Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 15 "Where in the World is Sammi McNamara"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Jessie James stole my heart, how cool does that sound? First Jessie James is such a cool name, based completely on the fact that Frank and Jessie James are two of my favorite old west characters. Remember the series on the 'History Channel' with that singer Kenny Rogers about the old west? I've watched that fifty times I bet. They talk a lot about Frank and Jessie, so last night I got my Jessie to sit down and watch it with me and she loved it, we actually have a similar interest, again how cool is that? OK, so I'm rambling, back to the story.

Last night, me and Jessie literally kissed by the car out front for like a half hour before Viera the witch came out to ask if I was coming in and broke up our moment. I came this close to telling her I did it with Jessie just to get a rise out of her, but something else stopped me, if I keep being a real bitch or at least that hate filled, Richard just might send me home and I'd lose my mind without getting to see Jessie every day. So with that thought in mind I acted like it was no big deal. This was the scene in part...

"Laney?" Viera asked from the door. "Don't you think it's time you let Jessie get home. Her Uncle maybe getting worried."

"Yeh she's right I better git" Jessie said in her best southern voice as I laughed. "Uncle Mike will be calling anytime."

"Be careful on the way home" I said as I kissed her. Not one time really thinking much about if Viera was watching or not. "Call me when you get home?"

"You really care about me huh?" Jessie asked with a smile as I simply nodded my head yes. "Hey y'all."

"Hey y'all" I said in return as we touched foreheads and parted. Her driving off a few moments later. Me joining a very nervous looking Viera at the door as she opened it for me to walk inside.

"That Jessie seems like a really sweet girl" She offered.

"She is" I said rather coldly. "She was hurt pretty bad by a guy who claimed to love her."

"Never something I'd want to happen to you or Taylor" She said and tried to force a smile.

"Look, we both know you'd much rather have us with some loser like Jessie's ex then with someone like Mickie or Jessie" I said as she took a step back and Richard came down the hall slowly towards us. "Cause two girls in love is the end of world huh?"

"I did not say not" Viera said firmly. "I admit I had initial objection to Taylor's friendship with Mickie but I am making an effort to except it."

"She's in love" I said calmly. "Mickie is so sweet and nice and she is good to Taylor. Really good, she loves her too. You should be happy that Taylor found someone who's not putting pressure on her to have sex and do things that are insane. I don't think Mickie would, and as a matter of fact I think Mickie would try and stop it."

"She understands that Laney" Richard said as he joined us finally.

"I hope you know I do love Taylor" I said. "Truth be told I'd ask her out if Mickie and Jessie were...well I would."

"Yeh we get that" Richard said with a smirk. "After that little display with you two the night I got back it's pretty clear."

"That didn't have anything to do with me liking her" I said as I tried to stop blushing. "Just stupid really. Good kiss though...oops. I mean..."

"I don't need anymore details" Viera said as I laughed. "Please?"

"Yeh OK" I said softly. "And just so you know, it wasn't me who got Taylor to like girls, just me shooting off at the mouth."

"After what I said I'm lucky you didn't shoot something else at me" She said as I shrugged. Offering no smart ass reply for maybe the first time in my life.

"Bed?" Richard asked.

"Night Daddy" I said as I hugged him and we enjoyed a nice moment. "I don't think I've said this before but...thank you for letting me come and live with you. This place sure beats home."

"I've been saying that for months and months" Viera inserted into the conversation. "But until Mickie, Taylor sure didn't agree with me."

"I'll bet she does now" I said as I turned and headed up the stairs just as the ring tone on my phone sounded. Jessie just calling to tell me she was OK and heading to bed. I hung up just as Taylor came out of her room and stopped as she saw me and practically bounced over to meet me in the hallway. Hugging me in a way I'd never known before. Then pulling away she dragged me into her room and closed the door as I wondered seriously what was up with my best friend. So me being the world class smart ass that I am, went for the most obvious sexual remark that came to mind. "What's up you my girl? You and Mickie finally knock the boots?"

"Yep" She said as she stood right in front of me and my lip dropped open as she squealed in excitement and bounced around for a long moment.


"Really" She said as I grinned. "Soooo amazingly good too."

"Yeh baby" I said as I held my hands up and she met my hands with hers and we laced fingers and grinned. "So you went for it?"

"We both wanted too and well let's just say we had a golden opportunity" Taylor said. "Maria let us use her apartment and well..."

"She good at it?"

"Nothing to compare it to, but if anything feels better than that I'd rather not try it" She said as I smiled.

