Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 42 "That is Sooo Cool"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"...your dad... is my dad!" Jessie said in pants as she looked at the documents in our hands in shock. "Uncle Mike is not my Uncle... he's my... my... Dad too."

"You're my sister?" I asked as Jessie looked back at me and let that thought sink in for a moment. "Ohmigod, we've got the same Dad, that means we're not cousins... but sisters."

"I know..." Jessie murmured as I looked at the documents in our hands and read the information that would change our lives. It was some legal mumbo jumbo form but the end result was it listed Jessie's (not Jessica, but Jessie) father as Michael Allan James. Her mother was some lady named Alana Jones and the adopting father and mother were Amelia and Raymond James. "This is confusing."

"Am I really your sister?" Jessie asked.

"Looks that way," I said with a nervous excitement flooding my body as Jessie looked again at the papers. "I don't get this though."

"So Michael is my real Dad and not that Kenneth Sellers guy?" Jessie asked as I pointed to the bottom of the form and showed her what the line of 'biological father' read.

"Sisters?" Taylor asked as me and Jessie looked up at her and Laney. "Didn't see that one coming."

"Me neither," Jessie giggled. "WOW, I'm in shock."

"I see why," Laney said as she crawled around the make-shift table and sat down by her girlfriend. They kissed and smiled. "You OK?"

"Numb," Jessie said as she smiled at me. "I guess I got my wish."

"What wish?" Taylor asked as she came around to and sat down by me. Taking the papers in my hand and looking through them.

"I wished I could be Mickie's sister and I guess I am now," Jessie said as I took her hand and pulled her over to me as we hugged. "So cool. I hope it's true."

"It is, look what else is in here," Taylor said as she held up the bottom half of a birth certificate that looked very much like the previous one Jessie and I had found in the attic at home. "It says father, Michael Allan James, mother Alana Marie Jones."

"Yessss!" Jessie said as she hugged me tighter and relaxed back into my arms and smiled so wide her face had to have hurt. "This is sooo cool."

"It is sure is, sis," I said as I held her in my arms and she laid her head on my shoulder.

"Say that again, I love the way it sounds," Jessie said.

"Sis," I said as a warm feeling swept over my body and the smile on my face matched the one on Jessie's.

"I don't even care how I found out," Jessie said. "I have a sister. That is just sooo cool."

"But why the big secret?" Laney asked as she now sipped a soda. "You told me you were Amy's, but Ray adopted you. And you had a different Dad."

"That's what I was always told," Jessie said. "I guess Uncle Mike... he's not Uncle Mike anymore... what do I call him now?"

"We'll figure it out," I said as Jessie smiled.

"Listen to this..." Taylor said as she read from the papers, "...the adoptee, baby Jessie Elizabeth James, shall not be notified of this adoption or any records pertaining to it, until on or after, her eighteenth birthday. By agreement of all parties involved, the biological mother, biological father, adopting mother and adopting father."

"Bunch of pricks," Jessie said as she sat up and took the papers when Taylor handed them to her. "What kind of a stupid stipulation is that?"

"That's why Dad said not to rock the boat," I commented as Jessie looked back at me.

"I guess so," Jessie said. "But Mick, we'd didn't just rock the boat we sank the mother fucker to the bottom of the river."

"Gurgle gurgle," I said as we all laughed.

"So what are you gonna do about this?" Laney asked. "Because Michael knows nothing about this and neither does Laila."

"They are gonna tell me why they lied to me for 16 years," Jessie said as she stood and pulled me up and then Laney. I helped Taylor up.

"This changes a lot of stuff you know," Taylor commented, "You remember the first time we met Jess?"

"You gawking at me in the front yard?" Jessie asked with a smirk.

"And you and your sister here offering me a threesome?" Taylor asked as Jessie's lip dropped open and I laughed as I realized that it had happened just like that. "Is that offer still good?"

"I get to watch," Laney said as I laughed harder and Jessie was speechless.

"Nooo it is not still good!" Jessie finally said as she turned the brightest shade of red that I'd ever seen. Taylor smiling smugly. "You, you are evil!"

"Hey, two sisters and me would be uber hot," Taylor said as I laughed and hugged her from behind. "MMMMMM you in huh, Mickie?"

"Hush," I said as I kissed her cheek. Jessie pointed at Taylor as if to say 'I should kill you', but instead she hugged her around the neck as both smiled.

