Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 28 "Mickie Loves Taylor"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"That Sammi is so much fun to hang out with" Darcy commented as we pulled up in front of my house. Having just left the Marvel's a few minutes before. "My ribs are sore from laughing at her."

"She's not exactly coordinated is she?" I asked as we both got out and walked around the house laughing.

"Nope, but she never gives up" Darcy said. "I like that."

"You like her or something?" I asked as I opened the backdoor and we stepped inside. The TV being on in the living room signaling Mom and Dad were home. "Huh?"

"No" Darcy said simply.

"You positive?" I asked, hoping to push her buttons a bit like she had done me several times already.

"Yes" Darcy said. "Why do I have to be hot for her just because I like hanging out with her?"

"HMMMMMM no one said you were hot for her" I said as Darcy rolled her eyes. "So you are huh?"

"Lame" Darcy said as Mom and Dad came into the kitchen. "You gonna have to try harder to get a rise out of me."

"Believe me I intend to my new friend" I said with a geniune smile. She stuck out her tongue and we both laughed.

"AHEM!" Mom said as I looked back and knew she was waiting to be introduced. "Darcy this is my Mom and Dad. Michael and Laila."

"Your Mom's name is Michael?" Darcy asked as Mom laughed and I rolled my eyes. "And I thought my parents used to be odd."

"I am Michael" Dad said as Darcy grinned at him. "I can already see why you and my daughter have become fast friends."

"Take that back I am not her friend" I said as I pushed Darcy from the other side of the counter. "We're way beyond friends huh Dar Dar?"

"Uh huh" Darcy replied in a calm voice as she looked my Dad straight in the eye and delivered the next line in dead pan. "But you're daughter is really bad in bed."

"WHAT?" I screamed in shock and ohmigod that was evil on so many levels. She shrugged and laughed as I came around the corner and chased her out of the kitchen and both going thumping up the stairs as she laughed at me. I cornered her at the end of the long hallway and she simply held up her hands as a defense and said, "You started it."

"By rights I should kill you" I said as she gave me a dorky dimpled grin as I smiled back. "You're gonna get me killed..."

"MIKALA" Came My Dad's determined voice.

"COMING" I shouted back. Grabbing Darcy's hand and pulling her till she was in front of me and pushing her along as my shield and making her walk down the steps in front of me. Getting to the bottom of the steps and seeing Mom and Dad's determined look I know they had taken Darcy's not so funny joke seriously. "She was kidding Dad, go on Darcy tell them."

"Kidding" Darcy said simply. "Mickie's been pestering me all the way home about liking her friend Sammi and I am straight and told her that several times but she kept picking on me."

"Mickie!" Mom said as I pushed Darcy as she poured it on.

"She was being mean to me so I just wanted to get her back" Darcy said. Then giving my Mom that same dorky dimpled adorable smile and asking, "Feel sorry for me?"

"Not after that display" Mom said. "You and Mickie are a match made in heaven."

"No way" Darcy said. "Wrong sex."

"So you're straight?"

"Definitely" Darcy confirmed. "But that don't mean I got a problem with gay people or whatever."

"Good" I said as Darcy grinned at me. A smile I gladly returned in kind. Me noticing Mom and Dad (for the first time) looking like they were going out or something. "You guys headed out?"

"We are" Mom said. "You staying in for the rest of the night?"

"I gotta take Dar Dar home" I said as Darcy gave me a dirty look. Apparently not liking my nickname for her.

"My name is Darcy" She said with a mean looking finger point. "Not Dar Dar."

"Sorry" I said and holding my hands up. "Darcy."

"Well take your cell and keep it turned on" Dad said. "And don't be out to late?"

"No Marty this time" I said. "No one to almost get me killed."

"Good, see you in a couple of hours and nice to meet you Darcy" Mom said as her and Dad left. Darcy with her back turned to me as my parents left letting me spot what I thought was a tattoo on her back.

"You got a tattoo?" I asked as Darcy looked back and was obviously confused for a moment.

"Several why?"

"I saw the top of the one on your back" I said.

"You wanna see it?"


"Take a look" She said as she turned and as I came around the counter. She lifted the back of her shirt and I saw an Angel wings tattoo between her shoulders with the words, 'Perry & Darlene Mulder' and the years they lived and died in cursive writing. "My Mom and Dad."

"It's really cool looking" I said as she lowered her shirt and turned with a smile. "Both of your parents are gone?"

"Yeh, I'm living with my aunt now" Darcy said. "Car accident before you ask, can we talk about something else?"


