Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 35 "What A Morning!"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Mickie? Are you up?" Jessie asked as I groaned and rolled over in bed. Not ready to get up just yet.

"What?" I asked in a grouchy voice as Jessie slipped inside and I looked at her in surprise. She was only wearing a pair of bun hugging shorts and a bikini top that barely contained her tits. She really shouldn't walk around like that. "Put some clothes on?"

"Huh?" Jessie asked and looking down and then smiling knowingly as she looked back at me. "You think Taylor would like me in this?"

"She'd like you better in nothing at all," I said as I sat up in bed.

"So... what, strip show?" Jessie asked as she posed with arms over head and trying to look goofy. "Ya think?"

"If you wanna strip for her go ahead," I said as I ran my fingers through my hair and tried to wake up. "What do you want? I was sleeping."

"First things first, you better not get mad when I do that strip show," Jessie said with a finger point. Joining me on the bed. "Not that I will, just yanking your chain."

"I'm so sure," I said as she grinned knowingly. "You give me your girlfriend for a night and you can make it with Taylor."

"You like my girlfriend," Jessie said with a shocked expression. "I thought all that stuff in the attic was just kidding."

"Hey Laney, Hey Laney," I said as we both laughed and let the discussion drop on that note. Jessie moving on a moment later to the subject of her visit.

"I still can't find my birth certificate," she said. "You think someone could have stolen it?"

"Cuz, you're a slob," I said as she gave me a dirty look. "You are and that's why you can't find anything."

"Like your room is so neat," she said.

"Birth Certificate," I said as I pointed at the frame on the wall above my bed.

"Point taken," Jessie said. Changing the subject a few moments later, "Laney also commented that it might be best to keep this on the down low for now, ya think?"

"I like her, she's smart," I said. "That's a good idea. No reason to create drama unless we need to."


"I'll help you look after school, OK?"

"Always there for me," Jessie said as she smiled. "I wish you were my sister."

"Me too!" I said as she smiled. "Cuz."

"Sooo..." Jessie started to say when a knocking came at the door to my bedroom. "Come in?"

"Oh hey, morning girls," Mom (Laila) said as she popped into the room and saw me and Jessie. "Wondered where you were Jess."

"Yeah, Mick is helping me with... some stuff," Jessie said. "Wassup?"

"Well, Jessie child, I swear your tan is getting more beautiful every day," Mom said as she admired her arms and had her stand and turn slowly. "If I could tan that way my skin wouldn't be the milky white mess it is now."

"I apparently got your genes Mom," I said as she laughed.

"Yeah, your father can get a tan by just looking out the window for ten minutes," Mom said as we laughed. "Jessie must take after him!"

"Huh?" Me and Jessie asked at the same time. Mom seemingly panicking as she realized what she had said.

"I mean... ummmm... I mean, you must take after Raymond, your father?" Mom asked Jessie.

"Hello, Dad adopted me?" Jessie asked referring to her father, Ray, adopting her when he married Jessie's mother, Amy. "So how could I take after him?"

"Good point," Mom said. "I don't know what I was thinking."

"Neither do we, Mom," I said as she pointed her finger at me as a warning. Jessie (as she would tell me later) and me both coming away from this conversation with a weird feeling.

"Anyway, your father, yours Mikala, before you start," Mom said as I giggled. "Is needing those boxes in the garage to be moved to the storage unit down by Lake Erie."

"No," I said firmly. "And you can tell Dad I won't break my back for free and if grounding me is his answer he's gonna get a fight."

"He's willing to pay you miss attitude" Mom said. 3Jessie giggling. "He even said you could hire some of your friends cause there are a lot of boxes. I'm thinking about cleaning out the attic also."



"Laney too?"

"Yes!" Mom said as Jessie smiled. "Maybe invite that Darcy girl you've become so fond of."

"Dar Dar," I said as Mom laughed. "She could probably use the money."

"If she's up for it," Jessie said.

"So we meet back here after school and get to work?" Mom asked.

"But..." Jessie said before I took her hand and nodded, she clued in and simply nodded. "OK. I'll bring the girlfriend."

"Me too," I said as Mom rolled her eyes.

"I so hoped for Grandchildren," Mom commented as I laughed. "No hope of you meeting a nice young man and getting married, Mickie?"

"Sure," I said. "I can be knocked up by noon, Mom, that OK?"

"Smarty pants," Mom said as she turned to leave the room as me and Jessie broke up laughing.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Come on baby she's not that bad," I said as Maria appeared at the door to the bedroom and looked at me seriously. Me talking about our weird neighbor, Rae. "Give her some time to adjust to being back in reality. She was in a private school for years."

"I just don't like her all that much," Maria said. "She's weird."

"With a really cute ass you die to fuck," I said as I flipped her off and she blushed. "I knew it."

