Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 32 "That Calm Peaceful Feeling"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I guess you could say that my life is so much more simple now that Raegan is gone to California. I'm back with Mickie and have the most peaceful feeling I can ever remember. It's like the stress is gone from my life and I don't know, it just feels REALLY good.

"HA, who the man is?" Alex asked in a proud voice as he had just beaten Mickie at a game on Xbox and apparently was VERY proud of it. I laughed as I sat on the steps out front and watched the cars go by and just enjoyed the peaceful feeling for a long time.

On this day, Laney and Jessie arrived, with driving wheel in hand, and set-up in the living room. A few moments later, making a call to the Marvel's down the road and inviting Alex and his carry along (Sammi) to the developing party. So with me 'not' being a game head I called my own girlfriend and was hoping for a little time with her...nope. She got dragged into the fracas and was soon lost in the belching game fest herself. I laughed and watched for a long time before retiring to the porch for some fresh air.

"You coming back in?" Mickie asked as she appeared at the door way.

"I will in a bit, just getting some air" I said as she came out and sat down beside me and kissed my cheek. I smiled.

"Alex is cheating on the game" Mickie announced with a pooched lip.

"How?" I asked in a giggle.

"He beat me" She said as I laughed.

"My goofy girlfriend" I said as she nodded and kissed me.

"I love you" She said in a soft voice. "You love me?"

"Duh!" I said as she grinned. "I'm just getting some fresh air. You can only take so much male bonding."

"You calling me a boy?" She asked as I laughed.

"Don't look like one" I said as she nodded. "But sometimes act like one."

"I am a lesbian after all" She said with a dorky smile.

"Are we hiding out?" Alex asked as he appeared at the door and gave Mickie a determined smile. "Don't like being beat?"

"Bite me" Mickie said as she kissed me and said, "Come check on you a little while, OK?"

"Hope so" I said as she smiled. Getting up and chasing after Alex as he went running away like a girl (so funny!).

"Can I sit with you for a while?" Sammi asked from the doorway, barely a moment later.

"Always" I said as she smiled brightly and bounced down the steps and plopped down and bumped my shoulder playfully. "They wear you out too?"

"I wanted to play Tony Hawk and they're stuck on that racing game" She said with a half-smile. "I guess Darcy is the only one who likes that game."

"Darcy who? I heard that name from Mickie,"

"Darcy Mulder" Sammi said. "Mickie's friend, you ain't met her yet?"

"No, been crazy busy with school and all" I said. "Mickie said something about Darcy giving us some space."

"You'd like her she's way cool" Sammi said. "Her and Mickie are just a like."

"Same sense of humor?" I asked as Sammi laughed and shook her head.

"Potential new girlfriend?" I asked and hoping in a way Sammi would say yes.

"Straight, she is" Sammi said. "I just like her cause she treats me like I'm smart and not stupid."

"Too bad" I said as Sammi nodded. Me following her eyes down the road and to Marty as she appeared on the Marvel's porch.

"What the fuck is she doing on your porch?" I asked as I gave Marty my dirtiest look.

"Chill, Taylor, chill" Sammi said as she grabbed my arm and stopped me from getting up. "She's staying with Alex and Mavis."

"And I bet you're just the best of friends with that evil little troll doll?" I asked as Sammi laughed and got back in front of me to make sure I stayed put.

"She's not evil, she's just warped" Sammi said as I shook my head. "I don't like her that much either. But it's Mavis and Alex who own the place. She gave them some money to help get out of a jam."

"I hate her" I said as I raised my middle finger and showed it to Marty. I was almost glad when she did it back.

"Whore!" I said under my breath before sitting back down.

"You gonna beat her up?" Sammi asked as she rejoined me.

"No" I said. "But if someone did I'd pay them."

"Darcy almost did a few days ago over me" Sammi said. I looked to see her smiling as Marty went back in the house thankfully. "Yeah see, I went with Alex and Marty to get her enrolled in school again and she said some stuff to hurt my feelings and Darcy found out and wanted to pound her."

"I think I like Darcy already" I said as Sammi grinned.

"She's seriously a really sweet person" Sammi said.

"If you like her I probably will too" I said as Sammi nodded. A barking dog drawing my attention back to the street and a very surprising sight. Carolyn Kirkpatrick (Raegan's Mom) was coming down the road being practically dragged by a big sheepdog. She smiled in surprise as she spotted me and Sammi crossing the road to meet her.

"Hey, you" Carolyn said with a smile.

"Hey to you too" I said as she took my hand and pulled me over and hugged me.

"You doing, OK?" She asked as Sammi stood by nervously.

"I am, and you?" I asked as the dog eye balled me nervously.

"Better since I got her" Carolyn said and petting the dog. "This is my new Raegan, I call her Reggie."

