Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 19 "The Coolest Thing Ever"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Thankfully, I completed my last mid-term yesterday and I'm pretty sure that I did good. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has one more mega test left and now thanks to Ms. Patterson getting sick, it's been delayed until Monday so that means she and Marty are gonna be studying all weekend. Unless things change and she promises she'd call me if it did. So, this means that I somehow made it through Saturday without her and still had Sunday to kill by myself. UGh, and you have no idea how frustrating it is to need that certain something so bad you could crawl out of your skin and know it's not gonna happen anytime soon (then again...maybe you do). At least not today.

"Pretty morning" I commented to myself as I stepped out onto my balcony and took in a breath of fresh air. Hearing my bedroom door open and looking to see Laney coming out to meet me on the balcony. "Morning my girl."

"You too my girl" She said and kissing my cheek as I smiled. Thinking how that time it didn't seem weird or anything when she kissed my cheek. "Why you up so early?"

"Couldn't sleep" I said as Laney bumped my shoulder and gave me a knowing smile. "Yeh that's pretty much why."

"Me too" Laney said. "Jessie's got some kind of family thing so I'm stuck with you."

"Yay!" I said as we both giggled.

"She's coming over in a little while I hope" Laney said. "And I got something to tell her..."

"You're in love?" I asked in a complete shot in the dark.

"Yeh" Laney said as I smiled and hugged her. Feeling as happy for her in that moment as I would have been had it been me. "She doesn't know though, I'm trying to figure out a way to tell her."

"She's lucky, she gets you" I said as Laney blushed.

"Mickie is too" Laney said. "She gets the coolest girl in the world, you, my better half?"

"I am and always will be" I said as she smiled and looked down for a moment, "Look at me? I love you Elaine McCoy, you are my best friend in this world, my rock, I couldn't make it without you."

"You love me" She said and wiping away a tear as she smiled and looked back at me. "That's the coolest thing ever."

"To have a best friend you can count on?"

"To know the most important person in your life really loves you as much as you love them" She said as I smiled. "After Mom and dad died I don't think I could have made it without those phone calls from you, it hurt so bad."

"Shut up, not again" I said as I hugged her. "You're happy now, no more crying over them, they're in a better place and so are you, with me."

"I love you too" She said softly as her forehead touched mine and I smiled. "Too bad I didn't get here a few weeks earlier."

"Why?" I asked as I backed away a step and gave her a questioning look and just knew one of her trademark McCoy smart ass remarks was coming.

"You'd have never met Mickie, hint hint" She said as I blushed and she laughed. "And now that I know what an amazing kisser you are, you'd so never have to ask me for that...certain something?"

"You are a slut" I said with a finger point as Laney gave me a look of mock horror.

"You call me that again and I'll throw you off this balcony" She said as I laughed and backed away with a huge grin on my face.

"I call them like I see them, slut" I said again and squealing as she chased me into and then out of my bedroom and down the hall in an all out sprint. Both of us thundering down the main steps and me sliding across the floor on the throw rug at the bottom and crashing loudly into the coat rack at the bottom. I heard Laney laugh as Dad's big ass over coat fell on my head and blocked my view of Laney for a moment and don't you know that's all she needed. I had just got the coat off my face when she slapped my ass on one cheek, making me jump away from the coat rack and into the living room as I rubbed the spot and she laughed. "That hurt."

"It was supposed to" She said as she again came towards me and I put my hands up as a wrestling match ensued with one trying to trip the other. I won as I tripped her and sent her flopping down onto the couch and then crashing to the floor in a ricochet move. I saw my opportunity for revenge just as she got to her knees I smacked her ass in return. "OWWWWWWWW damn my girl that hurt."