"So what if I'd fuck her?" Maria asked. "You've already done it with your eyes."

"MMMMMMMMM," I said as Maria grinned and was coming towards the couch when a knock came at the door. She was clearly frustrated as she turned towards the door and moments later, as I joined her, she opened it. Rae was on the other side. "Yes?"

"Oh great you're both home," Rae said as she stepped inside, uninvited and pushed the door shut. Wearing a pair of bun hugging shorts (hoochie?) and a white t-shirt that clearly showed she was wearing NO bra. Panties seemed to be missing too. OHMIGOD she's so hot. "Can we talk?"

"You got one more time to spy on my girl, chica," Maria said as Rae gave her a concerned look. "The weird shit stops now."

"I was spying last night for a reason," Rae said. "I saw you with that Marty girl and I was thinking you two were gonna do something with her."

"Marty? Troublemaking whore?" Maria said as I bit my tongue.

"But Lynsey's friends with her," Rae said in confusion.

"Lynsey tends to be taken in by those types, she's got a huge heart," Maria said. I smiled at her. "She's free to be friends with who she chooses."

"Like me?"

"Yeah," Maria said. "Like you."

"Well, I wanna do something to make you like me too," Rae said nervously as she shifted from foot to foot and seemed to be struggling with what she wanted to do.

"Yeah, maybe..."

"How about this?" Rae asked as she lifted her shirt up her stomach as my mouth dropped open. It went higher until her big titties bounced into view and she lifted it over her head and tossed it at me. I was drooling as I gawked at her amazing tan and unbelievably firm titties. So firm and bouncy. "Should I go on?"

"Go on to what?" Maria asked.

"Anything you want," Rae said. "I'm offering to do... you know?"

"Threesome... ohmigod you're so gorgeous," I said as I bolted to her side and wanted so bad to touch her but pulled back as she grinned at me, holding my gaze as she pushed her shorts down and showed us she had no panties on and a smoothie that was killin me. "I'm gonna cum in my panties."

"Damn baby girl, chica is hot," Maria said as she joined us. "You sure about this? Cause if we get started and you chicken out I'm not gonna be happy."

"You said you wanted ass? Here's your chance," Rae said as she grabbed onto mine and Maria's shirts and pulled us to her. "I know this is sudden and you may not want to..."

"I'm all ready to cum," I said as I kissed Rae's shoulder and she grinned and relaxed as my hand stroked her bare stomach. My knees felt a bit weak my hormones were surging so much as I slid my fingers across her flat tummy. Rae looked to Maria, who had other things on her mind, and noticed my girlfriend checking out her ass. I kissed Rae's cheek to her attention back and then kissed her lips softly as she grinned. Rae squirming and breaking our kiss as Maria squeezed her ass in her hand.

"MMMMMMMM," Rae moaned as she kissed Maria now. "You like that?"

"MMMMM oh yeah," Maria said as she kissed her back. "I wanna fuck it. You gonna let me?"

"That's what you use your cock on?" Rae asked with a knowing smile as I dropped to my knees and helped Rae step out of her shorts. Leaving her now naked from head to toe. Bringing me face to face with her beautiful pussy. Maria saying in reply, "I do, and you can ask Lynsey if I'm good at it."

"MMMMMMMM she is," I said as Rae smiled down at me as I leaned forward and got my first taste of her smoothness. She wiggled and squirmed as my tongue slid up her pussy the first few times. So soft and smooth and tasted like honey. Her and Maria kissed deeply as I continued to work on her pussy. She reached down and clutched her hand into my hair as the pleasure made her thighs quiver. "MMMMMMM that is such a sweet pussy."

"You can so do me that way Maria, if Lynsey licks my pussy," Rae said as she reached down and brought me back to my feet with a hand on mine and led us towards the bedroom. Me and her slipping onto the bed and proceeding to make out as she pawed me and successfully got me out of my clothes. She grinned as she got to see me naked. Loving what she saw I noted, we both got to our knees in the middle of the bed and kissed deeply. Maria slipping back onto the bed, with her newly attached cock already in place and oiled up as she stroked it. "You gonna lick my tanned pussy Pynsey?"

"Call me whatever you want," I said as I kissed her and crawled away up the bed and then laid back and guided her to spread her thighs and scoot forward so she was over me and her pussy was in line with my mouth. She leaned forward onto her hands and planted her smooth pussy on my lips and trembled when I began to lick her slit. Her thighs quivering in pleasure on either side of my face. She tasted like honey. She moaned as she lowered down to her elbows and dropped her head and made me almost orgasm when she began to lick my pussy too. "MMMMMMMM sweet baby."

