Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 2 "The Way She Kisses Me"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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"I think your eyes are so beautiful" Mickie said as I smiled and felt her touch my cheek gently and stroke her finger down it seductively. She leaned towards me and I saw the devilish smile on her face as I froze and I knew she was gonna kiss me. OHMIGOD I was gonna get kissed by a girl. Well not in reality, that was when I woke up to the ringing of my cell phone. I had wanted to sleep the last 15 minutes before I had to get up, partly to see where this dream was going. And what in the hell made me dream about that Mickie girl in that way? I grumbled as I staggered out of bed and tried to push that thought out of my head to answer the phone, which was on the other side of the room no less. Making me stub my big toe on the frame of the bed and repeat some words I don't usually use. I could have thrown that damn phone out of the window as I snatched it up and said in an angry tone, "What?"

"Morning sunshine" Laney giggled as I took a deep breath and smiled.

"You woke me up from a nice dream you know" I heard my mouth say before I could stop it.

"Me and you making mad passionaite love?" She asked and laughed as I groaned.

"No you horny bitch another girl was about to kiss me" I said and then covered my mouth and knew I'd let the cat out of the bag. The laughing stopping on the other end of the line.

"OK, serious Tay?" She asked as I remained silent. Trying to think of an excuse to lie my way out of this or at least get off the phone. "Taylor stop stalling."

"OK yes, serious, it was just a stupid dream" I said.

"Who is this girl?" She asked in her 'best friend cause I love you' voice. "No jokes, somebody you met?"

"Yesterday on the way to get my cell phone I ran into a girl from my school, my new school and she's so funny and just has these amazing eyes" I said as Laney giggled.

"You got it bad for her already" Laney said as I felt my whole body go flush.

"No I don't" I said firmly and hoping it was true. "She's just..."

"In your head" Laney said as I began to realize that she was most likely right. "You gonna see her again?"

"Today at lunch" I said as Laney squealed.

"You slut, you are into her" She said and I was about to reply in something less than a nice voice when she went on, "Damn, hold on Tay..."

"OK" I said as I heard Laney talking to someone before she said back into the phone. "Hey, Gramps needs his meds he's all being anal again, you better call me back and tell me about this girl and your meeting."

"Anal huh? I'll bet you'd like that" I said in a direct attmept to get a rise out of her.

"Fuck yeah why not?" She asked as my bottom lip dropped and I heard no laughter, knowing she might just be serious. "Hey, Tay, I gotta run, love ya."

"Love you too" I said as we hung up and like always that girl left me with plenty of stuff to think about. Those thoughts being washed aside when a knocking came at my door. "Yeh?"

"Morning" Mom said sweetly.


"Who were you talking to this early?" She asked.

"Laney back home" I said.

"Honey do you think you should be bothering her at this early hour?"

"For your information she was bugging me, she woke me up and my toe still hurts from cracking it on the bed frame" I said as Mom laughed.

"I just think if you keep trying to connect to people back home you're never gonna make any friends here" She said and I felt my anger rise but took a deep breath and realizing that she might at least be partially right.

"It's not connections, it's Laney, she's been my best friend in this world, she's had my back forever and just because I moved here don't mean it's over" I said. "And her and me talking on the phone is not gonna stop me from making new friends."

Fortunately she excepted my point of view and dropped the subject and soon left to let me get dressed. That was sort of our relationship lately, she was Cleveland, I was Arkansas, polar opposites on almost ever topic. Speaking of Cleveland and Arkansas, can you imagine living your whole life out in the country in hillbilly heaven, Arkansas (Langston to be exact). Then suddenly moving in a flash to a big ole dirty city like Cleveland? Well it happened to me as you know by now. And with that change came a change in my relationship with Mom. She still wants me to be the innocent, sweet little girl I was back home but I'm not.

Course I still retain main of the good qualities of southern life. Things that seem to be in short supply here. Like friendly neighbors, clean air, quiet nights and straight girls and guys. So by now you know that the last one, straight girls and guys, is the one I was gonna zero in on or maybe you didn't. Well anyway, after meeting Mickie it's certainly come to the front of my mind more. See before moving here, I had only heard about gays and lesbians on tv, but what a culture shock it was to walk into school on day one and see two girls kissing in the school's main hallway, openly, like they could care less if anyone saw them. My reaction? Cool. I loved seeing people show affection, and if that's who they wanted to be, more power to them.

