Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 17 "The Ghost"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

So after the night of mind blowing sex I had had with Maria and Lynsey and continued to have moments later with Mickie while the other two watched, I had sex on the brain for the time being. I never got to tell my horny ass best friend, she was already locked in her room chatting with her new girl toy till god knows what hour, so I went on to bed. Rising early to discover a painful reminder of my adventure last night, a seriously sore butt. I almost cried as the pain shot up my back for the first time with me trying to roll out of bed. Somehow, not sure how, I made it to the shower and wondered to myself if all that pleasure was worth all of this pain after wards. Thankfully no one seemed to notice that I was moving a little slow at breakfast or sitting down rather gently.

"So it's sore huh?" Mickie asked from the passengers seat, now on the way to school. She I know wanted to laugh when she found out, making me want to kill her or let Maria have her next time. But knowing it was as much my idea as hers I played along and decided to see if I could get some sympathy out of it. Saying a moment later, "Yes it is, you should be nice to me, you love me."

"Duh" Mickie giggled. "But it's still funny."

"OWWWWWW" I complained as we pulled into the school parking lot and over a speed bump. "I'm never doing that again."

"Sure you won't" Mickie said as she parked the car. "I know I loved watching."

"Gonna let Maria have you next time" I said as she slid across the seat and kissed my cheek. "How's that sound?"

"You could talk me into I bet" She said with a horny grin. "Me and you for a while?"

"Please?" I asked as I kissed her. She gladly agreed to that and let's be honest I was happy that she did. Getting out on the passengers side I went to fiddle with my book bag in the back seat for a moment as Mickie waited. Only to see her seemingly in shock as she looked at someone across the parking lot, I couldn't exactly tell who as there was quiet a crowd around at that point. "Mickie?"  

"I think I just saw a ghost" Mickie babbled before shaking her head and snapping back to reality.

"Ghost?" I asked in total confusion. Looking back into the crowd for a moment and seeing some girl with reddish brown hair looking in our direction for a moment and then snapping her head away as she caught my eyes. "Who's that girl?"

"The ghost" Mickie said and looking pale white at that moment. "Ohmigod."

"What are you talking about?" I asked in total confusion. Hearing a set of thumping foot steps coming up behind us in a hurry and turned to see Ryan jogging towards us with his back pack.

"Hey...Mickie, we got Drama...first thing...right?" Ryan asked as he panted for breath.

"Yeh, oh crap we do" Mickie said as the first bell sounded. "We gonna be late."

"Wait, what about the ghost?" I asked as Mickie stopped and looked at me. Ryan looking at me like I had swallowed a gold fish for a quarter or something.

"UMMMMMM...I'll explain after school?" She asked as I groaned silently. "I promise, Taylor I can't explain it in 5 seconds..."

"Class, go" I said as I kissed her and she smiled.

"Love you my girl"

"Duh" I said as she ran off with Ryan close behind her, headed for class. Jessie and her VW bug coming into the parking lot at that moment as I began again to adjust my book bag. Laney dragging a giggling Jessie out of the car as they headed into the building a moment later. Which I was about to do myself when the second bell rang and I felt someone watching me, weirdest feeling of my life. I stopped and I don't know if you've ever had a feeling like you just knew someone was behind you, but that's how I feel. Relieved to see a girl with a smile on her face.

"Hey?" I asked, noticing she had reddish brown hair and a body that made me wanna...ummmmmm, you read the last chapter and you know what I think about girls now.

"You Taylor Raynewater?" She asked.

"I am" I said. "You?"

"Marty Saybrook" She said as I shook her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"UMMMMMM...you too" I said and feeling a state of total confusion at that moment. "Who are you exactly?"

"Marty...Saybrook" She said with a smirk as she pointed at herself.

"Got that and why are you talking to me?" I asked.

