Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 4 "The War at Home"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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So here it was the following Monday and Mickie had made a habit by now of picking me up for school and my parents had actually grown a little fond of her, especially my dad who loved to trade a good morning joke as they stood in the doorway waiting for me to get dressed. Mom had even chilled since her humiliation over the 'gay Alex' thing had went down. Not that I was over it, I always had to pick a nice moment and just bring it up as a way to punish her a little. So far she had resisted the urge to try and throw her weight around again. Not that it would do her any good really, cause Dad had made his stance clear and he wasn't gonna listen to anymore of her talk. Not that he liked my actions much more, but so far he hadn't said anything to me about it, but I knew I better cool it or there would be real trouble.

"I'll bet dad and Mickie are already in joke mode" I said with a giggle to myself as I came out of my room and heading down the hall. I passed my mother and she tried to greet me warmly with a welcoming 'Morning sweety'. I walked past her without a word and she seemed to lose it in that moment and snapped, "What is your problem?"

"I don't have a problem mother, I chose not to say anything to avoid a conversation like this in front of Mickie" I said calmly and in a matter of fact voice.

"You should at least say good morning when someone offers the same greeting to you" She said with anger in her voice.

"Why don't you try and let me grow up and make my own decisions" I said, "I think at 16 I can choose who and if I choose to say good morning too and just so you know I'm doing just like you do I'm holding a grudge over the whole Alex incident."

"I do not hold grudges" She said as if it were a silly comment.

"No you do that" I said as I pointed at her. "Arms folded across your chest like god has appointed you the knower of all things and you couldn't possibly be wrong."

"You have gotten quiet the mouth on you since this Mickie started hanging around" She snapped.

"I've always had a smart mouth I take it from you" I said, "You had better leave Mickie out this, cause you wanna a fight you'll get one from me over her."

"I can still ground you and you won't..."

"SHUT UP WITH THAT" I screamed as she took a step back as my voice exploded and tears came streaming down my face. "I'm fuckin sick to death of hearing that threat. You always do this shit, threaten to take away the most important things in my life cause I don't act like a perfect little girl. It's fuckin cruel, I'm in love with her...and you will not stop me from seeing her."

"What did you just say?" She asked in shock.

"Nothing you couldn't understand" I said as I turned and grabbed my book bag and went thundering down the steps as Dad was at the bottom on the way up with Mickie behind him.

"What are you feuding over this time?" Mickie asked with a smirk until she saw the tears in my eyes.

"Honey what is it?" Dad asked as Mom appeared at the top of the steps.

"Please can we just go, please?" I asked as I took Mickie's hand and laced my fingers with hers.

"OK, OK, let's go" She said as she followed me out the door and before my mother could even get to me to start again, not that I looked back to see she was coming, we drove off. "Now tell me what happened, your Dad and I were trading jokes and we heard you screaming."

"She threw out her 'I'll sooo ground you and you won't see her anymore' weapon once again and I let the bitch have it" I said as Mickie laughed. "What are you laughing at?"

"You feuding bitches, that's what you're dad called you this morning" She said as I glared at her and she laughed harder and poked me in the ribs and made me squeal in laughter and ruined my bad mood. I held my hands up the rest of the ride to school to protect myself as we playfully fought back and forth. Her chasing me out of the passengers seat as she scooted across as soon as she parked in the school parking lot. I backed away from the car as she pretended to stalk me and finally lunged forward and caught me in a hug. "You gonna kiss me good morning or you gonna stay mad at Mommy forever?"

"I wanna be with you" I said as she smiled and leaned in a bit as she wrapped me tighter in her arms I playfully put my fingers under her chin and drew her lips to me. A contented sigh escaping my mouth a moment before she pressed her lips to mine under my guidance I might add. Moving her soft warm lips against mine in a way that made my body scream for more and slowly licking my lip with her tongue as I returned the favor and massaged my tongue against hers in the most sensuous way possible. God that girl can kiss so good she could seduce me right here. Her hands slid up my back and into my hair as she pulled a away for a moment and kissed me again after we had tilted our heads. Our tongues meeting again as I worked mine against hers in a feverish attempt to extract more pleasure from those soft wonderful lips of hers and she seemed to be doing the same thing to me in that moment. My arms slipping around her neck as she slowed her lips and stopped, letting the kiss linger to a mind numbing, sizzling end before we pulled away. "Mickie James, you just melted a few of my active brain cells girl."

