Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 36 "The Next Moaning"

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                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The next morning... in the kitchen!

"MMMMMMMMM," I moaned into Rae's mouth as we kissed deeply like lovers. Maria, with her strap-on already in place, stood behind Rae and idly stroked the girl's bare body up and down as she waited patiently. We parted after a few long moments as I grinned at my girlfriend, a moment later we kissed softly over Rae's shoulder as she watched closely. "Is that cock of yours ready again baby?"

"MMMMMMM ready for an early morning butt fuck?" Maria asked as she stroked her cock slowly and covered it in the oil that was sooo the perfect lube. Rae grinned as she nodded to Maria and let me get in front of her as she mounted the stool with her back to Maria. Rae leaned forward and placed her hands on the counter behind me as we flicked tongues at each other and then looked back and watched as Maria slid her cock inside Rae's asshole. Maria's ass clenched as she slid in and out and started to pump. Rae groaned and tensed up as she turned to me and kissed my lips roughly. "MMMMMMMM didn't think I'd get it again this soon!"

"MMMMMMM, oh WOW that feels so good I can barely take it," Rae moaned as we now touched foreheads and I watched her eyes glaze over in pleasure as Maria began to smack her thighs at Rae's tanned ass cheeks. I watched Maria's hands slide up the smooth skin on Rae's back as she began to pound in and out and shaking Rae on top of the stool and making her moan intensely, louder and louder. "OHHHHHHHH Lynsey you're so lucky, Maria can butt fuck sooo good. My pussy is gonna cum so good if she keeps going fast like that!"

"MMMMMMMM so good on my cock, feels so good it's addictive," Maria moaned as she really slammed away now and smacked her thighs at Rae's tanned ass cheeks loudly, making them jiggle. Rae squealed and hugged me as I held her steady and watched over her shoulder as my girlfriend handed out the pleasure like no one's business. Rae grinding her pussy on the seat of the stool as she moaned and her pussy spasmed wildly. Maria's body was now covered in a thin film of sweat as her stomach bowed in and her pussy began spasming. Rae screamed for the first time a moment later as her and Maria began cumming at the exact same moment. "OHMIGOD, that's so wonderful I can even say."

"MMMMMMMMM yes it was," Rae moaned as Maria slowed and sunk all the way inside her ass and slid her arms around the girl and pulled her back into her arms. I put my foot on the step of the stool and pushed myself up till my ass plopped down on the counter. I leaned back against the wall and slid my pussy right to the edge of the counter as Rae smiled and leaned forward. She leaned down so her elbows rested on the counter on either side of my thighs as she began to lick my pussy like a lollipop. I moaned and spread my legs wide and placed my feet on the counter for support as the pleasure began to filter out into my body now. I squirmed and moaned as Maria stroked her hands through Rae's long black hair and swept it aside. Maria asked Rae, "I think you like licking my girlfriend's pussy huh, Rae?"

"MMMMMMMM I've had the taste of her honey cum on my tongue since yesterday morning," Rae moaned before she licked my pussy again and found my clit as she slid her tongue inside. Maria slid her hands down to Rae's firm bouncy titties and slowly squeezed them as she began to ease in and out of the girls asshole again. Rae squealed as she raised her head and looked back, my juices dripping from her chin, Maria taking longer and smoother strokes in and out and smacking her thighs stiffly at Rae's ass cheeks. "MMMMMM ohmigod that's so good, you love this huh baby?"

"MMMMMMMM I love butt fucking with a passion," Maria moaned as she squeezed Rae's titties in her hands and gave the girl stiff shot after stiff shot in a hard pounding rhythm that only got faster. I gently stroked my hands through Rae's hair and got her to turn back and start again on my pussy. She did so eagerly as I moaned and held her hair out of her face as she licked my clit over and over. I was mesmerized for a long moment as I watched this gorgeous girl eagerly licking my smooth pussy up and down and trying her best to give me as much pleasure as my girlfriend was giving her. "I love watching you lick pussy so much Rae."