"It was supposed to" I repeated back to her and flipped her off with both hands as she grinned and jumped up as she chased me out of the living room and down the hall. Poor Mom was just coming out of the kitchen with of all things a punch bowl full of some kind of liquid. I swear the next few moments seemingly happened in slow motion as I glanced back to see Laney on my trail and turned back to see Mom with a look of horror on her face as I crashed into her. Sending the red punch splashing all over her and I mean all over her, she was drenched but somehow held onto the bowl as I bounced off and crashed into the wall and was caught by Laney. "Oh boy we stepped in it this time my girl."

"OHMIGOD THAT'S FUCKING COLD" Mom screamed as Dad came running out of the kitchen to see what happened.

"My girl?" Laney asked. "I had nothing to do with this."

"You were chasing me" I said as she grinned.

"You...are...both...grounded...for life" Mom said in pants as we both started to laugh. Dad, behind Mom, covering his mouth to keep from bursting out too.

"Laney hit me and she made me run away Mommy" I said as Mom gave me a look of 'I could kill you right now'. "I sowwy Mommy."

"Me too Mommy" Laney said as we both hugged her and Dad started to laugh out loud.

"You two are impossible" Mom said as she pushed us away and tried to hide a smile. "Now thanks to you I have to go and change."

"That's not a bad thing look at the way you were dressed to begin with" Laney said as I fell against the wall laughing and slipped on the punch in the floor and went tumbling downward as the laughter filled the room.

"OWWWWWWWW now my butt is wet" I said a moment later as Laney, still laughing, reached down to help me up.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Sitting outside after the whole punch/grounding incident and still laughing to myself and waiting for Taylor to change as I already had. We had planned to go walking and just kill part of the day since Mickie was busy studying and Jessie called back and said she'd be an hour or so before she'd be able to make it over because her Uncle was having some kind of family meeting. After a few minutes, I was standing up to head inside and run Taylor out of the bathroom when I stopped to stretch and yawn for a long moment and saw Sammi watching me from down the street. Not the creepy kind of stalker watching just looking in my direction I thought and half-smiled as our eyes met. I returned that smile and wondered for a brief moment if I had made a mistake in choosing Jessie over her. A thought washed away as Alex came around the side of the house with an arm full of what looked to be junk, being followed by a surprise guest, Ryan Caldwell, Taylor's friend. Sammi's attention diverting back to the yard and Alex and Ryan as she took some of the stuff from Ryan and smiled at him in a way that makes my tongue hard.

"Sammi must be in heaven now, she's got two guys to drool over" I said and laughing to myself as Taylor came out and joined me at the bottom of the steps with a bear hug.

"Miss me?" She asked.

"Not really, try going away for a couple of months and let's see how that works" I said as she gave me a mock horror look that was perfect for the situation.

"Right like you could get along with my mother without me" She asked as I turned to her.

"You can't even get along with your mother" I said as we both laughed. "But things seem to be getting better, ya think?"

"They are" Taylor said with a nervous biting of her bottom lip. "Hopefully the peace will hold."

"Oh yeah..." I said after a long moment of silence and pointed down the road to the Marvel's front yard. "...look who's helping Alex and Sammi do the yard work today."

"Ryan?" She asked just as a car came by and caught Taylor's attention. It had this weird logo on the side that read something like, 'Dr. Carl Folio, Sexual Reorientation Specialist'. Taylor's face turned one of a dirty look as the car slowed and some balding lady looked at a piece of paper in her hand and told the ugly dude in the drivers seat something. Spotting Taylor she snapped her head away and the two drove away abruptly. "Troublemaking Nazi bitch."


"Bertram" Taylor said. "She gave me and Mickie hell a couple of times already. Nothing, you ready to go walking?"

"OK" I said simply as we started to walk and I purposely let Taylor walk on ahead as I got a really good view of her butt. God that thing is cute in those tight shorts. She had changed into a pair of running shorts that left little to the imagination. She stopped and looked back at me and followed my eyes and blushed. "What?"

"You were staring at my ass" She said in a whisper as she walked back to meet me.

"So, you gotta a cute butt my girl" I said with a horny grin as she blushed and fired back with something I never thought I'd hear coming out her mouth.

