Hey Mickie, Hey Mickie - Episode 45 "Three Special Things"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Two and a half months later...

"Can I join you?" Laney asked as she came to the doors that led to the patio off my bedroom.

"Only if you hold me," I said with a knowing smile. She grinned and sunk down behind me in the lounger I was sitting on and pulled me back into her arms so I was laying against her chest. "You're a cuddle slut aren't you?"

"I'm actually a multi-talented slut," Laney said as I laughed out loud. "So what you doing out here?"

"Getting some fresh air and thinking about things," I said as she laid her head against mine. "About how about the last two months have gone and all that's changed."

"Like the trip to New York?" Laney asked.

"That was so much fun," I commented. "Didn't think I'd like seeing a musical on Broadway but it was fantastic."

"And I'm sure Becky Sue in a bikini for twenty minutes of that had nothing to do with it?" Laney asked. Me thinking back to the exact moment in time that my BFF was referring to. When Becky Sue emerged from off-stage in a rather skimpy bikini and performed the musical's pivotal number that involved her being drenched with water at the end. Seeing Becky Sue in a bikini while drenched from head to toe, her tanned skin glistening in the lights was a moment which I'll never forget. "That girl may be surgically enhanced but she is gorgeous."

"So very true," I commented. "But she's more than that now, she's our friend in New York. Right?"

"I think so," Laney said. "I hope she's OK. She said she wasn't gonna cry when we left but she did."

"She's fine, I called her earlier," I said. "She was heading out for rehearsal and said she'd holla back girl."

"No doubt," Laney said as we laughed. "She say anything more about what she decided to do?"

"You mean about her significant other?"

"Yeah the dark haired acid tongue beauty known as Raven Southwood?"

"That would be her..." I said and pausing as I momentarily pictured the, gorgeous beyond all description, girl who had once stolen the heart of the apparently VERY open minded Becky Sue Martin. That was the 'significant other' that Becky Sue had mentioned when me and Laney met her down home. This all came to light when me, Laney, Mickie and Jessie accepted Becky Sue's invite for a visit over Summer break. On the 3rd day there Becky Sue took us to rehearsal with her and that's where we met Raven (she's one of Becky Sue's co-stars) and it was soon clear why Becky Sue liked her, she's HOT!. I knew then why Becky Sue had such a hard time resisting her and why they'd carried on such a heated and torrid affair for months. "...but she's no good for Becky Sue, she's too controlling."

"Crazy is the word," Laney said. "Becky Sue and Cindy Joe both told me how horrible the girl was."

"And Raven told me she was in therapy and trying to change," I commented as Laney gave me a questioning look. "Right before we left she told me that she was in therapy and taking time off from the play."

"Well Becky Sue can do better than her anyway," Laney said. "And that Carlo is not exactly an award winner."

"I thought you said you'd suck his cock?" I asked as she groaned and tickled me for a moment in response. She did in fact say that one night while we were in New York. Prompted mostly by the fact that he'd just come out of the bathroom at Becky Sue's place in nothing but a towel and stood there and talked to me, Laney and Cindy Joe for some 20 minutes. Soon after his exit, to get dressed, an agreement was quickly struck between Laney and Cindy Joe about them taking turns giving him a seriously wicked blow job. The thought kinda of grossed me out to be honest.

"You know you wanna do it too," Laney said smugly.

"You and Jessie share him. I'm positive that he'd love that," I replied, carefully avoiding the whole question of what I'd NOT like to do to Carlo.

"If we had time we might be able to do that," Laney complained. "But with the on-going construction at James Place it's a wonder we can even get any off each other."

"I know how you feel," I commented. "You think Alex and Ryan will ever be done with the attic?"

"They said a few more days and it'll be all done," Laney said. "Michael wanted the walls sound proofed and that meant more material."

"Mickie hates the noise and all so she drags me off to the storage unit as quick as she can," I commented. Laney nodded as a quiet loomed over the air and we both drifted to thoughts in our head. The whole 'Mickie and Jessie getting their own room' really started to sink in at that moment and the possibilities of that arrangement made my soul smile. "Sound proof walls?"


