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Four Summers, Chapter 4


Kylie's relationship with Daniel ended with the summer. Daniel had graduated, and was going to some college in Arizona. The two of them would be living far away, so they agreed to break up. Also, the theater camp was meant only for middle- and high-school students, so Daniel would not be there to host a cast party for the fourth year.

Where Kylie was dealing with her breakup with Daniel, Allison had an even worse problem on her hands. Allison had to deal with her own sexuality. It was at Daniel's third cast party that she had inadvertently fantasized about having sex with Kylie, but she tried to tell herself that she was not bisexual. However, when their performance of Phantom of the Opera was over and the summer ended, Allison frequently thought about Kylie when she masturbated. Then, she started having dreams about the blond-haired girl. It even grew to the point that Allison started masturbating in her sleep while having wet dreams about Kylie! The brunette could no longer deny it to herself; she was, indeed, bisexual.

When Allison finally accepted her sexuality, strange events of the past year started to make sense. Whenever Allison saw Kylie and Daniel together, she would get that jealous feeling that a girl would normally get when she saw another person going out with her ex. Because it was so easy for her to become jealous of Kylie, she assumed that that was what was going on whenever she saw the two together. However, she later realized that it was not Kylie she was jealous of, but Daniel. The kiss that she had given Kylie during a game of Spin the Bottle was what caused some of Allison's deep feelings of desire to surface.

Allison was still attracted to boys, but Kylie was the one that she really wanted. When the fourth summer began, Allison wanted to see her friend, but was afraid that her feelings for Kylie would irreparably damage their relationship. And what was more, they had both decided to go to UC Santa Cruz for college the coming year.

The performance that summer was going to be Oliver! Allison knew that Kylie was auditioning for the part of Nancy because they kept in touch over the internet. Unsure of how close she wanted to get, Allison had a hard time deciding who to audition for. Allison was scared that she would fuck things up with Kylie by letting it slip that she was attracted to her, so she decided to audition for the part of Widow Corney, a character that had nothing to do with Nancy.

When the casting was emailed to the singers, Allison found that Kylie did get the part of Nancy. The brunette was happy that her friend had gotten the part that she wanted. However, Allison was dismayed to find out what part she got. She did not get the part of Widow Corney, but the part of the Artful Dodger. Not a character with nothing to do with Nancy, but the character who was in love with Nancy! It seemed that the directors thought Allison to be too good for a part as small as Widow Corney. 'If only I had not said I was willing to act as a boy!' she thought. What was even more unnerving for Allison was the fact that she and Kylie would be working in the same cast!

Normally, walking into the large auditorium would be an exhilarating thing for Allison. However, this year, it made the girl uneasy. As she walked into the auditorium, the brunette tried to find a seat where Kylie would not easily see her. "Hi, Allison," a voice said from behind her. Allison jumped, spun around, and looked into bright, hazel eyes. Kylie had already arrived.

"Oh," Allison stammered. "Uh, hi Kylie."

"Ready for another year of singing and dancing on stage?" The blonde said with enthusiasm.

"Uh, yeah. I--I guess so."

It was the year before that Allison had stopped maturing. For the past year, she had stood at a steady 5'5" with a large B-cup. Kylie's growth had slowed down, but had not stopped. She had grown a half-inch to 5'6" and now sported a small C-cup. Allison could not help but admire the blonde girl's exquisite body, but then she remembered that she did not want her friend to know about her sexuality, and the brunette tried to look away.

It was difficult for Allison to keep a clear mind working on Oliver! Because she usually worked so closely with Kylie, she found herself easily distracted. However, the distraction was the least of her worries; being so close to Kylie made Allison's desires grow. The eighteen-year-old found it increasingly hard to control her sexual urges. Allison frequently had to run to the bathroom and make herself cum to stop herself from jumping all over Kylie.

Allison tried to distance herself from the blonde beauty as much as possible to keep her urges down. When they worked together, Allison tried to say only what was necessary to the success of the performances that were going to happen in early August as they always did. She avoided Kylie during breaks. It was getting to the point that Kylie suspected that Allison was alienating herself. 'Allison seems to be avoiding me,' the blonde thought, 'but I know that she cannot decline a get together.'

