Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 29 "Coming to Cleveland"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"So now you're what the happy lesbian?" Darcy asked as we arrived at school the next day. I was still noticeably on cloud nine after my conversation with the girl I loved just a few hours before that. Darcy dragging mine and her back pack out of the back seat as I met her.

"I love Taylor Raynewater and she loves me," I said with a smile that felt so good after the crap I'd been through over the last several weeks. Taking my back pack as we headed across the parking lot. Only to run into a very familiar face as she sat on the front steps of the school, Sammi McNamara. "Hey?"

"Oh hey," Sammi said as she looked up and just realized we were there. The tear stains on her cheeks showing very clearly. "What are you two doing here?"

"Hello! school?" Darcy asked as her and Sammi giggled. "Goofy!"

"Speaking of, why are you here?" I asked Sammi.

"Alex is making Marty get back in school," Sammi said. "And Ryan had classes so I tagged along."

"Are we up for another skateboard lesson after school?" Darcy asked as Sammi grinned and excitedly nodded her head.

"Volunteering to spend time with the cute blond are we?" I asked as Darcy's smile disappeared and she shot me a dirty look.

"Sure why wouldn't she?" Sammi asked. "I don't smell funky or nothing."

"She thinks because I had fun with you skateboarding that it makes me a lesbo," Darcy said as she glared at me. I tried not to laugh. Sammi not so much so as she giggled.  

"Mickie that's not fair," Sammi commented a moment later. "Leave Darcy alone. Not everyone likes girls."

"OK, you win Dar Dar," I said as Darcy and Sammi smiled at each other victoriously. "And just for that I'll take you two to the Skateboard park across town, OK?"

"Cool!" Sammi said with a bright smile. "That way I can humiliate myself in public."

"Always been a favorite pastime of mine," Darcy said with that trademark dorky dimpled smile. She then seemed to notice the tear stains on Sammi's cheeks and asked, "You been crying?"

"No," Sammi said as she tried to wipe away the stains.

"I noticed that too, what's up?" I asked as she shrugged. "Let me guess, Marty said something?"

"How could you possibly know that?" Sammi asked in surprise as I smiled.

"She's staying with you and Marty is Marty, when she gets to know you she also figures out the best way to hurt you," I said as Sammi shrugged and looked down. "She must have said something pretty bad."

"We had a fight, it's no big deal," Sammi said. "I just know where I stand now."

"I don't like that skank," Darcy said as Sammi and I both looked at her in surprise. "I don't. You want me to beat the fuck out of her for making you cry?"

"Noooo, but thanks for the offer," Sammi said with a shy half-smile towards Darcy as the girl shrugged. Marty and Alex appearing at the doorway and walking down to meet us. "Every thing all set?"

"Yeah I get to start school again right now," Marty said with fake enthusiasm. "Please tell me I can do this every day?"

"You've always been a whiner," Darcy said as Marry glared at her.

"Was that really necessary?" Alex asked Darcy. "Can we not at least be civil?"

"Why don't you tell her that," Darcy said as she pointed to my ex-girlfriend. "Huh?"

"I was talking to both of you," Alex said calmly. "There is no reason we all can't get along and be friends. Mickie and Marty are over and they seem to be fine with it."

"Yeah let's all hang out at the skate park tonight," Sammi said hopefully.

"Who wants to go hang out with the stoners at that stupid skateboard park?" Marty asked bitterly.

"I do," Sammi said firmly. "Darcy and Mickie invited me and if you would act a little bit nice they would invite you too."

"So go, not like I want you around anyway," Marty snapped as Sammi looked away and looked about ready to cry (again!).

"Go on mouthy biotch, say what you said before to make her cry and I'll do everyone a favor and BEAT YOUR ASS," Darcy said as she dropped her book bag and had to be held back by Alex. Marty quieted down at that threat. Sammi intervening as she gently took Darcy's hand and pulled her away and across the parking lot as Alex took a deep breath.

"What the hell was that all about?" Marty said under her breath so as not to draw Darcy's attention as her and Sammi now stood behind the last row of cars a hundred feet or so away. "Anger management much?"

"I thought you made her cry this morning," Alex said.

"That's what Sammi said," I commented.

"This is your last chance Martina," Alex said with a firm finger point.

"Last chance?"

"Sammi is family to me and Grandma, we adore her," Alex said as Marty gave him a determined look. "And you as of yet have done nothing to make us feel the same about you. You step out of line one more time and that includes anymore hurtful comments such as the ones this morning in reference to Sammi, I will pack your bags and send you on your way and Grandma will not have a say in it. You hear me?"

