Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 21 "The Hypocrities Are Coming"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

So this was the next morning and after refusing to talk to Mickie last night she had called me first thing this morning. A night which featured my endless tossing and turning in bed as I replayed the scene in my head over and over. Something else I did a little more of was think about Raegan, something that made me feel good for a few moments. But in the end it always came back to Mickie, the thing she said (a joke she claims) and that threesome that she so willingly let me do. The more I thought about it the more I was convincing myself she wanted me to do it more than I had wanted too.

"OK" I said simply to Mickie after a rather long pause. "I'm gonna..."

"I'm coming to get to you, will you at least talk to me?" She asked.

"Yeh I will" I said softly.

"I love you and I'm not gonna stop saying that until you realize I'm..."

"I love you too" I said and for the first time since she had said that...joke...I finally began to feel alive again. "We'll talk about this later, come get me I gotta shower and you gotta concentrate on your Chem test."

"You're more important, way more important" She said as I smiled. Knowing she was telling the truth, a few moments later we said our goodbyes and I headed to the shower. I got dressed at warp speed and grabbed my back pack and bolted down the steps, hoping to avoid not only my bitch mother and truthfully even Laney too. But as usual my luck ran out at the front door as Dad was just coming in from getting the paper.

"Morning" He said as I stopped.

"Mornin' Dad, Mickie's on her way..."

"Taylor, last night with your mother was..."

"I had a fight with Mickie and Mom in her usual way demanded I talk to her and she got what she wanted" I said.

"I'm not gonna have you threaten your mother like that" Dad said.

"If she would just get off my back for a minute and stop trying to force me to love her again I might be able to stop hating her" I said in a barely controlled voice. "And I am begging you not to tell me how I do or don't feel."

"She is your mother..."

"She tried to destroy me and Mickie" I said. "Do you get that Dad? Anyway, you can't force me to forgive her, cause I won't."

"Young lady I swear you and Viera are carved out of each others ass" Dad said as I laughed and he gave me a serious look. "You know I've got a business trip? I'm leaving in a few hours."

"Uh huh" I said.

"Think you can get along with your mother while I'm gone?"

"Yes Dad I can" I said as he took a deep breath and was no doubt gonna say something else but instead just looked at me for a moment before he padded off towards the kitchen just as Mom came down the steps. I groaned silently and gave a little this time as I said, "Morning Mom."

"Morning" She said in a shocked voice. "Do you think we can sit down with your father away and talk? I'm having some company over this afternoon and it's important for you to be here. No young men."

"Important?" Dad asked and I swear I saw Mom flinch and had the worst feeling in that moment that she had something planned that she didn't want Dad to know.

"I'm having some neighbors over and I want them to meet Taylor" Mom said. A lie if there ever was one. "Are you done interrogating me Richard?"

"Veira" Dad said in a warning voice.

"OK, fine I guess so" I said and having the creepiest feeling in the world at that moment. I turned as quick as I could and walked outside, thankful that I had escaped without having to actually have much of a conversation with her. Still spooked by that weird, 'Mom' moment. Setting down on the front steps and taking a deep breath I was surprised to see Sammi and Alex coming down the sidewalk toward me, jogging. Her looking as if she were about to drop and Alex looking like he had barely broken a sweat. Sammi slowing and stopping as she reached our steps and took hold of the rail as she panted for breath. Alex slowing and turning around as he jogged in place, waiting on her. "Hey guys, you having fun Sammi?"

"Big...jerk...is...killing...me" Sammi said in pants as I laughed.

"Samantha I am not, you'll get the hang of it" Alex said.

"Can I please borrow a seat?" Sammi asked as I nodded my head and she gladly sat down by me. "You go on, I'm sooo done."

"Samantha..." Alex said.

"Go on you slave driver" I said as Alex smiled. "She's fine here with me."

"You did good Samantha" Alex said. "Tomorrow morning me and you again?".

"OK" She said as he turned and jogged off a moment later. "He is so fucking hot."

"Oh yeah" I said as we exchanged horny grins. "Too bad he's gay."

"Can you imagine him getting all sweaty like that over me and you?" She asked as I grinned.

"Calling one nine hundred Sammi" I giggled.

"I need to get laid OK?" She asked. "Laney and Jessie are...in love I think."