One night, around the time that rehearsals started, Kylie called Allison. It was a Thursday and Kylie was hoping to get together with Allison over the weekend. "Hello?" Allison said, picking up the receiver.

"Hey, Allison," Kylie said on the line.

"Oh. Hi, Kylie," Allison said, becoming a little nervous. "Uh, what's up?"

"Well, I was wondering if we could get together some time soon. Meet at one of our houses, or go out to a movie, or just something fun. I'm free all weekend if that's okay with you."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Kylie. I can't do anything this weekend. I've--uh--been a little behind in learning my part for Oliver! and I need this weekend to catch up."

"Well, do you want me to come over and help you out? Nancy works really close with the Artful Dodger. We could help each other out, just like we did with Eponine in Les Mis."

"Oh no, that's okay. I think I can do it on my own."

"You're sure."

"Yes." There was a pause. Kylie was perplexed as to why she was not able to get close to Allison lately.

"Okay," the blonde said. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Bye, Kylie."

"Bye." They hung up.

'Now I know that Allison is avoiding me!' Kylie thought, now very disturbed. 'Why is she doing this?'

"Kylie! I'm cumming!" Allison cried out as she rubbed her pussy to a great orgasm. As the brunette came down from her orgasm, her dream faded and she woke up. A little disoriented, she looked around to find herself in her bed in her room. The digital clock on the desk beside her bed read "10:38 am."

Allison found that her right hand was in her panties, soaked in her warm, sticky girl-cum. She realized that she had been having another erotic dream about Kylie and had made herself cum in her sleep. 'Not again,' Allison thought with a sigh. Allison got out of bed and stripped out of her cum-soaked panties. She threw them in a laundry basket, made her way to the bathroom and took a shower.

The warm water cascading down her naked body calmed Allison down a bit. The cum-juices between her legs washed off her body and her erect nipples laxed. Allison was beginning to realize that it would soon become impossible to continue running from her feelings. It was inevitable that Kylie would find out that Allison was attracted to girls, and attracted to her. Allison was never the kind of person to scheme; she thought it was a very immoral thing to do. However, she was starting to become desperate for the blond-haired girl's touch. If Kylie was to learn that Allison had feelings for her, Allison would have to seduce her first.

Kylie was anxious when camp started the next day. The year before, Allison had snapped in front of her, and now, her best friend was avoiding her. By now, the blonde had become worried about Allison's emotional stability. Then, Allison walked into the auditorium. Kylie was somewhat startled by the brunette's choice of clothing; she was wearing a yellow, sleeveless T-shirt that looked a bit too tight for her and a pair of tight denim shorts. "Hey, Kylie," Allison smiled, walking up to the stunned blonde.

"Uh, hi," Kylie said, looking Allison over a few times. "So, what's up?"

"Well, I've been thinking. I know that I haven't had much time to be with you lately."

"Haven't had much time? We usually don't see each other even when you do have time! I see you eating lunch by yourself, not talking with anybody!"

"Yes, I know that. I've just been a little messed up lately, and I'm sorry."

"Messed up? How?"

"It's okay, Kylie. There were just some things in my life that I had to straighten out, but I can tell you that everything's okay now. Anyway, since we haven't seen much of each other the past four weeks, I thought that we could get together."

"Get together?"

"You asked me last night if we could get together soon. You said that you could help me out with my part? Well, I thought that maybe I could use your help."



Kylie and Allison smiled at each other. "Okay. Cool. When and where should we meet?"

"How about tomorrow at my house at 12:00? I can order a pizza, we can work on Oliver! and we can have fun."

"That sounds great! I'll tell my parents tonight."

The two girls sat down together as the instructors arrived and started camp. 'It is nice that Allison is spending time with me again,' Kylie thought.

Allison was thinking pretty much the same thing, but with a sinister twist: 'Everything is going as planned.'

Kylie arrived at Allison's house at 12:00 pm as planned. Again, Allison was wearing skimpy, tight clothing to get Kylie excited. Allison had already ordered the pizza, which arrived soon after Kylie did. The two friends ate their fill, and then started working on Oliver!

Allison really did not have any trouble learning her part, but she had the perfect song waiting for Kylie: I'd Do Anything. They started off their rehearsing with that song.