"I think you melted more than a few of mine" She said and following it with another sizzling kiss that lasted only a short moment. "You kiss me like you like me Taylor Raynewater."

"Or maybe it's way beyond like" I said as she smiled at me in surprise. "Maybe I'm already in love with you."

"Tay, whoa, hold on..." She said as she backed away and I feared that I had just blown everything we had. In a stupid moment like that you think the dumbest things, like for instance, the first thing that came to my mind was she was just having fun with me and didn't wanna get serious like I thought we already had. Thank god she went on before I could come up with another five reasons why she didn't feel the same about me. "...are you sure?"

"Yeah" I said as I took a deep breath and felt my heart sink as she didn't smile. "Look I'm sorry if you don't wanna get serious..."

"I didn't say that and you know it" She said with a scared look in her eyes, "I'm crazy about you and you say you love me? I'm still in shock at my luck."

"Crazy about me?" I asked as she smiled a huge smile and kissed me as she wrapped me again in her arms and said softly, "Crazy in love with you is the only I describe it. Yes Taylor I am so crazy about you, you're all I ever think about."

"Say that again?" I asked as she laughed.

"Say what again?" She asked gently as she kissed me and we both smiled.

"The whole thing I just wanna hear someone say that when I'm expecting it" I said as she put her hands on my cheeks and said softly with her eyes locked on me, making me feel again like I was the only girl in the world to her, "I am crazy about you Taylor Raynewater. Crazy in love with you is the only way to say it girl. All I ever do anymore is think about you and only you, I am in love with you."

"WOW" I said as she smiled. "Cool."

"After I pour my heart out like that, all I get is a cool? That's all you gotta say?" She asked as I laughed.

"I love you too Mikala James" I said as I kissed her, "Everything you said goes for me too. I told my mother before we left the house and she was shocked."

"That's what caused the fight?" She asked with a worried look in her eyes.

"Noooo" I said as she touched her face gently. "That came out when I was screaming at her. She don't even know I was serious I don't think. But she will cause I'm gonna tell her."

"Just don't let her take you away from me" She said softly as I hugged her tightly.

"I won't, no one is taking you away from me" I said as she held me for a long moment. I always seemed to have weird thoughts in moments like these, have you noticed that too? This time it came as a surprise though, we had just declared our love for each other but neither had actually asked the other to be their steady. So before my mouth could get directions from my brain to stop, it asked, "Does this mean I'm your girl now?"

"I dunno" She said with a playful smile as our eyes met again and foreheads touched gently. "Maybe I could be forced to give up my other hoochies for you."

"Mikala James" I said in a warning voice as she laughed and it just made me feel good to see her pick on me and know she was loving the sight of me blushing. "You better not have any other hoochies and you best ask me now before some charming hunk steals me away."

"Yeah I better watch Alex around you huh?" She asked as I laughed and covered my face with my hands as I blushed. "Will you be my girl Taylor?"

"Huh?" I asked as my hands slipped from my face and she smiled at me with those eyes and I knew she was serious. "Really be your girl?"

"That's what I asked, please say yes" She said as I kissed her softly.

"Yes" I said softly. "Yes I will, I'm your girl now."  

"Yesss" Mickie said as she bounced around in my arms and kissed me once and again, over and over as I laughed. "Taylor Raynewater is my girl now. Go me, go me, go me."

"God you are gonna kill me" I said as I laughed and blushed as some of the upper classmen walked by. "Are your parents like this?"

"Yeah, we're a whole family of out of work stand up comedians" She said as I laughed. "You know what they say, 10,000 comedians out of work and here I am auditioning."

"Yeah and felling miserably" I said as she kissed me again and smiled.