"UMMMMMMMM...you're gonna accuse me of trying to top your story I know..." I said nervously.

"Let me guess you got some too?" She asked with a challenging expression. "You and Sammi make up?"

"Jessie" I said with a deep crimson blush.

"Get out" She said in shock as I laughed and felt her shake me by the hands as she looked at me in disbelieve. "You slut."

"Nooooo, it wasn't like that" I said as I walked over to the window, one of Taylor's hands still in mine. Sitting down and trying to figure out how exactly to explain the events that had taken place in the last few hours. "I can't explain how it happened really."

"You in love with her?" Taylor asked as she sat down by me.

"Not far away" I said as Taylor bumped my shoulder and we both laughed. "She's just so cool."

"Jessie was a virgin right?"

"Mmmmm-hmmm and you know me, I wouldn't do it just for the sex" I said as Taylor nodded. My phone ringing and a huge smile crossing my face as I saw Jessie's face on the phone. "See ya in the morning?"

"Night my girl" Taylor said as she squeezed her fingers around mine for a moment before I flipped my phone open and got up to leave the room.  

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Do you know how hard it is to get sex off your mind? I do now. Every since I lost it with Mickie, it's all I've thought about and believe me my old stand by of masturbating just doesn't satisfy the urge for very long. Fortunately Mickie is in much the same situation and has as much as admitted she's about to jump out of her skin too. So I got up this morning (which is a few days after you know what) to the ringing of my cell phone. Something that has become the norm as Mickie calls me every morning now. "Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie."

"I love when you do that" She giggled from the other end of the phone. "You dream about me?"

"No, I had some of the stupidest dreams ever" I said, "But this is much better, my favorite way to start the day."

"So you say Tay" She said as I laughed. "Will you go out with me tonight?"

"Duh" I said simply as we both laughed. "Where to?"

"The lake? Please?"

"Does my Mickie need something?" I asked in a sultry voice.

"So bad you wouldn't believe it" She said. "God I sound like I'm using you for sex. Oh shit...that dream...that came out wrong."

"Don't worry about it" I said. "Just a stupid dream, no way you'd do that for real. I need it too and probably worse."

"MMMMMMM" She said as I blushed. "Tonight you gonna see how much I love you."

"You do that and so will I" I said as I rolled out of bed and we said our goodbyes a few moments later. I took a shower and came out just as Laney walked back up the steps from downstairs, her phone to her ear. Kissing my cheek and giggling as I pushed her away and disappeared back into my room to get dressed. I got dressed and headed downstairs to get breakfast just as Dad was leaving and to say it was tense in the room with me and Mom was a vast understatement. Even after the last few days which had been mostly fight free, I still froze her out unless she directly questioned me about something. I would then politely answer in as short a sentence as I could and walk off to avoid a fight. Which served two purposes, it makes her so mad she can't see straight and it keeps me in Dad's good graces for trying to avoid a fight.

"Taylor, wait" Mom said as I took a muffin off the table and tried to escape before she could talk to me. "Is Mickie coming to get you?"

"Yes" I said simply and turned to walk off but this time she followed me.

"Taylor, this is silly, you can't give me the silent treatment forever, you have to get over your mad spell eventually" She said as I stopped dead in my tracks and fought to control my anger. I turned and looked down, thinking I could simply say what I needed without looking at her and move on.

"I'm not mad at you" I said and following it with a deep breath to clear my head. "I'm trying to avoid a fight."

"Well if we never talk again just on the off chance that we will fight would that make you happy?" She asked with hands on hips. "Cause that sure seems to be what you want."

"You have no idea what I want, you've never cared what I wanted" I said as my eyes snapped up to meet hers and she got the fight she no doubt wanted. Laney nervously coming down the steps at that moment and listening closely. "I wanna be in love with Mickie, I want you to stop blaming her for destroying this family, I want my best friend to feel welcome in this house. I want you to butt out of my life like you have any rights left to me at all."

"I am still your mother" Mom demanded.

"Mommy gonna ground me?" I asked with a determined stare as Laney covered her face to keep from laughing. Mom fuming now as she looked from me to Laney and back. "No, Mommy not gonna ground me. Cause her favorite weapon is gone now. Can't stand it that the battle ground is level huh Mom?"

"I am sick of your mouth" Mom snapped with a finger point.

"You think she's not sick of yours too?" Laney asked as she walked down the last few steps and stood behind me. "And you're wrong my girl."

"What do you mean?"

"It's not you against her anymore, it's you and me against her" Laney said as I smiled. "You're my better half too and she wants a war she's gonna get one."