"Maria thought so too" Taylor said and giving me a challenging smile. "And look what it got her...oops..."

"What, no oops...what did Maria get...ohmigod" I said in shock. I simply asked, "Maria?"

"I don't know what your talking about" Taylor said as I grabbed her arm and held her in place.

"Maria did something involving your butt" I said as Taylor blushed and confirmed to me something did happen. Lowering my voice even more I asked, "We're best friends, please tell me?"

"She did the same thing Jeff did to you" Taylor said into my ear as we grinned at each other. "Believe me?"

"UMMMMMMMM, Mickie..."


"WOW" I said as Taylor gave me a 'gotcha' look. "You serious?"

"Lynsey was Sammi, get the idea?" Taylor asked as the whole picture became complete and it made my panties wet.

"And Mickie let you do this?"

"Yeh she said I could if I wanted too" Taylor said.

"I guess I was wrong about her"


"If you were my girl, you are, but I mean if I was in love with you or claimed to be, I wouldn't let you do that" I said and honestly Taylor seemed to be shocked by my comments.

"You did it with Sammi..."

"And Sammi had a boyfriend, not me having a girlfriend who watched" I said as Taylor looked down. "Taylor, wait, don't cry, please?"

"You're making it out like I'm Mickie's whore" Taylor shot back in a low voice.

"OK, WOW, I'm really sorry ok?" I asked and feeling terrible at how I had made her feel.


"No, not five year old Taylor" I said as she glared at me. "Mickie loves you..."

"Yes she does" Taylor inserted. "And it wasn't like what you made it out to be."

"Wish I could have been Lynsey" I said as Taylor's bottom lip dropped open and I laughed before walking ahead of her. She snapped back to reality as she caught up with me and fired back. "Well the way you were looking at my butt I can believe that."

"Ladies, good morning" Alex said as he motioned us over to his side of the street and breaking up the moment before I could reply to Taylor's accusation. We met him as Sammi came back around the side of the house, giggling with Ryan. "Out for a morning walk?"

"Yeh both of our significant others are busy so I'm stuck with her" Taylor said and I was gonna say something in return as Sammi nervously joined us.

"Calm down, no hurtful comments?" Alex asked as Sammi nodded.

"Maybe we can actually be friends now that I'm officially staying in Cleveland" Sammi said.

"You are?" I asked.

"Mavis insisted and I do mean insist"

"As in Mavis refused to consider you leaving?" Alex asked before Sammi pushed him away as he laughed.

"One of the few people who's considered her staying a good thing" I said with a smirk as Sammi looked back at me and I thought for a second she was gonna kill me but then she smiled.

"I am so glad you dumped me now" Sammi fired back. "You are the biggest smart ass I've ever met."

"True dat" Taylor giggled.

"Hey" Ryan said as he joined us and I noticed a moment of him and Alex grinning at each other, "What do you say we get a game going. Alex said you like racing games."

"Love them" I said as Alex smiled. "When?"

"We got about hour or so work to do for Grandma" Alex said. "Cleaning out the garage, after that?"

"I like watching these two goofballs play that Rallisport game" Sammi said. "Alex drives like he's gay."

"Samantha that comment made no sense" Alex said as Sammi laughed.

"But your boyfriend here drives worse than you do" Sammi said as she punched Ryan in the arm. Ryan is gay?

"Boyfriend?" Taylor asked.

"Not boyfriend" Ryan said as he pushed Sammi into Alex as she laughed. "I'm gay."

"Certainly explains a lot" Taylor said and would later explain about the situation with Ryan. "How did you two meet?"

"7-11 on the corner, Samantha and I were down there a few days ago and he came in with a friend of his" Alex said. "We hit it off."

"Truth be told they both want me" Sammi giggled as I laughed and did something out of instinct as I offered a high five and she smacked her hand against mine without thinking. "UMMMMMMMM yeh..."

