Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 37 "That Pesky Soreness"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

The last three days have been hectic with me, Mickie, Jessie, Laney, Michael, Ryan and Alex working three and four hours after school every day to get the seemingly hundreds of boxes moved out of the garage to the newly rented storage unit not far from Lake Erie. And don't you know that Michael would wait till we had just about completed this task to unveil his next assignment for his "tireless crew" as he called us. He wants the attic boxes moved into the garage now. I swear I wished death on him for a moment there. lol.

But as it turns out this was a good thing as Ryan and Alex got hired to tear out the old creaky wooden folding ladder and put in a new sturdier stair case. Thus making it much easier for us to move all of the stuff, including at least two sofas, down and to whereever Michael wanted it.

"How the hell did you ever get a sofa up the folding ladder?" Mickie asked Michael as I laughed.

"Your Mother carried it on her back," Michael said in reply. Mickie joining me in laughter.

So with Ryan and Alex back at the James place working feverishly on that very task, Jessie and Laney went out to a movie and Michael and Laila headed off to some mysterious doctor's appointment. Leaving me and Mickie (along with Dar Dar and her "best friend" Sammikins) to head for the beach for a little private time. We ran them off as soon as we could (Darcy giving Sammi another skateboarding lesson) and settled in on the sand for a precious few minutes of private time.

"I'm so happy right now," I said as I lay wrapped in Mickie's arms on the sand of the aforementioned Lake Erie (a deserted one at that). A blanket wrapped around us and both of our cell phones turned off. I looked back at her and saw this peaceful look in her eyes (the pain now gone) and this adoring smile on her face that made my heart melt into Mickie goo. I turned a bit and kissed her softly. "It's because of you Mikala."

"And I'm happy cause of you," she said as she returned my kiss and slowly, and tantalizingly, moved her lips against mine and I could have screamed for joy in that moment as I rose to my knees and slowly crawled over her as she laid back on the beach towel under us. I lowered down and felt her tongue slip against mine as my body instantly came to life and we massaged tongues so slowly and perfectly seemingly forever. Her hands slipped into my red hair and mine into hers as the kiss deepened and the soothing sensations came a bit harder and flooded to every pore of my body. Even making my toes curl up in joy as I kissed the girl I loved with a passion. She finally slowed and made my brain smoke when she held her lips against mine for a long moment. "WOW!"

"We're gonna get arrested if we don't stop," Mickie said and purposely had me tilt my head back as she gently kissed my neck up and down and made me (nearly!) cry it felt so good. "Huh Tay?"

"I'm so glad you're a lesbian!"

"Huh?" Mickie asked as I blushed at the goofiness of that last comment.

"I meant, I'm glad you were already into girls when I met you."


"Because you already know what to do to make it feel good," I said as she grinned.

"Well, I've learned a lot more since I met you," she said as I laughed. "Huh Taylor?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," I said in my best southern drawl.

"Sure you don't," Mickie said before kissing me. "Now tell me you don't like what I do to you?"

"Not gonna even try and deny that," I giggled as she smiled up at me and caressed my cheek and moved some of my hair behind my ear. "I wanna make love to you in your own bed."

"What?" I asked as Mickie gave me a devilish grin. "It would be fun, or my bed."

"Maybe, but I'm not like Laney and Jessie, fuck for sport and thrills," I said as Mickie laughed and rolled her head back as she laughed so hard she was shaking. "Well I don't."

"I don't either," Mickie said after a minute or so of her constant giggling. "But it would be nice to do something a bit more adventurous."

"Like another threesome?" I asked as she blushed.

"No," Mickie said firmly. "You are all I need. Am I all you need?"

"MMMMMMMM HMMMMMM," I said simply as I played with her curly black hair. "Although that one time we did do it... MMMMMMM."

"I have never done that," Mickie said. "You did."

"Go on tell me you didn't love it," I challenged her.

"I shouldn't like watching that much," Mickie said.