A few moments later, we locked up the storage unit and headed over to the Dairy Queen parking lot to pick up Sammi and Darcy, who piled in with me and Taylor (Jessie and Laney took her VW bug). All six of us made our way to Taylor's place to drop off her and Laney, Sammi and Darcy. Then came what I know me and Jessie were both dreading, the confrontation with the two people who we NOW knew were, not just my parents, but the Mom and Dad to both of us. Jessie pulled up behind me in the driveway and we both got out. She met me with a hug, one I gladly returned.

"I love you soo much, Mick, you're my best friend in this world," Jessie said in my ear as tears of joy dripped down her face. My eyes soon filled with tears to match hers and for the next half hour we stood there by my car and cried with each other. Talk about an emotional overload. But what we didn't know was that the drama, well, the drama was only beginning on this night and it wasn't all about the adoption or even Me and Jessie. It would soon involve a potentially NEW addition to the suddenly growing James Clan.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I'm getting worried about Rae," I said as Maria came back through the house from the kitchen.

"Do what?" Maria asked as she looked up from the movie she was completely engrossed in. I picked up the remote and paused the movie and repeated myself.

"I said... I'm getting worried about Rae!"

"Don't be, she's probably just spending some time with her lovely mother," Maria said. "You're getting seriously attached to her."

"So are you," I said as Maria shrugged and to my surprise offered no real denial. "I'm gonna go and check on her in case she's sitting on the stoop crying again. K?"

"Holler if you need me," Maria said as she turned back to her movie and clicked play as I made my way out of the apartment and walked down the steps to the first floor, where Rae's mother lived. But I found nothing as I checked the front stoop. Getting a bit worried I stopped at the door to the Chan place and could have sworn I heard crying inside but thinking it was none of my business, even it was, I walked off. Checking the laundry room in the basement to make sure she wasn't down there for some reason. She wasn't.

"Well, hello, Lynsey, good evening," Mr. Powers (the landlord) said as I walked into the basement and found him loading down a laundry basket with clothes.

"Evening, sir," I said as I looked around and saw no sign of Rae. "Have you seen Rae Chan tonight? Ms. Chan's daughter?"

"Why would Rae still be here? Her mother moved out late yesterday," Mr. Powers informed me. "Gonna be hard to replace that woman's rent, twenty years consecutive."

"Are you sure?" I asked in shock. "She moved when?"

"Yesterday about five o'clock," Mr. Powers said. "I didn't see your friend Rae, I assume Ms Chan had sent her on ahead to her new location."

I knew then something was terribly wrong because Rae had spent the entire day with me and Maria. We went to a movie and then dinner (kinda like a couple) and then came back and played some board games before bed. Rae slept over (on the couch). She probably never knew her mother had moved out. Or maybe she did and she was just hoping we wouldn't find out and she could stay with us for a few days.

"Did Ms. Chan leave a forwarding address?"

"I'm sorry no she didn't," Mr. Powers said. "You and her daughter had become quiet close I take it?"

"More than you know, sir," I commented. Mr. Powers smiled as he patted me on the shoulder.

"You'll make another friend such as her, I'm sure," Mr. Powers assured me as he walked by. "Have a nice evening."

"You too," I said as Mr. Powers walked down the long hallway that lead to his basement apartment and soon disappeared. I ran back up the steps and down the hall to the Chan's old door (now sans the ugly copper door knocker she'd had). I hesitated for a moment as my hand literally dangled in the air getting ready to knock.

"Lynsey?" Maria asked as she came down the hall and drew my attention back to her. "What happened?"

"Ms. Chan moved," I said in a whisper as I met my girlfriend a few feet away. "Mr. Powers told me she left yesterday and we both know there is no way that Rae could have gone with her."

"She's been with us for past the three days, almost non stop," Maria said. "What do you think happened to her mother?"

"Mr. Powers just said she moved out."

"Not that crazy old bat, but Rae?" Maria asked with worry in her eyes. "You think she might have found out and went after her Mom?"

"It's possible," I said with a seriously worried feeling coming over my body. "She could be out there all alone and scared to death."

"Or maybe she's inside crying her eyes out?" I asked as I pointed to the door, both Maria and I pounding on it for a long moment. Hearing nothing but silence, we knew no one was inside. Or so we thought.

"What?" Rae asked as she opened the door and I saw her eyes were swollen and puffy from crying. I did hear crying earlier, I knew it. "What's the problem?"

