Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 33 "The Return of Mr. Kennedy"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Well, I got my girl back. Taylor and me are happy again and thankfully Raegan free for almost two weeks now. It's like old times again and it feels really good after all the crap we both went through with Marty and... you know.

I was actually just thinking about Taylor and going over the events in the last two weeks that marked our reunion. Long walk on the beach at Lake Erie, mini-golf, movie and making love for the first time in lord only knows how long. It had honestly been a wonderful two weeks and the best thing is, nothing seems to have changed at all.

I stuffed the last of my books into my book bag and was headed to meet my girlfriend (I love how that sounds) in the parking lot for lunch. That when I heard a very familiar catchphrase.

"HEY MICKIE, HEY MICKIE!" Came the voice as I stood at my locker and filled up my book bag. Hoping it was Taylor, but finding it was Darcy (on her skateboard even) flying down the hall with her arms out. "Help! Stop me."

"You're nuts," I said as I grabbed onto her hands and pulled her off the skateboard and to safety. Her board sailing on down the hallway and crashing into the feet of Mr. Kennedy. Who quickly turned and gave my new friend a tired look.

"Oopsie," Darcy chirped as I laughed. Mr. Kennedy coming to meet us with the skateboard in hand.

"Ms. Mulder," he said in a stern voice. "What have I told you about riding your board in the hallway?"

"Not to get caught?" Darcy said as I covered my mouth to keep from laughing.

"One more time and I'm keeping the board till the end of the year," he said as he handed it back to her. "Do you hear me?"

"I do now," Darcy said sheepishly. Mr. Kennedy getting ready to walk off before he said, "Detention Ms. Mulder."

"Right, sir," Darcy said. Then looked to me and grinned. "That was so cool."

"What did you do that for?"

"Sammi bet me that I wouldn't do it," Darcy said with her best dimpled grin. "You're my witness that I did."

"So now you're trying to impress this gorgeous girl that you don't like?" I asked as Darcy blushed. "Right?"

"Not trying to, going to," Darcy pointed out. "And I do not..."

"Like her, whatever Dar Dar," I said and picking up my bag and walking off as she glared at me.

"I DON'T LIKE YOU RIGHT NOW!" Darcy screamed after me as I laughed.

"GOOD!" I screamed back as I left the hallway and exited into the parking lot. Still giggling.

Taylor sitting on the trunk of my car and reading as she munched on some chips and sipped a soda. I grinned and got my giggles under control as I snuck up behind her. Dropping my book bag silently and sliding in behind her, I slipped my hands over her eyes and felt her tense.

"Guess who," I said with a smile.


"Noooo," I said in an annoyed voice as she giggled. "I'm your girlfriend."

"Oh cool," Taylor said as she slid around to face me. "Are you're her?"

"Not funny," I said as I kissed her. "MMMMMMM sour cream?"

"And cheese," she said as she showed me the bag of chips. "I like this girlfriend thing."

"Me too," I said as we smiled. "So we going to a movie tonight, please, please, please?"

"You know tonight my lovely mother is coming over and Dad wants me there for moral support," Taylor said as I frowned. "Oh come on, you love me you can do this for me just once..."

"OK," I said and kissed her to cut her off. "I'm there."

"You are good to me," Taylor said as I smiled and she slid her fingers through my hair and we kissed for a long moment. Giggling being the straw that broke the moment. Jessie being the source of that giggling. "Go away!"

"Noooo, I need to talk to Mickie," Jessie said in a serious voice.

"What do you need and make it quick?" I asked.

"Do you know anything about my family tree?" Jessie asked. Taylor giving my cousin a weird look and then looking at me and back to her.

"No," I said as Jessie took a deep breath. "Why would I?"

"I was hoping you did," she said. "Means I've got to call my parents and get them to tell me."

"So?" I asked. Taylor 'studying' on something as my Grandpa Max used to say.

"They don't know about Laney and I'm not sure how they'll react," Jessie said nervously. "They might make me come home if they find out."

"Then don't tell them," Taylor said. "What's with the weird questions about family?"

"Genealogy," Jessie said. "It sucks."

"I had to do that last year," Taylor commented.

"Find out you're Dad was also your brother?" Jessie asked as Taylor flipped her off and laughed.

"Speaking of weird..." Taylor said, "...I just noticed this, but you guys look a lot alike. Why is that?"

"We do?" Me and Jessie asked at the same time. Giggling a moment later.

"I think so," Taylor said. I'd honestly never thought about that but she did have a point. We had similar eyes and the same goofy smile. Interesting thought that would soon become much more relevant. BELIEVE me.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey... Marty?" I asked as I came upon on her in the hallway and once again crying into her hands.

"What do you want?" She asked with a sniffle as she wiped her tears away and jumped to her feet. "Come to tell me how evil I am in place of Taylor?"