"Yes you should," I said and kissed her chin and then her neck as I slid down a bit on the towel and made her moan lightly as I kissed my way down her neck and to the nape of her neck, licking small circles slowly and then sucking the spot just enough to make her squirm before moving on and doing another spot exactly the same way. I finally moved back up and kissed her lips softly as she now moaned into my mouth and another slow steady, tantalizingly hot rhythm started. Mickie's tongue slid against mine as we kissed passionately over the next few minutes. Her hands in my hair after a few moments and mine slowly into the mess of curls that were hers. She moaned into my mouth as I massaged her breasts with my hands through the fabric of her bra and t-shirt and her hands slid slowly down to my back and under my shirt as she stroked the bare skin on my lower back. "MMMMMMMM WOW!"

"OH yeah," Mickie said as she looked at me. "A little more of that and you're gonna have to hose me down."

"I would rather have you shaking in pleasure," I said as she grinned and nodded. "I love it when you're in the mood."

"So you were saying I should like watching you get fucked by other girls?" Mickie asked pointedly.

"It turns you on, I know it does, hello you cummed four times that night just watching," I said as she blushed. "You loved watching them share me."

"I wanted to be under you so bad when Maria was..."

"Butt fucking me," I finished for her. "And I'm not sure I could take that."

"You were moaning like you couldn't handle Maria and Lynsey," Mickie said.

"I want them to do you that way," I said as Mickie nodded her head no, me doing the same only for yes. Then both of us laughing.

"I said yes, Mikala."

"I said no TayMac," she said, mixing my first and middle names into an interesting new form for the first time.

"Why not?" I asked.

"I don't know that I'd like Maria doing that to me," Mickie admitted honestly. "You like that, and that's cool, but me..."

"OK," I said as I kissed her. "That's good enough for me."

"No argument?"

"None," I said. "Besides Lynsey and Maria got themselves a new slut anyway. That Asian girl in your Chem class?"

"Brenda Song?" Mickie asked.

"No, the tanned princess," I said. "Rae Chan."

"I remember her from like 4th grade," Mickie commented. "Wait, she's fucking Maria and Lynsey?"

"Yep," I giggled at Mickie's direction twist in her thought pattern. "Lynsey was bragging about it a few days ago."

"They give her the usual yet?" Mickie asked with sudden intense interest. "Cause I know Maria."

"Lynsey called me and gave me every last detail," I said as Mickie grinned. "Rae likes pretty much what they did to me."

"MMMMMMM," Mickie cooed as she kissed me again and stroked the smooth skin on my stomach now. "I wouldn't mind watching that."

"You wanna watch Maria and Lynsey fuck... Rae?" I asked as she grinned and kissed me. "What about me?"

"You'd be watching with me," Mickie said. "Imagine how hot that would be."

"We could take turns getting each other off to the action," I said as Mickie nodded. "Maybe propose it to Lynsey and Maria?"

"We can think about it?" Mickie asked as I quickly agreed. I sat up as I spotted a weird looking sight coming up the beach, it was Sammi and Darcy but it looked like Sammi had her fingers linked in Darcy's pants belt. I thought we had some kind of hook-up happening here until I saw the sour look on Darcy's face. They stopped as me and Mickie stood. "What have you two been doing?"

"Yeah, she's holding your belt loop like..."

"She almost got into a fight over me," Sammi said. "I had to drag her away and make her follow me."

"Bitch ain't gonna call you names while I'm around," Darcy said as Sammi gave her a blank look. "That fat tub of lard started with you cause she thought you were an easy mark."

"I've been picked on before," Sammi said. "If you ignore them they go away."

"She called you stupid," Darcy said. "I don't let people I care about be put down that way. Forgive me for caring about you."

"Everyone calls me that..."

"Not me and not that fat bitch back there," Darcy inserted as Sammi smiled.

"What happened exactly?"

"We were building a sand castle and some girl starting calling us names," Sammi said. "Called me a dumb blond, and just some other stuff."

