Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 13 "Rainy Day Woman"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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"The morning after" I said into the mirror on the back of my door. Dreading the fact that I had to now see Mom once again after the scene we had had in front of Dad the previous day. I called Mickie and asked her to pick me up 15 minutes early and of course she quickly agreed as I hung up and slipped my hair into a ponytail. Grabbing my book bag and freezing as a loud crash of thunder sounded across the morning sky and I noticed for the first time that it was seriously pouring the rain outside. I took a deep breath and headed out my bedroom door, crashing into my Dad. "Morning?"

"Morning, I already talked to Laney about this..." Dad said as I braced for another one of his demands. "You and Laney are gonna make more of an effort to make peace and I don't wanna hear no lip. I'm sick of you fueding bitches and now it's even worse with Laney here."

"Send Laney home and make me break up with Mickie, Mom gets her way and they'll be peace" I said as Mom appeared at the door to her and Dad's bedroom.

"I don't want that" Mom inserted into the conversation.

"Funny I could swore you were intent on stopping me from seeing Mickie" I said to her, "Remember the Alex incident? And the horrible scene in front of the house?"

"We both got over emotional Taylor..."

"NO WE DIDN"T" I screamed as Dad sighed deeply. "You said some of the cruelest shit...this is your fault and I am not ever gonna apologize for what I did."

"Do you see this Richard, I am trying my best and she holds onto this silly grudge over something that wasn't even about her" Mom said.

"Wasn't about me?" I asked, "Laney has a part of my soul she's my best friend in this world. You attacked her, you broke my heart. And then you accuse Mickie of causing all of this. That involves me in a way you can't understand."


"What do you want me to say?" Dad asked. "You created this mess, at least you're communicating."

"Well if you're not gonna try then I don't wanna another word from you" Mom said to me with a finger point.

"You ready?" Laney asked from behind Mom. "Mickie's outside."

"Nope I can't go to school today" I said with a smirk and having no idea that this comment would have such a great impact on my life. "I'm grounded huh Mom?"

"With that mouth I bet you are" Laney said and to my shock Dad started to laugh and even Mom cracked a smile. "Did you tell them about what you did over the weekend?"

"What?" I asked.

"I caught her and Mickie..." She said before I covered her mouth.

"You say that and we're not friends anymore" I said as Mom laughed. Another shock if you ask me. "Now?"

"Tay was a perfect angel while you were gone Dad" Laney said to my dad as he laughed. "She wouldn't even let Mickie in the front door."

"I'm sure" Mom said.

"It's true Viera" Laney said with a smirk as she looked at Mom. "The only one she made out was me."

"SHUT UP" I said in shock as Laney fell against the wall laughing out loud. "You're grounded you lying cunt."

"Kissy kissy my girl" Laney said as she laughed harder. Flicking her tongue at me as I nearly fainted.

"And how does Mickie feel about this?" Mom asked with a pointed look in her eyes. Drawing my attention away from my now giggling best friend just long enough.

"She is fuckin lying" I said as Laney took advantage of my momentary attention change and smacked my ass before she went running off down the hall. I jumped and rubbed my butt and turned without another word and chased after her. Getting to the top of the steps she went thundering down them as did I. Mickie meeting us at the door as Laney opened it and ran out.

"Help me Mickie, Taylor is groping me again" Laney said as she ran behind Mickie and hugged her from behind. Avoiding my grab as Mickie and me started to wrestle playfully. All three of us backing into the pouring rain and bringing us back to reality and chasing us back into the house. Mom and Dad meeting us at the bottom of the steps. I swear I even saw a smile on Mom's face as she saw Mickie pull me away from Laney and kiss me. I love that moment of me being able to express my love for this girl in such an open and honest way. I didn't care what anyone thought in that moment. "Where's Jessie?"

"Car" Mickie said as she looked back and turned, me hugging her from behind. "Princess is afraid to get wet."