"Yes, I'll apologize," Marty said in defeat.

"How about trying not to do it again?" I asked as she gave me a dirty look and turned to walk back inside silently as Alex breathed a sigh of relief, touching my hand and walked off to meet Sammi and Darcy. I smiled at Alex's handling of the situation and thought to myself that it's exactly what my trouble making ex needed in her life. A firm hand to keep her out of trouble.

I walked on into the school and heard a voice, a panicked voice at that as they talked into a cell phone. I stopped (being nosey) and peaked around the corner and saw to my shock that the person was Raegan.

"Dad I can't come to California right now," Raegan said into the phone. "I just can't... I love you too Dad, but I'm kind of seeing someone new!"

"My girlfriend, you whore," I said under my breath and looking back to make sure no one was watching me eaves drop.

"No, Dad it's not another Bruce Pickford I told you I broke up with him," Raegan said. "So what if I did cheat on him? He cheated on me first. He was a male whore."

"She cheated on him?" I asked in a whisper. I wonder if my girlfriend knew about this.

"OK, Dad, I'm at school can I call you later?" Raegan asked into the phone. "Yes I'll think about it, I promise... Dad I'm hanging up, bye."

"Oh shit" I said when she closed her phone and in my attempt to get away I turned and ended up slamming into her as she came around the corner headed for class, I'm assuming. Papers and folders flopping to the ground as she groaned and looked at me in shock as she closed her phone and knelt to pick up the papers. I hated to but I bent down to help her. Still in shock at what I had just heard.

"Sorry?" I asked as she scrambled to pick up the last folder and out flopped four tickets to what I thought looked like a Cleveland Indians game.

"It's OK, you didn't do it on purpose," she said as I smiled. "Can you hand me those tickets?"

"Cleveland Indians huh?" I asked as she took them.

"Yeah big fan," she said as I smiled. "Been to... some games."

"Never been to one," I said.

"Yeah... you should... you know... go to a game," she said as we both rose. Everything back in her arms or her back pack by now. A horrible silence developing as something told me not to walk away even though I wanted to. "Mickie, Taylor's girlfriend."

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Mickie James, you're Taylor's girlfriend," Raegan said. "UMMMMMMM... I don't know what to say."

"Me either," I said.

"Do you love her?" Raegan asked after another long torturous silence.

"Huh?" I asked.


"Of course I do," I said and resented the fact that she even asked. "What kinda..."

"Do you love her with all your heart?" Raegan asked and cutting me off.

"Yes I do, it's killin me that she's... with you," I said as Raegan looked at me with a heart broken stare.

"I'm so sorry," Raegan said bluntly. "I never intended to fall for her. I didn't wanna hurt anyone I just wanted someone to be my friend and it went... too far."

"Whatever," I said as she quickly wiped away a few tears as she shuffled from one foot to the other. Thankfully the bell rang at that moment and gave us both a reason to abandon the horrible moment we'd gotten stuck in. Raegan practically ran down the hall as Darcy came bounding back up the steps with a huge smile on her face. She noticed my blank expression and asked, "You OK Mickie? Marty say something?"

"No, no, I got class, see ya after?" I asked as Darcy nodded and I walked off in a daze. My good mood was gone for sure and suddenly the world just seemed so much more... confusing.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'll get the door baby," I said as I walked to the door as Maria finished fixing me and her a breakfast burrito. I opened the door and saw to my surprise and delight that it was Rae. "Hey you!"

"Good you're still home," Rae said as she stepped inside. "Can I bum a ride to school? My Mom's car is in the shop."

"Who is it Lyns?" Maria asked as she stepped out of the kitchen and into the hallway and eye balled my new friend. "Oh the peeping girl."

"Huh," I asked.

"Excuse me?" Rae asked with hands on hips. "What did you call me?"

"Or do you prefer to be called, the curious one?" Maria asked.

"Baby what are you talking about?" I asked.

"Chica here was the one that was talking to you when I came in last night and then disappeared when she saw me?" Maria asked.

"My Mom was expecting me back to help cook dinner," Rae said.

"Yeah she said her Mom was expecting her back," I commented as Rae smiled at me. I just couldn't resist sneaking a peak at those gorgeous tanned legs of hers at that moment.

"Then why did you hang around and spy on us after you supposedly went back inside to help Mommy with dinner?" Maria asked pointedly.

"What the hell? Why am I getting the third degree?" Rae asked. "Forget it I can just catch the bus on the corner."

"Wait!" I said as I took her hand.

"Yeah I'd like an answer to my question, if you please," Maria said as she stepped in front of Rae and blocked her exit. "You trying to move in on my girl?"