                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"....and you're a no good whore who likes being beat on, slut" I muttered to myself in reference to my just concluded phone call with my less than lovely mother. She makes me so mad I just sit down and cry after a confrontation, which is what I was doing on this day only sitting on the front stoop and waiting for Maria to get back. I looked both ways up and down the street and hoped that each car was hers. That's when I heard a vaguely familar giggle and these words, "Hey Pynsey!"

"Huh?" I asked and turning I came literally eye to eye, so to speak, with a pair of tanned and very smooth legs. Looking up I saw they belonged to Ms. Chan's daughter, Rae, who had a smirk on her face. "What did you call me?"

"Your name, Pynsey, remember?" She asked as she sat down beside me. Me thinking briefly about the basement moment the previous day that had spawned my new nickname.

"Bite me, the name is Lynsey"

"Well make up your mind and I will" She said as I blushed. "Whatcha doing out here?"

"Waiting on my girl...ummmmm...Maria" I said.

"It's ok to say she's your girlfriend" Rae said. Me smiling. "I'm pretty comfortable with gays and lesbians."

"Are you now?"

"Honestly" Rae said. "Going to a prep school like I did you kinda get used to the fact that some people are different."

"Huh?" I asked and figuring this was gonna be another of those homophobic "I like you but not your lifestyle" speeches. "Don't you mean Abnormal, unnatural?"

"Noooo, what's more natural then two girls together?" She asked. "I think it's beautiful."

"Me too" I said excitedly as she laughed. "Good to know you're on our side."

"Who said I was on your side?" She asked. "Not me."

"True, but your open minded" I commented as she smiled. "But you think you're what...straight?"

"I'm not into labels"

"Ok so not straight" I said, her bottom lip dropping open in protest before she quickly said, "Now hold on I didn't say that."

"You didn't not say it either" I pointed out.

"You're confusing Pynsey" She said. I paused a moment and then started to laugh.

"I meant you didn't confirm or deny it" I said after getting my giggles under control. "About you're being straight?"

"Why is everyone so obsessed with labels?" Rae asked. "Seriously, the truth is I've had a few boyfriends, both good and bad. I just...UMMMMM."

"Curious?" I asked as she thought about it for a moment and then smiled before simply nodding.

"I think that's your girlfriend" Rae said as she pointed and stood as I did. Seeing Maria get out of the car and circle around to the trunk and fish out an arm load of stuff before coming towards us. "Hey I'll see ya ok? My Mom is expecting me back."

"Huh? OK" I said as Rae turned and walked off rather abruptly. Girl is fun to watch walk away with those legs and that smooth dark tan. I turned back just as Maria stopped in front of me and smiled as she sat down the stuff. Me peaking to see if she got me anything. The smile leaving her face as she looked at me for a long moment in concern. "What?"

"You've been crying and why?"

"My stupid bitch of a mother" I said as she kissed me and got me to smile. "Better now."

"Wanna talk about it?" She asked as she pulled me into her arms and we both smiled.

"Nah, just typical Mom stuff" I said. "You get me anything?"

"Not just for you, but us" She said with a bright smile. "Got those satin sheets you been wanting."

"Ohmigod instant orgasm" I said as she giggled. Me thinking about the way satin feels on my body when I'm naked, sweaty and in the 'mood'. Maria kissed me and then looked over my shoulder and caught someone watching. I followed her eyes and saw that someone duck back inside one of the apartments and could have swore it was Rae.

"Nosey bitches" Maria said as I looked back at her.

"I think that was my new friend Rae" I said.

"The girl from the laundry room?" Maria asked.

"Uh huh, we were talking when you pulled up and she just made up some lame excuse and walked off" I said.

"And now she's watching us?" Maria said. "Weird."

"Curious!" I commented as Maria gave me a confused look. This might be something to keep an eye on.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Morning my girl" Laney said as I came into the living room and saw her standing by the big bay window, looking sad for some reason.

"Morning" I said as I joined her. Wrapping my arms around her from behind and resting my chin on her shoulder. "What's up?"

"I'm worried" She admitted.


"Everyone who has ever loved me has been taken away from me" She said solemnly. "Grandpa..."

"Is alive and kicking" I said as I shook her and tried to get her out of this funk. "And hello I'm here and I'm not going anywhere."

"You moved to Cleveland" She said as she pulled away and turned to look at me. "My point exactly."

"Ok look thick skull I'm up for helping you get out of this funk but you are not gonna lay that at my door" I said. "My parents moved, not me."