"Can I pet her?"

"Of course, she loves people" Carolyn said as Sammi excitedly sat down on the steps to the side and began to play with Reggie. The dog happily barking and nudging Sammi as Carolyn dropped the leash for the moment. "Reggie found a friend."

"That's Sammi, we adopted her" I said as Sammi giggled as Reggie licked her face playfully. "She's a friend."

"You and...Mickie is it? Are you back with her?"

"Uh huh" I said simply. "I'm sorry for what happened."

"Don't be" Carolyn said as she touched my hand. "Raegan is a wild child with an untamed spirit. You made the right decision by staying with that Mickie girl. Raegan is my daughter, yes, but she's so pig headed sometimes."

"Can I walk her to the end of the block and back?" Sammi asked.

"Sure, just not to far, OK?" Carolyn asked as Sammi nodded. Sammi picking up the Reggie's leash and running off with her a moment later.

"Has she called?" I asked Carolyn.

"Of course not" Carolyn replied. "She's hurt and pissed off at the world. Let her father kick some sense into her for a while and she'll be back on the first thing smoking."

"He an abuser?"

"Yeh and a pussy, Raegan will seriously hurt him if he hit her" She said as I laughed. "She would."

"I remember what she threatened to do to my Mom" I said as Carolyn smiled.

"Well she exacted some revenge in your name from that Bertram lady" Carolyn said as I gave her a 'she did what?' look. "Yeh, Bertram came up on the porch and somehow she got around to bashing gays and Raegan just had enough and slugged her. Then picks her bible up and dusts it off and hands it back to her."

"You're lying,"

"Not one bit" Carolyn giggled. "I bet Bertram won't be bothering you anymore."

"She deserved that and more" I said. "Anyway, I better get back in."

"Who's the handsome guy on the porch?" Carolyn asked as she looked at the porch. The guy was my Dad.

"Ohmigod that's my Dad" I said as Carolyn laughed and gave him a flirty wave. Dad blushed and waved back for an instant. Laney appearing at the door and dragging him back inside. "Stop that, he's married."

"But he ran you're Mom off?" Carolyn asked.

"She's at my Aunt's, why?"

"Maybe it's over?"

"I don't know" I said. "Why?"

"He's really handsome and he has a good job?" She asked before I nodded. "HMMMMMM, I would love to get me some of that."

"OHHHHHH sooo gross" I said as Carolyn laughed.

"If it's over with your Mom" Carolyn said. "Not gonna interfere in anything."

"I am not calling you Mommy,"

"Then you're grounded, go to your room" She said as I laughed. "Seriously, I'd be a really good Mom. You'd never have to worry about me causing grief for you and Mickie."

"And me and Raegan would be sisters then" I said as Carolyn laughed. "Weird."

"Funny thought" She said.

"You've got a great dog" Sammi said as she arrived back with Reggie leading her.

"Thanks, and now I can get back to the house cause she's been all exercised" Carolyn said.

"Good girl, you wanna a treat now?" I asked as I patted Sammi on the head and she glared at me and pushed my hand away. Carolyn and me laughing.

"I better get going" Carolyn said as she hugged me.

"Call me, ok?" She asked as I nodded.

"Nice to meet you" Sammi offered.

"You too, sweety" Carolyn said as she took Reggie's leash and the two walked off in the direction they'd come from.

"Good girl? That was not funny" Sammi said as I laughed. "Now she thinks I'm stupid."

"Not her" I said. "And not me."

"Reggie was fun though, I think I'll ask Mavis if I can get a puppy" Sammi said as I grinned and we crossed back to the other side of the street. "Maybe a small one."

"Why, you already got one dog in Marty?" I asked as Sammi laughed.

"That girl is not a dog, she's...complicated...but hot" Sammi said. "She is."

"Maybe" I said as we walked up the steps. Sammi rejoining the gaming party as Dad met me at the entrance to the living room.

"Who was your friend?" Dad asked.

"That's Sammi" I said as he groaned and I laughed. "Getting senile on me Dad?"

"The lady with the dog" He said with a frustrated voice.

"Raegan's Mom, Carolyn,"

"Why was she here and why did I never meet Raegan?"

"She was checking on me and I don't know Dad" I said as he shrugged. "But Carolyn said you're really handsome."

"You've been spending to much time with Mickie" He said as I laughed.

"Actually, I'm serious,"

"She really said that?"

"Yep, but she knows you're going through a seperation" I said and hoping he would enlighten me a bit.

"Divorce" He said as I stopped cold. "We talked several times and she is just so damn stubborn and pig headed that I don't think it's worth fighting the battle any longer."

"I don't want that,"

"Not your decision!"

"This is my fault..."

