Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 24 "Things Change"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You were out all night and your mother and I are just supposed to think everything is OK?" My Dad Michael asked as I sat at the kitchen table. I had gotten home sometime after 7:00 a.m. and to say I was a mental wreck is a severe understatement. Unfortunately for me, Dad and Mom were just about to leave for work and caught me coming in. He wasn't happy, hell neither was she. Thankfully Laney and Jessie knew when the getting was good and got out before the sheet hit the fan. Anyway, Mom and Dad at least let me explain about the insane drama that surrounded my all night adventure around Greater Cleveland. Leaving out the part about Taylor and that whore Raegan, anyway...

"This Marty girl has been bad news since day one and I am demanding now that you don't see her anymore" Laila (Mom) said.

"You think I don't know that?" I asked. "I cut my ties with her at the hospital. I never wanna see her again."

"That's some good news" Dad said. "Maybe now you can get back to dating Taylor, who by the way we both really like."

"It's over with Taylor" I said bluntly. "She met someone else and last night Marty lied about me and her, Taylor believed her. It's really confusing."

"When did this happen?" Mom asked.

"She started hanging out with this Raegan girl when I got sidetracked by Marty's crap and last night Marty told her that we slept together" I said. "I didn't find out till later that Marty lied."

"Lied?" Mom asked.

"Marty said we slept together one night when I got drunk with her down in the canyon" I said as Mom looked at me in disbelieve. "I know, I shouldn't be drinking."

"You're damn right, you are sixteen years old and that Marty Saybrook..." Mom said before trailing off and walking out of the room before she said something a lot more hurtful.

"Marty Saybrook is not welcome in this house anymore, period" Dad said as I nodded. "You hear me, and I wanna hear you say, Yes Dad."

"Yesss, Dad" I replied. "I told you I walked out on her at the hospital."

"And I don't even wanna know if you're sexually active" Dad said. "But I pray you're not."

"Dad, I'm not a slut, I've only been with 10 girls or so" I said and trying not to break a smile. "And like 5 guys. That's all."

"10 girls and 5 guys..." Dad said in shock before realizing I was yanking his chain good and groaned as I laughed. "Mikala, just for that you are grounded."

"Kidding" I said as I laughed. "Are we cool?"

"Yeh, I'll talk to your Mom and calm her down" Dad said. "You got school."

"Can I please get some sleep before that?" I asked. "I'll go in at noon?"

"Bed" He said as he pointed.

"Thanks" I said as I hugged him and headed off to bed. Surprisingly I slept pretty well.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hello?" I asked after picking up my phone and letting it ring a few times while I struggled to fish it out my book bag. Not being helped by Raegan's swerving in and out of traffic in her Mustang as we zoomed to school.

"Taylor?" Dad asked, Richard that is.

"Yeh Dad, what's up? Something wrong?"

"Did you have your mother arrested?" Dad asked pointedly.

"No, I didn't, my friend Raegan's Mom called on her" I said honestly. "Dad I wouldn't have done that. She called before I could stop her."

"Don't worry about it" Dad said. "This is the wake up call I'm hoping that wife of mine needed. I'm at the airport and I'll be home in a while. You're on your way to school I hope?"

"Yeh I'm riding with Raegan" I said.

"Huh?" Dad asked in total confusion. "Who is Raegan and where's Mickie?"

"Raegan is a friend from school..." I said as we stopped at the red light that marked the last turn on the way to school. Raegan looking at me and making a goofy face, forcing me to laugh. "...Dad I'll explain everything when I get home this afternoon OK?"

"OK, I called Laney and she's fine" Dad said. "I'll see you when you get home this afternoon, OK?"

"Course" I said as if it were a silly question.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"LYNSEY YOU ARE A PIG" Maria screamed from her bedroom. No doubt seeing the pile of dirty clothes in the bathroom, both mine and hers, that I was supposed to wash last night but never got around too. I snatched a morning snack from the fridge, one of those yoplait yogurt packs, and settled in at the counter in the kitchen and waited for her to come out. She emerged, on cue, from the bedroom with her 'I'm a bitch, deal with it' shirt in her hand, the ketchup stain still on the sleeve. "What is this?"

"It's a t-shirt" I said as she glared at me. "Didn't you know that?"

"GRRRRRR" She growled at me. "This stain will never come out now and this is one of my favorite t-shirts. Now I'll look like I missed my mouth when I wear it cause everyone is gonna see this stupid stain."

"So? Everything I own is stained" I said with a shrug.