"I wanna be your new girlfriend" She said as my mouth dropped open in shock at the invite I had just received. Her beginning to laugh as she saw my shocked reaction. "Oh man, I bet Mickie has a great time with you."

"Mickie?" I asked. "Mikala James, you know her?"

"Very well" She said. "Why?"

"How do you know her?"

"You mean she's never mentioned me?" She asked.

"Not that I remember" I said and noticed she looked hurt at the moment. "Why would she?"

"I'm her ex-girlfriend" Marty said as numb washed over my body. "She hasn't seen me in a long time."


"Yeh, apparently though I wasn't important enough to be mentioned to her...new girlfriend?"

"Yeh for a while now" I said.

"I'm glad she moved on, I heard you were really nice" Marty said as I smiled and she looked behind me and waved to someone as she picked up her book bag and said, "It was nice meeting you, be good to her?"

"I love her, I will" I said as she touched my hand and went running after her friends. Me taking a long moment to stare are her butt as she ran away and could swore I saw the out line of a thong under those skin tight pants. I so need to get laid, again. So 20 minutes later I'm standing by my locker and stuffing my bag full of books and still digesting the information from just minutes past. That my Mickie had a girlfriend that she hadn't even bothered to mention, even once since we had met. OK, rationally, she was considered to be the school lesbian and now that I think about it, she's had to have girlfriends in the past. Maybe more than one. I was just about to have a meltdown and start to worry about something stupid when a familiar voice brought me back to reality.

"Morning" Maria said as she bounced up beside me with a gorgeous smile. "You hate me?"

"No way" I said with a smile. "What makes you think I'd hate you."

"This..." She said as she patted my butt cheek a few times. "...sore?"

"A lot" I said as she laughed. "But nothing I can't deal with."

"Just so you know, the first time is always the worse" She said. "Next time you'll barely notice."

"MMMMMMMM next time" I said as she flashed me a horny smile.

"You and Mickie?"

"Are good, why?"

"She's so nice, I don't want either of you to think...you know I want more..."

"OK" I said softly. "You and Lynsey?"

"Not so good" Maria said as a bolt of worry shot through me. "She's been bitching at me all day, I took up too much of the bed."

"Very funny" I said as she laughed. "Seriously."

"We're fine, she's moving in with me" Maria said proudly. "She is, her parents threatened her and she walked out. She's a total slob but I love her and it's nice to not be lonely anymore."

"You love her?"

"I do and I don't know why I can't tell her that" Maria said. "She's soo good to me."

"Yeh I know" I giggled.

"Not that way, well yeh that way, sometimes all night long" Maria said as I laughed. "But in other ways too."

"She loves you too" I said. "I bet she does."

"Maybe" Maria said. Neither of us hearing Lynsey come up from down the hall as she stopped behind us and asked, "Who loves who?"

"Hey!" Maria said as we both turned and Lynsey smiled and kissed her. Then leaning over and kissing me on the lips and giving me a horny grin as I blushed and pushed her away. "MMMMMMMM Lyns you all ready for some Taylor time?"

"MMMMMMMMM" Lynsey said as I covered my face for a moment with my hands and both Lynsey and Maria laughed. "Taylor kills me."

"Shut up before you get me in trouble" I said as I looked at Lynsey again and my eyes roamed over her body and noticed her slashed jeans, navel baring t-shirt and well my hormones sorta took over for a moment as I blurted out, "You wearing that and telling me I'm hot."

"Taylor thinks I'm hot baby" Lynsey said with a smile towards Maria before she looked back to me and went on. "After last night..."

"Shut...up" I said deliberately as Lynsey giggled and 'zipped her lip'.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Who the hell is that and why is she flirting with him?" I asked myself silently as I stood down the hall for a long moment after I had come out of my 4th period class and watched the girl I was seriously falling in love with making eyes at some hunky charmer on the football team. Giggling, blushing, pushing his arm playfully and trying to look cute. I know why she was doing it in a way, he was hot and that part of me that still likes guys kicked online in that moment as I stared at the two of them. But something else took over before my hormones could cloud my judgment and I moved out from my hiding spot and marched down the hall in a determined pursuit to remind this girl exactly what she meant to me and what I had given up to be with her. "Jessie?"

