Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 20 "The Library Parking Lot"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                              ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey" I said as I turned around and saw Raegan standing on the drivers side of a smokin classic mustang. "How did you find me?"

"I saw you on the sidewalk, you forget where the 7-11 was?" She asked with a wry smile.

"I did not" I said, "My girlfriend called and I got side tracked. Besides how did you get here so soon?"

"I live like two blocks over, I could have walked" She said as I blushed and noticed the cowboy hat on her head.  

"Nice hat" I said as I moved to the passengers side of the car. She smiled and touched her hat. "Gonna go riding?"

"Yeh and this is my pony" She said as she patted her hand on the hood of her Mustang. I smiled as the screen door on the Marvel's porch cracked as Laney came out and joined me by the car.

"New girlfriend?" Laney asked as I blushed and thought briefly about Raegan's earlier comment about being her straight.

"No, and she is straight, so knock it off" I said as Laney giggled and clammed up, thankfully.

"Raegan this is my best friend, Laney" I said as Raegan offered a nervous wave to which Laney returned. Turning to Laney I asked, "Tell Mom and Dad I went riding?"

"No problem, you got your phone?" She asked as I showed it to her.

"Me too, call me if you need anything" Laney said and making me blush as she kissed my cheek and headed back inside. Raegan giving me a questioning smile as I turned back to her. Getting in on the passengers side as she did so on the drivers side, I hoped she'd drop the topic, but not this girl.

"Best friend?"


"That all?"

"Of course, why would you ask that?" She said as we drove off towards the 7-11 down the street.

"Just curious is all" She said and turning down the main road as we left my neighborhood, a long silence developing for some odd reason as we drove and she made several turns. Me thinking for a long moment about her previous comment about my best friend and then wondering what exactly she was thinking but not knowing how to break the silence, fortunately for me, it was her the one who broke it and of course don't you just know it would have to be our favorite subject. "So this Ann Coulter book, you gonna do me a favor and translate it?"

"What needs to be translated?" I asked. "You just don't agree with anything she says and that's why you don't understand."

"Now hold on" Raegan said as she pulled into the parking lot of the Library and found a space not to far from the front door, not that we'd need it, "Don't even start with that you don't understand garbage, you are way smarter than that. You can make a point without going all fourth grade on me."

"I'm just saying that if you read the book with an open mind you might see some of what she says is true" I replied. Not sure how we fell into such a easy rhythm with politics again. "She's not stupid."

"I never said she was" Raegan fired back as she turned off the car and turned a bit in her seat to face me. Which made me think that she really was interested in what I was saying. "She's just such a fruity bomb thrower that deciphering the message from the insults is hard. Come on even you gotta admit that?"

"Yeh true"

"I mean look at her every time she appears on Hannity and Colmes..."

"Who is this Hannity and Colmes?" I asked.

"FOX News, every night at 9 O'clock?" She asked as I shrugged and wondered to myself if we even got that channel. It also brought back memories of her mentioning that same program once before and another of the people from that channel, that Hume guy.

"I don't watch much cable news" I said.

"Obviously" She replied and laughed as I blushed. "Hannity is this uber cute conservative, blowhard with all the answers according to him and Colmes is the other guy not hot but pretty smart and he's the liberal."

"Ann Coulter factors into that how?"

"She's a regular guest and they pretty much encourage her to make some of the stupidest comments ever heard and she does" Raegan said as I laughed. "Really fun show to watch though, even if it does make me mad as hell on occasion."

"I wouldn't mind watching her one night, just to see your head explode" I said as Raegan grinned. "Ever throw stuff at the TV?"

"Nooooo" She said with an animated shake of her head. "I'm just a Fox News junkie is all. I watch it all the time and she's gonna be on again tomorrow night, so you coming over or am I coming over?"

"I don't know if we get Fox News" I said. "I don't watch a lot of TV really."

"Then you can come over to my place" She said. "Just me and my Mom and she works nights so I'm usually alone after 7 or 8. So you coming over?"

"If I don't have plans with Mickie, yes" I said. "OK?"

"That means no" She said.

"Actually it means that...no wait..." I said and thinking for a long moment about the fact that I really hadn't had a chance to make too many friends in Cleveland and this girl really seemed to like my company. I mean it was only one night really, so regardless of how Mickie felt I was making plans without her for once, so I said, "I'll be there."


