Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 41 "New Adventures"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Laney's been acting weird the last two days. That's the headline and it's all got to do with that stupid dream she had. You know the one with her mother (Mischa) making a special appearance as a ghost? Well, since then things have been sorta of tense between us and I'm afraid she's slowly pulling away from me. If this continues, well, I'm afraid that we'll drift apart, and I seriously can't picture life without her.

These thoughts occupied my mind as I sat at the bottom of the steps and watched Laney stand silently on the porch and watch something off in the distance with interest. I honestly didn't know if it was a good idea to join her or not. Footsteps drew my attention away from her and to Grandpa Hal as he made his way down the stairs.

"Morning Grandpa," I murmured. He stopped and I swear he creaked like a screen door as he sat down by me and put his big strong arm around my shoulder.

"What's wrong my Taylor?"

"Nothing important," I said.

"You and Laney have a fight?" he asked. I looked at him in surprise. "I notice so don't deny it."

"Not a fight," I said. "See she had this weird dream about her Mom visiting her and telling her that I was her soul mate and not Jessie."

"And why should this be so disconcerting?" Grandpa asked. "Jessie is a sweet girl, but couples part ways every day. It's life. Why not enjoy the time you have together instead of spending all that time worrying?"

"Wish you would tell her that," I said as I pointed to Laney.

"She listens to you a lot more than me or your father," Grandpa said as I smiled. "Problem solved?"

"You're a good problem solver, Grandpa," I said as he smiled and pointed to his cheek as I grinned and kissed it.

"Off to get some coffee, is the paper here?" he asked.

"On the table and open to the op-ed page," I said as he laughed and walked off. I nervously rose, took a deep breath and made my way onto the porch. Seeing now what Laney was so interested in. Sammi and Darcy were (yet again) passing away the morning on their skateboards, only now they were doing tricks on a make-shift ramp in the road. Laney looked over at me as I stepped up beside her. "Don't say anything yet, just listen. I just talked to Grandpa and he had some excellent advice. He said, so what if I am your soul mate? Why spend time worrying about the future when you got plenty of good stuff that's going on right now."

"Yeah, that makes sense," Laney said. Neither of us paid attention to the road as not one but two cars pulled up in front of the house and parked on the opposite side. Car doors opened and closed and not one but two people watched as they walked across the street. "Enjoy life while you're living it?"

"Yep," I said as I slid closer and kissed her lips. "Good morning, my girl."

"Morning," Laney said as I hugged her and saw her eyes go wide with surprise as she looked at something over my shoulder. "Guess who's here?"

"Hi," Mickie said with a dorky smile as I turned and saw her and Jessie standing there.

"UMMMMM... how long you guys been here?" I asked as Laney giggled. Mickie and Jessie walked up the steps to greet us.

"Long enough to see you two making out," Jessie said with hands on hips.

"We were not making out," I said in protest as Jessie laughed.

"Well, what would you call it?" Mickie asked as she leaned in and kissed me. "A friendly kiss between friends? Best friends?"

"Well, yeah," I said as Mickie slipped her arms around me. "Just a show of affection."

"You're cheating on me," Mickie said with a smirk.

"Hey y'all," Jessie said with a playful push to Laney as the two started giggling and pushing each other back and forth.

"I am not cheating on you," I said with a finger point.

"Well, OK, if you get to do it, I can too?" Mickie asked. I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, me too," Jessie said. "I say we switch girlfriends, Mick."

"You are not funny," Laney said as she kissed Jessie.

"HMMMMMM switching girlfriends, huh?" Mickie asked as she eye balled my best friend with an interested smile. "Laney is a hottie."

"Can we go?" I asked as Mickie giggled and nodded her head.

"Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie," Laney giggled as she pulled Jessie into her arms and smiled knowingly at my girlfriend, "The admiration is mutual."

"Cool!" Mickie said with a grin.

"You are not getting my girlfriend," I told Laney.