"Did your Mom leave?"

"Yeah," Rae muttered as she slumped back against the door and started to cry. "Fucking bitch wrote me a letter and said she found out what I was doing with you two and that you two could have me."

"She said that?" Maria asked as Rae pulled the letter out from her jeans and handed it to Maria as I hugged Rae. She hugged me back and cried in sobs as Maria read the letter. "That bunch of fags can have you cause I'm done with your whoring ass. Well bitch, good riddance."

"Huh?" Rae asked as Maria pulled Rae in front of her.

"You can stay with us and we'll figure some way to make it work, I promise," Maria announced as Rae got a huge smile on her face and almost knocked Maria down with a hug. "It's OK, you got two people who really care about you."

"I promise I won't be any trouble," Rae said as she kissed Maria. "I swear, I'll help with the housework and laundry and cooking, everything."

"Hey, now we got a maid," I giggled as Rae looked back at me with a dirty look. "What? You'd look hizot in a maid's outfit."

"You sure would," Maria said as Rae blushed.

"Just for that," Rae said. "Neither of you are getting any tonight."

"Yeah, we'll see about that," Maria said as she rubbed Rae's cute little ass. Rae simply smiled and shrugged. This is gonna be interesting.

><> (: ~ :) <>< MICKIE'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"You ready to walk in?" I asked Jessie as we still stood by my car in the driveway.

"Uncle Mike... I mean Michael?" Jessie asked. Obviously struggling with what she should call him now. "He's not gonna be happy."

"I am," I said as Jessie grinned and hugged me once more. "So happy I could bounce around for an hour."

"I'm still on cloud nine," Jessie said. "This is just sooo cool."

"Let's just go in and let them in on what we know," I said as I took Jessie's hand and laced our fingers. Jessie agreed and with one more deep breath we walked towards the door. We slipped inside and both of us took off our shoes. A few moments later was when we first heard the conversation going on in the kitchen.

"I don't want this to be another Jessie, where we have her and can't raise her," Mom said as me and Jessie stopped and listened in shock. "I know we agreed to never speak of this but she already knows something is up. She's not stupid Michael."

"We've got an agreement with Raymond not tell her till she's eighteen, it's in the paper work," Dad said. "So will you please drop this before one of them comes home and hears this?"

"Fine, Michael, you wanna talk more about the baby?" Mom asked as Jessie looked to me in confusion as we crouched by the kitchen door.

"Why bother, you've already made up your mind," Dad said.

"What baby?" Jessie mouthed to me. I shrugged.

"Abortion is obviously a very easy decision for you to make," Dad said in a bitter tone. That had to mean... gulp... that Mom was preggo? I hope it's Dad's! :)

"Go to hell Michael," Mom fired back. "You know damn well why I am even considering that option."

"Yeah, I know, both of us are just so stressed," Dad said. "Dr. Billings did say your condition has greatly improved and encouraged you to go forward with the pregnancy. That's got to be some comfort."

"I'm not giving my life to have another baby, Michael," Mom said firmly. "These right wing nut cases who preach put your trust in god even when the doctor's telling you having the baby will kill you, they can kiss my ass."

"Damn it, get off your soapbox and realize there's a real live human being inside your body," Dad said in anger. "This is not about the loons on the Christian Right, this is about you, me and Mickie and that baby."

"So what do you suggest Michael?"

"We take this step by step," Dad said. "And if, if, things turn bad we can make the decision to terminate. And I'll be heartbroken, but I'll stand by you and back your decision."

"We would save everyone in this house a lot of trouble by just doing it now," Mom said.

"Jessie, no," I said as she marched into the kitchen. I followed after her as Mom and Dad looked at us in shock.

"You can't abort the baby, please?" Jessie asked as she moved in front of Mom. "I'll beg and plead for you not to. It's a baby, it can't defend itself, please just don't do this?"

"Jessie sweetheart, no one is gonna abort the baby," Dad said. "When did you two get home?"

"A few minutes ago," I said. "We came in and heard you talking."

"Oh boy, and what all did you hear?"

"Everything, Dad!" Jessie said as she looked directly at him.

"Huh?" Dad (Michael) asked as I listened. "What did you mean by that?"

"You know what she means by that Michael, she obviously over heard us," Mom said. Jessie looked back at her. "Right?"

"We actually found her adoption papers," I said as Dad clutched onto the counter and took a seat on the stool behind him. "How could you lie to me my entire life and tell me I didn't have a sister?"