"My girlfriend will understand" I said and hoping now that she would. After all we (me and Mickie) had sort of made plans for Monday night. UGH.

"Might wanna make plans for Wednesday night too, Michael Moore is on" She said.

"Who?" I asked.

"Fat guy director, made Fahrenheit 9/11?"

"Never saw it"

"God you are so sheltered" She said as I gave her a dirty look. "What am I gonna do with you?"

"Try and convert me to a liberal" I said as she seemed to agree and gave me a 'I might do that' smile. "I'm pretty weak minded so I'd probably fit in."

"GRRRRRRRR" She said as I laughed.

An hour later...

"You do know that George Bush 41 served in World War two?" I asked. "Which makes him an American hero, unlike your boy John Kerry."

"What do you mean by John Kerry is not an American hero?" Raegan asked. "He served in Vietnam, three tours too, what makes you think he's not a legit American hero?"

"Hello, he shot himself in the leg to get that purple heart?" I asked.

"Are you seriously bringing up the lies by those Swift boat idiots?" She asked. "Those have been proven wrong on a hundred different occasions. You really need to come out of your hole Taylor. People don't like John Kerry because he protested the war after being in it and seeing what was really going on."

"Well look who became President and who didn't?" I fired back as she grinned.

"And look who's worthless son, meaning our current president, was almost beat by that loser Kerry?" She asked with a 'gotcha' finger point, "Don't say much about his son does it?"

"Changing the subject are we?"

"Nope just all this John Kerry hero worship is getting old" She said as I rolled my eyes and laughed.

2 hours later...

"I am so in love Cary Grant" Raegan said as I laughed. Both of us now leaning back in the bucket seats of her Mustang, relaxing, "I know he's dead but I'd marry that man in a heartbeat if he was still alive and looked as good as he did in like 1934. And well...he asked me."

"I've seen that one movie he was in, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, so funny" I said.

"I loved that movie" She said as she excitedly touched my hand and went on, "You remember the scene with his wife where Blandings is complaining about his best friend and says something like, every time he leaves here he shakes my hand and kisses you."

"Yeh and she's like, what would you rather it be the other way around?" I said as we both lost it in laughter. "A gay joke in 1948 had to be a big issue for the censors."

"Not for Grant, he was gay anyway" She said as I gave her a strange look. "You didn't know?"


"I read a lot about it on the net and in a couple of books, he like lived with another actor named Randolph Scott for like ten years off and on" She said. "You know how rumors are, but they sure did seem to like living together."

"Doesn't make him gay really" I said. "I mean take me, I'm dating a girl but I'm not gay."

"HMMMMMMM good point, maybe they just really loved each other and wanted to be together at times and not at other times, Gary I mean" She said. "Gary Grant was married like five times and to me that says a lot in itself."

"Yeh I guess it does at that..."

2 hours later...

"I don't like baseball or sports at all, it's so...a guy thing" I said. "Laney likes it and I'm pretty sure that Mickie likes Football but we've never really talked about it."

"But see watching it on TV is kinda boring, baseball I mean, but seeing it live is a rush" She said. "You should come see a game with me sometime at the Jake."

"Jacob's Field?" I asked as she grinned. "See I'm not totally sports stupid."

"No wait, you won't go" She said.

"No, I will, it might be fun"

"Nope" She said.

"What makes you think that?"

"They changed the name, it's now known as...Progressive Field" She said with a smirk. Prompting me to give the required dirty look and sending her into a fit of giggles when I flipped her off.

"Screw you"

"Sorry but no, I'm straight" She said with a barely contained giggle.

"Oh yeah I'll bet, so you hit on girls a lot?" I asked with a challenging smile. "You did say I was hot."

"I did not say that" She said confidently.

"Yes you did" I said in confusion.

"Nooo, if you remember, you said you were hot and I agreed" She said. "Get it...straight."

"OK, you still think I'm hot though, straight girl" I said as she blushed. "So what does that say about you?"

"It says you gotta a girlfriend and I'm enjoying being single for a change" Raegan said. "But what about you?"

"What about me?" I asked and just then noticing it was getting dark as I pointed outside and Raegan looked up and seemed surprised.