"MMMMMMMMM oh wow, she's so good at it too," I moaned as Rae now bobbed her head up and down as she made me moan and my pussy spasm wildly for the first time with her constant attention to my clit. Maria dripped sweat as she slammed in and out of Rae's tight little asshole and shook the girl gently on top of the stool. The room filling with moans of pleasure that was unending over the next few moments. "MMMMMMM make my pussy cum, make my pussy cum, Rae, MMMMM baby yessss ohmigod you got it..."

"MMMMMMMMM gonna cum butt fucking, oh god I feel pure heaven so good," Maria moaned as she drilled in and out of Rae's asshole and all three of us cummed within a few moments of each other. I don't think I've been that satisfied after just one cum in my life. But I was after that.

Maria pulled out as I laid back against the wall, panting for breath with Rae's head now laying on my tummy as she was panting much like me. I was literally shaking, as was she, while Maria seemed to be on rubber legs now.

"MMMMMM was that good Rae?" Maria asked as Rae slipped off the stool and kissed my girlfriend softly.

"Thank you for butt fucking me... two times," Rae said as Maria slid her hands down to her ass and squeezed it in her hands.

"You're very welcome," Maria said as the two kissed again. I sat up as they parted and kissed Rae myself. "I think you should thank her too Lyns."

"MMMMMM thank you," I said as Rae giggled.

"I never licked pussy before last night but now I'm in love with yours," Rae said as we again kissed softly.

"Love watching that," Maria said. "And I think we're gonna be late for school."

"Yeah, we better go," Rae said.

"Into the bedroom for another round!" Maria announced as Rae and I happily agreed to that wonderful suggestion.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Did you know our school had a wireless network set up? You can literally get internet access anywhere on campus. How do I know? Cause now... I GOT MY OWN LAPTOP! I proudly showed it off to Ryan, Alex, Sammi and everyone else I knew the same day I got it (yesterday!). I sooo saw envy in their greedy little eyes, well, all except Sammi, she seemed to be happy for me, she's so different than I thought.

"I wonder what comes up when you type fuck you on Google," I asked myself as I sat in the corner of the lunch room, happy for a moment of peace with my new laptop. I did exactly as I said above and well, porn was all I found. I quickly clicked out of that and closed the browser.

I looked around, hoping to see Mickie or Laney wandering in, but nope. I did though sense someone was behind me. Turning I saw a glowing Lynsey grinning at me as she slid into the seat next to me and leaned close. Her saying in a sultry voice, "Hey there, old friend."

"Hi," I said as she giggled. I could instantly tell that she was dying to tell me something. "Long time, no see."

"Oh yeah, Maria and me... been busy," she said with a suggestive grin. "Wanna guess what we been doing?"

"You got some off your girlfriend?"

"Not just me," Lynsey said as my ears perked up in interest. She pointed straight ahead to a table on the other side of the cafeteria and to an Asian girl with curves to spare and a tan to kill. "Her too! Her names Rae Chan."

"No way," I whispered as Lynsey grinned. "You, her and Maria?"

"Last night and again this morning," Lynsey said into my ear as I blushed. "She loves my pussy."

"Well, a lot to love," I said as Lynsey blushed. "So I've been replaced?"

"You snooze, you lose," Lynsey said. "Maybe you wanna come back over again?"

"As much as that invite makes me insanely... you know," I said as Lynsey smiled. "Me and Mickie are just getting over the whole Raegan drama and I wanna be with her a lot more than have amazing..."

"Sex," Lynsey finished as I laughed.

"Yeah that," I said. "Believe me, I would be there in a second..."

"I understand..." Lynsey said as she covered my lips with two fingers. "...Mickie's a special girl and you're really lucky."

"I am," I said. Lynsey smiled again as she waved to Maria and touched her head to mine and got up to leave. I grabbed her hand and met her by the table as I asked, "One more question?"


"Has Maria done her favorite thing to Rae yet?"

"Three times already," Lynsey said as my mouth dropped open in surprise. "Twice this morning. She's apparently not the type to get sore."

"WOW!" I said as Lynsey nodded in agreement and walked off to join her TWO lovers. "I so need to get some!"

"Smokin new laptop!"


