Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 43 "Love Me"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Jess, listen to me, it's only four more days," I said into the phone. Jessie having another of her nightly 'talk me down' moments over her adopted parents, Amy and Ray, being at the James place for a week. "Breathe and repeat."

Her and Laney have been playing the phone tag game now for three days since the 'Omaha Gay Police' arrived in Cleveland to see their daughter. Basically the only time Jessie can see Laney is when she comes over here with Mickie or at school (and that's limited). So my best friend is growing increasingly frustrated and Jessie is in a constant pressure cooker to keep her mouth shut about it. Factor in also the situation with Jessie having to keep the secret that she knows about Michael being her biological father and it's overload.

"I don't know if I can take four more days of this," Jessie said in an almost whisper. "I can't deal with this shit anymore."

"Your Mom and Dad acting weird?"

"They treat Mickie like crap simply because she's gay," Jessie said. Something I'd observed myself when visiting the James place just yesterday. "Makes me so mad. Michael's come close to saying something a few times. So have I."

"Ninety Six more hours and they will be gone back to Omaha and you can live your life again," I said. "There's a lot on the line."

"I can do it, I got you and Laney to lean on, right?"

"You sure do," I said. "Call me back even it's late if you need to talk, OK?"

"I will," she said. "Tell, UMMMMM..."

"Laney, you will call her in the morning?" I asked.

"Exactly," Jessie said. "Can't even say her name for fear of being found out, this is stupid."

"Lay down and get some sleep," I said calmly. "Only three more days after tomorrow."

"Yay!" Jessie said with less enthusiasm than you would think. "Night!"

"Night," I said as I hung up and laid my phone aside and saw Dad walking past the door with his cup of coffee. "DAD!"

"What?" He asked as he stopped and I met him in the hallway.

"Can we get DSL?" I asked bluntly. Hearing the water from Laney's shower still running in the background.

"You mean high speed internet?"

"Same thing," I said. "Can we, you could use it too."

"I don't have a computer or have any use for it," Dad said.

"I do, Laney does too," I said. "Remember Grandpa Hal bought us computers?"

"Yes I do," he said. "I'm afraid with that kinda of money being thrown around you're gonna get the idea that you don't have to work for something."

"OK, then I'll work for the DSL," I said. Grandpa Hal came out of his/Laney's old room and smiled as he saw us.

"What are you pestering my favorite adopted Granddaughter about now Richard?" Grandpa Hal asked as I smiled smugly, knowing Grandpa would be on my side.

"I am trying to instill in my daughter the fact that not everything comes as easily as that laptop you bought," Dad said.

"Now Richard, don't go thinking I don't agree with you, but Laney needed one for school and it's unfair to buy her one and not Taylor," Grandpa said.

"Hal, you don't have any responsibility to buy for my daughter or me," Dad said. Which is true.

"Taylor has been my Laney's best friend for as long as the two have been on steady feet and I honest to god think as much of her as I do Laney," Grandpa said. "And Laney understands that I show no preference between the two. So I take the responsibility knowing full well what the consequences are."

"Well now, she wants DSL," Dad said. "I guess you'll buy that for her too?"

"Richard, this is your house and if you offer objections I won't force my ways on you," Grandpa said. "Although my opinion is that DSL is necessary, what's the point of having a computer without it?"

"You use the internet?" I asked Grandpa.

"I have for many years," Grandpa Hal said. "I encourage you to consider it, Richard."

"I think you should have to earn the money," Dad said. A creaky sound coming from the steps as someone made their way up, Carolyn of course.

"What are we fighting about now, Richard?" Carolyn asked as she handed him a cup of warm milk as he smiled at her (do I see sparks?).

"Making me get a job or I can't have DSL internet, Mommy," I said in my most pathetic voice, pooched lip, puppy dog eyes, all the tricks on display. Even added a hug for more effect.

"Get off me," Carolyn said as I laughed. "You can walk Reggie, my dog? That's a job."

"Some job," Dad complained.

"Richard, what do you want her to do? Heavy construction?" Carolyn asked as I laughed. "Dog walking is a service many people make a living at. Very respectable and it pays well."

"How well?"