"Laney is" I said softly as she nodded. "You OK?"

"I'm tough" She said. "I actually got Jessie to talk to me yesterday and it was OK for a change, I apologized and she did too. I told her and Laney I was done being an ass and trying to break them up."

"Good news"

"Yeh it is, cause now I'm free to explore new opportunities" She said.

"Any in mind?" I asked and pointing at myself as she laughed.

"The day you break up with Mickie, I'm gonna be beating your door down girl" Sammi said as she bumped her shoulder again mine. "But thinking more recent, Marty Saybrook."

"Mickie's ex?" I asked as she nodded. "So cute, and nice and she was definitely paying me some serious attention until you got back yesterday. I think she's jealous of you."

"Go for it" I said. "Get her out of Mickie's hair."

"I will" Sammi said as I spotted Mickie coming up the street. Sammi rising as Mavis made her way out onto the porch and was no doubt looking for the very person I was talking too. "Thanks for talking."

"Sure, bye" I said as she walked off and Mickie pulled up in front of the house, I grabbed my back pack and slid into the passengers side of the car a moment later as she pulled away. "Joke?"


"Last night was a joke?"

"I've said that ten times already" She said as I slid closer and kissed her cheek. Me freezing as I spotted that same car I had seen the day that Laney and I went walking. My eyes following as Mickie slowed at the corner and no doubt thought I was avoiding her. But I wasn't seriously, because the car I speak of, Dr. Folio's is what it said on the side, stopped in front of my house and that evil cunt Bertram got out and walked up to the front door as Mickie pulled away from the corner. "Hello, Taylor, answer me? What was the big deal?"

"UMMMMMMM...what was she doing going to my house?" I mumbled as she looked at me in total confusion. My mind snapping back to reality as I focused back in on the conversation at hand. "I mean, you made me feel like you only want me when you can watch me have sex with someone".

"OK" She said simply. "How did you ever get that idea?"

"Why did you let me do that with Laney and Maria?" I asked. "We, me and you, had barely even slept together."

"Because you fucking wanted too" She shot back. "What about that no jealousy thing?"

"I'm not jealous..." I said and trailing off, a long silence filling the car as I tried once again to sort out everything in my frazzled brain. God I've never been this confused in my life. Mickie pulled into the school parking lot and found a spot near the back, and there we sat in silence. "...you gonna talk?"

"If I do, you'll blame me for you being horny" Mickie said as I couldn't help but laugh. "What's so funny?"

"You are the reason I'm always horny" I said as she blushed, me touching her chin and having her turn as I kissed her softly. The manic confusion seeming to fade away in that moment as Mickie smiled. "And I would never wanna cheat on you."

"Good" She said as she kissed me back. "Joke. Now can we please get back to being Mickie and Taylor the hottest couple in school?"

"Yeh, good idea" I said as we both smiled. Marty spotting Mickie's car and of course she just had to come running. Being cut off by one of her other friends that I didn't recognize. Marty giggling as they got lost in conversation. "Are you done with her after today?"

"I hope so, she is getting on my nerves seriously" Mickie said. "When she left town she broke my heart but I was glad she left."


"She was on drugs big time, I think she still is" Mickie said. "That slimy friend of hers, ummmmm Cripe? I don't know what his real name is but he called her yesterday and they really got into it."

"Black guy?"

"Don't know, talks like one" Mickie said.

"He asked me about her a few days ago" I said, "And the campus security ran him off."

"He's bad news" Mickie said. "Marty tried to feed me a bull shit story about her borrowing money from him to move on or something. So she owes him money and I'll just bet the princess bought some drugs."

"I hate people who do drugs" I said.

"I've tried them and I prefer being alive" Mickie said. "I'm worried about her still."

"She was a big part of your life" I said as Mickie nodded.

"And now you are" She said. "Me and you tonight?"

"Oh boy, I kinda made plans" I said.

"With who?"

"Raegan, you can come too I'm sure she won't mind" I said.

"We had plans first though, can't you get out of whatever it is?"

"It's sort of a big deal, see Ann Coulter is gonna be on Hannity & Colmes tonight and she invited me over to watch" I said. "Can I please do it?"

"Ann who?" Mickie asked as I laughed. "You're dumping me for a TV show?"

