Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 22 "Pudding and Spaghetti"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Major parent flip out aside, this has been a really cool night" I said as Raegan came back through the house with two soda's and sat back down by me on the couch in the living room. I took one and looked at the coffee table in front of us that was covered with snacks already. Pudding, ice cream, cookies, chips and dip, we had almost every kinda junk food you can think of as we watched 'Hannity and Colmes' with guest Ann Coulter and poor Raegan about lost it screaming at the TV during the entire segment. Making me laugh till my sides hurt. Which is exactly what I needed after the drama from earlier in the day and Mom's whacking me in the face. "You still glad you invited me over after that segment with Ann?"

"That woman is crazy" Raegan said as I laughed. My phone ringing as I reached for it and felt Raegan boldly push me by the ass and send me tumbling to the floor like a load of bricks. She laughed as I glared back up at her and found my phone inside my book bag and realized it was Mom for the millionth time tonight. See, Dad had called her and told her I didn't kill myself (surprise!) and now psycho bitch was desperate to talk to me. Raegan guessing who it was by just the look on my face. "Want me to talk to her for you? I will."

"OK, here big mouth" I said in a giggle as I handed her the phone and never expected her to take it as she laid down on the couch and motioned me closer as she opened it and pressed it to her ear. Letting me listen as she said, "Hello, Taylor Raynewater's lesbian lover."

"Ohmigod" I said and covered my mouth and started to laugh in shock.

"That is not funny Mickie, can you please put Taylor on the phone?"

"This is not Mickie, my name is Raegan Kirkpatrick and I'm your daughters new girlfriend" Raegan said as I looked at her in shock. She flashed me a daring smile and shrugged as if she were saying whatever came to mind. "I hear you wanna make her straight huh?"

"Ohmigod I have screwed my entire life up this time" Mom said as I again listened. "Is Taylor even there?"  

"She is" Raegan said. "But she's not allowed to talk to you, cause I said so."

"And who gives you the right to tell her what to do?"

"I don't really, but she's smart, sweet and really easy to fall for...I mean...you heard me" Raegan said as I looked at her and found her eyes looking the other way in that moment. "You're the one who wants to control her."

"You need to shut up and stop sticking your nose in other peoples personal affairs" Mom said as I rolled my eyes. "This is a family matter."

"I make it my business when you hit Taylor you bitch" Raegan said. "I'm in her life now and I'm not some timid little girly girl who backs down, you wanna fist fight we can. I'll beat the hate out of you Nazi woman. And what the fuck is up with you trying to brainwash your daughter, how psycho are you?"

"You...are..." Mom said in shock.

"Yeh I'm a seriously mouthy bitch I know, My mom tells me that all the time" Raegan said. "But I can back it up and you better go into hiding next time you hit Taylor."

"That little disrespectful...she spit in my face for your information" Mom fired back. True, and I probably deserved to be smacked for that.

"She's your daughter you're supposed to love her" Raegan said softly. "You're also supposed to not let it get to that point. You're the adult."

"Let me talk to Taylor now damn it..." Mom demanded.

"Bitch" Raegan said as she closed the phone and tossed it back into my book bag. Looking at me as I smiled at her, "She's a trip."

"Straight girl to my lesbian lover in three days?" I asked as she laughed. She blushed as I gave her a challenging smile and knew I'd gotten her good with that one. She reached over and pulled the half empty bowl of pudding over to the side of the table and did one thing I'll never forget, she scooped some of the pudding into her hand and smeared it in a huge mess across my lips and cheeks and laughed. "EWWWWWWWWW!"

"Take that...lesbo" Raegan said as she jumped up and backed away when I went to pay her back. I scrambled to my feet and scooped what was left of the pudding out of the bowl and marched after her. She laughed and took off running and crashed through the swinging kitchen door and blocked it from the other side, I swear that laughing made me wanna kill her. "What's wrong Taylor? The door stuck? Huh?"