"LANEY" Richard screamed from the porch of Taylor's place. I turned to look when he held the phone up and said, "Phone call."

"Be right there" I said as Taylor and Sammi both went, "AWWWWWWWWWWW."

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey can you ladies play nice while me and Ryan get the couch out of the garage?" Alex asked with a smirk as he and Ryan laughed and ran off to the garage around the back of the house.

"He thinks he's so funny" Sammi commented.

"He's not but Laney is" I said and watched Sammi blush. "You doing ok without her?"

"It's hard still seeing her with...Jessie...but I'm dealing with it"

"I hope you're not staying just on the off chance that you can get Laney back" I said as she looked at me strangly for a long moment. "What?"

"Nothing, just me being goofy" Sammi said. "And no I'm not staying for her, I don't have any family or friends really, back in Arkansas sooo, I'm here. At least here Mavis takes care of me and Alex is so sweet. Makes me feel like I'm wanted somewhere."

"You got the hots for him?"

"Look at him, of course I do" Sammi said as we both giggled and she moved close and said in a low voice, "Wanna know what he looks like naked?"

"Welcome back one nine hundred Sammi" I giggled as she gave me a knowing smile. "Good?"

"Boy is hung" Sammi said in a whisper. "MMMMMMMMM the things I could do...ummmmmmm...sorry."

"Don't be" I said as my cell's ringtone sounded. Ryan appearing at the side of the house and asking Sammi to help them.

"Don't run off k?" Sammi asked as I smiled and she headed off to help Alex and Ryan. Me hoping desperately that Mickie had found a minute to call and say hi, but as I looked at the number I knew it wasn't her and smiled as I recognized who's number it was.


"So I'm sitting here and reading Ann Coulter's new book, the one you had, and trying to figure out what's she rambling about when I realized I had the number of her number one fan, soooo I thought I'd call and get her to explain it to me"

"Raegan?" I asked as she giggled. "You're reading what?"

"Ann Coulter, I got it at the library and she's got me so confused it's scary" Raegan said as I laughed. "And believe me I'm trying to see her side of things but it's hard."

"Yeh cause you're a flaming liberal" I said as I sat down on the Marvel's front steps.

"I'm liberal yeh, but you are the flame" She shot back. "Mickie?"

"Very funny and to think I was starting to like you" I said and heard her laugh.

"GRRRRRRR you make me read Ann Coulter and then get mad at me for a stupid joke, I'm starting to like you too" She said as I rolled my eyes.

"I did not make you read Ann Coulter" I said. "You the one who walked up and sat down and started babbling to me about her."

"Yeh I'm glad I did" Raegan said as I smiled. "Haven't met someone in forever that I liked talking to so much."

"Too bad you're not here right now, Mickie's busy all weekend studying and my other hope for intelligent conversation is about to get lost in playing video games with some of my friends" I said. "At least if you were here I'd have someone intelligent to have a conversation with."

"We could hangout for a while, I'm just sitting here reading" She offered. "Want me to come over?"

"Are you asking me out on a date?" I asked and heard a slight pause on her side and wondered if that's what she was thinking in that brief moment that seemed so much longer. "Raegan I was kidding."

"Ummmmmmmm...of course, I'm straight" She said and to be honest that really surprised me after all she was checking me out the first time we talked or so I thought.


"Is that a problem, cause I know you are...gay?"

"No" I said. "UMMMMM...I have no idea what I am."

"But you have a girlfriend"

"Yeh, I fell in love with her" I said. "First time."

"So you never dated a guy seriously?"

"Nope, until Mickie no one had showed much interest, at least they didn't back home" I said.

"But how do you know you're really in love?"

"The way I feel" I said. "I love her, I think about her all the time."


"Bruce Pickford, with him for a year until he dumped me for a...another girl" Raegan said. "That hurt."

"You crying?" I asked after a long pause.


"Come get me, you could use some company as much as me" I said. "You coming?"

"Yeh I'd like that" She said. "Address?"