"Hey I know for a fact that turds float, Taylor is proof of that that huh Viera?" Laney asked as my mouth dropped open and Mickie laughed. All of us waiting for Mom's response.

"Drag her outside and see" Mom said as Laney grinned and grabbed my arm as I screamed and was just about to be dragged back into the pouring rain of this Cleveland morning when a yellow cab stopped in front of the house, behind Mickie's car. Laney crashing into the door with me against her as she tried in vain to get me outside. I then felt a person behind me, it was Mickie, who joined the struggle and helped me tag team Laney as we pushed her into the rain instead. Outside, as Laney glared back at me and Mickie and we celebrated, the cab's door opened and out popped a girl with long blond hair. Her eyes shot open as she looked up at the door and screamed, "LANEY."

"Huh?" Laney asked as she stopped and looked back and saw the girl. Her next words were as shocking as the girls appearance, "Sammi?"

"Surprise baby" Sammi said with a wry smile as she stepped onto the side walk, her clothes soaked to the bone, and it wasn't just from the few moments she had spent in the rain so far.

"Ohmigod, Sammi?" Laney asked as she came down the steps slowly one at a time. Sammi nervously smiling as she bit her lip. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I love you Shell, I love you, it took me a few days to realize it ok?" Sammi asked as she moved in front of Laney.


"Annulment, I left him and Langston behind, I sold everything I owned to get here" Sammi said. "If you turn me away I have no idea what to do."

"Ohmigod" Laney said as a smile spread across her face. Her hand gently touching Sammi's face as the rain came harder.

"I was stupid for a while" Sammi said, "Please tell me you weren't serious about another girl?"

"Ummmmm....I dunno..." Laney said in a stammer. I was in shock as me and Mickie watched from the doorway and both waited for Laney to respond with anything more than a stammer. But all conversation stopped as Mickie's front passenger side door opened and out popped a very surprised looking Jessie. Laney's head snapped back to see her, looking as stunning as I'd ever seen her. Suddenly the tension in the air could be cut with a knife. Jessie for her part seemed to be shocked too as she walked back the few feet to meet the two. "Jess...ohmigod."

"You're her?" Sammi asked as she pointed at Jessie. "WOW, I see why you like her."

"Just so know I hate getting wet, redneck" Jessie said with a playful push to Laney. "You Sammi?"

"That'd be me" Sammi said as Jessie shocked everyone when she flipped Sammi off. Sticking it right in her face.

"You suck for what you did" Jessie said as Sammi glared at her. "You broke her heart, I saw that."

"Jessie calm down..." Laney said as she moved in front of her. "It's not that important."

"Yes it is, she broke your heart once already" Jessie said. "And by the way Sammi, me and Laney are really just friends, right Laney? That what you wanted me to say?"  

"I didn't ask you to say anything" Laney said.

"I love you Elaine" Sammi repeated as Laney looked back at her. "I left everything I knew to come and be with you."

"AFTER YOU BROKE HER HEART" Jessie screamed as she seemed about ready to fight. "Screw you."

"FUCK YOU TOO" Sammi fired back. "I am so ready to fight. Bring it."

"Why are you getting so mad over me?" Laney asked Jessie.

"Because you're cool and smart, and a lot of other things I can't remember right now" Jessie said as Laney smiled. "And I love your accent, it's so cute."

"Hey y'all" Laney said as her and Jessie giggled.

"Hey y'all" Jessie said in return.

"STOP FLIRTING WITH HER" Sammi screamed to get Laney's attention back. "You were gonna kiss me before this girlfriend stealing skank stuck her ugly ass nose in. Now come over here and kiss me and tell me you love me too, you said you did."

"Yeh and two hours later you were married" Laney fired back as I spotted a concerned looking Alex coming up the street with an umbrella over head. "Do you know how that felt?"

"Sucked" Sammi said as Alex came across the street.

"Ladies, ladies, don't mean to interfere in a family argument but maybe I can play peace maker?" Alex asked as he stopped right behind Sammi and positioned the umbrella directly over her head to keep her dry. A gentleman's move if there ever was one. "Calm heads always prevent hurt feelings."  