"You're gonna get it my lesbian lover" I said and bolted for the dining room and knowing it had an entrance into the kitchen. With the pudding now dripping down my arm I circled through the dining room and into the kitchen. Stopping when I saw Raegan open the swinging door and look out into the living room and no doubt wondering where I went. Creeping closer one step at a time and watching her turn at the last second and catch me. I rushed her and we both crashed into the wall to the side of the swinging kitchen door, me successfully smearing the pudding into her hair and over one side of her face as she squealed in laughter.

"EWWWWWWWWWWW!" She cried as I laughed and backed away. Raising my arms victoriously in the air as she glared at me. "OK, I deserve that, huh?"

"UH yeh" I said as she walked slowly over to the fridge and pulled out a half full picture of Iced Tea and poured a glass. Me backing away as she circled around the counter after me. "Wait, now come on, this is unfair."

"I just wanna share my drink" She said as we now stood on either side of the center island. A huge plastic bowl of cooked spaghetti, sauce and all sitting in the middle. Her realizing I wasn't gonna let her get near me. So she did the next best thing, she flung the iced tea all over me, the counter and the kitchen. That shit was cold too. My lip trembling as the cold ran all the way through my body and making me freeze as she laughed out loud. "BRRRRRRRR."

"Fuck...you" I said as she laughed harder, me wanting to shut her up by any means necessary, I picked up a handful of the spaghetti in front of me and threw it at her. It splattered all over her shirt and face as I laughed and flipped her off. She sat the glass down and came charging around the counter before I could run. She arrived just as I picked up the bowl of spaghetti and we began wrestling over it. Both of us laughing and suddenly I lost my grip and the entire bowl of pasta went splashing all over Raegan's shirt. Her shocked to silence/disgusted look was priceless as I laughed. Her shaking her hands as the sauce ran down her fingers and legs. I picked up the bowl from the floor as she glared at me and dared me not to do anything else. But I did, I gently placed the empty bowl over her head and adjusted it like a cap. "Enjoy you're spaghetti bath?"

"I really deserved that huh?" She asked with a bright smile as the sauce now ran down her cheeks.

"Yes you did" I said and picking a single strand of pasta out of her hair as she took the bowl off her head and placed it on mine as we both laughed at the silliness of the situation. "So much fun though."

"I always have fun with you" Raegan said as she took the bowl off my head and sat it aside as I picked up a dish cloth and moved closer and wiped away the sauce away before it ran into her eyes. "I've never met anyone that I connected with so quick."

"Yeh we could argue all night" I said as she laughed softly. "And if you weren't pretending to be straight we could do other things huh?"

"Then start working on making me not so straight" She said with a challenging smile.

"Girlfriend" I said as the smile left her face and she looked away and took a deep breath. "If not...maybe things would be different."

"I doubt it" She said. "I don't think you'd ever look at me like that. We're friends. I'm always the best friend."

"Don't tell me what I think" I said as I touched her arm to keep her from walking away. Her looking back at me with hurt in her eyes that I knew didn't all come from me. Somewhere in her life she'd been hurt, maybe it was the ex-boyfriend and maybe it someone else. I touched her cheek, now sticky with pasta sauce as we laughed. My feet slipping on some of the now ruined pasta and her catching me in her arms protectively and bringing our lips within inches of the others as she steadied me. I saw her smile a little and I couldn't resist as I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. My lips falling in time with hers as she pulled me tighter into her arms and mine went around her neck. A slow and steady rhythm developing as she slipped me her tongue gently and I met hers with mine. A slow and mind numbing massaging of our tongues against one another made my body come online in the most amazing way ever. Girl is seriously an amazing, amazing kisser. OHMIGOD sooooooooo good.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey y'all" Jessie said quietly into my ear as I looked back from the TV and saw that smiling face. Her Uncle Mike had invited me to stay after we found out about the major drama back at Taylor's house. Jessie giggling as she tackled me to the couch when she came over the back of it. Coming to rest across my stomach now.

