Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 18 "Ann Coulter & Impending Doom"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Mickie thinks I'm losing my mind after I told her about the incident with Jessie. She laughed and I know she understood that it was just a stupid horny moment and didn't make a big deal about it, which kinda concerned me. But considering what she had already watched me do with two other girls, this was light stuff and it was her cousin after all, so not like that's gonna go anywhere. On the other side of the puzzle Laney hadn't mentioned anything about it so I'm not sure if Jessie told her yet.

Anyway, with those thoughts and worries bouncing off the inside of my head I was lost in my own world. Knowing what kinda lunch we were having today I decided to pass and instead made my way out the school's front doors and took a seat on the bench. I pulled out the book I had been reading for the last few weeks and basically just stared at the pages as I let my mind wander from one topic to another. Mostly sex I noticed and don't you know since I lost my virginity and that threesome with Maria and Lynsey, I now knew what real mind numbing pleasure was. And to say it was all I could think about is an understatement. Shaking my head and trying to clear those thoughts at least for the moment I noticed this girl watching me from across the parking lot. It was the girl from the other day, right before mine and Jessie's groping contest started. Scorching hot with great tits, flat stomach, great legs and brownish red hair. She obviously knew I was checking her out now even if she didn't the other day and ohmigod she smiled at me and started walking my way. This was gonna be very interesting.

"Taylor Raynewater right?" She asked as she stopped in front of me and dropped her book bag.

"Yeh...and you?" I asked as she shook my hand and sat down beside me. Her perfume floating into my senses as I smiled nervously and she looked down at the book I was holding.

"Raegan Kirkpatrick" She said in a semi-sultry voice. Unintentional I think but still uber hot.

"Ann Coulter huh?"

"Yeh, good book" I said. "Sort of a different view on the world."

"Good book? You mean she can write a coherent sentence?" Raegan asked.

"Yes she's an excellent author" I said and not exactly believing it that strongly but never the less.

"She's a slander artist who serves no purpose on this earth other than to say cruel and hurtful things about people" Raegan said. "Most of whom can't defend themselves like her, because those idiots at Fox News keep putting her on the air."

"And then they make comments like that right back at her that are even more horrible" I fired back. "Like calling her a man?"

"You throw the first bomb you better expect people to retaliate" Raegan said. "She has this open forum on that Hannity and Colmes show to say whatever she likes, I know I watch."

"Yeh like the left doesn't have a few of those too?" I asked and not believing I had gotten drawn into a political conversation with someone I had just met. And who is Hannity and Colmes?

"No they don't, not like Coultergiest" Raegan said. "When you say someone is glad they're loved ones died in a terrorist attack that's disgusting and over the line so far you can't go back."

"You mean those Jersey girls?" I asked. "They were like campaigning for John Kerry at the time, right?"

"No, that was after the Chimp on Pennsylvania Avenue stoled another election" Raegan said. "She was talking about them though you're right, but it was a while after on the Today show I think, before she released her last book."

"They chose to campaign for a so-called war hero" I fired back. "You get involved in politics and that happens."

"John Kerry is a war hero, he served three terms in Vietnam when his family could have bought his way out" Raegan said. "Unlike our cowardly President and Vice President who simply decided they didn't need to go."

"President Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard..."

"You believe that?" She asked as she cut me off.

"Yesss" I said definitively.

"I got some Alaskan swamp land to sale you then, nice and cheap" She said as I blushed and smiled. Knowing she got me good she began to laugh.

"Does it have a good view of San Francisco?" I asked with my best smile as she nodded and laughed. Glancing again at my book. Closing it she looked at the back with Ann's picture and read the little blurb with reviews and a note about what was inside. "What?"

"Soooo, what's the point of this book?" Raegan asked and going onto answer her own question. "To throw useless bombs at liberals with little or no facts to back them up."

"You've never read one of her books I bet, and she does back up most of her arguments with facts" I said and opening the book to show her exactly what I had just read.

"Pretty persuasive argument, not sure I completely agree but still" She said as she smiled and watched me slide the book back into my backpack. Still planning to read it later.

"Thank you, I'm not only hot, I have brains too" I said and trying to stifle a giggle.

