Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 3 "A Marvel-ous Situation"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

Archive: www.asstr.org/~TheVertManArchive/Stories/Mickie/Index.html


It's a rude awakening when you realize that you didn't quite understand everything that goes with the decision to simply want to feel good. What I mean is, Mickie makes me feel good, like she wants to be with me and as we arrived at the dance, I realized we were sorta the center of attention for the peanut gallery that was the football team and their airhead girlfriends. Remark after remark seemed to flow from their mouths with no one making an effort to defend me or Mickie. Finally after about 20 minutes of this and having to see the hurt in Mickie's eyes grow, I was mad as hell and ready to fight for this girl. I didn't care anymore. The music had just started and I pulled her to her feet and said out loud, "ASK ME TO DANCE."

"You sure?" She asked as she stood and smiled at me.

"Well you please dance with me Taylor Raynewater?" Mickie asked as she offered me her hand and I took it. Being stopped cold by some loud snickering and more tasteless and rude remarks from the peanut gallery a few tables away. Mickie looked to be hurt as she pulled her hand away and sat back down. I glared at the assholes at the next table for a long moment as they laughed harder. "Just forget it."

"Nooo, I wanna dance, what you don't wanna dance with me?" I asked as she smiled and stood. I flipped the bird to the players as the rude remarks continued and stopped Mickie directly in front of their table as I kissed her and wrapped my arms around her neck. Willing her to kiss me back in a show of defiance and damn, girl did too. She wrapped me in her arms and slid her tongue gently against mine and we started a slow soft and unbelievably tantalizing french kiss. God, what a moment that was, the snickering and rude comments stopped as they watched in shock. I touched her cheek with my one hand as our lips moved in such a perfect rhythm it made me melt into her, the soothing sensations flooding straight to my brain and to a certain other part of my body as our tongues worked against the other to increase the pleasure. Soon, all of the thoughts and for that matter, their existence on this planet was forgotten as I kissed her for the longest time without a care in the world. The hand on her cheek moving to her hair as we parted for a moment and both grinned sheepishly and tilted our heads the other way and started again. Suddenly I felt a light tapping on my shoulder and wanted to smack the living hell out of who ever it was that had the guts to interrupt this. I pulled away and before I could see who it was, I barked, "What asshole?"

"Hey Mr. Kennedy" Mickie said as she proudly hugged me from behind and stifled a giggle. I could have killed her in that moment, but I knew it really was a funny moment. "You already know Taylor?"

"Yes I do, and you two need to cool it" Mr Kennedy said.

"She can't keep her hands off me" Mickie giggled as I blushed.

"I kissed her to shut up the football team and their airhead girlfriends" I said. "Bunch of stone age cavemen."

"Go dance and act like teenagers" He said with a smile. God he was cute, but right as I was getting lost in Mr. Kennedy land, Mickie spun me around and kissed me again.

"Have I got your attention now?" She asked with a smirk.

"Anytime you want my attention just do that again" I said as I took her hands and led her out on to the floor as the music began to thump. "Now, come dance with me."

For the next hour or so, their was no one else in the world but me and her as we danced. I had never had this much fun in my life and I sooo didn't wanna take a break. But the celebration for the football's brilliantly played 0 and 12 season had to get underway at sometime. I just started going here and even I know these losers are a complete embarrassment to the whole school. But there they were on stage like a bunch of heroes grunting and slapping high fives as if they'd did anything at all. Hell, if you had add up the number of points they scored for the whole season it was less than 50 (not good trust me). Fortunately, the ceremony was short and not to many of the brainless ogres had to figure out how to talk directly into the microphone. But as seems to always happen in these cases, one moron has to ruin a decent moment. This time it was the last speaker, a retarded boy named 'Johnson'. He had to make some nasty comments directed at my date with no names mentioned of course.

"What did he just call you?" I asked as I laced my fingers with Mickie's and started walking towards the stage.

"Hey, it's no big deal" Mickie said as I pulled her along behind me and onto the stage.

"Mr. Kennedy I wanna respond to that" I said as he looked at me like I was crazy.

"I stopped it" He said.

"I didn't ask that" I said in an angry voice. "I'm sick of their strutting around this school like their bad ass when they suck."

"The microphone is off, drop it" He said as he walked off. Mickie looked at me and motioned to the microphone with a smile and I knew what she was thinking. So with Mr. Kennedy headed to the other side of the gym for some unknown task, Mickie took her stand, with my encouragement.

"Do it" I said as she grabbed the mike and turned it on and to my shock, burped into it as everyone looked back at her.