"Hey y'all" I said as I kissed her. "Not that I'm not glad to see you but...isn't Uncle Mike gonna be mad if he catches you?"

"He snores like a wrecking train and Aunt Laila is comatose on sleeping pills" Jessie said as she kissed me again. "So as long as you don't make me scream we'll be OK."

"I don't know Jessie....MMMMMMMMM" I moaned softly as Jessie kissed my lips and then my chin before working her way down my neck. "Jessie, stop..."

"Come on Laney, please? I am soooo in the mood" She said with pleading eyes. "Don't make me do a self job."

"What if we get caught?"

"We won't" Jessie said with a horny smile and again kissed me. See since we last spoke Mickie's dad had made a major change in the rules of the house with a family meeting. He decided to take me and Jessie's suggestion and relax the rules a little more and see if we could handle the freedom without doing something stupid. Which meant I was seriously scared of getting caught with Jessie and especially doing that. Something else though was weighing on my mind, well two things actually, one was the situation at home with Viera and the second was what ever happened to Mickie and Marty. They had left some 5 or 6 hours back and only called one time from the airport to say they found Marty's brother Seth and were going out to dinner. "Come on please?"

"Jessica Elizabeth James no" I said as she growled and rolled off me. Getting up and walking off, "Fuck, Jessie wait."

"What?" Jessie asked with her back to me and I stopped behind her.

"I want too" I said as she turned and smiled. "But if we get caught we are over."

"True" She said as she ran her fingers through her hair and came back over and hugged me. Kissing me as I smiled at her. "I don't want that to happen, I love you."

"You do?" I asked in shock.

"UH huh, please tell me you feel the same" Jessie said with a scared look in her eyes. "I thought you did."

"I was just telling Taylor a few days ago that I did and I didn't know how to tell you" I said as she smiled and kissed me.

"Don't say it if you don't mean it...redneck" Jessie said as I gave her a dirty look and she grinned at me. "You said I was your favorite bandit."

"You are" I said as we kissed. "Jessie James stole my heart."

"Go on..." She said with her forehead now touching mine.

"I love you too" I said in a whisper as she smiled and let me kiss her.

"Soooo cool" Jessie said. "I get to be in love with you."

"Me too"

"So you're in love with yourself huh?" She asked and giggled as I groaned and rolled my eyes.

"You might be a redneck if you are in love with me" I said as she smiled and kissed me so perfectly. "Huh?"

"Redneck" She said as we both giggled. One of the bedroom doors opening upstairs as we jumped apart and Jessie made a direct path to the bottom of the steps and I crashed back onto the couch. Michael appearing at the top of the steps and being apparently relieved to see Jessie.

"Jessie honey I need you to do to me a favor" Michael said.

"Sure Uncle Mike"

"Can you and Laney make a quick run to the store and get your Aunt some..." Michael said and telling Jessie the kind of medicine she needed. "And what are you doing downstairs?"

"Getting a drink Uncle Mike, gimme the money and stop panicking" Jessie said as Michael fished out the money from his robe and handed it to Jessie as she went by and headed to her room to get dressed. He gave me a questioning look from the top of the stairs that spoke volumes. Prompting me to smile like a dork and wave. Both of us breaking up laughing.

                                                ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

So by now you think I've lost my mind, right? Well consider that I just made out with Raegan for the better part of 10 minutes before she pulled away and looked at me stunned. She wasn't the only one, believe me. I was in shock at what I had just done and what I had felt while doing it. She half-smiled and bit her lip, unsure of what to say, as was I. But Raegan being the motor mouth she is was obviously the one to break the forming tension in the room by saying, "So I guess I'm irresistible with spaghetti in my hair, huh?"

"You're nuts" I giggled as she smiled. "Don't take this the wrong way but I seriously don't know what just happened."