"I don't care you can't hurt my feelings you're my girl now" She said proudly. "And I really do want you to meet my mom and dad, OK?"

"I'd love that" I said as I hugged her.

"We can go by the circus on the way home OK?"

"Why?" I asked in confusion and knew she was about to deliver some horrible joke.

"To meet my family" Mickie said with a smirk. "Dad's the Todo the dog boy and Mom's the bearded lady."

"Oh god that's mean" I said as I laughed out loud.

"You wanna know what I do?" Mickie asked as I covered her mouth as she laughed and I tried to get my giggles under control.

"You make me feel sooo good with your goofy jokes" I said as moved my hand and laced our fingers together.

"My parents are really nice and they both love me for who I am" Mickie said, "They already know about you, and they wanna meet you, seriously."

"Say dinner tomorrow night?" I asked.

"I like the sound of that" Mickie said as a loud roar came from the other side of the lot as if something was happening. A fight most likely. Mickie groaned as the moment was broke and I hugged her. "I love you Taylor."

"I love you too Mikala" I said as she smiled. "Girlfriend."

"Girlfriend" I said in return as we both blushed and I saw Lynsey now covering a fallen Maria with her own body as the crowd broke up enough to let us see that this involved Maria and Lynsey and some of the cavemen football players. Mickie took my hand and we sprinted to the scene, me scared we might be next. Mickie crashed through the crowd as did I as Lynsey looked up.

"What's wrong Lynsey?" I asked as tears streamed down her face.

"Maria's hurt, bad maybe I'm not sure" She said in sobs as my heart nearly stopped.

"Bitch will know who not to smack next time" 'Johnson' said with a cruel smile.

"You OK?" Lynsey asked as Maria looked up at her.

"A little woozy is all" Maria said as Mickie turned and started screaming back at the big ogres.

"YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER YOU BALL SUCKING FUDGE PACKER" She screamed as the crowd parted and 'Johnson' stalked towards us and I prayed someone would intervene for once and stop this. Like a bolt of mercy from heaven appeared an angel. A very pissed off looking angel, and one the size of a building too, it was Ryan from the dance. He shook with rage it looked as he stepped in between Mickie and 'Johnson' and stared him down.

"You don't hit girls" Ryan said in a menacing voice to the slightly smaller 'Johnson'.

"That bitch smacked me" 'Johnson' said as Ryan pushed him and pointed as he said, "You're a bully and you think cause you play on my team that you run this school."

"This don't involve you big man let me handle my bidness with the smart mouth bitch and after I get me some I'll buy you a pizza OK?" 'Johnson' asked I pulled Mickie back and hugged her protectively. Maria was able to get to her feet with Lynsey's help. Still somewhat shaky on her feet. Ryan's rage seemed to overcome him as he delivered a thunderous punch to 'Johnson's' rib cage. 'Johnson' falling to the ground as the other one with the name 'Soto' charged Ryan and suffered the same fate, a thunderous blow to his stomach. Ryan, now in a blind rage jerked a crying 'Johnson' to his feet like a rag doll and head butted him time after time as the crowd cheered. Blood flowing from 'Johnson's' nose and mouth as Ryan held him up now by the neck and screamed, "YOU WILL DIE NEXT TIME YOU HIT HER OR EVEN LOOK THEIR WAY YOU PIECE OF SHIT."

"Come on big man try it" Ryan said as he pushed 'Johnson' to the ground and 'Soto' got back to his feet and charged once again. Ryan dodged him and with two well placed hands on the guys back sent him sailing onto the hood of one of the cars. Smashing the cars window to pieces as 'Soto' screamed and Ryan started delivering punch after punch. Mickie broke away from me and ran to the side of the fight.

"MICKIE NOOOO" I screamed as I chased after her. She jumped on Ryan's back fearlessly and tried to get him to back off.

"STOP BIG MAN STOP YOU'RE GONNA KILL HIM" Mickie screamed as Ryan's rage seemed to turn on her as he grabbed her shirt and was about flip her over his head like a rag doll when I crashed into him and begged him to stop.

