Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 16 "Ménage à Trois"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"This is gonna either be a night to remember for a lifetime or the biggest mistake you've ever made" I thought inside my head as I lay on the bed and watched my horny ass girlfriend 'slut dance' with Maria in the middle of the very bedroom where I had lost my virginity. This was the night of the big threesome with Maria and Lynsey and it began with me getting more jealous by the minute as I watched Mickie dancing with Maria. She was paying me no attention and seemed to love Maria's attention on her. I kept trying to wrap my mind around what exactly I was about to do, but to this moment I couldn't. Lynsey crawling back onto the bed after a bathroom break and laying over my body playfully to get my attention. "Stop!"

"Why? You afraid once you give in you'll have fun?" Lynsey asked as she kissed my cheek and made me blush. She is seriously hot I noted. "Come on Taylor, Mickie is having fun and that's what it is, fun."

"I dunno..." I said before Lynsey leaned down and kissed me on the lips. Grinning brightly as our eyes met again. "...slut."

"Uh huh, you just figure that out?" She asked as I laughed and she moved across my stomach and we began to wrestle on the bed. Her trying to kiss me and me trying to fight her off. I think she purposely slid my hand down to one of her titties and smiled knowingly as I caressed it through the fabric of her shirt for a long moment. Giving me a mock horror look as I blushed and pulled my hand away quickly. "You think it's OK to grope me?"

"You wouldn't complain if I did" I shot back as she smiled.

"Want me to take it off and let you feel the real thing?" She asked with a slow raising of her shirt as I watched and felt my hormones wash away my brief bout of jealousy. She stopped at the bottom of her titties and asked, "On or off?"

"UMMMMMMMM..." I said and froze in the moment. Wondering in my clouded brain if I really wanted to do this. Glancing to the right and getting a shock to the system as I saw Mickie and Maria slow dancing and kissing like lovers in the middle of the floor now as the song played.

"Chill Taylor, it's just kissing" Lynsey said as she drew my attention back to her. "Right? No big deal?"

"But...I dunno..." I said in confusion as Lynsey smiled and kissed my cheek again.

"Maria has the hots for Mickie" Lynsey said with a grin, "And I've got the hots for you."

"You serious?"

"Yes and no I don't have any interest in anything beyond sex" Lynsey said. "So you gonna gimme some?"

"UMMMMMMMMM..." I stammered again as I watched Mickie and Maria smile at each other as they parted and come over to join us on the bed. "You having fun?"

"Hell yeah" Mickie said as Maria hugged her from behind. "Let me guess here comes jealous Taylor right?"

"I'm working on her, she already felt me up" Lynsey said as Mickie grinned and Maria laughed.

"I did...fine, you sluts wanna do this..." I said and taking a moment to look at all three. "...no strings attached and no jealousy. Mikala I don't wanna hear one word from you."

"I just made out with Maria, you got one coming" Mickie said as Lynsey moved back across my stomach.

"So about this cumming thing..." Maria said. "Am I gonna get both of you like we planned?"

"MMMMMMMMM you sure are" Lynsey said as she pulled me up to her and kissed me. Melting the last of my resolve as I gave in and kissed her back this time with reckless abandon. Her tongue meeting mine in a feverish attempt to extract pleasure from each other as I pulled her down on top of me and massaged my tongue against hers for the longest time as we kissed softly. I know I lost track of time as my hands began sliding down to the bottom of her t-shirt and finding bare skin at the very bottom and slipping my hands underneath as she seemingly kissed me with more passion and I slid my hands up her smooth, and I do mean smooth skin. Taking with it her shirt as we parted and she grinned down at me and sat up, raising her arms above her head. I smiled and knew exactly what she wanted as I sat up and lifted the shirt over head and tossed it aside before she kissed me again. It kinda surprised me to see such a dark tan on Lynsey and those tan lines were, MMMMMMMM sexy. This time I paid no attention to what Mickie was doing and cupped my hands over Lynsey's tits and squeezed them softly as she moaned into my mouth. "Are you they big enough?"

