Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 14 "Rednecks, Nightmares and No Tan Lines"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The smile on my face couldn't be sand blasted off at this moment. I had, I think, just fell in love with Jessie and she really knew nothing about it. She was in the shower right now, I could hear her awful singing from the bedroom. We had literally made love for the better part of the day and yes I do think it was love making and not just sex. I was falling in love for the first time in my life and not just lust, which is kinda what I think I had with Sammi, still not sure about that. But the moment that convinced me that I could fall in love with Jessie was just moments after I left her shaking in pleasure and the look in her eyes was something I had never seen. The pain from earlier was gone and was replaced by a twinkle that told me she adored me.

"You are one lucky bitch Elaine McCoy" I said to myself as I began to bounce around in the bed excitedly. Hearing the bathroom door open I stopped and looked to see Jessie emerge from the bathroom in nothing but that amazing dark tan (no tan lines just like she said) and a towel in her hair.

"Hey y'all" Jessie said as she crawled back into bed beside me and to my delight kissed me. "You might be a redneck if you just made me cum for like the millionth time."

"Redneck" I said as we both laughed. "And you Jessie James, wow, girl you learn quick."

"If I like what I'm doing I pay attention" She said as she kissed me again. "And ohmigod I loved that."

"You tingling?" I asked as she blushed.

"Yeh and no more" She said as I rolled over to face her. Crawling after her as she scooted back to the top of the bed. "Laney, stop, please? I can't seriously."

"All I wanted was this..." I said as I kissed her. She grinned and ran her fingers through my hair and looked at me with an adoring smile. "God you're hot."

"So are you...ohmigod Uncle Mike" Jessie said as she scrambled off the bed and to the window. Me admiring her naked tanned butt as she did. Her eyes widening in shock as she saw Michael's car pulling into the driveway. "Ohmigod we're dead."

"What are you doing just laying there?" She asked me as she grabbed her jeans and struggled to get into them. "He's gonna catch us and..."

"Chill Jess" I said calmly as I rolled off the bed and grabbed my panties and slipped into them and then my jeans as Jessie realized she forgot hers and scrambled to put hers on and following them with another attempt at her jeans. Running around the end of the bed and looking to be in a panic.

"He's gonna catch us and send me home" She said as I picked up her shirt and handed it to her. "I can't go back to that..and ohmigod my parents..."

"SHHHHHHHH...calm down" I said as I kissed her cheek. Both of us slipping on our bra's and then our shirts. "Calm down."

"But..." She said as I kissed her.

"I will lie my ass for you, I will" I said as she smiled. "No one is gonna treat you like crap again. Not while I'm here."

"This place smells sex" Jessie said.

"It should miss one more time" I said as she blushed and covered her face as I laughed. "You might be a redneck if you like pussy now."

"Redneck" Jessie said from behind her hands. I laughed harder as some light foot steps could be heard coming down the hall.

"Shhhhh, come on, let's just slip into the hall before he comes in here" I said as I took her hand and we slipped into the hallway, closing the door behind us as we did, just as Michael came to the top of the steps.

"Jessica?" He asked.

"Hi Uncle Mike" Jessie said with a sheepish grin. "We ummmm...oh boy."

"You two on a break or what?"

"We skipped" I inserted into the conversation. "I'm sorry sir, it was me not Jessie. Some major drama started this morning and me and her both got wet and it just got screwed up. I just really needed a friend so we were taking a couple of hours to hang out, she's so cool."

"Thanks, so are you" She said with a smile.

"I don't like the idea of you missing school" Michael said firmly. "You either Laney, as long as you are under this roof you have to abide by house rules."

"Yes, sir, no more skipping school" I said honestly. "I'm sorry, Jessie was just trying to help and she did."

"Yeh Uncle Mike, you always told me to be there for the people that are important in your life" Jessie said as she laced her fingers with mine openly. "I'm hoping and praying I'm as important to her as she is becoming to me."

"Well..." Michael said in what looked to be shock. I looked to Jessie and saw what I had always wanted, a person who adored me and wanted me and not someone else or something else. She was begging to be loved and I knew then that I was really falling in love with her. I squeezed her hand in mine and said, "You are."

"No more bedroom time alone" Michael said.

"You know that rule sucks" Jessie said. "It does, me or Mickie have never giving you or Aunt Laila one reason to be suspicious of us and you insist on keeping us captive. No wonder Mickie runs to Taylor's every second, at least there they can spend two seconds alone without you freaking out."

"Jessica it's the house rule"

"I think you should change it" I said softly. "I know family matter but 16 year olds are gonna do stuff even if you don't let us be alone, we could do somewhere else. We could."

"So you're saying I should just give you free reign to spend hours alone in the privacy of Jessie's bedroom?" He asked.

