Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 23 "Arresting Developments"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

What a horrible night. A night like this makes you feel like it's not worth loving someone so completely and honestly. Taylor I mean. She kissed Raegan, she kissed her in front of me and it sure looked like it wasn't the first time. Anyway, on top of all of that, Seth, Marty's big brother, gets involved (yet again) in a mess created by Marty and this time it might cost him his life. I'm waiting to hear something now. Course with Taylor on my mind, back comes the little announcement that Marty had dropped on me earlier, the one about her and me making love in the canyon over a year ago. I honestly thought something might have happened that night but I was way to plowed to remember.

So here I am searching my memory in vain sitting in the waiting area for the emergency room searching my brain for the last hour trying desperately to remember anything about that night. I'm not even sure it happened, I'm hoping it didn't, but she said it did and I was drunk so who really knows. She'd certainly never mentioned it before now. But with her family drama that started the very next day we never really got a chance to talk about much of anything before she was gone.

"Why can't I remember?" I said aloud and drew the look of an older gentleman sitting across from me. "Sorry."

"It's OK, we all talk to ourselves from time to time" He said. "My wife is in now and I'm not sure she's gonna make it."

"I'm sorry" I said. "My ex-girlfriend's brother was shot...I mean..."

"Ex-girlfriend who's still very important to you it seems" He said.

"She's a troublemaking little drug dealer" I spat in anger. "She just cost me my girlfriend, my new girlfriend..."

"So she wanted you back?"

"But all I was trying to do was help and she draws me back into her web" I said. "See I'm in love with this new girl and she means everything to me but my ex, Marty, just has a way of worming her way back into my life. It's so complicated."

"Jameson McGee?" Doctor Greenley said as he emerged from the big steel door leading to the examination room. Jameson being the man I had just struck up a conversation with.

"Yes Doctor" Jameson said as he stood.

"Your wife is OK" He said as Jameson smiled and looked up towards the sky.

"Thank you lord" He said softly and then turning to me and saying, "I hope your friend and you can work out your problems."

"Thanks" I said as I stood as he and Dr. Greenley left. I was just about to stop the Doctor when Marty came back out through the same door. "Well?"

"Their taking him into surgery right now" Marty said as she almost knocked me down with a hug. "Doctor said he was strong and he'd probably make it but he couldn't swear it."

"OK" I said in shock. "You OK?"

"You asking me that makes me a lot better" She said with a heart melting grin and leaned in to kiss me.

"Whoa, what was that?" I asked as I backed away and she groaned.

"A kiss, what we used to do for hours on end?" She asked.

"I have a girlfriend"

"Oh god you are so thick, she kissed another girl right in front of you or didn't you notice that?" Marty asked as I replayed that horrible scene in my mind.

"After you let out the fact that we slept together" I said.

"What you think she wasn't gonna find out?" Marty asked.

"She wouldn't have cause I don't remember it" I said. "As a matter of fact this is the first I've heard of it. If I was so good at making love to you why didn't we do it again?"

"Cause my family moved?" She asked. Which happened literally two days after the whole canyon incident.

"I don't remember it" I said softly, "None of it."

"Yeh there's a good reason why..." She said before I cut her off.

"Besides you're on drugs again and I am not dealing with that" I said. "I just hope Taylor will forgive me."

"She kissed another girl you brick head" Marty demanded. "That whore slash rape victim Raegan? I told you she was trouble and you wouldn't listen to me."

"You are so cruel sometimes" I said as I looked at her.

"OK that was over the line" She said. "But I love you."

"I can't deal with this right now" I said. "You come back into my life just as I'm finally in love with another girl, a great girl, she's everything I've ever wanted. And she loved me..."

"Raegan Kirkpatrick" Marty said simply.

"She got close to her because of you" I said as my anger rose. "You distracted me and did everything you could to keep us apart. And now, on top of all of that, you almost got me killed."

"You love me..."

"Screw you" I hissed as I balled my fingers into fists and wanted in that moment to hit her. "You've done everything you can to destroy my life. You're a druggie, I hate drugs."

"OK, I need rehab?" She asked. "I'll go and if you help me I can change."

"You are not my girlfriend anymore" I said. "And this whole desperate act is getting old. I'm sick of you playing me."

"OK, I am desperate, I've loved you ever since I left town and I would do just about anything to get you back" She admitted. Which for some reason sent a weird horrible chill up my back.

"Desperate enough to lie?" I asked softly.