"For the last several days all we do is fight" Laney said and changing directions in the conversation completely. "This isn't us, we don't do that."

"It'll pass" I said with a shrug. "All friends fight."

"Not friends, best friends" Laney corrected me. "I am your best friend and you are mine, get it right."

"Ok, best friends, jesus calm down" I said as I rolled my eyes. "What's really up?"

"I'm dunno I'm just in a bitchy mood" Laney said as I laughed. "I'm sorry?"

"I've seen your room I agree" I said as she groaned at my lame put down. Her coming towards me as I backed away and held my hands up to protect myself and we began to giggle as she grabbed onto them and we began to struggle. Me breaking away and running for the front door and then outside on to the porch and down the concrete stairs and down the path as Laney chased me. I stopped a few feet down the street when we both spotted an interesting sight, Becky Sue Martin was washing her car in a...bikini. "Hello!"

"She never looked like that when we went to school with her" Laney commented as she joined me at the end of the McCoy property and we gawked in tandem at the hottness of our non-friend. Laney making me squeal when she poked two fingers into either side of my waist. I jumped away and turned to glare at her as she grinned. Drawing Becky's attention as she looked to see what all the commotion was about and to my horror grinned and waved us down. "See what you did now?"

"Me? You poked me in the ribs and made me squeal you slut" I fired back in a hush voice as Laney giggled and pointed behind us where Becky Sue was now watching us with a surprised look on her face. Prompting her to throw her arm up and wave us down again.

"Now look what you did" Laney said as I glared at her. I swear she makes me so mad sometimes. Regardless of my instinct to kill my best friend we walked down the block and met Becky Sue on the other side of the road. Me getting a great view of her tits, who knew she'd grow up to be this hot. Or have tits that big, cause she sure didn't the last time we saw each other.

"What's up y'all?" Becky Sue asked as I snapped my eyes away from her tits at last.

"Nothing much, where did you get this car?" Laney asked as she moved past me and Becky Sue and rubbed her hand on the shiny red metal of the car.

"New York City, part of my bonus check went to pay for this" Becky Sue announced as she smiled smugly. "Brand new Maserati GranTurismo."

"Holy shit girl you gone Broadway big time huh?" Laney asked as she was still rubbing her hand on the shiny metal surface of the car.

"Well being the star of a hit Broadway Musical does have it's perks" Becky Sue commented and then adding for bragging purposes only, "About twenty one thousand dollars a week of perks that is."

"A week? Meaning you get that every single week?" I asked in shock. Another smug smile from Becky Sue.

"Yep, so you wanna be friends now?" She asked as Laney moved beside of her and casually draped her arm over Becky Sue's bare shoulders and said, "You know I always liked you?"

"Yeh I'll bet" Becky Sue said as her and Laney laughed. "And no you can't drive it, but we can go riding if you want."

"Sweet ride" I finally commented. My eyes being caught by a gorgeous hunk of a man that suddenly appeared on the old wooden porch of the Martin place in nothing but jeans and a smile. Becky followed my eyes and smiled at him. Thinking it could have been one of her older brothers or cousins.

"Beck your Mom called and said stay near the house" He said and turning to go back inside.


"Who was that?" I asked as Becky Sue grinned knowingly.

"Boyfriend, Carlo Miguel, he flew in this morning" She said simply. "Gorgeous huh?"

"Hell yeah" I agreed as we shared a goofy smile.

"He's an underwear model and such a nice guy" She commented. "He came down with me to meet the parents. They like him I think, well a lot more than my ex anyway."

"Who's your ex? Calvin Klein?" Laney asked as Becky Sue laughed and offered no other details on her life in New York City. Leaving me (and I would later find out Laney too) intensely curious.

"Just somebody I don't wanna think about anymore and who can't take a friggin hint that it's over" Becky Sue said. The phrasing of that not sitting right with me.

"You're EX and you are..." I started to ask before Becky Sue cut me off by asking Laney, "You ever plan to visit New York? I could show you my pad and all."

"Is it big?" Laney asked. I gave up for the moment on my pursuit of more information on her private life.

"Two bedroom flat in Soho" She said. "Not all that expensive considering it's New York City."

"You inviting us up for the weekend?" I asked as I joined Laney and Becky Sue on the other side of the car.

"Sure why not" Becky Sue said. "It can get lonely at times."

"What about Carlo?"

"He's forever flying to Milan, Sydney or Tokoyo on some job" Becky Sue commented. "I spend more time by myself than I do with him."

"Makes you miss your family huh?"