"I'd do anything
For you Dear, anything
For you mean ev'rything to me.
I know that I'd go anywhere
For your smile, anywhere
For your smile ev'rywhere I'd see."

"Would you climb a hill?"


"Wear a daffodil?"


"Leave me all your will?"


"Even fight my Bill?"

"What, fisticuffs?
I'd risk ev'rything
For one kiss, ev'rything.
Yes, I'd do anything."


"Anything for you."

Kylie was happy that Allison seemed to be physically and mentally well. Allison was no longer avoiding her, and they were having fun together as they used to. After some rehearsal, the girls went up to Allison's room to watch a movie. They both kicked off their shoes and lay down on Allison's bed, which was facing the television set. Allison would, as innocently as possible, adjust her body so that it showed off her shapely legs to Kylie. She would even sometimes spread them a little, still making it seem innocent enough. Allison's plan to seduce Kylie seemed to be working.

Allison continued her act of friendliness and revealing clothing until the performances started. Another thing that fit perfectly into Allison's plan was the fact that Kylie's birthday was on the last day of performances. Since Daniel was not there to host a cast party, Allison had invited Kylie over to her house for a small, two-person cast party and birthday party.

Allison had told her parents that she could handle things on her own and that her parents could go out somewhere for a nice dinner or something. Privacy was essential to her plan. Allison's parents did decide to go out for a nice dinner, and after they drove Allison and Kylie to their house, they changed into some formal clothing, checked their wallets, and went off for a romantic dinner at some Italian restaurant. At last, Allison and Kylie were alone.

"So," Kylie asked, "what should we do first?"

"Well," said Allison, "what about a movie?"

The girls went into the living room, which had the largest television in the house. As Kylie made herself comfortable on the couch, Allison searched for a movie. She found a movie that was more than usually sexy. She had gotten it recently for this night. As she put on the movie, she went to sit down on the couch very close to Kylie, their legs "accidentally" rubbing against one another.

The movie did get the girls a little hot, but not to the point that they needed to make themselves cum. "So Kylie," said Allison, "what did you think of the movie?"

"It was interesting," said Kylie. "It was kinda sexy, but I guess I liked it." Allison smiled to herself, knowing that the movie got Kylie at least a little turned on. "What now?" the blonde asked.

"You wanna go swimming?"

"Well, I don't have a swimming suit."

"We could go skinny dipping."

Kylie was surprised by Allison's suggestion. "You actually mean that?"

"Kylie, we've seen each other naked before. We've even masturbated in front of each other! I gave you the full lesson! Don't tell me that you're embarrassed."

"I'm not embarrassed, just a little surprised."

Kylie agreed to go skinny dipping in Allison's backyard pool. They simply stripped out of their clothes right there in the living room. As Kylie pulled her white T-shirt over her head, Allison attempted to get out of her green tank-top. It was a little difficult because it was a little too tight for her. When she did get out of her tank-top, Kylie, who had already gotten down to her blue cotton lingerie was surprised to find that Allison was wearing no bra. Allison attempted to get out of her denim shorts, but they were so tight that she fell over while trying to take them off. Kylie held back a snicker when she saw Allison's fall.

When Allison finally managed to get out of her clothes, she looked over at a waiting Kylie. 'Good,' the brunette thought to herself, seeing the patch of blond hair right above Kylie's slit, 'Kylie does not shave.' The girls made their way into the back yard where Allison's pool was waiting. Kylie just jumped into the pool where Allison got on the diving board and jumped in with a graceful swan dive. Allison came up right in front of Kylie and splashed her in the face. The blonde cried out of surprise and splashed Allison back.

The girls playfully splashed each other until Allison grabbed a hold of Kylie and brought them both underwater. Allison brushed one of her hands across Kylie's pussy. Kylie yelped a bit under the water, feeling the sensation. When they came up for air, Kylie said, "You just touched my pussy!"

"Sorry," Allison said, trying to make it seem unintentional, "it was an accident."

After some more playing in the pool, the two friends were ready to get out and go back in the house. "Oh, great!" said Kylie. "We forgot to bring towels!"

"Oh, that's okay," Allison said. "It's only water. It won't damage the floors or anything." Allison said Kylie made their way to a bathroom where they found a couple of towels and dried themselves off. "Hey, Kylie," Allison said, implementing the next part of her plan.