"New laptop?" Jessie said as I turned and saw her admiring my new computer. "Can I see?"

"Of course," I said as she slid into my former seat as I joined her.

"Laney won't even let me see hers," Jessie said as she went to check her email. "I don't think she loves me... feel sorry for me?"

"Hush," I said as Jessie giggled. "She's just over protective of it."

"No, she's let me use it for real," Jessie said as she closed out her email. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," I said as I slid the laptop back over to in front of me.

"Laney told you about my extra birth certificate find?" She asked. I nodded, thinking how it was actually Mickie who told me with instructions to not tell Jessie she had told me. "I knew she would, or was it Mickie?"

"Does it matter? We're friends, I can help too," I said as Jessie took a deep breath.

"I know," She said as we hugged. "I don't know what to do cause I can't find the original. The one I had when I moved up here from Omaha."

"You looked everywhere huh?"

"I tore my room apart and found nothing," Jessie said as she slumped back in the chair. "I know I had it when I came up here cause I needed it to enroll in school."

"Get a copy from the office," I said.

"Needs parents' permission to access my student file," Jessie said. "I looked it up online at the library."

"And you think Michael would what?"

"I don't want him to know anything until I have both copies of it," Jessie said. "And if they are different then he's got some explaining to do."

"Why can't you just call the Health Department in Omaha and have them send you a new copy?" I asked as Jessie's eyes popped open and she bolted up and hugged me. "Good idea."

"I love you Taylor Raynewater, you're brain is huge," she said as I giggled. "How do we do this?"

"Google?" I asked as she grinned and watched as I typed in the needed information to the search bar and was dumbfounded when it popped up at the top of the first page. Clicking on it, we found all the information we needed for the Douglas County Health Department. "Says it costs twelve dollars for a birth certificate and eleven dollars for a death certificate, which do you want?"

"GRRRRRRR," she growled as she wrote down the information. "You think it would matter that I'm only sixteen?"

"Might be a problem," I said. "The application though says nothing about needing parents' permission."

"Go for it and see what happens," Jessie said as she grinned and bumped her shoulder against mine. I actually felt in that moment that we were indeed becoming REAL friends and not just hanging out because she was Mickie's cousin.

A few minutes later, we both headed back off to class with a new confidence that this little mystery would soon be solved. But, as is usually the case, things were about to take another turn that would make our sudden breakthrough seem... not so big.

                                               ><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"We'll be there in a few minutes to get started, Dad," I said into my cell phone as I sat on the hood of my car and waited on Taylor.  

"Mickie, you made me a promise, now remember that," Dad (Michael) said. "I'm paying you girls good money to do this."

"Dad, stop stressing so much, we got this," I said. "Is something wrong? You've been stressing more than usual lately."

"It's just... life. Mickie, the garage?" Dad said and changing the subject totally as I simply said in reply, "Yessssssss!"

"You're driving me nuts old man," I said to the back of my now closed phone. Hearing someone giggle as I turned and saw Laney standing behind me leaning against the driver's door.

"No one to talk to so you're imagining people?" Laney asked as I half-smiled.

"Get over here," I said as she smiled and slid onto the hood beside me. "Please tell me you're still up for helping out with the moving?"

"I said I would," Laney said. "Your old man giving you a hard time?"

"I wish sometimes he'd just friggin run away."

"Don't ever wish that," Laney said seriously. "You don't know how bad you wish he'd come back once he is gone."

"I'm sorry, you're right," I mumbled. "I forgot about your parents."

"It's ok, and your lucky cause Laila and Michael would love you no matter what," Laney said as I smiled.

"This is very true," I said. "I remember when I told Dad I was gay, he laughed and asked what I was stressing so much about."

"Really?" Laney asked as I laughed and nodded. "My Dad probably wouldn't like it, but I think he'd accept it. Life long military man."

"Finally," I said and slipped off the car as Taylor and Jessie emerged from the side door that leads to the parking lot. Taylor set her book bag (with NEW laptop) on the hood of the car before meeting me with a kiss as I grinned and wrapped her in my arms happily. "I swear, I missed you so much today."