"I like politics and the show's not on till 9 so we can hang out till then" I said. "Please just this one time?"

"I got you till 9 o'clock?" She asked as I nodded and we kissed one last time and got out on either side of the car as the bell rang for the first time.

"HEY MICKIE, HEY MICKIE" Marty screamed from a couple of rows over where she had walked with her friend. I took Mickie's hand and laced my fingers with hers as we walked along and Marty fell into step beside us. Her and Mickie heading off for their Chem test a few moments later and me feeling like life was getting back to normal. I had just arrived at my locker and doing the usual morning shuffle with my books when I had the weirdest feeling I was being watched. My phone ringing shaking me from my thoughts.

"Hello?" I asked after sticking it my ear.

"Is this is the official Ann Coulter fan club?" A Voice asked as I laughed and blushed. Knowing instantly who it was.

"Yes it is" I said as Raegan laughed. "Where you at?"

"Right behind you" She giggled as I turned and saw that smiling face.

"What's...what's wrong?" She asked, the smile leaving her face.


"Something happened last night?" She asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"Yeh it did" I said and wondering how she could possible know. "How did you know that?"

"I have no idea something just told me" She said. "Me and you hanging out last night didn't cause trouble I hope?"

"No" I said. "Just me being a drama queen."

"I don't get that" She said. "Something is seriously wrong."

"I don't think so, just me being weird over something Mickie was joking about" I said. "I just freaked out."

"You freaked out and ran away crying over a joke?"

"Who said I ran away crying?"

"I did, I saw you run off from my front porch, looked like you were crying" She said.

"You were spying on me?"

"You were in the Marvel's front yard" She said. "Not like I had my telescope out looking in your bedroom window watching you change."

"I bet you'd like that" I said as she laughed.

"I'm straight" She said finally.

"Yet but you still can't stop thinking about me" I fired back.

"So?" She asked and as much as admitting it was true. "You got a girlfriend not like it's gonna get me anywhere."

"Are you saying..." I said before pausing and looking around to make sure no one was listening before I pointed to her and back to me, "Well?"

"I'm straight" She said as I groaned. "Never been with, dated or kissed a girl. So that makes me straight."

"I was too until I tried it" I said as she blushed.

"So Mickie's what happens when a straight girl goes les?"

"Pretty much" I said as we both laughed. "You saying if I offered..."

"Bell..." She said as she pointed up. "We on for tonight?"

"Be there around 9?" I asked.

"Make it 8 and we'll watch Countdown" She said, "OK?"

"What's Countdown?" I asked as she laughed.

"I'll explain tonight, see ya around 8, I got class" She said as she took off running down the hall to catch up with one of her friends. Her skirt flopping up and down as she ran and I swear I saw some panty. Laughing to myself as I grabbed my book bag and headed to class. Logging my usual hours in class and was thankful when last period rolled around and I got get a few minutes of peace out on the bench by the parking lot waiting on Mickie. I had just opened my book (Ann Coulter again) when I heard foot steps running up the path leading to the door and figuring it was Raegan I was already prepared with a wise crack but looking up I got a major surprise, Marty.

"Hey, we talk for a minute?" She asked as she stopped and dropped her book bag.

"Sure" I said and closing my book as she sat down.

"Mick says you got plans tonight with a friend" She said, making me wonder why Mickie felt the need to tell her ex that. "Right?"

"Yeh, why?"

"OK, can I borrow Mick and her car, please?" She asked, "My brother Seth, who I've not seen in a year and half is coming home from Irag and Mom and Dad are being assholes and won't pick him up. Anyway, Mickie said she'd ask you if she could give me a ride."

"Not my car"

"If you don't make a big deal about this..."

"Go" I said. My reasoning being that I had made plans with someone else after making plans with Mickie and she was excepting, so I really had no choice but to except it and not make a big stink about it. "It's not a big deal."

"See why Mickie likes you so much" She said as she bumped my shoulder and smiled.

"She loves me, not likes me" I corrected her.

"Oh yeah, of course" She said as she stood and grabbed her book bag. "I promise tommorrow night she's all yours."