"I do, you kissed me, duh" She said as if I should have already known that. I laughed and rolled my eyes. "Took me by surprise too."

"Mickie is not gonna like this" I said. "I gave her a hard enough time over a stupid joke and now this."

"I know, bad time but..." She said and looking nervous. "...all that stuff you told your Mom about, with the threesome and all..."

"True, all of it" I said as she took a deep breath and showed her surprise. "You think I'm a whore now."

"Mickie watched?" She asked.

"Insane" I said.

"I get the appeal mostly, but if you were my girl no way I'm just gonna watch" Raegan said. "Not even sure I'd wanna do that."

"You're not a whore you wouldn't understand" I offered.

"You'd be surprised" She said. "I've done some crazy ass shit too."

"Soooo, we're both whores?" I asked as we both fell into each other laughing out loud and seconds later went tumbling to the floor as we both slipped on the spaghetti. The back door opening as we lay there laughing our asses off. I looked up just as Raegan did and saw a woman that looked like an older version of Raegan. First she looked shocked at what she saw and then started to laugh as we broke up again too. Raegan struggling against as we both tried to get to our feet. Her finally pulling me to my feet as we tried to stop laughing.

"Taylor, this is my mom, Carolyn" Raegan said as I grinned and waved like a dork. Jerking my hand back down and just then realizing what we both must look like after the food fight.

"Taylor Raynewater?" Carolyn asked as I nodded. "Nice to meet you, you're famous, at least in this house."


"Mom shut up" Raegan hissed as Carolyn smiled knowingly.

"You're all she talks about, at least for the last few days" Carolyn said as I looked to Raegan to find her blushing a deep crimson. "And frankly it's nice to know you're not completely perfect."

"You better sleep with one eye open old woman" Raegan said with a finger point to her Mom.

"OH yeh I'm terrified, and what have two done to my kitchen?" Carolyn asked. "What is that...spaghetti and...pudding?"

"Iced tea too" I said as I pointed at my shirt and tried to stifle a giggle. Just then realizing I was basically wearing a wet t-shirt. Folding my arms across my chest and being thankful that I was wearing a bra in that moment. "She started it."

"You called me your lesbian lover" Raegan fired back.

"You told my mother you were" I said.

"Whatever, you deserved that pudding pie princess" Raegan said in reply as her mother watched with an amused smile.

"And you deserved it even more when I rubbed it in your hair" I said as I slid my hand into her hair and smeared the spaghetti and pudding in a bit more before she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.

"Which is why I gave you an iced tea bath" Raegan said as we started to wrestle again. "Was it cold?"

"Fuck you wanna be lesbo" I giggled, our fingers laced together in a test of strength as she laughed too. "Who got the spaghetti up there nose for that?"

"That was so uncalled for" Raegan said as she tried to trip me and I did her the same way as Carolyn by now was laughing out loud. "You didn't have to put it in my hair you bitch."

"Why it looks a lot better now than it did before" I said as she stopped and looked at me in shock. My hands relaxing in hers.

"Well you apparently like it better cause then you kissed me" Raegan said with a seriously defiant look in her eyes.

"AHEM" Carolyn said as we both sorta of realized she was still in the room. "You kissed my daughter?"

"I'm sorry I really got a thing for girls with spaghetti in their hair" I said with a shrug of the shoulders. Raegan laughing and hugging me from behind as Carolyn rolled her eyes. "It really just happened."

"Well at least you can't knock her up" Carolyn said as I blushed and Raegan again laughed.

"I dunno Mom she's pretty talented" Raegan said as I looked at her in disbelief. "Wanna go to my room and fool around?"

"OHMIGOD, Raegan you're dead" I said as she laughed and refused to let me go as I tried to pull away.

"Chill, joke" Raegan said. "Mom knows I'm not a virgin and don't make a big deal about it as long as I don't have a bun in the oven."