"Me too," Taylor said as she kissed me back and we touched foreheads. Jessie and Laney's excited giggles broke me from my daze as I looked to see them almost about to pee themselves in excitement.

"What's going on?"

"Your brilliant girlfriend gave me the idea to call the Douglas County Health Department back home and get a copy of my Birth Certificate," Jessie said as Taylor smiled smugly. "I just printed off the application and Mr. Kennedy said he'd be happy to mail it for me."

"WOW!" I said as I looked back at Taylor, "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you don't have a new laptop," Taylor said as I laughed.

"Said it would take about five days or so and we'll have the answer," Jessie said.

"Or the beginning of a real mystery," I commented as Jessie got a worried look on her face and hugged Laney. Taylor kissed my cheek and grinned as she pointed to Ryan Caldwell across the parking lot. "What about him?"

"We got all those boxes to move and he'd be a huge help," Taylor said as I nodded my head in agreement before kissing her cheek. Both of us being surprised when Ryan noticed us and waved as he came our way. "Speaking of the devil."

"Hey guys," Ryan said in his trademark deep voice. "The world started spinning again I see."

"Yeh, Taylor's mine and all mine," I said as I hugged her from behind, feeling her relax back into my arms.

"That's good," Ryan said with a smile. "You hear about Marty?"


"She stole some money from Mavis and Alex and disappeared," Ryan said. "She's been gone for days now."

"Typical Marty," I commented. "You're better off without her."

"She was mean to Sammi, I didn't like her very much," Ryan said.

"Hey, change of subject, you help out a bunch of poor defenseless girls, one with a slave driver for a dad?" Laney asked Ryan as everyone laughed.

"Want me to beat him up?" Ryan asked with a smirk.

"Nooooo," I said as Taylor giggled in my arms. "We got tons of boxes to move and you would be a huge help if you got time."

"Gimme a ride over to Alex's place and we'll pick him up and we can both help," Ryan said. "OK?"

"You can ride with us," I said as Taylor nodded. "No more Marty means we can play games again on Alex's big screen TV."

"GAME NIGHT!" Ryan roared as me and Taylor laughed.

"Come on you can ride with us," I said as we all three got ready to climb in.


"What?" I said and again saw Darcy hurdling towards us on her skateboard and seemingly out of control. Holding her hands out she said, "Stop me!"

"No!" I said. Knowing my new friend and how goofy she was, I did nothing and watched her sail past me and look back at me with a seriously dirty look. Dropping her foot a moment later and skidding to a stop. Walking back to meet us as Taylor giggled.

"You're mean," Darcy demanded. "What if that had been a real emergency?"

"What kind of an emergency could you have on a skateboard?" Taylor asked.

"The breaks could go out," Darcy said as if it could really happen. Taylor laughed.

"Dar Dar thinks she's funny," I said.

"So do you," Darcy fired back. "If Taylor does let me be her friend, she's gonna lose her mind with our cheesy jokes."

"Well yours anyway," I said smugly as Taylor kissed me and I smiled. "Right Tay?"

"I love you?" Taylor asked as I laughed. Her noncommittal answer giving me a clue as to what she really thought of my corny jokes.

"Duh!" I said as she hugged me.

"Can I bum a ride?" Darcy asked. "I promise no more mouthy threats."

"Wanna see your girlfriend?" Taylor asked as I circled around the car and laughed as Darcy glared at my girlfriend. Taylor saying in unison with Darcy, "She's is not my girlfriend."

"You guys do that really well," Ryan said as I laughed. Taylor giving Darcy a determined smile.

"Hey, we'll see you at the house ok?" Jessie asked as I nodded and her and Laney headed off for her VW bug.

"GRRRRRRRR," Darcy growled. "I don't like her like that!"

"I don't think she does," Ryan said. "Sammi's just really determined to learn how to ride that board."

"What he said," Darcy agreed with a point to Ryan. A few moments later, with chatter filling the car, we headed for the Marvel's place.