"What?" the blonde replied.

"I notice that you don't shave."


"Yeah, shave your pussy."

"Oh," Kylie said, again, taken aback by Allison's suggestion. "Well, no I don't. Why?"

"I hear it feels really good having a bare pussy. You wanna try it?"

"Shaving my pussy?"

"Why not?"

Kylie reluctantly agreed. With that, Allison drew a bath and told Kylie to get in. The blonde girl got into the tub, but jumped at the cold water. "That water's cold!" she cried.

"Oh, sorry about that. It takes a few seconds to warm up."

'Perfect,' thought Allison, noticing a slight hardening of Kylie's nipples.

After the water had warmed up to a tolerable temperature, Kylie stepped in and soaked her pussy in the warm water. Allison went to the cabinet and got out some shaving cream and a razor. When Allison got back to the tub, she saw that Kylie's pussy was sufficiently wet and said, "Now sit up on the side of the tub and spread your legs." Kylie did so, revealing her pussy to Allison. Allison sprayed the shaving cream onto her hand and applied it to Kylie's mons. Kylie moaned a bit as Allison rubbed her slit a bit.

After Kylie's cunt had been all lathered up with shaving cream, Allison took up the razor and gently started shaving off the blond tufts of pubic hair. Kylie watched intently as her friend shaved all of the hair off her pussy. "Okay. That's good," Allison said after finishing. Kylie got back down into the tub and rinsed off the excess shaving cream. "Let me see," Allison said. Kylie sat up on the side of the tub again, showing Allison her cleanly shaven mound. "It looks heavenly," Allison said. Allison held out a hand and ran it over Kylie's smooth pubic region, making contact with Kylie's slit, making the blonde sigh a little. "Feels heavenly also."

Kylie felt her pussy herself. "Wow," she said, "it does feel good!"

"Okay, my turn." Kylie got out of the tub and dried herself off while Allison got in. The brunette got her pussy nice and wet, even though it was already wet before she got in. Kylie, mirroring what Allison had done earlier, put some shaving cream onto her hand while Allison sat up against the side of the tub. Kylie started lathering up the haired regions of Allison's cunt, the brunette maneuvering her hips so that Kylie's hand would rub against her slit every now and then. When Allison's mound was all lathered up, Kylie went to shaving off Allison's pubic hair. When that was done, Allison got back into the water and rinsed off the shaving cream. She then turned off the tub and let the water drain. She stepped out and dried herself off.

"How did I do?" Kylie asked, hoping that she did an adequate job of shaving her friend.

Allison ran her hand over her smooth mons and said. "Kylie, you did a great job." Kylie smiled.

Allison thought to herself, 'If Kylie is willing to shave my pussy, I have probably succeeded in seducing her!'

Allison and Kylie then entered Allison's room, about to get ready for bed. As they sat down on Allison's queen-sized bed, Kylie asked, "So Allison, did you get me anything for my birthday?"

That was Allison's cue. It was now or never. "Of course," the brunette said with a somewhat mischievous smirk on her face. "I do have a present for you."

"Well, where is it?"

"Right here." With that Allison leaned in and kissed Kylie on the lips. The blonde's eyes widened as she felt her friend's lips around hers. The shock too much for her to handle, Kylie pulled away.

Allison looked up into Kylie's eyes, which showed only just shock, but also what seemed like anger or repulsion. "Allison," Kylie said with a very uneasy voice, "what the hell is going on?"

Allison's plan had not succeeded. 'Oh no,' she thought, 'I failed. My plan did not work. Now Kylie hates me! I have destroyed my relationship with Kylie!' Allison could not contain herself and broke down, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I couldn't help it!" she cried. "I just couldn't help it! Ever since--that kiss you gave me last year, I can't stop thinking about you! You're always in my mind, tormenting me, driving me mad! I'm sorry, Kylie. I'm so, so sorry!"

Then, Allison was surprised by the feel of an arm wrapping around her back. She looked back up and saw those big, hazel eyes looking into hers. "Allison," Kylie said, "don't cry. I don't hate you for what you did. I could tell that it was all a ploy to get me into the sack. The tight clothing, the private birthday party, the sexy movie, the skinny dipping, the shaving, I knew that you were trying to seduce me. Well, let me tell you something Allison, you never needed to!"

