Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 40 "Soulmate!"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You sure you can sleep next to me without having wet dreams?" Taylor asked as she crawled into bed beside me and crawled under the covers.

"I got news for you," I said as I poked her tickle spot and she laughed. "I have never had a dream like that about you."

"Me either," Taylor admitted as she rolled onto her stomach and yawned. "I'm tired, been a long day."

"Me too," I said as I leaned down and kissed her cheek and she grinned. "Goodnight."

"No," she said as she leaned up and kissed my lips. "Goodnight."

"Love you my girl," I said as I turned out the lights on the night table.

"Love you too," Taylor said. I closed my eyes and before I even got comfortable it seemed, I was fast asleep.

"Laney, Laney honey, wake up, we need to talk," I heard the voice say. I knew the voice and it sounded so familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

"What?" I asked as I rolled over and slowly opened my eyes and found that Taylor was gone from the bed. "Who woke me up?"

"It was me you silly goose!"

"Who?" I asked as I turned over and saw to my shock that my mother, yes my mother, the dead one, was standing by the foot of the bed and looking very much alive and well. By Mom, I mean, Mischa McCoy. "Mom?"

"That would be me," she said with a smirk. "Forget what I look like?"

"You're dead!"

"So?" she asked as she sat down on the bed beside me. "Is that a problem?"

"Well, either I'm losing my marbles or I'm having a bizarre dream," I said as she laughed.

"Elaine, you never had any marbles," Mom said. "We both know that."

"Bite me, you ghost," I said as she laughed again.

"I miss that attitude and sweet smile," Mom said as I grinned. "Your father misses you too."

"I miss you guys too," I said. "Is he OK?"

"We are both in a better place," Mom said. "And so are you."

"Cleveland is a different world," I said as I sat up. "I guess you know that by now."

"I've been watching over you," she said with a stern look, giving me a case of 'knots in the stomach'.


"And what?" she asked with a shrug. "You want me to say I don't approve? What does it matter what I think, I'm dead."

"Well... I don't want you hating me from whatever place you're in" I said.

"Hate is not an option any more," Mom said and giving me a clue as to where she did go. "And I don't watch everything but I have the option of checking in from time to time. And this Jessie, that is her name?"

"Jessie James," I said. "Like the old west bandit."

"She's got a great name," Mom said. "And you seem to adore her."

"I'm in love with her," I said as Mom smiled. "I think she's the girl of my dreams."

"Why do you think that?"

"I love her and she's good to me and good for me," I said. "Grandpa and Richard like her."

"Don't you mean Dad?" Mom asked in reference to Richard. I blushed.

"He said I could call him that," I replied. "He's basically taken over where you and Dad left off."

"Your father and I both loved Richard for his kind heart and if that's what helps you cope, we're fine with it," Mom said as I smiled. "And you do seem to be coping fine."

"Being here with Taylor helps," I said with a smile spreading across my face. Suddenly Taylor appeared beside as she stirred and drew my attention before slipping back to sleep. "She's my rock."

"A lot more than you know," Mom said cryptically.

"What? Do you know something?"

"I only see what's in your heart" Mom said. "And Taylor has more of it than anyone else."

"No, Jessie does," I said.

"You say that, you might even believe it, but it's not true," Mom said.

"Yes it is," I demanded. "Why would I love Taylor more? She's only my best friend. Jessie's my girlfriend."

"OK, OK, you're as hard headed as your father, I knew that," she said as I glared at her. Taylor stirred again and moved over so her head was now laying across my stomach and went back to sleep. Mom gave me a look that literally spoke volumes. "You were saying?"

"She feels safe with me," I said. "That don't mean she's like my soul mate or something."

"And you think that Jessie is?"

"She could be," I said.

"She's only a part of the journey that's leading you to your destiny," Mom said.

"What's my destiny?" I asked.

"You're asleep beside of her right now," Mom said. A feeling of shock and numbness washed over me as I saw Mom smile one more time and begin to fade. "I love you baby."

"Don't go!" I said in protest and snapped awake and sat bolt up right in bed, shaking Taylor awake as I sat there in a daze.

"What happened? Laney?"

"Ohmigod," I said as I panted for breath, Taylor sliding over and touching my face as I looked over at her finally.

"Bad dream?"

"My Mom came to visit me," I said.

"She did?" Taylor asked as she smiled at me like I was crazy. "Did she bring you a gift?"

"It was a dream, smart ass," I said as Taylor grinned. "She said she was watching over me."

"OK, then," Taylor said with a double thumbs up. Mocking me.

"Shut up, this is serious," I said as she laughed. Taylor pushed me away as she laughed harder and squealed when I attacked her tickle spots, me trying to wrestle her arms to the mattress now as she fought like a tiger for a few moments. But as I got on top, she gave up and let me pin her down. She continued to giggle. "Why are making fun of me?"