"Don't start and you know it's not" Dad said as he hugged me. "This is something that's been coming on for many years now."

"But you were happy before me and Mickie..."

"Noooo" Dad said and feeling a hand on my back I looked back and saw Mickie smiling nervously. "Hold me?"

"You guys really breaking up for good?" Mickie asked Richard as she hugged me from behind. Dad smiling.

"I slept in a bed alone for the first time last night and slept like a baby" Dad said. "It was the first time that I knew your mother wasn't coming home."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because you shouldn't have to worry every minute of the day about your dear old Dad and bitter hate filled Mother" Dad said. "I won't deal with her in this state of mind."

"So you get custody of me?"

"If I don't I'll stay married to her just for that" Dad said as I laughed. "Till you're 18 that is."

"That'll show her" Mickie giggled.

"Yeh give her hell dad" I said as me and Mickie laughed.

"She maybe stopping by today to discuss the terms of the divorce" Dad said. "I'm hoping this can be simple."

"Better get a good lawyer" Mickie said.

"Good advice Mikala" Dad said as he smiled, took a tired sounding deep breath and heading out onto the stoop for a breath of fresh air.

"Hold me for a little while?" I asked as Mickie pulled me tighter in her arms.

"Wanna go for a ride?" Mickie asked as I smiled and turned in her arms and kissed her.

"MMMMMMM" I softly moaned as she grinned. "I'm just happy right now."

"Ohhh ummmm...my friend Darcy called and I invited her over..."

"EWWWWWWWW lesbians" Someone said from the front door. I looked and didn't recognize the person but she sure seemed to know Mickie as she marched into the hall and pushed her. "You told me you were straight."

"Oh shut up Dar Dar" Mickie giggled as she pushed her away.

"It's Darcy not Dar Dar" The Girl said. "Get it right."

"Hey!" Sammi said as she appeared at the entrance to the living room and I saw a grin exchanged between Sammi and Darcy.

"This is Darcy" Mickie said into my ear. "She's in love with Sammi."

"I am not..." Darcy said.

"She is not..." Sammi said...at the same time. Both beginning to laugh.

"See" Mickie giggled.

"You come to see me?" Sammi asked Darcy and spied the skate board under Darcy's arm.

"Of course" Darcy said. "My favorite clumsy girl."

"Well...I try" Sammi said as both laughed.

"How did you get here so fast?" Mickie asked her friend.

"Called from the pay phone on the corner" Darcy said as I laughed.

"Pretty sure you'd get an invite, huh?"  

"Didn't really need one" Darcy said. "You Taylor?"

"Uh huh, nice to meet..."

"You ever do Mickie that way again..." She said in a serious tone. "...me and you will fight."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me" She said. "I'm willing to be your friend but I really like Mickie, haven't known her that long but I do. And what you did was not cool."

"It's also none of your business,"

"I'm Mickie's friend..."

"Enough" Mickie growled as she got in between us. Saying to Darcy, "Listen to me Dar Dar, you don't talk to my girlfriend that way, ever. And you don't threaten."

"Wasn't a threat it's a promise" Darcy said. "And the same goes for that whore Marty."

"That we agree on" I offered as Darcy smiled at me.

"She hasn't said anything since you did that" Sammi said as she bumped her shoulder against Darcy's.

"I don't let my friends be pushed around is all" Darcy said. "I hope seriously we can be friends. And no I do not have any interest in Mickie."

"You could try actually being nice to me in my home" I said. "If not there's the door and don't come back."

"It's a nice door too" Darcy giggled. "Do you use it a lot?"


"She thinks she's funny" Mickie said as she wrapped me in her arms again.

"So do you" I said to Mickie as Darcy laughed.

"Both of you think you're comedians and you're not" Sammi said as I laughed and she crossed in front of me and took hold of Darcy's sleeve and pulled her along as the two went outside.

"I don't like her" I said to Mickie.

"You will" Mickie said as I kissed her. "She's just over protective or...my stalker."

"Oh shut up" I said with a laugh. Jessie and Laney leaving as they passed me and Mickie and headed outside.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"We'll be back in a while Dad" I said as he grinned and nodded his head and watched me and Jessie climb into her VW bug and drive off.

"Where did you wanna go so bad?" Jessie asked as she turned the corner and I pointed her in the right direction.

"Porn shop" I said as she slowly let her mouth drop open in shock. Both of us then giggling. "Turn right there."

"Cleveland Adult Toys and Books?" Jessie asked a few minutes later as we got out of the car in the parking lot. Her meeting me at the front. "If we go in there we'll get thrown out."

"No, we won't" I said as I pulled out a fake I.D. and flashed it as she smiled. One I'd had for sometime since living back home.