Allison looked at Kylie with amazement. 'Did I hear Kylie right?' Allison thought. But before she could say anything, the brunette felt her lips engulfed by Kylie's. Allison was surprised at first, but then sank into the kiss, wrapped her arms around the blonde girl, and shoved her tongue into Kylie's mouth. The two girls made out furiously, their hands probing all over each other's bodies. Allison brought her head down to Kylie's C-cup breasts and sucked on her nipples, which were now very erect, Kylie arched her back and moaned at the feeling of Allison's mouth on her breasts. She reached under Allison and fondled her B-cup tits, making Allison moan as well.

Judging by how assertively Allison was making out with her, Kylie guessed that Allison had been needing this for a long time. Because of that, the blonde was determined to give her new lover the time of her life. She took Allison's shoulders in her hands and pushed the brunette down onto the bed. After giving Allison another passionate kiss, Kylie started making her way down Allison's body. She stopped at Allison tits, lightly biting her nipples, sending shivers through Allison's body. Allison got more and more excited as Kylie worked her way further and further down her body.

Finally, Kylie found her goal: Allison's honey pot. Her freshly shaved cunt was dripping with anticipation. The blonde inhaled Allison's womanly scent, intoxicating her with lust. Kylie grabbed a hold of Allison hips and dove right into her friend's wet pussy. Allison was moaning immediately as Kylie buried her face into Allison's soft muff, sucking and licking the juices that were dripping from her hole. "Oh my God, Kylie," Allison moaned. "I can't believe how good this feels. My God, this feels good."

"Allison," Kylie said between licks, "you taste--really good. You're--really wet down here. You must've--wanted this--for a long time."

"A year I've waited," the brunette moaned, partially to herself. "Please, keep going. God, I love it!" Allison's body was squirming on the bed as Kylie continued pleasuring her cunt. Kylie stuck her tongue into Allison's wet canal, causing Allison to moan even more. The brunette grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples, amplifying the feelings of pleasure she was feeling on her clit. Allison could feel her juices dripping down her crack and onto the bed sheets, but she was too lost to care that her bed was getting soaked.

The pressure was starting to build inside Allison's body. Her moans had become cries as she got closer and closer to her orgasm. As Allison's orgasm approached, she gripped Kylie's hair and pushed her face even deeper into her sopping pussy. Allison held her breath as her body tensed up, signaling the onset of her orgasm. Suddenly, Allison was surprised by the feel of a finger entering her anus. "Holy shit!" Allison cried out as she started cumming. Her entire body rocked as she was thrown over the edge, letting out loud, cut-off cries of bliss with every wave of orgasmic pleasure. She could feel her pussy walls spasm, gushing gobs of girl-cum into Kylie's awaiting face and onto the bed.

After Allison came down from her very pleasurable orgasm, she fell down on the bed with a very contented sigh. Kylie brought herself on top of Allison's body and kissed her deeply on the lips. Allison could taste herself on Kylie's lips and sucked off all of her sweet honey. "Was that good for you?" the blonde girl asked.

"Kylie, that was great," Allison said in between pants. "I've been waiting so long--for your touch. I might have gone insane--if I didn't have you soon."

"Is it time for the birthday girl to get her present?"

"It wouldn't be a birthday party without it."

After a quick peck on the lips, Kylie worked her way up Allison's body and straddled her face. The brunette grabbed Kylie's hips and pulled her crotch down into her face. Allison licked up and down Kylie's dripping slit, making the blonde girl moan in pleasure. "Oh, wow," Kylie moaned. "This feels soooo good. How did you get so good at this?"

Allison said through Kylie's muff, "I'm following Daniel's example."

"Ah ha!" Kylie laughed. "This is much better than Daniel!"

Kylie was grinding her pussy against Allison's face, her juices getting Allison and the bed drenched. The blonde had started pinching and tweaking her nipples, sending electric shocks through her body. She was getting closer and closer to orgasm, her moans getting louder and louder. Allison took her right pinky finger and started probing Kylie's ass hole with it, making the blonde give out a loud grunt. She then inserted the finger, sending Kylie to the plateau. "Come on, Birthday Girl," Allison said. "I want you to cum for me."