"Do you two mind cleaning this mess up and taking a shower?" Carolyn asked. "You smell like pudding and well, you know."

"Gotcha Mom" Raegan said with a salute as Carolyn rolled her eyes and headed off to bed. Raegan suggested we shower first, her and then me, and she let me borrow some of her Pajama's while mine and her clothes washed and dried. A long silence developing as we cleaned the kitchen and neither of us seemingly wanting to talk about this kiss that had happened. Not sure how she was feeling but the longer the silence went on the more guilty I got about Mickie and well just everything that had happened. I also had to wonder what was up with my so-called 'straight' friend who just kissed me like she liked it. Anyway, we finally got the kitchen cleaned and I had just sat down at the counter when she went to get some soda's and realized they where out. "You mind running to the store with me? Mom will freak if she don't have Coke in the morning."

"Sure" I said as she grabbed her car keys. The short drive to the store being again in silence. She pulled up in front of the 7-11 at the end of my block and got ready to go in when I touched her hand and stopped her. "About this kiss..."

"I know, girlfriend, never happened?"

"The problem is it did" I said as I squeezed her hand for a moment and she smiled. Me spotting a car off in the distance that looked just like Jessie's pink 'VW Bug'. Thinking for a moment how crazy it would be to run into her here I pushed that thought from my mind and tried to go on, "I really like..."

"What?" Raegan asked as I trailed off and saw to my shock that it was Jessie, with Laney to boot. They pulled into a spot right next to a car that looked exactly like Mickie's from behind. I pointed as she looked and we both got out. Laney seeing me and smiling in surprise as she met me with a hug by the front of the car.

"What are you doing here?" Laney asked.

"Raegan, you remember Laney?" I asked as Raegan smiled and nodded. Jessie joining us, "And that is her girl toy Jessie. Mickie's cousin."

"Hi" Raegan said nervously.

"We needed soda for her mom"

"My Aunt needed some medicine" Jessie offered.

"Mickie home?" I asked.

"Their not back yet" Jessie said as Laney looked worried. "That airport is a mad house."

"Hey we better get that stuff...you know" Laney said as Jessie nodded and before I knew what was going on they headed inside the store.

"I'm gonna get grab the soda and we'll head back...unless you wanna go with them?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I kissed you back didn't I?" She asked as I smiled and blushed a bit. She returned that smile as she turned too and walked inside the store to get the soda and I stood there for a long moment and just smiled to myself. Not able to believe I was feeling this good and knowing it was wrong. But not wanting to feel the bad stuff in that moment. A large Van pulling up beside me and I could hear some seriously loud music pumping out of the stereo, so loud it hurt my ears and forced me onto the sidewalk in front of the store. A handsome hunk of a man strolling out the door and smiling as he saw me. He rivaled Alex for pure sexual appeal I noted as he came over and I noticed the muscles on his arms for the first time.


"Hi yourself" I said with a flirty grin.

"You live around here?" He asked.

"Right down the block" I said as I pointed.

"And what is a pretty little thing like you doing out all by herself?"

"I'm not so little" I offered. "I'm fine."

"Sure you don't want me to walk you home?" He offered just as Raegan came back out the door and stopped and listened for a moment. "I don't mind, I just got back from Iraq and would love the company."

"Sorry I'm not that kinda girl" I said as I started to walk away when he grabbed the sleeve of my shirt.

"No one said anything about that..."

"Excuse me?" Raegan asked as she came up behind us and I jerked my shirt sleeve away from the guy. She sat the soda on the hood of the car and looked back at him. "Something wrong?"

"Innocent flirting with your friend" He said.

"Whatever" I said as Raegan slipped her arms around me from behind. The bell on the door ringing and signaling the exit of another customer as Raegan rested her chin on my shoulder.

"You're flirting with my girl, as in girlfriend?" Raegan asked as I tried to act casual and just about jumped out of my skin when I heard an all too familiar voice ask in shock, "You're who's girlfriend?"