"Mr. Kennedy, I realized you said you stopped it" Mickie said as I hugged her from behind and she smiled back at me. "But I wanna respond to the poorly educated caveman who felt the need to run down my name without saying it. Johnson is it? Is that what your fellow team members use in your circle jerks?"

"FUCK YOU" Came the less than intelligent response.

"Sorry boys, I like pussy" She said as I almost fainted and we heard a small roar come up from the crowd. "And to the football team which makes it their mission to terrorize every person in this school who is the least bit different. I wanna remind you mentally challenged bozo's of exactly what you are. Losers? Let's congratulate them on their 0-12 season, you managed how many touchdowns, 4 or 5?"

"FUCK YOU" Came the response again as the crowd started turning on them and Mickie got them on her side.

"You embarrassed this damn school with your season" Mickie said as the football players seemingly got quiet, "How you managed to lose every game by 35 points is something to be proud of. I'd strut around like my butt plug was still attached to if I managed to get my ass handed to me on a weekly basis. You're possibly the biggest joke in school history. Ask the people here?"

"YEH" Came the roar of the crowd as I kissed Mickie's cheek as she smiled.

"What you guys don't know is they also played the 3rd grade team from Bowen Elementary" Mickie said as I started laughing, "But hey good news they kept it close. They lost 40 to 7. Good job guys."

"O and twelve" Came the chant that spread like wildfire as the football team and their airhead girlfriends started streaming out. We laughed and laid the microphone down on the stage and made our way down, only to be met a walking building that doubled as a student. Dude was huge.

"Hey!" He said in a gentle voice. "My names Ryan Caldwell, I hate those guys that pick on you. I just wanna say I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it" Mickie said.

"If they played football like they run their mouths we might be a good team" Ryan said as I agreed and saw Lynsey running over and crashed into Mickie with a hug.

"You so rock Mikala" She said as the player made his way out with the rest. "They so had that coming and the crowd loved you. Big day for us lesbians."

"Us?" Mickie asked.

"Hey, I'm here with a girl too" She said with a smile as Maria came over. "This is Maria, tonight I'm a lesbian I guess."

"Trying to make her one full time" Maria said as she kissed Lynsey's cheek. "Says she's straight though."

"Told me that too" I said. "Rethinking that comment are we?"

"I dunno and I'm in no hurry to figure it out" She said as she let Maria take her hand. "I figure if you can give being with a girl a chance so can I."  

"Have you kissed her yet?" Mickie asked with a knowing smile.

"Nooo" Lynsey said as I laughed at her blushing. Maria playfully kissed Lynsey's cheek just then and I watched my new friend smile at her date and let Maria kiss her lips softly. They parted and I saw Lynsey smile, as did Maria, and touched their foreheads to one another's. "Wow, maybe this ain't gonna be so bad."

"Tell me about it" Maria said as she smiled and started to kiss Lynsey again, when Lynsey got nervous and turned away. But Maria refused to let her give in and gently made Lynsey look at her again with a hand on her cheek as she kissed her again. Softly and got Lynsey to kiss her back after a long moment. I could tell Lynsey was now giving into the feelings she had fought as her tongue slipped into Maria's slightly open mouth as they started to french softly. Both turned towards the other as Maria pulled Lynsey against her and wrapped the girl in her arms and kissed her for a few more long moments. "Well?"

"Just kiss me before I get nervous again" Lynsey said as she tilted her head and kissed Maria softly again. Me and Mickie walked away as they again began to french kiss. Now getting lost in each other it looked to me, I know that feeling pretty well by now.

"Good for her" Mickie said with a smile as we watched them start to dance and kiss again as the music started to play. The dance floor filling back up and the room seeming so much peaceful now that the cavemen on the football team had been ran off. "Good for me too."

"Yeh?" I asked as she slipped her arms around me and we started to dance ourselves.

"Yeh I found you" She said, "This has been the best day of my life."

"Maybe you wanna make it the best of my life too?" I asked.

"Are you offering...you know?" She asked.

"It'd be my first time" I said as she kissed me and touched my cheek softly and said so soft and gentle it made my heart melt, "Me too."


"We could lose it together" She said with a soft kiss. "Ya think?"

"Had worse offers" I said playfully as she laughed.

That goofy exchange about losing it sorta died as quickly as it started as we both got lost in each other's eyes and danced for the rest of the night without a care in the world. We had so much fun at the dance that night. Walking to the car later, I felt her take my hand and asked me with her eyes if it was ok, and it felt so good to have her hold my hand like that I could have cared less who was watching.