"Yeh" She said as she covered her face and did the one thing she thought would break my bad mood, she cried.

"What did you lie about?" I asked. "You didn't really move to Toronto, you really been in jail?"

"Juvenile hall" She said as I looked at her in disbelief, "My parents are back in Toronto, the court said I had two chooses, leave the country or go to prison."


"Yeh I got into some pretty bad stuff" She admitted.

"Then where you been living since you got out?" I asked.

"Friends, Cripe's place for a few nights" She said prompting my lip to drop in shock. "I know, That's how I ended up getting into trouble. I started doing drugs again when I stayed there."

"God I am so stupid" I said as I slid my fingers into my hair and clinched them to fists in frustration. "I should have known, you acted all weird every time I mentioned your parents, you seemed loaded every time I saw you. Did you sleep with him too?"

"Once" Came her stunning reply.

"You are evil" I hissed as my tears now poured down my face. "I wish you'd never come back to Cleveland now, you destroyed my relationship with Taylor, you did that."

"She kissed Raegan because she wanted too not because of me" Marty fired back. "She's probably been fucking that whore all along but you were two stupid and naive to know that."

"Not...Taylor..." I stammered as I cried harder and wanted so bad to see Taylor it hurt. Marty, as per her usual, knowing she'd inflicted the damage that she intended, tried to hug me. I pushed her away roughly and sent her tumbling to the floor. "I am done with you. Don't call me, don't write me, just please leave me alone."

"No, no, I need you so bad" Marty cried as I walked out of the waiting room and through the automatic doors into the parking lot. I heard the click-clack of her foot steps as she chased me and figured she'd no doubt catch me. But as I reached my car, a rain begin to drizzle down and then just as suddenly the heavens opened up. "WAIT..."

"GO AWAY...I HATE YOU" I screamed as I pounded my fists on the hood of my car. "GO TO..."

"We didn't sleep together that night in the canyon" She said as she arrived at the other side of the car. Both of us getting slowly drenched.

"What?" I asked as the numb set in. "Please tell me you're playing some cruel joke."

"I had to get you away from Taylor before she broke your heart so I lied" Marty said. "She loves Raegan now not you."

"That's why I couldn't remember huh?" I asked as the tears and rain dripped down my cheeks.

"Please don't go"

"Answer me" I growled.

"I lied"

"Bye Marty" I said as I calmly turned my back on her now very vocal protest and willed myself to leave her. I did, leaving her standing in the rain crying as I looked out my rear view window for a long moment and couldn't honestly believe that I had the courage to do that. I didn't know what I was gonna do but I knew where I was headed and that was Taylor's place, for better or worse. And no Marty was not out of my life, at least not yet.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

If I knew what was gonna come when I first excepted Mickie's invite to that dance I think I'd have just turned her down and pretended to be straight a little while longer. Because let's face it, all this crap would never have happened if I hadn't gone out with her in the first place. Mom would still love me and Dad would still love Mom. This is seriously all my fault. At least that's what kept replaying in my mind over and over for the two hours I sat in the window seat in Raegan's living room crying into my hands. Somehow I had gotten a couple of hours sleep after we got back from the store and the horrible scene in front of the 7-11. The sun had just rose when Raegan came staggering out of her bedroom looking like a zombie and barely dressed.

"Wondering where you went" She said softly as she stopped at the door to her bedroom. "Crying?"

"No" I lied as she laughed.

"You just better be glad I'm not your girlfriend yet" Raegan said as I looked up at her. "Cause lying is not good."

"Sorry, crying yes" I said and looking away to keep my eyes from undressing her any further.

"I make you cry?" She asked as she sat down in the chair a couple of feet away.

"No, yes, it's just this whole thing with Marty and Mickie and then me and you and my Mom and..." I said as I lost my breath and felt my chest tighten up and the room began to spin for a moment. My heart raced and ears started ringing and I swear I thought I was gonna die for a moment there. I closed my eyes and prayed it would all go away. Suddenly I felt myself wrapped in a pair of arms and heard a voice whisper in my ear, "Taylor, talk to me, what's wrong? Taylor...Taylor...come on..."

"Huh? I'm OK" I said absentmindedly. The horrible sensations of the moments past fading slowly as I realized I was in Raegan's arms. I looked back at her as she pulled me tight in her arms and tried to, I know, make me feel safe. I took a deep breath. Her soothing my hair and caressing my cheek softly as I relaxed into her embrace and cried again. "I'm sorry for all of this."