"You said sound proof walls," I said as Laney seemed confused. "Michael wanted the walls to be sound proof in Mickie and Jessie's bedroom?"

"Oh yeah, it was really funny too," Laney said. "Laila insisted. She said Mickie and Jessie are not gonna disturb her or the new baby when they move upstairs so she wants the walls and floor sound proofed."

"Makes some sense I guess," I commented. "And sure does present some interesting possibilities."

"Yeah you can fuck Mickie in her own bed," Laney said with a knowing smile.

"Been there, done that," I said as Laney laughed in surprise.

"Let me guess... the morning that Jessie's parents left and Michael took us all out to breakfast?" Laney asked.

"And when the coast was clear I got on top of things," I said as Laney grinned knowingly as we exchanged horny smiles. "And then it was Mickie's turn."

"She's a bad influence on you," Laney said.

"Bad influence?" I asked as I sat up. "You screwed your girlfriend in the janitor's closet at school, at the airport and in her own bed while her parents were home. And let's not even talk about how you popped her cherry five minutes after meeting her."

"And you got shared by Lynsey and Maria five minutes after Mickie popped your cherry," she fired back.

"MMMMMMMM," I cooed with a smug horny smile as the visions of what Lynsey and Maria had done to me that night drifted through my mind.

"Uh huh I've come around to your way of thinking on that subject," Laney said.

"You have?"

"Yep," Laney said. "Me and Jessie talked about it and she wants to do a threesome and I dunno it just sounds hot."

"You've already done one, hello?"

"Not with two girls," Laney said. "And now it's burned into my mind and knowing the fantasy could soon be reality is killing me."

"Who's the lucky third?"

"Probably Sierra, the girl from the porn shop?" Laney asked as I nodded. "We went over there a few nights ago and things went good. She's cool and not interested in breaking us up."

"She's also like 25!" I commented. "You said that."

"26 actually and she likes younger girls," Laney said as I laughed. But strangely that kinda turned me on. "Especially Jessie and that killer tan. I'm just lucky enough to be Jessie's girlfriend."

"You should do it," I said with a playful poke to her tickle spot. She giggled and squirmed away. "Imagine them in a 69."

"I am, I AM!" Laney squealed as I poked her again. She returned the favor and soon we were involved in a full blown tickle fight that ended when I jumped up and sprinted into my room and darted for the door and into the hallway, Laney chasing me and gaining with every step as we went thundering down the steps in a mad dash. I stopped on a dime as I came to the entrance to the living room and saw Dad (Richard) and Carolyn snuggled up on the couch with the lights out and watching a movie. Both of them looked up just as Laney crashed into to me from behind and sent us both tumbling to the floor. Dad groaned in frustration as Carolyn giggled and watched Laney and me start another round of the giggle filled tickle fight only now on the floor.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Dad boomed as all action stopped. Both of us looked up as he glared at us. Grandpa Hal came to the entrance of the living room and was trailed by Carolyn's ever present pooch, Reggie. "In case you haven't noticed we are trying to watch a movie."

"You've seen that like ten times with Mom... oops..." I said as Laney and I jumped to our feet. "You wanted her to see it huh?"

"This movie had nothing to do with your mother," Dad said. "Carolyn picked it out."

"If you'd already seen it what was the point?" Carolyn asked.

"Because Richard has excellent taste in movies and that one in particular is an award winner," Grandpa said. "Good reason to watch it again."

"Always the wise word Hal," Carolyn said as Grandpa smiled. "Good point."

"It's just one of my favorite movies," Dad said to Carolyn as all attention turned back to him. "I just wanted to share the things in my life that are special."

"Richard Raynewater..." Carolyn said as she caressed his cheek and surprised us all when she kissed him. "...you've already shared the two most special things in your life with me."

"Me and Taylor huh?" Laney asked as she hugged me proudly from behind and both of us giggled.