"OK" I said as she smiled and headed off in the opposite direction. Hearing voices a moment later around the corner, I got up and took my bag and followed after her down the same path, I slowed and stopped by the corner of the building and peaked around and saw Marty was only a few feet away now talking to that same black guy I had met a few days before. Cripe, I think it was. He was again wearing that red bandana around his head with a wife beater and baggy pants.

"Look if you don't leave you gonna get me in trouble and get arrested" Marty said to him in a hushed voice.

"Fuck those pigs, you owe me money and I want it or something bad is gonna happen" He said with a threatening finger point.

"How many times have I told you, my brother Seth is coming in tonight and I'll get the money from him" Marty said. "Now stop threatening me."

"You know who I run with Martina" He said as he got right in her face. "You got one last chance you little whore to get me my money. You hear me?"

"Yeh, yeh, ok, twenty four hours I got it" Marty said. "What's the huge rush anyway?"

"You fucked me over for the last time" He said. "Twenty fours and...twenty four."

"Got it" Marty said as Cripe turned and walked off. Getting into that same white car with a bunch of his loser friends. Marty leaning back against the building as the car drove off and putting her hands over her face. A moment later she began to cry in sobs and slumped to the ground and sat there for the longest time just crying into her hands. "Fuck you Mikala James, this is all your fault."

"How could it be Mickie's fault?" I asked myself.

"Taylor?" I heard a voice say and knew instantly it was Mickie, looking back I saw her giving me a questioning look as she spied my current location. Acting casually I once again glanced back around the side of the building and saw that Marty had literally disappeared. "You playing hide and seek with someone?"

"Yeh my shadow" I said, Mickie laughing as I joined her. "UMMMMMM I over heard some stuff...about Marty."

"Drug debts?" Mickie asked softly.

"Yeh, a lot too, how did you know?"

"Marty broke down earlier and told me everything" Mickie said. "She owes some dude name Cripe..."

"I just saw her talking to him" I said as Mickie took my hand and kissed my cheek.

"Anyway, she owes him like a thousand bucks" Mickie said. "She thought I had some money and found out I didn't."

"She tried to get money out of you?" I asked as Mickie nodded her head.

"That hurt" Mickie said and I felt confused as to why she still cared in that moment. "But I promised her I'd help her this one last time."

"Ride to the airport?"

"Is it ok?" She asked as we walked towards the car.

"Me and you tommorrow night" I said as she smiled.

The ride home was mostly uneventful with both Mickie and I lost in thoughts of our own. Again that horrible sinking feeling that something was about to happen began to overtake me, one that got worse as we got closer to the house. I honestly had no idea what it was but I just knew that something was gonna happen and it was not gonna be good in any way. Mickie pulled up in front of the house as I kissed her cheek and got ready to get out when I saw an all too familar face coming down my front steps and getting into an also all too familar car with that same logo that read "Dr. Carl Folio, Sexual Reorientation Specialist" on it.

"What the fuck is that?" Mickie asked as she pointed at the logo on the car that was just driving away. "And wasn't that Bertram leaving your place?"

"Evil little troll doll" I said as Mickie laughed. A car pulling up behind Mickie and blowing as I kissed Mickie's soft lips and we both grinned. "You go and deal with Marty I got this, k?"

"You sure I can park and come back" She said.

"I love you" I said as she kissed me again. "Call me before you go to bed tonight?"

"Will do" She said. "Love you too."

"Bye" I said as I slid out of the car and watched Mickie drive off a moment later. Mom appeared at the door with a nervous smile, turning my stomach into knots as I slung my book bag across my back and crossed over and up the steps. Mom opening the door and following me in.

"Taylor we need to talk about something" Mom said as I stopped at the bottom of the steps. Taking a deep breath and praying Laney would emerge and save me from having to go through this once again.

"What did Bertram tell you?" I asked with my back to Mom.

"She informed me of your pleasant conversation a few weeks ago and how you said you'd be very interested in the church's sexual reorientation program" Mom said.

"Crazy lady say what?" I asked as I dropped my book bag and turned.

"I had no idea you were considering it..."

"I'm not" I demanded. "That evil bald headed troll doll is lying. Some Christian."

"She said you might be angry that she told me but she felt it best if I knew so we can begin the process as soon as possible" Mom said. "Because apparently it's gonna take a push from me to get you involved."