"Allison!" Kylie cried out. "I'm cumming for you!" Kylie gave out a cry of ecstasy as she cummed into Allison's mouth, drenching her friend's face in her love-juice. Her hips bucked, but Allison held her hips in place, continuing her assault on Kylie's clit and ass.

Kylie felt her legs give out and she collapsed beside Allison, panting heavily. Allison played with Kylie's golden locks, enjoying the sight of her friend lost in the blissful aftermath of her orgasm. "How was that for a birthday present?" Allison said.

Kylie's eyes slowly opened. She observed the room for a bit, realizing that the voice who had spoken to her was that of Allison. "Amazing," the blonde answered. "Absolutely amazing." Kylie snuggled up to Allison and they kissed deeply, Allison letting Kylie taste herself.

After embracing for a moment, Kylie suddenly realized the dampness of the bed sheets. "Oh, shit!" she said.

"What is it?" asked Allison.

"We completely forgot to use towels. The bed is completely soaked in our girl-cum!"

"Well actually, I kinda like it. It's actually really sexy feeling the dampness of girl-sex on my covers.

"That's gross!" the blonde cried. Kylie and Allison laughed. Kylie put her hand on Allison's cheek and asked, "So Allison, exactly how long has it been that you've liked me?"

"An interesting question," Allison said, "I'm really not sure of the exact moment. It was very gradual. I never really realized that I liked you until Daniel's third cast party where we kissed."

"So, the kiss kind of opened yourself up to me."

"But, I'm quite sure that I liked you months before I realized it. When I finally was able to say to myself that I liked you, I realized that when I saw you with Daniel, it was actually Daniel that I was jealous of. I was jealous of Daniel for being with you."

"How did you come to that conclusion?"

"When I saw Daniel kiss Sherryl in that game of Spin the Bottle, I didn't feel jealous. But when he kissed you again, I did feel jealous."

"That is really interesting."

"So, what about you? How did you realize that you liked me?"

"I think that I actually started liking you as early as our second year together. I noticed you and Daniel going off to a different part of the house during the cast party. Wondering where you were going, I decided to follow you. When I got to Daniel's room, I looked through the keyhole and saw Daniel eating you out."

Allison's eyes widened. "You saw that?"

"I more than saw it, I watched it. I even made myself cum watching Daniel eat your pussy!"

"Why didn't you tell me that?"

"I thought you would be offended."

"Maybe if another guy was watching. But it was you, my best friend."

"When I saw you cum into Daniel's mouth, I wanted more. It was that moment with you and Daniel that really got me interested in porn--"

"Porn?" Allison cried. "Really?!"

"Yeah. I looked around on the the internet, found a porn site, and started watching movie clips."

"Wow. It's not that common for a girl to watch porn."

"The sex scenes that I saw were very arousing. But one day, I was feeling a bit curious, and I checked one of the lesbian movies, and it was just as much of a turn on as any other heterosexual movie! That's when I knew that I was bisexual. And I think it's possible that when I watched Daniel give you oral sex, it may not have been Daniel giving head that was a turn on, but the fact that you were the one getting it!"

"And you didn't tell me that either."

"I didn't know how you would respond. It's probably the same reason that you waited so long to tell me."

"I understand. So, how was it that you decided to stick your finger in my ass? I never taught you that in our masturbation session, but it actually felt kinda good. What made you think of doing that?"

"Oh, that was a little something I saw in one of the lesbian clips. One night, I tried that out on myself, and it felt really good."

"Y'know, Kylie, all of this talk of sex is getting me wet."

"Yeah. Me, too."

Kylie looked into Allison's green eyes, they embraced, and started making out again. Their tongues entwined, their legs wrapped around each other's bodies, and their hands squeezed and fondled any piece of flesh that they could find. They felt their tits press together, their nipples becoming hard again. Kylie started rubbing her pussy against Allison's right thigh. It was already wet with arousal. Allison rubbed her wet cunt against Kylie's right thigh as well. The two lovers started fucking each other with their legs as they moaned and sighed in pleasure, all the while making out like crazy.

"Did you learn this from a lesbian clip also?" Allison asked.

"No," Kylie moaned. "This is something I just thought up. It feels good though, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yeah. Oh, keep going Kylie. It feels so good."