"I'll let you have mine," Laney said as Jessie smiled knowingly at me now. My hormones kicking into gear as I momentarily pictured what I could do to that girl if I were ever to get between her, no doubt, smooth and tan thighs. No tan lines either (Laney told me that). I offered no reply to Laney as I instead looked to Mickie and asked, "Let me grab my stuff?"

"You know it," Mickie said before kissing me. I ran back into the house just as Dad (Richard) came down the steps into the living room.

"Morning," I said.

"Morning," he replied. "You off to school?"

"Mickie's waiting," I said as Dad smiled.

"Oh yeah, I meant to ask you this last night, but did you say something about the Marvel boy from down the road doing some construction on Mickie's parents' place?" Dad asked.

"Built them a new staircase to the attic," I said. "Looks great too. Why?"

"Alex is it? And his friend Ryan?" Dad asked as I nodded. "Can you ask them to come by and talk to me? I'm gonna have some work done on the basement so Hal can move in."

"So Carolyn did convince you?" I asked as Dad blushed. "And you've lost more weight."

"Alex and Ryan?" Dad asked, changing the subject.

"I'll walk down right now and ask Mavis to tell them, I think they're already gone," I said.

"Tell them about 5?" Dad asked as I smiled and picked up by book bag (laptop inside) and met Mickie on the porch. Carolyn (as usual) coming down the street and bouncing, literally, up the steps and greeting me with a hug.

"Morning," I said as she smiled. "Your man is in the kitchen."

"Very funny new daughter," Carolyn said with a smirk. Mickie giggled. "Don't start with me or you're grounded."

"GRRRRRRR," I said as I got right in her face.

"GRRRRRRR back at you," Carolyn said as I grinned. Turning to walk off, I jumped as she patted my butt and giggled as she walked into the house in search of Dad.

"I think she wants to be your girlfriend instead of your Mom," Jessie said as Mickie laughed.

"She may not want to, but I bet you do," I said as Jessie gave me a knowing smile. "You're impossible."

"You ready?" Jessie asked as Laney nodded and grabbed her girlfriend's hand and dragged her back into the house so Laney could get her book bag.

"I need to talk to Mavis for a minute," I said to Mickie. "Walk down with me or you wanna wait?"

"Yeah like I'm gonna trust you around another girl, you already made out with Laney," Mickie said as I glared at her.

"You don't trust me?" I asked, the smile leaving her face. "What? You don't?"

"I worry a lot anyway," Mickie said softly.

"I would never do anything like that with Laney," I said. "But considering what we've been through, I guess we both have trust issues."

"We'll work through it," Mickie said as she picked up my book bag and kissed me. "I love you."

"Duh!" I said as she grinned and I kissed her back before we joined hands and walked off the porch towards the Marvel's, watching Sammi and Darcy glide around on their boards like professionals. Darcy, obviously, showed more ease and confidence as she did a jump off the ramp involving a complete revolution of the board under her feet while she was still airborne. Then landing on the board as it crashed to the ground. "WOW!"

"She actually had me believing she couldn't ride that thing when we first met," Mickie commented as we watched. Sammi smiled as she came over, with Darcy soon following.

"Morning," Sammi said with a bright smile.

"Morning," I said in reply. "Alex home?"

"Inside," Sammi said.

"You here already, Dar Dar?" Mickie asked Darcy.

"Yes, I am," Darcy said. "My Aunt dropped me off on her way to the strip club."

"Probably where Darcy will end working the way she dances," Sammi giggled. Now that's a comment that will get you interested in hearing more.

"She dances like a stripper?" I asked.

"Shut up," Darcy said to Sammi.

"No," Sammi said with a defiant look. "I might just tell her everything."

"I can pretty much guess," Mickie said. "Did it involve the stripper pole in Darcy's bedroom, bad porn music and you with lots of single bills?"

"Ohmigod!" Darcy said in shock as Sammi laughed.

"How did you know?" Sammi asked as her and Mickie smacked a high five at making Darcy blush.

"It didn't involve her being in my bedroom at all, it was her bedroom," Darcy said and then realizing what she'd just admitted to, blushing again.

"We danced, no stripping or anything close to it," Sammi said. "I used to dance with Shell, I mean Laney, back home and it's just... fun."