"I'm... not," she giggled.

"My girl this is serious," I said.

"You get visited by a dead woman and you think I'm supposed to take it seriously?" she asked in a giggle. My frustration kind of overcame me at that moment as I blurted out, "She said you were my soul mate, does that sound funny?"

"What?" Taylor asked in shock. "Me?"

"That's what she said," I replied.

"WOW!" Taylor said as I sat across her thighs and leaned down onto my elbows. I still don't know why I ended up in the position we were in or why I didn't move once the wrestling stopped, but I didn't. "You really dreamt that?"

"Yeah," I said simply. "I told her how much I loved Jessie and she told me that... well... you had more of my heart than Jessie does."

"Well I guess we are pretty close," Taylor said nervously. "But more of your heart?"

"Just a crazy dream," I said as I rolled off and got to my feet. "I'm gonna use the bathroom, OK?"

"Leave a quarter," Taylor said as I forced a smile and made my getaway as quickly as I could, disappearing into the bathroom and for some reason I climbed into the bathtub and sat down and just sat there for a long time thinking. The quiet solace of the Cleveland morning being my therapy as I was able to digest everything in that bizarre/weird/life changing, possibly, dream. I tried in vain to sort out what it all meant. Was I suddenly in love with my best friend or was it just one of those stupid dreams that pop up from time to time? That's a question I honestly thought I knew the answer to just three or four hours before when Taylor and I had crawled into bed. Now... well now... I'm not so sure.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Hey baby," I said as I bounced over to the door to greet Maria as she came through the door. "Have fun?"

"I was with my Mom, what do you think?" Maria asked as I laughed and kissed her. "By the way, Rae is on the couch asleep. She had a nasty headache and I said it would be OK if she laid down."

"She OK?" Maria asked, only to be nearly knocked down when Maria's mother Terri came into the apartment, without invite, and slammed the door into Maria's back. "OWWWWWWWWW!"

"What are you complaining about?" Terri asked as she looked at her daughter with a cold look.

"You drove the doorknob into my back," Maria said as she glared at her mother. "How about knocking next time?"

"I don't have to knock, I pay your bills," Terri said with a finger point.

"Correction, Mom," Maria said. "Dad pays my rent."

"OH big deal, you know what I mean," Terri said as she walked off into the living room to find Rae asleep on the couch. Resting comfortably after a rather nasty headache had come on suddenly. "And just who is this?"

"That is our friend, who is sick and I am begging you not to wake her up," I said as I got in front of Terri.

"You just let your friends come in and sleep on your couch anytime they want to?" Terri asked in a louder voice than needed.

"What does it matter if we do?" I asked. "She's not gonna steal anything."

"Well, I think she should get up and go to her own place if she has one," Terri said.

"Mom, you need to leave," Maria said.

"I will not," Terri demanded. "I'm afraid you are consorting with some unsavory types and I'm only trying to protect you sweetheart."


"You know I love both of you," Terri said as she hugged both me and Maria in the best show of 'fake ' motherly love I'd ever seen.

"Again, huh?" I asked.

"What do you mean by that?" Terri asked.

"You go from looney to lovely at warp speed," I said as Maria laughed.

"Don't you ever call me those names again you little whore," Terri said with a finger point. "I will..."

"Get out," Maria said as she stepped in front of her mother. "I mean it, go, you don't talk to Lynsey that way."

"She leveled a rather nasty accusation at me in my own house," Terri said as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. Rae stirring up on the couch and grumbling as she sat up. I joined her.

"I'm sorry, you OK?" I asked as I sat down by Rae and she half smiled.

"I feel a lot better yeah," Rae said as I touched my forehead to hers. She smiled.

"It's not your house, it's my house," Maria said to her mother. "And what she said was right, you are crazy, completely and irreversibly crazy."

"Well, good lord..." Terri said in shock. "... I never."

"And you never will again cause no man will put up with you," Maria said. "Now get out."

"I will take your car away from you," Terri said. "How do you like those words, Missy."

"Call Dad and get him to give you the title," Maria said. "And who is it that has the keys? Me."

"Why are we even fighting like this?" Terri asked in a warm, calm voice. Another in her endless series of emotional twist turns. "I love you."

"I said get out of my apartment," Maria said as she pointed. Rae laying her head on my shoulder.

"NOOOOO!" Terri screamed in Maria's face.

"Stop screaming, please," Rae said as she covered her ears.

"Shut up, Mom," Maria said as she looked back at us. "Is she OK?"

"I can't stand the screaming," Rae said. "It kills me."