"I came all the way from Arkansas to see this girl and this barbie doll over here is ruining my chance at getting back with her" Sammi said as she glared at Jessie. "I don't have money or a place to stay, I came here hoping that you would give me a second chance."

"I'm not gonna stand in your way if this is what you want" Jessie said as Laney looked to be completely confused. "But I know what's it like to have a broken heart, it sucks. Really sucks. I thought maybe...this...forget it."

"Wait, Jessie, what?" Laney asked as she moved back in front of Jessie as she tried to walk away.

"I am soaked to the bone and obviously trying to stop something that was meant to happen" Jessie said, "Just kiss her and tell her you love her and get it over with."

"Listen to her please" Sammi said before she began to sneeze and looked to be freezing.

"You seriously have no place to go?" Alex asked.

"No" Sammi said. "I don't know what I'm gonna do."

"I know a nice place you can get a hot meal and change of clothes" He said. "I live down the street, Laney and Taylor will I'm sure speak on my behalf. Does that sound ok? You can deal with this after everyone gets their tempers calmed."

"Tell me you love me" Sammi said as she moved past Alex and back to Laney's side. "Please."

"I'm confused right now" Laney said as she looked to be about to cry.

"Sammi is it?" Alex asked. "About that invite."

"Fine" Sammi growled as she turned her back to Laney and stood there for a long moment. Hoping that Laney would no doubt offer some kind of reply. When she didn't, Sammi walked off slowly with Alex.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Sammi was the girl I thought I wanted and for a few moments I had my dream in my arms and was about to fall back under her spell. But then it happened, as you know, that other girl in my life made her play for me. Now I know what you're no doubt thinking, you barely know Jessie and you said you were in love with Sammi and until she broke my heart by marrying Jeff behind my back I was. But now I am just so confused and not sure what I want. Jessie is just so different than anyone I've ever met and she is hurt me sexy. So here I am sitting in her living room and waiting for her to get changed. Sammi was no doubt heart broken over the turn of events just an hour or so past. But what could I do, I am just so confused right now. I got changed back at the house and Mickie and Taylor gave us a ride over here to let Jessie get changed.

"JESSIE, COME ON" Mickie screamed from the bottom of the steps.

"Geez Cuz, I'm coming" Jessie said as she appeared at the top of the steps. Wearing a pair of simple jeans that looked to be a little too tight and a shirt that was tied just above her belly button. She looked so amazing I know she had to see me staring at her from the couch. I'm not sure what it was but in that moment I had the weirdest feeling wash over me, it felt so warm and just so right. "If you're in such a hurry, go on, I'll drive my own car."

"Fine, why didn't you say that?" Mickie asked. "We could have already been there."

"Come on my girl let's go" Taylor said calmly as she took Mickie's hand and pulled her away and out the door. Jessie coming down the steps as she spotted me still gawking at her.

"Gimme a sec and let me put on my make-up?" She asked as I joined at her at the bottom of the steps.

"Why?" I asked as I grinned.

"Cover these freckles up" She said, "Why are you grinning at me like that?"

"You are so beautiful Jessie James, you don't need make-up" I said honestly. "Your freckles are like my accent, can't change either."

"I know everything is screwed up with that Sammi girl back now, but I am really starting to like you" Jessie said as a smile spread across my face and my heart beat faster as I looked at her and she smiled back. "And just so you know I'm open to new possibilities."

"Sooooo you wanna go mess around?" I asked with a horny smile as she blushed and pushed me away playfully.

"No because we got school" Jessie said with a determined look on her face and walked by me. I waited till she got a few feet away and charged her from behind, her squealing as I grabbed her in a hug. "HELP, UNCLE MIKE I'M BEING GROPED."

"Jessie James you are in an empty house, no one's gonna help you" I said as she grinned back at me like she already knew that. "I'm a bad girl to, I just might take advantage of you."