"Me thinks Darcy likes dancing with the cute blond," Mickie said. Darcy gave her a dirty look.

"Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie..." Darcy said as she stuck her face in Mickie's. "Bite me."

"GRRRRR baby," Mickie giggled as Darcy blushed once again.

"OK, leave her alone," Sammi said. "Enough picking on my best friend."

"See, now she's even taking up for her," Mickie pointed out.

"Leave her alone," I said as I kissed Mickie. "Two girls can be friends without being gay."

"True," Mickie said. "So, you guys wanna go down to the beach after school?"

"Need more help moving boxes?" Darcy asked with a knowing smirk.

"Yeah, just a few more that need sorting and so," Mickie said, then looked to me and asked, "You're coming, right?"

"I go where you go," I said as Mickie squeezed my fingers in hers.

"Can you come pick me up?" Sammi asked, hoping we'd say yes. "I get off work at 4."

"Have to bring my laptop home and check in here anyway," I said as Mickie shrugged. "Be ready?"

"Bring your board," Darcy said to Sammi.

"Of course," Sammi said as if it were silly for someone to remind her of that. Alex appeared at the door to the Marvel's and walking onto the porch wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms. I gawked for a long moment, and to my surprise so did Mickie. Alex smiled and waved before turning to duck back inside the door and grab a t-shirt. Slipping it on as he came to meet us on the sidewalk.

"He's so gorgeous he could make me straight," Mickie whispered in my ear as I cracked up. Alex smiled and gave us a confused look, one that was matched by Darcy and Sammi.

"Morning ladies," Alex said.

"Morning," I said as Mickie proudly wrapped me in her arms. "I got a question."


"My Dad heard from Jessie about the great job you guys did at Mickie's and wants to talk to you and Ryan about fixing our basement up," I said. "It's been flooded a few times, I think."

"Shouldn't be a problem," Alex said. "Ryan has some family that work on leaky basements all the time. I can get their references and stuff for Richard to review."

"Well, he wants you to come by as soon as you can," I said. "He's home now if you got the time."

"Grab my shoes and I'll walk on over," Alex said with a smile. "Thanks for the kind words."

"We're friends, right?" I asked as I hugged him. "Anytime."

"You riding with us Darcy?" I asked as Alex headed back inside to get his shoes.

"If you'll have me," Darcy said as she joined me and Mickie for the walk to the car. Sammi watched us drive off before she headed back inside herself to get ready for work.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Baby do we have any spaghetti sauce?" I asked from the door to the bedroom. Maria was lounging on the bed and reading a book as Rae and I fixed dinner.

"Had some but I think we used it the last time you burned the pasta," Maria said as I flipped her off. "Love you too, Lyns."

"Just for that me and Rae are gonna fuck and you can't have any," I said with a challenging glare as Maria dropped her book and scampered off the bed and chased after me. I squealed as I ran into the kitchen and grabbed Rae and hugged her from behind to protect me from Maria. She giggled as her and Maria began to struggle against each other as she tried to keep us apart.

"Stop it!" Rae giggled as Maria poked me in the ribs around Rae.

"Take it back Lyns," Maria said as I pushed Rae into Maria. "MMMMMM hey baby."

"MMMMMM indeed," Rae said as I watched as the two kissed and grinned at each other. I have to admit this, since Rae started hanging out with us, it drives me crazy to see the two of them kiss. It seriously gets my hormones flowing like a mother. I'm pretty sure it does the same to Maria (and Rae too!) because this is how it always starts.

I moved closer and watched Maria and Rae kiss softly, one massaging their tongue against the other's for a long few moments. Maria's hands made their way, slowly, down to her favorite part of Rae's amazing body, her tanned little ass cheeks, squeezing them in her fingers as Rae moaned into my girlfriend's mouth and I joined the two with a hand on both of their backs. I watched them part and Rae then grinned as she kissed me softly and sooo perfectly. I swear I love kissing her more every time we do it. She knows how to work her tongue so well against mine.