"MMMMMMM gonna feel good inside that little butt fuck hole," Maria moaned as she slid inside of Rae's asshole and with one arm hanging at her side and the other on Rae's back she began sawing in and out. Maria was able to watch everything in the mirror on the dresser, I noted. I licked Rae's honey dripping pussy as she tensed up and moaned as she still licked my clit softly over and over. "MMMMMMM oh wow this feels so good to butt fuck."

"MMMMMMMM it feels like the most wonderful thing ever," Rae moaned a moment before she went back to licking my clit and then began to suck it. I did her the same way as we both moaned in unison. Maria's thighs began to smack at Rae's ass cheeks and made them jiggle as she began to pump harder in and out. A light film of sweat formed on her naked body as Rae and I worked each other into a frenzy. "MMMMMM I had no idea it felt this good."

"MMMMMMMM I told you baby I'm really good at it," Maria moaned as she now pumped hard in and out of Rae's asshole and smacked her thighs at the girls ass cheeks loudly. I slid my tongue inside Rae's honey dripping pussy just as it began to spasm wildly and she moaned as she clutched at the back of my thighs. Her lips never leaving my clit as she sucked me harder in long deep breaths. Both of us on the verge. "MMMMMMMMM so good at butt fucking huh Rae?"

"MMMMMMM OHMIGOD YESS YOU ARE!" Rae panted as her orgasm took over. Maria moving both hands to just below Rae's shoulders and pounded the orgasm out of them in a moment so wonderful for all three of us. I shook in orgasm below. Rae and I licked each others cum up a few moments later as all three settled down and Maria pulled out of her asshole and waited patiently. "MMMMMMMMM oh WOW, thank you for butt fucking me, Maria."

"MMMMMMM," Maria cooed as she kissed her when Rae got to her knees. Joined my me. "You are very welcome."

"You lick my pussy now?" I asked Rae as she was still visibly shaking from her orgasm, as was I. She turned and laid back on the bed as I got above her head and in front of Maria. Getting over Rae in a 69 and lowering my own smooth pussy down to her eager lips. This felt like heaven on earth I noted as she licked me from below for the first time. My favorite part coming next as Maria slid into my asshole and started her second butt fucking in a row. My moaning instantly turning to squeals of pleasure as she sunk all the way inside and leaned forward over my back and started to pump. 4Stiffly smacking her thighs at my tanned ass cheeks. "OHIMGOD BABY!"

"MMMMMMMMM baby I love butt fucking you this way," Maria moaned as she was now over my back. I lowered my head and started to return the favor to Rae as Maria watched closely. Rae doing a very basic job on my pussy as she simply licked me from top to bottom, over my clit almost every time. I started sucking her clit as she moaned into my pussy. "MMMMMMMM yesss baby lick her pussy for me while I butt fuck you."

"I'm gonna make her cum in my mouth while you're butt fucking me," I moaned to Maria. Knowing what good dirty talk does to her and feeling the immediate results as she gave me stiffer shots in the next few moments. I licked Rae's sweet pussy a few more times as she squealed under me and continued to lick my pussy as it started to spasm wildly. "MMMMMMMMMMM you like that baby? You like me licking her pussy?"

"MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM ohmigod Lyns you're so sexy to butt fuck while you do that," Maria moaned as she pounded harder and harder in the few moments as I surged into my pure heaven orgasm over the next few wonderful moments. I brought Rae off too and could tell just by the urgent strokes that Maria was cumming too. She was now dripping sweat as she settled down and pulled out of my asshole. Rae and I got to our knees and each greeted her with a soft kiss. "MMMMMMMM I love back to back like that."

"Me too!" Rae giggled.

"Me three!"

This wouldn't be just a one time thing... believe me.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"OK, that sounds great, love you too, bye Mick," I said to Mickie as I hung up. She called me, like every morning, and this morning had great news about Michael and Laila's offer of a job and cash.

"Hey Grandpa," I said as I came down the stairs a few moments later, seeing him just as he was coming down the hall from the kitchen, sipping on coffee. He smiled and leaned down a bit as I rose to my tip toes and kissed his cheek. "How's Grandpa this morning?"

"Adjusting to a new place," he said honestly. "I don't suppose you subscribe to the newspaper do you?"

"Sorry, no," I said. "But there is a really good newsstand a block or so down the road. They have it, I know."

"Then I'm headed off on a morning walk," Hal said. "I suppose you don't have a computer, either?"

"Dad is stuck in the twentieth century," I said. Then getting a dorky smile on my face as I said, "You could buy me and Laney one."

"And how much is this computer you've already picked out?" he asked as I laughed.

"I was only looking at them," I said. "Mickie and I went walking and we went into the store down the road. It's next to the Cingular place. Cute pink one in the window stole my heart, hint hint."