"I'm hers..." I said and turned to see a stunned Mickie standing by Raegan's car. And of course don't you just know that Marty would have to be there as well and she was. "Oh fuck, Mickie I can explain."

"This should be an Oscar winning performance" Marty said as she looked directly at me.

"He was flirting and suggested I go home with him or something and I got nervous" I said.

"Fuck you Seth" Marty said to the guy and I realized that must have been her brother that I was flirting with. Shit. "Every piece of ass in your site is fair game."

"She sure was interested until her girlfriend showed up" Seth said in reply.

"I was not, and she's not my girlfriend, she is" I said as I first pointed to Raegan and then back to Mickie. Raegan moving away nervously. "Things are so screwed up."

"Why?" Mickie asked.

"My mother's trying to make me straight by brainwashing me, you're always with her..." I said as I pointed to Marty, "And I have no idea what in the fuck is going on anymore."

"I thought you understood about me and Marty?"

"She doesn't she's just jealous and can't have her little Mickie Mick twenty fours a day and she's mad" Marty said as I glared at her.

"Fuck you drug addict" I fired back at Marty.

"Fuck you too butt whore" Marty said. "Mickie told me what you did with those two girls, that's sick."

"You did what?" I asked Mickie.

"That was in confidence" Mickie said in shock to Marty. "You admitted some pretty bad stuff too."

"She called me a drug addict" Marty said. "Why the fuck you gotta tell her about that?"

"What's your drug of choice Marty, coke?" I asked as she glared at me.

"WHORE" Marty fired back as she came around the front of the car. Raegan pulling me back behind her and to my shock as Marty was stopped by Seth. "Let me go, I wanna show her what I think of her."

"Stop, god I am so done with this drama" Mickie said to Marty. "You are the biggest troublemaker I've ever met. That is my girlfriend..."

"You love me, tell me you don't" Marty said as she cut Mickie off. "You're whore back there is running around with the school's rape victim huh slut?"

"Marty, ohmigod, what the fuck?" Mickie asked as Raegan turned and tried to push past me.

"Wait, please, you were raped?" I asked as I stopped Raegan.

"My ex got tired of waiting and tried too" Raegan said as she looked down. "I got away before he could."

"I'm so sorry" I said as I hugged her.

"Will you look at that Mickie, open your eyes and see what's happening" Marty said as she moved in front of Mickie. "I'm telling you she doesn't love you, I do."

"Shut...up" Mickie said with tears in her eyes as she looked to me and Raegan as we parted.

"No, you got feelings for me and you wanna be with me" Marty said. "I'll bet she fucked that whore already."

"SHUT UP" Raegan screamed in a rage as she went after Marty. Meeting her at the front of the car as Marty realized she'd said to much and backed away a few feet before Raegan caught her and the punches began to fly as both girls swung wildly. Marty's hands sinking into Raegan's hair for a brief moment before Raegan landed a staggering punch right under the chin and sent Mickie's mouthy EX to the concrete with a thud. Marty's head smacking the pavement as Seth ran to get between them finally. Marty crying in sobs as she laid on her side now and held her head. "You don't call her that again. I dare you too BITCH."

"Stop, stop" Seth said as he blocked Raegan from going after Marty again with a hand on her stomach. Holding her long enough till I could grab her in a bear hug and pull her away. Mickie moving past Seth and to Marty's side. "You OK sis?"

"I banged my head pretty hard" Marty said and then looking to Mickie with pleading in her eyes she asked, "Help me up, you're the only thing in my life that don't suck."

"I can't love you, not anymore" Mickie said as she helped Marty to her feet and I watched in shock, not believing what I was seeing as Marty kissed my girlfriend. Mickie pushing her away and looking torn as to what she should do. "Stop, I told you..."

"You're my soul mate Mickie, me and you that night in the canyon? You remember?" Marty asked. "We made love all night long."