"For about five minutes then I get up and go to the bathroom and don't have to fight some bitch over it and I thank the lord" She said. Me and Laney laughing. "Cindy Joe my sister is thinking about coming up and staying with me for a while. She's dying to break into show business."

"So is Taylor, lesbian porn star is her dream" Laney said. I groaned as Becky Sue laughed.

"One of these days Elaine" I said with a finger point towards her. She stuck out of her tongue.

"You always gave off this lesbian vibe anyway" Becky Sue said as I looked back at her. "Don't get mad I'm saying I think the way you guys are forever together it kinda gave off that vibe."

"I might have been offended had you said that a year ago but not now" I said and determined in that moment (and for better or worse) to tell her about my lifestyle change if necessary. "Things change you know?"

"They sure do" She said and looking me up and down and apparently checking me out. "You used to look kinda boyish but now you're looking hot. You filled out girl."

"So did you" I said as Becky Sue looked down at her boobs and then back up at me and asked, "You like them huh?"

"Say huh?" I asked and for some weird reason fearing now that she was gonna out me. Weird moment.

"My tits" She said as she cupped them and showcased them. "You know their not real right?"

"You got a boob job?" Laney asked in shock as I swallowed hard and said a silent thank you for medical science.

"Yep, you didn't notice that they got bigger?" Becky Sue asked. "From a B cup to a C cup. Worked wonders and got my lead role."

"And your parents agreed?"

"I paid off their house" Becky Sue said. "They don't get a say."

"I guess so..." I said as Laney and Becky Sue laughed. I simply blushed.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I took Darcy home and got back to find that Jessie was locked in her room with some cheesy music playing and I'm betting talking away all of our 'family plan' minutes with Laney. So having no one to talk to I plopped down in front of the TV and flicked through the channels aimlessly. My mind kept drifting though to the one person I didn't really wanna think about: Taylor. Why hadn't she called me and for that matter why hadn't I called her? God I'm so stupid I need a sign. I took Jessie's advice and acted like Taylor wasn't important to me and thought that she'd care enough to call me, I was wrong.

"If I had any guts I'd pick up that phone and call her and then drive down there" I said as I stood and walked to the window. "Tires are good, I'd be grounded till the end of time if I did, but I bet if any part of that girl still loved me then she have to be blown away by that."

"Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie!" My Ringtone sounded, my heart skipping a beat as I fished it out of my jeans pocket and squealed in excitement as I saw who it was. Taylor or at least it was her number. "Hello?"

"What's up?" She asked nervously.

"Missing you like crazy" My heart said.

"Seriously?" She asked as I think a car drove by in the background.

"Well yeh" I said. "Just because you don't call don't mean I stopped loving you."

"You didn't call either" She shot back.

"My blond cousin gave me some horrible advice" I said as Taylor laughed. My heart beating faster, I love her laugh. "She told me they made it illegal to call a person in another state."

"Oh god, I missed that goofy sense of humor of yours" Taylor said as I smiled. Me launching into joke mode, my safety valve.

"Speaking of jokes" I said. "What did the male spotted owl say to the female spotted owl?"

"Huh? I dunno!"

"What do you mean you have a headache we're an endangered species" I said as Taylor laughed. "Did you hear about the scientist who crossed a carrier pigeon with a woodpecker?"

"No" She said and still giggling at the last joke I'd cracked.

"He got a bird that not only delivers messages to their destination but knocks on the door once they get there" I said as she laughed.

"That was a good one Mick" Taylor said as I smiled. "Where do you get this stuff?"

"Internet, joke books, Darcy" I said.

"Who's Darcy?" Taylor asked as her giggles stopped.

"No one"

"Who's Darcy?" She asked again. "I'm your girlfriend I deserve to know!"

"Girlfriend? You are?" I asked. "That why you shoved your tongue down that whore Raegan's throat?"

"Who the hell is Darcy?"

"Darcy Mulder, she's a friend" I said. "I only love you, and unlike you I don't go chasing other girls the first chance I get."

"What did you say?" She asked.

"I said you went chasing other girls..."

"Before that" She said and cutting me off.

"I said I love you"



"I love you too" She said as my knees literally went weak with shock and I fell to the floor like a lump of clay. "If you had just said...and Marty didn't come...god things got so screwed up...I'm sorry..."

"Hey I love you and only you"

"Me too Mick" Taylor said as I smiled so wide it hurt my face. I wasn't sure what was gonna come next but I do know that it couldn't get any better than the last five minutes of my life. But know this, the next developments in this saga will rock both of our worlds.

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