"Not a clue what you're talking about," I said.

"You're Taylor's big buddy," Marty said. "So you're here to run your mouth on me?"

"I only stopped cause you were crying," I said. "Thought maybe you needed someone to talk to, I guess not."

"My life sucks," Marty said. "The girl I love is with another..."

"And Mickie is happy which should make you happy!"

"Why should it make me happy?" Marty asked. "She should be with me."

"And then you could both be miserable," I said as Marty glared at me.

"I would be good to her," Marty said.

"Like last time?" I asked. "Doing drugs, hanging out with the low lifes of Cleveland? Why would she wanna be with that?"

"I'm a drug addict, OK?" Marty asked. "I need help..."

"Then go to counseling or rehab," I said. "Why don't you?"

"Because once I get in there it means I can't do anything to forget anymore," she said. I smiled and for whatever reason I hugged her and she hugged me back. She cried in my arms for the longest time and I knew somewhere inside this girl was a good, maybe amazing, person that was just begging to get out. She was hurt so bad over so many things that it was gonna take a long time to fix it (I'm assuming) and she wasn't gonna do anything without a push.

"A lot of things I'd like to forget too," I said into her ear.


"Parents are low lifs" I said in return.

"Mine gave up on me," Marty said. "Thanks."

"For what?" I asked.

"I'm gonna go down to student counseling and see what kinda programs they offer," Marty said. Avoiding my last question.

"I know they offer drug counseling for a fact," I said as I picked up her book bag and pulled her along by the sleeve as she giggled.

"Stop! You don't gotta drag me, I'm coming," she said as she caught up with me and pushed me away and grabbed her book bag and ran off down the steps. Me chasing after her, down the steps and to the front office. Marty stopping short as Mr. Kennedy came out of the office with an arm full of papers, I wasn't so fleet of foot as I slammed into her and sent her into him and him to the floor (papers into the air!). "OWWWWWWWW!"

"I'm sorry, you OK?" I asked as I helped Marty back to her feet.

"Better now," she said as I rubbed her arm and she grinned. I jerked my hand away as she giggled.

"AHEM," Mr. Kennedy said. "You ladies mind explaining what just happened?"

"Friends being friends, sir," I said. "Marty wants counseling."

"Is this true?"

"Yes," Marty said in what I thought was a forced tone. "I have a lot of stuff I need to deal with."

"Well come with me and we'll get you enrolled," Mr. Kennedy said.

"OK," Marty said with a scared look in her eyes.

"I'll come with," I said as she smiled.

"First, you'll clean up those papers you caused me to drop," Mr. Kennedy said with a finger point. "Then you can come down."

"Gotcha!" I said with a salute. Marty giggled as she left with Mr. Kennedy.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'm sorry I got homework and a lot of it," Jessie said as we stood by her VW bug and her wrapped in my arms.

"We both know you're not worried about that," I said. "Your parents?"

"If they make me come home..."

"Why do you have to tell them?" I asked. She turned and looked at me as if I were a genius. "You haven't told them till now."

"Good point," she said as she kissed me.

"And who says they won't accept it?" I asked. "Seriously? Maybe you're just being paranoid."

"No, believe me, Amy and Ray James are some serious bible belt Christians," Jessie said.

"How it is your last name and Mickie's is the same?" I asked. Never having thought about that before.

"My Mom, Amy, has been married twice and I was the product of her first marriage," Jessie said. "And the second time she married, it was to Mickie's Uncle, Michael's brother."

"Complicated," I giggled as Jessie nodded. "And your Dad is really not your dad?"

"Nope, he adopted me," Jessie said with a smile. "Which is why I love him cause he didn't have to love me but he does."

"I see," I said with a soft kiss. "I love you, now get going."

"I love you too..." Jessie said and freezing when a cab pulled up and stopped. Viera hopping out a moment later. Jessie slamming her door shut as I turned and was surprised when I felt her hug me from behind. "Don't ask me to leave cause I'll kill that witch if she brings your parents into this."

"Laney," Viera said in a carefully controlled voice. Jessie looking her dead in the eye as she rested her chin on my shoulder. Viera simply smiled, well half-smiled. "How's life?"

"A lot calmer without you here," I said. "Taylor hasn't had a panic attack in weeks, her and Mickie are back together and..."

"Her and Mickie broke up?" Viera asked and I could see the spark of hope in her voice.

"Yep, guy's name was Raegan," Jessie said as my hole body went numb.

"Oh my lord, so maybe this Mickie is just a phase..." Viera wondered aloud.

"Maybe, but she did it with Raegan and said it was gross," Jessie said as I covered my mouth to keep from laughing. Viera giving Jessie a seriously dirty look now. "What? You thought she was a virgin? Oh lord are you living in the dark? She's done it with half the girls at school. Including me and Laney."