"I told the whale if she didn't shut up I was gonna beach her ass," Darcy said as Mickie laughed.

"You think you're so bad, Dar Dar," Sammi said as she stuck her tongue out at Darcy. Who gave her a dirty look and finally pushed Sammi's hand away from her belt.

"Bite me Sammikins!"

"Dar Dar!"


"Want some hot fudge before we head home?" Sammi asked as Darcy grinned and nodded. And just like that the battle of goofy nicknames ended as the two took off down the walk for the concession stand, which would only be open for another minutes.

"Those two are nuckin futs," Mickie said seriously as I laughed and nodded my head in agreement as she took my hand and laced our fingers together. We followed after Sammi and Darcy a few moments later.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Why did she leave her car with you?" Maria asked as we stood outside of the apartment building by Marty's car.

"Beats me, but it's nice and that way I can visit Taylor and them and won't have to bug you," I said.

"I don't mind driving you places," Maria said. "I mean sometimes I'm busy and all..."

"This is better," I said. "I like having my own car."

"You gonna go visit her in rehab?" Maria asked.

"Not for 30 days or so," I said. "That's the way those clinics usually work. My sister Bernadette was in one, several times."

"I can go with you?" Maria offered.

"If you want," I said. Maria grinned as she nodded. "But for now you need to get into a nice warm bath and let your hips soak. You said you were sore."

"But it's the most wonderful kind of sore you can be," Maria said as she kissed me. "MMMMMM I never got to do anything like this before."

"Rae's hot little ass on your mind all the time?" I asked as she grinned.

"She won't say no and she's so hot," Maria said as I totally agreed. "I'm getting wore out by all these early morning orgies."

"I'm not complaining," I said. "She took to pussy licking like a natural."

"She's the perfect lover," Maria commented with a horny smile. "And the best thing?"


"Her Mom would kill her if she found out Rae was dating or seeing a girl," she said. "So she has no interest in either of us."

"Good thing too, cause then you'd have to run me off," I said. "Cause she's in love with your butt fucking cock."

"MMMMMMM," Maria moaned as she kissed me. "And no I'm not gonna run you off even if we did break up."


"Yes," she said as I smiled. "I took on the responsibility of keeping you safe until you were 18, you go where I go."

"WOW!" I said as I hugged her.

"Even if we break up, I promise you, I won't let you go homeless or worse, back to your family. You're also gonna graduate."

"I'm only a Junior I can't think that far ahead," I giggled.

"You've got good grades and you can go to University if you want to," Maria said as I smiled.

"Will your crazy Mommy pay for that?" I asked as Maria laughed.

"No, but if I make a big enough deal about it my crazy Daddy will to get back at my crazy Mommy," she said back as I laughed.

"I bet!"

"You headed for the Marvels'?"

"Yep, be back in a bit," I said before kissing her and driving off a few moments later. I was hoping I would be able to find my way to Taylor's place and I knew Mavis and that hunk Alex guy lived down the street. Surprisingly, I found it rather easily.

Pulling up in front I sat and watched as the girl I thought was Sammi wrestled in the front yard with a girl whose face I couldn't see at first. I glanced up to see Alex and Ryan Caldwell sitting on the steps and watching. The squealing from Sammi was funny, and drew my attention back to the yard, as she got tossed around by this other girl for a few moments. But something I would learn about Sammi was, she's scrappy if anything. She got back to her knees and tackled the other girl to the grass and pinned her down with both hands as I got out. Fishing the money Marty had given me out of my pocket. All the action stopping as Sammi looked up and I recognized the other girl (Darcy "dorky diva" Mulder) as both got to their feet.

"Can I help you... hey, Lynsey right? Marty's friend from the store?"

"We are kind of... yeah," I said as Sammi came over to meet me at the front of the car. The sweat dripping down her neck giving my hormones a kick start as she grinned at me. Alex and Ryan and Darcy joined us by the car, Darcy eye balling me from behind Sammi. "Marty went into rehab, did you know? Or maybe you don't care?"