"Listen to me" I said, "That woman is a representative of Satan himself, she said I destroyed my family with my queer ways. Ask Mickie what I threatened to do to her if she ever came near me again."

"Taylor Mackenzie Raynewater you will apologize to her for that" Mom demanded as I laughed, "What is so funny about threatening a woman of the church?"

"SHE'S EVIL" I screamed. "God you are so blind."

"And you are blind to the lord's love..."

"You leave him out of this" I said with a finger point. "This is not about God, this is about your sick obsession with curing me from being gay..."

"They're coming back in a hour to begin the counseling" Mom said calmly.

"Who?" I asked and remembered her beyond weird request this morning that she wanted me to meet some of the 'neighbors'. Oh boy.

"Bertram and Dr. Follio" She said as she came close to me. "This is gonna be good honey..."

"FUCK YOU" I screamed in her face. "I'm calling Dad, and we'll see what he says about this."

"It won't do you any good" She said. "Your father can't be reached. For once Taylor Mackenzie you are not gonna run to Daddy on this one."

"Are you psycho?" I asked as Mom tried to hug me. "GET OFF ME."

"Honey if you will just stop fighting so hard this will be a painless process" Mom said. "Please just one meeting? If it doesn't work I promise I'll back off."

"Nooo, Mom, please, I told you Bertram is lying to get to you in this psycho mood in hopes of making me straight" I said with pleading in my eyes, "I'm begging you not to make me do this, those people are dangerous."

"I am so sick of this" Mom said. "You are going to do this, I think I know that woman of the church would not lie for her own personal gain."

"I hate you, I'm seriously I hate you and I'm gonna hate you for the rest of my life if you don't stop this...fuck it...GO TO HELL" I screamed and totally lost it in that moment. I don't know why I did what I did next, but the pain and frustration of the whole ordeal with Mom and Mickie, then the screwed up situation with me and Mickie last night, it just all exploded at once. I didn't hit her this time, but I spit in her face. She wiped it away it and then she did something she's never done before, she smacked me. Not a simple smack either, but a thud like smack that snapped my head and sent me falling back and smashing my head on the end of the guardrail going up the steps. I fell to the floor crying in sobs and holding my head. A pain shooting through my head as I prayed she wasn't gonna hit me again.

"YOU MADE ME DO THAT" Mom screamed as I cried and and felt my head throbbing, a slow trickle of blood dripping down my nose. "You are so much like that fucking father of yours it's incredible. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I deserved that" I said in a barely audible voice. Thinking if I could get her out of the room maybe I could get to the phone and call the cops or make a getaway. My brain was pretty cloudy in those moments let me tell you. Mom helped me up as I pretended to be sorry. "Can you get me something to wipe my mouth."

"Yes my girl I will" She said with a kiss to the cheek. "Finally you are speaking some sense. We'll be a family again in no time."

"I hope they can fix me" I said as she smiled.

"They can I know they can" Mom said as she made sure I was steady before heading off to the kitchen. I looked to make sure she had gone inside before screaming after her, "I'LL BE IN MY ROOM TILL THEY GET HERE MOM."

"OK sweety" Mom said without ever looking. "I'll be up in a minute and we can have some hot cidar and cookies."

"Yeh I wish" I said as I walked to the front door and quietly slipped outside. I made it down the steps and prayed I could make it to the Marvel's before Mom figured out I wasn't in my room. I guess it was halfway there when I heard a horn blow and looked back and saw Raegan and her fire red Mustang. I smiled and still holding my head from the shot I took, I practically ran to the car and got in as she looked at me in shock.

"What happened?" She asked as she gently touched my already slightly swollen lip. "Mickie do this?"

"No, Mickie's not the violent type" I said. "Can we just go somewhere, anywhere?"

"Sure, so who hit you?" She said as we drove off. I saw that same car, the one with Bertram in it, coming back down the block a moment later. Prompting me to duck into the floorboard of the car until it had passed. "Taylor, what's up? Please tell me?"

"My psycho mother is trying to make me straight and that car is from the brainwashing center" I said as Raegan looked at me in disbelief. Motioning for me to get back in the seat as we exited my neighborhood. Me delivering the condensed version of the whole sorted affair from day one with Mickie as she drove across town and I could see the beach in the distance. "...and this was the climax I guess you could say. She hit me."