"Hey y'all" She said with a bright smile as she spotted me. Leaning in and kissing me as I returned her smile when our eyes met again. "Derrick was telling me the funniest story about his Grandma."


"Soooo funny" Jessie said. "He's in my chem class."

"I'll see ya in class OK?" Derrick asked as Jessie nodded and to my relief he walked off a moment later. Jessie turning back to me with an amused smirk on her face.


"You thought I was flirting with him right?"

"What? No of course not" I said as if that were a silly question.

"Laney McCoy, don't lie to me again" Jessie said in a demanding voice with a finger point to boot. "I went through that before and I can't deal with a jealous psycho."

"OK I did" I said as I held my hands up. "I was coming to remind you...well what you mean to me. OK I was a little jealous."

"I am with you because you make me feel special, in a lot of ways" She said and kissing me again as I smiled. "I been through a lot of crap in my life and you are seriously the first person in my life to make me feel this good. And you gave up your dream to be with me, that's huge."

"You mean more to me every second I spend with you" I said as I slipped my arms around her and she smiled, both leaning in a bit and kissing softly.

"Me too, y'all" Jessie said as I groaned and she laughed. "Before you get mad, wanna go to the lake after school?"

"The lake?"

"Jenkins Lake" She said. "So pretty and...peaceful."

"Can I see you..." I asked as I raised my eyebrows suggestively.

"Uh huh..." She said and looking around to make sure no one was within ear shot before looking back to me and going on, "...you can make sure I don't have any tan lines."

"Fun in the sun?" I asked as her mouth dropped open like she had never thought of that. I had on several occasions, it's such a great fantasy to think about and here I was with a willing and hurt me sexy girl, this was too good to be true.

"You mean...that?" She asked as I nodded and then whispered in her ear, "As many times as you want."

"MMMMMMMMM redneck" She said as I laughed. This is gonna be very interesting to say the least.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I spent the rest of the day thinking about two things, the first thing being my horny ass friend Lynsey and that stupid kiss this morning, and the things her and Maria did to me last night. The second being Mickie's mysterious ex-girlfriend, Marty Saybrook and Mickie's not having mentioned it one time. It was confusing and as I got closer to her car at the end of the school day and saw her sitting on the trunk playing with a pencil I wondered to myself if there was something else or several somethings that she hadn't told me. I stopped in front of her and dropped my book bag to the ground as she looked up and smiled.

"Girlfriend?" I asked.

"Mmmmm-hmmmmmmm" She said with a smile as she cupped her hand around the back of my neck softly and pulled me to her and kissed me. "Love my girlfriend."

"Me too, Ummm...wait" I said as she tried to kiss me again. "Ex-girlfriend. Marty Saybrook."

"Where did you hear that name?"

"From her" I said as Mickie got noticeably nervous. "Wanna explain why I had to find out about her from her?"

"She's my ex, you're the one I love now" Mickie said with a hopeful smile. "You believe that right?"

"Duh" I said as she smiled. "But why was this some big secret?"

"You never asked" She said simply and she was right. Lacing my fingers with hers and trying to show me I was the one she loved now I thought. "I didn't think it was important. She's been gone for like a year. And...hello school lesbian you had to know I've had other girlfriends."


"Girlfriend, singular" She said and kissing me. Then looking at me like always in that way where I think I'm the only girl in the world to her. "Just Marty, I've had other dates, like that slut Lynsey? You like your good morning kiss from her?"

"Oh god, she told you?"

"Chemistry" Mickie giggled. "She was laughing about it, said you blushed 12 shades of red. You gonna leave me for her?"

