Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 10 "You Might Be A Reneck"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                            ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Where are you?" I asked as I stood on the steps in front of the house for the better part of an hour, looking both ways and seeing nothing. Then looking to my cell phone and praying it would ring or it wouldn't ring and when I looked back up I'd see Mickie's familiar looking car slowly coming down the road. Each minute made it more painful and I swear I never wanted to see someone so bad in my life. Finally, at last, she appeared on the horizon, my heart beat faster as she slowly came down the road and stopped and parked on the other side. I wasted no time as I checked to make sure the traffic was clear and darted across the road and opened the drivers side door myself as she looked up at me with smile and got out. Greeted by my hug. "God I needed to see you so bad."

"Someone happy to see me?" She asked with a bright smile. I was, jumping out of my skin glad to be honest, it was now Sunday afternoon and I hadn't seen her all day Saturday because her father had insisted on giving the car a check-up. Lame excuse if you ask me.

"Yes" I said firmly and kissed her as we both grinned. "Next time I'm taking the bus to see you."

"I'll meet you half way" She said and pulling me tighter in her arms. "Me and dad fought like feuding bitches over that. Lucky I'm not grounded."


"Nooooo" She giggled. "I understood, but I didn't like it."

"Good to know I have the only psycho parent" I said as Mickie touched my cheek and asked, "You been crying my girl?"

"Yeh, but I'm getting better and if she'd just leave me alone I'd rather forget it" I said as Mickie kissed me and got me to smile.

"You know my mom said anytime you need a person to talk to, you can call her" Mickie said.

"Covered, Laney is my rock, we sorta of go to each other out of habit"

"I'm here too, remember that" Mickie said as I smiled.

"Yeh and the plus side of that is, we can make out for a while after" I said with a devious grin as I kissed for softly.

"Or more huh?" Mickie asked with an equally devious grin.

"Maybe, I dunno" I said and softly kissed her again. A clearing of the throat breaking us up. We both looked to see the same short balding lady that interrupted us a few days before. With the same look of almost evil hatred in her eyes.

"Still feeling the need to display our sinful affection to the world?" She asked in a sneer as a another lady quickly came up behind her.

"Bertram why are you bothering these young folks for?" The lady asked.

"Apparently she feels if she gives me an evil enough look it'll suck the gay out of me" Mickie said as I laughed. Pointing to me, she said, "This girl is not gay by the way, she just loves me."

"Well it doesn't matter both of you are going to hell" Bartram sneered.

"Yeh and you'll be holding the door for us I bet" Mickie said as Bertram seemed to almost loose it in anger.

"Bertram, hush, I am tired of this" The Other Lady said.

"Verdalya, The good book says you should go to the highways and compel them to come" Bertram announced. "You know this."

"This is not a highway and your disgraceful commentary is not compelling and I am not listening to it again" Verdalya said as Bertram glared at her. "These young people were doing nothing wrong unless you consider being in love a crime."

"I bet she does" I said as Mickie and I laughed. Prompting Bertram, like a true hypocrite, to try and exact some revenge the painful way.

"Well young lady, I wouldn't be so happy if I were you" Bertram said with a bitter tone to her voice. "Considering the fact that your own mother left in disgust at your behavior. I'd be considering how much damage I had already done and change my queer ways."

"Bertram, oh my lord, help us please" Verdalya said as my heart nearly stopped at the cruel and heartless comment of this sad little lady. I make no apology for what I did next because she deserved it. Watching her smile victoriously as she got ready to walk off and knowing she'd wounded me. I stepped in front of her and blocked her exit.

"No, you're not just gonna walk off you balding little evil midget" I said as I got in her face and took hold of her bible and pulled it forcefully from her hands as she gasped.

"You give that back to me" She demanded it as I handed it to Mickie. "The lord will strike you down for that."

"Young lady please stop" Verdalya said as I pointed a finger at her to back her down. Then turning back to the witch in front of me I went on.

"I will beat you down in the presence of your lord and savior if you ever raise the name of my bitch of a mother on those lips again you hate filled little Nazi" I said as I now stood nose to nose with her. "You have no right to judge me you pathetic old bag."

"God, god, god..." She stammered in fear.

"God will decide my fate when the time comes not you" I said as I backed away and took the bible back from Mickie and handed it back to Bertram. "Now I'd appreciate it if you left my street."

"Yeh the god I believe in loves everyone" Mickie said proudly as Bertram walked off still in shock. Keeping an eye on me and Mickie as she did so.

"Ladies I am horribly sorry for her hurtful words" Verdalya commented. "I really do wish you would come to church with me some Sunday and let me show you both we are all not like that."