"Ohhhh poor baby," Terri said. "Why don't you go home and you won't have worry about me screaming in my house."

"Fine, you wanna play hardball, psycho?" Maria asked as she picked up the phone and pushed in three numbers that sure didn't look like 911, "911? Yeah could you send the police to 3126..."

"What are you doing?" Terri demanded.

"Thank you," Maria said into the phone as she hung up. "That was the cops and they are on their way. If you don't leave now, Mother, I will have you arrested and thrown in jail and I am not kidding. Dad and his team of lawyers are gonna love this."

"Why you disrespectful little shit," Maria said as she glared at her daughter and headed towards the door.

"You slam that door and I'll send the cops after you," Maria said. Terri giving her daughter a death look as she quietly, and finally, left. "Psycho bitch."

"I like her, she's fun," Rae giggled.

"Huh?" Maria asked as Rae smiled.

"Your Mom," Rae said. "She's fun."

"I thought you had a headache?" Maria asked as she sat down on the other side of Rae.

"I did earlier," Rae said. "I figured if you thought she was hurting me you'd run her off quicker."

"Don't do that again," Maria said.

"OK, just trying to help," Rae said as Maria smiled.

"It's OK," Maria said as she slid her hand down to Rae's smooth tanned thigh and grinned knowingly as she stroked the skin for a long moment.

"What about the cops?" I asked as Rae and Maria exchanged knowing grins.

"I called 511 and checked the traffic report," Maria said. "Just looked like 911."

"I like you, you're smart," Rae said. Me watching closely as Rae leaned in and kissed my girlfriend softly. "MMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMM indeed," Maria said as she moved her hand up Rae's skin to between her thighs and gently began to massage her pussy through the fabric of her shorts as Rae kissed me softly for a long moment. Rae moaned softly into my mouth. "Sweet pussy needs Lynsey to lick it huh baby?"

"MMMMMMM I sure do," Rae said as she lifted her arms when Maria began raising the girls shirt up her flat, darkly tanned stomach. Her big bouncy titties came into view as Maria tossed the shirt away. Rae stroked her hands up Maria's stomach as she pushed my girlfriends shirt up, Maria slipping it over her head and tossing it aside as well. The two kissed softly as I squeezed Rae's titties now in my hands and kissed her neck.

"MMMMMMM, will you butt fuck away all my pain?" Rae asked my girlfriend a moment later. Maria kissed her once more and saying, "MMMMM you'll feel so wonderful when I'm done."

"MMMMM so will you," Rae said as she took my hand and all three of us headed into the bedroom. You can guess what happened next.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I rolled out of bed this morning with the most awkward bizarre feeling of my life. Like something was changing beneath my feet and I was powerless to stop it. It's the most helpless feeling I think I've ever had. I finally tried pushing it aside and headed for the bathroom but was stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Mom (Laila) and Dad (Michael) fighting. I listened at the door.

"Stop putting pressure on me," Mom demanded. "You are just as responsible for this mess as me."

"I'm not the one who controls that," Dad replied. "You always say leave it up to you. How was I supposed to know you didn't... do what you do?"

"You could have checked you horny old goat," Mom said as I giggled with my hand over my mouth and wondered what in the hell the two could be fighting about. "Now, like it or not, Michael Allen James, we, meaning you and me, have a problem."

"I'm not saying I won't stand by you," Dad said. "I just don't feel it's my fault. And why can't this be a good thing?"

"Because I'm too old... I'm forty four, Michael, you're forty two," Mom said. "We are too old to... just too old."

"OK, then I'll take on more of the load," Dad said. "You can go back to work and let me run the house."

"Huh?" I asked myself. Jessie came out of her bedroom in that moment and saw me crouched at my parents door and giggled. I jumped and turned to see her giving me a knowing look. Her of course wearing as little as possible. Bun hugging shorts and a bikini top. "What?"

"The parental units doing the nasty and Mickie is listening?" She asked as she pulled me up.

"EWWWWWWW!" I said as Jessie laughed. "That is so far beyond gross it's... EWWWWWW."

"Then what were you doing?" Jessie asked as we walked down the steps to the first floor, and to the kitchen.

"Mom and Dad have got some kind of a problem," I said. "Confusing."

"So it's probably not a good time to ask Uncle Mike about those birth certificates?" Jessie asked as I poured her a glass of milk. "How did you know I wanted milk?"

"You drink it every morning," I said. "And I think you're right about this not being the best time to talk to Dad about that. They both seemed to be stressed about something."

"Could be the balloon payment on the mortgage?" Jessie asked as both of us sipped milk now. "I heard Uncle Mike say that a few days ago. Didn't seem to concerned about it though. Aunt Laila either."

