one leg at a time. She moved back looking at what she'd just revealed, stiffling a small giggle as she did so. There Suki lay, her body red from her excitement and wearing the cutest AND funniest Kitten thong saying "I love pussy" on the front ever. It was just so funny yet, she didn't break the mood they were in as she crawled back up lightly lapping at her inner thigh, purposefully pushing her nose slightly against the middle of the thong about where her clit would be, ellicting a long drawn out moan. Kina then placed a kiss over the large wet spot in the thong and pushed her thumbs into the side strings and then biting the front, pulling it down and eventually off with her hands and teeth. Once the thong was off Kina climbed back up Suki's body and started kissing over her shaved pubic mound, only to venture further down and suck gently on the outer labia (outer lips) of her vagina. After a little while of that she pushed her tongue between her labia and got a good taste of what was really there. The secretions were now running and flowing freely from Suki's pussy. Kina pushed two fingers up against Suki's clit which was now sticking out and hard, the same as her nipples, then starting darting her tongue in and out of her pussy. She made sure to curl it, twist it, and turn it all inside the tight area, trying to hit against Suki's g-spot. Once she found Suki's g-spot she started darting her tongue against it, making sure to pick up her pace, rubbing on Suki's clit. The moan and screams coming from Suki told Kina she was doing something right, so she continued what she was doing. Soon after a few more seconds of this, Suki shook as she orgasmed, shaking violently and riding out the spasms, rocking against Kina's fingers and face, her cum flowing out and into Kina's awaiting mouth. Suki collapsed onto the bed while Kina cleaned up her pussy then moved up the bed to her and kissed her gently on the lips, letting Suki taste herself. Kina could see that right now Suki was just too exhausted so she removed her own clothes finally and laid next to Suki and fingered herself to a quick climax, seeing as she didn't need much, then cuddled up with Suki, spooned against her smiling as the both said "I love you" at the same time, then closed their eyes and slept for the night.


Well that's the end of the 2nd chapter everyone! I'm sorry these are so short but with my college courses juggling my schedule around it's not always easy to write a lot in so many days. *sighs* Well I thank the people who sent me feedback to my e-mail on my first part of this story!!!! You are all people who made it so that I wanted to work harder on writing the second part! Now ONTO THE 3RD INSTALLMENT!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hahahahaha....wow I'm stupid. lol (P.S-Jodie dearest hurry up and finish your next part of your story! I want to read it love!)