"PLEASE DON'T HURT HER I LOVE HER SO MUCH" I begged as Ryan seemingly snapped out of his rage and looked to see Mickie looking at him in shock. "She's not gonna hurt you, she's my girlfriend. Please don't hurt her, please Ryan?"

"Nooo never" He said as he released Mickie's shirt and she slid off his back and into my arms.

"Oh god you scared me to death" I said as I kissed her and she hugged me back. "What in the hell were you thinking?"

"I had to stop him Taylor, he was gonna kill him" Mickie said as she looked at Ryan. "You OK now?"

"They had it coming and if they pick on you again you come and talk to me" He said sweetly.

"WOW we got a football player with a brain and a soul" I said as Ryan blushed and pushed his huge fist playfully against my shoulder.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you" Lynsey said as she ran over and hugged him, Maria still following but looking a little unsteady on her feet.

"I don't need no thanks" He said as Lynsey smiled and excepted Maria's arms around her waist. "These two punks are seniors and they embarrassed my team for the last time. Next year things are gonna be a lot different."

"Maybe try and win a game?" Mickie asked with a smirk as Ryan laughed. Seeing 'Soto' roll off the car and stagger over to his fallen teammate and helping 'Johnson' to his feet. Ryan moved past us and I grabbed Mickie to stop her from going after him. Figuring he was gonna deliver another round of revenge. But he simply stared them down as they offered no smart remarks this time. I hugged Mickie around the waist as we watched in shock and Ryan shredded the jersey's both 'Soto' & 'Johnson' wore. Tearing them away and in a rage as both were powerless to stop it.

"YOU EVER CLAIM TO BE ON MY TEAM AGAIN YOU BOTH WILL PAY" Ryan screamed as he threw the jersey's back in their faces. "Fuckin piece's of shit."

"Yeah I'm gonna talk to coach about this" 'Johnson' said bravely, from about 25 feet away.

"MY TEAM NOW" Ryan screamed in a rage and calming as the two ogres walked off. He came back over and asked a still dazed Maria, "Want me to carry you to the nurse?"

"No my head just hurts some" Maria said softly.

"You OK?" Ryan asked Lynsey. "I know it was horrible watching them do that."

"Yeah I'm fine, just made me realize how much she means to me" Lynsey said as I smiled. Maria seemed surprised by that announcement and she squeezed Lynsey in her arms. "Yeah you Maria."

"Finally" Maria said as she rubbed her cheek against Lynsey's. "Can we talk for a minute in private?"

"OK" Lynsey said nervously as they walked off.

Now let me explain, this next part was later quoted to me by Lynsey as she helped me write this story. So me and Mickie were not present for this conversation but I thought it was important for the story to include this small part too.

"Yeah?" Lynsey asked as they walked just inside the building and Maria pulled her into the empty spot under the stairwell and kissed her softly. "Well, OK then."

"Did you mean what you said out there?" Maria asked, "Please tell me you did."

"Yeah it scared me to death and I know now that..." Lynsey said as she took a deep breath, "...that I wanna be with you."

"Girl...you better not be kidding" Maria said as Lynsey smiled and kissed her softly.

"That tell you anything?"

"That your lips on mine feel like heaven" Maria said as Lynsey blushed, "Will you go out on a date with me? A real date as in you and me..."

"Yes" Lynsey said with a smile and covering Maria's lips with two fingers. "I will."

"Want me to wear my strap-on, you know the one I used on you it at the dance?" Maria asked. Which as Lynsey said, following this next bit of conversation, her and Maria had a very detailed discussion about sex and this was one of the wilder ideas that was bouncing around inside of Maria's pretty head. It basically involved Maria wearing her strap-on to school or on a date (under her clothes obviously) and then 'taking' Lynsey when they found a quiet spot. Little did I know that this whole crazy idea would involve me and Mickie. Anyway back to the conversation between Lynsey and Maria, "You think?"

"Ohmigod you'd seriously do that?" Lynsey asked in shock as Maria smiled deviously and kissed her.

"Might stop your heart" Maria said as they kissed again softly.