"Allison, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Oh, me too. Oh God, yes!"

Both girls kept grinding their pussies against the other girl's leg, driving each other closer toward their second orgasms of the night. Allison came first, her body spasming against Kylie's. Allison's orgasm then sent Kylie over the edge, her body convulsing, both of their pussies spewing girl-juices onto each other and onto the bed sheets. They came down from their orgasms after about a minute and kissed passionately. Kylie then brought her hand down, inserted it into Allison's drenched cunt, brought it back up to her mouth, and tasted her lover's honey. Allison did the same with Kylie, moaning at the intoxicating taste of Kylie's cum-juice.

"I think I've become addicted to your cum," Allison said.

"Me too."

Allison brought her hand back down to Kylie's pussy and started fingering it. Kylie brought her hand down to Allison's cunt and started finger-fucking her as well. Again, they were moaning in pleasure as they fucked each other, about to give each other their third orgasms that night. "I can't believe I'm here with you," Allison moaned.

"I know," moaned Kylie. "This is so great."

Allison brought her other hand to Kylie's backside and started fingering her asshole. Kylie did the same to Allison, the two driving each other wild. They held onto each other tightly, neither of them daring to let go. Allison and Kylie could feel the heat start building up in their pussies again. They were on the verge. All of the muscles in both of their bodies tensed up, signaling the point of no return for both of them. Allison wanted to cry out, "Kylie! I'm cumming!" but, different words came out: "Kylie! I love you!"

"Allison! I love you too!" Both girls started cumming simultaneously, their bodies convulsing out of control, locked together in orgasmic bliss. They both gave out loud cries as their hips bucked into each other's hands. Allison felt Kylie's girl-cum squirting all over her while Kylie felt Allison's girl-cum drenching her as well. The girls kept working each other's clits and drove each other to their fourth orgasms of the night, and their fifths! After what felt like an eternity of indescribable ecstasy, both girls collapsed on the cum-soaked bed, so exhausted that they passed out.

Allison awoke to bright sunlight shining down on her face from an open window. She opened her eyes and looked around, finding herself in her own room in her own bed. The brunette then buried her head in her hands and started crying. "Allison?" a voice said next to her. Allison turned and looked into the bright, hazel eyes of Kylie. "What's wrong?" Kylie was surprised when Allison leaped into her arms and hugged her tightly. "Well--good morning to you too."

"Oh, Kylie!" Allison said. "For a moment, I thought it was all a wonderful dream. I woke up in my own room, as I usually did, and I thought that last night was just a fantasy that I had dreamed up. But you're here. You're really here!"

Kylie embraced Allison back. "You don't know how much I love you."

"So much that you would do anything?" Allison and Kylie laughed at the allusion to Oliver! "I think I know." Allison and Kylie looked into each other's eyes and kissed passionately. "Come one," Allison said. "Let's get out of bed and do something. I'll make you breakfast."

"That would be great." Allison and Kylie got out of bed, but then noticed that they were still soaked with the cum and sweat of ten great orgasms. They both made their way to the bathroom and showered together. Afterward, they made their way to the living room and put on the clothes that they had taken off the night before.

As the two eighteen-year-old lovers made their way into the kitchen, they found Allison's parents there with breakfast already made! "Oh. Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad," Allison said.

"Good afternoon, girls," Allison's father said.

"Good afternoon?" Kylie cried. "Is it after 12:00 already?"

"Yes," said Allison's mother, "it's almost 12:30."

"You girls had quite a night last night," Allison's father said.

Allison and Kylie froze. Allison spoke, "You--heard us?"

"Yes," Allison's mother said. "We got back from our romantic dinner at about 1:00. You were making love until almost 2:00 in the morning!"

"Oh my God," Kylie said.

"And you know what?" Allison's father said. "Your mother and I couldn't be happier for the two of you." Allison and Kylie looked at the adults, then at each other, and then embraced.

Allison and Kylie both went off to the University of California at Santa Cruz a month-and-a-half after their last night at the musical theater camp in Los Angeles. They both majored in Theater Arts and participated in many of the productions that the University had. They were roommates, and stayed very much in love.


Thank you all of you who read all four chapters of Four Summers. Tell me what you thought. I hope you enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to writing more stories in 2004. Have a sexy new year, everyone!