"You can hold my hand anytime you want" I said as we arrived at the back of her car. She leaned her body against mine and put her hands on the trunk of the car as I leaned against it. Giggling as she started to kiss me and I turned my head. "You missed."

"You keep doing that and I'll think you don't want me too" She said with a smile as I leaned in and kissed her. Her hand gently caressing my cheek as she looked at me with those eyes and well...you know. "Where you been all my life?"

"Langston, Arkansas mostly" I said as she laughed and then both froze as we heard a weird moaning sound. Distant but very noticeable. "Somebody getting laid?"

"This way" She said as she pointed to the front of the car and took my hand and we walked across the row of cars Mickie was parked in and to the next and heard the moaning was now even louder. But it wasn't coming from one of the cars but instead from the clump of trees at the back of the parking lot. Someone was making good use of the cover provided by them I thought to myself. "Let's see who it is?"

"Might be somebody you know" I said as we snuck across the parking lot and hid behind one of the trees that sat at the edge of the concrete and being it was her idea, Mickie peaked first and I felt her squeeze my hand as she jumped back beside me.

"You won't fuckin believe this shit" Mickie said into my ear. "Lynsey is getting her world rocked by the red head, that Maria girl from the dance."

"Are you serious?" I asked as I moved around her and peaked myself and oh lord it was. Maria had her back to us and was leaned against the tree with her hands and thrusting her hips as Lynsey moaned wildly in front of her. Lynsey had her head laid back and eyes closed as the pleasure was obviously over taking her body. Maria's pants were around her ankles and her shirt barely came down to cover half of her very cute butt. That's when I noticed the strap running up between her ass cheeks. "Ohmigod."

"MMMMMM I know" Mickie said in a deliciously sultry voice as she joined me for the show.

"How is she fucking her?" I asked as Mickie giggled and I felt my case of blissful retardness return.

"Strap-on goofy" Mickie said as Maria's thighs slapping at Lynsey's got louder as did the girls moans. "Damn she's good."

"Who the fuck would be crazy enough to do that?" I asked as Mickie pulled me back and away from the view.

"People get off on different things" Mickie said as she kissed me. Letting her lips linger against mine as the moaning from behind us rang in my ears. A sizzling and tantalizing start to a kiss as she moved her lips against mine for the first time and it felt so good I could scream. She stopped though too soon and gave me a nervous smile. "Sorry."  

"No sorry, why did you stop for?" I asked softly.

"I don't wanna get lost in you and go to far and scare you off" She said as I took her hand and pulled her along to the car. I agree about that and now I'm glad she did stop, because honestly it would be a lot harder too in another few minutes. It was even harder too, a few minutes later when it was just me and Mickie at the door. She was so sweet and caring and even though I eventually did disappear inside I thought about her all night. Reliving every moment of that incredible night and my first kiss and first dance and first everything else in the arms of Mikala James. I honestly think after one date I was truly in love with her and lord help me it felt so good I couldn't sleep. I prayed she felt the same way and I had finally found someone that wanted to be with me and only me. I laid on my bed till almost one in the morning, still buzzing from the events, and I just wanted to tell someone, anyone, thinking about my best friend for a moment, and then almost as if on cue, my phone rang.

"Laney?" I asked and heard that familiar giggle on the other line.

"Duh who else has your number?"

"The girl I went on a date with tonight" I said as I bounced around in the bed, still on cloud nine.


"We talked at lunch and she asked me to the dance" I said, "It was sort of last minute but oh my god we had a blast."

"You really went on a date with a girl?" She asked and fearing suddenly then that Laney didn't approve.

"Yes I did my best friend" I said firmly. "Mickie James."

"Cool" She giggled as I rolled my eyes. "Did you kiss her?"

"I did" I said as we squealed. "Sooooo good too."


"She knows how to use her tongue let me tell you" I said. "I almost gave it up tonight and if she had wanted too, well maybe."

"I got invited to a threesome" Laney said as my lip dropped and I just knew she'd have to say something to trump my own story.

"Of course you did, you always have something bigger to tell than me" I said in a slightly bitter tone. I truly hated when she did that.

"Tay, my girl, I'm happy for you" She said as she smiled. "I was not trying to change the subject. It just happens that one of the two people is also a girl and you mentioned you almost gave it up..."

"A girl and guy at the same time?" I asked and suddenly becoming very interested.

"Yeh why not, if you can almost lay a girl I can too" She giggled. "And unlike you I get some cock too."