"How long have we been sitting here?" She asked as she looked at her watch and laughed. "5 hours? The library closed an hour ago, geez talk about being lost in someone, I mean, lost in conversation."

"Yeh crazy huh?" I said as an awkward silence developed after the whole 'lost in someone' comment popped out. Which made me think she might not have been as straight as she claimed to be, or so I kinda hoped. Confusing moment at the least. Pushing that thought aside and seeing Raegan looking nervously down at her hands, pretending to be inspecting a spot on her wrist I searched my mind for something, anything to say to break the uncomfortable moment of silence. But with nothing coming to mind I went back to the last question I had asked just before the silence, "So what about me? You were saying something."

"Just something, nothing" She said.

"Nooo, that's not fair, you mentioned it now tell me" I said as she looked back at me. "Please?"

"How sure are you about being in love with Mickie?"

"Positive" I said. "Why?"

"You don't talk about her much" She said. "At least not today."

"I'm kind of pissed at her, she's got this big test on Monday and she somehow got stuck being partners with her ex-girlfriend who magically reappeared and by the way I had never even heard of before she introduced herself" I said. "It's a Chemistry test and she called me earlier and instead of coming to see me on her break, her and Marty are goofing with Mickie's cousin."

"Jealous much are we?" Raegan asked as she poked me in the ribs and laughed as I jumped away and gave her a seriously dirty look.

"I am not fucking jealous" I fired back. "I just wanna see my girlfriend and....well I just wanna see her for a while."

"Seems to me she should appreciate what she has" Raegan offered. "Maybe make more of an effort?"

"I agree" I said and pausing before asking something that literally just occurred to me. "Are you trying to cause trouble between us for some reason?"

"No" She said simply as she started the car. "If I cause trouble you tell me and I'll stop bugging you."

"You're not bugging me, I had fun today" I said as she smiled and pulled out and we drove the few blocks back to my street without another word being said. I knew something was odd the moment we turned back onto my street and I spotted what I thought looked like Mickie's car. "I don't believe this, I leave and then she shows up."

"Who?" Raegan asked as she slowed and pulled into the alley to the side of the Marvel's front yard.

"My girlfriend, the one who was to busy to see me until I found something to do" I said as my anger started to grow. "Figures."

"Don't be so hard on her" Raegan said and in reality I think she was attempting to make me believe she really wasn't trying to cause trouble. A small silence again ensuing before Raegan pointed straight ahead and saying, "See that house with the big ugly bay window?"

"Uh huh?"

"My place" She said as I smiled. "So if you get bored...come by. If the cars in the driveway I'm home. Usually in the bay window reading."

"You seem really interested in spending lots of time with me" I said with a flirty smile. "Huh?"

"Stop flirting" She said and trying to hide a smile that I think hid more than she wanted me to know. "Cause it won't get you anywhere."

"Oh it won't?" I asked as a boldly reached over and took off her cowboy hat and put it on my head. "Now what you gonna do?"

"That's looks really good on you" She said with a shy smile, "Look."

"Hey it does huh?" I asked as I checked the rear view mirror and saw that it did. The Marvel's screen door cracking as I looked to see Mickie coming out onto the porch. Turning back to Raegan I said, "I better go, the girlfriend and me got some talking to do."

"See ya at school" She said as she started the car. I got out as she drove off down the alley.

"Where have you been?" Mickie asked as she met me by the bottom of the steps, "Where did you get that stupid looking hat at?"

"Fuck you and your opinion" I snapped.


"What the hell are you doing here anyway?"

"I'm your girlfriend or have you forgot that?" She asked. "Who was that?"

"That in the car was my friend Raegan, this is her stupid hat, which by the way I like" I said and trying to keep my anger in check. "You had to spend the whole weekend with that trouble making skank Marty remember?"

"Shut up she's inside" Mickie hissed. "What did she do to you? And what has gotten into you?"

"Why are you here?" I demanded. "Last I heard you were gonna spend the whole weekend with your ex."

"Studying" She said with a hurt look. "We were studying and you know that."

"And Raegan called and asked me if I wanted to hang out" I said with a softer voice. "We sorta lost track of time talking."

"I've been here for like 2 hours and Laney said you'd already been gone for like 3 hours"

"We were headed to the library and sorta got lost in conversation in the parking lot" I said. "It's true."