"This is a family matter..."

"She is family" I said, "You wanna tell me she's not?"

"You know what I mean" Mom said. "This is my house and I will not feel threatened by you two."

"No ones threatening you huh Tay?" Laney asked as she hugged me from behind.

"I didn't hear any threats" I said as I smiled. "I heard my best friend doing something that I'd do for her. She took up for me."

"Fine you wanna hate me go ahead" Mom said in complete frustration. The door bell ringing as Laney lifted me and spun around before sitting me back down. Mickie and Jessie standing on the other side as I pushed a giggling Laney away from me and went to open the door.

"UMMMMMMMMM...morning?" Mickie asked as she spotted Mom standing just a few feet behind me. Laney pushing by me and grabbing Jessie's hand and pulling her along as they went bouncing down the steps.

"Yes, good morning" I said and kissing her softly as she smiled.

"Everything OK, you look upset?" She asked. Me being amazed at how she could notice such a subtle change in my mood.

"Same stuff as always" I said, lacing my fingers with hers and getting ready to head down the steps.

"Mickie?" Mom asked as we both froze, her squeezing my fingers nervously. I took a deep breath and watched Jessie smack Laney on the butt and go running down the sidewalk laughing, Laney chasing after her.

"Mom, I am begging you to please be my mother for once and not start anything" I said as I turned. Mickie stepping in front of me.

"Yes Ms. Raynewater?" Mickie asked.

"Can I talk to you in private for a few moments?" Mom asked nervously.

"Here we go again..." I said in frustration.

"OK, hold on Taylor, let me do this" Mickie said as she turned to me. "This is what started everything last time. Let me do this?"

"No, because all she's gonna do..."

"SHHHHHH, I can handle this" Mickie said with a confident smile. Mickie turning and walking inside with my mother as I felt like crying.

"Hey Y'ALL" Jessie screamed as Laney rushed her and grabbed her in a hug. Both laughing and crashing to the grass beside the porch a moment later in a fit of giggles. My mind wondering as I watched them wrestle in the yard at how happy Laney looked for the first time since she got here. It was easy to see that she was falling in love with Mickie's 'hot cousin'. I smiled as Jessie squealed in laughter with Laney's on-going attack of her tickle spots in full swing. My attention being drawn back to the living room as the doors slid open and Mickie came out with a blank look on her face. Mom exiting and leaving down the hall quietly before I could question her.

"What happened?"

"She...apologized" Mickie said as my bottom lip dropped. "Is she smoking something?"

"Probably" I said as we both laughed. "She said she was sorry and didn't blame you for anything?"

"Well, it wasn't the greatest apology I've heard but I'll take it" Mickie said with a huge smile. "So cool."

"I think she fell down the steps and hit her head" I said as Mickie laughed and kissed me. Giving me a devious grin a moment later and asking, "Me and you tonight? Please?"

"You..." I said and pausing to check if the coast was clear before lowering my voice and going on, "...need it bad huh?"

"Jumping out of my skin" She said before kissing me softly and letting me kiss her back for a long moment. My lips moving against hers in life's most perfect rhythm, so soft and sweet and tantalizingly hot. Her tongue meeting mine and sending shivers down my body as she massaged hers with mine and then did what she knew I loved, slowed her lips and held it for a long moment, bringing a mind numbing end to the all to brief kiss. Both of us smiling, "You are too huh?"

"Ohhhh damn yes please" I said as she grinned and kissed me again. The laughter in the yard stopping as I looked to see that Sammi and Mavis were coming slowly down the sidewalk from the other direction with a load of groceries in a cart. Laney got up and pulled a suddenly quiet Jessie to her feet and kissed her. Jessie smiling brightly as Sammi spotted the two and stopped a few feet away as Mavis was fiddling with her bag and hadn't noticed what was going on for the moment.

"Can we just go, please?" Laney asked Jessie. "I don't wanna another meeting with the Arkansas princess."

"You might be a red..." Jessie started to say before Laney kissed her and cut her off. "....mmmmmmm hey y'all."

"Much better" Laney said as her and Jessie walked off down the street and a few moments later drove off in Jessie's 'VW Bug'. Sammi and Mavis stopping to greet us as me and Mickie walked down the steps to the sidewalk.

"Morning young ones" Mavis said with her ever present smile.

"Morning" Mickie and I said in unison.

"Out for some early morning shopping?" I asked.

"Yes Samantha and I both needed some air and the market is just the perfect length for a nice brisk walk" Mavis commented.