"I prefer double DD but they're perfect on you" I said as she laughed and lifted my own shirt up my stomach, me doing much as she had done and raising my arms to let her lift it off. Over the next few moments I let Lynsey skin my shorts and I did the same to her as we both now lay naked on the bed and my hormones took over like never before as I kissed the girl with a passion and she got over me in the missionary position. So incredibly hot messaging my tongue with hers as we were in such a perfect pace. Only being broken up by the unexpected arrival of our third party, Maria that is, the bed shifting as me and Lynsey both looked to see Maria already naked and to my shock, her strap-on was already in place. Me moaning with Lynsey kissing my neck and sending pleasure shivers down my body. "MMMMMMMMMM soooo good Lyns. MMMMMMMM WOW!"

"You two ready?" Maria asked as she moved right next to us now and took her cock in hand and stroked it slowly up and down as she smiled at us.

"MMMMMMMMM we sure are, and look at this pretty pussy" Lynsey said as she spread my thighs for Maria and showed her my now baby smooth pussy. "I am gonna so enjoy licking that."

"And I am gonna love you doing that" I said as I kissed Lynsey's lips. Maria stroking her cock faster as she watched us paw each other.

"Please tell me I get in on this" Maria said as Lynsey rose and kissed Maria softly on the lips and grinned.

"How about we just get right to the good stuff?" Lynsey asked as she now sat across my stomach. Looking from Maria to me and back. "I'm about to jump out of my skin."

"MMMMMMMM me too" Maria said as she moved down to the end of the bed and continued pumping her cock which I noticed had some kind of lube on it. My pleasure clouded brain trying to comprehend what they were planning for me but as Lynsey kissed me again I followed her lead as had me sit up and follow her down the bed and to Maria's side. Lynsey laying back so her head was now at Maria's thighs. I watched Maria pump her cock up and down as she smiled at me and leaned in and kissed me softly as one of her arms pulled me to her. "MMMMMMMMM such a good kisser, you on top of Lynsey now?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes please" I said as Maria kissed me again and this time letting her tongue meet mine and ohmigod the sensations were off the chart for just a simple kiss as we parted again. I moaned into her mouth as I kissed her with a passion now and squealed when her hand found my butt and squeezed my cheeks one at a time. Grinning at me as I pulled away. "That what you want huh?"

"MMMMMMM you have no idea how bad" Maria said and following it with another sizzling kiss to the lips. "If you want me to cum before I even get started, talk dirty to me."

"But I don't what to say..." I started to say before she kissed me again. My lips falling in time with hers perfectly in that moment and my mind somehow was able to form a thought as I pulled away and looked down at her cock and took it from her hand and began to stroke it with my own, the slippery lube smearing up and down under my strokes I noted. She moaned as she squeezed one hand into my ass cheeks again and encouraged me to go on. "This ready to butt fuck me?"

"MMMMMMMMMM it sure is" Lynsey moaned from below as she watched with a horny smile. "Come on, I want your pussy as bad as she wants your butt."

"MMMMMMMM you heard her" Maria said as she took my arm gently and had me turn my back to her as she took control of her cock back and positioned me just above Lynsey's head as I smiled down at my friend. Maria kissing my shoulders one at a time as she said into my ear, "MMMMMMMM my cock is gonna feel so good in your ass Taylor, I promise."

"MMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah I bet it will" I heard myself moan as I smiled knowingly at her and then back down to Lynsey, who had moved her hands to my thighs and encouraged me to scoot forward. Truth be told at that point I was so horny that my mind was just begging for pleasure and having a hot, horny and very willing girl at my knees asking for a 69 was too much to handle. I quickly spread my legs and slid forward and watched as I carefully lowered my smooth pussy to her mouth. A long sustained moan escaped my lips as Lynsey's tongue found my slit and stroked it up and down. I trembled and shook in pure pleasure, nothing had ever felt this good before as Lynsey's tongue circled my clit and she licked it in a way that made me squeal with pleasure and roll my eyes back in my head. OHMIGOD she was making me shake with just her tongue, just imagine how good it would feel with Maria in my ass I thought. She then closed her lips over my clit and twisted on it and I squealed again and again as she repeated it. My whole body shook from the pleasure. "MMMMMMMMM Lynsey that is sooooooo good, ohmigod you could make me cum like that MMMMMMMMM."