"Yeh I'm not a slob who sniffs her undies to see if they are good for another day" Maria fired back as I smiled and offered no denial. "I like clean clothes and shirts with no stains."

"Then don't spill ketchup on yourself anymore" I said in reply.

"Fuck you" She boomed at me and fired the shirt into my face. Knocking the yogurt out of my hands and to the floor.

"OK, geez Maria, OK I'll wash it right now" I said and knowing now she was on the verge of exploding.

"You promised me that last night, now I gotta go to school looking like a bum from under the bridge."

"So do I"

"You always dress like that" She said. That one seriously hurt. "You could care less."

"Well if I'm so embarrassing maybe you don't wanna be seen with me anymore" I said as I walked out of the kitchen and was immediately met by Maria. Blocking my entrance to the living room.

"I'm sorry" She said simply.

"OK, fine" I said as I tried to push past her and found her arms around my waist tightly. Her stopping me in front of the floor mirror to the side of the bathroom door. "Let me go."

"Nooo, I'm seriously sorry" She said. "Listen?"

"I don't wanna listen you said...oh boy" I said in protest and begin to melt as she kissed the back of my neck, just below my ear. The perfect spot for me and ohmigod it's insane how easy it is for her to make me want her. Even through hurt feelings. "Listen?"

"OK" I said as she looked at me in the mirror.

"I love you" She said simply. "But I can't live with you and have to do everything for both of us."

"You don't..."

"Yes I do" She said firmly. "I cook, clean and pick up after you constantly."

"Well I'm sorry I'm so much trouble"

"I don't mind most of the time" She said softly. "I don't."


"But last night I spent all night with Mom and her battle for sanity and all I asked was you do the laundry" She said as it dawned on me that she was completely right. She had spent four or five hours shopping with her mother and that is not a vacation, let me tell you. Why I stayed home. And I had neglected to do the one thing she asked. I didn't even fix her any dinner when I fixed mine, nor did I do the dishes. God I'm so thick, my Mom was right I am a serious good for nothing.

"I feel so terrible" I said as I looked down.

"Good" Maria said as she moved in front of me. Looking up in shock at her last comment, I was met by a kiss. "Maybe that will remind next time and you'll actually help me a little."

"If you run me off I don't have anywhere to go..."

"I know that and I took on that responsibility when you moved in" She said softly and cupping both of her hands around the back of my neck. "But Lyns I can't do it all myself."

"OK, laundry after school" I said as she smiled. "And dinner when you get home."

"I'll believe that when I see it" She said as she kissed me and wrapped me once again in her arms. For once in my life I was determined to do what I said I was gonna do.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"MMMMMMMMM kissing you gets better every time I think" Jessie said with a huge grin on her face as we stood just inside the school's side doors under the steps.

"Feels better every time doing something else too, huh?" I asked as Jessie blushed and nodded as we both smiled.

"Not fair cause you got first period open and I don't or we could...you know" Jessie said as she picked up her bag and kissed me. "Would you like that?"

"Bell" I said as I pointed and she groaned. Kissing me again and saying, "Hey y'all."

"Hey y'all" I said as she turned and ran off towards class. Enjoying the sight of her running away just as the slamming of the double doors leading to the parking lot made me look back and I saw Taylor coming in. She chatted for a minute or so with her friend Raegan and both looked around nervously for a moment and sure acted like they wanted to kiss. Which seriously confused the hell out of me. What was even more confusing is where Mickie was and why Raegan was giving Taylor a ride. Finally Raegan touched Taylor's hand and walked off, disappearing into the crowd.

"Hey" I said as I emerged from behind the steps and that was the first time I saw her slightly swollen lip.

"Hey" Taylor said with a bright smile as she literally ran over and hugged me. I don't know what it was in that moment but it just felt natural as I hugged her back. "We need to talk big time."

"What happened last night?" I asked and listened in shock, anger and a number of other emotions as she relayed the events leading to her and Mickie's 'break up', the Raegan food fight in the kitchen, Viera's hypocrite brainwashing attempt and finally Raegan's mother calling the cops on Viera's ass. She so deserved a lot worse. By the time she had finished with the story, Taylor that is, we were both sitting indian style on the floor, crying. I don't how it's possible but I can actually feel her pain and it's intense at this moment. But all I knew to do was hold her hand and try and make her feel better. "So you and Raegan...?"

"Kissed and I don't know where it's going so can we just suspend that convo until I know more?" She asked.

"That's a lot for 24 hours" I said, purposely trying to change the subject.

"Duh ya think?" She giggled as I gently wiped away a single tear from her cheek.