"Yeh and I bet he wants to stick it up your ass" I said in a direct attempt to one up her comment.

"Planning too" Laney said in a serious tone as I nearly fainted.

"Are...you...serious?" I asked in a stammer as she laughed and replied, "Yes I am, he asks me about it and his girlfriend, names Sammi with a I, said she loved it and he was good at it. So, I've always wanted to try it and I told him if he got her he could have me too."

"D-damn" I stammered again.

"And the best part, wanna know?"

"Go on" I said softly.

"I'll be in a 69 with her while he does it" Laney said as I thought about the possibilities of that and it sent shivers down my spine. "And no Tay if you do it right it feels good."

"How do you know?" I asked.

"You really wanna know, cause we've never really discussed anything like this before" She asked and before my mind could form a reply my pussy made me say, "Of course."

"Butt plug" She said. "You should try it, I bet you'd lose your mind it feels so good."

"I'm gonna go to bed now" I said as she laughed out loud and dropped her phone as I hung up on her ass. With ass now on my damn mind thanks to her. Anyway on to the next day...

"In 15 seconds you'll be required to turn and kiss the school's lesbian" I heard in my ear as I stuffed books in my locker and smiled, knowing it was Mickie.

"I was acting last night" I said with a smirk as I turned and was surprised when she kissed me. A soft and tantalizing way to start the day. All to short for my taste too as she pulled away. "What was my name?"

"You said I was a good kisser" She said with a smile.

"And really pretty" I said as she blushed and smiled so sweetly.

"I hope you don't get scared and start backing away" She said as she looked to me for reassurance I thought.

"I honestly don't know what's gonna happen between us" I said, "But I know this doesn't scare me. I like being the only girl in your eyes."

"Because you are" She said as she stepped closer and I giggled. "Am I the only girl in your eyes?"

"No, I have so many its not funny" I said as she laughed and pulled me into her arms. A nervous moment as I glanced around at the crowded hallway and felt Mickie kiss my cheek as I relaxed into her arms and smiled back at her. "Now aim for my lips?"

"You sure?" She asked with a teasing smile as her lips lingered near mine.

"FUCKIN GAY ASS BITCH" A Voice said and following it with a laugh as Mickie and I groaned and looked to see two members of the football team smacking high fives and celebrating their less than intelligent 'put down'.

"Excuse me?" Mickie said as she moved in front of me.

"I said you're a gay ass bitch" 'Johnson' said (the retarded one from the dance) as he again smacked high fives with his co-hort in retardation.

"So you're calling me gay is an insult you I.Q. challenged caveman?" Mickie asked as people began taking notice.

"I'm not I.Q. challenged" 'Johnson' said in reply.

"Did you study all night for that I.Q. test they gave you?" Mickie asked as the laughing began to spread and she turned to the crowd and said, "I also heard he studied all night for a blood test and failed."

"Shut up gay bitch" He screamed and noticed no one seemed to be laughing at his attempt at an insult.

"And after last night why are you even wearing that jacket letting people know you play for our football team?" Mickie asked as I hugged her from behind proudly. "I think we all agree on the fact that you are among the biggest embarrassments in school history...AM I RIGHT?"

"O and 12, O and 12" Came the chant as I flipped off both of the cavemen. Who slowly and quietly made their way out.

"You can work a crowd like no one's business Mikala" I said as I kissed her cheek and she smiled.

"Those bozo's are easy to embarrass and I'm not gonna let them make you uncomfortable for being with me" She said.

"Their not, remember I was the one who dragged you on stage last night and got you to pay them back at the dance" I said.

"True" She said as Lynsey came down the hallway with very a upset looking Maria following after her. Lynsey stopped in front of us and smiled as she saw me hugging Mickie. "Hey what's up with you?"

"She's being a bitch" Maria said as she moved beside Lynsey, "I'm sorry but it's the truth, and you keep treating me like this and you won't have to worry about what you are no more. Cause I won't give you the time of day again, I do have other offers too."

"Than take one" Lynsey said as Maria got a hurt look in her eyes.

"Nooo" Maria growled as she made Lynsey look at her. "I like you and after last night when you kissed me in front of everyone and well...everything, I thought you liked me too."

"She does like you, she's scared" Mickie said with a knowing glance towards me as we both had to stifle a giggle at what we had witnessed these two doing in a very public place. Lynsey glared at Mickie for a long moment. "Give me a dirty look all you want princess, you like her and you're chicken to admit it. Get over it."