"Ease off some Lyns, not yet baby" Maria moaned to Lynsey, that's when I felt Maria's hands sliding up my back and her gently pushing me forward as Lynsey finally eased off on my clit and let me calm down. I did as Maria wanted willingly and came to rest on my elbows and felt Lynsey spread my ass cheeks and I tensed up a little in anticipation of what was gonna happen. I looked back and saw Maria stroking her newly attached cock as she guided it to my asshole. Just as Maria pressed against my hole, Lynsey licked my clit again and did something new and made me squirm and moan loudly as she did it yet again. She was circling her tongue all the way around it and then letting my clit slip between the ridge in her tongue and drag it up and down. I moaned so hard as she increased the pleasure that I only felt Maria's cock slipping into my ass when my asshole ring closed around the cock head. It felt so big as she pumped it in and out just an inch or so and made me moan like I was being hurt. But strange thing is the pain that is supposed to be associated with that kinda sex apparently wasn't apart of my DNA, cause it felt good from the very first moment it slid in my ass. "MMMMMMMMM that's it Taylor, that feels good huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMMMM ohmigod f-fuck soooo good" I moaned as I looked back as Maria slid her hands up to my shoulders and I saw the look of pleasure on her face, it was almost like she could feel her cock in my ass and she was loving it. I closed my eyes as I felt her draw out and pump back inside once more, just as Lynsey slid her tongue inside my pussy and started licking softly. I clutched my fingers into Lynsey's thighs as Maria got deeper in my ass with each moaning causing stroke. "MMMMMMMMM sooooo good, you just don't know, it's so good."

"Oh no I do sweet baby, now let Lynsey lick that sweet pussy good while I give you a butt fucking" Maria moaned to me as she got all the way inside my ass and her thighs pressed against my cheeks and I moaned louder than I ever have before. Never in my life had I been anywhere near this turned on. Little did I know but it was only gonna get better as Maria leaned forward over my back and placed her hands on the mattress by my shoulders. Her titties pressing against my back, you just don't know how hot was to be literally sandwiched between those two in that moment. "Put your hands over mine and lace our fingers."

"MMMMMMMM so hot" I moaned as I placed my hands on top of hers and laced our fingers like she had asked. Moaning and squeezing my fingers around hers as she pulled out and stroked back inside all the way and smacked her thighs off of my ass cheeks. Her talking to me was the icing on the cake at that moment as I moaned loudly on top of Lynsey's face as she fucked her tongue deep inside me and licked my inner pussy walls like a pro. Her fingers digging into my ass cheeks now as she held them open for Maria. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM god this so hot I'm gonna cum so good" Maria moaned as she now picked up the pace on my butt fucking and the pleasure got harder to take as my moaning got louder and louder. Maria's thighs began spanking at my ass cheeks harder and harder now and Lynsey pulled her tongue out of my pussy and began to do that wonderful trick on my clit again as I squirmed on top of her. "MMMMMMMMM does my cock feel good fucking your little ass Taylor?"

"MMMMMMMMM I never felt anything this good before" I moaned as my pussy began to spasm and I swear I thought I was cumming for like 10 seconds but as Maria kept pounding my ass harder and Lynsey swirled my clit more aggressively each time I moaned as it got harder to take. My moaning squeals of pleasure, mixed with Maria's moaning and the slapping of her thighs on my ass cheeks rang through my head as I fought my hardest to keep from cumming. "MMMMMMMMM I'm gonna cum so hard. OOOOOOOOHMIGOD."