"So you haven't talked to Mickie?"

"I don't want too, she used me like a whore" Taylor said.

"No that would be Maria and Lynsey" I said with a smirk as she dropped her lip in shock and then smacked my arm. "Ouch, that hurt."

"It was supposed to" She said as she flipped me off. "You just wish they wanted you instead of me."

"MMMMMMM Tay Tay" I said in a light moan as she blushed and I laughed. "If there was no Jessie, I don't think I'd turn them down."

"Don't blame you" Taylor said and then whispering as we touched foreheads, "MMMMMMM so good."

"Maria had both of you?" I asked quietly and glancing to make sure the coast was clear.

"Uh huh, 69 both times" Taylor said as my pussy started to think for me. "Stop, you gonna get me in trouble."

"Oh come on baby" Taylor giggled as she stroked my partially bare thigh and gave me a goofy grin. I laughed and groaned when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked after fishing it out of my pocket, Taylor and I rising to our feet.

"Miss Elaine is it?" The Voice asked and I knew instantly it was Grandpa's Hal's chauffeur/personal assistant.

"Purvis you handsome thing, what's up?" I asked as he laughed softly but soon turned serious.

"Miss Laney your Grandpa has asked me to call and relay the news that he is gravely ill and is requesting that you return home" He said as my heart nearly stopped.

"How bad is it?" I asked as Taylor moved next to me and touched my arm to let me know she was there. "Tell me please Purvis I can deal."

"Miss it's his heart and he's not long for this world" Purvis said and suddenly with just those few words it seemed like my whole world was starting to crumble all over again. "Will you be able to make it back in time?"

"I'll be home tonight if I can get there" I said. "I'm bringing Taylor with me so can you get me two first class tickets?"

"Consider it done, and tell Miss Taylor I sure do miss her" Purvis said with a fondness in his voice. "Be good to see her again."

"You too, call me when you get it set up?" I asked. He agreed as we hung up.

"Grandpa Hal?" Taylor asked.

"Uh huh" I said as she hugged me. "So I'm going home with you?"

"Please, it's just for a few days" I asked. "I know I can't take Jessie, but it'll be good for you and me both to get away, especially you. We can get our school work and just do it at home for a few days and take care of Grandpa, he'd love to see you, and Purvis says he misses you..."

"Yesssssss" She said simply as I smiled and hugged her. Weird how things work out huh? Believe me this is seriously the beginning of a ride like you wouldn't believe.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Well I got up after a too brief nap and took a shower and got ready for school like I had promised Dad. Feeling like life was just not worth living but for some reason I had this feeling of hope. The drive to school was long and lonely without Taylor but I made it regardless. Pulling into a spot by the back gate and grabbing my book bag and getting out. A million things flying through my poor frazzled mind (Taylor, Marty, Seth's condition) and me paying no attention. All I heard was some girl squealing, what sounded like a skidding skateboard and suddenly an impact that slammed into me from behind.

"Ohhhh fuck" I groaned as I smashed into the car and heard a thud behind me. Holding my shoulder and more than ready for a fight with the clueless moron who crashed into me I turned. And saw a really hot looking skater chick.

"Damn if that didn't hurt" She said from the ground as she held her arm. "Sorry, you OK?"

"No, but it's not your fault" I said as I extended my hand to her and pulled her up. "What happened?"

"The guy who sold me that board lied to me about the breaks" She said as I rolled my eyes at the lame joke.

"Breaks on a skateboard?" I asked with a smile.

"Uh huh, about as useful as air breaks on a rooster" She said as I laughed and she grinned victoriously.

"Lame" I commented. "You need better material."

"Possibly" She said as she slammed her foot on the end of the board and flipped one end of it up to her. "Sorry about the whole crashing into you thing, I was trying to jump the curve and sorta missed."

"By a lot" I said as she laughed and shrugged. "It's not a big deal."

"You're Mickie James right?" She asked as I nodded. "Darcy Mulder."

"Mulder?" I asked, "Like Fox Mulder from the X-files?"

"I get that all the time" She said as I grinned. "I'm actually one of his adopted space alien babies."

"Yeh and I'm the current Women's Champ in the WWE" I said.

"Yeh right" She said with a smirk. "You're almost as famous though, Marty Saybrooks ex right?"


"Yeh I heard you guys broke up and now you're dating that Taylor girl from Arkansas?"

"Uh huh" I said and wondered for a long moment if this whole 'crashing into me' thing was an accident. "Don't get all paranoid, everyone knows, I was just confirming so as not to make a stupid comment."