"Guess" I said as she groaned. Seeing Laney coming back towards me down the street with her stupid new driving wheel for the XBOX, I gave Raegan my address and said I'd meet her at the 7-11 to make it easier. Hanging up as Laney joined me.


"No" I said as I looked at her driving wheel. "You look like a big dork carrying that and those stupid pedals down the street."

"Thanks" Laney said as I laughed. Sammi reappearing from around the side of the house, directing traffic with Alex and Ryan lugging a huge beat up sofa right behind her.

"Pick up the pace Ryan, you're the muscle of the outfit" Sammi said as she whacked Ryan on the butt. He looked back and simply grinned as he and Alex loaded it into Ryan's pick up a few moments later. Mavis coming out onto the porch with her ever present apron.

"Well we have a yard full today don't we?"

"Hey Mavis" I said as I walked up onto the porch and gladly accepted her warm hug. "How's Mavis today?"

"On top of the world, Alex finally got some help and he's moving the misters ratty old sofa out of that garage" She said as I smiled. "And I see my other favorite girl is ready to fry her brains on video games with my Alex."

"Someone's gotta show them what to do you know" Laney said with a smile and joining us on the porch. "Huh?"

"If a woman can be president I think one can be the best at video games" Mavis said as I looked at her strangely.

"A woman president?"

"Hillary Rodham Clinton" Mavis said. "Don't care much for her horny old goat of a husband but she'll be our first chance in many a year to do a few things right."

"Seriously, I'm not too convinced" I said and watching Sammi jump on Ryan's back and him give her a piggy back ride across the yard.

"Well this old woman is" Mavis said.

"You ready to get beat like a drum?" Alex asked as he arrived on the porch with Sammi and Ryan.

"Sure you got a friend who's gonna beat me?" Laney asked as Sammi laughed.

"I still love your smart mouth" Sammi giggled as Laney smiled at her. A moment of worry shooting through me again for a long moment as the five of them turned to walk inside. My phone beginning to virbrate a moment later, looking down and seeing to my relief that it was Mickie's number, I smiled and opened the phone.


"Hey, good news" Mickie said in a very excited voice.

"You're done and we can spend some time together?" I asked in a hopeful voice.

"No, nowhere near done, ummmmmmm...Dad said that me and Jessica could have a little more freedom so me and you can actually hang out in my room from now on with the door closed" Mickie said as a light crackling could be heard in the background.

"Yay" I said as my spirits fell.

"What's...holy crap Marty watch it" Mickie said as she laughed.

"Don't blame me it's Jessie that can't keep her hands off me" I heard Marty say. "We gonna finish this game or what?"

"What game?"

"We took a break and Jessie and Marty dragged me into...I think it's dumb...Taylor?" Mickie said as the phone started to go in and out now and I swear I could hear a car in the background.

"My phone is breaking up, hold on let me find a place in the yard that's better for reception before I have to hang up" I said as I walked off the porch.

"Is that a car I hear in the background?" I asked as I moved to the sidewalk and the call seemed to clear up.

"Yeh...ummmm...that's my dad's car, he's working on it" Mickie said. "I gotta run, I'll call you...OWWWWWWW you fucking whore..."

"What happened?" I asked and getting no response as I heard Marty and Jessie laughing in the background. "Hey I love you, call me later?"

"OK, talk to you later, I...Taylor?" Mickie asked just before the call broke up. I looked down at my phone and tried to figure out what just happened. The girl I loved didn't have time to spend with me or even call me for more than five seconds but she did have the time to play games with her horny ass cousin and slut ex-girlfriend. I swear the frustration of it all was getting to me and although I wanted to call her back, I refused to. Ok, so I know I was being unfair but it just got to me for a long moment there as I put my phone back onto the belt clip and felt like crying. I probably would have to if it hadn't been for a horn blowing just behind me. Looking back I saw the person who, even if I didn't know it at the time, would change my life...forever.