"We heard," Alex inserted into the conversation. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a woman named Mavis Marvel," I said.

"What do you want with her?" Darcy asked and gave me a dirty look. Why, I don't know.

"Well, first it's none of your bidness," I fired back as we exchanged dirty looks.

"Oh, knock it off," Sammi said to Darcy.

"Well, you don't know why she's here," Darcy said. "She's already told us what kind of friends she runs with, Marty's scum."

"You can bite my ass, Darcy the Dorky Diva," I said with a finger point. Sammi looking to Darcy and laughing.

"You are so the Dorky Diva," Sammi said with a giggling push to Darcy's shoulder. The tension in the air evaporating as Darcy grabbed Sammi's arm and pulled the girl to her and both fell to the ground squealing as Darcy tickled her. A moment later, Sammi sprang to her feet and Darcy followed as she charged after the blond around the side of the house.

"Those two dating?"

"No, they're... friends," Ryan said with a smirk and air quotes around the last word. I laughed.

"You needed to talk to my Grandma?" Alex asked. I simply showed him the money and handed it to him. He was truly puzzled.

"What's this for?" Alex asked as an older lady, think Grandma type, came onto the porch. That had to be Mavis, I thought.

"Marty stole some money off you and she gave me this and told me to make sure you get it," I said.

"I don't want her dirty money," Alex said as he pushed it back into my hand. "Grandma gave her a chance to turn her life around and all Marty did was disrespect her in her own house and then steal off her."

"She's an addict," I said. "You don't know what that's like. I do. My sister, Bernadette, was just like Marty until she got clean. I saw that change in her when she did. Marty's got demons..."

"Who do we have her?" Mavis asked as she appeared at the sides of her Grandson and Ryan.

"My name is Lynsey Panettiere, Ma'am," I said. "I came to give you the money that Marty stole from you."

"I already told her we didn't want her filthy money," Alex said firmly.

"Alexander, you are not the lord and ruler of this household, I am still head," Mavis said with a finger point. "Now you stop being rude to our guest."

"Marty felt horrible about what she did and she's in rehab now," I said as I handed the money to Mavis, "Just take the money, please?"

"I will only take..." Mavis said as she peeled off 300 dollars from the roll, "...what she stole from me. Not a penny more."

"What do you want me to do with the rest of it?" I asked in confusion as she put the remaining money back into my hand.

"Makes no never mind to me," Mavis said. Ryan and Alex having a rather animated conversation behind her. "You keep it."

"OK," I said. "I guess."

"Nice to meet you sweetie and thank you for being honest," Mavis said as I nodded. "Did you say that Martina was in rehab?"

"She is," I said. "She left her car with me."

"I'll pray for that sweet child," Mavis said. "She is so troubled and has had so many things bad happen to her in her life."

"She's not a bad person I don't think," I offered. "Just really screwed up from all the drugs."

"You let me know when she can have visitors and I'll pay her a visit," Mavis said as I agreed.

Mavis was so sweet and after everything got sorted out, so was Alex. I stayed a few more minutes and chatted with Sammi and her 'Dorky Diva' before I headed for home, stopping as I got stuck in a major traffic jam on the way and a half hour later pulling up in front of the house. I locked the car up and stopped short when I saw Rae sitting on the stoop, crying into her hands. "Rae?"

"Hi," she said and smiling as she got up and walked down the few steps and met me at the back of the car. Hugging me.

"What's wrong you think I wasn't coming back?" I asked as she laughed.

"Mom's being a whore and kicked me out for the night," Rae said as she wiped away a few tears. "Says I'm doing something but she doesn't know what."

"Is she crazy?"

"Pretty much," Rae said as I laughed. "She's trying to get me to admit that I like girls..."

