Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 38 "This is Raegan"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Morning Grandpa," I said as I came down the steps and saw him getting the paper off the porch. I joined him as he smiled and leaned down to let me kiss his cheek.

"How's my Taylor?" He asked.

"Wonderful," I said with a shrug. Looking down the street, two things struck me, Carolyn coming this way and Darcy and Sammi already up and riding their skateboards out in front of the Marvel's. Grandpa Hal groaned as he apparently looked at the want ads and found nothing that looked appealing to rent (something that's become a daily routine). "Nothing again?"

"Nope," he said. "Look it over later, but it's looking like I'm heading back to Langston."

"Noooooo," I said as Carolyn came up on the porch and smiled, greeting me with a hug.

"Morning beautiful," she said as I smiled. "Is Richard stirring yet?"

"Don't think so," I said. "Oh yeah, do you know of any houses that are for rent?"

"A couple on the next street over," Carolyn said. "Why you moving out?"

"For him," I said.

"You know, it might be best for you to stay right here," Carolyn said to Grandpa.

"I can manage just fine in a house of my own," Hal said.

"Why would you want to?" Carolyn asked.

"Richard thinks very highly of you, Taylor obviously loves you..."


"And Laney, well, that goes without saying," Carolyn said with her arm around me.

"What about me goes without saying?" Laney asked as she arrived on the porch and gave Carolyn a blank look.

"Nothing my girl," I said as I wrapped my arms around her and pooched out my lips and both of us giggling when she kissed me. "Morning."

"Morning to you too my girl," Laney said as she put her arms around me. I had a feeling in that moment that for some reason she was trying to make a point.

"You two are... just friends?" Carolyn asked.

"Yesss!" Laney and I said in unison.

"You're awfully close huh?"

"Yes, we are," Laney said. I then understood what she was trying to prove. "Why? Is that a problem?"

"Laney, you can hate me till the end of time over Raegan but that's not gonna stop me from trying to be your friend," Carolyn said as I smiled. Simple direct to the point. A home run.

"I agree with her," I said to Laney, "Lighten up."

"OK," Laney said. "What was goes without you saying though?"

"That you want Grandpa Hal here as much as we do," I said.

"No I don't," Laney said as I laughed. "Go home already so I can have my room back."

"Elaine Michelle McCoy," Grandpa Hal said with a point.

"You have a pretty name," Carolyn said to Laney.

"Thanks," Laney said as she smiled.

"See, you're starting to like me already," Carolyn said.

"Maybe," Laney replied as they both laughed.

"So, you want me to look into one of the houses on my street?" Carolyn asked Grandpa Hal.

"You can do that?"

"I'm a Real Estate Agent," Carolyn said. "Among other jobs I've had."

"You're full of surprises," I commented.

"Among other stuff," Carolyn said as I laughed. She so reminded me of Raegan in that brief moment. A long moment passed as I felt a slight pang of loneliness with Raegan being gone. Not sure why I hadn't felt it before. But it was barely there anyway, maybe I didn't feel as strongly for her as I thought I did. My thought process blocking out the rest of the world as when I clued back into the conversation, I was rather lost.

"That is an idea to chew on," Grandpa Hal stated.

"What is?" I asked. Everyone looked at me as if I'd lost my mind.

"Grandpa Hal moving down to the basement," Laney said as I smiled.

"I love that idea," I said. "It needs some work though. It was flooded not to long before we moved in."

"I trust that our good friend Carolyn here can handle everything with respect to setting up the appointments for inspections?" Grandpa Hal asked.

"I sure can," Carolyn said. "I'll talk to Richard and get his approval. And we'll be all set."

"Confident in that ain't we?" Laney asked.

"Yes we is," Carolyn said as Laney giggled. Grandpa Hal and Carolyn walked on into the house and was greeted by Dad as he came down the steps.

"Carry me to breakfast?" I asked Laney as she grinned and turned. I hopped on her back as she picked me up piggy back and went charging down the hallway.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I am exhausted. Dad has been driving us all like a slave driver to get all this work done. For what reason? I don't know. I'm beginning to think that Mom is knocked up and Dad is making room for the new arrival by kicking me out of the house. LOL. Silly, I know.

But we've now completed the garage clean out and were now in the process of sorting out the boxes at the storage site (just a bit from the shores of Lake Erie). Stacking them into piles that match (clothes with clothes, papers with papers and the like). Besides we had to kill some time while Ryan and Alex finished the new staircase to what is essentially the third floor (attic) back at home. So here I was sitting outside the storage unit, sipping a soda and taking a break while Jessie and the girl I love worked inside on sorting some more boxes. I could hear their giggling and knew the two weren't doing much in the way of work.