"No thank you, Ma'am" I said softly, "But if that is the kind of people you go with, I'd rather not go at all. No fun spending two hours on Sunday morning being pointed at and talked about."

"I actually pray every night" Mickie said softly as she wrapped her arms around me. "And this girl is my dream come true. She loves me so honest and we've already been through so much together. And I agree with her."

"First Baptist Worship and Fellowship on the corner" She said as she pointed down the street. "We also have a youth service."


"Yes we do, a lot of very nice young ladies and gentleman" She commented.

"I'll bet that Bertram teaches that huh?" Mickie asked with a smirk as I laughed. Verdalya just smiled and sighed as she walked off.

"I feel sorry for people like that" Mickie said, "All we wanna do is be in love."

"Exactly and people like that Bertram are the reason so many people are against anything christian related" I said as I took her hand and we walked across the street and towards the house as Laney appeared on the porch.

"You're dad is pissed" Laney said as she pointed to Mickie. "Said you got ten minutes to get home and help him with the basement."

"Here" I said as I handed Mickie my cell. "Call him and work it out."

"He's being a pain in the butt" Mickie said as she dialed the phone. "Dad?"

"Young lady I am trying to be understanding of your relationship with this Taylor girl but you are not to neglect your duties here at the house to run off and see her" Michael said as I listened.

"Dad you know that's not fair, I didn't get to see her yesterday at all because you had to have the car checked. The least you could do is let me have five minutes of peace with her now" Mickie said.

"Home, now and I am not kidding" He said firmly. "You've known about this day for well over a month and Jessie and Lalia are doing their fair share and you will not let them down."

"Let me handle this" I mouthed to Mickie as she shrugged and let me take the phone. "Michael? This is Taylor."

"Taylor sweetheart, I am not trying to keep Mickie from seeing you, she's just making it seem that way" He said in a soft voice.

"I know, she's thick headed" I said as Mickie flipped me off and Michael and I enjoyed a laugh. "How about I make you a deal?"

"I'm listening"

"You let me and Mickie go out tonight without interruption and me and her will help clean out the basement" I said as Mickie's face lit up as she kissed me softly.

"Hey don't leave me out" Laney said as she came down the steps. "Two extra hands OK?"

"Two extra hands?" I asked Michael. "That sound good?"

"Now that young lady is a bargain I can live with" He said as I smiled and Mickie bounced around excitedly. "But it's a large job you sure you're parents will be OK with you being gone till late."

"Yeh I'm pretty sure" I said and not bothering to mention anything about my current lack of parental supervision. "See ya a few?"

"You work him like a stand up comic works a crowd" Mickie said as she kissed me again. "You just saved me from being grounded I bet."

"Yeh with your mouth I bet I did" I said with a smirk as Laney laughed and Mickie gave me a warning look as she took my hand. Locking the door and a moment later we all three headed to the car.

                            ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

You know being in Cleveland so far has been fun and today, being bored and borderline depressed, I volunteered (as you know by now) to help out with the cleaning of Taylor's girlfriend Mickie's basement. I kinda of dreaded it but damn was I glad I volunteered. Why you may ask? That's pretty simple, Mickie's 'Hot Cousin' Jessie. And damn I mean hot, like mouth watering hot. You remember my mention of how I noticed Taylor's body for the first time? Well today it was another girl who's body drew my attention, Jessie, girl was wearing a pair of barely legal 'Daisy Dukes' and a large bandana as a top. Her dark tan on full display as she moved bag after bag out of the basement. I know she had to have seen me 'ogling the goodies' so to speak as I tried to follow after her as often as I could, but being a complete dork I couldn't manage to get a conversation going. Finally with Michael and Lalia taking a break in the now almost empty basement, and Taylor and Mickie gone to pick up dinner, I volunteered to help Jessie with the last bags of trash. So up the steps and out to the curb we went. Where it was her who finally called me on the spot.

"Are you gonna talk to me or just gawk all day?" She asked with hands on hips as she looked at me, both of now standing by a curb full of rank smelling trash. "Huh?"

"Oh boy, I am such a bad stalker" I said and was shocked when she laughed.

"So I was right?" She asked. "Ogling the goodies?"

"Hell yeah" I said and tried to act confident with a huge smile. "You blame me?"

"No, just it's weird having someone stare at my ass and my tits for three hours without looking at my face" She said as I took a step back.

"Whoa, I admit I was looking, but not just at those" I said, "And being a coward I couldn't get you to talk to me enough to be able to look into your eyes."

"Good answer" She said with a finger point. "Too bad you got a girlfriend."

"I don't" I said.

"That girl you said you loved at the airport..."

"Hasn't bothered to call me or anything since I been here, and won't answer when I call her" I said. "So hey if this goes anywhere, not saying it will, but she's apparently not as serious about me as she said. Besides it was mostly sex with her."