"I like you, you're strong and proud, I'd so ask you out if it wasn't for the pretty red head that stole your heart and this beautiful girl beside me" Maria said to Mickie as Lynsey smiled and looked at her. "It's true Lynsey, you are beautiful and if you'd just quit fighting so damn hard to be straight and give into what you feel for me. I'd show you. Remember what we did last night?"

"Shut up" Lynsey hissed as I almost lost it in laughter.

"Kiss her already Lynsey" I said as I got my giggles under control and Lynsey seemed to freeze when Maria boldly kissed her cheek.

"Then let me kiss you and walk off and don't talk to me again" Maria said.

"Can we please just talk about this in private?" Lynsey asked. "Some things we really do need to talk about. I do like you OK? I'm scared to death."

"It's OK, cause I'm into you girl" Maria said, "I'll go as slow or as fast as you want, I swear just give me a chance to show you, please?"

"Slow" Lynsey said softly as Maria smiled. "OK?"

"Slow is...good" Maria said as she touched her head to Lynsey's and stuck out her tongue and made Lynsey laugh. "God you are beyond adorable when you laugh like that, mmmmmmmm makes me wanna...shake your cherry tree."

"Grrrr" Lynsey said as she now made eyes openly at Maria without regard as to who was watching. I saw the look of lust in both of their eyes or at least what I thought was lust.

"I think you found her sweet spot" Mickie said to Maria.

"What do you mean?" Maria asked.

"Keep telling her she's hot" Mickie said as I laughed. "You'll be laid by noon."

"Maybe she's already done that" Maria said as my mouth dropped open in shock. Me, Mickie and Maria laughed as Lynsey covered her face with her hands and blushed all over. If she only knew what me and Mickie had seen the previous night, I thought.

"I'm really just looking to fall in love."

"I hope you do" I said with a smile as Mickie picked up her book bag and looked to me as she held out her hand and as everyone watched I took it and laced our fingers together. Well I guess it was official now, I was Mickie's girl, not that it bothered me much, even from the start cause the way I was feeling felt so good. I never wanted it to end. Problem is, and ain't there always a problem when things get going really good? Always. Well the 'problem' in this case was my lovely mother, who I thought had accepted I was going to be with Mickie, decided to try and turn me straight. This all came as quite a surprise to me and Mickie. We had just arrived in front of my house after school...

"You wanna come in? My dad would love to see you" I said as she shrugged and got out as I did. Taking my hand for a moment before groaning and saying, "Damn it, I forget I seriously need to check my oil, can you give me a minute and I'll be on in?"

"Trying to avoid my parents?" I asked with a smirk.

"Nope and never will Taylor Raynewater cause I'm proud of being with you" She said as she kissed me. "You can wait and watch me if you like."

"Meet me in the kitchen?" I asked as she smiled and opened her trunk as I headed inside, completely unaware of what was waiting on me in the kitchen. Walking down the hall and into the kitchen I saw my mother sitting and chatting with a hunk of a man, about my age he looked. He saw me and did something really weird, he rose from his seat and smiled pleasantly before retaking his seat. Meow, boy got the looks of a movie star.

"Oh hi honey" Mom said as if this was a huge surprise. "Since you're here there is someone I'd like you meet, this is Alex Marvel, Ms. Marvel's grandson."

"Nice to meet you Alex" I said as it suddenly dawned on me what was going on. "My names Taylor and I hope we can be friends."

"Nice to meet you too" He said as she shook my hand gently. "Your lovely mother and I have been having the most interesting conversation."

"Did she just meet you today?" I asked.

"Yes, she asked me if I could help her with some boxes" Alex said, "I was more than glad to help."

"Boxes Mom?" I asked as Mom suddenly wiped the victorious smile off of her face. Thinking she had won the battle of keeping me straight by introducing me to a very charming guy that maybe in another time and place could have drawn my interest but not after meeting Mickie and the last two days. "I bet it was a huge surprise when I came in huh?"

"I simply don't know what you're referring too" Mom said as Mickie came into the room and Mom's face showed the shock of the current moment. Alex again rose like a gentleman and smiled as Mickie returned his smile, saying nothing but giving Alex a strange look. I held my hand out as she took it and laced our fingers together. Holding them up for Mom to see.

"This what you wanted to stop by letting me met Alex?" I asked, "Cause you screwed the pooch on this one...Mommy."

"You had best watch your tone young lady I can still ground you and you won't see this...girl anymore" Mom snapped.

"I knew this was gonna happen" Mickie said, "Every time I meet a nice girl and start to get close this happens."