"Where's my girlfriend?" Laney asked as she appeared from around the side of the building.

"Inside with her other girlfriend," I said as Laney grinned and sat down beside me. "Listen."

"I sometimes wonder who Jessie likes more," Laney said in a half-serious voice.

"I wonder the same about Taylor," I replied. But Laney didn't smile.

"You still hurting over the Raegan situation?" Laney asked. My heart skipping a beat and stomach dropping a bit at her bold questioning.

"We both made mistakes," I said. "Raegan is gone and Taylor is mine again. That's all that matters."

"Yeah and now with Marty in rehab, she can't cause anymore trouble," Laney said as I smiled. "I'm just glad you're back with Taylor, that's the way it should be."

"And you made the right choice in picking Jessie," I said as I bumped her shoulder. "Although, I have to admit...I really like Sammi now."

"She grows on you so quick," Laney said. "I know that for a fact. And she's got this smile that just... does things to me and makes me wanna do anything she wants. Well... it used to."

"Now Jessie has that power over you," I said as Laney offered no denial. More squeals of laughter coming from inside and being followed by a loud crash.

"Good one Jess," Taylor said as me and Laney listened. "I hope Michael didn't need that."

"Fuck you, hillbilly," Jessie fired back as me and Laney laughed.

"Fuck you too, corn sucker," Taylor said as the two, no doubt, started wrestling. The laughter again filling the air.

"They're gonna destroy everything in there," I said as Laney laughed.

"Corn sucker?" Laney asked as we both laughed. "I'm gonna remember that one."

"Jessie hates being called a Corn Husker too," I said. "I used to call her that when I wanted to piss her off."

"She calls me Hillbilly all the time," Laney said. "I never mind, but now I got something to fire back at her."

"She loves your accent for real," I said. "So do I."

"You do?"

"Uh huh, yours is a bit stronger than Taylor's though," I commented. "Why is that?"

"I was born a mile farther south than Taylor," Laney said. I laughed. "Take it from my parents. My Dad, Baron, was a live out in the sticks hillbilly. Well, you'd think that if you didn't know he was in the Air Force for 27 years."

"Taylor told me about your parents," I said.

"Car accident," Laney said quietly. "Woke up one morning and they were both gone."

"Well... at least you got to see them one more time at the funeral and say goodbye."

"Nope," Laney said. "It was a closed casket."

"Weird, why?"

"They got hurt really bad in the wreck," Laney said. "My Dad's Commanding officer said it was a horrible accident."

"How about I buy you a hot dog and we don't talk about this anymore?" I asked as Laney nodded and half-smiled. I stood and pulled her up next as we walked around the side of the building and down the board walk towards the Dairy Queen. Which now featured, the "Dorky Diva" Darcy and her "Sammikins" riding skateboards in the parking lot, Sammi's lessons finally paying off as she looked to be getting pretty good on the board, I noted.

"Hey!" Sammi and Darcy said in unison as we walked up. The two then fell against each other giggling.

"Do you two ever leave each other's side?" I asked pointedly.

"She rode her skateboard two miles to see me this morning," Sammi said with a smile towards Darcy, who blushed. "Found her asleep in the swing on the porch."

"It was more like four miles," Darcy said. "And I told you why."

"Her bitchy Aunt got on her case," Sammi said.

"I just took off and by the time I got a mile away I refused to go home again," Darcy said.

"I didn't know it was that bad at home," I said as Darcy shrugged.

"I don't need a lot of sleep," Darcy said.

"Well, tonight, you are spending the night on the couch at Marvel Manor," Sammi said flatly. "Don't even start with me."

"AWWWWWW, Sammikins is inviting her little Dar Dar to spend the night," Laney said as Sammi glared at her. I giggled. I also noticed a growing smile on Darcy's face.

"I swear sometimes I wish I'd never met you," Sammi said as she pushed Laney.

"And do you also wish I hadn't done what I did to you?" Laney asked. Sammi clammed up and shrugged. "Exactly."

"You guys were... involved?"

"Long story," Sammi said. "Not a happy ending for me, but I'm OK now."

"What happened?" Darcy asked with concern in her voice.

"Come on, let's take a walk and I'll tell you," Sammi said. "I'm a huge screw-up..."

"Weird how things can just pop up out of nowhere," I said as Laney nodded.