"You guys play kissy face for a while?" Mickie asked as the two rejoined us a few long moments later, and now sans Ryan, in the parking lot and I could see Lynsey was in full blush mode and I had the weirdest feeling of it not being over her now holding Maria's hand. The following comment from Maria clued me in, "Nope, but we did knock the boots again."

"We did not you liar" Lynsey said as Maria laughed and kissed her cheek.

"OK we didn't really, but it's not for lack of my trying" Maria said as we all laughed.

"So you guys are a couple?" Mickie asked. "Cause we are now."

"Yep, I'm her girl now" I said proudly as Maria and Lynsey both smiled.

"Congrats" Maria said as she touched my hand gently.

"Yeah you got a great girl" Lynsey said and I swear I could see a small bit of sadness in her eyes as she looked at Mickie now in my arms.

"So did I" Mickie said as she turned in my arms and wrapped me in hers and kissed me. "She's my girl now and no one is gonna take her away from me without a fight."

"Damn straight Mikala" I said as she laughed and we touched foreheads for a long moment and I again got lost in her eyes as they made me feel like I was the only girl in the world at that moment.

"You two wanna double with us?" Maria asked and breaking the moment far too soon for my liking. "Mickie can drive and I'll pick up the dinner check."

"And then hand it me?" Mickie asked as Maria laughed.

"No, I'm serious, my family owns Connie's Place downtown and we can go there and eat" Maria said. "And maybe a walk in the park after?"

"The...park you say?" Lynsey asked and I saw a gleam in her eyes that looked like pure lust and knowing what I did then, I knew something was up.

"The park, lots of...secluded places..to get lost in" Maria said as Lynsey turned and kissed her and it looked to be passionately as I thought to myself that the hormones were now taking over.

"Sounds like a fun night" Mickie said as I agreed. Little did we know that this date and my later conversation with my Arkansas based best friend would lead me and this girl I was now officially in love with into a world of...well, you'll see.

Mickie had just dropped me off and seeing mom was in the kitchen working away silently, I figured maybe I could get to my room without another confrontation, I was headed just that way as Dad came down the steps with the phone in his hand. Stopping me with a touch of my arm and motioning with a finger to hold on while he finished his phone call. I soon realized it involved me as I heard him repeat the name of Hal, more than once. Only Hal that I know is Laney's grandpa.

"OK we'll talk soon" Dad said as he hung up with a smile. "You are gonna be one happy young lady."

"Laney's coming to visit?" I asked as Dad smiled and I squealed as I hugged him.

"Hal thinks it's time she move to the city" Dad said.

"Move? Here, like for good?" I asked.

"He can't keep up with her and he's scared she's doing some stuff she shouldn't and he wants us to take her for a couple of months" Dad said as my bottom lip dropped and thought briefly about that threesome she had mentioned. "I guess you'll have your sidekick back."

"WOW" I said with a huge smile. "Mom is OK with this?"

"No she's honestly not" He said as my heart sank. "But I am the head of this household and I made the decision to take on the responsibility."

"Dad, I dunno, Laney just lost her parents less than a year ago and she's not exactly in the best of..." I said as frustration came to my voice when I spotted Mom at the bottom of the steps.

"So you done playing lord and ruler of the kingdom?" Mom snapped and it took everything in me to stop from letting her have it.

"I pay the bills in this house and that gives me the right make changes as I see fit" Dad said calmly. "When you start adding to the family payroll and help me pay those bills every month you can have as much say so as me."

"Richard we are having enough trouble dealing with Taylor..."

"No we are not, you are" Dad said as he gave me a warning look. "And Laney is coming to stay with us and you are gonna treat her with respect."

"She's just trouble and you know it" Mom snapped.

"You let me tell you something woman" I said as I stomped down the few steps and stood in front of my mother. "Laney McCoy just lost her parents and she needs me right now and I swear you want a war you bring that up and you'll get one."

"Taylor Mackenzie Raynewater do you know who you are talking too?" She asked in shock.

"That's enough" Dad said with a sigh as he got between us. Surprisingly that was squashed by Dad right there. It wouldn't be the last confrontation.