So skipping ahead, and past another torture filled breakfast with Mom and Dad, I assume you already know I spent my first week or so, well lonely, no friends. And the worst was no one even seemed interested in wanting to be my friend, I usually sat by myself not to far from the cavemen (football players) and that was a pain in the ass. They can be soooo mean and cruel it's not funny and their airhead girlfriends are no different. I actually was able to escape for a couple of days while I ate lunch with my hunk of a physics teacher, Mr. Kennedy. The things I could imagine doing to that man, if he'd let me, OK, so I wouldn't anyway. But I sure can fantasize.

So after yesterday I was hoping (almost pleading) things would change and maybe that Mickie girl would come and find me. I sat my tray down and looked around for her but didn't see her right off and came to the realization that it would be another lonely lunch. It was a few moments later when I saw her and to my shock she was staring at me from across the cafeteria and seemingly wanting to come over and talk, but I think she was nervous. After yesterday and the good time we had in front of the 7-11 laughing, I was confused as to why she'd be nervous at all. I motioned for her to come over and she smiled.

"Me?" She mouthed to me as I smiled and shook my head. She smiled back and motioned she'd walk over in a minute.

"Watch it dyke" One of the muscle head football players said as they pushed her aside as she came by them and that kinda verified what I had been thinking all along, that she was indeed into girls.

"Asswipe" She spat as they laughed and slapped high fives.

"Hey" She said as I kicked the chair out and motioned for her to sit. "Didn't know to come over or not."

"Why not we had a blast talking yesterday or at least I did" I said before a small silence ensued.

"Hey I did too..." She said with a smile as I breathed a sigh of relief that she had too. "Look...you're new here right?"

"Yeh, second week and you are the first person who's give me the time of day" I said as she looked at her watch and said with a smirk, "11:45."

"I didn't mean that literally, but thank you" I said as she smiled in return.

"You should know that I'm gay" She said and looking down. OK, so it wasn't much of a shock but it was nice for her to be honest. She was nice enough to sit with the 'new girl' so she couldn't be all that bad.

"Good, you'll be my first gay friend" I said as she relaxed and scooted her chair closer and smiled at me in a way that made me feel weird, a good weird but still, like I had never felt before. "Since we were never formally introduced yesterday, I'm Taylor Raynewater, from Arkansas."

"Mikala James, but my friends call me Mickie or Mick" She said as she took my hand and held it for a instant and I felt that weird feeling again. It was like my mind was trying to tell me something. But what? "And I promise I'm not making fun of you, but I love your accent."

"Thank you" I said as she released my hand and it appeared to me to be rather reluctantly. Was she hitting on me? "Most people think it's either annoying or charming."

"Very charming" She said, "And if I make you uncomfortable, just tell me and I'll back off."

"Why would you make me uncomfortable?" I asked in a state of blissful retardness.

"By telling you things I shouldn't tell you, because you're no doubt straight" She said, her eyes never leaving mine. She was looking at me again like she did yesterday, like I was the only girl in the world in her eyes. What was happening here? What kinda of things was she gonna say that would make me uncomfortable? Was she gonna hit on me or something? Oh, shit, what do I do if she tries to kiss me? Like this morning in my dream. By now I was screaming in my head, for instance this was one of the random thoughts, "OHMIGOD."

Knowing then that the things she was gonna say had to be something involving her liking me, I reasoned, after all she did say something about me being straight. Which is true, I guess, I never had the chance to actually find out. None of the boys back home gave much notice to my stringy red hair, freckled covered face or my less than stellar body. Although I was quite happy with my looks, when comparing myself to the other girls in my new class, I was average I'd say. Anyway, back to the story and ok, call me curious or stupid, but when someone tells you something that mysterious how can you resist asking them to go on? Well I couldn't.

"For instance?" I asked as she smiled and sensed an opening in the conversation.

"I can tell you? And you won't like throw food at me?" She asked as she playfully walked her fingers across the table and on to my hand and laughing when I pushed her hand away with a giggle.

"No, I'm hungry and this stuff is kinda gross but I'll eat anything right now" I said as she laughed.

"Yeh, crazy cooks thinks it a sin to make the food taste good" She said as I agreed. "They did once and we had a riot."