"I wasn't going for the hurtful comment," Laney said.

"She knows that," I replied said. "But I bet you're hard to get over. So, do you blame her for being hurt?"

"She hurt me too..."

"I know," I said as I hugged her. "You're with Jessie and Sammi's... friends? With Darcy. I honestly think everything is better."

"You smell good," Laney said as I smiled.

"I do?"

"I like that scent," Laney said as we grinned at each other. "Kinda makes me wanna jump you."

"Well, come on," I said as I motioned with my hands. "My girlfriend and yours are already knocking boots, let's share the love."

"Some day," Laney said as I laughed and shook my head at the silliness of the situation.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><
"MMMMMMM you two stay in bed," Maria said to me and Rae. "I'm gonna fix my two horny babies some breakfast."

"MMMMMMM I love being your horny baby," Rae cooed as she kissed Maria softly. I leaned up and did the same as Maria grinned. Me saying as I looked down at Maria's 'cock', "Sure you're done with us?"

"Well..." Maria said as she stood and slipped out of the harness and dropped it into it's case. "...until later, I am."

"MMMMMM so in love with her cock," Rae said as she watched Maria leave the room before she slid across my stomach and leaned down onto her elbows as she started to kiss me softly. Both of us still under the covers and literally still shaking from the effects of what Maria had just done to us (butt fucking!). She massaged her tongue against mine and brought my pussy back to life even after the spasming it had just done. "MMMMMMM so in love with your pussy too, Lyns."

"MMMMMMM I'm in love with your pussy and the way you lick mine," I said as she giggled. "You've had to have been with a girl before me and Maria."

"Nope," Rae said and kissed me. "You two just got me... curious."

"What about butt fucking?" I asked as she grinned.

"Hey, I knew Maria wanted to do it after that day in the hall," Rae said. "And I was dying to try it, so I let her do it."

"Again, again and again," I cooed as I kissed her. "And now?"

"She gets it anytime she wants," Rae said. "And you Pynsey can have me anytime and anyway you want."

"Well, aren't we cozy?" Maria asked as she came back into the room and looked at us with a smirk.

"Don't stand there naked and looking beautiful, just crawl in with us," Rae said as Maria slid back under the covers and scooted in beside me. Rae leaned down and kissed my girlfriend's mouth, like a lover. Slowly massaging her tongue against Maria's as I started to kiss Rae's neck and heard her moan into Maria's mouth. "MMMMMMM."

"Oh yeah," Maria said as she turned onto her back and guided Rae off me and onto her. "I can't get enough of having two girls to share."

"I think I'm addicted," I said as Maria nodded her agreement.

"Me three!" Rae giggled. "I really love Maria's... addicted."

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Another box of old bills," Jessie said as she looked up at me. I was standing on the top step of a step ladder and looking down as she handed it to me. Stopping for a moment when I realized I could see down her shirt from this angle. A sheen of sweat covering the skin and the outline of her bra being the few things I saw before she caught on. "You been doing that all day?"

"Doing what?" I asked.

"Looking down my shirt at my boobs?" Jessie asked as I sat the box on the top shelf and felt Jessie's hand gently on my lower back, keeping me steady, I noted mentally. "Well?"

"Honestly, no," I said as I stepped down to meet her. "Just happened."

"Right," she said in a disbelieving manner. "I'll bet you been doing it all day. That why you're drooling?"

"The only way I'll drool over you is if you strip off naked," I said back.

"You think you'd like it that much?" she asked with a horny smile. I blushed, knowing I could never win these idiotic sexual banter matches.

"I guess we'll never know," I said and walking off as she followed after me to the front of the storage unit to get more boxes from the massive pile. I picked up one and Jessie picked up another. A long moment of silence emerging as she moved more boxes and I sorted them into the pre-determined piles and stored them away. Jessie's voice shaking me back from the thoughts of me and Mickie.

"Can we talk?"


"Can we talk?"

"Sure," I said as she looked out the door and pulled down the noisy metal door and slammed it to the floor. She then moved closer and giggled as she pressed her body to mine and said, "Take me."

"OK, where do you wanna go?" I asked, playfully putting my arms around her. But the playing ended a moment later when she almost knocked me over with her next question.

"Does anal feel good?" Jessie asked in a whisper. Concern in her eyes. "Please don't laugh at me."


"You're the only person I can ask without it being a total nightmare," she said as I smiled and took her hand and lead her to the back where we crashed down on the James old sofa. I moved close. "Well?"