"I'll pay you five dollars a day," Carolyn said. "And DSL from Bell South, I think you guys have them, is... 43 a month for the top package. So eight maybe 9 days and you'll have the money to pay your own bill."

"Dog walking, how long?" I asked.

"A couple of times around the block and Reggie is satisfied, maybe stop at the playground a couple of times a week and let her bark at the kids," Carolyn said as I laughed. "Thirty or forty minutes."

"OK, why does she need the top package though?" Dad asked. "I think we should start out with a cheaper one."

"I'm sixteen and should be able to choose, it's my money," I said as Carolyn put her arm around me.

"She's got you there Richard," Carolyn said. "Get off your horse and realize this is not 1922."

"It's three against one," Dad complained.

"No, it's not; if you said no, well I won't get it," I said. "But that means I have to spend more time at the library and away from home. Because finals are in a few weeks and that's gonna be a lot of study time."

"You win," Dad said as I squealed and hugged him. Laney came out of the bathroom in her robe.

"Family meeting?" Laney asked.

"Yep, we decided you're grounded for using up all the hot water," Carolyn said. Laney stuck her tongue out as Carolyn laughed.

"How do my two favorite men feel about a late supper?" Carolyn asked as Dad nodded and Grandpa eagerly followed after the two as they disappeared down the steps.

"Jessie said she loved you and she'd see you tomorrow," I said to Laney as she nodded.

"I miss her so bad it hurts," Laney said as she looked to be on the verge of crying. "I just wish I could do something."

"You can," I said as I hugged her. "Lay low, don't cause her any more grief and let this wind blow over. They'll be gone in a few days and life will be normal again."

"I just wanna tell her I love her," Laney said. "She needs me."

"Yeah, she does," I agreed. "But if you do something, it could cause this whole thing to blow up like a meth lab."

"Remember when that happened back home?" Laney asked with a giggle. She was talking about Becky Sue Martin's brother Phillip, who had been running a meth lab for years in the garage. Well one night, old Phil, made a boo boo and blew the whole garage apart (including himself). Powder and smoke shot into the air for miles I bet. Hillbilly. "Boom!"

"Exactly," I said as we laughed. "So how about we just go in and lay down and not worry about it?"

"Yeah, OK, you're right," she said as she took my hand and we headed off to bed.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"What are you doing?" I asked as I came out of the bedroom with a DVD in hand. Rae was currently sitting in the floor and organizing our DVD's into alphabetical order. Mixing hers in with ours I noticed. "You putting yours in there?"

"Uh huh, that's OK?"

"I don't see why not," I said as I sat down by her. A loud rumbling coming from the kitchen as Maria did the dishes. "You're here until further notice."

"I like it here," Rae said as she kissed my bare shoulder and then my cheek, then my lips. "Pynsey hot!"

"Rae goofy," I said as she laughed. "But her hot too!"

"I'm not sore anymore," Rae said softly. "Wanna take advantage of me in my time of need?"

"I will," Maria said. Both Rae and I looking to see her standing behind us. "I love taking advantage of you."

"Me too," I said as me and Rae stood. "So much fun with three."

"I love having two girls to satisfy, it makes me feel like I'm on my game," Maria said as she kissed Rae and then me. Rae slid behind me and grinned smugly at Maria as she wrapped me in her arms.

"I love how you are good at different things," Rae said. "Lynsey is..."

"Your favorite?" I asked as Rae blushed.

"I love both of you equally," Rae said. Prompting me to give her a strange look. "What? I mean, I think the world of you guys. You've been good to me, in a lot of ways."

"We understand," Maria said. "We're all flying blind on this one. But to this point, no ones did anything to make anyone feel not loved."

"I'll love you both till I'm sore," Rae said. "Cause I can't get enough."

"Ditto," I said.

"My hips are sore," Maria said as me and Rae laughed, basically confirming her agreement with us. "Anyway... shall we go out or watch a movie and stay in? Rae, your choice."

"In? I've got a good movie we can watch," Rae said as she turned and fished it out of the now growing DVD collection. She showed it to us as Maria pulled out her futon mattress and crashed down on it. I took my usual place on the couch as we settled in for the night. Rae looked confused, as she wasn't sure what to do, but Maria pulled her down and had Rae lay with her as I yawned and laid back on the couch. The movie, whatever it was, (something with Kevin Costner) didn't really hold my interest but Rae and Maria seemed to be totally into it. "This is the funniest line in the movie."