"Yeah, Mom, wanna answer that?" Jessie asked as I pulled her back and hugged her. "I lived my whole life thinking I was a family member in name only and you were my parents... THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME."

"Jessie, chill, sis... chill," I said as Jessie looked back at me with a smile. "What?"

"I love when you call me sis," Jessie said.

"Get used to it," I said.

"Oh my lord, why couldn't you just listen to me, I begged you," Dad said. "Jessie you don't know what kind of a problem you've stepped into now."

"Then for once why don't you be honest with me, Uncle Mike?"

"The problem is that we've broken our agreement with Ray and Amy and if he chooses he can make you go home with him and Amy," Michael said. "Jessie, I'm sorry that was the agreement. We couldn't tell you till you were eighteen."

"You have legal guardianship of me," Jessie said. "Is that why you let me move in?"

"Believe it or not, yes," Mom said. "You remember us coming to visit you three and four times a year in Omaha?"

"Yeah," Jessie said with a smile. "You always came around Christmas. You guys bought good presents."

"I think we did!" Dad said.

"I always wondered why you came to see some kid you were only related to by marriage," Jessie said. Then rambling on to her next question, "Why was I adopted in the first place?"

"I was young and in love, with Laila," Dad said as I hugged Jessie. "But we had some trouble and broke up a number of times before eventually getting married. Mickie popped out 9 months after the wedding night."

"I had good timing," I said as everyone laughed.

"But the problems we had, Laila and I, before the marriage, kept coming back and in those days you didn't go to therapy, it just wasn't done," Dad said. "So we drifted apart..."

"Post partum depression," Mom said. "It wreaked havoc on my emotions for months and poor Michael felt like I didn't love him. He found that with your mother, Alana Jones is her name. I knew her."

"You cheated on Mom?" I asked in shock.

"Mickie that was a lifetime ago and we've both come to accept that we both had a hand in it," Mom said. "Don't hold that against your father."

"We got back together soon after," Dad said. "And Alana was heartbroken and ended up not telling me about you until I got a call from the hospital telling me she was in labor. By the time I could get there, you were born and she was gone."

"She's dead?" Jessie asked in shock.

"She lost a lot of blood giving birth and she just couldn't make it," Dad said. "I didn't even get to see her Jessie. But she was so much like you it's incredible."

"Poor woman," I said as Dad laughed and Jessie glared at me. "Must have been an amazing person, sis."

"She was," Dad said. "She had this way of just seducing you from across the room. Making you feel special by just looking at you."

"Do you know where she's buried?" Jessie asked.

"I'm sorry Jessie, I don't," Dad said. "She had no family that I knew of so she could have been buried anywhere in the area."

"So, my Omaha birth certificate was a fake?" Jessie asked. Simply moving on from the discussion of her birth mother.

"No, it was real," Dad said. "See, I made the decision to put you up for adoption, because Laila and I were struggling to even make ends meet at that time and there's no way we could have taken on another mouth to feed."

"Those were tough times," I said. Dad shook his head at my lame attempt at humor.

"Yes they were," Mom said. "And as luck would have it, Ray and Amy were attending a church service downstairs from the adoption agency and by a stroke of luck we ran into them in the hallway and hit it off. Ray had a good job and Amy was such a sweet person. We struck a deal that would let them raise you until you were 18 if we could come and visit. They agreed with one stipulation."

"Not telling me?" Jessie asked as I got a soda out of the fridge, while the phone rang in the other room.

"That'd be the one," Dad said. "And yes, they changed your name to Jessica because they thought Jessie sounded like a boys name."

"Phone call," Mom said as she left the room. I sipped on the soda.

"I'm sorry, Jessie," Dad said in a somber voice. "I do wish things could have been different."

"You did what was best for me," Jessie said as she walked over and hugged Dad. A long moment passed as the truth filled the room and I set down my soda and joined the family group hug. Dad wrapped us both in his arms as tight as he'd ever done before. It was only broken when Mom came back into the room with the phone in her hand and a case of shock washing over her face. "What's wrong?"

"Honey, is it the baby?" Dad asked as he moved to beside of Mom. "Honey, talk to me."

"Jessie, you're parents are at the airport," Mom said as Jessie clutched onto the counter in shock as she stared at Mom in disbelief. "They said they were gonna take the shuttle bus and would be here in a half hour or so."