"Huh, no way, I was watching to see if you guys were really girlfriends or if it was just a show," Rae blurted out. Confusion was me.

"Huh?" Maria and I asked at the same moment.

"Pynsey said you two were dating and I..."

"Pynsey? Who's Pynsey?" Maria asked as Rae giggled and pointed to me. "Pynsey Lanettiere."

"Lynsey, my fuckin name is Lynsey," I said as Rae laughed. "UGH you!"

"I don't get it," Maria said in confusion.

"I came into the laundry room the day we met and she stands up and is like hi I'm Pynsey Lanettiere," Rae said as Maria laughed.

"Shut up girlfriend of mine," I said to Maria as she held onto the door laughing.

"Get a little tongue tied Lyns?" Maria asked. "Or was it tongue hard?"

"Shut up, shut up, shut up," I said as I pushed her away and blushed five million different colors.

"Tongue hard?" Rae asked. "Is that some kinda joke only the lesbians get?"

"No," Maria said as she got her giggles under control and took a deep breath. Me glaring at her. "Think about what happens when a boy runs into a girl that looks like you."

"They look and make rude comments?"

"Nooo something gets really hard on them," Maria said, looking down but poor Rae was mystified by Maria's in-direct clues.

"I don't get it," Rae said.

"They get a hard on, hello, cock?" Maria asked as I laughed and Rae clued in finally.

"Oh, duh," Rae said as we both laughed. Her suddenly stopping as she looked to me and mouthed to herself, "Lynsey Panettiere," and moments later apparently came to the conclusion that my laundry room tongue tied screw-up was caused by her hotness. "You thought I was hot?"

"Duh again," Maria said as Rae blushed and snuck a peak at me I noted. "You are. And no I'm not hitting on you."

"OK," Rae said with a shy smile that made me melt into a puddle of Lynsey goo. Ready to do anything the hottie requested of me. "UMMMMMMM... sooooo we're OK?"

"No more creepy stuff," Maria said firmly. "Me and Lynsey got enough problems without some weirdo freaking us out."

"OK," Rae said with a nervous look.

"That means we can be friends if you stop looking around corners at us," I said as Rae smiled at me and me back at her. "Maybe come over one night and eat dinner with us?"

"I'd like that... as long as Maria invites me too," Rae said.

"Well of course," Maria said as she picked up mine and her book bags and sat them in the hallway as me and Rae followed her out. Maria locking the door to the apartment before she turned and said, "Besides if you make Lynsey's tongue this hard, I can say with confidence that you'll make my cock even harder."

"You have a cock?" Rae asked with a dead serious/shocked expression on her face. I fell against the wall laughing as Rae gave me an annoyed look and knew she was missing something again. Maria stepped closer and smiled as she whispered in my new friends ear, "I'm talking about my strap-on, it's a fake cock."

"But how can I make that hard... oh wow you saying I'm that hot?" Rae asked as her mouth dropped open and she covered it with her hand as Maria smiled confidently. "Damn that's..."

"Curious?" I offered as she thought about it for a second and then nodded her head in agreement. "Exactly!"

"Are you good with it?"

"I've had my share of ass," Maria said as Rae grinned. "And I mean that literally."

"MMMMMM oh my!" Rae cooed.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey my girl, I'm heading for a shower, you need to go potty before me?" Taylor asked from the door as I lounged on my bed. Her carrying a load of towels in her arms with some clean clothes. I laughed and shook my head no. My phone ringing just as Taylor walked off laughing and disappeared inside the bathroom a moment later.

"Hey y'all," Jessie said as I picked up my phone.

"Hey y'all," I said in return as a smile crossed my face. "What's up my love?"

"Wanted to hear your voice," She said as my heart beat faster. "School was torture times twenty without you to gawk at."

"Yeah like I'm so hot," I said as she giggled and delivered the line I knew was coming, "Well you're no Taylor."

"Oh so you wanna talk to her now?" I asked as Jessie laughed. "She's already got two girls chasing her you wanna make it a trifecta?"

"Noooo, I'm in love with you," Jessie said as I smiled. "You're what makes me happy."

"Me too Jess, a lot more than you know," I said. "I can't wait to see you again."

"MMMMMMM me likey those words cause me is dying without you," Jessie said in a moan.

"About to jump out of my skin here," I said as she giggled and agreed. "It really sucks being without you."

"When are you coming back?"

"A couple more days," I said. "Grandpa's begging us to stay the rest of the week. Plus me and Taylor gonna go up to the lake at least once before we come back."

"It's good to be home huh?"