"Hey, there's my new Mom and Dad," Taylor giggled as we pulled up in front of the Marvel's house to find Richard and Taylor's friend Carolyn standing in front of the Marvel's place. We all got out, Darcy watching with a dimpled grin as Sammi wrestled with a dog (Carolyn's dog Reggie as Taylor would later say) in the front yard, her giggles and the excited barks of Reggie as she kept knocking Sammi back to the ground. Taylor walking over to greet her Dad and NEW Mom as she had just said with my hand in hers.

"HEY BLONDY!" Darcy screamed as Sammi looked up. "Need some help?"

"DAR DAR!" Sammi squealed as she held her arms up and Darcy sprinted to her and side flopped down as the two fell to the grass laughing as they soon started to wrestle. Reggie ran around and around them as she barked over and over in excitement.

"What are you doing home old man?" Taylor asked her Dad (Richard).

"Our new maid convinced me to take a day off while things were slow at the office," Richard said as Taylor grinned. "She also made me eat a salad for lunch and go walking. She's about to get fired."

"Oh, grow up Richard Raynewater, you are a young man yet and you act like you're already dead," Carolyn said as she gave him a determined look.

"I agree with her," Taylor said as her and Carolyn smacked a high five.

"I'm putting you for adoption," Richard said to Taylor as I laughed.

"I agree with Richard," I said as he smiled at me and put an arm around my shoulder. "He shouldn't have to do all those things to save his life. He can be hard headed if he wants."

"Why don't you go home and stay there," Richard said to me as we all laughed. We heard more squeals as Sammi and Darcy were in the middle of a tickle fight to end all tickle fights. Sammi rolled away and scrambled to her feet as Darcy struggled but found herself being pulled up by Sammi who then stuck her tongue out and went running off around the side of the house giggling. Darcy groaned as she chased after her. Just then Alex appeared on the porch with Mavis in tow. Ryan, who had been watching the Sammi/Darcy tickle fight with amusement ran up to greet his friend, with a kiss no less. Explaining about the moving we had planned.

"You really need the help Mick?" Alex asked.

"We could sure use it," I said as he nodded.

"Let me tell Grandma and get my old clothes on," he said. Mavis came onto the porch just at that moment in her ever present apron.

"Tell Grandma what?" Mavis asked as Taylor and I got the same idea and went sprinting for the Marvel's porch, rumbling up the steps and giggling as we both hugged Mavis at the same time. "Well, for heavens sake, scare three years of life out of me. At my age that's a great loss, too."

"Going with Mickie, Ryan and Taylor to help them move some boxes," Alex said quickly before disappearing back inside with Ryan. A giggling squeal could be heard inside along with thumping footsteps and then a loud crash as Sammi and Darcy, literally, crashed through the mesh netting on what was the Marvel's old fashion screen door. They landed on the porch with a thud and started laughing out loud as both lay on their backs now.

"What in the hell possessed you two to do that?" Mavis asked with a serious look towards Sammi. "Samantha?"

"She chased me," Sammi said as Darcy again attacked her tickle spots. "NOOOOOO!"

"Stop it, stop it, stop it," Mavis said as me and Taylor laughed from a few feet away. Mavis swatted both of them with a dish towel until the wrestling stopped. "Get up!"

"I'm sorry Mavis," Darcy said. "It's all my fault, don't be mad at Sammi, ok?"

"You heard her," Sammi said as Darcy pushed her away.

"I'll fix it," Darcy said. "OK?"

"The door is unimportant, I'm more worried about you two being hurt by this horse play," Mavis said.

"No way, she's not gonna hurt me," Sammi said with a sweet smile directed towards her new friend. "We just like playing rough."

"Yeh Sammikins is already my best friend," Darcy said as Sammi smacked her arm in protest.

"I told you I don't like that nickname... I'm your best friend?" Sammi asked as Darcy grinned. "WOW!"

"Good lord in heaven I'm getting to old for this," Mavis said as she looked skyward. "Send me a good man to take me away from all this."

"Hey!" I said as I slipped behind Taylor and hugged her as she grinned. Whispering in her ear an idea that just occurred to me, "Laney's Grandpa Hal is a good man."

"Good idea!"

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