"OK three things," Carolyn said with a smile towards my best friend. One Laney gladly returned. "Those two goof nuts... and your heart."

"AWWWWWWW!" Laney and I cooed in unison as the two kissed again.

"I really like her!" Laney said into my ear as I smiled. For me... it was beyond that. I was already starting to love the woman who'd somehow worked her way into our family and was slowly but surely winning over everyone of us. Even my, at first, reluctant best friend, who now loved seeing Carolyn every morning. Almost makes the absence of 'the other' woman in my life (my Mom) seem almost unimportant. "You too?"

"Oh yeah!" I said as Laney and I exchanged grins.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LYNSEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

I could smell the aroma from the bedroom as I organized the ever growing CD collection in the shelf by the bed. I knew instantly it was my favorite meal, Spaghetti and Meatballs. I smiled as I slid the last CD into place and went to check on who was cooking, hoping Maria had gotten home and went ahead and started on dinner (she's done that before), but to no avail. Rae was the source of the wonderful aroma.

"What are you burning?" I asked as she looked up and gave me a sour look that spoke volumes.

"I'm not burning anything," she said firmly, pointing the spoon used to stir the spaghetti at me. "I'm cooking your favorite meal, missy."

"I sowwy," I said in my best baby voice as she giggled and happily sunk back into my arms as I hugged her from behind. "I love you?"

"I love you too Pynsey," she giggled as I blushed at the mention of my nickname. And about the 'I love you' thing...

Well... it's true. I do love her and no it doesn't mean that I stopped loving Maria cause I still feel the same about her. As a matter of fact, Maria, feels the same as I do about Rae. We both simply adore the girl and can't picture our lives without her now, regardless of how awkward many people from the outside looking in would seem to think it is. It's not...

"Any word from my other lover?" Rae asked as she stirred the hamburger meat.

"Not yet," I said. "She's out with Terri and you know what that means."

"Why does she let her mother treat her that way?" Rae asked in frustration.

"Because like it or not, Terri, the mother from hell that she is, pays the rent for this apartment," I said. Rae simply nodded her agreement and offered no more objections. My heart skipped a beat as the front door opened and in came Maria, slamming it shut and then leaning against the back as she screamed in all out frustration. "Hey baby?"

"I just drove off and left my friggin psychotic bitch of a mother in the Wal-Mart parking lot," Maria said as she stormed past me and took off her shoes and fired them into the floor. "She's got one more time to call the girls I love whores."

"Baby it's ok we know how she is," I said as I came up from behind and grinned as Maria half smiled. "It's really OK."

"I've just about had it with Terri the loon," Maria said. "I'm about to tell her to fuck off and take with her that big fat rent check."

"Then I go home to my psycho parents when you can't make rent and you commit suicide after murdering Terri when you are forced to move back in with her!"

"What is it with our parents, yours are drunks, mine is just plain fuckin crazy and..."

"...and mine abandoned me," Rae said from the kitchen. "I win the battle of loser parents."

"At least your mother left, mine insists on torturing me," Maria said as I kissed her. "MMMMMMM!"

"Hush!" I said calmly. "Where is Terri now?"

"She no doubt called triple A and is on her way over here now," Maria said. "If she does you two just go in the bedroom and I'll deal with her."

"I'll kick her ass," Rae said from the kitchen. "I will."

"I happen to like your ass too much to let you do that," Maria said as we walked into the kitchen and kissed Rae softly. "You'll just end up going to jail and then our little arrangement will come under a lot more scrutiny. And I don't think any of us want that."

"Not fair," Rae said as she hugged Maria around the neck. "I love you, for better or worse, and I hate the way she treats you."

"Rae Yan Chan, I love you too," Maria said as Rae smiled and kissed her.

"Yan?" I asked. "Your middle name is Yan?"

"Uh huh," Rae said.

"It means colorful and gorgeous!" Maria said with a horny smile.

"Oh really...?" I asked as Rae nodded and lifted her shirt to just below her firm bouncy titties and showed me her incredibly flat tanned stomach, "... with that tan you are definitely colorful. A gorgeous beyond words color that is."