"I was drunk..." Mickie offered as her only defense. She seemed to be as shocked as me.

"Virgin" I said as Mickie looked at me in shock. "You said...you took my...YOU LYING WHORE."

"Oh god" Mickie said as tears streamed down her face. "It was a mistake, you remember that night at the dance? You said you were and I just let you think I was too. I don't remember anything about that night in the canyon."

"You said me too" I said as I got in her face. "YOU SAID ME TOO. You stole my virginity you god damn whore."

"It wasn't like that, I am in love with you" Mickie said. "I couldn't tell you after that. I don't remember anything about that night in the canyon."

"That dream I had was true" I said and thinking back to the vivid dream I had just after the first time we made love in Maria's bed. Shortly after is the moment though that stuck out in my mind. Standing by the window and her confirming that she was indeed a virgin. My tears came harder down my cheeks as I felt my heart shatter into pieces and prayed that any moment I would simply wake up, again, and realize this all was a horrible dream. But this time it wasn't.

"I kissed Raegan" I said as I wiped my tears away. "More like we made out."

"OK" Mickie said. "Can we fix this?"

"You want that conniving little whore over there you can have her" I said as I turned my back on Mickie and asked Raegan, "You wanna kiss me again?"


"I said...you wanna kiss me again?" I asked and Raegan never flinched as I pressed my lips to hers. She smiled as we parted. "Can we please go?"

"Taylor please don't go, I'm sorry" Mickie said as I flipped her the bird and got in the passengers side of Raegan's car as she dropped the soda in the backseat and we drove off a moment later.

                                                ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I heard the screaming from inside and made it outside just as Taylor and her new friend Raegan pulled out. I saw Mickie standing there like she had lost her best friend. Marty coming around in front of her as a white Cadillac CTS pulled up in front of the two of them, Marty saying something to Mickie as the door to the Cadillac swung open and out popped a white dude dressed like he was going to a Halloween party and some black dude with sagging jeans on. Jessie came out of the door with the bag of Medicine as the shit hit the fan and I pulled her down with me in front of a large van.

"You got my money bitch?" The Black guy asked.

"Cripe, this is not a good time, my friend, my ex-girlfriend just..."

"Look whore I told you 24 hours" Cripe said as Seth stepped into his path. Jessie had told me a few days before about a lot of the Mickie and Marty stuff and one of those stories involved Seth.

"Look you need to learn to watch that mouth before I make you the greasy spot in the parking lot" Seth said to Cripe. "You don't talk to a lady that way?"

"Fuck you nut sack sucker" Cripe's friend said as he shook his crotch at Seth.

"Sean you pussy, he's gonna hurt you if you don't shut up" Marty said to the guy.

"Skank, my boy said he wants his money" Sean said.

"He's got it" Marty said as she pointed to Seth. "One thousand dollars, he's got it and I can get it for you right now, just I have to get to an ATM."

"His broke down ass ain't got no money" Sean said as he and Cripe smacked a high five and laughed. Seth breaking away from Marty and grabbing Sean by the neck and pinning him against the car and saying, "Keep running your mouth and I'll make you my next casualty bitch."

"Fuck you bitch..." Cripe said as he pulled a gun and pointed it at Seth.

"OHMIGOD, PLEASE NO" Marty screamed in a panicked voice as Mickie rushed her from behind and tackled her onto the grass and covered Marty's body with her own to protect her. Providing Seth with a momentary distraction as he kneed Sean in the balls and left him crumpling to the ground, screaming in pain and rushed Cripe. Grabbing his wrist and forcing Cripe's arm into the air as the gun went off once and then again as the struggle ensued and we moved to the other side of the van and watched just as Cripe and Seth crashed into the car. In the midst of the struggle the gun had somehow gotten between them and suddenly one last gun shot sounded and both guys looked at the other in complete shock with a wide eyed stare of death. Seth falling to the ground limp as Cripe looked on. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..."