"MMMMMMMMMM yes you are Taylor, let it go girl, cum with me" Maria moaned to me as I smiled and squeezed my fingers around hers and my thighs around Lynsey's head. She did as I wanted and stuffed her tongue back inside as I laid my head back and grinded my pussy on Lynsey's lips and as Maria pumped one last time I let go and went surging into pure heaven. It was the most wonderful moment of my life, every pore in my body was filled with this mind blowing body numbing pleasure that never seemed to end and god help me I didn't want it to. Feeling finally returned to my body as I came down and felt Lynsey cap her lips over my pussy as I grunted hard and felt Maria slam into me again and make my girl cum go surging into Lynsey's mouth in a hard squirt that was soon followed by another. Lynsey sucked at my pussy as I did this and with Maria still pumping my asshole it made my pussy spasm wildly again. OHMIGOD that feels wonderful beyond words. My body dripped with sweat as did Maria's as she stroked one or two last times inside me and slowed. I simply collapsed on top of Lynsey as Maria pulled out of me. My whole body tingling from the pleasure and shaking all over it felt so good. My head was spinning a little as I heard Maria say, "MMMMMM god girl that was heaven huh?"

"My god that's not even the word for it" I moaned as I smiled back at her and Lynsey licked my pussy softly up and down, getting my apparently sweet cum all off. "Did you cum?"

"MMMMMMMM god so hard I'm shaking" Maria said as she guided me to roll off of Lynsey. I sat up and came face to face with the girl whose mouth I had just cum in and she grinned as she kissed me softly on the lips. My lips felt so good on hers, and my cum on her lips was so sweet as we kissed for the longest time. My cum on her lips and tongue being an intoxicating treat in that moment. We literally kissed until the flavor of my cum was gone from both of our lips. "MMMMMMMM thank you."

"You're very welcome" Lynsey said as she kissed me again.

"What about me?" Maria asked as Lynsey and I parted.

"Next time you don't even have to ask, I'll volunteer" I said as she grinned knowingly and kissed her as my hands moved to her titties and squeezed them softly in my hands. Lynsey moving in behind me and squeezing my ass cheeks in her hands as I looked back at her and smiled. "You're next."

"MMMMMMMM try and stop me" Lynsey said as she kissed my shoulder.

"Is that what you want Maria?" I asked as Maria kissed me softly.

"MMMMMMM fuck yesss, you lick her pussy for me?" Maria asked as I nodded my head and Lynsey had me turn and follow her up the bed before she kissed me again and pushed me playfully down on to my back. A few moments later she got on top of me in another 69. I laid there on the soft bed for a long moment and recovered as Maria moved above my head and behind Lynsey. Lynsey settled in and lowered her pussy to my mouth as she hung her head low and watched me as I looked up and realized what was happening. I smiled at her as she returned it and I licked up her smooth pussy from top to bottom and placed my hands on her stomach and slipping them to her waist as Maria lined her cock up with Lynsey's little asshole and slid inside. It was so erotic to look up and see that cock sliding in and out of Lynsey's little hole as I licked her now honey dripping pussy. From top to bottom and back again my tongue went as I let it dip inside her pussy time and again as Maria's cock got ever deeper. Lynsey moaning as she squeezed her thighs around my head.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM so good Taylor, you like licking pussy huh girl?" Lynsey asked in a moan as she looked down at me still. "Yeh is my pussy sweet?"

"MMMMMMMM it taste like honey" I moaned as Lynsey lowered her head and started to return the favor as she softly licked at my pussy again. Letting her tongue dip inside softly and making me squirm and beg for more. Her tongue hitting my clit every time as I returned the favor and couldn't take my eyes off Maria's cock as I lowered my head and started to suck on Lynsey's clit softly and Maria slid all the way inside her asshole for the first time and pressed her thighs to Lynsey's ass cheeks. I moaned into Lynsey's pussy loudly as I moved one of my hands down to her head and swept her hair out of the way so Maria could watch. "MMMMMMMMM Lynsey is my pussy sweet too baby?"

"MMMMMMMM so sweet licking it while I'm getting butt fucked" Lynsey moaned as Maria did her the same way she had done me and leaned forward over the girls back and placed her hands by my thighs for support. She then pulled out till her cock caught on Lynsey's asshole ring and plunged back inside. Drawing a long sustained and very vocal response from Lynsey as I returned my tongue to the girls pussy and started to fuck in and out in time to Maria's stroking. "MMMMMMMMM I love that feeling so much."