"Me too, my fault too" I said in between sobs. A half hour or so passing as I cried and not a word was spoken as I tried in vain to calm down and get my emotions under control. "I need to head home and deal with Mom."

"You're not going alone"

"I'm not?" I asked as I felt Raegan slide out from behind me and stand. Her beautiful body again catching my eyes as I smiled and she obviously knew I was looking.

"Try not to drool Taylor" Raegan said with a smirk. Prompting me to snap my eyes away and blush a deep crimson.

"I was not drooling" I said as she laughed.

"I'm hot huh?" She asked as she turned her back to me and rubbed her butt against my shoulder and laughed when I pushed her away. "MMMMMM baby get rough with me."

"Shut up..." I said as I stood and saw that smug victorious 'I got her good' smile. "You are not funny."

"Yes I am" She giggled. "You're the one gawking, drooling and undressing me with your eyes."

"I was not, god" I said in protest as she laughed.

"Want me to take a little more off?" She asked as she pushed my shoulder playfully.

"I see the lesbians are up early" Carolyn said as she appeared at the door to her bedroom with a smile. Me pushing Raegan back in protest as she turned to see her Mom.

"Bite me Carolyn" Raegan fired at her Mom, "I'm not a lesbian."

"Oh really?" I asked and sensing my opportunity to get a little payback, "Who was the one who shoved her tongue into my mouth last night? Why I do believe it was you my friend."

"Good point" Carolyn giggled as Raegan turned to me with a 'you'll pay for that' stare.

"Well you didn't seem to mind too much lesbo" Raegan fired back as she pushed me again and we started wrestling and trying to trip each other as Carolyn laughed.

"And I'm not the one trying to deny I'm a lesbian slut" I said in a fit of furious attempts to trip each other. Raegan stopping and looking at me in shock as her hands found their way into mine absentmindedly.

"I am not a slut" She said. "But you, hello, Maria and Lynsey?"

"Oh god" I said as I blushed and she laughed. "OK, so I'm the slut."

"Tell me something daughter of mine" Carolyn said as we both looked back at her. "If Taylor is a slut, why are you dressed in as little as humanly possible? You must wanna be her next conquest, huh?"

"Yeh try and explain that cause you knew all along that I liked girls and well you are barely dressed" I said as Raegan glared at me, "Me thinks you wanted me to notice."

"And maybe show her a few things" Carolyn said as Raegan gasped in shock at her Mom's boldness. I fell back on the window seat laughing out loud at that one as Carolyn flipped her daughter the bird and laughed herself as she walked off into the kitchen.

"YOU NEED TO GET LAID" Raegan screamed after her Mom. Me laughing again.

"SO DO YOU" Carolyn screamed back. My sides hurting as Raegan turned back to me and tried to hide a smile.

"Well shall we get to it?" I asked as Raegan looked at me now in confusion.

"To what?"

"Your laying" I said as she laughed and blushed.

"Fine pick on me all you want" She said with a pooched lip. "I was only trying to make you feel better."

"You actually did" I said as I looked up at her as she smiled shyly and moved in front of me. God she's beautiful. She nervously caressed my cheek for a long moment as I rose back to my feet and both of us smiled and we moved closer. "I feel a lot better."

"Good" She said softly as she leaned in and kissed my lips softly for a long perfect moment. I smiled as did she when our eyes met again. My forehead touching hers as she again caressed my cheek. "Lesbo."

"Lesbo's girlfriend" I said as she laughed and surprised me with another kiss.

"EWWWWWWWWW gross" Carolyn said as she appeared at the door to the kitchen.

"Grow up old lady" Raegan said as she turned to her Mom.

"Hey I am very grown up, but it's still gross to see two girls kiss" Carolyn said. "But I'll deal with it."

"More than my Mom ever did" I said with a long tired exhale of breath.

"Some people are so stupid" Carolyn said as she sipped her coffee. "They think because of some vague reference in a book written thousands of years ago that it justifies pure hate for someone else."

"Yeh" I said as I hugged Raegan from behind. My heart racing as she smiled at me. "I got the bruises to prove my Mom hates me."

"Won't happen again" Raegan said. "See what happens when she plays Xena homephobe warrior with me there, I'll be the krytonite to her Superman."

"Raegan Kelly Kirkpatrick you are not gonna start a fight" Carolyn said. "There are plenty of other ways to handle a situation of this kind. Did your Mom really hit you Taylor?"