"Well, don't tell me about it, let me hear it," Maria said as I giggled and watched them for a little while before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. I slept for a couple of hours wrapped snugly in my comforter before waking to see the room was dark and Maria and Rae were also asleep on the futon on the floor and resting comfortably. I got up and stretched as I went to the bathroom. Coming back out I noticed how Maria's head was laying on Rae's back. She loves listening to my heartbeat (she does that a lot with me).

"Not getting attached, it's way past that," I said to myself as I smiled. I walked off to the kitchen and snagged a soda out of the fridge and stood there for a long moment and wondered, seriously, where all of this was leading. Footsteps shook me back to reality, those being from Rae as she shielded her eyes from the light and came over to me. "I wake you?"

"Can I have a drink?" Rae asked in a yawn as she stretched and I took in the beauty that was Rae Chan in night clothes. She's still awe inspiring. I handed her my soda as she took a drink and turned as she slid into my arms. "And no you didn't wake me. Maria likes it too cold for me."

"That's my girlfriend alright," I said as I hugged Rae tighter. "She could sleep outside in a snowstorm."

"Can I lay with you for a while? You got the big blanket," Rae asked. I simply nodded my head, "Good, cause I'm cold."

"Nothing better when you're cold then an icy soda," I said as Rae laughed. She watched as I took another drink of the soda and offered the last to her. She grinned and tilted my hand up and made me hold it while she gulped the last bit. Then cracked a burp that sent both of us into a fit of giggles. "Rae the burp Chan."

"Been called worse," she said as she kissed my cheek. "Tell me something?"

"MMMM HMMMMMMM! Anything."

"Do you like me for more than... what we do in the bedroom?"

"Remember we did it in here too?" I asked as she blushed. "And in the living room, and the spare bedroom."

"You're trying to avoid the topic..."

"Yes I do, like you for more than that," I said as Rae smiled.

"Maria does too, said she cares a lot about me," Rae announced. Not too shocking really.

"She basically admitted that to me too," I softly. "That's why I beat her up."

"You are not funny," Rae giggled, yawning just as I did. "I'm sleepy, lay down with me for a while?"

"Uh huh!" I said as I tossed the can into the garbage and flipped out the lights. Rae took my hand as we left the kitchen. We crawled back onto the couch and under my comforter. She was off to sleep in seconds it seemed and with her wrapped in my arms, I was too.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Get in bed and stay there," Laney grumbled as I crawled back in bed after visiting the facilities.

"Bite me and go sleep in the fucking hallway if you don't like it," I said as I laid back down. She gave me a dirty look and rolled over and went back to sleep without another word. I smiled, I like it when Laney gets cranky, and soon slipped back off to sleep myself. A place where I don't usually remember anything. But this time... well this time I sure did.

It all started as I walked down the gravel path back home in Langston on the way to the bus stop. I saw Laney standing there talking with Becky Sue Martin as if the two were old friends (as you know, in reality they weren't). Laney looked back and grinned as she came to meet me... and then kissed me.

"Hey baby, you recovered from last night?" she asked with a horny smile.

"Barely," I said and watched myself kiss her back. This is how you know it's a dream. "Made love to the girl of my dreams till the sun went down."

"And well beyond," Laney said. "You just can't enough of me, can you?"

"MMMMMMM not at all," I said, kissing her again. But here's where it's gets odd. Becky Sue suddenly appeared at our side and kissed me herself.

"Last night was amazing huh?" Becky Sue asked as I looked at her in confusion and snapped awake.

"What the fuck?" I asked in a whisper and saw that Laney was gone from the bed. "Where did Laney go?"

"She's getting ready for school," a Voice said and as I looked over I could have screamed as I saw Mischa McCoy (Laney's Mom) standing by the bed and smiling at me. "Don't you think it's time we have a talk?"

"About what? And how the hell can you be here, you're like... dead!"

"Ohhh that? It's just a phase I'm going through," Mischa said as I laughed.