"I saw Laney leaving, I guess she's really into that new girl" Sammi said in a bitter tone.

"That new girl is my cousin" Mickie said. "So if you wanna mouth off about her do it after we leave OK?"

"I didn't know" Sammi said. "If I knew I was gonna get treated like this I'd have stayed home. Arkansas that is."

"Well, that is way to far to go back to now" Mavis said. "So you are staying put until I'm satisfied that you have enough money to get home on safely."

"She's staying with you?"

"She is" Mavis confirmed.

"I'm her adopted puppy" Sammi said with a sheepish grin. "I'm helping her out with some of her knitting and stuff and she's giving me a place to crash...ummm...stay for a while."

"Not like you have reason to go home Samantha" Mavis commented.

"True" Sammi said. "Who knows this might be good for me."

"We best git, we got milk and fresh bread we need to put away" Mavis said with a gentle smile, one that Sammi quickly returned. "Have a good day."

"Bye" I said as Mavis and Sammi walked off.

"Soooo me and you tonight?" Mickie asked with a playful kiss to my cheek. "I'll so make it worth it."

"Duh" I said as we both laughed and enjoyed a soft kiss that lasted a little longer than either of us had intended. Me groaning at the ringing of my cell phone a few moments later. "Hello?"

"Who is this?" The Male Voice asked.

"I dunno, who is this?" I asked in a flirty voice, thinking it could be Mickie's Dad.

"I asked you first, now how about answering me" He said in a very annoyed voice. "Well?"

"You called my cell phone, so it's not my fault you don't know who you're calling" I said. "And don't be demanding anything from me."

"Does the name Samantha Sammi McNamara or Laney McCoy mean anything to you?" He asked and I swear I've never been as confused as I was in that moment.

"Laney is my best friend" I said.

"And you're Taylor I assume? Taylor, I don't know your last name" He said. "So I got the right person?"

"Depends on what you want"

"I want to know if Sammi and Laney are together to be completely honest" He said and it finally dawned on me that this must be the infamous Jeff.

"I think you should ask Sammi that" I said as I mouthed to Mickie who it was.

"I would if she had a phone or I knew where to reach her, she is OK?"

"She is" I said.

"Thank god, I swear that girl is so hard headed" He said in frustration. "So I take it that her and your friend are..."

"No" I said simply. "Laney moved on after Sammi married you. So no they're not together."

"But she came all the way up there" Jeff said in confusion. "And Laney wouldn't take her back?"

"Laney was pretty hurt when she married you" I replied.

"So who's Sammi staying with now? You said she was OK"

"A friend of mine down the street" I said. "He's a real nice guy."

"She's staying with another man?" He asked and I knew I had said to much or at least had said it in the wrong way.

"Jeff, she's not exactly staying with him..."

"Save it I know Sammi" He said. "She's no doubt fucking him."

"I seriously doubt that" I said as I fought back laughter.

"Thanks for talking to me, bye" Jeff said in a rush and before I could respond the other end of the phone went dead and he was gone.

"That was Sammi's ex?" Mickie asked as I closed my phone.

"Jeff" I said. "Now thanks to my big mouth, he thinks she's sleeping with Alex."

"Good one Tay" Mickie said as she fell against her car laughing. "Sammi's banging the gay guy."

"Shut up, Mikala this is not funny" I said as I blushed and tried not to laugh. "This is serious."

"He was gonna think that no matter what" Mickie said. "He was, he's probably really hurt and this might be what he needs to get over her and move on. You heard Sammi, she's not exactly jumping to go home."

"Yeh I guess" I said as Mickie kissed me. "I think I should still call and maybe see if I can explain?"

"Nooo" Mickie said as she took my hand and laced our fingers together. "Just cause more trouble. Let it go."

"That might be him calling back" I said as I fished my phone back out of my pocket and looked at the number and didn't immediately recognize it. "It's not him..."


"Taylor?" The Female Voice asked.  

"Yeh who is this?"

"Maria, Lynsey's girl toy" Maria said as I laughed.

"Whats up?"

"You and Mickie wanna come over tonight and ummmm...hang out?" She asked in what I could tell was nervousness.

"Let me ask her" I said as I whispered to Mickie what she asked.

"It's up to you" Mickie said. "I'm not gonna put pressure on you to do it, but I'd love to watch."

"So yes?" I asked as the worst case of hormones of my life took over at the thought of what was about to happen.

"MMMMMMMM god yessss" Mickie said in a sultry voice that made my pussy wet.

"Maria?" I asked as I put the phone back to my ear.


"What time?"