Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 12 "Shock to the System"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                            ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Sometimes in life a 'shock to the system' is what you need to get over a case of deep seeded, heartbreak, bitterness and borderline hatred. And even though it may not completely heal all at once, the numb does wear off eventually and you realize that there is "life after". This was the case on this Tuesday evening, Laney was lounging in the living room and I was in the kitchen fixing us something to snack on while we waited for my Dad to arrive back home. Laney stuck her head into the kitchen just as the microwave went off and got my attention as she said, "Hey my girl, you won't believe who's here."

"Dad I'd say" I said with a giggle and thinking briefly about that 'my girl' comment that had come to sound so natural in the last few days. Those thoughts being shaken from my mind when Laney went on.

"Yeh it's him and he's got someone with him" She said and letting my mind wander to the crazy thought that maybe my dad had met someone new and it was over with Mom for good. Strange thought I know.


"Cruella Deville" Laney said and my heart nearly stopped as I saw tears coming to Laney's eyes and I knew Dad had brought Mom home with him. So much for that 'week cooling off' period he talked about. "Your mother."

"I know who you meant" I said as I came around the counter and hugged her as the front door opened and I felt Laney start to cry in my arms. "SHHHHHH, it's OK, you wanna go for a walk? We can deal with this later."

"Please? Cause if she...I swear I'll hurt her...I swear it" Laney said as she clutched her fingers into my shirt. "You can hate me if you want, but that hurt so bad."

"Calm down OK?" I said as I gently caressed both of her cheeks. "I'll hold her down if she says that again. We'll both go to jail tonight."

"TAYLOR? LANEY?" Dad asked as we emerged from the kitchen and saw Mom standing nervously beside Dad in the front hall. "There you are."

"Hey Dad" I said as I stopped at the edge of the living room and felt Laney hug me from behind protectively. "You have a good trip?"

"Yeh it was good, you gonna come and hug me?"

"Same distance I like it here better" I said and could swear I saw Mom giving us a strange look like she couldn't figure out what Laney was doing holding onto me like she was. "We missed you."

"Me too" He said as he came over slowly and hugged me and Laney both. "Laney, you been crying."

"Yeh I just started" Laney said coldly. "Can me and Taylor take a walk for a while, let you get settled in?"

"I was thinking we could sit down and have a family meeting" Dad said firmly. "A lot of things we need to cover."

"Good thing I'm not family" Laney said as she hugged me tighter.

"You are to family, you been there for me a lot more than other people I can think of" I said as she smiled.

"I think the family meeting is a good way for everyone to start over" Mom said as my head snapped back to her.

"No one asked you" I said calmly.

"Taylor I am still your mother, and you can hate me..."

"I do" I said as Mom took a deep breath and tried to remain calm.

"Both of you hush, now Taylor that was over the line" Dad said in a calm and re-assuring voice as I looked up at him and knowing he was right. "Now apologize."

"Make her" Laney said, "And when you do you'll have a fight on your hands that you won't believe."

"Elaine McCoy" Dad said in surprise.

"You can ground me then for running my big mouth" Laney said. "But no one is gonna apologize to her ever again after what she said."

"Richard it's OK" Mom said softly. "I deserve that treatment."

"FUCK YOU" Laney screamed in a rage as she glared at my mother. "You always hated me and lord knows I can't remember one time ever saying anything cruel to you."

"Laney I am so sorry for those comments..."

"I LOVE MY MOM AND DAD WITH ALL MY HEART, I HATE YOU" Laney screamed as I turned and hugged her to keep her from going after my mother. Me scared to death she was gonna have a nervous breakdown.

"I am so sorry" Mom repeated.

"Please Taylor let me go and show her how bad it hurt me" Laney said, "I'll do what you won't."

"SHHHHHHHH calm down" I said as Laney's tears streamed down her face.

"No one is gonna hit anyone this time" Dad said as he stood between us and Mom. "You need to calm down."

"She ripped my fuckin HEART OUT" Laney said in frustration and rage as she glared at Dad. "I wish I was back home. At least there I could lay down and cry myself to sleep."

"If you wanna go home you can" Dad said as my heart nearly stopped.

"And when she does I'm going with her" I said without thinking. "She's not leaving."

"Can we please go somewhere?" Laney asked softly.

"I said we are having a family meeting" Dad said. "This screaming and name calling is getting us nowhere."

"Then I'll go" Laney said.

"Elaine you are family now" Dad said. "That means you and I am begging both of you to stay and give this a chance."

"That woman lost her fruity pepples because I fell in love with an amazing girl and wouldn't let her ruin it" I said to Dad, "I am not the one with the problem here. I am in love with Mickie, did you hear me in love? With Mikala James, I am in love with her."