"No, it's not that," I said. Dad (Michael) came down the steps in a march, looking to be visibly upset as he stormed into the kitchen and to my shock took out a beer and downed about half of it before taking a breath.

"I swear that woman is so pig headed."

"Everything OK, Uncle Mike?" Jessie asked as Dad took a deep breath and came over to the counter and sat down with us.

"Yeah, anything we can do, Dad?" I asked as he smiled.

"Yes, be good kids and enjoying being young cause once you get to be my age it's no fun anymore," Dad said as he looked at the beer in his hand and sat it down. "I don't even know why I drank that."

"You were thirsty?" I asked as Jessie laughed. Dad smiled as he shook his head and an uncomfortable silence came over the room as none of us really knew what to say next. Dad, as he usually does, began to absentmindedly flip through one of Jessie's school folders that were forever laying on the counter. And don't you know that that particular 'Hannah Montana' folder had no doubt been laying there for weeks without being moved. How do I know this? Because that's where Jessie's 'original' Omaha birth certificate had been the whole time. I know this because Jessie had the other one safely tucked away in her shoebox under her bed (along with her 'Cleveland' birth certificate).

"What's this?" Dad asked as he came across the birth certificate and looked at it with a strange look on his face. Almost as if it pained him to see that.

"My birth certificate Uncle Mike... ohmigod that's where it was the whole time," Jessie said as I laughed. "I knew I had another copy, told you Mick."

"I knew it would pop up eventually," I said. "At least now we know what the floor looks like in your room."

"Another copy?" Dad asked as Me and Jessie giggled. "You have two copies of this?"

"Well I couldn't find that one so I called the Douglas County Health Department back home in Omaha and had them send me another," Jessie said.

"You could have just asked me," Dad said pointedly.

"Oh really?" Jessie asked.

"Jess chill this is not a good time," I said as she held her hand up and asked pointedly, "I could huh Uncle Mike? Well maybe someone should tell me why it is I have two birth certificates?"

"What do you mean?" Dad asked with a dear in the headlights look in his eyes.

"I found my Cleveland Birth Certificate in the attic," Jessie said. "Well part of it anyway."

"What do you mean part of it?" Dad asked.

"It was ripped in half," Jessie said. I noticed Dad taking a heavy breath of relief in that moment. A confusing moment to be sure. "The part about the Mother and Father was missing."

"It probably got ripped when we moved in here," Dad said. "I thought we'd thrown it out."

"Why didn't you tell me I was born in Cleveland?" Jessie asked. "Huh Uncle Mike?"

"Jessie, this is a can of worms you don't want to open," Dad said. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"I think I kinda do," Jessie said. "My Mom lived here when she met this Kenneth Sellers and they got married, right?"


"And they broke up and she met my dad, Ray, right?" Jessie asked as Dad simply nodded in shock. I knew something wasn't right.

"And they got married and he adopted you," Dad said with a relieved smile coming over his face. "Just like you've always known."

"Then why did I have to find my Cleveland birth certificate to uncover this?" Jessie asked. "They just had a new birth certificate made when we moved to Omaha, right?"

"Yep," Dad said. He agreed to that way to fast if you ask me. "The other part of your Cleveland birth certificate says the same thing. Not that you need it, but I just wanted to put your mind at ease."

"Really confusing though!"

"Wh... why is that?" Dad stammered.

"You said I was about to open a can of worms?" Jessie asked.

"He wants to go fishing, huh Dad?" I asked as me and Jessie laughed.

"Michael, please come up here and talk to me?" Mom asked from the top of the stairs.

"Yeah, I'm coming," Dad said in a tired voice.

"Uncle Mike, one more question," Jessie said as Dad stopped and snapped, "No more questions Jessica."

"Why not?"

"Jessica please don't do this," Dad said with what looked to me to be tears in his eyes. "I am begging you to just take my word for this and don't start snooping around. Please?"

"I was just..." Jessie said as Dad hugged her.

"When you are eighteen years old in fifteen months I will tell you everything you wanna know," Dad said cryptically, Jessie giving him a beyond confused look. "This is the most important thing I have ever asked you to do for me, please?"

"OK, Uncle Mike," Jessie said softly. "I promise."

"I love you like you're my own daughter..." Dad said as he touched her face and Jessie smiled. "I love you more than you will ever know."

"I love you and Aunt Laila too," Jessie said as Dad nodded and kissed her forehead as he quietly left the room, leaving me and Jessie staring at each other in complete confusion.

"You OK, Cuz?" I asked.

"I guess," Jessie said as I hugged her and she laid her head against mine. "Just really confused."

"Well..." I said as I turned to walk off before saying, "...you are blond, it's to be expected."

"I'm gonna kill you Mikala," Jessie said as I laughed and went thundering up the stairs as she followed after me.