"Why do you wanna go in anyway?" She asked as I kissed her and slid my hand down to her butt. She grinned and nodded excitedly. "MMMMMMMM me like the sound of that."

"Me like the sound of me doing it" I said as she kissed me and dragged me along.

Here's a shock, they didn't even blink an eye as we entered and began to browse the isles of toys, books, dvd's and various novelty items that will shock you upon first seeing them. Jessie giggled several times as she picked up an item and quickly put it back down and gave me a horrified look. The girl at the counter eye-ballin me and Jessie for a long moment before she came down off her 'perch' behind the cash register and met us in one of the isles.

"Can I help you?" Sierra asked (her name tag). Jessie squeezing my hand nervously.

"UMMMMMM looking for...something..." I giggled and blushed. "I'm sorry, we were just looking..."

"Something to give each other pleasure?" She asked as I blushed (again!). "That's kinda why you're here, so no reason to be embarrassed."

"If you say so" Jessie said as she glanced over Sierra's shoulder at just the item we'd come in search of.

"AHHHH, strap-ons?" Sierra asked as she clued in. Walking back to the wide selection. "Come on, look."

"Thank you" I said and hoped she would walk away.

"No, I'm not walking away and letting you two newbie's stand here until you get embarrassed and walk out" Sierra said. "You both want this so why not let me take care of you?"

"So we talking threesome?" Jessie asked as I laughed and Sierra never flinched as she gave us a knowing smile.

"Let's talk after I find out what your into" Sierra said as she selected a harness and held it up for us to look at.

"So who's the user?"

"Me" I said nervously.

"Perfect body for it too" Sierra said as she turned me around (slowly) and checked me out from head to toe. "I'll bet you got no problem with stamina."

"You got that right" Jessie said in a sultry voice.

"Lucky you" Sierra said in return as they smiled at each other. That comment sparking a fantasy as I pictured Sierra and Jessie kissing on the bed, naked of course, in front of me as I slowly stroked my newly attached 'cock'. Then picturing the two of them in a 69 with Jessie on top as I got ready to slid into Jessie's puckered little asshole... "Hello?"

"What?" I asked as I snapped back to reality.

"Do you think this will be the one you want?" Sierra asked as she held up a box. "It's a great starter model."

"Looks fine to me" I said.

"Great" Sierra chirped as me and Jessie followed her to the front, me checking out her cute little ass as it swayed from side to side. To the cash register. "Will you be needing lube?"


"Yessss" Jessie said as she leaned across the counter and sniffed a couple of the scented lubes that Siera opened. My mind reeling from the hormones that were surging through my body. I was so horny at that moment. "Hello...wake up hillbilly."

"What?" I snapped as she grinned at me.

"Hormone rush" Sierra said with a horny smile. "I see that a lot."

"Ok, paying attention now" I said.

"I told your girlfriend that this one has several dildo's included so you can have one for each occasion" Sierra said. "Because if you're like most people that come in here, you'll wanna explore. And it's really sturdy so you can really give it a good workout."

"You've used one?" I asked.

"Just about every model you can think of" Sierra said honestly. "Had a girlfriend for 3 years and just recently parted ways. But we did a lot in those three years."

"Threesome?" I asked smugly.

"Never have" She said and returning my horny smile. "Girlfriend was the jealous type."

"I kinda am too" Jessie said softly.

"Well a threesome is a big deal and shouldn't be jumped into lightly" Sierra said. "And should be done with someone who doesn't have designs on one of the other two. My opinion of course."

"She sorta opened my mind to a whole new world" Jessie admitted as Sierra leaned across the counter and met both of our gazes as we did the same.

"So you were straight when you met?"

"Laney, Jessie" I said as I pointed to myself and then to her. "And she was. But I'd been with a girl before, in a threesome as a matter of fact."

"So you're les?"

"I love her" I said. "Bi if anything."

"Me too" Jessie giggled.

"Gay and proud" Sierra said. "Although I've had more cock stuck in me than any girl I know. Fake of course."

"Ever had it in the butt?" Jessie asked as I laughed.

"Well, of course" Sierra said as she stared directly at Jessie. "That where you wanna it stuck?"

"Ohmigod, I'm sorry" Jessie said as she covered her face and blushed.

"Chill it's ok, I like you" Sierra said. "The damage is..."

"Here you go" I said as I handed her the money and a few moments later took the bag. "Thanks."

"Thank you, and oh yeah" Sierra said as she met us on the other side of the metal detector. "I get off every night at 9:00, and I got my own place."

"Is that a hint?" I asked as she shrugged. Jessie taking my hand.

"Not commiting to anything but you two can come by some night and hang out" Sierra said. "And don't come alone."

"She won't" Jessie said as we all three laughed.

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