"Anyway, Marty kinda broke me and Taylor up and I have no idea why I just told you that" I said as I covered my face and felt like crying.

"Apparently you could use someone to talk to" She said as she leaned against the car behind me and directly across from me. "Shoot, I got a free period."

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Lunch time finally rolled around and with no one in the cafeteria that I wanted to talk too, and no Raegan or Laney, I slipped outside and to my usual reading spot just out the side door leading to the parking lot. I guess I was just looking for 15 or 20 minutes of peace lost in a good book without having to dwell on the crap that had been going on in my life (and now with added jitters of returning home for the first time). But that all changed just as I looked up from taking my book (Ann Coulter once again) out of my bag and saw Mickie walking across the parking lot with a girl I vaguely recognized as Darcy. Her and Mickie laughing and chatting as they walked before Darcy hopped on her skateboard and rolled off in the other direction. Mickie stopping at the bottom of the steps leading to the doorway. Seeing me.

"Will you talk to me?" She asked. "Please?"

"Talk" I said bitterly.

"Marty lied" Mickie said as she rushed up the steps and dropped her bag beside of the bench.

"Sure she did"

"She wanted to break us up the whole time and I was right she was on drugs again" Mickie said as she sat down beside me. "She lied last night, she admitted it to me at the hospital just a few hours ago."

"At the hospital?"

"Seth, her brother, was shot by that thug Cripe and the cops showed up and it was just crazy" Mickie said. "It all happened after you left."

"Is he ok, are you?"

"I'm fine" I said. "Me and Marty seriously got into it at the hospital and she admitted all kinds of stuff and I left her. I came over to your house this morning and you were gone."

"Mom hit me..."

"She told me" Mickie said. "You know she was arrested for hitting you right?"

"Raegan's Mom found out about it and called child services" I said.

"You really like her don't you, Raegan?" Mickie asked.

"You took away my virginity" I fired back.

"She lied about that and I was drunk that night" Mickie said and you know what? I wanted so bad to believe her. "I love you and I will do whatever you want to make this better. I cut my ties with Marty and now it can be me and you again. Guess what, my Dad asked about you and him and Mom said they loved having you around."

"Why would she lie about something like that? Marty I mean"

"Because she's a evil little troll doll" Mickie said as I laughed. "She is, I think she's kind to Chucky from the child's play films."

"Shut up, you're trying to make me laugh" I said with a warning finger point.

"I'm not kidding, she told me last night that she had a three film deal with Miramax" Mickie said with a eyebrow raise that made me crack up. "She's gonna play an ex-nun, lesbian politician who switches from the Democratic party to the Republican, she wants to get her own show on Fox News."

"That makes no sense what so..." I started to say mid-giggle when Mickie slid closer, closing the small gap between us, and kissed me softly on the lips. OH wow. Her soft lips on mine felt like nothing I had ever felt. I kissed her back on instinct as the numb from the shock wore off. A billion thoughts and emotions surged through my body in that moment, making it soooo hard to figure out what exactly was real and what wasn't. But far to soon she pulled away and touched her forehead to mine and I know she had to see me smile. "That made sense."

"Yeh it did" Mickie said as she smiled. "I love Taylor Raynewater, I love you, please tell me there's still a chance for us?"

"Marty lied?" I asked, almost breathless with excitement. Head spinning with the earth shaking change in direction that this story had taken.

"I swear, you were my first" Mickie said and for the first time in a long time it seemed, the whole 'only girl in her eyes' thing was seriously popping off as she touched my cheek gently and turned my head so she could kiss my lips and we started started to get lost in each other. But this was different (I dunno exactly what it was though), it was so soft, slow and tantalizingly hot, perfect...almost. She slowed and held her lips against mine for a moment in a sizzling brain melting way. God I love it when she does that, it's seriously one of my favorite parts, even if it does mean it's over shortly there after. We parted and she smiled, as did I, but the words that left my mouth next probably shouldn't have been said, "Amazing kiss, but..."

"I know..." Mickie said as she looked away, "...something's changed."

"Probably..." I said and there it was, as plain as the slop on a hog, so to speak, things had changed. I believed her for some reason about Marty and still it seemed different, not foriegn different. Just plain different. I can't explain what it is, maybe something is missing or something is screwing with my emotions that's causing it. Talk about supreme confusion. Maybe a few days back home would help clear my mind. Never the less, I leaned in and kissed Mickie's cheek and got her to smile. "We'll figure it out."

"If you say so" She commented. Yeh, things have changed folks.

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