"Is the bedroom our next stop?" Maria asked with a knowing smile as Rae and I parted.

"I'm hungry," I said in reply as Rae laughed. "Well, I am."

"I'll take that as a no" Maria said.

"I'm sorry baby, I just think I'm... in a weird mood," I said.

"Me too, kind of," Maria admitted. "But I wouldn't turn you two down for any reason."

"I'm sore," Rae said as Maria looked at her in surprise. "Is that OK?"

"You weren't the last time we did it, right?" Maria asked. "I don't want you doing it just for me."

"Not at all," Rae said with a reassuring smile. "And trust me I'd tell you."

"Good," Maria said as she kissed Rae. And then me. "You too, Lyns."

"Besides it's no fun if it hurts," Rae said.

"Very true," Maria said. "I'm a huge fan of body shaking pleasure."

"I'm all for that," Rae said. "And with you two it's guaranteed."

"It sure is," I said as I slid my arms around Rae. "So much pleasure to hand out."

"I think we need some new adventures," Maria said as she slid back over to beside us. "What do you two think?"

"Another girl?" Rae asked as Maria nodded. "Maybe two?"

"I'd be up for that," Maria said. "Anybody in mind?"

"Not really, kinda of new at school," Rae said.

"I know someone," I said as I kissed my girlfriend. "Don't know if they'd do it but... Taylor's bff Laney?"

"She's dating that Jessie girl," Maria said as I nodded and went to stir the pasta that was on the stove. Maria got the pasta sauce out and set it on the counter with a smirk on her face. Rae giggled. "Jessie is seriously smokin hot. Have you seen her tan?"

"Is it an all over tan?" Rae asked as she took a seat at the table. "And are we talking me too?"

"If you'd do that you can come," Maria said as she kissed Rae, who smiled up at her in response. "And I'm not sure about the tan. Never really talked much to her, Jessie that is. But Laney, who is also hot, might not be willing to do it."

"What made you think of them?" Rae asked.

"Me and Jessie have a class together and I can hardly keep my eyes off her," I said. "She's smokin hot like you said baby."

"But she's no Taylor, huh, Lyns?" Maria asked with a smirk. Rae already having heard the story of what me and Maria had done to Taylor while Mickie watched (chapter 16?). She simply giggled.

"Hey, what can I say? Once you've seen what's under those clothes it's hard to not like it," I said.

"I've seen Taylor a few times and she's got a beautiful body," Rae commented as Maria sat down behind her on the same chair. "You must have loved her Maria."

"Lynsey and Taylor in a 69 is by far the most wonderful feeling I've had before we met you," Maria said as Rae grinned. "And being watched is just so hot."

"I agree," I said. "But since Taylor and Mickie had all that trouble, she's not too interested in sharing Mickie, or being shared anymore. Too bad!"

"You guys wanna hear my fantasy?" Rae asked. Maria and I listening intently. "I wanna do it... outdoors."

"Oh boy!" Maria said as she laid her chin on Rae's shoulder. "You do huh?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMMM," Rae said. "And if you guys want to, I'd do it."

"I think I love you Rae Chan," I said as I slid over and kissed her as she giggled. "You gonna let me lick your pussy in the sunshine?"

"MMMMMMMM yesss please," Rae said. "What about you Maria?"

"Well, we gotta make sure your butt isn't sore, now don't we?" Maria asked.

"My butt's not sore now, it's the front part," Rae said. "Lynsey's tongue work."

"OK, so, your ass is mine?" Maria asked as she kissed Rae's neck. Rae cooed.

"Me and Lynsey in a 69, while you're butt fucking me?" Rae asked.

"MMMMM in the sunshine," Maria said as she stood, along with Rae and pulled both of us into her arms. Then slid her hands to our asses and squeezed our ass cheeks. "That may be too wonderful to take."

"But you will take it cause Lynsey and I are gonna need it so bad?"

"I sooo totally agree," I said as I kissed Rae again.

"I promise to butt fuck both of my babies in the sunshine," Maria said as I kissed her and then Rae.