"OK then why didn't you answer your phone?" She asked as I took my phone out and flipped it open and found it dead.

"Cause it's dead, I guess I forgot to charge it" I said as Mickie started to laugh.

"My girlfriend folks" Mickie said as she started to laugh and prompting me to give her a dirty look. "So you get some of that Raegan girl?"

"Noooooooo" I said as Mickie laughed harder and making me squeal when she rushed me and swept me into her arms and kissed my cheek. Her next comment though left me numb for a long time after.

"If you wanted to I wouldn't get mad, if I can do it too?" She said with a kiss. "What?"

"Do you mean...like in a threesome?"

"Yeh that too" She said with a horny grin.

"You mean like just me and her?" I asked as Mickie shrugged. "You not watching?"

"Me watching, I kinda got the idea that you liked that" She said and tried to kiss me again before I pushed her away and asked, "You would let me cheat on you?"

"Huh?" She asked.

"You just said I could..." I said and pausing to lower my voice before going on, "...fuck her."


"No it wasn't" I said as I glared at her. The most complex mix of emotions coming over me in that moment that I had ever felt in my life. I wanted to scream at her, kiss her and beg her to be the girl I wanted to love, and turn and walk away all at the same time.

"It was just a dumb joke..."

"Stop, don't touch me, I'm not your fucking whore" I said as I pushed her hands away. "I need some time to think..."

"What's wrong Tay?" She asked as I backed away, tears dripping down my cheeks as I turned and ran off down the sidewalk. I heard Mickie screaming at me too stop and I prayed she wasn't gonna follow me this time. I just needed some time to think and try and figure out what was going on and what exactly had just happened. I crashed through the front door and saw one of the two people I didn't wanna see in that moment, Mom (Mickie being the other), I made my best attempt to just pass her by without a word but as usual Mom has to stick her nose in.

"Taylor, what's wrong honey?" Mom asked.

"Nothing" I hissed as she stopped at the bottom of the steps and took a different approach.

"What is your problem?" She demanded. "I can't even ask you a simple question anymore without you biting my head off."

"GO TO HELL" I screamed as her eyes opened and I knew she was ready for a fight. That's when my anger over the Mickie situation over took me and I said, "Threaten to ground me or run your mouth and someone will have to pull me off you."

"UMMMMMMM..." Mom said as I turned and thundered up the stairs and ran into my room and slammed the door as hard I could. Slumping against the back of it and crying in sobs. I swear it felt like my heart was breaking and the worst thing about it was, I had no idea what had just happened with Mickie. All I knew to do was cry and that's exactly what I did.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Jessie finally made it over, with a surprise in tow, Mickie and her seemingly ever present EX-girlfriend Marty. And just as luck would have it Taylor was still gone with her new friend Raegan, something about that girl I find weird. You could expect how frustrated Mickie grew as first Taylor wasn't home or here (at the Marvel's) and for some reason she couldn't reach her on the cell phone. Anyway, with Ryan and Alex in video game mode they drafted me and Mickie into a game of 'Madden', two on two. Which I think took Mickie's mind off of Taylor for a while.

"Who wants Soda's?" Sammi asked as everyone raised their hand. This was probably an hour after Jessie and Mickie had arrived and as Sammi was about to leave the room, Marty jumps up and offers to help. Not too odd, but the weird thing was it took them a half hour to get back with the drinks. Maybe something's gonna happen between my ex and Mickie's, would that make us related? Anyway, me and Mickie beat Alex and Ryan despite their complaints just as Taylor arrived back and Mickie practically ran to meet her. I didn't really pay much attention for the next few moments as Jessie and me started to wrestle, but I sure wish I had.

I guess it was 10 minutes or so later that Jessie offered to help Mavis cook dinner (she invited the bunch of us stay and insisted) and I found Marty and Sammi standing by the entrance to the dining room giggling and looking awfully cozy. I mentioned something about Taylor being back and immediately drew Marty's attention away from Sammi and to me as she followed me back down the hall and out onto the front porch, where we found Mickie sitting on the steps, alone, and looking like she'd just saw a UFO or something.

"Mickie?" I asked. "I thought I heard Taylor."