"Taylor I understand, why do you keep repeating it?"

"I wanna drive that message home to someone else" I said as Dad took a deep breath and looking to a clearly frustrated Mom I said, "in love, completely and totally. No interest in anyone else. You lost."

"I am trying to adjust to that fact" Mom snapped in clear anger. Just what I wanted in a way, cause if she ran her mouth again I was already in the mood to fight.

"I love Mickie and nothing you can do will change that" I said with a smile. "You tried to destroy it and you failed. Now she has my heart and you think I fought like a psycho bitch before see what happens now."

"Good lord child I am trying to apologize and move on so we can be a family again" Mom said.

"You don't have the right to be my mother anymore" I said as tears came to her eyes. "You cruel heartless..."

"Taylor shut up please" Dad begged as Mom started to cry.

"NOOOOOOOOO" I screamed in a rage and turning back to Mom. "You destroyed this family, NOT MICKIE. YOUUUUUUUUU DID. This is your fault and all your fault. I will never forgive you for that."

"I love you so much and I'm so sorry" Mom said but this time it was falling on deaf ears. Dad looked frustrated, angry and heartbroken as I turned my back to the two of them and hugged Laney again. Her hugging me back and I think almost desperately wanting some space now between her and my suddenly forgiving mother. Not that I blamed her, hell I did too and no doubt as bad as she did. I pulled away and gently put my hands on her cheeks and got her to look at me. My heart sank as I saw the amount of hurt in her eyes and I so wanted to make her feel better. So I assume you already think you've seen what I was referring to earlier, but the 'shock to the system' was not my mothers arrival home but what I did next. Leaving everyone, including me, numb from shock. I slid my fingers into my best friends hair and smiled and she touched my face and offered no resistance as I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. A mega ton explosion of emotions rushed my body in the next few moments as Laney kissed me back in much the same why I did her. Her tongue meeting mine almost instinctively as we massaged tongues slowly for a long moment. Slowing and parting as we met eyes again and did the exact same thing, laughed. The voice of my mother breaking the moment, "What in the hell was what?"

"It was a kiss, and a good one" I said as I took Laney's hand and made a show out of lacing our fingers together. Her following as I pushed past my dad and opened the front door, Laney glaring at my mother as she stopped me. Laney's next words, a lie and purely for show, were I know intended to wound my mother a little more and poison my mother's already growing dislike of my best friend and no doubt they did.

"You hate me I know that" Laney said coldly.

"No I do not and I have tried to apologize but you won't..."

"I made your daughter a lesbian" Laney said with a smirk as she purposely cut Mom off in mid apology. "I made her like kissing girls, Viera. I was the one who talked her into going out with Mickie. So, how do you like me now?"

"I knew it, Richard I told you" Mom said as her anger, hurt and complete frustration boiled over and she could no longer control it. "Your ass is gonna be on the first thing back to that hillbilly hell hole you little..."

"Say it and we'll both beat you" I said as I stepped in front of Laney and Dad jumped in front of me and pushed us both back. Me looking up at my father and saying, "Let big bad Mommy finish what she was gonna say."

"You two go, this was a mistake" Dad said.

"I told you that" I said as I took Laney's hand and we left. Stopping on the porch and listened as Mom began to cry in sobs. Laney hugging me from behind.

"I tried my best, but those two are so filled with hate and bitterness that I just can't..." Mom said as dad no doubt hugged her.

"You fuckin hate filled nazi" Laney raged from behind me, only in a voice I could hear. "You fuck with Taylor and you fuck with me."

"My better half" I said as we smiled and walked off the porch and down the sidewalk. "What was that I made your daughter a lesbian shit?"

"I knew it would drive her crazy" Laney said as I laughed. "She seriously hates me and always has, I knew that. You can tell her the truth if you want."

"She deserves it" I said, "So about that kiss..."

"It was sooo good" Laney said with a huge smile as she turned and walked backwards and grinning at me. "Right?"

"Yeh it was" I said in a blush. "Was crazy."

"You're a helluva kisser my girl" Laney said as she stopped in front of me and grinned ear-to-ear. "Am I good kisser?"

"I have a girlfriend" I said as Laney groaned.

"Who says you don't?" She asked. "Mickie will understand and I will explain it to her. Now tell me..."

"Yes, you are a good kisser" I said as she raised her eye brows suggestively and we both laughed.

"Why didn't you do that like two years ago?" She asked.

"You were boy crazy and I was straight" I said as she laughed. "We've changed a lot since then."

"Yeh now we both like pussy" Laney said as I shared her mock horror look and each pointed to the other before laughing.

"And how do you know I do?" I asked, "Hello, never tried it."