"Shut up" I said as I almost spit my food all over the table in laughter.

"Yeh, cops got called, the fire department showed up and I think the FBI's still investigating the incident" She said as I laughed harder and tried to swallow. "Might even be a case for Fox News to run with."

"You're trying to choke me now" I said as I gave up on that mouthful of food and spit it back into my napkin as she grinned victoriously.

"No, just trying to make you smile" She said, "I like your smile. One of the things I wasn't sure I should tell you."

"This smile?" I asked confidently. I liked having her eyes on me. OK, so I was flirting a little. Who knows when I'd have another chance to have someone compliment me like that.

"Yeh, that's it" She said as she again touched my fingers and this time I didn't push her hand away, I bit my lip nervously and wanted to hold her gaze for a little longer. She was so cute, yeh I said that, she is, in her own way. "I love red hair, I bet you got a temper."

"Well you're certainly not gonna see it if you are always this nice" I said as she turned my hand over and looked at it.

"What?" I asked as she laid my hand palm up on her hand and began to study the lines on my hand closely, "What are you a palm reader?"

"Kind of..." She said as she looked at me again as if I were the only girl in the world and this time I know I liked it. No one's ever looked at me that way before, and so what if it was a girl I still liked it, "...tell you what I see?"

"I see you holding my hand" I said with a flirty smile as she grinned and seemed to love my attention on her.

"And I see you not resisting" She said as she traced the lines on my hand slowly with her finger. "Tell you what else I see?"

"Please" I said.

"I see this beautiful girl saying yes to me when I ask her to the dance" She said as I looked at her in surprise and she gave me a challenging smile. "Do you see that?"

"No I didn't at first, but if she did I might say yes" I said as she seemed genuinely excited.

"Will you go to the dance with me?" She asked in the sweetest voice I had ever heard. She really was making an effort to make me feel comfortable and so what if she was into me, at least I think she was. I wanted to see those eyes on me...again. "Please?"

"I have to ask my parents" I said as the smile left her face and she pulled her hands away. "No, wait, I'll go. I just have to ask them if it's ok."

"If it's too much trouble" She said with a shrug.

"It's not" I said putting my hand over hers and wanting her to smile again. "It was really sweet for you to ask me. Being the new girl and all, I'm sure you've got other girls you could go with."

"Maybe, maybe not" She said as her flirtatious mood returned. "But I wanted to go with you from the moment I saw you...is that OK to say?"

"Why wouldn't it be?" I asked and matching her flirty smile. "But, can we go as friends? No pressure?"

"I can do that" She said, "I won't do anything you don't like."

"Then how you gonna know if I don't like it unless you try it?" I asked as her mouth dropped open a bit and she seemed surprised by my candid boldness.

"Why Taylor Raynewater I think you're flirting with me" She said and she was right I was. "And what are you gonna if I do something now?"

"I might smack your brains out..." I said as I gave her a determined stare, "...or I might just do it back."

"Ohh boy, I'm gonna be so into you if you give me the first chance" She said as she raised her eyebrows suggestively and laughed when I pushed her shoulder playfully. "The dance is tonight in the gym on campus, can I come by and pick you up?"

"If you're willing to meet my parents you can" I said seriously.

"I can do the parent thing" She said, "Are you they uber red state or blue state?"

"Dad's a liberal, Mom's a real conservative" I said as she smiled. "But she's also really caring and doesn't judge people."

"I think I might like her" Mickie said. "You do know that you sat chatting and openly flirting with me, and now you're my date for the dance..."


"That automatically makes you my girl" She said, "According to the rumor mill."

"Hey, if they talk about us, maybe someone else will be my friend" I said as she smiled and checked her watch.

"I seriously don't wanna go but I got class" She said, "So to confirm..."

"Yes, tonight at 7, you're picking me up?" I asked as she nodded her head and picked up her book bag. "Don't stand me up."