"But you don't," I said and giving her a look as to say 'the walls have ears'. She grinned and caught on. Stepping back a foot or so and nodding.

"She's just trying to make trouble," Rae said.

"You wanna spend the night on our couch?" I asked as she grinned and excitedly nodded. She followed me as I walked inside and up the steps to the third floor. I had barely slipped inside the door before Rae shoved the door shut and slipped into my arms and kissed me. OH WOW! I probably shouldn't have but she's so hot and I am quickly realizing that I can't resist her. I moaned into her mouth and kissed her back as we stumbled back and crashed against the door and broke up laughing. "I'm sorry, I'm clumsy."

"You are, but you do a lot of other thing good, Pynsey," Rae said as I grinned and kissed her shoulder and she smiled. Stopping her when she went to take her shirt off. "What? I thought it was OK if it was just me and you, as long as Maria knows?"

"Slow down a bit is all," I said as she clued in and let me slip her shirt up her flat sexy tummy, and watching her willingly raise her arms (ohmigod that gets me going), I gently lifted it over head. She posed for me with a smirk and turned so I could take off her bra. I stepped closer and slid my hands up and down her smooth skin and came to rest on her shoulders as I kissed each one of them and she smiled. I unsnapped her bra and as it fell into her hands, she turned to let me see her big bouncy titties and tossed the bra away. "MMMMMMM see, slow is good."

"Your turn Lynsey," she said as I raised my arms and she lifted my shirt over my head. Tossing it aside as we kissed softly. Her arms slipped around to my back and expertly unsnapped my own bra, looking at me with a horny smile as my titties bounced into view. "You just don't know what you've done to me."

"What... have I... done... to you?" I asked as I gently undid the belt on her pants as she stood still with her arms down at her sides. I slid the belt out and kissed her again before she could answer. "Huh?"

"You've made me think about your pussy every minute of every day for the last week," Rae said as I grinned and we kissed softly as I pushed her pants down after unbuttoning them. A long slow, soft, wonderful kiss followed as Rae let the pants fall to her ankles and stepped out of them as we parted. To my knees I went, for the most magical part, the thong strip. She giggled as I slowly slid her thong down her smooth tanned thighs and to her knees and soon enough to her ankles. She stepped out of them and covered her cute little bald muff and motioned with her finger that I couldn't have it, yet. I smiled as I rose back to my feet and admired the gorgeous sight that was Rae Chan... naked. So tanned and perfect from head to toe.

It was now her turn to strip me out of my pants as she kissed me for a long moment and then slid down to her knees and slid my pants down my thighs and held me steady as I stepped out of them. Then went my panties (a pair of skimpy gold ones) as she skinned them down my thighs and off. I did her the same way she'd done me as I covered myself and made her stand. I took her hand and led her into the bedroom and kissed her again by the foot of it. Neither of us noticed, as we made out, that Maria had entered the room.

"AHEM!" Maria said, having been watching from the door for some time I would later learn. She walked over to greet us, still in her bathrobe and grinned. "And what are you two whores doing?"

"What does it look like?" I asked as I hugged Rae from behind. Her grinning.

"Getting ready for me?" Maria asked. Rae and I both nodded. "Damn, I wish I could."

"Why can't you baby, you don't like me as much as Lynsey does?" Rae asked as she purposely placed Maria's hand on her ass.

"Her hips are sore," I whispered into Rae's ear as Maria nodded and squeezed Rae's ass in her fingers, letting her robe fall open at that moment and smiling as we saw her 'faux' cock pop out, already in place. "So you feeling better?"

"MMMMM much," Maria said as she kissed Rae, now our mutual lover, and then me as the robe fell to the floor. "And what better way to work out my soreness."

"Butt fucking me and Lynsey will make Maria feel so wonderful, she won't even think about that pesky soreness!" Rae said. Maria grinned knowingly and followed us as we crawled onto the bed. A few moments later, Maria did exactly as Rae had suggested she do. And it did make her feel wonderful (us too)!