"What are you waiting on?"

"I'm a virgin I think it's..."

"Special I know, yadda yadda" I said as I glared at her. "Bite me. You love Mickie and she loves you. Go for it."

"I don't wanna rush things" I said softly as Laney smiled sweetly and kissed my forehead before hugging me.

"I get it my girl, no more pressure" She said as I hugged her back. Looking down the road I saw that gorgeous hunk of man, Alex standing in the front yard spraying down the rose bed to the side of the porch with a water hose. Laney followed my eyes and smiled. "Hubba hubba huh?"

"Oh man that boy is so fine he could make me straight again" I said as Laney laughed.

"Sorry Tay but no he couldn't" She said. "You know Mickie gets you hot."

"Maybe" I said with a huge head to toe blush. Suddenly there it was, the thing I had seriously tried to avoid for the entire time I had been dating Mickie, the simple fact that she did turn me on. Little did I know just how quick I was gonna get to find out. "It's just all so new..."

"Trust me, it's not one bit scary" Laney said with a smile that ran all over me. "Unless she has a forest in her panties."

"Oh god that is nasty" I said as Laney laughed and watched me cover my face. "I'll bet you do."

"Fuck you, hair is nasty" Laney commented. "Now you..."

"Fuck you too, it is not a forest" I said. "I prefer the natural look."

"Bet Mickie won't" Laney commented seriously. "I'm serious."


"Hair in your mouth?" She asked in a whisper. "But if you want that."

"Yeh, no strawberries and honey huh?" I asked as we both laughed.

"Besides Tay, you'll love it when you do it" Laney said. "Huge difference."


"You'll see, I promise you that" She said and of course peaked my interest as Alex spotted us and waved. Motioning us over a moment later as we crossed the street. Funny thing is that was the night that all of that changed for me. That little bit of conversation made me reconsider a few things and later that night I decided to try what we had talked about. Well let's just say...on second thought I'll comment on that again at a more 'appropriate' time and place.

"Lovely ladies out for an evening walk?" Alex asked as he laid down the water hose and joined us by the front steps.

"Another fight with my lovely mother and we had to get out for a while" I said as Alex smiled apologetically and touched my hand. "Thanks."

"Some people are just..." Alex said before biting his tongue.

"Cruel, mean, heartless?" Laney offered as I laid my head on her shoulder. "Take your pic handsome."

"You stop flirting or that cute Jessie girl will get mad" Alex said as I laughed and Laney's mouth dropped open. "I saw you two a few days ago playing tag in front of Taylor's place."

"She's sooo cool" Laney offered. "She picks on me."

"And you like being picked on?"

"By her, yeh" Laney said with a smile.

"Well Taylor sweety how are you?" Mavis asked as she appeared on the porch in an apron. Obviously in the middle of cooking dinner.

"As good as I can be" I said as Laney bumped me and obviously was waiting for an introduction. "Mavis this is my best friend Laney McCoy, she's from the same hometown I am."

"A friend of Taylor's is always welcome in my house" Mavis said as Laney smiled. "Welcome to Cleveland."

"Thank you" Laney said and spying in the window at the tv that could be seen playing in the living room. Looking to Alex with a gorgeous grin and asking simply, "Big screen tv?"

"Yeh that's his pride and joy" Mavis commented as me and Laney laughed.

"Yeh Grandma you never use it to watch your stories huh?" Alex asked with a smug smile.

"A woman has to get her jollies one way or another" Mavis said as I laughed. "Ain't no handsome men knocking down my door."

"Bet that'd be good to play games on" Laney commented.

"XBOX, Playstation?" Alex asked.

"I had one of each back home" Laney commented, "Don't tell me you're a gamer?"

"All day long when I don't have school" Alex said as Laney grinned. "Halo 3 and the new Rainbow Six these days."

"And Madden" I commented as Alex nodded.

"Racing games too?" Laney asked.

"You get behind the wheel?" Alex asked.

"If I had mine here I'd so show you" Laney said as Alex smiled.

"Just so happens that I have two of them" Alex said, "I assume you got the MC2, the one by Mad Catz?"

"Yep, you got Rallisport 2?"

"I think so, it's been a while since I played" Alex said.

"Excuses already?" Laney asked as they started to slap at each other's hands playfully and laughed. "You gonna put up or shut up?"

"Well dinner is on and in 20 minutes you two will be invited to dinner" Mavis commented. "Shall I set an extra plate or two?"

"Two please and thank you for the invite" Laney said with a smile. "Right Tay?"

"I got no other plans" I said with a shoulder shrug as Laney and Alex walked up the steps and disappeared inside with Mavis. I made it to the top of the steps just as I heard a car pull up. Glancing back I saw Mickie getting out in front of my house and walking towards the door in a march. "Oh shit."