"My Uncle has a place out in the burbs with a pool and he's on vacation right now," Rae said. "We could have the run of the place."

"Someone had it all planned out," I said as Rae grinned knowingly. "I'm in."

"Me too," Maria said. "And by in, I mean one of you at a time till I'm exhausted."

"Oh yeah," Rae and I said in unison.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Where do we put this box at? It feels empty," Jessie said as she picked up one of the last unsorted boxes that were now stacked neatly along the walls of the storage unit.

"What does it say on it?" I asked.

"Baby pictures, Mickie," Jessie read.

"Important papers," I said as I took it and piled it on top of the others in that pile.

Taylor and Laney had disappeared a half hour before to get something to eat, for all of us, leaving me and Jessie to finish up the remainder of the sorting and to unload the last of the boxes from the garage. Jessie had just plopped down on the sofa, tired, when I noticed one last box laying under the make-shift coffee table (a piece of plywood laid over a set of milk crates).

"I swear I think they're breeding," I said as I fished out the last box. Jessie giggled. Her eyes opened in surprise as she snatched the box from my hands and looked at it in shock. "What is it?"

"This is the box me and Taylor found a few days ago," Jessie said, spinning it around to show it me.

"Jessie's Eighteenth Birthday?" I read. "What the hell?"

"I don't know," Jessie said as she sat down on the couch again and looked at the box. "What do you think is in here?"

"Party supplies," I said as she laughed. "Noise makers, hats, plates, napkins, spoons, forks and maybe even a chocolate cake with candles."

"You are so completely nuts," Jessie said as I laughed. "Be serious?"

"I don't know what's in there, Jess," I said. "Open it and find out. It's probably nothing important."

"But what if it is?" she asked. "You remember what Uncle Mike said? About not rocking the boat till I was 18?"

"That was so weird," I commented. "Spooky, like something huge is hiding and he can't tell us for fear of what will happen."

"I had that same feeling," Jessie said as I smiled. "We've been spending so much time together we've developed that whole sister thing where if you feel it so do I. Or something like that."

"I always wanted a sister," I said honestly. "But Mom's had a lot of problems in the... female area? So they stopped trying."

"Almost wish Uncle Mike was my Dad so I could be your sister," Jessie said. "Cause I pretty much know if my parents find out about Laney they gonna make me come home."

"Not fair," I said as I slid closer and touched my forehead to hers. "You should be free to love anyone you want."

"It's the way they feel," Jessie said softly. "Life sucks sometimes."

"But Laney makes it worth not killing yourself," I said and Jessie laughed in shock as I poked her in the ribs. She squealed and pointed at me as a warning to stop. I grinned as I stopped for the moment.

"So open it or not?" Jessie asked.

"Might not be anything important in there, probably ain't," I said as I reached over and ripped the tape off. Jessie gave me a shocked expression as I wadded it up and beaned her with it.

"OWWWW," she said as she rubbed her head and I laughed. She tossed the box to the floor and dove across the couch and we started to wrestle as laughs and giggles filled the air, neither of us noticing the papers and documents that had spilled out onto the cement floor of the storage unit. But a moment later, as the wrestling match ensued, we were stopped cold by a clearing of the throat, which turned out to be from my girlfriend. Who had an arm full of food and sodas, Laney by her side.

"I don't even care who started it," Taylor said as she sat down on one of the cushions on the other side of the plywood coffee table, Laney sitting down beside her as Jessie and I joined them, pulling some cushions off the couch. Laney looked at the papers now laying on the floor as Jessie and me noticed them for the first time. Laney picked some of them up and looking to be in a state of growing shock as she read one that we couldn't see. "What's that?"

"OH... my... god," Laney said in shock. Wide-eyed, pale white shock. Taylor read the same thing and got a matching look on her face.

"What is it?" Jessie asked as Laney, with trembling hands, turned the stack of papers over. It took a moment for me and Jessie to read what the other two had already figured out. Jessie and I knew after only a few moments that the documents Laney had showed us would single handedly turn our entire world, and everything we THOUGHT we knew, upside down. "My dad... Mickie... my Dad is..."