"How about if I offered to let you do whatever you wanted" She said as she slipped from my arms and turned to face me. "What would you say?"

"You're a virgin" I said as she laughed. "That's what I'd say."

"True, but I'm not one of those 'save it forever girls'" She said, "I just want someone who won't hurt me. Or make fun of me if I make a mistake."

"I'd be so good to you" I said as I took one of her hands and laced my fingers with hers. "We could go slow, and I'll go first, and let you see how good it feels. Not like I have a lot of experience."

"You might be a redneck if you've slept with half the girls in Langley, Arkansas" Jessie said as she stuck her tongue out and I just had to laugh.

"It's Langston, Arkansas, blondy" I said as her mouth dropped open in shock and then smiled. "And I am not a slut..."

"Shut up..." She said as she grinned and touched my cheek as she kissed me softly on the lips. A long moment passing as my lips pressed softly against hers and then almost painfully slow, she began to move her lips against mine. Her body pressing against mine as both of my arms went around her body and her hand on my cheek slipping into my hair as I licked her upper lip and she returned the favor and met my tongue with hers in a sensual body awakening moment. It felt so good I could scream as my tongue began to massage against hers softly and both of my hands clutched into the back of her shirt as her hands did the same in my hair. I reluctantly pulled away and saw the dazed, dreamy look in her eyes as I touched her cheek gently and said softly, "You tell me when to stop, I swear I won't do anything you don't want ok?"

"Hey y'all" She said with a bright smile as she kissed me again softly.

"Hey y'all" I said in return as she grinned. She slowly pulled away and took both of my hands as she walked backwards towards the steps and to my shock step by step we went up them over the next few moments. Sammi was certainly not on my mind anymore in those few moments. But she would be a lot sooner than I had hoped, well...you'll see.  

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I for one was glad the school day was over, as I stood by Mickie's car in the almost deserted parking lot and waited on Mickie to get out of her last period class. That's when I spotted Lynsey and Maria at the far end of the parking lot, flirting with someone. You know this does bring to mind an interesting topic, see with the whole display this morning in front of the house with Sammi, Laney and then to everyones shock, Jessie, it was on my mind for the rest of the day and when it did slip my mind, I always drifted to the problems at home. So safe to say that Lynsey or Maria hadn't come to my mind, nor had me and Mickie had the time to discuss that very interesting idea that our mutual friends had proposed a few days before. But suddenly here they come and I just knew they would spot me and come over. Fortunately Mickie arrived just in time. Stopping in front of me.

"Happy to see me?" She asked with a huge smile that I adore.

"Always" I said and kissing her softly.

"HMMMMMMMM, warming up huh?" Lynsey asked as I looked over at her. "Yeh?"

"Not for you" I said as she grinned.

"So the answer is no?" Maria asked. "It's cool if it is."

"We haven't even talked about it" Mickie said as she looked to me. "You decided not to?"

"No, I mean, I dunno" I said, "Look the truth is, that me and Mickie ain't...you know."

"OK, then do it" Maria said. "You love her, she loves you, nothing's stopping you."

"Parents?" I asked. "Both of us."

"Empty apartment" Maria said as she held up her hand with a key in it. "You two can have it anytime you want just let me know. If you agree..."

"Too what?"

"Three" Maria said as she held up three fingers and motioned from herself to Me to Lynsey. "You know you want to."

"I'd love to watch" Mickie said honestly as I looked back at her. "It's up to you my girl."

"I have your permission?" I asked as she kissed my cheek and nodded with a 'horny-as-hell' grin.

"It's all set" Lynsey said as she jumped to my side and playfully stroked her hand up and down my bare arm. "Right Taylor?"