"Smacked my brains" I said honestly. "Wanted me to talk to those brainwashing freaks from the church on the corner."

"She's got a big lump on her head and look at her lip" Raegan said.

"I am" Carolyn said as she inspected my lip closely and saw that the swelling had mostly gone down. "Tell me one more time, she hit you?"

"Yes I swear she did" I said as Carolyn touched my face and kissed my cheek.

"You're safe here and you can stay here as long as you want" Carolyn said. I smiled but felt confused as all hell as I watched her turn and pick up the phone and dial a number. Oh boy...

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Please be home" I said as I got out of my car in front of Taylor's house. Seeing her bedroom light was out, my heart sank thinking she wasn't up yet. I had to see her regardless of the confrontation that it might involve and explain to her about what happened. So I ran to the door and pounded on it, determined to get someone to answer the damn thing. After only a few seconds the lights came on and my heart nearly stopped when I saw Viera poke her head out and give me a shocked look.

"Mickie? What are you doing here at this hour?" She asked.

"I need to see Taylor and I won't take no for an answer and if you wanna fight fine" I said as I pushed my way into the entrance hall.

"Taylor's not here" Viera said.

"Right" I said as I marched past her and was shocked when she didn't try and stop me. She simply followed me as I climbed the steps and found Taylor's bedroom open and her bed looking like it had just been slept in. But she was nowhere to be seen. "TAYLOR!"

"She's not here" Viera said. "We had another confrontation and she left. This was even worse than the time that I invoked the death of Laney's parents."

"How?" I asked.

"I wanted her to talk to some people from the church down the street and she refused to even give it a chance" Viera said. "So we both said some things and she spit in my face. I smacked her in return."

"Why are you so mean?" I asked. "You hated me without ever giving me a chance."

"I didn't hate you..."

"Yes you did, hate" I repeated. "Because by some stroke of luck I won Taylor's heart and you lost control and couldn't handle it. Well good news now it's probably over because she thinks I lied to her and took something from her that was precious. She's into another girl anyway I think and my drug dealing lying whore of an ex destroyed anything I had with her. SO FUCK YOU."

"I had no idea" Viera said. "I don't even know what's going on in her life anymore."

"Like I care what you think" I said, "Where is she?"

"I don't know, she disappeared and I can't reach her on the phone" Viera said. "Last time she talked to me she played this cruel joke making me think she killed herself. Richard called and informed me it was a prank."

"Look you psycho, I am this close to losing my mind" I said as I pounded my fists into the door and turned to her. "I've been lied on, cheated on, shit on, screwed over and royally fucked tonight and I swear the only thing thats keeping me sane is the thought that Taylor might understand if I can just explain to her. Now you better tell me."

"Mickie, honest to god I have no idea" Viera said. "Richard refused to tell me."

"I hate you" I said as my tears began pouring again. A loud knocking coming at the still opened door downstairs. Both of us looking in shock as several police officers and a kindly looking older lady stepped into the front hall.

"Can I help you?" Viera asked as she came down the stairs and I followed a few steps behind.

"I'm Officer Keith and this is my partner Officer Adkins" He said. "Do you have a daughter named Taylor Raynewater?"

"Yes, ohmigod please tell me she's not hurt" Viera said in a panic as Officer Keith produced a pair of handcuffs from his side holster and replied, "No, she's fine. Are you Viera Raynewater?"


"You're under arrest, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..." Officer Adkins said as Officer Keith turned Viera around and slipped the handcuffs on her.  

"What? Huh? For what?" Viera asked in a panic as I watched in complete shock.

"Does striking your child in the face with an open hand appeal to you?" The Older Lady asked.

"Taylor called you?" Viera asked as I smiled despite myself. "She told you I hit her?"

"She informed us of your striking her yes"

"She spit in my face" Viera demanded.

"Well my name is Maryla Dennis and I am with Social Services of Cleveland, are there any other children in the house other than this young lady?" She asked as she pointed to me.

"I don't live here I was just looking for Taylor" I said.

"No it's just me" Viera finally said.

"Miss Raynewater, please come with me" Officer Keith said as he lead her away and down the front steps. This night cannot possibly get any weirder or more heartbreaking. Marty destroyed my life and helped break my heart, Seth (a nice guy) was shot and may die and now the girl I love is god knows where and I can't get to her. I just wish I could wake up from all of this and it would be a horrible, horrible nightmare. But it's not and that's the hardest part to take.

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