"MMMMMMMMM shall we... oh fuck the hamburger meat is burning," Maria squealed as Rae and I looked to see that it was and laughed as Maria jumped into action in an attempt to salvage the once promising dinner.

><> (: ~ :) <>< LANEY'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

Jessie and I listened to the steady pounding of Alex and Ryan's hammers from the now almost completed attic as we stood at the top of the steps and kissed softly. Her tongue softly massaging mine as our lips moved in a perfect dance against the other's. My hands slowly slipped down to her hot little ass and squeezed the cheeks in my fingers through her shorts as she moaned into my mouth for a long moment.

"MMMMMMM when are you gonna stop teasing me and give it to me already?" Jessie asked pointedly.

"Are you saying you want it?" I asked in a hushed voice as my forehead touched hers and she grinned at my playful question.

"MMMMMMM I want your cock in my ass," she growled. "And I've just about waited as long as I can."

"MMMMMMM you're gonna love me too cause it feels really wonderful," I said as she grinned. "MMMMMMMMM I might have to do it really hard though."

"MMMMMMMM you do that cause I'm determined to take all you can give me," she said, kissing me softly. "And fact is you've already done it... haven't you?"

"With Sammi and Jeff," I said. "Was mind blowing."

"What I thought," Jessie said. "And didn't you tell me he cummed in your mouth?"

"MMMMMMM yes he did," I said as Jessie grinned and kissed me passionately. "You thinking you'd like that?"

"Jessie would love that!"

"Well maybe when I get done with you..."

"... You can pull your cock out and put it in my mouth," Jessie said as my hormones flared and she knew what she was doing to me. She gave me a devilish grin a few moments later and dared me to do something. The only thing that kept me from it was the rumbling from the steps that marked the arrival of Ryan and Alex from the attic.

"Hello, Hello!" Ryan said as Jessie and I joined hands and met them at the bottom of the steps. "How's everything?"

"If you say you're almost done they'd be great," Jessie said. Me and Alex laughing.

"Actually we pretty much are," Alex said. "Lay the carpet and do some touch up painting and it's done."

"We can like move in, now?" Jessie asked excitedly.

"Michael and Laila have to sign off on it first," Alex said. "And we've got some little odd jobs to finish also."

"Screw all that I'm moving now," Jessie said as I laughed. "Come on boys the bed is first."

"Don't pay my girlfriend any attention she's a bit goofy," I said as Jessie growled at me. The rumbling of the steps leading up from downstairs brought us the arrival of Michael (Mickie and Jessie's Dad).

"Gentlemen how are we?" Michael asked.

"We've just about finished, sir," Alex said. "We got the drywall and painting finished. Tomorrow we'll put the finishing touches on it."

"Well you've made me a happy man," Michael commented as Jessie hugged me. Michael pulled two white envelopes out and handing one each to the guys. "Here you go."

"But Mister James, I thought we'd be done before being paid," Alex asked. Michael stuffed the envelope into his hand.

"You need this and I've been very happy with your work," Michael said. "I have full faith that you'll be back to finish the job. So you and Ryan take the money and go have some fun."

"No fun for me," Ryan said. "This goes to the mortgage payment at home. Thanks Mister James."

"Things are tough?" Michael asked Ryan.

"Dad's job went away and we're struggling," Ryan said. "Mom's back to work though and things are looking up."

"Well I'll see if I can throw some more work your way if you two are interested," Michael said.

"That would be great, sir," Alex said as he moved next to Ryan, the two smiling at each other. "Between you and Richard Raynewater we've been working very consistently the last few months."

"Richard is Taylor's father?" Michael asked as he looked to me.

"He is," I replied. "He's kinda my surrogate dad too."

"I think it's high time that we meet this man," Michael said.

"We?" Jessie asked in confusion.

"Me and your step-mother?" Michael asked his daughter.

"Duh!" Jessie giggled. "Blond moment."