"Come on give into that desire" Maria said and suddenly with two of the hottest girls in school begging for my attention and the approval of my girlfriend to go for it. I let the fantasy take over and as Lynsey slipped in front of me and nervously bit her lip and leaned in and kissed my cheek. My hormones washed any rational thought from my mind as I tilted my head a bit and to my own shock I kissed Lynsey softly for the first time. Her soft lips on mine felt like heaven almost it was so good I could have honestly screamed in that moment. Her tongue softly meeting mine as we started to french softly, I felt her fingers gently under my chin and almost willing me to kiss her back as we frenched for a few seconds longer.

"God that is so hot" Maria said as me and Lynsey broke and grinned at each other. "So hot, huh Mickie?"

"Damn my girl you liked that huh?" Mickie asked as I turned to see a lust filled smiled on her face.

"Yeh I did" I admitted as I kissed her softly. Then turning to Maria and asking, "Think we can borrow your place this afternoon?"

"Hell yeah, I like you" Maria said as she leaned in and kissed me herself and slid her door key into my hand. This is where the ride really gets interesting, let me tell you.  

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Have fun?" I asked Jessie as she now laid across my stomach, both of us under the covers.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmm" She said as I giggled. "Did I make you feel good?"

"WOW, you are just so hot" I said and kissing her softly. "So good, I didn't think you'd get into it the way you did. I think Jessie likes pussy now."

"You made me a lesbian" Jessie said as I laughed.

"Those three times I made you cum felt good huh?" I asked as she nodded her head yes with a horny smile.

"WOW, it was...I didn't think you were gonna stop" She said. "I can't imagine anyone else being that good to me."

"I promised you that, remember?" I asked as I stroked my hands up and down her bare arms softly.

"Yeh you did" She said and softly kissed me. Groaning as the ringing of my cell brought an end to our afterglow. Jessie rolled off reluctantly as I slipped out of her bed. Her whistling at my naked butt as I picked up my phone and figuring it was Taylor never bothered checking the number as I opened it and laid down back down by Jessie. Saying, "Yeh?"

"Where are you?" Sammi said as my lip dropped opened and the realization of what I had just done came rushing back to me. "Hello, this is Laney McCoy?"

"Yes, yeh it is" I said, my body being numb now from head to toe. "Sammi?"

"Duh Shell" She said as I smiled despite myself. "Where are you?"

"At a friends" I said and refusing to look at Jessie in that moment. "Can we talk later?"

"You...are...with...her, that blond whore of yours" Sammi said as the numbness wore off and I felt Jessie gently caress my cheek and look at me with worry in her eyes. "Answer me Elaine, fuckin tell me."

"Yeh ok I am" I said. "It just happened, we didn't plan it."

"You fucked her?" Sammi asked in shock. "I was thinking...we could talk and maybe I could convince you too...FUCK YOU."

"I'm...sorry..." I said as tears began to fall down my cheeks.

"You're fuckin parents I bet would be real proud of their whoring daughter" Sammi spat back as my heart began to break. I couldn't believe she had said that and with that comment, I knew it was truly over with Sammi. I simply folded the phone closed and began to cry in sobs as I pushed it off the bed onto the floor.

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jessie said as she gently made me look at her. "It's over, you're here you chose me, she won't hurt you anymore..."

"This is your fault" I said and to my body numbing shock Jessie just smiled and kissed me softly. Melting away layer after layer of pain and anger as I kissed her back for a long moment. "Jessie...I'm...sorry..."

"SHHHHHHH, I need you to love me" She said and kissing me again. "Someone needs your heart now Laney, me."

"You need me to?"

"Yes, please?" She asked with pleading in her eyes. "I just gave you my most precious gift. Don't make me regret it?"

"Never" I said as I touched her cheek gently and kissed her. "Never, ever."

"Well you gonna love me or not Laney McCoy?" She asked with a beautiful smile. In that moment I felt myself falling and this time it was emotional, and a good emotion too. "I need to be loved."

"About three or four more hours worth ok?" I asked as she laid back on the pillows and I crossed over her stomach and leaned down and kissed her softly. "Huh?"

"The way you make it feel..." She said and pausing for a dramatic moment, "...it might be longer, much longer."

"Oh yeah..."