"Agree and agree" She said as we both grinned. Me being taking aback by her casual confirmation of my own 'hotness'. I'm beginning to believe the hype here folks. First Mickie, then Laney, and of course let's not forget my two slutty friends Lynsey and Maria who invited me into a threesome in which Lynsey could not take her hands off me. Then Jessie basically admits she wants to fuck me and now this Raegan girl, who might just be the hottest girl on planet earth at this moment. Well with me sitting this close to her, I'd agree with that comment if it were offered. Anyway, one thing is for sure, I'm definitely gonna have to rethink my ideas about my own appeal. A long moment of silence developing as I ran those things over in my head.

"So you're Mickie's new flame right?" She asked to break the silence.

"Girlfriend, not flame" I corrected her.

"Same difference" She said. "You're the new Marty."

"Marty?" I asked in a real moment of blissful retardation.

"Marty Saybrook? Mickie's ex?" She asked as I blushed and had a hard time believing I had missed that one.

"Sorry, long day" I said as she nodded. "Yeh I know Marty, how am I the new her?"

"Marty and Mickie, Mickie and Marty, those two were the hottest couple of last year" She said. "Gay or straight."

"Oh OK, cool"

"And now you took Marty's place, I bet she hates that" Raegan said.

"No, she's been nice to me, she's annoying but still" I said as Raegan laughed.

"She is annoying, very annoying, can't have a conversation with her without having to listen about how great Mickie is" She said. "Unlike you."

"Unlike me?"

"I could talk to you all night I bet" She said.

"Yeh we got going pretty good on Ann Coulter I guess" I asked as she laughed softly.

"I'm on the debate team so I jump right in and go for the meat" She said. "But I'd love to hear some more of what you really think."

"I think you're being unfair in a way" I said.


"Yeh, Ann's books are really well written and she makes some good points that liberals don't really think about" I said. "And those stupid comments are just to create buzz so her books sell."

"So it's OK to say someone is glad they're husband died?" She asked.

"No that was cruel" I said. "But people like Imus, that radio guy, he says stuff like that all the time."

"Don Imus is a moron" Raegan said as I laughed. "If he called me a nappy headed ho I'd be ready to whip his ass and anyway he's a conservative too not that it really makes a difference."

"What's the big deal about whether you're conservative or liberal?"

"I have no idea it's not like either side has any real ideas" She said as I listened and noticed the very person we had just been talking about walking down the path leading to the front door, Marty. "Speaking of..."

"Hey" Marty said as she slowed and I waved and blushed. She appeared to be ready to stop and talk but sorta of gave Raegan a dirty look and simply walked off and disappeared inside. Raegan breathing a sigh of relief and saying, "Awkward."

"Yeh just a bit" I said.

"She's gonna run and tell Mickie she saw you with me"

"Why would she do that?"

"Because she wants you two to break up" Raegan said as my eyes opened in surprise at that announcement. Me praying she was only giving her opinion and that she didn't really know anything. That's when my mind drifted back to her earlier comment of having a conversation with Marty and it always being about Mickie, which prompted me to ask, "Do you know something?"

"Just what I see" She said. "Marty is not that nice let me tell you and she was in love with Mickie up to the eye balls. No way she gives up that easy just because you're with her now."

"You don't know what you're..."

"I know, I don't know what I'm talking about and I just ruined any potential for me and you to be friends by running my big mouth" She said as I half-smiled. "Just don't say I didn't warn you when that girl tries to get her claws back into Mickie."

"I love Mickie and she loves me"

"So I heard" She said. "Too bad too cause I would love to spend a whole night exploring your mind. I'll bet you could make me an Ann Coulter fan."

"I doubt that" I said and being flattered by her thinking I was really smart. Believe me that is something new for me, most people think I'm not stupid but not many people have ever commented on my really being smart. "You talk circles around me."

"Debate team" She said softly. "But I love listening to someone who has an opinion, a well thought out opinion that is, like you."

"Well who says we can't hang out?" I asked.

"Mickie" She said. "She'll get jealous when you can't keep your mind off me."

"Very funny" I said as Raegan grinned and checked her watch as she jumped up.

"I gotta run, damn late for class" She said. "See what a girl with a great mind does to me?"

"I'm so sure" I said.

"It's true" She said. "Easy on the eyes too."

"So are you" I said as I bit my bottom lip nervously. Watching her blush.

"See ya around?" She asked.

"Hope so" I said as she turned and headed inside. My eyes following her butt as she ran down the long hallway to her class. "What the fuck just happened here?"

"Hey pretty lady" A Male Voice said from behind as I turned and saw a black guy with a bandana tied gang style across his head.

"Ummmmm yeh?" I asked nervously.