"Why would I wanna spend hours alone in her bedroom?" I asked as Michael laughed and Jessie kissed my cheek.

"That was a good one" He commented.

"Come on please Uncle Mike, lighten up?" Jessie asked. "If I do something to break your trust then you can ground me."

"And me too" I said with a grin.

"I will take this under advisement" He said.

"That means no" Jessie said with a frown as she walked off and pulled me along behind her. Michael simply took a deep breath and walked off down the hall towards his bedroom. Interesting.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not ready to do this" I said with my back now turned to a clearly frustrated Mickie. "Say something please?"

"I guess after your puking you're not as attracted to me as you thought huh?" She asked.

"One thing has nothing to do with the other" I said as I turned over and saw her staring at the ceiling now.

"You sure?"

"I was nervous, out of my mind nervous" I said, "My first time and the reality of all that happened really just hit me. It just seemed so fast. And besides you just wanted to watch me do it with Lynsey" I said as she blushed. "Right?"

"A little bit" She said softly. "Insane huh?"

"Insane?" I asked softly as I thought back to a few days before and her "insane question" moment. Moving across her thighs and looking directly down at her now. "You had an insane question a few days ago, what was that?"

"Thought you'd forgot that" She said and grew seemingly nervous over the next few moments as a silence hung in the room.

"Well what was it?"

"I don't know how to ask it, or rather say it" She said.

"Tell me, I hate people who stall" I said.

"What if I wasn't a virgin and lied to you about it" She asked as my lip dropped open in shock. Numb washing over my body as the magnitude of that announcement sunk in.

"Huh?" I asked. "You're not a virgin?"

"No" She said as I felt like fainting. She had the weirdest smug smile on her face. "Far from it."

"Far from it?" I asked. "How many?"

"Every horny bi slut in school practically" She said, "Hello school lesbian, did you actually think I was the only girl with an interest in pussy?"

"Why the fuck did you want me for then?"

"To be honest with you...two reasons" She said as she held up two fingers. "You're the hottest girl I've ever seen and I like popping cherries."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I asked and was ready to fight by this point. "You like popping what?"

"Cherries" Mickey said. "But you were such a five year old I couldn't even get between your legs. Pathetic."

"I'm really a virgin" I said as she smiled.

"MMMMMMM baby I know, I wanted that so bad" She said as she kissed me and I pushed her away. "Oh come on, don't be like that. I'm with you, and I ain't been with no one else since...ummmm....well...3 weeks?"

"You've cheated on me too?" I asked as the bathroom door opened and out walked Lynsey and Maria. My mouth dropping open as Mickie laughed and said, "It was with those two, who do you think came up with the idea of them fucking you?"

"Ohmigod" I said with a cold stare towards Mickie as she laughed harder. My body jerking and suddenly I snapped awake and sat bolt upright in bed. The sunlight from outside streaming in a little through the windows in Maria's bedroom. Realizing it was all a bad dream and thank god it was, I looked to my right and saw the girl that was now my lover still sleeping peacefully. I took a deep breath and rolled off the bed, slipping into my robe and moving to the window, still reeling somewhat from the dream. I tried to relax and wash the images and words of that nightmare from my mind, letting it drift to all that had happened in the last few hours and days. I had been invited into a threesome, and agreed to it, in the process kissing another girl with my girlfriends approval and now lost my virginity. I smiled at the last part as my mind replayed everything that had happened between me and Mickie. She was literally so good to me it left me shaking in pleasure for a few minutes after. To be completely honest, my clit was now kinda sore she had loved it so much and so perfectly. I had just untied my robe and was about to go back to work on a 'certain area' of my body when the bed cracked and popped, signaling the awakening of Mickie as she rolled off and joined me by the window. "Hey."

"Hey my new lover" She said as she hugged me from behind. The 'new lover' comment sounding odd for a moment as I looked back at her.

"New lover?" I asked nervously. "I hope I'm the first."

"Duh Taylor" She said as she kissed my cheek. "What would make you think you weren't?"

"Bad dream" I said as she hugged me tighter and listened patiently as I relayed the events of the dream. "See?"

"I was a virgin Taylor" She said softly and having me turn in her arms and kissing me. "And you wanna know something else?"

"Yeh" I said as a smile crossed my face and I touched her cheek gently. "Go on."

"I've never been in love like this before" She said. "I gave you a part of me."

"MMMMMM yeh" I said as I kissed her softly and we both smiled. "And I returned the favor."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP MOM" Came the voice as Mickie and I jumped apart and quickly figured out that the voice was Maria's from the other room as she had apparently just arrived home with a guest in tow. Mickie and I were in the process of getting dressed when Maria opened the bedroom door and stopped, her eyes going wide with surprise as she saw me with my robe hanging open and only wearing a pair of panties, now around my knees. A huge confident smile crossed her face as she saw me and quickly closed the door back and let us finish getting dressed. Mickie giggling knowingly in the background.