"MMMMMM god fuck yesssss Taylor hold her hair in place so I can watch her lick your pussy while I butt fuck her" Maria moaned to me as she began smacking her thighs off of Lynsey's ass cheeks and slowly building a good rhythm and started to pound her girls back door. Lynsey's moaning seemed to get louder with every passing thrust and the sound of Maria's thighs slapping against Lynsey's ass cheeks was so erotic. I squirmed as Lynsey licked over and over on my clit and clutched my hand in her hair into a fist as I licked her clit with the same mind numbing rhythm. "My girl loves Taylor's sweet pussy huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM so sweet" Lynsey moaned as I fucked her pussy faster and faster in time to Maria's stroking now as the pounding butt fucking came harder it appeared from my view. The thigh slapping ass cheek sound sure did as well I noticed. "OHHHHHHHHHHH god Maria it feels too good like that, Taylor's making my pussy feel so good now."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM I know how good she makes it feel, come on Lyns lick her pussy for me" Maria moaned as I held Lynsey's hair to the other side of her head and Lynsey lowered her head and started to lick my pussy again. Her tongue going down my slit and then dipping inside as I started to moan into her pussy and she squealed into mine and Maria gave her harder and harder shots all the time it appeared. Lynsey was once again working her magic on my clit and it felt so good I moaned intensely before going back to pumping my tongue up into her slit. One of my hands slipped down to the back of her lower thighs as Maria pounded harder in her asshole and Lynsey was circling my clit and then sucking it in long deep breaths as she moaned from all the pleasure she was getting. "MMMMMMMM Ohmigod you gonna make me cum Lyns."

"MMMMMMMMM me too, f-fuck, best cum ever too" Lynsey moaned as my mind reeled from the effects of Lynsey's clit sucking and how fast it was pushing me towards an orgasm. I finally gave up on pumping my tongue in Lynsey's pussy and decided to do something a little more simple, I attached my lips to her clit and sucked on it hard. Maria sawing her butt fucking cock now in and out with a passion as she filled Lynsey's butt up and I couldn't take my eyes off the cock as it disappeared inside her time and again. I felt Lynsey try and squirm off my face as she brought me to the verge of orgasm and the result was a slight movement that made my lips twist one way on her clit and I remember her screaming out in pure pleasure as she grinded her pussy on my lips and I did it again to see if it had the same effect and that was all she could take. Her pussy did the same as mine as it spasmed out of control and I had the most wonderful orgasm in that moment as did Lynsey, only hers was much stronger. I was kinda surprised when her cum came rocketing out in a hard gush and splattered all over my face as I moved from her clit to her pussy lips and shoved my tongue back inside and tried to suck out her yummy cum. I trembled as I settled down and she did the same to me and seconds later we both went weak on the bed. Maria slowed and eased in and out of Lynsey's butt a few more times as she milked out all of her cum for me and Lynsey cried her pleasure as she lay on top of me still. "OHHHHHHHHHHH GOD SWEET BABY YESSS, did you like watching me butt fuck her Taylor?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM oh my god yessss that was so hot" I moaned to Maria as she stroked a few more times into Lynsey's ass and made her moan loudly again.

"MMMMMM yesss I thought so" She moaned as she finally pulled out of Lynsey's ass and the girl rolled off me and lay now on the bed shaking in pleasure as I set up and turned to face Lynsey. "Have fun?"

"Sooooooooo much, ohmigod sooooooo much fun" Lynsey said as me and Maria both laughed. The bed rocking as I looked back and saw Mickie, grinning like the cat that ate the bird.


"WOW" I said as I kissed her softly. "You cum watching?"

"4 times" She said as we both laughed. Maria taking off her strap-on and dropping it to the side of the bed.

"See it was fun" Lynsey said as she rubbed my thigh to get my attention. "No jealousy?"

"None from me, fuck that soooo was hot" Maria said as she laid down behind Lynsey and wrapped the girl in her arms. "I love this girl."

"So you say" Lynsey giggled.

"And I love this girl" I said as I kissed Mickie and she grinned. Thinking in that moment of pleasure coated bliss that now I had a story that my goofy best friend couldn't top if she tried. With that thought in mind I broke up laughing and fell into Mickie as all three girls looked at me like I had lost my freakin mind. Maybe I have...but damn it felt good losing it.