"I was gonna say the same" She said as she touched my hand one last time. I heard the bell ring just as she did and I rose and to my shock came face to face with her. Our lips only inches apart. I tensed her a second when I felt her gently touch my stomach and I knew then she was gonna kiss me. Holy shit, I said inside my head, I saw her slow as she leaned in and give me a chance to pull away. But I quickly decided I wanted her to kiss me, even if she was a girl, I wanted her to. She stopped and hesistated and I realized she wanted me to make the move, and in that moment, I threw caution to the wind and I softly pressed my lips to hers for a long moment. I felt her hand squeeze into the fabric of my shirt as I touched her arm briefly and then to her cheek. God, what a kiss. I relaxed and was fully prepared to let her move her lips against mine and she did for a wonderful moment before pulling away. Smiling as I did the same and nervously pushed my hair behind my ear. "You're so beautiful."

"No so bad yourself" I said as she smiled at my compliment and glanced again at her watch and groaned.

"Tonight?" She asked with a still nervous smile.

"You just better show up" I said as she bit her lip and acted as if she wanted to kiss me again. But stopped short as she grinned and touched my hand as she turned and went running down the hall.

"You like her" I heard a voice say as I turned and saw a grinning girl looking back at me.

"Yeh so?" I asked.

"I saw you guys kiss, that was sweet" She said as I smiled and sensed a chance to make another friend as I extended my hand and said, "Taylor Raynewater."

"Lynsey Panettiere" She said as she shook my hand.

"So you're going to the dance with her?" She asked as we both picked up our book bags and headed to class.

"As hard as it is for me to comprehend at this moment..." I said with a smile I could not wipe off my face, "...I'm so excited."

"Mickie's really nice" Lynsey said, "She asked me out once too and was so sweet, I went."

"HMMMMM" I said as she blushed.

"But I'm totally straight, a good thing, I guess" Lynsey said, "But she has a way of making you feel like you're the only person in the world when she looks at you."

"I got that same feeling" I said as another girl came by and stopped for a moment and gave Lynsey a nervous smile. Sensing yet another oppurtunity to make a friend, I made another bold move. I moved past Lynsey and extended my hand to the now surprised girl and said, "Taylor Raynewater."

"Maria Cortez" She said as she shook my hand and again snuck a peak at Lynsey. When Lynsey almost refused to look at her, she asked me, "You her friend?"

"We just met actually, why?"

"She doesn't have a date for the dance and she wants to go I know that" Maria said. "Can you talk her into going with me?"

"She just told me she was straight" I said.

"Oh yeah right princess" Maria said with a cold stare towards Lynsey. "I am too, dating one of the small dick losers from the football team. Damn it, Lynsey, it's only one date, just go, we can go as friends."

"I think you should" I said as Lynsey looked at me in surprise. "She seems to like you and how many times are you gonna get an invite like that?"

"Never have before" Lynsey said softly.

"Then go with me because of that" Maria said. "Please?"

"OK, but as friends" Lynsey said as Maria smiled broadly.

"That's all I wanted" Maria said as she smiled. "I'll pick you up at 7?"

"OK" Lynsey said and I knew she wanted to smile but was fighting it. Maria turned to walk off before stopping and saying to her, "You know if you stand me up you're gonna hurt me?"

"No fear" Lynsey said simply as Maria smiled and once again turned to walk off.

"Straight huh?" I asked as Lynsey smiled finally and shrugged. "Now what are you?"

"I have a date and if I could stop being so damn scared of what I feel, I'd already be in her bed" Lynsey said as my mouth dropped open. "Sorry, I got a big mouth."

"It's OK, really" I said as we both laughed. Lynsey then pointing to her classroom and saying, "That's my class, I'll see you and Mickie tonight at the dance OK?"

"You now it" I said as she smiled and disappeared into the classroom.

I literally floated on air for the rest of the day and hoped around every corner that I went I'd see this girl who had made me feel like I was the only person in her eyes. I rode the bus home as I leaned my head against the window and thought about Mickie the whole way. That kiss, that sweet, soft sensuous and tantalizing kiss. Ohmigod that felt like heaven, she was so sweet and funny and cute and she had me in her eyes. Me, the ugly duckling of the Raynewater clan. I think honestly, I was already in love with her. And god help me I didn't care.

"What in the world has got you so happy?" My mother asked as I came into the kitchen and could barely contain my excitement. I so didn't care if she approved or disapproved at this point. I was falling deeper in love by the second. "Something sure happened today to make my girl happy."

"I got ask to the dance tonight at school" I said as my father looked up from his paper and over his reading glasses and smiled. "Can I go? Please?"

"Well I don't see why not" Mom said.