"Whatever," I said as she sat down by me on the bed.

"Now tell me, when are you gonna stop pretending to love this other girl and start giving Laney your heart," Mischa asked directly.


"We both know you love Laney," Mischa said.

"She's my best friend, that's all," I said. "I love Mickie."

"And Mickie still loves Marty," Mischa said as I sat there and looked stunned. "It's true."

"Noooo she does not, and you need to get out of my house," I said in a bitter tone. Laney suddenly appearing back at my side as Mischa stood. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"I know what your destiny is," Mischa said. "And it's Laney's heart joined with yours. Forever."

"My soul mate?" I asked as Mischa smiled and nodded her head to confirm it. "You told her the same thing, didn't you?"

"I don't know, did I? This is your dream," Mischa said as she laughed.

"You're nuts, I'm glad you're dead," I said as Mischa laughed harder.

"And you are still Laney's destiny," Mischa said. "Now how about stopping this charade with Mickie..."

"Screw you ghost," I said. And a moment later I snapped awake for real. Pinching myself this time to make sure I was really awake. Laney grumbling as she awoke beside me and sat up to see me, literally, pale white in shock.

"What's wrong my girl?" she asked. "You OK? Bad dream?"

"Your Mom just came to visit me," I said as Laney laughed. "It's not funny, she's nuts."

"So she hasn't changed a bit," Laney said. "I knew this was coming."


"I had a dream and acted weird for two days towards you..." Laney said, "...and you got worried about me and you had the same dream only in a different way."

"I also dreamed we did a threesome with Becky Sue Martin," I said. Laney grinned. "You'd like that I bet."

"Love to have her for real," Laney said. "Maybe wear my new strap-on and let her ride me. Those big titties would bounce so good for me?"

"Am I still sleeping only now it's a wet dream?" I asked as Laney fell over on the bed laughing. "Well, am I?"

"Noooo," Laney said as I pulled her back up.

"I just had a really hot dream about Jessie and it got me going," Laney said.

"Slut," I said as Laney laughed. "Go back to sleep."

"I wanna see Jessie," Laney said. "Drive me over there?"

"In what, my magic sled?" I asked and rolling my eyes at my best friend's goofiness. A light pinging sound came from the glass doors leading to the patio as Laney and I both got up and looked. We looked out and thought that it was no doubt coming a storm or something. It wasn't on this night and Laney nearly wet her panties when she saw the source of the pinging noise, Jessie, who was throwing pebbles at my window. Laney smiled as she ran onto the balcony in her night shorts and looked down.

"What are you doing here?" Laney asked as Jessie smiled.

"I missed you so bad it hurt, now get down here and love me, you said you would," Jessie said with a huge smile. Laney, to my shock, latched onto the tree to the right of the balcony and went shimmying down the tree branch by branch. "Ohmigod, you're nuts."

"Hey y'all," Laney said as she arrived on the ground and was met by Jessie.

"Hey y'all," Jessie said in return as she kissed Laney and I swear my heart beat faster as I watched them. I think I was as happy for them as they were. I made a beeline for the steps inside and rumbled down them to watch from the front door.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"I love you so much," I said as I wrapped Jessie in my arms and saw the smile on her face as she did the same to me.

"Me too, even if you are a hillbilly, y'all," she said with a huge grin.

"Corn sucker," I replied as she laughed.

"Hillbilly, I love you too," she said as I smiled.

"I wanted to see you so bad too, but what about..."

"My parents are nuts," Jessie said as she began to ramble. "My idiot of a father, Raymond, started bitching again about Mickie and Taylor dating and him and Michael got into it. I just sat there crying and Mickie ran off to her room. I finally ran up to my room, I got three or four hours of sleep, and snuck out and came to see you. I don't know how I can even love them now."

"Is Mickie, OK?" I asked.

"Yeah, she was just crying over... stupid shit that Ray said!"

"Tell Taylor to call her?" Jessie asked.

"I WILL!" Taylor said from the front door. Me and Jessie both laughed and knew we were being watched.

"You feel so good," Jessie said as she hugged me tighter. "Can I spend the night in your room?"

"Remember I'm sharing with Taylor for a while?" I asked as Jessie's smile went from adoring to horny. "Grandpa has my room."