"Chill lil mama no trouble, just seeing if you seen Marty Saybrook?" He asked.

"Earlier, yeh" I said. "Why?"

"If you see her again tell her Cripe is looking for her, can you do that for me?" He asked.

"Sure" I said and breathing a huge sigh of relief when I spotted campus security coming my way in a determined march. The Cripe guy noticing to.

"I do appreciate that" He said as he quickly made his exit and jumped into a car with a bunch of other guys, both black and white, and rode off.

"Ma'am are you OK?" The Officer asked as he arrived at the scene. I then noticed his name tag read 'Maggard'.

"He was nice I guess, I'm fine" I said.

"He's a bad element" Maggard said. "Would you like an escort to class?"

"UMMMMMM OK yeh" I said as he, like a gentleman, took my back pack and I followed after him as he held the door for me. The weirdest feeling of impending doom washing over me in that moment.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey y'all" Jessie said as she came from behind me. Me noticing she looked nervous as I turned. "What's up?"

"Missing you" I said and kissing her softly on the lips as she smiled. "You miss me?"

"Of course, you talk to Taylor?"


"We did something kinda stupid" She said as the smile left my face.

"Go on"

"You remember that day in the parking lot that she chased me?" She asked as I nodded. "I sorta groped her for smacking me on the butt, and hard too, and the groping this time was below the waist. Then I sorta got her to do it to me, with me guiding her hand."

"That's it?" I asked as Jessie nodded and kissed me.

"Stupid moment?"

"Stupid moment or you gotta thing for my best friend" I said as Jessie offered no immediate denial. "Well?"

"OK I sorta do, but it's not like with you" She said.

"Try and explain that one"

"You have my heart" She said as I smiled. "It's stupid with Taylor. See she came over that first night with Mickie and I sorta found myself crushing on her a little."

"You're not gonna dump me for her?"

"Bite me hillbilly" Jessie said as she pushed me and backed away and wanted me to chase her and of course I did. I dropped my bag and pushed my locker shut as I chased after her, down the hall and past the main office and to the vacant spot under the steps just inside the school's entrance from the parking lot. She grinned as she stopped and backed away slowly as I matched her step for step now. She backed into the door of the janitor's closet and looked back for a moment to see what it was before looking back to me with a huge 'you got me' smile. "OK, I take it back?"

"I am not a hillbilly" I said as I stepped in front of her.

"OK, and you know I love your accent, for real" She said as I smiled. Leaning close and whispering as my forehead touched hers, "I love hearing you moan my name."

"You are so mean to me, first you pick on me and then you try to get me horny to make up for it" I said as she kissed me.

"Yeh this is all true, but have I ever once turned you down?" She asked.

"True, me either" I said as she nodded and kissed me again. Before either of us knew we were lost in each other like so many times since we had met. My lips softly moving against hers and her tongue almost instantly finding mine as we massaged one against the other and leaned against the door behind us. Jessie pulling away as our eyes met again and she gave me a look that said volumes as her hands slid under my shirt and to my flat stomach as she had me follow hers to the sign on the door behind her. "You mean now?"

"Why not?" She asked as she stroked her hands up to my tits and softly stroked them over and over as I tried not to moan. Her kissing me again and melting away any rational thought left in my head at that moment. "Gimme some?"

"We're gonna get caught" I said as she grinned and kissed me one more time.

"Adds a whole new level of excitement I bet, please?" She asked as she opened the door behind her without ever looking away from my eyes and guided me to follow her inside. Which I did. MMMMMMMMMMMM WOW.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Life is so weird, this morning all I could think about was sex and the things I could do to someone during it and the things they could do to me, but after my conversation with Raegan all I could think about was politics. Seriously. I finished my mid-term in Economics early and sat there going over in my mind the things we talked about. Mentally pointing out the things about her argument that I thought were incorrect or at least the stuff I didn't agree with. Planning to be more prepared next time for a more even battle. Later, as school wrapped up and I stood by my locker I again began to wonder about this morning.


"Yeh?" I asked and turning around and seeing the person whom I had basically been thinking about all day. "You've had me thinking about politics all day."

"Good for me, see told you'd I'd have you thinking about me" Raegan said with a playful grin. "And as much as I would love to stay and argue why I'm right, I gotta catch the bus and pick up my car at the garage."

"You got me this morning, I've been inspired and next time I'm coming prepared" I said as she flashed me a million dollar smile. "You've been warned."