"Whoa" She said and I could see a slowly simmering anger building in Raegan's eyes. "Talk about a price to pay to be who you are."

"I'm not really gay I just like Mick...girls" I giggled as I thought about the threesome with Maria and Lynsey and my noticing Raegan a few days before, plus Laney and my flirting. "I don't know what I am."

"I keep telling people I'm straight" Raegan said.

"You're not?"

"No I am, I guess, never had any girl show enough interest to test it" She said. "Don't know if I'd really want them too either."

"Interesting" I said as we both laughed.

"I'd say you're in no hurry to get back home huh?" She asked as I grimaced and rubbed the bump on the back of my head.

"Stay gone as long as I can" I said as Raegan turned into the parking lot at the lake and turned the car off. "I don't what know what's gonna happen if I go back."

"Want me to go back with you?" Raegan asked. "She won't hit you with me there."

"So you gonna beat her up for me?"

"You'll have to pull me off her" Raegan said as she started to turn the car back on when I slid across the seat and stopped her with touch of my hand to hers as she looked back at me. "I know we just became friends, but I won't let her hurt you."

"Raegan Kirkpatrick I like you" I said as I kissed her cheek. She blushed and smiled as she touched her cheek. A long moment passing as she looked at me and I looked at her. Her brweaking the moment as she looked away and opened the passenger side door and sliding out. I grabbed the keys as she walked a few feet ahead and seemed to be deep in thought, me sliding out too and closing the door behind me. Thinking I had made her uncomfortable in that moment with that kiss. "Hey, I'm sorry, didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"Lesbo" She said with a wry smile as she looked at me out of the corner of her eye.


"Les...bo" She said repeated as she turned to face me.

"I told you I'm not a lesbian"

"And what's worse you're a Ann Coulter fan" She said as I groaned and she laughed.

"So me being a lesbian Ann Coulter fan is a problem?" I asked.

"HA, you admit it" She said with a 'gotcha' finger point as I laughed and realized I'd literally walked into that.

"No more mind games please? My head hurts" I said as she laughed.

"If I had to constantly defend Coultergiest my head would hurt too" She shot back. "Let me guess you like the Chimp in the White House too?"

"Nooo, does anyone?" I asked as she took my hand and pulled me along. Walking down a small path that lead to the shore. "I mean he's basically delusional."

"Finally we agree on something" Raegan said as she turned and walked backwards as she smiled at me. "I sooo hope we get a Democrat in the White house in 2008. Maybe things will change and I'll finally be able to vote and I fully intend too."

"So only the Democrats can save us?" I asked, "How stupid does that sound?"

"Didn't say that" She said as we reached the beach. Her still walking slowly backwards as she seemingly focused on me. "But it can't be worse than the last few years, how many ways can the goverment snoop on you and now the phone companies are helping."

"Just for Terrorist" I said.

"Do you honestly believe that?" Raegan asked. "We don't have 400 million terrorist in this country and just because you're muslim don't mean you're gonna blow up a jetliner."

"How do you know those programs aren't keeping us safe?" I asked. "Like tracking the money that's sent with the bank accounts."

"So they say" Raegan said. "Most of it has nothing to do with Terrorism, because I'm beginning to think this whole War on Terrorism is like the war on Christmas."

"You think people don't wanna wipe out Christmas?" I asked. "Back home in Arkansas we even had some of that crap. It's scary. All those lawsuits and liberal judges. Before long it'll be illegal to say Merry Christmas."

"OHMIGOD" Raegan screamed as she stopped and looked at me. Then holding up one finger and starting to count the things off on her fingers as she listed them, "One, that whole myth was invented by that Fox News fruit loop John Gibson, two, the only people who believe there is a war on christmas is the people who watch Fox and nothing else. Three, if you do any research into that you'll find out most of it was complete crap, or that those so-called lawsuits were thrown out by those liberal judges."

"I don't have a comeback for that" I said as Raegan pumped both of her fists into the air victoriously.

"I'm just too smart for you huh?" She asked with a smug smile. "My huge brain is just too over powering for you?"

"So you saying I'm stupid?"

"Nope" She said as she stepped in front of me. "You're so much fun to debate with cause you are smart."