"It is, I miss Grandpa and Purvis, that's my Grandpa's driver," I commented. "But there's also a lot of bad memories here too."

"Which is why you need to get back to Cleveland and be with me," Jessie said firmly. "And bring that Grandpa of yours too, he'd love the big city and hell Purvis too. Let's see how he handles these big city drivers."

"Ohmigod I'd give anything for that to happen," I said as I laughed. "Purvis wouldn't be the mild mannered driver he is now."

"After two weeks he'd be cussing the kids at the crosswalk," Jessie said as I laughed. "Think about it. Wouldn't you love to have your Grandpa up here?"

"I would," I said. "He'd love you."

"And if he's anything like you I'd love him too," Jessie said. "Talk to him about it. Damn, hold on someone's at the door..."

I listened as Jessie held the phone down and fumbled with what I assumed was the door her to her bedroom. You could hear the creaking sound as it opened I noted, I next heard Jessie's voice as she said, "What Mick?"

"You talking to Laney?" Mickie asked Jessie.

"Yes duh, what do you want?"

"I can't get a hold of Taylor, can you ask Laney if something went wrong?" Mickie asked.

"Laney, Mickie wants..."

"She's in the shower," I said in reply as Jessie giggled and relayed the news to Mickie.

"Hold on for another minute Laney," Jessie as the phone went quiet and I think she was trying to shield me from hearing what came next but it did no good as I heard Mickie just fine when she said, "I heard that Raegan slut talk about how she cheated on her ex. That's why I need to talk to Taylor."

"Holy shit!" I mouthed in shock.

"She's not gonna believe you Mick," Jessie said to her cousin. "She's in that girls eyes now and you might as well face it that it's over."

"She told me she still loved me," Mickie said. Revelation number 2 I noted. "She did Jessie, last night on the phone and I told her I loved her too."

"Damn," Jessie said in surprise.

"Anyway, guess I'll try her later or something," Mickie said in a defeated voice. "What do you think I should do about it?"

"I don't know Mickie, I won't say anything though," Jessie said.

"I will!" I said to myself.

"I'm gonna go and run around with Sammi and Dar Dar for a while," Mickie said and me wondering who the hell 'Dar Dar' was.

"I'll tell Laney to have Taylor call you," Jessie said as she put the phone back to her ear. The bathroom door opened and Taylor swayed by in nothing but a long beach towel and stopped in front of my open door and shook her ass as I raised my eye brows suggestively and she laughed. The news of Raegan's alleged affair creeped to the back of my mind as I got lost in my best friends hotness. So much so that I missed Jessie's first greeting and forced her to say, "You still there Hillbilly?"

"Bite me," I said as she laughed.

"That was Mickie. She's still going through a lot."

"Yeah I bet she is," I said and freezing when the 'Raegan cheating' thought flashed to the front of my mind. "Oh shit, Jess I gotta go, I really need to talk to Taylor about something. I'll call you back in a little while, OK?"

"OK, if it's that important," Jessie said with disappointment in her voice. "I love you."

"And me you, always," I said as I slid out of bed and said goodbye to Jessie a moment later and walked down the hall a couple of doors to the guest room and was about to tap on it when Purvis appeared at the top of the steps and motioned for me to follow him. "I just need to talk to Taylor for one second is all."

"Miss Laney, your Grandpa is needing you in the worst way he said," Purvis said as I groaned and heard Taylor's giggles from the other side of the door and figured she was already talking to that cheating whore Raegan or watching TV. I walked off down the hall with plans to return the very moment I was done doing whatever it was Grandpa wanted. But knowing how Purvis tends to exaggerate I figured it was nothing important or even interesting.

"What does he need Purv? His subscription to Playboy run out and he needs me to renew it for him?" I asked, Purvis laughed and simply pointed to Grandpa Hal's office. "OK."

"Come on and sit down we need to talk Granddaughter of mine," Grandpa Hal said as I entered his office and found him dressed in his usual Hugh Hefner type pajama's and sitting at his desk.

"Is something wrong Grandpa?" I asked with a knot of worry welling up inside my stomach.

"We have something very important to discuss," he said as he showed me a brochure with all kinds of pictures of our house. A real estate brochure that is. "See that?"

"Yeah, are you selling the house?" I asked in confusion and thinking now that he might be in financial trouble.

"I'm considering it," he said with wry smile. Then asking a simple question that would wipe all of the thoughts of Taylor and Raegan from my mind, "How would you feel about me moving to Cleveland with you?"

"YESSSSSS!" I screamed as I jumped up and ran around the desk and almost knocked him out of his chair as I hugged him. He laughed and hugged me back. WOW! Nice plot twist, huh?

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