"What the fuck is so funny?" I asked a moment later as I dropped the robe and slipped back into my clothes.

"She liked what she saw" Mickie said as she buttoned her jeans and slipped on her shirt. "Bet you can't wait for her to see you again huh?"

"Screw you Mikala" I said as she laughed and rushed me, sweeping me into her arms and kissing my cheek as the screaming started again from the other room.

"They are friends of mine" Maria said as she opened the door to the bedroom, checking to see if we were now dressed and motioned for us to come out. Seeing a woman who looked like an older version of Maria standing in the doorway. Her name turned out to be Terri. Her mother. "See, this is Taylor and that is Mickie."

"Well just what were you two doing in the bedroom?" Terri asked with hands on hips and giving us a dirty look.

"Changing clothes?" I asked as Mickie laughed.

"They were fucking Mom, fucking for the first time, I gave them my keys so they could fuck and when you leave us alone we're gonna have a threesome" Maria said as Terri's eyes shot open. "You got a problem with that?"

"Your father is gonna hear about this" She said with a finger point. "He's not gonna stand for you running a whore house."

"Why not, he's only paying my rent to drive you crazy" Maria said as Mickie and I tried not to laugh. "And you're paying my bills to drive him crazy. Why? Because you can't admit that he was a better parent than you and let him have the house."

"HE WAS NOT" Terri screamed back as I covered my face to keep from laughing. "You're father is a bum."

"But he's a rich bum" Maria said, "and he loves me and wouldn't want me to be homeless unlike you."

"I do not want you to be homeless sweetheart" Terri said in a sweet voice, a complete change of attitude I noted in only seconds. "And you can have your lovely friends over anytime you want."

"Thank you Mommy" Maria said as she plastered a fake smile on her face and hugged her mother as a show of 'love'. "Call me when you get home?"

"Well I thought I'd stay a while and visit with you and your...friend" Terri said. "Lynsey is it?"

"Girlfriend Mom, Lynsey Panettiere" Maria said as Lynsey bounced into the room. Me noticing her jiggling boobs, oh lord I need help now. She nervously slid by Terri and excepted Maria's hand as they showed Maria's mom they were indeed a couple. "See, I'm not straight."

"I'm gonna go, you four have fun" Terri said with a slightly frustrated look on her face as she exited.

"Thank god" Maria said as she turned to me and Mickie and smiled. "Sorry you had to see that. She's means well usually but has a really big mouth."

"Does she need to be on meds?" Mickie asked as I laughed out loud.

"Probably yeh" Maria said. "And speaking of on something...did you get some Mickie?"

"Sure did" Mickie said proudly as I looked back at her. "What? You did too."

"I just don't care much for how you put that" I said. Mickie kissing my cheek as she smiled and said, "It was more to me than that, you know."

"Yeh it better be" I said.

"And guess what Lyns?" Maria said with a knowing smile. Me knowing she was gonna bring up her unexpected catching of me naked.


"I got what I hope is an advanced preview of our threesome" Maria said as I blushed.

"You did?" Lynsey asked and looking to me.

"She walked in while I was dressing" I said as Lynsey smiled.

"Damn I miss everything" She said as I smiled.

"So yes or no?" Maria asked as she hugged Lynsey from behind and raised her shirt slowly up revealing the girls tanned flat stomach as my eyes widened a bit. Being shaken back to reality when Mickie hugged me from behind to get my attention. "Well?"

"Yes" Mickie said as I simply smiled. "Right?"

"I must be losing my mind" I said as Lynsey gave me a smoldering look. "And oh yeah, I wanna see this strap-on before I agree to anything."

"Ok" Maria said as she left Lynsey's side and disappeared into the bedroom. Lynsey coming over to me and almost daring me to back away as she moved her body against mine, Mickie watching closely as I offered no resistance yet.

"Can I kiss your girlfriend, please?" Lynsey asked Mickie as I looked back to her.

"Only when she's naked" Mickie said as Lynsey blushed a bit and replied, "MMMMMMM fair enough."

"Here we go" Maria said as she came out of the bedroom with a carrying case in her hand. Sitting it down on the end table by the couch as the three of us joined her. She opened it and I looked at the dildo/fake cock and almost fainted.

"That fuckin thing is huge" I said.

"Noooo, it's not" Maria said as she lifted it out of the case and showed it to me more closely. "It's not big at all really, just about the perfect size really."

"I think so" Lynsey offered from beside me. "Taylor, relax. It's not as painful as people want you to believe."

"Not as..."