"Ummmmmmm OK" Jessie said, "Lot of information there."

"Yeh and here's something I noticed about you other than your butt, your boobs and that tan..."

"You like my tan huh?" She asked.

"I love your tan" I said as I stepped directly in front of her and dared her to back away. She didn't. "You got any tan lines?"

"None" She said with a confident smile. Oh my god that so makes me hot. In the little time I've let myself be open to enjoying the site of girls, a tan and a dark one like hers is one of the main things that 'get my motor bumping'. "I believe in tanning...au natural."

"Tanning bed?"

"Or the lake" She said as we smiled.

"Take me with you next time?" I asked.

"Seriously?" She asked. "Or do you wanna go just so you can see me naked."

"And you can see me naked too" I said and hoping she'd at least be a little interested. She stepped back and looked me over with a hand on her chin and smiled and said, "Maybe."

"What's this maybe?" I asked as I came towards her and we started a game of cat-and-mouse as she backed away giggling. "I'm not hot enough for you?"

"Well you're no Taylor" She said with a smug smile as I chased her and caught her by the garage. Her squealing as I grabbed her in a bear hug from behind. "Ohmigod I'm so sorry, don't hurt me please?"

"Never" I said and not knowing in the moment if she was being serious or not. I released her as she looked back at me in confusion.

"What happened?"

"You said please don't hurt me"

"And laughing when I said it" She pointed out. "I don't mind playing rough as long as you don't get too rough."

"So no ones ever really hit you?"

"Not physically" She said as we both took a seat on the bench to the side of the garage. "Took a pretty good emotional beating a time or two."


"A few times"

"Me too, my parents were killed in a car accident so I know how you feel in a way" I said softly.

"WOW, that must royally suck" She said, "My mom and dad don't give a shit mostly as long as I stay out of trouble and don't give Uncle Mike and Aunt Lalia trouble."

"Yeh it does suck, and hurts like hell" I said, "They were great parents. And yesterday that psycho bitch Viera, Taylor's Mom. actually says that I was no doubt glad they got killed so I could go whoring around."

"Now that is evil" Jessie said as I smiled. "She must be a horrible person."

"She never liked me much, always thought I was trouble" I said, "I was, but I never did anything to disrespect her like that."

"So that's why you been crying?" She asked. Me being surprised she noticed.

"Bingo" I said softly. "What about you?"

"Kenneth Longfellow" She said as I turned on the bench to face her and she did the same thing. I listened intently. "Scum bag no.1. He dumps me for some whore and then spreads a rumor around school about me being pregnant by another boy. I was the whore queen of Sebastian High, Jessie the virgin whore."

"You are not a whore" I said softly.

"Thank you" She said. "But I loved him like crazy and it's just now starting to go away. So even if you did wanna go out with me, I'm damaged goods."

"You got dumped and you're still a virgin" I said as I slid closer and placed my hands on her thighs as I boldly leaned forward. "And until you stop me I'm not going too."

"Oh boy" She giggled as I leaned in a little bit farther and her showing no resistance as I kissed her cheek gently. She giggled and smiled shyly as I looked at her. "Stop that."

"No" I said with a smile, one which she gladly returned as I touched her cheek gently and turned her head so I could kiss her other cheek.

"I already told you to stop once Laney" She said with a finger point.

"I must have missed that" I said and sliding closer a bit. Her never moving as I leaned in again and kissed her chin.

"Stop" She said as she playfully pushed me away. "Now you gonna make me scream for help?"

"No you don't need help with me, cause I'm a pussy cat" I said as she giggled. "If you seriously want me too I will, I promise."

"Stop" She said as I moved away, "I'm just getting nervous."

"You got it" I said as I held my hands up. "See I'm harmless. And no means no."

"Then why did I have to tell you three times?" She asked as she stood and backed away with a smirk on her face. "I'm telling Uncle Mike you groped me."

"No, you're not" I said as I jumped up and chased after her. Around the garage and the side of the house to the stair's leading to the basement. I caught up to a suddenly slow moving Jessie. Grabbing her just before she could go down the steps. "You are not gonna tell anyone."

"UNCLE MIKE" Jessie screamed in a fit of giggles as I tickled her now. She wrestled away from my grip and went running across the yard as I came after her. "Y'all gonna hurt me?"

"What?" I asked as we played another game of cat and mouse around the swing set. "You making fun of my accent?"

"You might be a redneck if you stare at a carton of orange juice cause it said concentrate" She said as I laughed. "Huh Laney?"

"That was a good one" I said as I chased after her and she laughed and ran around the swing just out of my grasp. Both of us again on opposite sides of the set.