"Bite me Mikala" I said as I started to wrestle with her as we both laughed. Mickie slipping off the trunk as the match continued, crashing against the side of the car as she tried to out wrestle me now. The giggling stopping though as Mickie spotted someone or something over my shoulder. I just knew it was Marty and I also had the worst feeling that my world was about to come crashing down. Almost in a panic I leaned forward and kissed Mickie's lips, getting her attention and saying firmly, "I love you too."

"Duh" She said as I smiled and hugged her and she gladly hugged me back. Parting just as a nervous looking Marty approached.

"Hey?" Marty asked as I laced my fingers with Mickie's, feeling my girl tense in that moment. "Surprise?"

"Yeh not a very good one" Mickie said as the scene took a twist I'd never thought could happen. "How long you been back?"

"UMMMMMM...a few weeks, off and on, moving and stuff back from Toronto" She said. "You mad at me?"

"You could have called to say hi" Mickie said as she looked back at me. "This is Taylor and I know she'd never do me that way."

"Never have and never will" I said as I kissed her.

"Like you really wanted to hear from me" Marty said as we both looked back at her. "I heard about you and her all over school."

"What exactly did you hear?"

"Hottest new couple of the year?" Marty said. "I heard about what you did at the dance."

"That was funny as hell, she burps into the microphone to get everyone's attention and then lets those cavemen on the football team have it" I said as Marty laughed. "She had the whole crowd chanting o and twelve."

"I would so have loved to seen that, Mickie always did have that brilliant sense of humor" Marty said.

"I love her sense of humor" I said as Mickie smiled at me. I then spotted Laney, Jessie and Ryan coming across the parking lot. That was also the first time that I noticed this girl standing by the entrance from the parking lot. Wearing daisy dukes and a belly shirt, barely passing dress code I thought, but I wasn't complaining. A dark tan, brown hair and body that looked like she had been doing gymnastics for years as she was seriously toned from head to toe, or at least what part of her I could see. Not sure what drew my eyes to her as she was certainly paying us no attention with her head buried in a book. But no doubt sensing me watching her for that long moment she looked up and spotted me as I froze and watched her lower her glasses and nod slightly. I half-smiled and jerked my head away, dropping back into a conversation at the tail end apparently as I heard Marty comment "...and she dresses like a slut, always has huh Mickie?"

"Yeh she thinks dressing normally is a thong and bra" Mickie said as her and Marty laughed.

"Who you guys talking about?" I asked as Mickie nodded in the 'Daisy Duke' girls direction and said, "Raegan Kirkpatrick."

"She's got a nice body, maybe she's proud of it?" I asked as Mickie shrugged and Marty gave me a strange confused look.

"Hey, who's the friend?" Laney asked as she arrived beside us, holding Jessie's hand. Keeping Marty and Mickie from questioning me anymore on the topic of that Raegan girl. Thankfully.

"Marty Saybrook, my best friend Laney and her dorky girl toy, Jessie" I said as Jessie grinned and gave me a playful dirty look.

"Hi" Marty said.

"Oh yeah did you hear the news Taylor?" Jessie asked.


"You can't claim you're from Arkansas anymore"


"It was on the y'all news report this morning, they changed the law and now it says if you moved from Arkansas and your IQ gets bigger than your show size you can't be from there anymore" Jessie said as the whole group broke up laughing. Even my goofy best friend. Jessie shot me a victorious look as she dropped Laney's hand and backed away. I chased her as she squealed and ran for her car. Stopping on one side as I was on the other, a game of cat-and-mouse developing, "You gotta mail your accent back you know?"

"I'm gonna accent your ass" I said with a finger point as she opened the drivers side door and me doing the same thing on the passengers side. Her laughing as I chased her over the front seat and caught her by the back of the thigh, girl has smooth skin let me tell you. She was half way into the back seat when I momentarily stroked my hand up and down her thigh, before snapping back to reality when I smacked her ass with a thud and heard her squeal and struggle to get away as I slapped her other cheek. She scrambled into the backseat and rubbed her butt as she gave me a dirty look. "Told you."