"Who is this young man?" Dad asked with a questioning look towards me as I took a deep breath and thought about how I wanted to reveal the fact that my date wasn't exactly, well, male.

"He's not a young man" I said with a coy expression as Dad put his paper down and Mom looked at me in confusion.

"You mean a teacher asked you out?" Mom asked as I fell against the refridgerator laughing.

"Nooooooo" I said and decided I didn't care what anyone thought anymore, "A girl asked me."

"A girl? So you're going as friends?" Mom asked and I knew she wanted me to say yes. But I wanted her to know who had made me happy for the first time since we moved to this cesspool.

"No, her name is Mickie and she's sweet and funny and she makes me feel like I'm the only person in the world when she looks at me" I said with a smile. "And she asked me, and I said yes. And I'm asking for you to chill and let me do this."

"Someone sure grew up" Dad said as I smiled at him, knowing he'd approve. He's always on my side, he's a great dad. Not that mom isn't great, she's just more...restrictive. Which worried me, when she didn't say anything right off.

"So we gonna fight about this or what?" I asked, "Cause right now I am totally on cloud nine. I don't wanna come down yet."

"I meet this girl tonight" Mom said in a demanding voice.

"I already figured that" I said as I kissed her cheek. "She's coming by at 7 to pick me up."

"I'm happy for you" Dad said as he kissed my forehead and padded off to the living room and settled in as I looked to mom and asked, "Can you help me find something to wear?"

"Yes, but Tay, when did you suddenly stop liking guys?" She asked.

"I didn't" I said as I leaned across the counter, "But guys are not exactly knocking my door down to ask me out, I mean I was pretty much an outcast till today. Oh, yeah last week, one smiled at me, but it no doubt had more to do with the ketchup on my nose than me being cute."

"Tay, you know you are beautiful and the boys..."

"Will see me when the time is right...yadda yadda Mom" I said as she gave me a determined look. "I get that and I'm sick of waiting for someome to give me the time of day."

"If a nice young man came to that door right now and asked you to go tonight would you?" She asked as I thought about it for a moment. Choosing my words carefully.

"With Mickie" I said and I could see my mother's frustration. "She's really nice, and if you don't at least give her a chance. I'm gonna be really hurt and I'm not talking about 5 year old two hours of silence hurt either."

"You would choose this girl over..."

"Yesss" I said firmly. "Now are we done or do you wanna get into a fight about this and ruin my mood?"

"Honey I just want you to be..." She said before I held my hand up.

"Save it, you said I could go and now you're starting with this and it's so..." I said fighting back tears. "...I'm going tonight and I'm going because a person who really likes me was so sweet today and put herself out there to get to know me. Do you know how much courage that took? I know I don't, and if you think I'm gonna stand her up so I can go with some happy handed ass clown you are so wrong. At least with her there's no pressure to put out and if you think your nice young man wouldn't expect it. Mom, it's the 21st century, all guys expect it. Well every one I've met."

"Honey that is not true" Mom said as my blood boiled. "There are plenty of nice young men in this town and if you would..."

"NOOOOOOOO" I screamed as my tears streamed down my face. "There is one person tonight I wanna be with, and her name is Mikala James and if you wanna stay in your room and pout then do it. Don't help me get ready, I'll do it myself. And if you start on her tonight...I'll never ever forgive you for hurting her feelings. She gets enough crap at school for being out and I am not gonna listen to you berate her."

"I would never treat her like that" Mom said.

"Whatever, thanks, you ruined my mood" I said as I turned and walked off and even with her asking me (and then demanding) to stop I refused and went straight to my room and fought myself to stop crying. I went into take a shower and cried for a few minutes in the shower and finally took a deep breath and said a silent prayer that I could make it through this evening without my stupid bitch mother tearing into Mickie. OK, so I knew she probably wouldn't but it still made me mad as hell as I thought about the conversation earlier. Mom knocked on the door and I asked to be left alone as I got dressed, looking quiet nice I thought. Simple ponytail and a summer dress that looked really good on me. I spun around in front of the mirror and hoped Mickie would like what she saw. Smiling as I leaned against the window leading to the balcony outside my room. I again thought about the wonderful kiss we shared earlier today and then Laney came to mind and I realized in the chaos of today that I had forgotten to call her. I was just about to reach for my phone inside my purse when I noticed it was now 7:03, I panicked, all thoughts of Laney washed from my mind as I walked out onto the balcony and said in a worried voice, "She's not coming."