"HEY MICKIE, HEY MICKIE" I screamed as she stopped in front of my steps and glanced back. To my utter disbelieve Mom came to the door at that very moment as I thundered down the steps and sprinted down the sidewalk. Relieved to see Mickie coming to meet me, she did a few feet away. The smile of relieve on her face being very evident in that moment. I slowed and stopped and she did the same as she smiled, "Hey."

"You ok?" She asked as I smiled and hugged her. "I'll take that as a yes?"

"So much better now" I said and spotted Mom still watching from the door. But couldn't get a read on her reaction. "So much better, but how did you know?"

"I called your cell and it was off so I called your house and your dad said you and Laney had stormed out" Mickie said as she touched my cheek gently. "I heard your mom ranting in the background and I knew..."

"I love you so much" I said softly and kissing her. "We had a huge showdown. And Laney let Mom have it. It was pretty bad and then I did something insane."

"Yeh?" She asked nervously.

"I kissed Laney" I said and felt Mickie freeze. "Then we laughed."

"So it's over huh?" Mickie asked with a smirk as I smiled.

"Nooo it is not" I said as she began to back away from me.

"Maybe a good thing, my other hoochies were getting jealous" Mickie said as my lip dropped and I chased her. Around her car and moments later both of us playing a game of cat-and-mouse around the car. Her on one side and me on the other.

"You're gonna pay for that one Mikala" I said as I glared at her over the top of the car.

"You kissed another girl you slut" She said as I blushed and covered my face and realized I had done just that. In my embarassment I momentarily forgot about my game with Mickie and squealed as she rushed me and swept me into her arms and pinned me against the car. "I'm gonna get it huh?"

"Did I say that?" I asked as she grinned and nodded. Pinning my hands to the car. "I meant to say...I'm sorry, it was stupid?"

"You owe me one" She said as she kissed my cheek. "You know that right?"

"One what?" I asked in a hushed voice as she moved her hands to my cheeks gently and smiled. "You wanna kiss Laney too?"

"Not really" She said as she kissed me. "But you owe me one."


"We're being watched" Mickie said as she suddenly looked nervous. Me thinking she got a little nervous at the conversation we had just had. But it was true we were being watched. Mom was still standing in the door, but as I looked back once again she calmly looked away and quickly disappeared back inside finally. I looked back to see Mickie seemingly on the verge of tears. "Why does she hate me? Like I need to ask."

"I don't hate you" I said as I raised my hand. Kissing Mickie a moment later as she grinned. "I love you."

"Me too" Mickie said as she kissed me. "I'm so in love with you, thats why I came over here I was gonna defend you."

"My protector" I said as she laughed and wrapped me in her arms.

"HEY!" Laney screamed from the front porch. "You two coming in for dinner, Mavis says it's ready."

"I haven't seen Mavis in so long" Mickie said as I kissed her and we both grinned as I took her hand and laced our fingers. Her following as we headed back down the street.

"Mickie? Hey" Laney said as we arrived on the porch. "When did you show up?"

"Couple minutes ago" Mickie said as she hugged me from behind. "You kissed my girlfriend huh?"

"Yeh she even slipped me some tongue huh Tay?" Laney said as Mickie laughed and I blushed. "Girl is one hell of a kisser."

"So what about her Taylor?" Mickie asked.

"Yeh obviously it wasn't bad" I said as Laney grinned. "Can we talk about something before someone gets jealous?"

"It seriously didn't mean anything" Laney said. "Besides Taylor is my girl and all but I don't think I could ever look at her that way."

"I actually agree with that" I said as Mavis appeared at the door with that ever present smile. "Dinner ready?"

"Yep, piping hot, and oh I see a familar face" Mavis said as she saw Mickie. "Mikala James, lord child how long has it been?"

"Too long"

"Well is that three for dinner?" Mavis asked. "We got some gossiping do."

"Sounds like a fun night" Mickie said. Alex appearing at the door.

"You hiding out Laney?" Alex asked as he spotted Mickie and grinned. "Oh Grandma we might be up late tonight, Mickie and me got a rematch. You ready to be beat?"

"No I am not hiding" Laney said with a playful push to Alex's shoulder. "But you should be hiding, the way you drive."

"I bet he drives the way he plays football" Mickie said as Mavis laughed and Alex gave Mickie a dirty look. "Huh Alex?"

"Me and you lets go, now" Alex said as Mickie laughed.

"After dinner, me and Taylor can sit and visit for a while you three can play till your brains are fried" Mavis said and with that we all headed inside and to a meal fit for a king.