"You bet I will" She said. "Fair, Balanced and Unafraid, Brit Hume."


"FOX News" She said as I shrugged and she laughed. "Oh yeah, ummmm...feel free to say no but you think we could talk sometime? Phone I mean?"

"You wanna call on me?" I asked in my best Southern voice and imagining all those old flicks on AMC like Gone with the Wind. "Huh?"

"OH wow, I love your accent" She said. "Some people think if you're from the south you gotta be stupid, but you blow that theory out of the water."

"Thanks" I said. "Cell phone?"

"216-795..." She said as I logged it into my phone. And then she did the same as I gave her mine. "Be expecting a phone call tonight. Gotta run. Bye."

"I will, bye" I said as she turned and ran off towards the exit to the parking lot and the bus stop. I smiled and almost jumped out of my skin when I felt someone grab me from behind in a bear hug and kiss my neck softly. Relaxing as I looked back and saw Mickie grinning at me. "Hey girl I love."

"Duh" She said as I turned and let her kiss me. Smelling something odd on her collar. "Who's perfume is that?"

"Marty's, skank spilled some on me, look" She said and pointing to a dried over stain on her t-shirt. "Why you think I'm already cheating on you?"

"Are you?"

"Joke, bad joke, but no I'm not" Mickie said and the smile leaving her face. "You believe me right?"

"Course I do" I said with my best smile and a mix of emotions flooding my body. "You getting through the mid-terms OK?"

"Yeh, but I got some bad news today" She said. "My lab partner came down with Mono and I got drafted into being Marty's new partner since she was the newest girl in class. So we gotta study major league and I've got to catch her up somehow."


"It means I'm gonna need you to trust me" She said. "Please, one time?"


"The only way we can catch up is to review and that might take all night, or all weekend, I dunno" She said. "Marty is coming over tonight for dinner and then we're gonna hit the books like crazy, is that OK?"

"I don't like her"

"Me either" She said. "It's true, you don't know this but she hurt me pretty bad when she left."

"That's why you love me now" I said as she smiled and kissed me. Slow and steady and so perfect it made my mind go numb as my lips fell into a perfect rhythm with hers. Stopping her lips like always at the very end and letting it linger till my brain loses feeling in it. "Damn."

"I know" She said and me now being wrapped in her arms as she smiled at me. Her eyes locked on mine and making me feel like I was truly the only girl in the world to her. "So we OK?"

"We are" I said as she smiled and kissed me again. "Late night?"

"Yeh and I hate Chemistry with a passion" She said. "But if I wanna pass I gotta get a good grade."

"So no dates for a couple of days I guess?"

"This Monday me and you" She said as I smiled. "Cause you're the only thing keeping me from killing Marty."


"If I murdered her I'd probably be sent to prison and well I'd go crazy without you"

"Me too" I said as she grinned and kissed me. "She getting on your nerves huh?"

"So annoying, I wonder what I ever saw in her" Mickie said as I laughed. "And now she's being even weirder than normal and running with some of the low lifes of Cleveland. I'll be glad when this whole thing is over and she's off on another of her adventures."

"Me too" I said as I kissed her and hugged her one more time. Mickie hugging me back as I spotted Marty watching us from just inside the big double doors leading to the parking lot at the end of the hall with a blank look on her face. Turning and walking away as her eyes met mine, I watched her slowly walk down the path leading to the bus stop, those big double doors being propped open thankfully. Mickie kissing my cheek and being blissfully unaware as she picked up her book bag and took my hand as she asked, "Taylor, you ready?"

"Huh? Yeh just a sec let me get my notebook out of my locker, k?" I asked as she nodded and started again to fiddle with her own book bag as I looked again for some unknown reason towards those doors and saw Marty being stopped by a car as it pulled up in front of her in the parking lot. My heart nearly stopping as I saw that same guy from this morning, Cripe, I think it was, he got out and they began talking in a very animated way. Me stuffing my note book into my back pack absentmindedly as Cripe looked behind him and no doubt spotting campus security coming towards them. He pointed at Marty in what I thought had to be some kind of threat and jumped back inside the car he had just gotten out of.

"Now?" Mickie asked as I snapped back to reality and felt her take my hand again. "You ready?"

"OK, yeh" I said as we turned and headed in the same direction as Marty had walked only now she was nowhere to be found. Right at that moment I again felt that over powering feeling of impending doom sweeping over me and making my stomach churn. Trust me it won't be unwarranted.