"Feels wonderful," I said as Jessie grinned. "Maria did me and Lynsey that way. Remember I told you?"

"Yeah I do," she giggled. "But that's you doing it, not me."

"Laney putting pressure on you?"

"No, it was me who brought it up," Jessie said. "I wanna try it, I'm dying to try it."

"A girl after my own heart," I giggled. Not bothering to mention my initial disgust at hearing Laney and Sammi had done that. "But you're still nervous?"

"A bit, a lot," She admitted. "I won't have the advantage you did."

"True," I said. "Course you and Laney could always just go and join Maria and Lynsey for an orgy."

"OHHH WOW, now that would be fun," Jessie said. I have to admit that really surprised me.

"You'd like that?"

"Four hot girls," Jessie said. "I'd jump through fire to do that just once."

"I've had my fill I think," I commented. "Mickie's enough for me."

"I just figured out how much I love Laney... down there?" she asked as I laughed.

"Yeah I hear ya," I said. "Pretty good, huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM," Jessie giggled. "And that's about the time I started getting curious about my other... hole?"

"It's like a whole different type of pleasure," I said. "For me it was."

"I can't wait, but we never have any time alone," Jessie said. "Uncle Mike and Aunt Laila stay around the house now so much... it's annoying."

"The wait is worth it," I said as she shrugged.

"So you call Maria and Lynsey for me?" Jessie asked with a coy smile.

"No, I will not," I said as she laughed.


"Don't you think you and Laney should talk about this first?" I asked as Jessie pretended she'd never thought of that. "She might not like that idea. She acted weird when she found out what I did with them."

"HMMMMMM," Jessie said. "You think I'm a whore?"

"HUH? NOOOOOO," I said as she smiled. "You been with one girl."

"Yeah, but ohmigod, I'm insanely horny all the time," Jessie said. "It's like Laney turned something inside of me on and now I can't control it."

"Tell me about it," I said as we laughed. "It's the best slash worst feeling in the world."

"Uh huh," she agreed. "So you don't think Laney would wanna do something like that, with Maria and Lynsey?"

"You ask her," I said.

"Yeah, I will," Jessie said as she leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Thanks."

"Anytime," I said as she smiled and took a deep breath and got up, pulling me along as we again started to sort out some more boxes.

I think it was something like an hour or so later when we were bringing back one of the last few boxes from the pile when I noticed it, a weird lettering on the box that Jessie had, reading "Jessie's X V three I, oh eighteenth birthday. Jessie's Eighteenth Birthday?"


"On the box," I said as Jessie turned it around and looked at it in confusion.

"What in the world?" Jessie asked as she sat the box down.

"HEY TAYLOR, HEY TAYLOR!" Mickie screamed from outside the big garage doors. The noisy thing rattling as Mickie lifted it and pushed it out of range. "There you are."

"Hey Taylor?" I asked as she met us by the boxes. She kissed me as I smiled. "It's Hey Mickie, not hey Taylor."

"Oh yeah that would make a lot of sense for me to holler Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie," she said. "What am I gonna do answer myself?"

"Wouldn't be the first time you talked to yourself, cuz," Jessie said as her and Mickie began to wrestle. Giggling and knocking the "18th birthday" box to the ground and behind a few others. "Get off me."

"You guys wanna go for pizza after we unload the last of the boxes?" Mickie asked as she kissed me and smiled. Spotting Laney crawling into the storage unit with a plan in mind (I know her to well!), I pretended as if nothing was up as I kissed Mickie back and caressed her cheek gently as she purred and made me laugh. Jessie shaking her head and looking around for the box she had just been about to open. That is until Laney successfully snuck up behind her and scared the snot out of her.

"OHMIGOD!" Jessie screamed as Laney laughed. "I'll kill you hillbilly."

"Bring it on, corn sucker," Laney said as she pushed Jessie playfully and ran off with Jessie giving chase as the two disappeared from the unit.

"Both your best friend and my cousin are..."

"Nuckin Futs?" I said as Mickie grinned. My cell phone rang. "You get started on the boxes and let me get that?"

"Sure will," Mickie said before kissing me. "Love you, gonna grab a soda first."

"Hurry," I said as I fished out my phone. Mickie running off to the front and disappearing outside before I said,  "I LOVE YOU TOO!"

"DUH!" Mickie screamed from outside the unit.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone, figuring it was Dad or the NEW Mom (Carolyn). But hearing a familiar voice that I was NOT expecting.


"Who is this?" I asked in shock and almost praying it wasn't who I thought it was.

"This is Raegan..."