"Don't forget about Sammi down the block," I giggled.

"This is exactly why Richard and I are on the verge of divorce," Viera said as I laughed. "Cause of the constant interference of you. She couldn't just move up here and make new friends she had to drag you out of that Hillbilly town and bring you up here."

"I didn't introduce Mickie to Taylor, I didn't make Taylor feel like she was breaking some mythical commandment by falling in love with a girl," I said as Jessie held me tight in her arms. "I didn't hit my own daughter based on lies and misinformation from an evil balding midget and her brainwashing friends. You're lucky I don't pay you back for that."

"Good lord woman," Richard said from the porch as he came out the door. "Can't you go anywhere without having a fight?"

"She has you wrapped around your little finger," Viera said.

"I'm under no illusion as to how big her mouth is," he said as I smiled.

"I love you too, new Daddy," I said as Jessie started laughing so hard she was shaking from behind me. Richard smiling at me as Viera fumed.

"The divorce is why you are here," Richard said. "Shall we go inside?"

"Why Richard? You let your very own daughter physically attack me right here, so why not air our dirty laundry for the world as well?" Viera asked.

"I love you so much Laney McCoy," Jessie whispered in my ear.

"Fine I might as well tell you," Richard said as Viera joined him on the sidewalk. "I've already had an agreement drawn up and it's very fair. I agree to pay you alimony, a generous amount so you can get back on your feet..."

"I want half of everything," Viera demanded. "Community property."

"Prenuptial agreement," Richard said.

"I love you too," I said to Jessie as she grinned and shook me in her arms as we giggled. "Game. Set. Match?"


"I will contest that," Viera demanded.

"You can't," Richard said calmly. "Here's what I am offering to make this painless. Alimony as I said. You get the house back in Langston and the land to do with it as you wish..."

"And I get custody of my daughter," Viera said in her most spiteful voice. "Full custody."

"Full custody alright and she's staying with me," Richard said. "Try me on this woman and find out who ends up in the poor cause I will bury you. Laney and Taylor will get to watch."

"Yay!" I giggled. Viera giving me a death look.

"Elaine, hush," Richard demanded as I clammed up.

"Sorry, Dad!"

"Dad?" Viera asked. "You are allowing her to call you Dad? You are not the man I married. Now you're trying to replace a man who is in his grave. He'd roll over if he heard her say that..."

"Bingo..." Jessie said as she walked around me and marched towards Viera. I froze for a moment in shock of what she had said (Richard did too!). But Jessie was waiting for it. Viera looked Jessie's way and pointed her finger before the girl I love grunted as she landed a hard punch to the bitch's face and send her tumbling to the grass. I finally arrived to prevent her from doing anything further as she glared at a now crying Viera. "You ever say anything about her Mom and Dad again I'll do more than that."

"You and Jessie go in the house and call a cab," Richard demanded. I pulled a reluctant Jessie along inside. I was honestly glad, cause this was the end for Richard and his viper of a soon to be ex-wife. We did as Richard suggested and called a cab. A few long moments later we watched inside the door as Viera got in the cab and slammed the door and was gone. Richard came back in and took a deep breath as he took a seat on the steps and smiled. "I'm just glad that's over."

"So how long you think it'll take to find me a new Mommy?" I asked as Jessie laughed and hugged me from behind. Richard rolling his eyes as me and Jessie watched a shadowy figure appear at the front door and knock. "Viera you are gonna cause me to murder you."

"Not Viera," I said as I peaked out the side window and opened the door to find an older woman (she was still hot) that reminded me of Raegan. "Hi?"

"I'm looking for Taylor... Raynewater," she said. "She lives here right?"

"Yeah and who are you?" I asked as my old protective streak came back in full force.

"Who is it Laney?" Richard asked as he joined me and met eyes with the stunning creature at the front door. Stopping to admire the 'assets' of this lady as she smiled at him. "Hi there."

"This is where Taylor lives?" she said. "I'm Carolyn Kirkpatrick and you must be the handsome Richard."

"Yeah, I'm sure you're here to admire me," Richard said. "Taylor's not home by the way."

"Well you're the one I wanted to talk to anyway, join me for a moment on the porch?" She asked as Richard nodded and stepped outside. Me and Jessie eaves dropping at the door.

"How can I help you?" Richard asked.

"I wanna know if I can ask your daughter out on a date?" Carolyn asked as my whole body went numb from shock. What the fuck had Taylor been up to?

"Oh my lord," Jessie giggled.

"You are asking me what?" Richard asked. Carolyn cracking up as she pointed at him and said, "Gotcha."

"What do you want?" Richard asked, hiding a smile.

"You," Carolyn flirted. "I'm serious, I was coming up the street and saw part of what happened between you and I'm guessing you're soon to be ex-wife?"