"AWWWWWWW even more fun, Jessie sandwich," Jessie said as she kissed me. "You can have my butt while I 69 with Taylor."

"OHMIGOD!" I said as Jessie grinned.


"Mickie is your sister," I said. "She's dating Taylor?"

"Damn!" Jessie said as I laughed. "But you would love that?"

"Maybe," I said as she kissed me. "You really want me to share you with someone, huh?"

"I had a really naughty dream about you," Jessie said. Seeing the look on my face, she asked, "You too huh?"

"Oh yeah," I said as we kissed. A soft tongue massaging tongue kiss that sent shivers down my spine. My hands slipped down to her ass cheeks almost involuntarily and squeezed them into my fingers as she jumped in my arms and gave me a look of shock.

"You're bad," Jessie said as I nodded and she gave me the sexiest giggle ever. A car came down the street slowly and I just had the worst feeling in that moment as it stopped in front of the house. The lights went out as not one but two people got out and looked to be in shock at what they were seeing as I held Jessie in my arms. Jessie looked back and I saw her eyes go wide and her whole body tense up as she saw the people. "Mom, Dad?"

"Jessica, what in the heck is going on?" A woman asked as she came across the street with a man who looked like a Baptist preacher. "This is why you've been acting distant?"

"How did you find me?" Jessie asked.

"We got the address off the notebook in your room, after some considerable searching," Ray said.

"You violated her privacy?" I asked. "Great parenting skills."

"You had best shut up," Ray said as he came onto the sidewalk. "I told you, Amelia, that something was horribly wrong. Now I want you to look at what effect Michael's little fag has had on our sweet Jessica."

"Mickie is not a fag, you bigot," I said as Jessie jumped between me and her 'father'.

"You got one more word from your mouth and I'll do what your mother should have done," Ray said.

"Raymond!" Amy said in shock. "You can't threaten people that way."

"My mother is dead you bastard!" I said as Jessie started crying and ran back to my side.

"I'm sorry," Amy said in shock as she watched Jessie cling to me.

"I love you, please don't let them take me away," Jessie begged me. She was in an all out panic.

"Nooooo," I said as I pushed her away. "You stand up for yourself Jessie James."

"Her name is Jessica!"

"No, it's... not... it's Jessie, Jessie Elizabeth James!"

"Where did you hear that at?"

"And Mickie is not a fag," Jessie said as her anger flared. "She's my sister and... I love her. You won't talk about her like that."

"She's living the homosexual style," Ray said. "You were raised in the church, you know it's wrong. It's disgusting and I will not condone it. You might as well start having sex with your aunt and Uncle. Same effect."

"GO TO HELL!" I screamed at Ray. I wanted to fight him by that time. Jessie simply slumped to the ground a moment later, crying in sobs. "GO ON SAY SOMETHING ELSE AND YOU WILL FIND OUT HOW BAD YOU GET HURT BY A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD FAG! Bible thumping hypocrite."

"Shut up Raymond," Amelia demanded. "Can't you see the damage you are doing?"

"She's coming home with us and going into that program that I described to Michael earlier," Ray said in a cold tone.

"No, I am not going home with you," Jessie said as I helped her up. "You can both go to hell for all I care. I don't love you anymore. I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"

"You are my child..."

"Nooooo," Jessie said as she stepped right in Ray's face and delivered the shot heard around the world. "Michael is my father, Ray, not you. I found my birth certificate."

"Oh my lord," Amy said.

"But..." Ray stammered as Jessie smiled smugly.

"Try and make me go home and find out what happens," Jessie said as she came back over and grinned as she kissed me, Ray and Amelia looking pale white in shock. What was more shocking, was they left without another word in protest, both of their hearts seemingly broken into a million pieces. Jessie held onto me and cried for a long time. But just as suddenly as it started, it seemed to be over, she simply looked up at me and asked, "I do good?"

"Hey y'all," I said as I kissed her. "You do real good."

"Now you Laney McCoy are gonna take my mind off this by loving me," Jessie said with a wicked grin.


"My bug baby," she said as she took my hands and led me across the street towards her car. Un... be... lieve... able. Breathless.