"If I stay here long I'm gonna be in the poor house cause I can't say no to that gorgeous smile," he said and kissed my forehead as I grinned and hugged him.

"You're a big softy Hal McCoy," I said as he smiled.

"Well, I'm off to get the paper," he said as he put on his "walking" shoes. "Tell Richard and Laney?"

"Will do," I said as he left. I stood there for a long time in a bit of a daze and just thought about how good my life was going suddenly. Everything seemed to be going great for everyone. I just hoped it would keep rolling that way.

"What the..." I said as I pair of arms slipped around me from behind and hugged me. I looked back to see Laney as she grinned at me. "Morning my girl."

"Morning to you too," I said as I turned and 6expecting her to kiss my cheek, but in a weird moment she pecked my lips with hers. Well, actually half her lips hit mine and the other half hit my cheek. She giggled as I blushed. "What the fuck was that?"

"A kiss good morning," she said as if it were no big deal. It really wasn't, we've done that a few times since she's been here. "My aim was off a bit, don't panic on me?"

"Not even," I said and linked my arm with hers as we headed for the kitchen. "Besides, even if you did intend to, it's not like best friends don't kiss like that sometimes. It's just a show of affection."

"I actually thought that too," she said. "But I didn't think you'd feel that way. Maybe get the idea I wanted something more?"

"We are best friends my girl, you can talk to me about these things," I said as she grinned. Laney getting a smirk on her face as she purposely leaned in and kissed me. I smiled brightly as did she. Maybe I'm crazy... but it seemed perfectly natural to me. "See wasn't weird at all."

"True," she commented as she walked over to the fridge and both of us saw the sink full of dishes. "Looks like your friend Carolyn was just bluffing about being the maid."

"She's weird," I said as Laney laughed and I took a seat at the table, flipping through a magazine and watching as Laney got out the bacon and eggs. The doorbell rang at that moment. "Fix me some eggs and bacon? I'll get the door."

"You got it, my girl," Laney said as I smiled and left the room. I came down the hall just as Dad came down the steps looking like a zombie. "Morning Dad, Laney's cooking breakfast and Grandpa Hal is already gone on a quest for this morning's newspaper."

"OK," he said simply as I hugged him. He looked at something behind me and grinning. "Looks like your friend was serious about working for us."


"Carolyn is at the door," he said. I turned to see her waving like a dork.

"Hey girl," I said as I opened the door and she came inside, a bit nervous.

"Hey to you," she said with a hug. "Is this an OK morning to start?"

"Sink full of dishes and room full of laundry," Dad said as he smiled at Carolyn, one she gladly returned.

"What about breakfast? I can whip up some bacon, eggs, gravy and biscuits?"

"Don't tease an old southern boy with Gravy and Biscuits," Dad said as Carolyn grinned. "My wife, soon-to-be ex-wife, was not one to cook southern food."

"That is sooo not Southern food," Carolyn commented as she moved past me and her and Dad walked down the hall side by side. "People everywhere love Gravy and biscuits. My parents out in California love them. Born and raised out there."

Breakfast was already done, almost, as we arrived in the kitchen and Laney looked up like she was shocked to see Carolyn. That soon wore off and the four of us sat down to a nice breakfast, chatting and sharing stories. I would almost say it was like a... family breakfast... but I think we all know what kinda of trouble I'll get myself in if I start thinking that way.

A few minutes later, I was in and out of the shower and dressed for school, waiting on Mickie at the front door just as Laney came bouncing down the steps and joined me on the front stoop. We bumped shoulders as she sat down and spotted Grandpa Hal coming back up the road with a paper and NEW cup of coffee in hand. He was being trailed by a geeky guy with two shopping bags in his hands that looked to be rather bulky. Although, I probably should have been able to guess, I swear I had no clue what was in those bags, and neither did Laney, I know. But Grandpa Hal, the master of surprise sure had one for us this morning.

"Back already?" Laney asked as Grandpa Hal and his geeky sidekick, Stephon, arrived at the steps.

"I am and with a surprise," Hal commented mysteriously as he took both bags from Stephon.

"Thank you very much, sir, you have a nice day," Stephon said as Grandpa handed him a $20. Stephon walked off as Grandpa looked inside one of the bags before handing the first one to me and then the second one to Laney.

"HOLY SHIT! OHMIGOD!" I squealed as I saw what was inside. The Pink laptop that had caught my eye some days before. I slid it out of the bag and held the box in my now trembling fingers.

"WOW! Thanks Gramps!" Laney said as she saw hers. It was black and virtually identical to mine.

"Really mine?" I asked as Grandpa Hal smiled proudly.

"Thank you!" Laney and I said in unison as we hugged him at the same time.

"Best present ever!"

"Totally!" Laney said in a surfer voice as we began laughing. What a morning!

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