"Not really at all" Lynsey said. "Look, I promise you I'll do everything I can to make you feel good, and I can do wonders with my tongue."

"Roll your tongue Lyns" Maria said as Lynsey did just that and leaned in and kissed my cheek. "That feels so unbelievably good."

"I'll bet" Mickie and I said at the same time.

"So we on?" Lynsey asked as she pawed my arm playfully.

"I'm still nervous..."

"Then take tonight and decide" Lynsey said. "We're friends either way."

"Yeh exactly" Maria said. "Let us know tommorrow?"

"Deal" I said as I smiled at Mickie and she returned that smile. One thought coming to my mind in that moment, I needed to talk to one person desperately, my best friend, Laney.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Get me a soda?" I asked as Jessie grinned and headed inside the store. We had gotten almost back to Taylor's place before Jessie realized she needed gas and stopped at the 7-11 at the end of the block. The very one Taylor had told me she met Mickie. I got out to pump the gas as Jessie headed inside to pay and me feeling like life could not get any better in this moment. Of course the very second I have that thought here comes something or someone to kick me dead in the ass. This time it was the last person on this earth that I wanted to see, Sammi, walking to the store with Alex.

She seemed shocked to see me as she and Alex stopped in front of me as I finished pumping the gas and put away the hose and closed the gas cap. Not knowing what to say or do and hoping (as weird as it was) for Jessie to hurry back out so I wouldn't do anything stupid. Alex seemed awfully uncomfortable, but he being the complete gentleman stayed to play peacemaker I think. She broke the silence, "Didn't know you had a car, VW bug huh?"

"Not mine" I said softly.


"Jessie's" I said as she glared at me for a moment.

"Does she have something on you?" Sammi asked as a bell sounded on the door to the 7-11, signaling Jessie's exit, "She making you do things? I came all the way from Arkansas to see you..."

"Hey" Jessie said as she arrived by my side and nervously clutched my soda in her arms. "What's going on?"

"Me and the girl I love were talking, I'd appreciate you butting out miss thang" Sammi snapped as Alex stepped in between her and me.

"Calm down let's just go get the things Grandma wanted, you're already upset" Alex said as Jessie offered no reply and handed me my soda. Turning to walk off a moment later as I grabbed her arm and got in front of her.

"Where you going?" I asked as she looked down and offered no reply.

"Let her go" Sammi said, "Come on Laney give me two minutes without that skank and I can show you I love you. Please?"

"FUCK YOU" I screamed at Sammi. "You love me huh?"

"YesSSSSS" She said in a growl as Alex tried to hold her back. "You letting her tear us apart."

"You said my parents would turn over in their grave, you bitch" I said.

"I didn't mean that, just you won't listen and this whore..."

"She is not a whore, or a skank" I said as Jessie looked up at me and smiled as I looked back at her. "You're not, and I'm think I'm falling in love with you."

"I told you I needed to be" Jessie said with a bright grin as she leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips. Mine matching her pace a moment later and feeling her tongue gently meeting mine as we french kissed for a long moment. Sammi no doubt about to kill both of us as she watched or so I thought. But parting I saw a huge smile on Jessie's face, one that matched mine as we touched foreheads. The only sound that could be heard was the click-clack of a pair of shoes as they got softer and softer. Looking I saw Alex alone. Jessie pointed out Sammi running down the sidewalk in tears as Jessie hugged me. "I'm sorry."

"This is not your fault, ok?" I asked as she smiled and kissed me again.

"I'm happy for you" Alex said softly.

"Thank you" I said, "This is Jessie, Jessie this is my friend, Alex."

"WOW, where you been hiding?" She asked in a sultry voice as she smiled at Alex. A move that reminded her of me.

"He's gay and you're taken" I said as Jessie giggled and shrugged.

"I can flirt, right?" She asked. "Please tell me you're not psycho jealous?"

"Not one bit" I said as I kissed her cheek and laced her fingers with mine. "I can flirt too right?"

"Only with people from Arkansas, but nowhere else" She said with a devious smile towards me. "Don't want ya to flirt with someone that's smarter than you."

"Jessie" I said with a finger point as she backed away now with a huge grin on her face, knowing she'd got me good. Alex laughing as he walked off into the store to get whatever it was Mavis sent him after. "Come here."

"Hey y'all?" She asked with an adorable smile as she stopped. I smiled and kissed her cheek a moment later as she smiled brighter.

"You pick on me too much" I said as she giggled and letting me wrapping her in my arms.

"But you like when I pick on you" She said as she smiled back at me. "Mickie told me you said that."

"Yeh...I do" I said as I leaned in and let my lips linger near hers for a long moment, before she kissed me. I am gonna get so lost in this girl. You'll see.