"That hurt, now you gotta kiss it and make it better" Jessie said with a smirk as I dove into the backseat and we began struggling against each other as both laughed. Me pinning her down as she suddenly offered little resistance. "MMMMMMMM Taylor likes it rough huh?"

"Shut up, god you're impossible" I said as I pushed her away and turned to climb over the backseat when Jessie again shocked me to my core when she stroked her hand up the inside of my thigh and to my pussy and rubbed it through the fabric of my shorts. I squealed and jumped into the front seat and looked back at her in shock as she gave me a defiant look. "What the hell?"

"MMMMMMMMM damn" Jessie said as she leaned back against the seat and sniffed of her fingers. I watched her smile and lick them suggestively. "You smell like honey and strawberries."

"That was so...uncool..." I said as she smiled and leaned forward again and meeting my gaze.

"You liked it" She said. "And now that I like pussy I'm dying to see what you really taste like."

"Excuse me?"

"I know you want me" Jessie said as she grinned and looked behind me at the group of Mickie, Laney, Marty and Ryan now standing there laughing like they were old buddies. I followed her eyes for a moment and saw the same thing before I looked back to her. "Am I wrong?"

"Laney, Mickie" I said firmly.

"Already know that" Jessie said, "Now answer the question."

"You know I do" I said as Jessie grinned knowingly. "Now can we..."

"I would kill to get you and Laney to share me" Jessie said as my hormones went into over drive instantly. "You do think Laney is uber hot?"

"Oh yeah" I said as we shared a laugh. "Good kisser too."

"She is" Jessie said as I settled into the front seat and she leaned over the back. "And she's a good kisser down there too."

"MMMMMMMM really?" I asked as we both giggled. "Wanna tell me about that?"

"Only if you tell me about what you and Mickie did with those two sluts Maria and Lynsey" Jessie said as my lip dropped open.

"We watched movies..."

"Don't lie" She said. "Laney told me you came home late with Mickie and the next day you were walking funny, like something was really sore. What did you three do yoga?"

"Yep" I said as Jessie laughed. "You tell me and I'll tell you things about Laney I know you're just dying to find out."

"No" I said as Jessie groaned.

"Yesss, or I'm gonna tell Mickie you groped me" Jessie said with a 'gotcha' smile.

"She would probably like it if you did, as long as she could watch" I blurted out.  

"I knew it, something did happen" Jessie said. "Mickie watched? Or you watched, come on you're killing me."

"Fine..." I said with a deep breath and finally gave in. "Mickie watched us."

"You, Maria and Lynsey?"

"Yeh, now who's your big mouth gonna tell?"

"No one" She said. "She watched them actually share you?"

"Oh yeah" I said as my hormones clouded my good judgment now. "So good too."

"Can I call you tonight?" Jessie asked.

"You wanna know all the juicy details?"

"I've got some too" Jessie said as we gave each other a 'horny as all hell grin'. Me getting out as Jessie came back over the backseat and followed me out. Stopping me before we were clear of the cover of the opened car door and taking my hand and guiding it down to her own pussy and letting me rub her through the fabric of her shorts. "MMMMMMM Taylor."

"God stop..." I said as Jessie laughed and brought my hand up and let me smell it. Honey and Strawberries was what first came to my mind.

"Now we groped each other" She said. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

"MMMMMMMMM" I said as we both laughed. Oh lord what in the hell had just happened. And do I tell Mickie and Laney or what? I mean I know it was innocent but this is insanely close to that 'cross the line' type of flirting. I took a deep breath and watched Jessie walk away and don't you know she'd have to be wearing a thong and have it just barely within eye shot. I snapped my eyes away and fought myself to get my raging hormones under control. Trust me the ride is about to get interesting.