"Yeh I think so" I said as she gently moved her fingers to my lip and wiped away a bit of blood. "I could so get lost in you...I mean..."

"Me too" I said as I touched the hand on my cheek and felt her squeeze her fingers into mine briefly. "Things just seem to be going crazy lately with exception of you."

"Yeh..." She said. I swear for a brief moment she was gonna kiss me, but right as that was about to happen my cell began ringing. Breaking the moment. I watched her turn and walk off down the beach a few feet. I wasn't sure how to feel as I absentmindedly flipped open my phone without checking the caller ID.

"Where in the hell are you?" Mom asked into the phone as my heart sank and stomach turned to knots.


"Well I know that" She snapped. "I thought you realized after that unfortunate incident earlier that you needed help. Honey we can fix what you destroyed with your actions. Mom will be there for you every step of the way. I promise. We can be a family again."

"I didn't destroy anything Mom, you did" I said as I watched Raegan stuff her hands in her pockets and seemingly being deep in thought. I looked back at the trash bin beside me and picked through a few things and pretended to be interested. Wondering what was up with her.

"You listen to me, that little whore Mickie is the one who started all this faggot bullshit" Mom said and I knew now she was having a meltdown unlike any other. "SHE DESTROYED THIS FAMILY. SHE DID."

"If you say so Mommy" I said. "Come get me if you want too, but you better hurry."

"Why?" She asked. "And you better stay put and I am not kidding Taylor Mackenzie. These good people have better things to do than be jerked around."

"How about jerking them off?" I asked as Raegan looked back at me. "Cum everywhere huh Mom? Dad is out of town. I bet if you ask that evil little troll doll Bertram will let you go down on her. Closet dyke."

"Ohmigod in heaven please help me" Mom said. "I swear you will pay for what you've done..."

"I like pussy Mom" I said in a determined voice as Raegan rejoined me with a look of complete shock on her face. "I licked Mickie's pussy and I fucking loved it."

"Shut up, shut up..." Mom demanded.

"And then two of my friends, both girls invited me into a threesome and they both fucked me" I said as she gasped. "Lynsey and Maria, their friends of mine, and Mickie watched."

"Taylor, OHIGOD you are one vulgar little girl" Mom said.

"Tell the bitch you gonna kill yourself" Raegan whispered in my other ear with an evil smile on her face as I grinned at her. I loved that plan instantly. She held up one finger as she picked a brown paper bag out of the trash and blew air into it and again whispered, "Tell her and I'll bust it, sound like a gun shot."

"Well I gotta go Mom, I think I'm gonna end it" I said. "You won't love me cause I'm gay, so I'm gonna kill myself."

"OH I'm sure..."

"I am, I got a loaded revolver right here in my hand" I said. "Bye Mom, tell Dad I loved him. But I still hate you."

"Noooo Taylor, please no we can get you fixed..." Mom said as I held the phone up and Raegan exploded the bag and I swear it sounded like a real gunshot. I closed the phone as we started to laugh hysterically. Falling to the grass and laughing till our sides hurt as my phone rang continously over the next few minutes. I checked the number every time and we laughed again at the evil plan we had pulled off. Finally the phone stopped ringing and for a long moment we lay there in the grass and talked quietly and looked up at the sky. Somehwhere in that hour or so I called Laney, who was at Jessie's and let her know what happened.

"You sure you ok my girl?" Laney asked.

"Yeh I'm fine" I said. "You should probably stay clear of the house tonight."

"Jessie's Dad says I can sleep on the couch" She said. "Where you staying?"

"Can I stay with you tonight?" I asked Raegan bluntly as she looked over, again seemingly deep in thought.

"Of course" Raegan said simply.

I hung up with Laney a few moments later and don't you know the phone would start ringing again sometime after we had hung up, I checked the number, expecting it to be Mom, but this time I didn't recognize it. It wasn't a local Cleveland number either. I picked up nervously, saying, "Hello?"

"You're mom just called me in a hysterical fit and said you killed yourself?" Dad said in a panic.

"I'm fine and with a good friend hiding out bascially" I said as Raegan rolled over and looked down at me. "It's a long story, you listening?"

"Of course..." Dad said as Raegan gave me a goofy grin that made me start laughing out loud.