"You might be a redneck if..." She said and pausing to give me a devilish look before going on, "...if you're a hottie named Laney."

"I'm a hottie?" I asked as we stopped and she grinned at me and nodded. "Me?"

"Yeh" She said and not moving as I came through the middle of the swing set and joined her on the other side. "So you were checking me out too I hope?"

"Well if I keep drooling over Taylor, Mickie is gonna be mad, so yeh" She said as I stepped closer, our bodies almost touching now as she grinned confidently. "Not that you're second best."

"Am I first best?" I asked and both of us laughing at the silliness of that question.

"Cute and slightly smarter than the average NASCAR fan" She said with a smirk. "Y'all."

"The hillbilly humor is wearing thin" I said and kissing her cheek and giving her a determined smile.

"Stop that" She said with a huge smile.

"You keep letting me do that and then telling me to stop" I said as I leaned in a bit and watched her flinch as I smiled and backed off for the moment. "So does no really mean yes?"

"No it doesn't" She said with hands on hips. "It means why don't you try hitting something a little more inviting?"

"Like these?" I asked as I gently touched her lips and saw her smile. "They are more inviting huh?"

"So soft and I bet you'd like that" She said as she took my hand and laced her fingers with mine in a boldly obvious attempt to tell me she wanted to be kissed now. "Are yours?"

"I've been told they are really soft" I said and stepping back to my previous spot, my stomach now against hers. "And you Jessie James are smokin hot."

"Smokin hot?" She asked in a whisper.

"Smokin" I said as we both leaned in a bit and froze. My cell phone ringing and shaking me back to reality as she nervously released my hand and I fished it out of my pocket and felt my heart nearly stop as I saw the number on the caller I.D. and read, Samantha and Jeff Pierce. Jeff Pierce? What the fuck? I never noticed that before I noted. "Hello?"



"Look I got some bad news" She said.

"Wanna explain to me who this Jeff Pierce is?" I asked.

"My husband" She said as my bottom lip literally dropped open. "We were married."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked.

"No, look I'm sorry..."

"No you're not...I was just a piece of ass to you" I said and at that moment feeling shockingly little emotion. "You fucked me, so did he and now you're done with me cause you can't deal with being in love with me."

"Fuck you...you know that's not true" She said.

"I do care for you, but Jeff just got a great job and with him I don't have to fend for myself" She said. "He's gonna help me get my own car and a lot of stuff. Maybe when I get on my feet we can see each other and..."

"Noooo" I said in a demanding voice. "You married him cause you wanted the money, so now you're stuck with him."

"OK, listen, I do love you" She said as I fought against the feeling to give in to her plan and let her make me feel the same way. "Give me a couple of months to get some real money together and I'm so coming to be with you."

"Nooo, I've moved on"

"In three days?" She asked in shock. "No you didn't."

"Her names Jessie..." I said as I looked up at Jessie and to my thrill she smiled and moved closer and again took my hand and this time she kissed my cheek and grinned. "...James."

"She there? It sounded like someone kissed you" Sammi said.

"She wants to know if you're here?" I asked as Jessie took the phone and said, "Yeh I am here, 5 foot three, a hundred and five pounds, strawberry blond hair, a killer tan, great butt, adorable face and kissable lips. Everything Laney wants in a girl, you fucked up, she's mine now."

"Fuck you whore" Sammi spat back as Jessie handed the phone back to me and we both smiled. "I will so kick your ass."

"Goodbye Sammi" I said as I closed the phone and fought back the urge to cry. Dropping the phone into the grass and about to give into the desire to cry when Jessie moved in front of me and touched my chin and as I looked at her she leaned in and kissed my cheek this time. I smiled and touched her cheek softly as she gave me permission with those beautiful eyes to kiss her. And in a moment I will truly never ever forget, I softly pressed my lips to hers. Oh my god what a sensation that is, she was first to move her lips against mine as we started a slow rhythm that felt so unbelievably good as she moved into my arms. She being the one to lick my upper lip and start the french kiss as her hands lightly touched each of my cheeks now. For a long wonderful moment my tongue massaged against hers in the most perfect moment of my life. Neither of us hearing the foot steps until a clearing of the throat broke us up in an almost panic. Both of us looking to see a rather shocked looking Michael standing a few feet away.

"Hi Uncle Mike" Jessie said with a sheepish grin.

"Young lady what are you doing?" He asked as Jessie blushed and saw a smile on his face.

"We were kissing sir, I thought that was obvious" I said with a smirk as he laughed.

"Shut up" Jessie said as she pushed me away and I laughed.

"Jessie I thought you were straight?" Michael asked.

"I dunno, she's nice and she just got dumped and it just happened" Jessie said softly.

"It just happened..."