"Taylor?" I heard a voice say and looked down in shock at the smiling face standing in front of my door, Mickie, and she looked really nice. "That your room?"

"Hey" I said with a smile. "Yeh it is."

"So you reconsidered huh?" She asked as I blushed.

"Not unless you have" I said as I noticed she was dressed very casually in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a bomber jacket. Her long curly black hair looked great pulled back in a ponytail.

"Not a chance" She said.

"Be down in a minute...and prepare yourself for my lovely mother" I said as she flashed me a nervous smile.

"Come on in" I said as I greeted her at the front door a minute or so later.

"You look beautiful" She said as I smiled and said quietly, "So do you Mikala."

"Hi" Dad said as he and Mom came in from the kitchen.

"Mickie this is my mom and dad" I said, "Richard and Viera."

"Nice to meet you" Mickie said as she felt my hand in hers behind her back as I moved by her side.

"Well it's nice to meet you too" Dad said. "Big dance tonight?"

"Not really, just a celebration for the football team" Mickie said, "They managed to lose every game this year in a blowout and embarrass themselves and the entire school for decades to come."

"I doubt it's quiet that bad" Dad said with a hearty laugh and I swear I saw mom crack a smile.

"Better than our basketball team" Mickie said, "They throw up so many bricks you'd think they got a contract with the brick layers union."

"So you're trying to tell me to not bother coming to any games?" Dad asked and I found myself liking the fact that she seemed to have my dad in the palm of her hand.

"No I go and pretend I'm rooting for the the other team" Mickie said with a smirk, "That way when we lose by 70 points it's much less embarrassing."

"So they are no teams with winning records?" Mom asked as I squeezed Mickie's in mine and I laced our fingers together behind her back.

"The Chess team is undefeated" Mickie said as I started laughing as did Mom and Dad. "And I think we got a chance to win a game next season in football."

"Why is that?" Mom asked.

"Most of the football team is graduating" Mickie said as all of us laughed.

"Are you done with your stand-up?" I asked with a smirk as she looked at me and smiled.

"Hey, I want them to like me" Mickie said as she looked at me again. "I know it's a lot to ask."

"Well, you certainly do have a good sense of humor" Dad said, "I'm just happy someone's dragging Taylor out of the house for a while. Me and the wifey need some loving time."

"Richard" Mom said as she blushed and I covered my face with one hand as Mickie and my dad laughed.

"What? You might end up with a new baby brother or sister" Mickie said as I groaned and her and dad laughed.

"Young lady" Mom said as I feared it was coming and took a deep breath as Mickie looked at her seriously.


"You don't keep her out too late" Mom said simply.

"Home before daylight" Mickie said as my dad lost it in laughter.

"I like her" Dad said as Mom seemed to be at a loss for words. Thankfully.

"Thanks Dad, Thanks Mom" I said as I finally revealed I had been holding her hand the whole time. Something that I think sorta of confirmed my intention to get to know this girl. Mom nor Dad said anything else as we said our goodbyes.

"You're dad's great" Mickie said after a long moment of silence as we walked down the street to her car.

"Yeh and Mom wasn't an uber bitch" I said and breathing a sigh of relief. We reached the driver's side door as I was about to get in I felt Mickie move in front of me and saw that cute smile I was coming to adore.

"I been thinking about that kiss all day" She said. "Can I kiss you again? Please?"

"You so don't have to beg" I said as she smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. Ohmigod, what a kiss, again she held it for a moment. Then slowly, almost teasing me, I thought, she moved her lips against mine. I felt my body start to warm over as the soothing sensations began to take me over. What a wonderful feeling that is. My lips fell into time with hers so perfectly as she wrapped me in her arms and then slowed her lips and held it for a moment longer as my brain melted and she pulled away. "Ohmigod, you are such a good kisser."

"And you Taylor Raynewater are gonna make me fall in love with you" She said as she gently touched my cheek and looked at me again, in that special way, like I was the only girl in the world to her. In that moment, I knew I was already in love with her. "Is that ok?"

"Kiss me one more time and I'll tell you" I said with a flirty smile as she pulled me tighter in her arms and kissed me softly.