"You come by that honestly sweetheart," Michael smirked as Jessie laughed. "Do you think Richard would be up for that Laney?"

"I'd say so," I commented.

"I heard that he and Taylor's mother have divorced and I'm hoping that things are looking better now for him?"

"They are and he's seeing someone new," I said.

"A very lovely woman indeed too," Alex inserted. "Carolyn Kirkpatrick."

"Is that the Carolyn Kirkpatrick of the Southland Real Estate fame?" Michael asked. "If so I'm very well acquainted with her."

"Could be cause she did she say she was in real estate at one time," I said. "I'll mention it when I get home tonight if you'd like."

"You do that and have Richard give me a call," Michael said as I nodded. Michael then turning to Alex and Ryan and asking, "How about a tour of the new addition fellas?"

"Gladly," Alex said as Michael and Ryan followed after him up the steps to the attic.

"Finally," Jessie said as she turned to me and kissed my lips with a passion and guided my hands back to her hot little ass and letting me squeeze her ass cheeks once again. "MMMMMMMM just a couple more days and you're gonna be moaning my name as you butt fuck me, right?"

"MMMMMMMM so fuckin hot and so fuckin right," I said as we kissed again. She would be right.

><> (: ~ :) <>< TAYLOR'S 'point of view' ><> (: ~ :) <><

"Goodnight Grandpa," I said with a kiss to his cheek. "You off to bed?"

"Is that a gentle prodding so you can be alone with that pretty girl with the adorable mop of curly black hair?" Grandpa Hal asked.

"Noooo, I told you already you can join us," I said honestly. "Mickie doesn't mind."

"I don't mind what?" Mickie asked as she waltzed into the kitchen and joined us. Mickie looked like she'd settled in for the time being as she was now sans her shoes and in only her socks.

"If Grandpa Hal joins us for the movie," I said. Mickie kissed me as I smiled.

"Not at all," Mickie said. "Actually a good movie if you like hardcore porn."

"Mickie Jessie James, ohmigod," I said in shock as Mickie and Grandpa Hal enjoyed a good laugh. "You're gonna get me grounded."

"Not by me," Grandpa Hal said. "I find her sense of humor very refreshing."

"Ha!" Mickie said smugly and kissed my cheek. I gave her a borderline dirty look anyway.

"Well, I'm off to bed, you two youngsters enjoy your private time," Grandpa said as he leaned down and pointed to each of his cheeks. Mickie and I grinned as each kissed one. "Night girls."

"Night Grandpa," Mickie and I said in unison. He smiled as he disappeared down the steps leading to his new 'suite' in the basement. Mickie took my hand and laced our fingers as we left the kitchen and had almost reached the living room when the phone in the hall began to ring.

"Damn it," I complained.

"Might be your Dad and Carolyn checking in from that cocktail party," Mickie said. "You better get that."

"Get the movie started and I'll be on in?"

"You know it," Mickie said as she leaned in and kissed me. Then smiled as she said softly, "I love you."

"Duh!" I said as Mickie smiled. We parted as the phone rang again and I ran to answer it, snatching it up and saying, "Hello?"

"I'm trying to reach Elaine McCoy, is she there?" the kind female, but very familiar sounding, voice asked.

"No she's not... hello?" I asked as the other end of the phone went dead suddenly. "Hello? Hello?"

"Something wrong?" Mickie asked from the entrance to the living room. I hung up the phone in confusion, and after checking to see the 'caller ID' said the call was marked PRIVATE, I joined her. "Your Mom call?"

"No, it was weird, someone asking for Elaine McCoy and then suddenly the phone went dead," I said.

"So? They'll call back if it was important," Mickie said with a hopeful smile. "Right?"

"No doubt," I said as she grinned and got me to giggle, a strange feeling of deja vu washing over me. "But you know... I could swear I've heard that voice before."

"Yeah?" Mickie asked. "Maybe someone from back home in Arkansas?"

"Yes it was someone from back home," I said as my case of deja vu turned to one of shock. "That woman sounded like... Laney's Mom, Mischa McCoy..."