"UMMMMMMMM you did" Mickie said as we joined on the bottom steps. "We were talking and I made a stupid joke and she flipped out on me. I have no idea what just happened, she lost it and ran off crying."

"Maybe I should go and check on her" I said and taking a step towards the house when my blood ran cold and I spotted the one thing I never thought I would see in Cleveland, the truck of Jeff Pierce, Sammi's now ex-husband. It was slowly coming down the street and looking apparently at the house numbers on the buildings. I'm thinking he was looking for Taylor's, lord only knows how he got the address but before he got that far his spotted me in the front yard with Mickie and Marty. I wanted to run but I was seriously froze in place.

"Giddy up moose" Sammi giggled as her and Ryan came through the screen door, her riding on his back piggy back style. Jeff pulled in to the alley to the side of the house and got out.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" Sammi asked as she slid of Ryan's back and ran down the steps. Confronting me and asking, "This is your revenge, tell him where I'm staying so he can come and kill me?"

"He's not gonna hurt you and no I didn't do that" I said. "Taylor said he called a few days..."

"Sammi?" Jeff asked as he stood by the truck nervously. She turned and glared at him with a cold deadly serious look as Ryan joined us by the bottom of the steps. Touching Sammi's shoulder as she looked back and gave him a goofy adoring grin.

"Everything ok?" Ryan asked.

"Not sure" Sammi said as Jeff started coming across the yard. "Stop, and leave."

"No, you owe me an explantion and is this the guy you're fucking now?"

"What?" Sammi asked. "Why would you think that?"

"Because I know you" Jeff spat and I saw Sammi's eyes water up and Jeff's resolve to stay angry faded as she turned and looked to me and desperately wanted someone to stand up for her I know. Jessie coming out of the house to see what was going on as I looked back. Not sure how to handle the situation now.

"GO TO HELL" Sammi screamed back as Jeff's face turned red with anger and I swear I thought he was gonna hurt her and me at that moment. A cracking of the screen door bringing yet more people out of the house as Alex arrived.

"What's going on Samantha?" Alex asked as Sammi smiled up at him.

"None of your damn business pretty boy" Jeff said as he boldly marched across the lawn. Jessie running down the steps and getting in front of me as Alex joined us and stopping Jeff before he could confront either me or Sammi.

"You need to leave my property now" Alex demanded.

"Yeh I will when I'm done with what I come to say..." He said as he glared at me first. "You are one troublemaking little whore, that stupid slut comes all the way up here and you won't even take her back? You broke up my marriage for sport. You are so lucky...get off me pretty boy before you get hurt."

"That is no way to talk to a lady, Laney is a lady and you won't talk to her like that with me here" Alex said.

"I didn't tell her to do anything" I said as Jessie turned and hugged me protectively. Drawing all the attention back to me. "She made the decision to come and see me, but...things changed and I'm with Jessie now."

"And she's not a whore you piece of shit" Jessie said over her shoulder.

"Alex, stop, dude, stop it's ok, you're a gentleman back down" Ryan said gently as he moved in front of Alex and backed him up. A warm hug being exchanged between the two.

"Whatever" Jeff said in my direction before asking Sammi, "Can we please talk in private?"

"No, I don't love you and I never did, so you and that rust bucket can go back to Hillbilly, Arkansas and forget about me" Sammi said as Jeff took a few steps in her direction. Ryan stepping in his path and placing a meaty hand on Jeff's chest and stopping him.

"Get in your truck and leave or go near Sammi and get hurt seriously" Ryan said in a cold calculating voice.

"What you gonna take me down fag boy?"

"God shut up, don't call him that" Sammi said as she surged past Ryan and smacked Jeff's face with a thud. "He is not that god damn word you loser. I hate you. He's nice and sweet...OWWWWWWWW you're hurting my arm..."

"LET HER GO" I screamed and was ready to run to her defense as Jeff bent her arm back when Ryan delivered a thunderous punch to Jeff's stomach and crumpled him like newspaper falling to the ground. Ryan standing over him and literally stalking him as Jeff crouched and tried to get up and defending himself but it was useless and he knew it. Ryan pulled him up to his feet about halfway across the yard and said something in his ear and pushed him back to the ground roughly. Jeff scrambled back to his feet once more and a moment later he was gone. Thankfully.