"I'm sorry but that's none of..."

"None of my business, I know," Carolyn said as she held her hands up and was obviously trying to buy herself a moment. "I don't mean I just move right in or anything, I'm just saying I can do things for you and make this transition easier. I'm already very fond of your daughter and she likes me too."

"She's a corner working slut!" Jessie giggled into my ear.

"Are you offering sexual favors?" Richard asked with a smirk.

"If I were you wouldn't turn me down," Carolyn said with hands on hips.

"Neither would I," I whispered as Jessie nodded her agreement.


"Right now I'm looking for a career change," Carolyn said. "And you need someone to help around the house so how about you hire me to come by every few days and clean up or cook?"

"I think we'll be OK, but thanks," Richard said.

"Look, my interest here is in your daughter, she needs a woman in her life to give advice and help her keep her head on straight," Carolyn said. "My daughter, Raegan, just abandoned me for her father and having someone like Taylor to hang out with and give advice to... would mean a lot."

"You live down the block, correct?"

"Next street over."

"She's free to come by any time she wants," Richard said.

"And she never will," Carolyn said. "I tell you what, try me out for a few days as a maid and if I don't make things easier then you can let me go."

"I'm not really looking for..."

"I do laundry and cook," Carolyn said. "Please?"

"OK," Richard said reluctantly. Carolyn squealed and hugged him. "For a few days."

"You won't regret this," Carolyn said as she grinned like a teenager in love. Mickie and Taylor pulled up across the road and got out of the car.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey Dad," I said as I arrived on the porch, hand and hand with Mickie. "Carolyn?"

"Hey beautiful," Carolyn said as she flipped my hair into my face as Mickie giggled. "Guess who your father just ask to marry him?"

"Probably you," I giggled and pushed Carolyn's hands away and then jumped behind Mickie.

"You are a maid," Richard informed the group. "I'm already re-thinking that idea."

"You're Raegan's Mom?" Mickie asked as a sober cloud swept over the gathering.

"Yeah," Carolyn said. "Problem?"

"If Taylor likes you... I guess we'll be friends too," Mickie said without a smile. Turning and kissing me. "I love you Taylor Raynewater. I gotta go, homework?"

"I know," I said and kissed her back. "I love you too. Bye."

"She already hates me?" Carolyn asked a moment after Mickie had driven away.

"She has her reasons if she does," I replied.

"Am I missing something?" Dad asked.

"Nothing important," I said, Laney and Jessie coming out onto the porch.

"Can you come by in the morning?" Dad asked Carolyn. "Laundry?"

"Will do," Carolyn said as she smiled and walked off a moment later as we all looked at each other and wondered what exactly this woman was up to. Dad filling me in on the whole story of how she'd wiggled her way into a job in the first place.

"She has evil intentions," Laney said as I laughed. "She's gonna murder Daddy here and have lesbian sex with me and Taylor!"

"You are seriously stupid," I said with a finger point as Jessie laughed and nodded her head in agreement. Laney took a few steps towards me as I giggled and turned to run off the porch and found she was right on my tail. She sailed right by me as I detoured behind one of the cars down the block and headed back up the road, laughing as she caught up to me and we played a game of cat-and-mouse on the either side of Jessie's VW bug. "What's wrong Laney?"

"Your ass is mine," Laney said as she sprinted around the car and chased me back down the sidewalk to the house and up the steps were I crashed into a giggling Jessie, who held me while Laney smacked my ass. Dad apparently having went back inside.

"OWWWWW that hurt!"

"It was supposed to," Laney said as Jessie slid her arms around me and pulled me close as I looked back at her in confusion.

"She got your ass huh?" Jessie asked in a whisper.

"Bite me," I said as Jessie giggled.

"If I did I wouldn't be the first one huh Taylor?" Laney asked as I glared at her.

"She told me about that on the phone," Jessie said.

"Are you two like fuckin behind our backs?" Laney asked with hands on hips.

"Nooooooo," Jessie and I said at the same moment.

"Besides I prefer the idea of both of you sharing me," Jessie said with a suggestive tongue poke to the corner of her mouth. "Huh, Taylor?"

"OH Wow, I mean no comment..."

"I'm gonna let Laney have my ass and she could have yours too," Jessie said as I squirmed away and saw my best friend giving us a shocked look. "What do you say Laney?"

"At a moment's notice," Laney said. My hormones taking over in that moment as the fantasy of that possible reality began to cloud my mind.

All talk of a possible threesome being washed away (for the moment... yes!) as a yellow cab pulled up in the street behind us. A moment later out popped a person I never thought we'd see in Cleveland, Grandpa Hal.

"GRANDPA!" Laney and I both squealed as we charged down the steps and jumped into his strong arms.

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