"Yeh well this time you got someone who'll fight for her right to see you" I said as Mickie smiled.

"Excuse me ladies, there seems to be some slight confusion about my purpose here" He said as he rose. "While both of you young ladies are quiet lovely, I must inform you that I was only here for the assistance of Miss Raynewater. I wasn't informed I was to be introduced to anyone."

"Well I thought it couldn't hurt, maybe if you had a few moments, alone, you would find you really have some things in common" Mom said as I glared at her and felt Mickie start to shake and suddenly started laughing as she leaned against me and everyone looked at her, including me, in confusion.

"That is such crap Mom" I said in a bitter tone as Mickie continued to laugh.

"Young lady you will..." Mom said in frustration and finally had had enough of Mickie's giggling and snapped, "What is so funny?"

"Dude, good looking dude...Alex Marvel right?" She asked as Alex smiled and said, "Oh my gosh, Mikala James?"

"Yeh from the Movie Reel down on Blanchard street" Mickie said.

"I thought I recognized you" He said.

"Me and this dude have known each other for years, grew up together" Mickie said. "How's Mavis? It's been so long since I seen her."

"She's cranky as ever" Alex laughed as he and Mickie smiled at each other. "But same sweet caring person as always."

"Well what is so funny about that?" Mom asked as Mickie again started to laugh.

"You tried to break us up with..." Mickie said as she leaned against me for support as she shook in laughter, "...a gay dude."

"WHAT?" Mom practically screamed as she looked to Alex and he grinned sheepishly and said, "Well yes Ms. Raynewater I hope this is not a problem."

"Mom you've outdone yourself this time" I said as I started to laugh as Mom stood there shocked to her core and mad as I had ever seen. Defeated and humiliated beyond anything she could ever remember. Mickie and I fell to the floor as we both shook in laughter and my mother fumed and was no doubt about to start threatening with another grounding as Dad came in and looked on amused.

"What's so funny?" Dad asked as I got to my feet and held onto him as Mickie was still struggling to her feet as Alex, ever the gentleman helped her up.

"I don't think we need to discuss this any farther" Mom said in a demanding voice.

"Oh, no, yes we are gonna discuss this, mom you don't hold lord and rule over this house" I said as I glared at her.

"Shut up young lady" She snapped.

"She tried to break me and Mickie up by introducing me to Alex and hoping I'd be straight again" I said as Dad sighed. "Problem is I'm already into Mickie, whether Mom likes it or not, and Alex, well Alex is gay."

"Well you sure had an eventful day" Dad said to mom as I laughed.

"That's it your grounded" Mom snapped as I laughed harder.

"Sure OK Mom" I said as Mickie came over and pulled me into her arms as she slipped behind me. Both of us waiting for my Dad's reaction as he fumed now.

"You wait a DAMN MINUTE woman" He said as he pounded his fist on the counter. "You will not ground her for simply ratting on your devious plan. She has my permission to see this lovely young lady who made a great impression on me last night and I thought you too."

"Well I am sorry..."

"SHUT UP" Dad demanded, "I have the floor and I want silence from your yapping mouth. You are gonna apologize to this young man and to Mikala for your actions and I will stand for nothing less...now Viera."

"I am sorry, Alex" She said softly.

"It's OK I enjoyed our conversation and Mikala it was so nice seeing you again" Alex said.

"Yeh leave your number we should hang out" Mickie said.

"I'll do that" He said sweetly as he laid a card on the counter and left through the backdoor rather abruptly. Mom turning her back and walking silently to the sink. Obviously trying to avoid her other apology.

"Excuse me I am still waiting for the apology for the crap you pulled, to Mikala" I said as my mother glared at me again.

"Taylor cool it" Dad said.

"You said she had to apologize dad and Mickie has done nothing but be respectful to you and her" I said.

"It's ok Taylor I'm used to it by now" Mickie said as I turned and saw her about to cry. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips and smiled and I touched her face and she smiled back.

"This is me fighting for you" I said softly as I hugged her and felt her hug me tightly.

"Woman..." Dad started before Mom came around the corner with a heartbroken look on her face.

"Mikala I am terribly sorry for trying to interfer in your relationship with Taylor" Mom said.

"It's OK, when you're gay you kind of get used to it" She said.

"Well you won't find any more interference from me" Mom said.

"You're damn right about that" Dad said as Mom quietly left the room. Soon followed by my father, who was still visibly angry.

"I think we just won the battle of Mom" Mickie said as I smiled and kissed her again.

"We sure did..." I said, if we only knew.